Google Changing Science Rankings To Bury Climate Realists Via Calling Anyone Disputing Global Warming To Be Liars And Fakers

Despite being thoroughly debunked from day one, the stupid ‘study’ that claimed after polling a couple of people, that ‘97% of climatologists believe in global warming’, the liberals have been yelling this daily for over two years now.  ‘The science is certain’ is another favorite lie liberals have embraced with brio.  ‘There is NO DEBATE’ is their Stalinist war cry. ‘It is a SETTLED SCIENCE’ is another lie they bellow daily.  And now we learn that Google is going to war against ‘denialists’ by denying them any voice at all by burying their news under a pile of sh*t pumped out by anti-science liberals who are in deep denial of science facts as they push their miserable beliefs as hard as possible so that they can eliminate first world economic systems and replace it with their Tiny Homes/no heat/no meat/no modern transportation culture which their leaders like Al Gore are totally against…for themselves.


This is like Animal Farm and 1984 rolled into one big, ugly ball and coupled with a war against a billion Muslims, a billion Chinese and nuclear armed Russia, this is all part of WWIII.  Religious fanatics in the US on the right wing will join with insane liberals on the left to push us into the Apocalypse and end of civilization.  This tension between fanaticism and fake science has happened before and spawned more than one world wide violent catastrophe.


Joe Biden on climate deniers: “It’s almost like denying gravity” – yes, this monster who is one of the Bilderberg gang actually said this.  So has Obama.  They don’t dare say this while standing in deep snow in DC in swim suits.  They stay away from the cold, hanging out in warm places, while telling these lies.  It was below zero again here on my mountain and this super cold for a super long time this winter and it is not normal and scientists should be pointing out that super long super cold weather centered on Hudson Bay is a warning sign that global cooling is beginning.


Instead, the climatologists in the grip of this mania go searching the planet for ‘warm weather’ and then declare it is happening and we are all going to die.  For example, a very weak el Nino happening not where it is supposed to happen but off the coast of California, are howling that we will all roast to death due to this.  The Pacific Ocean is the very last place to cool down during cold cycles and so has some warmth still and we are still at the solar activity sunspot peak of the 23 solar cycle so it has managed to energize the ocean’s surface slightly but this will be followed by solar cooling.  This inconvenient truth has to be buried by Al Gore’s gang.


And here is the really nasty news:  Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth rankings –


Google has recently implemented a kind of Knowledge-Based Truth score lite with it’s medical search results. Now, doctors and real medical experts vet search results about health conditions, meaning anti-vaxx propaganda will not appear in the top results for a “measles” search, for instance.


Even though the former program is just in the research stage, some anti-science advocates are upset about the potential development, likely because their websites will become buried under content that is, well, true.


“I worry about this issue greatly,” said Anthony Watts, founder of climate denying website “Watts Up With That,” in an interview with “My site gets a significant portion of its daily traffic from Google… It is a very slippery and dangerous slope because there’s no arguing with a machine.”


I have alerted several global cooling groups about this menace.  Just as our Bilderberg-run media outside of Fox TV has censored anyone including prominent scientists, preventing any sort of discussion about climate predictions and actual, ongoing weather, now Google is joining in.  At Salon, the liberals celebrate this criminal activity designed to shut down honest debate.  In this segment, a sane person who is a liberal points out the dangers of Google hiding this huge debate so people seeking information only gets liberal lies:


tkondaks 6 hours ago
A very frightening proposition. I tend to stay away from people, religions, and philosophies that claim to have “the truth.”

If this were 1905 and Albert Einstein came out with his Special Theory of Relativity, it would be delegated to the last pages of a search result because most scientists would have claimed that time was not relative but absolute.

Particularly with science in which advances only occur through skepticism and doubting the accepted norms, it is not a good idea to use a “general consensus” approach to “the truth.”
Frank Knarf 5 hours ago
@tkondaks I don’t think you understand. Climate science is simple physics and it’s all settled. Relax and join the consensus.


onemilarepa 8 hours ago
“Facts the web unanimously agrees upon will be considered a reasonable proxy for truth”…. Reasonable proxy is a good description for what Liberals accept as Truth. I think the.guillotine achieved popularity following the same principles
Morbious8 7 hours ago

Back to Druge, fool.
marik7 3 hours ago
@onemilarepa I don’t think Google is intending to refuse to mention the sites at all. It simply gives them less prominance. Wingnuts will still be able to find their favorite wackbats theories; it will just be a little more difficult.


This battle will be won by Mother Nature.  She is very ruthless.  As the cold deepens, people will be in increasing despair as they literally die while being taxed very heavily for burning fuels to stay alive.  Even firewood isn’t safe, the government will make that impossible to burn, too.  Here are two examples of me trying to find out what is going on by googling ‘Global warming isn’t happening’ and ‘Global warming hoax’:

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 7.16.50 AM

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 7.17.57 AM

Here is ‘global warming stopped’ which shows how the search engines hide 99% of the anti-global warming science sites like What’s Up With That?:

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 7.58.15 AM


The Science Skeptic site gets multiple hits and that site has attacked me personally in the past, they are very arrogant and utterly blind to simple incoming information and most realist sites mock them regularly but note how Google features them highly.  Even a stupid article from Discovery (sic) magazine is about mocking people who point out that the global warmists running the IPCC finally admits there has been no global warming for nearly 20 years.  This has been fixed by the warmists by announcing that last year which set many cold records and virtually no heat records, was the ‘hottest year EVAH’ by lying about statistics and falsely claiming that a 0.01 degree ‘rise’ was real when it is way below the 0.3 error threshold.



Already the top ‘stories’ are from global warmist Bilderberg gangsters.  One of them is about the ‘Mighty El Nino Is Back’ which is insanely stupid and has nothing to do with my search words.  It brings up a Newsweek story attacking scientists who try to explain why much of North America and Canada is freezing to death, calling anyone who explains this rationally as ‘doubt mongers’.  I didn’t google for ‘doubt mongers’ so why is this one of the top stories?


None of the top fact-based global cooling sites shows up in these searches.  They are being buried deliberately already.


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13 responses to “Google Changing Science Rankings To Bury Climate Realists Via Calling Anyone Disputing Global Warming To Be Liars And Fakers

  1. Sunger

    Elaine- I though you said California was drowning in rain……..

    “”This has been what I’m now calling the ‘cruelest’ winter I’ve ever seen,” exclaims the CEO of one California ski resort… and he is right. According to official records, California’s snowpack is the lowest on record for this time of year at around a mere 20% of the average since records began.”

  2. Sunger


    You have called carbon dioxide such terms as “plant food” and shown total lack of awareness of the heat blanket effect of C02. This issue has been examined to distraction by climate science and it widely accepted that plants have a limited ability to absorb extra carbon dioxide- otherwise we could just all plant trees to shift the atmospheric balance.

    C02 has the ability to form an insulating heat blanket in atmosphere or lab and is well known in chemistry and physics. The original discovery was by Tyndal in 1817 and has been repeatedly and easily validated. There is NO divergent opinion on this point and is corroborated in both physics and chemistry.


    The problem here is that since the industrial revolution, mankind has dug over 1.5 trillion tons coal, oil, gas etc and removed it from it’s traps in the ground and burned it,sending all the carbon into the earth’s atmosphere.

    We are talking over 1,500,000,000,000 tons or 3,000,000,000,000,000 pounds of carbon that have been dug out of the earth and vented to the atmosphere during burning since the industrial revolution began.

    That’s the problem.

  3. emsnews

    Well, this ‘insulating blanket’ has a hole in it the size of a quarter of the planet and more.

    Also, a volcanic eruption does the same amount in a matter of minutes.

  4. JimmyJ

    @sunger: Yah that’s great about heat blanket being an effect of atmospheric carbon except for offsetting effects of carbon trapping plants and animals throughout the biosphere being too difficult to model or pro AGW science dismissing as having little impact. Think Himalayas, Alps, Rockys etc which are immense limestone ranges created from oceanic carbon trapping life.

    Course elites know very well we are, for example, decimating forests both boreal and tropical with little to no reforestation so a vast carbon trapping capacity that’s existed for many millions of years is completely gone at the same time as so called manmade carbon maxing out. Where are the AGW cheerleaders and wealthy elites here in Canada jumping over each other to plant a new forest in the vast clearcut deserts? Nope. Not here. To me that’s the most obvious evidence that there is no sincerity at all in AGW science and its related public cheerleading.

    The worst and most dangerous hypocrisy is plans to spend billions engineering some high falutin’ technical way to alter climate and still no money for planting forests. As Elaine points out its simply to create wealth and manipulate people as capital. Same old, same old.

  5. CK

    Water vapour does it better.

  6. emsnews

    Water vapor is 90% of the planet’s ‘blanket’. CO2 is an artifact of warming, that is, warmer it is, the more CO2 there is. When it cools down, the CO2 vanishes.

    Ice Ages have little CO2 and forest/fen/grassland square miles is reduced by over 50% with non growing in Canada, northern US and much of Europe.

  7. John

    The “progressives” have no problem with destroying humanity, just as long as they get to be in complete control of whatever scraps remain. I have no words to adequately express my fury at these psychopathic vermin.

    Sunger, peddle that sh!t over at Salon. We deal with facts and logic around here, not hyperventilating fanaticism.

  8. I gave up on google long ago…something creepy about the whole crew.

  9. emsnews

    Google used to be really, really good several years ago. For example, when you use search words, these would be highlighted in the articles so it was very easy to find in a huge pile of words, the paragraphs you are seeking.

    Suddenly, this was removed! No explanation at all. It makes hunting information infinitely more time consuming and I am a speed reader! The average person, I am presuming, simply gave up.

  10. Lou

    Sunger, So Cal has not been flooding.Rain barely made a dent in California drought – LA Times…/la-me-aa2-snapshot-drought-heat...
    Los Angeles Times
    Nov 14, 2014 – While the state has received some rain in recent weeks, the overall picture remains … In fact, 2014 is likely to be California’s hottest year since 1895, when … In fact, L.A. has had some very dry years that also saw El Niños.
    No end to Southland drought seen in winter rain forecast ……/drought/la-me-1017-winter-fore...
    Los Angeles Times
    Oct 16, 2014 – Southern California could see above-average rainfall this winter, but it won’t be enough to shake … at 11:15 PM October 27, 2014 … Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, doubted the accuracy of the NOAA forecast.
    Officials increase water allocations as rain hits, drought ……/la-me-ln-drought-storm-water-2...
    Los Angeles Times
    Dec 2, 2014 – The biggest storm of the rain season is fostering optimism among state officials, who increased … LOCAL L.A. Now … Officials said agencies will get 10% of the water they sought from State Water Project, up from 5% in 2014.
    California Rain, Mountain Snow: Drought Relief Limited ……/california-rain-storm
    The Weather Channel
    Dec 4, 2014 – The Weather Channel analyzed Los Angeles daily rainfall records for … COM: California Drought Before and After Pictures, August 2014.

  11. Lou

    I wonder what makes ‘them’ tick? The leftists who own Amazon, google, facebook, etc.

  12. emsnews

    California’s drought is barely a drought anymore. And isn’t unusual compared to previous droughts.

    My family remembers earlier droughts since we were there for many, many, many years. Extremely few living there today lived there for more than 150 years.

    This is why this latest dry spell is so hysterical for all the armies of newcomers who moved there because….IT IS DRY!!!

    This was the entire point for moving from say, wet, cold New York, for example.

    This is EXACTLY why Mr. Edison moved from New Jersey to California where he met my grandfather, Edison Pettit, in Los Angeles. Edison moved there to make movies because…hold on to your hat!….it is DRY and SUNNY!!! Since filming had to be done outside most of the time due to the need for intense lighting.

  13. Lou

    California is desert, except where there is rain.

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