Salon Article Attacking Conservatives For Being Heartless: Look In The Mirror And See The Heartless Leftists

Salon is complaining bitterly that the GOP is trying to pull out Federal Funds (taxpayer money) from ‘research’ in the sociology departments in places like Berkeley, due to anger on the right about various ‘studies’ that claim conservatives are stupid and evil while liberals are kindly and loving.  This ‘research’ is very bogus since both left and right are exceedingly intolerant of anyone refusing to obey their various dictates.  The blood baths created by both the left and right in history is gigantic, many, many millions and millions of humans are sacrificed on the altar of ‘political correctness’.  Here is the Salon story which is an interview with an academic, professor Jost. The right has f***ked up minds: Meet the researcher who terrifies GOP Congress –


In the immediate aftermath of World War II, a wide range of thinkers, both secular and religious, struggled to make sense of the profound evil of war, particularly Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. One such effort, “The Authoritarian Personality” by Theodore Adorno and three co-authors, opened up a whole new field of political psychology—initially a small niche within the broader field of social psychology—which developed fitfully over the years, but became an increasingly robust subject area in 1980s and 90s, fleshing out a number of distinct areas of cognitive processing in which liberals and conservatives differed from one another. Liberal/conservative differences were not the sole concern of this field, but they did appear repeatedly across a growing range of different sorts of measures, including the inclination to justify the existing social order, whatever it might be, an insight developed by John Jost, starting in the 1990s, under the rubric of “system justification theory.”


Jewish professors in the US and UK went to great lengths to try to understand ‘Naziism’ while totally and utterly avoiding the obvious fact that Hitler was copying Zionism.  To this day, very, very few Jewish ‘intellectuals’ will discuss this connection and indeed, go to immense lengths to hide it and anyone pointing this fact out is ostracized as an ‘anti-semite’.  Meanwhile, Israel goes further and further into ethnic cleansing/national socialism.


Leftists in general avoid the issue of national socialism and how it appeared in Germany under Bismarck.  Before there was any social services in the US, Bismarck brought social security to Germany, ahead of the US by half a century.  Bismarck didn’t create this system because he was a bleeding heart liberal.  He was a realist.  He figured, if he wanted a militarily strong Germany he needed to make it safe to send young men to their deaths in war by guaranteeing the parents would be supported in their old age even if they have no son to protect them.


This is the very simple concept that led Germany into the disaster of WWI.  Over 600,000 men died during the Civil War.  Half that died during WWI, even so, there is rising anxiety about the death toll back then.  But not during WWII because the US, like Germany, had social security by then so over a million young men died and there were no protests or draft riots like during the Civil War.


Recently, a number of studies have raised questions about moral foundations theory in precisely these terms—are the moral foundations more congenial to conservatives actually reflective of non-moral or even immoral tendencies which have already been extensively studied? Late last year, a paper co-authored by Jost—“Another Look At Moral Foundations Theory”—built on these earlier studies to make the strongest case yet along these lines. To gain a better understanding of the field as a whole, moral foundations theory as a challenge within it, the problems that theory is now confronting, and what sort of resolution—and new frontiers—may lie ahead for the field, Salon spoke with John Jost. In the end, he suggested, moral foundations theory and system justification theory may end up looking surpsingly similar to one another, rather than being radically at odds.


This paragraph illustrates very clearly how degraded and stupid social studies has become.  Social Security wasn’t created due to sympathy and love and humanity, it was created to stop a fascist take over imposing German-style social systems like their social security system or a left wing revolution run by communists.  The right wingers in the US verbally attack SS but never do much of anything to it because they know that it is really a conservative program.


Rich elites running the US after the Civl War brought in millions of aliens to dilute the labor pool and drive down wages just like conservatives passively allow a flood of illegal aliens in today and then the left wing agitates to legalize them all and get them welfare programs which means millions of illegal aliens have to flood in to bring down wages and this dynamic has run for over a century with the end result of broken unions and a huge underbelly population which increases crime.  The bleeding heart liberals and the rock hard hearted conservatives of either wing has created this situation where both denounce what the other is doing while amplifying the very thing the voters hate and don’t want, over and over again.  American citizens keep voting against a flood of aliens but no matter which we elect, conservative or liberal changes nothing because of this dynamic.


What does it mean for moral foundations theory?


To me, it means that scholars may need to clean up some of the conceptual confusion in this area of moral psychology, and researchers need to face up to the fact that some moral intuitions (things that people may think are morally relevant and may use as a basis for judging others) may lead people to behave in an unethical, discriminatory manner. But we need behavioral research, such as studies of actual discrimination, to see if this is actually the case. So far the evidence is mainly circumstantial.


Leftists claim to be very, very moral. They worry about polar bears.  To save the bears from ‘global warming’ these bleeding heart lovers of humanity want to freeze to death many millions of people and force those who live in the colder northern hemisphere to pay huge, high taxes on CO2 and thus, cause less use of fossil fuels even if this means killing millions of people as the planet gets colder!  This is, of course, extremely inhumane but doesn’t bother global warmist leftists even slightly.


Today, the New York Times had articles about how dog sled races are not getting enough snow, for example.  While right wing weather sites mention that polar bears are doing just fine, thank you and this isn’t news at the New York Times, of course.  The NYT thinks it is a humane, liberal newspaper but it savages Palestinians regularly and hides lots of news about Jews in Israel behaving in a fascist fashion such as the race riots and endless attacks on Christians and Muslims there.


Another thing that bothers me about bleeding heart liberals is how insane they are about the weather.  Every day, all the leftist publications has global warming not ‘climate change’ articles like this one today at the very leftist site, Counterpunch:  More Cold and Snow Thanks to Global Warming » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names. Far from being sane, the publication believes that super war weather creates ice age conditions.  The dogma of the professor in the Salon article is, he is a sane liberal and everyone who disagrees with him is insane.


And what future research is to come along these lines from you?


One of my students decided to investigate the relationship between system justification and its motivational antecedents, on one hand, and the endorsement of moral foundations, on the other. This work also suggests that the rhetorical contrast between moral foundations theory and other research in social psychology was exaggerated. We are finding that, of the variables we have included, empathy is the best psychological predictor of endorsing fairness and the avoidance of harm as moral concerns, whereas the endorsement of group loyalty, obedience to authority, and purity concerns is indeed linked to epistemic motives to reduce uncertainty (such as the need for cognitive closure) and existential motives to reduce threat (such as death anxiety) and to system justification in the economic domain. So, at a descriptive level, moral foundations theory is entirely consistent with system justification theory.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most ideological of all?  Mirror answers, ‘All of you are the most ideological of all.’  Of course, the professor teaching these students can’t see himself in the reflection of the mind’s eye.  He is pure, kindly, loving and his vicious policies he pursues are meant to correct the failings of others and discipline them even if this means killing millions of people in various horrible ways.


This is how liberals are now demolishing what is left of our educational system, for example, chasing the will’o wisp of ‘integration’.  It is obvious that white people, both liberal and conservative, are fleeing schools that have too many black children and this isn’t ideological, it is self survival.  Only the very poorest whites can’t do this and end up sucked into this collapsing system where few children graduate and most end up in prison or on welfare.  Fixing this mess will be very hard but liberals are incapable of doing this due to their blind ideology that overlooks the reality that liberal parents only want token black kids, not 50% black kids in their darling’s school and instead, attacks conservatives who don’t give a hoot about integrating schools.


Jews in Israel have zero desire to integrate ANYTHING with ANYONE.  They are a fascist society fully supported by nearly 100% of our Congress and our Presidents and our media owners.  Liberals who are against this fascism in Israel have ZERO, that is, no influence at all on any elected representatives.  Northern California has the leader of the Democrats in the House and she is a Jewish woman who is a 100% Zionist fascist and yet she is elected over and over again and is listed as a ‘liberal’ by liberal media.


Here are liberal comments to the Salon article that illustrate clearly how the bogus studies of ‘political psychology’ should be defunded as a waste of taxpayer money:


RobertSF 16 hours ago
It’s unfortunate that all this research ignores the power of propaganda. Imagine if Americans had been bombarded with messages such as “the police may not violate your rights,” and “black people, white people, all one people” instead of “crime is worse than ever” and “marihuana is an evil weed.”

People believe what you tell them to believe.


paulie 15 hours ago
@RobertSF Not people who have smoked marijuana or hang out with all colors of people.,,,those people are liberals and have experienced that most precautions are huge exaggerations intended to further someone else’s agenda.


Conservatives are too risk adverse to do that- they take their advice from someone in their loyal ingroup as truth enough.


gzuckier 13 hours ago
@alterego55 @Rocket88 Given that the rightwing has committed itself to entirely gut-based non-cognitive answers to everything, you have to approach their verbal utterances, oral or in print, not as a syntactical entity intended to carry a denotative meaning, but as purely symbolic vocal behavior intended to unite the group in a common emotional state, like baboons grunting when faced with a scary novel thing. Exactly like that, actually.

There it is: again, these liberals (sic) don’t hesitate to call opposing (but actually nearly identical views) names especially calling them baboons or chimpanzees which really angers me since our ape and monkey relatives are just as nobel and silly as we are.  We are actually very much like our relatives!  Leftists are exactly as excited mindlessly by their ‘common emotional state’ which is often very irrational.

Saudi Arabia execution rate ‘truly unprecedented’ – Amnesty Intl — RT News reports as the US and EU have zero effect on changing Saudi Arabia which has brutal policies identical…totally identical… to ISIS which we are told, is a horrible group of people we should be bombing to smithereens and killing all of them.  Here is a classic example from this month looking at both a far right and far left website: The Democrats War On Women | Real Science posts today showing how Obama cooperates with Saudi Arabia even though women there have zero human rights.

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 11.31.34 AM

And here is the left wing ‘liberal’ Daily Kos that is terrified we are going to roast to death, explaining how it is OK for Obama and his wife to hang out with the Saudi royals and not make a peep about the hideous conditions the women live under in that country:  Michelle Obama in Saudi Arabia.  I remember when Bush was President and the left compared him to chimpanzees and posted pictures of him kissing the Saudi royals.  But now that Obama is doing pretty much the same thing, the Daily Kos would certainly go coo-coo for cocoa puffs if the right wing compared him to a chimpanzee and Saudi royal kisser.


The fact is, both left and right fall into line and refuse to say a peep about their leaders when their leaders are in power.  They follow like docile lambs to the slaughter and are so bigoted, both left and right, the similarities of the rulers are turned into huge contrasts due to mental filtering systems that wipes out the past and redesigns reality to fit the program set up by the leaders of both the left and the right.


No university should allow teachers to teach the kind of crap being regurgitated by emotional, blind, ideological lock step professors, left or right.  If logic isn’t being followed, it should be eliminated, not funded by the government.  I am a true liberal and this annoys me greatly.  If someone wants to spew ideological junk, they are free to do this on their own dime.  Left or right.


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5 responses to “Salon Article Attacking Conservatives For Being Heartless: Look In The Mirror And See The Heartless Leftists

  1. Christian W

    This is true. Any ideology can serve as a tool to massage the superiority complex. Leftists, when they are in this mode, tend to be just as condescending, intolerant, brutal and judgmental as their right wing siblings.

  2. John

    You nailed it again, as usual, Elaine. Excellent commentary.

  3. Jim R

    And now, it has metastasized into humanitarian bombing. “Those poor dears, somebody has dropped some poison gas on them. So we need to bomb them, and make them stop doing that.” … Insane.

  4. e sutton

    Another thing I like about this blog is I learn something all the time. For example, Social Security. I thought FDR initiated it for two reasons: One, to get the old bastards off the payroll to make room for the younger (and more dangerous, violent) workers to keep them from rioting. And Two, to keep the cash flowing from the workers in a form of SS tax as a non-interest bearing loan. Perhaps my theory was more of an effect rather than a cause. Anyway, I agree with John @ #2.

  5. Petruchio

    “Jews in Israel have zero desire to integrate ANYTHING with ANYONE. ” I have said for some time now: strip Israel of its $90+ billion US subsidy and CANCEL Israel’s defense orders. THEN let’s see how much tolerance for integration and accommodation Israel has. I have also mentioned before that since Israel is filled with God’s Chosen People, they shouldn’t need ANY support from the sin filled US of A. Let’s see how God’s chosen people do then. If you look at the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Israel came EXTREMELY close to losing. Later, Israel was THOROUGHLY thumped by Hezbollah when Israel invaded Lebanon. If Israel ever (very unlikely) loses its US backing, the knives will come out. Israel has MANY enemies waiting to even old scores. In the Middle East, the people hold grudges. Slights are remembered.

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