NOAA Ordered To NOT Use Ocean Cycles Or Sunspot Data To Make Forecasts

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The top picture is the present ‘el Nino’ which is mainly a warm spot offshore British Columbia.  Note how the ocean is very cold around Antarctica.  The bottom picture shows a classic real el Nino which is exactly on the equator offshore South America.  Note the cold ocean offshore on the top map from today’s forecast.


For the last decade I have been horrified at the awful prediction quality of NOAA’s forecasts.  They stink.  Hugely, badly stink.  They monotonously claim for the next year the Northeast will be warmer than usual during all seasons.  This is nearly always wrong.  Now I learned today this awful inability to predict the future is due entirely to orders from above to not include any research into data that contravenes global warming dogma!  It was the guys at the top of the pyramid who ordered the poor guys at the bottom to issue these embarrassing predictions.




 Last three years had heavy snows and last March was coldest ever in VT. 2nd coldest in NH, ME, 5th in MA. It was the coldest and snowiest December to March ever in Chicago and snowiest ever in Detroit. NOAA and Enviornment Canada had projected at the end of November 2013 a warm winter for the Great lakes and east in 2013/14. NOAA’s winter outlook in October for 2014/15 smarting from a busted 2013/14 headlined the politically correct forecast.


“Repeat of last year’s extremely cold, snowy winter east of Rockies unlikely.”
I was told over dozen years ago, NOAA seasonal forecasters are not permitted to work with any factors not statistically determined by the universities or labs to be valid. Private sector forecasters can play detective and look at all factors- like ocean warm and cold pools outside the tropical Pacific and solar. See how well the ocean pools and other factors’ analog pattern (left) fit the actual November to February mean (through February 27) (right).


The Universities giving the ‘valid’ information are all global warming fraud machines set into motion to rewrite climate history basing all ‘warming’ on CO2 and degrading the local star, our sun, to ‘not any influence/steady state’ even as astronomers are debating the issue of ‘the sun is a variable star’ which was launched by a number of astronomers including my own father who was one of the top experts in this field as was my grandfather.


It has been laughably simple to predict hotter years compared to colder years via sunspot activity.  This has been done for decades thanks to research begun by Dr. Hubble and my grandfather, Edison Pettit.  They did early studies on sunspots and climate and I thought the matter was pretty much settled by 1970.  But no, it was attacked relentlessly since then and now has been banished entirely by ‘climatologists’ who have no idea how cosmology works much less, the issue of the precession of the equinox and the matter of how far our earth is from the sun over time due to our lopsided orbit.


Dumbing down NOAA and now dumbing down NASA infuriates me greatly.  These two organizations were painfully build up from scratch by real scientists like my father who is one of the founders of NASA as well as Kitt Peak and other observatories such as the array in Chile and Hawaii.  For example, my dad picked the site of the Mauna Kea Observatories mainly because he loved volcanoes and wanted to live near one in Hawaii.


He picked Kitt Peak due to liking the mountain, calling it ‘beautiful’ and he wanted to live there.  The main thing that really irritates me is how all this hard work in the past has been trashed today by people who have at their fingertips ten times the data and systems for getting information and flushing all of this down the toilet just so they can keep the stupid CO2 cap and trade derivatives tax scheme rolling.


Here is a hilarious article in the news that illustrates how insane people are about global warming:  In Florida, officials ban term ‘climate change’ | Miami Herald Miami Herald


“We were told not to use the terms ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming’ or ‘sustainability,’” said Christopher Byrd, an attorney with the DEP’s Office of General Counsel in Tallahassee from 2008 to 2013. “That message was communicated to me and my colleagues by our superiors in the Office of General Counsel.”


Kristina Trotta, another former DEP employee who worked in Miami, said her supervisor told her not to use the terms “climate change” and “global warming” in a 2014 staff meeting. “We were told that we were not allowed to discuss anything that was not a true fact,” she said.


That sad bimbo chick!  I bet she cried as she pouted that they were not allowed to discuss anything BUT TRUE FACTS!  No more lies!  She was so witless, I suspect she didn’t understand what she, herself, said.  So far, in our media, we are not supposed to know that ice age conditions are increasing and the warmth on the west coast of the US is the last gasp of the previous warm cycle which is ending.


The present extremely weak el Nino which coincides with our weak solar maximum this cycle, is keeping the West Coast warmer than usual.  This won’t last too many more years and will be gone by 2018.  But 90% of our media stories are about global warming not the ferocious cold/blizzard weather hammering huge parts of the planet.


Even Europe is now being hammered hard:  Italy captures the WORLD one-day snowfall record this week as many countries there are being pounded by blizzards.  13 Feet of Snow in the Pyrenees in 3 days – Video.   More Cold and Snow Thanks to Global Warming » CounterPunch: tries to tell us that extreme cold is caused by being too warm.  This is lunacy.


Sane people know that most humanity love warm weather.  The NYT frets that we are roasting to death nearly daily but after over a month of super cold of historic nature, they finally are reporting some tiny bit of reality:  Fed up with winter, some New Yorkers are moving out – NY Daily News


“The cold just rips your skin and causes cracks and I’m tired of it,” said Joe Parisi, a 64-year-old interior designer who has lived in the city since 1976 but recently packed it all in to move to Palm Springs, Calif. “The lure of the sunshine and the mountains just finally got me this year and I said, ‘I’m ready to leave.’ ”…


My wife just crawls into a little ball on the couch all winter long,” said Josh Goldworm, a Stuyvesant Town resident who’s planning on moving to Florida. “We thought we would want to be in New York forever, but these winters are just getting worse and worse.”


How can the winters be ‘worse and worse’ if we are in danger of roasting to death?  Ha.  And yes, the winters are getting colder.  And note that one couple is moving to….drum roll, please…SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!  For ‘sunshine’.  Which means, for DROUGHTS.


They aren’t moving for rain storms, and this is true of nearly everyone who has moved there in the last 75 years since air conditioning was invented.  To this day, TV forecasters always say, ‘Today is going to be a lovely, warm, dry day!’  and when it rains they say the weather is ‘bad’.


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6 responses to “NOAA Ordered To NOT Use Ocean Cycles Or Sunspot Data To Make Forecasts

  1. Christian W

    These are simply more of the same tactics used to manipulate everything in the US that is seen as fit for public consumption. Finance, Foreign relations, politics, science, etc etc everything is twisted beyond recognition on purpose.

    Divide, conquer and steal everything.

    Bullshit baffles Brains.

  2. Lou

    Its hot outside. Its like summer. [I am in coastal Cali].

  3. emsnews

    Yup, and living where there was fairly balmy weather even during the Ice Ages is a great idea.

  4. Lou

    I miss eight feet of snow.

  5. emsnews

    Move to Buffalo and Boston.

  6. John

    Christian, you are exactly correct.

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