Obama Goes To Selma Alabama To Celebrate Civil Rights And Fan Flames


Selma Alabama downtown


Selma, Alabama is in the news today as the President and everyone in the media is all hot under the collar about the hard-won battles of the Civil Rights movement is celebrated with anti-cop speeches and threats of the DOJ to take over policing places due to ‘racism’ while black people glory once again with being victims even as the machine of destruction destroys Selma which is in steep decline despite all the help and heroism, the city is dying.  Like many cities that ended up being mostly black, this dynamic is being totally ignored.


Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 10.37.59 AM

Law and order has pretty much vanished in Selma.  No more mean cops.  It simply gave up and looking at the statistics for this town, one can see how it is dying and how reviving it is increasingly difficult.


Angry protests as cops kill ‘unarmed’ teen in Wisconsin – days after the release of Ferguson report and on Selma anniversary weekend: another violent black teen with a record interacts with the cops and gets killed.  None of these are people doing the ‘hands up/don’t shoot’ thing. They are doing the Ferguson ‘grab a cop’s gun and resist arrest’ thing.


Attorney General threatens to DISMANTLE Ferguson Police Department if they don’t reform in wake of damning report revealing widespread racism because there were some snide emails so people were fired and that is the end of that and Ferguson will join Detroit and other cities and towns down the road to ruin as crime shoots through the roof and shoots literally a swath through the community as blacks kill each other and manhandle anyone else who comes near.


Obama calls Ferguson an example of ‘broken and racially biased’ policing in America ahead of historic Selma anniversary speech while he refuses to tell blacks that resisting arrest is wrong.  Dr. Martin Luther King was very big on NOT resisting arrest.  Justice comes when one uses the right road, the right tools and he figured this out and worked very hard, in greatest danger, to convince people that nonviolent cooperation with arrest means one is in the right and they can’t even accuse you of resisting arrest and the illicit arrests would then stand out as illegal and then legal teams would go in and go after the state to change laws which was the goal.


Here is what Obama should be really talking about:  Two brothers charged with killing Philadelphia cop who interrupted their robbery as he went to buy video game for his son.  The officer who was shot dead was a black man protecting law and order.  The two killers are young blacks who have a criminal record.  This is yet another of the thousands of black on black murders that rage daily.  On top of this, it is a thug murdering a cop who was trying to enforce the laws.  Not a peep from the President!


Instead, Obama tosses even more gasoline on the racism pyre.


Now we have ‘let’s loot!’ excuses for every single event even if these events are due to cops killing people who are far from passive cooperation but rather, are fighting back to avoid arrest because they know perfectly well, they are breaking the law.


Selma is most interesting because the dying town is being flooded with media hounds who will ignore the present mess.  Here is one interesting statistic:

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 10.40.12 AM


19 to 24 years old are wiped out???  We know where many of them are: prison.  The 7-18 year olds go to what we kids in Tucson, Arizona called ‘Mother Higgens’ as a inside joke (‘juvie’ to NYC kids).  So they are counted as ‘at home’.


Selma AL 36701 Demographics – Movoto

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 2.03.54 PM


I looked for race statistics and one site had older data showing that half the population was white. Now, just 6 year later, only 20% are white and I bet the majority of them are elderly and can’t sell their homes easily.


Crime rate in Selma, Alabama (AL): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers statistics

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 10.13.54 AM


Crime up and jobs down.  Like Detroit.  Many including Rosa Parks who is from Selma, went to Detroit which deteriorated rapidly.  Income is lower than the already low income of all of Alabama.  Median income is less than half the US income.  Then there are the schools:


Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 2.07.52 PMAll of the public schools of Selma are in the bottom quartile.  Selma High is near rock bottom for the state and education in Alabama is ranked poorly to begin with so one wonders what is going on in  Selma High?


Here is Bill Moyers telling some of the truth:  50 Years After Bloody Sunday in Selma, Everything and Nothing Has Changed | BillMoyers.com



The statistics are staggering — Dallas County was the poorest in Alabama last year, with unemployment double the state and national average. More than 40 percent of families live below the poverty line. The violent crime rate is five times the state average. The Alabama Policy Institute named Selma the “least Business-Friendly City” in the state. Selma describes itself as the “Queen City of the Black Belt,” but The Birmingham News more aptly labeled the region, named the Black Belt because of its rich soil, as “Alabama’s Third World.” Ten thousand white residents have left Selma in the past three decades, leaving it 80 percent African-American. There are nearly as many vacant buildings as occupied ones in the once picturesque downtown, and side streets are desolate.
Blacks now control Selma politically, but long-standing racial disparities persist. The west side, where most whites live, has tall pines, manicured lawns and the city’s only country club, which remains all-white. Despite Selma’s stark poverty, girls were playing tennis and the parking lot was filled with Escalades on a recent Saturday afternoon.


Oakland, California, Detroit, Compton CA, etc: all the same.  Yes, there are still white enclaves and they are clean and tidy and have landscaping that hasn’t been blasted away.  But when I toured the Nice Neighborhoods in Selma today via Google Maps, I saw a lot of black neighborhoods with abandoned houses and the white ones, the little that is left, have a LOT of ‘for sale’ signs up and the houses, according to Zwillow, are for sale for less than $175,000 which is very cheap.  Many for much less.


Moyers notes that Selma High School is now nearly 100% black. Here is a most revealing story:


Sean and Tylisa Black moved from Denver to Selma in 2007, after Sean visited on a civil-rights pilgrimage. It was too late to enroll their 4-year-old daughter, Shania, in public school, so they sent her to a predominantly white private pre-school. When it came time for kindergarten, Shania told her parents she wanted to attend Morgan Academy, a segregated private school founded by whites three months after Bloody Sunday.


The story goes on to say that the whites at the school didn’t want the child to go there and protested loudly.  But the moral of the story actually is…this black child did NOT want to go to a school where black children congregate!  According to her parents, the white families were mean to her and they assume this was due to racism and not other causes.


Even white children are excluded by the popular kids!  My children weren’t popular but they never assumed this was due to something except the fact that the popular kids didn’t like them for whatever dumb reasons.  I did have a very paranoid black mother in my upper class school district in South Orange, NJ, assume everyone was racist so some of the high school kids would play the racism game just to see her blow up.


This stopped when I intervened and had several of them arrested for vandalizing my neighbor’s property.  My reward was for my neighbor coming over and accusing ME of being a racist when I was the one who stopped the torment!  It was very bizarre.


Both blacks and whites have chips on the shoulder and knocking these off is great fun if you don’t mind a messed up community falling off a cliff and self-destructing.  We all need mirrors to see reality in this matter. and


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21 responses to “Obama Goes To Selma Alabama To Celebrate Civil Rights And Fan Flames

  1. e sutton

    Blacks can scarcely manage a lemonade stand, let alone a city. We’ve already seen the fantastic results when a black tries to run a country. Obama doesn’t even make a very good door man. Under apartheid, South Africa was a prosperous country. It is now in ruins.

    Selma will take its rightful place next to Detroit, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, etc. A sad, but somewhat amusing story is that the only theatre in downtown Selma, an historic property from the twenties, has long been closed due to lack of ticket sales. They had to dust it off and re-open it to play the premier of the latest “white guilt” picture, “Selma”. Personally, I wouldn’t part with a wooden nickel to see such rot. And with this latest negro eating a much deserved lead samich in Madison, we can expect the usual suspects to burn, loot, and destroy that town. Should be quite a summer. I hope all whites are well armed.

  2. Lou

    EMS writes more like Paul Kersey these days [of infamous ‘SBPDL’ blog].

    What gets to me is the ‘entitlement mentality’. Rhodesia exported food. Now Zimbabwe imports food. The Blacks killed the Whites [farmers].
    Okay – so what? So the Blacks asked ‘the world’ [read, dumb YT – whitey]

    Kill YT then demand YT feed the blacks that killed the Whites.

  3. Lou

    ‘Blacks can scarcely manage a lemonade stand,’ There was a black tot who was killed at her lemonade stand, late at nite.

    People dont run lemonade stands late at nite, they sell crack from them.

  4. Narciso

    Elaine you linked to the wrong demographic data site.

    This link seems to include the entire county of Dallas.

    The correct link should be from City-data.com


    Another lets continue to beat a dead horse post. Problem with lets bash black people post is that there is no balance on how whites are contributing to blacks lashing out.

    Ferguson problem isn’t just blacks behaving badly but whites as well. The city officials and police department were celebrating record breaking months of fine collections worth 230k per month. 20% of Ferguson’s city revenues were from forcing people to pay ridiculous fines and making the process difficult that people ended up having to pay 4-5 times the starting amount in late fees. The judges and cops would ruthlessly force the poor to pay fines while calling in favors for themselves and families to dismiss 200-600 dollar fines.


    Its a tax farm and its shocking how Elaine has tunnel vision to how the police are being used as private tax collectors. In some places the tax farming is discreet and its easy to pay off the tickets while Ferguson is more like Tenaha Texas where the cops were robbing people blind.


    I’ve gotten 1 speeding ticket in my whole life and all i had to do was mail in a check for 85 bucks. As you can tell i was thanking the good lord that New Mexico’s speeding violations are easy to deal with and was under 100 bucks (In Arizona you are going to pay 250-450 bucks a pop and you have to attend traffic school or pay some other fee or some such).

    I got the ticket on the drive back from Weatherford Texas back to Avondale Arizona and i was arguing with the cop until he told me it was just 85 bucks and i could mail in a check. He also said he would provide me with a prepaid envelope with all the necessary documents to have the ticket taken care of 🙂

    New Mexico has a better tax farming scheme than Ferguson in that they control their greed; they quote you the price and give you the envelope with prepaid postage to mail them the money order/check. I would have continued to argue the ticket since i was only going 70ish (65 mph part) and there was zero traffic but the cop made it too convenient since all i would had to do was send them some tribute in an envelope that they provided. No one is going to drive 8 hours on some random date to get a 85 dollar ticket dismissed.

    Ferguson was basically an explosion of anger from the ridiculous tax farming by the city and cops.

    Elaine is lucky that her educational level, age (hags are frightening to cops 😉 ), and skin color offers her some protection from cities and cops deciding to collect tribute from the peasants. The cops and cities aren’t stupid they make a reasoned assumption that robbing blacks and brown people is less likely to get them sued due to their lack of monetary clout in hiring lawyers to challenge outrageous fines and asset seizures.

    They way you speak and conduct yourself is also how cops decide to issue you tickets or not. I have been pulled over once before when i was driving my sisters car (she had California plates) and the cop tried giving me a bs ticket since people from out of state tend to just mail in tribute when stopped. Unfortunately for the cop’s ticket quota the Goodyear city’s hall is just 10 minutes from where i live and i had no problem showing up on said appointed date to get the stupid citation dismissed.

  5. melponeme_k

    Considering Obama helping to fan the flames of race war, I can only conclude that he doesn’t think of himself as black or THAT KIND of black person. I have news for him, it doesn’t matter what percentage he is or isn’t or how much money he has, the people he is kowtowing to will always think of him as the black help. They will pile him up with their sins and send him out to the wilderness like the scapegoat he was paid to be. Hasn’t he figured that out yet?

    Also, as a minority, I fear race war. I’ve said in the past, say now, and will continue to say….I’ve traveled the USA. Once you leave the big cities, the country is predominantly white, some towns ALL White. Black people will not win an ethnic war. They will not win an ethnic war even if every other minority (Native American, Asian, Hispanic) stood with them. Truthfully I can only see Asians and Hispanics falling to the white side of ethnic war. The same with Native Americans.

    This is a bad place all of us are in and it is getting worse. The elites want one or two things to get out of their debt hole. They want ethnic war to destroy what is left of a united American populace and/or they want WWIII.

  6. e sutton

    Yes, Mel, but will they get it? That is, will they get the ethnic war they’ve been construing so relentlessly, or will they get the WWIII? I suppose it is, once again, all up to Putin. Proving, once again, that only a rational white male can deliver a civilization from absolute ruin if left to its own infantile destructive, liberal tendencies.

  7. e sutton

    When you look at WWII and the horror it caused, it should be blatantly obvious to everyone that increasing racial tension in times of economic turmoil is a recipe for social disorder, not to mention disaster. Yet, that is what appears to be the plan here in the U.S. Could this be a way the elite will cull the North American population, both black and white? A win-win for them, no?

  8. e sutton

    Oh, and by the way, we can’t all go out saying to Obama, Bush I, Bush II, Clinton, et. al, bringing down some justice for the war crimes they’re all guilty of, can we? I mean, several heads would literally roll for what’s been doled out over the past 50 years. Who ultimately takes control of this simmering cauldron? The thought of that should terrify every single person reading this right now.

  9. emsnews

    Looks increasingly like very liberal Madison,Wisconsin which is near where I was born, is going to be burned down by outside rioters who looted Ferguson.

    Yes, this mobile mob has a new fire to feed and it will burn very fiercely and any information showing that this is another obvious case of someone NOT doing the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ thing but instead, the ‘fight all cops no matter what’ game.

    And there it goes: Koreans didn’t let the looters in LA attack them, they were willing to kill to protect their community. And yes, Asians are terrified of most blacks.

  10. John

    Obama is a Marxist. Of course he’s going to use racism to divide the populace. He’ll use sexism, homophobia, class envy and any other type of hate mongering he can, as well. I have come to the conclusion that although he is a puppet of the Pharisees, he’s also a very vile, despicable scumbag on his own. I sincerely believe that he’s a total psychopath who knows full well how much pain and suffering his actions cause and has absolutely no problem with it. I don’t think he sees himself as black, white, or anything like that. I think he sees himself as some kind of God.

  11. emsnews

    Homophobia is the GOP UGLY CRAP.

    They are the ones who refuse to give gays basic civil rights. I am 100% for sexual civil rights. Totally and utterly.

  12. e sutton

    One hundred percent behind you on that, Elaine, and THANK YOU!

  13. Lou

    Selma!! Here’s a Black community [80%].
    Without the White man to hold them down I’m sure we should hear about the prosperity they’ll be reaching in the next 5 years or so.
    Although, somehow I highly doubt it.

  14. Lou

    Mumia 2 and 3,
    Two brothers charged with killing Philadelphia cop who interrupted their robbery as he went to buy video game for his son.

    [2 ‘bruthas’ indeed]

  15. Lou

    BHO thanked Trayvon Martin’s parents for attending the White House reception marking African-American History Month: “Today, on the third anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, showing all of our kids — all of them — every single day that their lives matter, that’s part of our task,” the president said.

  16. Lou

    Oh, sorry I did not mention that TM daddy is or was a gangster. You can find pics online [unless google inc has scrubbed em] from before he had his gang tatt on his neck removed.

    was it a Crips or a Bloods tatt?

  17. Mr Bill

    I spent my teenage years in Montgomery, AL, about 50 miles from Selma. So,over several years, I had a front row seat for the violent responses to the voting right marches and other rights protests. Did I say that the rights protestors were uniformly peaceful, but annoying? Their plan was to walk in mass down the major highway between Selma and Montgomery.

    At minimum, the protestors were tampering with the multi-decade social order. The violence at the time came from the law enforcement authorities (police and sheriffs) with a supporting authority wink to deadly thug groups. Gee, this seems to be a bit similar to the world today!

    But, is a major national event in 2015 a very healing thing to do. I know one “side” thinks so, but there are still issues on the “other side”, but, is it overall a good thing. Dammit, the US is still a racist nation, the whole world seems to be racist nations in some context. (In fact, I think it goes much beyond RACISM, I call it GROUPISM,) How do we best work to come together rather than keep pushing apart?

    Speaking of context, here it is for Selma. Selma is on a major river flowing to the Gulf of Mexico. To its west, both north and south, was massive cotton (and other) producing farmland. Communities in the area were isolated and had small populations, mostly African Americans laborers. I suppose it was “slave labor” in the 19th century, but, in the 20th, it was farmed more by “sharecroppers” and day labor. Ownership was a small group, while labor was a much larger group. But, the industry was very specialized – it was manpower force agriculture, but.it was a way of life at the time. Good for some, bad for most. For the labor pool, no education required, no training (except field work) required , no voting desired. And full segregation – to the other side of the railroad track, unless at work. What rights? It was an isolated majority. But, with no rights and no privileges.

    Ms Parks, Dr King and others demanded change and demonstrated to bring changes. However, these changes required major shifts in the long established cultural status quo for the dominant white class. The white status quo just could not, under any circumstance, allow for these inferior creatures (demonized) to dine at the same restaurants, to drink from the same fountains, to swim in the same pools, to attend the same theaters, the same churches, the same schools.. These people can’t live in our neighborhoods, speak to our women and and they definitely can’t vote nor have some of our civil rights. And the ruling authorities were hell bent to maintain that status quo by any means, including force, violence and terror..The march from Selma to Montgomery was a major event and it certainly encountered beatings and killing. But, it was a cakewalk compared to the bombings, arsons, hanging, murders and other destructive actions from the same era.

    After the desegregation and civil rights legislation, there was fairly large mass white flight. Private schools popped up. Public parks and swimming pools closed,. Income targeted communities popped up, neighborhoods changed ethnicity, gerrymandering, etc.Whole towns shifted demographics. But, there were a large number of “unfortunates” who were ignored in the process. They did get rights and privileges. But, over the past 50 years, there appears to be a form of defacto resegregation in the US and our society is “reaping the whirlwind” of poor race relations in many sectors.

  18. Christian W

    Very interesting post, Mr Bill, thank you.

  19. emsnews

    The ‘defacto segregation’ is white people fleeing from blacks due to the very high anti-social culture that has evolved in that community.

    I have lived in very integrated communities much of my life. My wonderful neighbors, ONLY the black ones, decided one splendid, warm night to BURN DOWN AND LOOT EVERYTHING just because a lighting bolt hit a major power plant and caused a major blackout.

    It was a very terrifying night which I spent keeping the roof wet due to the flying embers and praying my stupid neighbors wouldn’t come down my block.

    For years afterwards, the good black neighbors shunned the bad ones due to fury over this crime. The destroyed neighborhood was a blight for years until we took it over bit by bit and rebuilt it.

    Black civil rights leaders fought me tooth and nail the entire process, screaming that whitey was taking over again!!!! One of my black neighbors who didn’t loot the place even had to stand up to Al Sharpton and yell that if I was KKK then he was the Grand Dragon.

    Yes, they called me racist for cleaning up the mess created by my gangsta neighbors!!!!!

  20. Mr Bill


    I hear you loud and clear.. I fully understand and agree with your comment.
    This is an example of this nation “reaping the whirlwind”. I think we are dealing with excess political correctness here regarding the poor race relations issue. A lot of our authorities, media and “social” leaders purposely establish certain words, certain ideas and certain actions to be taboo to the point of ostracism. And, so often, the political correctness only
    applies to certain groups, but not others. That appears to be the case in your example. That is, I sense that you and your black neighbor were tending to the safety and security of your neighborhood, not acting racist toward the thugs. It seems that Al Sharpton and any other civil rights leaders with him were the racists. But political correctness is there to define you and your group as the racists and Sharpton and his groups cannot are mere defenders of their racist thugs. By the way, were any of Sharpton’s group from your neighborhood? If not, I assume that his group was in no way identified as empathetic or friendly with your group. This is related to the concept that I call Groupism.

    Back to Selma for a moment. You must realize that all of the the marchers were creating two legitimate issues for the local authorities and their thug friends, (1) the rights and priviledges that the marchers (in fact the whole civil rights actions of the era) were insisting upon were illegal by local law and (2) their march across the Pettis Bridge and on 50 miles of the highway was disruptive to traffic and commerce, emotionally stressful for the general population and just plain against the law. The marchers were all those things at the time. But,had they not been disruptive then, their later generations may still be in the same place today. There are still differences of opinion whether, “for the best of the nation” whether the Selma march and other actions at the time were good or bad.

    But, at that place and era, I recall there was never violent actions taken by the marchers and other related protestors at the time. There was defiance and disruption, but I don’t recall there was any clubs, guns, dogs, bomb, arson violence ever by the protestors. All of the severe violance was delivered by the authories trying to enforce the laws of the people and by the wink – wink friendly thugs delivering their own justice.

    Basically, move forward 50 years, about three generations, we seem to have a similar, but worse, social distress. The authorities and their wink-
    wink friendly thugs still handle the local laws and mores with violence, in some cases brutal, manners. But, hey, they are only maintaining law and order as the population expects. But, today, there is a much more sinister thug threat. These are the authority unfriendly ethnic thugs – white, yellow, red, brown, black or day glow pink. Now, as 50 years ago, there is always a complacent population that mostly gets fired up to support the authorities’ actions. What a mess! I suspect that your friendly neighborhood identified
    as one group. Along comes an antagonistic thug group and created havoc.
    It sounds like this separate civil rights group comes in an identifies with the black thugs apparantly on the basis of race. (Who are the racists?) . Hmm, where was the authority group in all of this?

    What a pity! I have read about your aggressive efforts to deal with your community issues. At least some of your neighborhood would support an effort tp work with proper authorities (I exclude the disruptive quick draw shoot first, beat em up group). It would seem feasable that your neihborhood and proper authorities could stop their action and identify members of the antagonistic group and all ends well. But a third racist black civil right group stepping in strikes me as being downright criminal.

    Well. Elaine, as I went back to proofread this text, I realized that I only accomplished a technical diatribe proving that Rev Al Sharpton is a racist.

  21. Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding anything entirely, however this post presents pleasant understanding yet.

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