Black Motorcycle Gang Attacks Police: ‘Hands Up/Don’t Shoot’ Getting Out Of Control

There are plenty of videos showing gangs of atv/offroad motorcycles mobbing neighborhoods and highways.  White motorcycle gangs tend to ride Harleys whereas minority dominant gangs ride what white bikers call ‘sewing machines’ with higher rev engines that are light weight and can easily pop wheelies.  So they now mob up and drive with the front wheels in the air along long stretches of road, endangering everyone around them with this antic.


Cities with large minority populations have lost control of the streets to these gangs.  Here is today’s example from Washington, DC:  Gang of ATV riders swarm Washington cop and ‘attempted to run him over’ | Daily Mail Online


 The officer, who has not been identified, was attempting to stop a woman who was preparing to drive her ATV on the street, which is illegal in the District, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.


As he got out of his vehicle, the group of riders began circling his car before they drove at him while he was parked on 11th and Clifton Street, according to ABC 7 News.


So much for ‘hands up/don’t shoot’.  Using mobs to break the law is highly dangerous.  We recently saw Ferguson nearly burned to the ground by illegal mobs agitated because a thug who resisted arrest was shot dead by a white police officer.  Not one civil rights leader including Obama, said a peep about this last week’s shooting of a black police officer by black thugs, for example.

Police Officer Dies After North Philadelphia Shooting « CBS Philly:  I would have expected our President who is big on the civil rights issue to honor this black officer and to use this murder of him as a great time to discuss the huge wave of crime sweeping through black communities and demanding young black males stop being thugs and gangstas.


Police say the incident was reported around 4:44 p.m. Thursday at 22nd Street and Lehigh Avenue.  According to police, Officer Wilson entered a GameStop store and while inside, two individuals came in and announced a robbery.  Police say there was an exchange of gunfire.  Police say the officer’s partner, hearing the sound of gunshots, engaged one of the suspects and again there was another exchange of gunfire.


Instead, this was ignored and I am rather angry about the fact that the black officer has vanished from view entirely.  No parades in his honor.  Meanwhile, Philadelphia has a black mayor and a huge crime problem.  Where is Obama?  Why isn’t he backing up the mayor there?

Here is a previous minority mob attacking another  minority, a family of Asians who were minding their own business when a gang of off road bikers surrounded him and chased him down and then beat him mercilessly in New York City.

Bikers who swarmed cop laugh at him when he crashes and is pinned and injured in wreck.  These gangs like the civil rights leaders are demanding the police cease chasing them when they violate traffic laws or gang up on people to beat them up.

More information is coming out about the pathetic, unfortunate young ‘half white/half black’ male shot dead in Madison:  Wisconsin family of Tony Robinson demand justice following his death | Daily Mail Online


Madison police officer Matt Kenny shot Robinson on Friday evening while investigating a call that the young man was jumping in and out of traffic and had assaulted someone.


Standing near a memorial of candles and balloons, Carter said it was simplistic to call Robinson African American, saying he had a mixed heritage and his racial ambiguity was a central issue in his life…Keith Wessel, a Madison family law attorney who said he was married to Robinson’s grandmother for a time, wrote to Short in September and told him that he raised two of Robinson’s uncles and knew Robinson from birth.


Wessel wrote that some branches of Robinson’s family exposed him to a ‘chaotic environment.’ He did not elaborate but said Robinson faced a choice between a middle-class life and the ‘gangsta’ path. He warned if Robinson went to prison on a felony charge he would continue toward the gangster world.


He said Monday he was shocked at the shooting. He said Robinson stood 6-foot-5 but was a ‘teddy bear.’


Interesting how we have all these ‘gentle giants’ and 6’5 ‘teddy bears’ violently interacting with shop owners, total strangers and the police.  Wessel, I am assuming, is white and the ‘chaotic environment’ his grandson was exposed to was the black side of the family.


In all these shooting cases, we have young black males aspiring to become gangstas.  Instead of examining this fact carefully and going after the concept of a gangsta culture, civil rights leaders simply want the cops to look the other way while these creeps run riot in public and are destructive in private.


On the other hand, if young white males do anything that smacks of racism, they are severely punished instantly:  Now University of Oklahoma sorority faces investigation after woman was videoed clapping to frat’s racist n-word chant  as the frat house is closed down very suddenly and the students ejected from the school.


I dislike frats.  They tend to be immature and break laws with impunity and have a strong sense of entitlement on the other hand, I have known nice frat groups, too.  They tend to be in engineering and science schools.


‘It hit me in the core of my soul’: Black man who joined Oklahoma n-word chant fraternity savages his racist ‘brothers’ and says he wishes he had never pledged which shows that in the past, the group tried to integrate.  The photo of this young man shows a very thoughtful person who isn’t aspiring to be a violent gangsta.  ‘This is my family’: Black chef who is now unemployed after students’ racist chant shut down University of Oklahoma fraternity says he will never find such a good job again shows us that the racism of the chant didn’t extend towards being cruel to the staff.


It was a stupid chant.  Just like the kill the cops chants by civil rights demonstrators in New York City.  Both chants should be condemned.  Young people don’t disguise things as well as adults and they reflect adult attitudes with naive openness.  The lack of law and order in black communities is due to the parents and grandparents hating laws and any orders and wanting to live in chaos so their children practice this openly tot he point of violent confrontations with police.


So why do we have laws?  Places where the laws cease to operate such as large sections of Detroit, are hell holes.  After two generations, it usually is reduced to a blighted wasteland and the mobs move elsewhere to prey on and destroy everything in their path.


Most Americans no longer know this: the Wild West was settled by school marms who kept the urchins in line and who forced the outlaw adults to leave town by sundown.  My great grandma Pettit was one of these, she belonged to the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union after a bunch of people drank her lye she was cooking so she could wash her clothes and they all died in her front yard.  They thought it was booze she was brewing.


My great grandfather was a calvary officer in Arizona and Nebraska back then.  His job was to patrol the new lands taken after the Civil War.  When land was handed out by DC back then, the rule was a certain portion was to be used to build schools and universities and we call these ‘land grant schools’ and most of the major universities west of the Mississippi are from this heritage.


People like my family felt that the road to civilization was via education and were quite stern about this and the movement to stop child labor came from the desire to keep children in school until at least 16 years old.  Also, my great grandparents were anti-slavery and both they and my grandfather were known for pushing for higher education and more civil rights for black people and were very much against segregation.


The first black man to work in an observatory was trained by my grandfather and worked with him starting in 1898.  And it was very brave of Edison to do this, too.  I met the man at my grandfather’s funeral and was very amazed to hear his story.  I’m sorry I don’t have his name due to this happening when I was only 11 years old.


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7 responses to “Black Motorcycle Gang Attacks Police: ‘Hands Up/Don’t Shoot’ Getting Out Of Control

  1. melponeme_k

    Protests heating up in Madison.

    The 7% Black population want to know why they consist of the majority of the arrests in Madison. But neglect to really face the facts that they are responsible for the majority of the crime.

    Interestingly, the Dailymail is NOT taking comments on this story. No doubt many readers are pointing out the crime wave in the black community.

  2. e sutton

    Not so much a crime wave in the black community, rather a crime plague. A wave suggests something passing and temporary. Wherever black people congregate in majority or even near majority, crime spikes and overwhelms like the Black Death, continuing on for generations, until each infested community is thoroughly rotten to the core. Like a cancerous growth that exponentially metastasizes, it’s rarely contained or even less often, ameliorated.

  3. Lou

    The 7% Black population want to know why they consist of the majority of the arrests in Madison. But neglect to really face the facts that they are responsible for the majority of the crime……….

  4. melponeme_k

    @e sutton

    There are plenty of people in the Black community who have it in them to be fine leaders. But due to a twisted mass media and their emphasis on victim culture, they will never be given a chance to speak in public. Whatever force for good they can bring is silenced and they are banished from the spot light in order to make room for the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton.

    The downward spiral can be stopped. Except the powers that be don’t want it to stop.

  5. emsnews

    Al Sharpton once tried to have me killed. Way back in 1981.

    He is a terrible man and Obama is very friendly with him. He lies, cheats and steals and is loved by ‘liberals’ which infuriates me because this guy is a total con artist.

  6. melponeme_k

    “He lies, cheats and steals and is loved by ‘liberals’ which infuriates me because this guy is a total con artist.”

    Eric Garner’s daughter stated he was a money grubber trying to make money off her family’s tragedy. She quickly backtracked after those statements.

    An article from Salon. I think it is a herald of our future.

  7. truth known

    I’m a 50-something year old black woman and I’m so sick and tired of hearing these feral black males being described as “gentle giants,” “good boys,” or that “they wouldn’t harm anyone.” The fact of the matter is that black males are terrorizing people and destroying families. Black males (and females) learn this type of behavior from the black adults who raised them or were around when they were young children. However, there are black males and females who were raised in two-parent/decent homes, yet they start hanging around a bad crowd and become thugs. But none of this should be an excuse to be a menace to society.

    In predominately black towns/cities, they glorify the thuggish lifestyle. Drug dealers are placed on a pedestal and respected more than decent, hard-working black men. Black females hate decent black men because real men don’t glorify ratchett behavior. Feral black males feel as though they can get away with anything because they have the support of so many other blacks. Adult blacks overlook the fact that black males (their sons, nephews, etc) are attacking whites for absolutely no reason. It’s called the knock-out game or polar bear hunting. This is ridiculous and dangerous. But when whites protect themselves from these feral males, blacks wanna become outraged and scream racism, then they wanna burn the entire town.

    It’s very easy for blacks to burn down property because it doesn’t belong to them. They didn’t build it nor work for it. In Ferguson, blacks have the nerve to now complain that they have no stores and have to travel long distance to buy food, clothes, and whatnot. But they’re the ones who destroyed and burned those businesses. They don’t see themselves as causing the destruction and they never will. If they do, it’ll probably dawn on ’em when they are old senior citizens. And even then, they’ll find a way to blame their actions on racism, slavery, and the white race. Same ol’ song, as usual.

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