Race Riots Might Come To Madison WI Unless Cold Weather Discourages This


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It looks like the riots over police shootings will begin even though the weather is still extremely cold in the Northern half of the nation.  Now, any and all police shootings will bring about violent riots mainly from outsiders coming in to create mayhem while civil rights leaders fan the flames frantically.  Madison, Wisconsin will be the next likely victim of this energy.  It is mainly white in population with a moderate level of crime but only an hour and a half away is Milwaukee which is much more violent and has a very large minority population and a high crime rate.



Crime rate in Madison, Wisconsin (WI): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers statistics

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Desperate to avoid riots, the officials have to denounce the police without any investigation and promise to fix things so black people resisting arrest can basically get away with this.  Wis. police urge restraint after officer kills black teen


Koval told reporters that the teenager “then assaulted my officer and in the context of mutual combat, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject.” He said more than one shot was fired.


A large crowd gathered at the scene, some carrying signs and shouting “black lives matter,” but dispersed during the early morning hours. The crowd included demonstrators and organizers from the Young, Gifted & Black Coalition, the Journal reported.


Mayor Paul Soglin, who went to the scene shortly after the incident, called the shooting “an enormous tragedy.”


The tragedy is, young black males have developed a very violent culture and the main people who heavily interact with them, aside from victims of their poor social choices (aka: victims of crime) are the police.  Day and night, the police have to deal with these people and interactions are not friendly but then, interactions between many black males with each other and neighbors is also too often violent.


Blacks have this huge perception that they are victims of racism but then we have stories like this one which has been carefully NOT been broadcast in most US media because it shows a very common event: black youths rioting by attacking random white people for no reason except racism:  Oh, PS, There Was A Massive Race Riot in Wisconsin Last Week – Guy Benson


First, a sanitized news account of the racially-charged mob beatings that marred the Wisconsin State Fair late last week:


Local law enforcement agencies are investigating several incidents near State Fair Park late Thursday night. Milwaukee police said that around 11:10 p.m., squads were sent to the area for reports of battery, fighting and property damage being caused by an unruly crowd of “hundreds” of people. One officer described it as a “mob beating.” Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds. Police said that some victims were attacked while walking. They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.


Now, the rest of the disturbing story:


Witnesses’ accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night. Authorities have not given official estimates of the number of people involved in the attacks. “It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,” said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ. He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis. “They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.”


“It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran from St. Francis who says young people beat on his car. “I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us. They just kept walking right past their car. They were looking in everybody’s windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black. Guarantee it.”

“I saw them grab this white kid who was probably 14 or 15 years old. They just flung him into the road. They just jumped on him and started beating him. They were kicking him. He was on the ground. A girl picked up a construction sign and pushed it over on top of him. They were just running by and kicking him in the face.”


A witness told WTMJ that as he worked in a kiosk at the State Fair Midway, he saw what he described as “a Riverwest type mob. Easily between 50 – 100 kids all under 18 and all African American. They were running around knocking people over (young kids and adults), looting the Midway games (stealing the prizes), starting fights.” The witness, who asked not to be identified, couldn’t say for certain if only white people were being attacked. “It was just complete chaos. There were police on horses, lots of security guards, and EMT’s on the scene. They never got control of the area.”


This happened under Obama’s watch and he and his gang didn’t say a peep about this event or other black mob events.  Invasions of malls, attacks on shoppers in downtown Chicago, school riots, whatever it is, if black youth are doing it, even when shouting racist words, no one in our government dares to condemn or even mention these riots.


Meanwhile, white people grow increasingly fearful of black teens and for good reason.  The main result of the Ferguson riots was for a major sweep into power by the Republicans as many Americans fled the Democratic Party.  If we have any more race riots, support for Democrats will collapse further.


Liberals in Madison tried to fix the Ferguson mess this way:  Madison School District Promotes Comparison of Ferguson to Boston Tea Party:


After protesters in Ferguson, Missouri looted shops, burned police cars, and harassed reporters in the wake of a grand jury decision they disagreed with, the Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison, Wisconsin circulated a guide to teachers offering tips about how to talk about Ferguson with students.


The Ferguson tumult started earlier this year when a white police officer shot and killed an African American robbery suspect after the suspect attacked him in a suburb of St. Louis. A grand jury recently concluded there is no probable cause to believe the officer acted wrongly in using deadly force.


Calling the Ferguson riots “a teachable moment for our students,” the Madison teacher’s guide encourages educators to use the resources and articles linked in the document, “to help frame the issues in Ferguson in a historical perspective.”


This ‘framing’ situation was probably pure propaganda.  Any student daring to suggest that blacks had a totally whacked out belief of how events happened there will be punished by the teachers who have to probably tell their charges that the police were evil and the thug was a fine youth who was misunderstood.


Of course, the study would talk about how blacks were—and they were!—abused long ago, it won’t allow students to point out that blacks are now on the attack, not the reverse.  Here is a scary example of how students are being encouraged to hate this country due to racist reasons:  American Flag Ban Vetoed by UC Irvine Campus Leaders | TheBlaze.com


While the ASUCI Legislative Council’s resolution — which passed six to four on Tuesday, with two abstentions — called for the removal of all flags, there was wording about the American flag, noting that it “has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.”


The resolution further said the U.S. flag can convey “American exceptionalism and superiority” and that “freedom of speech, in a place that aims to be as inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech.”


So, flying our flag at a University is ‘hate speech’?  A place that exists thanks to taxpayers?  I am presuming this was part of the ‘Hispanics should hate the United States as much as possible’ game that has many people quite upset about the flood of illegal aliens.


Hate gestures like this will end badly.  I remember the Vietnam War very well.  I was a student antiwar organizer and I gave speeches about ‘The American flag is OUR flag and we should be proud to wave it.’  This caused other radicals to attack me with fair ferocity.


One day, I was ill and in bed in Berkeley when some students came to my apartment and asked to borrow my big American flag for the rally so I said OK…and they burned it!  The police showed up at my home to tell me about it and wondered if the flag was stolen.  I was quite upset about the entire thing but the cops thought it was rather funny, actually.


I write about the crimes of our rulers.  They are in a conspiracy against the American people.  I have been very patriotic all my life which is why I am angry that foreign leaders get standing ovations in Congress endorsing things the voters did not vote for!  I am angry at letting trade partners run huge trade surpluses with our nation.


I am against replacing US workers with foreign workers.  I am very pro-citizen and pro-civil rights which means blacks must respect white people, too, as well as the reverse.  I am a believer in the sovereignty of the People.  Wave that flag!  I don’t hate my nation, I am angry it is being ripped apart for very stupid reasons!


Facts about Wisconsin:  Madison’s statistics…

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 11.08.12 PM

Madison is mostly white while Milwaukee is half white, over one third black and the rest mainly Hispanic:

Screen shot 2015-03-07 at 11.15.03 PMScreen shot 2015-03-07 at 11.15.17 PMScreen shot 2015-03-07 at 11.16.33 PMScreen shot 2015-03-07 at 11.19.20 PMMilwaukee’s crime rate is double the national average.  Most of this is due to minorities.  And this means, lots of cop/minority interactions that are violent and a lot more white/black interactions that involves black criminals.  A very toxic situation which our President makes worse, not better.


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35 responses to “Race Riots Might Come To Madison WI Unless Cold Weather Discourages This

  1. e sutton

    You seem continuously surprised by present day circumstances, yet quite obviously you have very deep roots inside the Civil Rights Era. I often wonder about you- not your sincerity, for I think you are very true to your opinion and are good to match it up against fact- no, I doubt that you can or are willing to see the folly of humans and our tendency toward mass destruction. I increasingly think you’re a person I’d like to have a drink or two with. Perhaps it will happen one day, where we can warm ourselves by the fire, stoked by Al Gore’s manifesto, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

  2. Christian W

    The number of adults not working in the US has sank back into 1970’s figures. I doubt it is a coincidence that things will kick off again in a similar way to back then.

    “33% of Americans out of workforce, highest rate since 1978”


  3. CK

    It is not just that they are out of the workforce, it is that there is no way for them ever to enter or re-enter the workforce. And they know it, all the warm and fuzzies, all the bullcrap about getting an education … everyone on the streets understands that it’s a con. Why go into huge debt for an education that might get you a job as a Starbucks coffee pourer when you can qualify for the ebt .
    Everyone that exists, ever has existed, or ever will exist is a consumer from the moment of conception to a week after your demise you consume. However not everyone is a producer. Fewer and fewer are needed to produce all that is consumed. The dumbest are the first to be unable to be useful and the least likely to replace productive work with highly artistic self fulfillment. And if the government were to legalize all drugs then the last entrepreneurial outlets for the unproductive is gone.

  4. emsnews

    Many workers were replaced with illegal AND legal aliens and the rest of the good paying jobs were offshored thanks to stopping tariffs and barriers which originally paid for a lot of the Federal government.

    Now, Fed spending is paid for via DEBT which has piled high as Mount Everest.

  5. Petruchio

    ” everyone on the streets understands that it’s a con.” CK: it has been shown multiple times that if a 18-19 year old, instead of entering college were to invest their tuition money in a retirement plan, they would have MORE money in retirement than if they went into debt to pay for college. You have to work ALOT of hours at Starbucks to match your ALLEGED lifetime earnings from a debt riddled college degree. Personally, I have been amazed at how easily consumers of college cost hikes have accepted getting ripped off. Imho, the time has long past where parents and prospective students protest with their wallets and say to the Colleges, “We aint payin’ it!” Meaning tuition costs. To me, it is obvious that the costs of college in no way, shape or form justify the expense. That train left the station a long, long time ago.

  6. Floridasandy

    It persists because it is such a cash cow for the government:

    These kids are smart enough to see at the jobs aren’t out there so they bookmark their place in school and amass large debt in the meantime.

    Ka-ching for the government, but bad for housing ,insurance, and consumer purchasing power.

  7. Floridasandy

    Obama has done everyone to try and foment poor race relations, but we are all Americans–except for all the illegals he is trying to bribe to come here. :0). Americans should be OUTRAGED that he is literally trying to bribe them to come here now, especially with the posted unemployment link in the reply posts.

    I don’t see much media coverage of the poor black cop who was murdered trying to stop some thugs in Philly. Every delayed police reaction could mean one more police death, but that isn’t the media/obama agenda.

    We all know what the memo was.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, being young they imagine they can hang out in college forever doing virtually nothing useful.

    ‘Free’ room and board is fun until the bill comes due much later.

  9. emsnews

    Another problem: many kids go away from home to go to college and they ring up immense debts. Smart parents have their kids commute to school from home or move, as one friend of mine just did, to live next to the school (in this case, in Mass.).

  10. Floridasandy

    They commute but never move out. 🙂
    Another problem, those school debt kids have to stay at home, and can’t buy houses anyway in this often rigged housing system. Dr. housing bubble, always interesting, had a good report on that and how many more people are turning into renters,not homeowners– always bad for neighborhood stability.

    Iin part:

    Some astute comments as well

  11. Lou

    ‘Madison, Wisconsin will be the next likely victim of this energy. It is mainly white in population’…Its their chickens come home to roost.
    And the reason there are so many negroes in Milwaukee is the welfare benefits are better there than in Obamas town of Chicago.
    I kid you not. There has been a ‘welfare migration’.

  12. Lou

    EMS is against replacing citizen workers.
    Good luck w that. The real reason the USA is being mobbed w undocumented is to destroy the union.
    The 1% know workers will soon be unneeded.


    50% of all jobs pay slave-wages.
    No increase in wage buying power for FORTY-FIVE years (since 1968). 50 million people of food stamps. 50 million people uninsured.
    $25,000 average credit card debt for each family.
    One TRILLION dollars student loan debt.
    850 BILLION dollar credit card debt.

    60 MILLION U.S. jobs automated since 1964.
    100 MILLION more U.S. jobs to be automated by 2050 A.D.
    True unemployment rate between 30 and 40%.

  13. Christian W

    Some interesting stats here as well:


    Feudalism here we come… No wonder the psychopaths at the top are stealing as much as they can, and positioning themselves as best they can, before the music stops.

  14. Lois T

    Here’s a fascinating look at how some other ne’er-do-well Midwesterners spend their days.


  15. Lou

    Lois T, muslims kidnapping children? I didnt read past page 1 or 2.

    Here’s a fascinating look at how some other ne’er-do-well Midwesterners spend their days.

  16. Floridasandy

    Good posts.
    Lou, the unions could have impacted the illegal immigration problem years ago, but many supported “more workers” because they thought it would equal more money in dues. Ka-Ching.

    Niw those chickens are coming home to roost and we have under- the -table workers, not paying taxes to anybody and actually “entitled” to refund money, thanks to what’shis name. I am not against the idea of unions, but against mandatory union dues, just as I am against mandatory health insurance.

    The only good news I see on the horizon right now is that both Australia and Britain are enacting tough anti immigration laws. Canada started reform in 2012, ahead of the curve.

    Can we be next?

  17. emsnews

    No mandatory union dues=no one pays while the slackers ride on the backs of people who pay. It is silly to belong to an organization that protects you and not pay some sort of support for this protection.

    Britain is NOT enacting tough immigration laws, they are making stupid promises in order to stop UKIP. More youth are joining UKIP and this scares the crap out of the leaders of the two identical parties that normally rule.

  18. Petruchio

    @#18Elaine: Yes indeed. Notice how fast our “do-nothing” Legislatures (State and Federal) can get the hideously named, “Right-to-work” laws on the agenda? You see, when our honorable members of the government WANT to get something done, they can, ANTIME and EVERYTIME they desire. BTW: the Unions were never pro-immigration. The Republicans would NEVER support ANYTHING that has/had the support of unions. Never.

  19. emsnews

    Way back 100 plus years ago, citizens who worked in factories were hell bent on killing foreign labor brought in to lower wages.

  20. Floridasandy

    Petruchio, I am pro worker autonomy. You should not ban unions, nor should you force people to belong. I have done so many posts on the AFL/CIO pro immigration stance on city data no need to redo it. They may be changing now that they see the destructiveness of uncontrollable free agents, but not so much before.
    I applaud any country that is doing anything to curb illegal immigration, because our leaders seem fixated on bringing as many illegal immigrants here as possible-and some other countries are making positive changes.

  21. Petruchio

    ” You should not ban unions, nor should you force people to belong.” Well Floridasandy, guess what? You are the luckiest person in the WORLD! The US government is the most hostile government towards unions IN THE WORLD! At the State level, at the Federal level, our beloved members of the ruling class have a laser focus on destroying unions. State legislatures all across the country are working hard at passing anti-union laws called “Right-to-work” laws. NO ONE in the Untied States EVER has to worry about being ‘forced’ to join a union. Government at the State and Federal level work VERY hard to ensure powerless unions. Of course, it’s a mystery to me why anyone would be happy to be union free–and making a wage that is WELL below the poverty level. Plus, as an additional bonus, under the glories of “Right-to-work” states, an employee doesn’t have to worry about pay increases or retirement plans OR medical care. Oh, yes. To be union free is sooooo wonderful.

  22. William

    Good points. Union- bashing has been going on for a long time now, and it seems the results are all clear by now. People keep voting against their own best interest : Wisconsin comes to mind. These are the issues we should all be concerned about because it affects us and future generations. Somehow what really matters is never a priority. Instead we are constantly bombarded with sensational news to direct our attention elsewhere.

  23. emsnews

    Yes, union bashing: no unions=no pay raises and loss of retirement money and no security.

    This is, along with ‘free trade’, the way to move all the profits from the workers to the owners of capital. They have become filthy rich while labor has seen wages fall.

    This will eventually lead to violent uprisings but the rulers are too stupid to understand history very well which is why they also launch regular world wars, too.

  24. Floridasandy

    Petruchio, yes I am in the best country in the world. I WAS in a union Iinvoluntarily and just saw a diminished paycheck for it. When democrats keep pushing for more and more people jammed into this country, there is nothing unions can do to get wages realistically raised over the cost of their dues.
    Get rid of illegal immigration and watch wages rise with no union dues.it amazes me that people sometimes make demands that are unrealistic in a hostile economic environment.

    I see our clueless president has accomplished his goal of getting a coup,e of ferguson police officers shot, one in the face. Mission accomplished, commander in chief loser.

    My prayers with the officers and their families.

  25. Floridasandy

    One more thing, in those right to work states you can opt out of paying union dues, a lot of union members don’t know that. One guy stopped paying dues so the union thugs got him fired, and he won a 10,000 dollar judgment. A court just now allowed some teachers to opt ofut of union dues (at least for now, our thuggee leader will probably try to staunch that bleeding)

    We are still a free nation for now

  26. Christian W

    You are still a free nation where the only part of the work force to see wage increases are the top 20 % ie the anti-union management and owner class. The vast majority, who need strong unions to protect them, are either standing still or worse (mostly worse), since… there are no unions to protect them.

  27. emsnews

    Before unions, pay was terrible.

    Then there was the Great Depression and it got only worse. During that time, unionization rose rapidly as workers realized they were going to die if they didn’t do this.

    Union triumphs caused many to think they didn’t need unions anymore so they voted for Reagan who broke the unions which have declined rapidly ever since and wages have either stagnated or fallen rapidly.

    How this benefits workers who cease paying union dues baffles me. The unions are now weak because they can’t go on strike. Period.

    No strikes=no means of forcing higher wages! Duh! Reagan knew this which is why the GOP changed the rules making it legal to fire anyone who strikes.

  28. Floridasandy

    Ems-pay is still terrible because the private sector is crashing. Unions were useful at one time, stopping child labor and other cruelty, but those days are gone.

    Unions now are another hand in the pocket, and that is why liberals like them so much. You know pelosi was pushing for more taxes on gas when the prices went down, and that is what they have in common. If unions gave a darn about the workers, they wouldn’t be pushing illegal immigration–especially the awful AFL/CIO.

    They can’t go on strike because they know other people will step in and take thos jobs, many struggling people in this country. The liberals who have pushed for illegal immigration will keep wages down by sheer numbers of potential workers vying for fewer jobs. Wait til they start getting all the government jobs and scholarships when obama gives them the green light, and then the wailing will begin.

  29. Petruchio

    Florida: at its peak, the biggest UAW Local in Michigan (you know, the Auto Industry) had 48,000+ members. Now, it doesn’t have even 750!! How much weaker do Unions have to get before people like you stop blaming the Unions for the economy? As to your claims that you were pressured into joining a Union: Very doubtful. Possible, but unlikely. Let’s hear the details about this “pressure” (You could have gotten into a non-union job, no one is forcing you to work in a union job. You are a Free Marketer, you should know that) ANOTHER point: you claim you took the union job for less pay. Let’s hear the details about that. Were you just counting hourly pay or did you factor in what your benefits (if any) were worth in dollar terms? The guy who Union thugs got fired. HAHAHAHAHA! You are proving my point!! If this union were soooo powerful, why the $10,000 fine?? How could an employer, going against a powerful union, keep a union free employee on the payroll?? I’ll come right out and say it. I won’t call you a liar, but I’m challenging you to dispute my claims that your ordeal/story about the unions is at least 80% UNTRUE. Let’s hear the details Florida. I want details. Who, what, when where. What’s the name of this employee who got a $10,000 judgement against the Union? What year did this happen What State (Florida?) . I really feel these are reasonable questions to ask you about, so let’s hear it.

  30. emsnews

    Once union jobs vanish, the effect is on ALL jobs: wages fall. This is a group action which Reagan and his buddies knew quite well.

    Tenure for professors is one of the oldest unions on earth, going back more than 100 years. It has now collapsed, too and most classes are taught by ill-paid temporary teachers who have no benefits and zero security while colleges amass huge funds of profits from this.

    It is spreading everywhere making the gulf between rich and poor as deep as the Grand Canyon.

  31. emsnews

    If you want to see the most scared people on earth, go to any blog or story talking about university adjuncts and they are ALL ‘anonymous’ and I suspect, post from someone else’s account to hide their ID due to tremendous and very justified fears.

  32. Petruchio

    Another principle that is under constant attack is the seniority system in Education. The politicians, mostly Republicans, want to base teacher promotions on “job performance”. What standards of job performance? who makes the standards? who gets to decide the promotions? The politicians of course! And of course, politics will NOT be a factor in who gets promoted. And if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Leave it to Republicans for politics at its most cynical. Although the corporate-owned Democrats aren’t far behind.

  33. LOU

    If you want to see the most scared people on earth, go to any blog or story talking about university adjuncts and they are ALL ‘anonymous’ and I suspect, post from someone else account to hide their ID due to tremendous and very justified fear

    pls offer some links or quotes.

  34. emsnews


    If you visit 100 Reasons to not get a PhD you can see literally thousands of anonymous postings complaining about adjunct life.

    Any education publication has the same thing: when the subject of adjuncts comes up they are flooded with anonymous comments from very bitter, angry teachers who do the vast bulk of actual teaching at universities.

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