NOAA Insists That Warm Arctic Means Warm Northeast Instead, Cold Moving South Which Is Very Dangerous



Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends towards warmer winters!  Especially the eastern half of North America is supposed to be getting much warmer in winter compared to 1978.  Then we had two winters back to back that were even colder than 1978 which was the coldest year of the previous cold cycle.  Here is a paragraph from the quasi-government website run by young alarmists screaming about how hot the earth is today:  Extreme Weather and Climate Change: The Northeast | Climate Central


The bottom line answer is yes: Heat waves are longer and hotter than they used to be (in the Northeast) and some regions are suffering from catastrophic drought. Heavy rains are more frequent and can be more intense and rainfall records have been smashed. These events fit a pattern that climate scientists have long expected to appear as the result of increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. That doesn’t mean global warming is the only culprit: extreme weather was happening before global warming began. But there’s general scientific agreement that global warming has contributed to a trend toward more intense extremes of heat and precipitation around the world, is partly to blame for specific extreme weather events over the last decade and will continue to influence both in the future.


We have had no summer heat records since 2003.  In the winter, we have had some warm ones but these were during el Nino events not the present el Nada event that barely shows up in the northern half of the el Nino zone far away from the classic position which is offshore of Peru, not California.  The Climate Central website is run on a huge bounty of government money channeled through various organizations including NASA.  I am very deeply embarrassed by how far NASA has fallen from science.

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 8.38.22 AM



There is zero mention of the super cold this last two years, there are articles yapping about how there is less ice in the

Arctic but zero mention of where it moved to: Massachusetts.  Below is a picture made by a computer showing how Massachusetts in particular is super warm now.  Why these warmists published this today in the teeth of the exact opposite?  They are desperate to keep the money flooding in through the front door, of course.  They have to pretend global warming is global and  not local to California.


The map at the top of the page as seen from space shows clearly there is a hot spot over California and Nevada.  There is also one over Alaska and Northern Japan.  The much bigger and setting far, far more cold records cold mass is over all of Greenland, most of Canada and half of the United States.  It is huge and very deep, not a little bit warmer than normal in winter.


The temperature anomaly map published yesterday shows cold water upwelling where normal el Ninos happen.  The present ‘el Nino like conditions’ are very generalized, not strong very warm surface water.


There is one over Europe, too.  But the huge snow storms see virtually no coverage in the US media.  Even the record breaking 24 hour snow record which goes back 200 years, was not reported in the US.  And that happened in Italy, no less!  This epic snowfall should have been front page news.  Instead, it was relegated to the back pages if at all in the news here.  This bizarre warping of the news is very irritating just like any news proving Putin was right and the NATO leaders wrong is buried on back pages and hysterical attacks on Putin’s character is front page news especially if these are based on total lies.


Even though the US media barely reports the cold weather and then, only when it is local and even then, the New York Times couldn’t bear mentioning the extreme cold, the warmists know they are backs to the wall so they have to blame this super cold on either Russia or….Is China to blame for East Coast’s terrible winter? New research suggest pollution from Asian countries is affecting global weather.


Oh, yes, and China caused it back in 1977, too, eh?  These super cold cycles are natural.  This was not caused by China.  It happens every time we go into a cold cycle.  This is approaching late Medieval witch hunts which began in a burst when a super long/super cold cycle we call ‘The Little Ice Age’ began.  The ‘warm spot’ we see above over Massachusetts is going to not reappear except briefly for the next 20+ years.  Instead of warning everyone about this, NOAA and NASA have closed their eyes to reality and instead are still, today, warning us that we are going to roast to death.


This is a crime because people have to prepare for another Little Ice Age or worse.  I was told that the governor of New Jersey has announced he wants to cut snow plowing money because it is supposed to get warmer and warmer.  He isn’t the only one planning for warmer weather.  These plans to cut funds for cold weather things will cause people to die.  Cold conditions kill more people in accidents and health decline than warm weather.  The death rate always spikes in winter, not summer.


Here is a hilarious article from that quasi-government propaganda site:  Arctic Sea Ice Dwindling Toward Record Winter Low | Climate Central by, according to her picture, a young radical warmist, Miss Andrea Thompson.  She is wondering where the ice went.  So she talked to a fellow warmist:


“The fact that we’re starting the melt season with low — maybe record low — winter extents cannot be good,” Jennifer Francis, a Rutgers University Arctic researcher, said in an email.


Sea ice extent is crucial to the Arctic’s ecology and economy, affecting wildlife habitats, weather patterns, and shipping lanes. Sea ice is a key part of the habitats of animals like polar bears and walruses, as well as fish and other creatures that live below it. When it is missing it can make it dififcult for some of the animals to find food….Global warming triggers a self-reinforcing downslide in the area the ice covers, as well as how thick the ice is. Warming Arctic temperatures triggered by the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere cause more ice melt, which exposes more of the open ocean. Whereas the bright white ice reflects the sun’s rays, the dark ocean absorbs them, causing even further warming and melt.

My reply to this lunacy:


All the Arctic ice is at Cape Cod where hunks the size of small houses have washed onto the beaches there and the ocean is covered in chunks of ice.

I note NO NEWS about this literal ‘once in a lifetime event’. The one sided news here at a site that gets lots of taxpayer money is ‘fraud’.


I can’t believe the level of dishonesty here. The gravest danger to humanity is a return of the Ice Ages which is nearly 100% possible in the future of less than 4,000 years. Our Interglacial is coming to an end and the center of severe cold heralding this event is at Hudson Bay, not the Arctic.


That is, the Great Freeze that begins each Ice Age begins there, not in Alaska nor Siberia. It begins in Canada. It is also the last place where the great ice sheets melt, too.


So, if this key area is extremely cold, much colder than usual, this is a danger sign. It means the locus of constant cooling has moved much further south and this will then cause glaciation in Eurasia, too. Africa, South America and Australia…and India…never had much glaciation at all during any Ice Ages except in the very highest mountains whereas the glaciers are a mile thick in Canada, parts of northeastern USA and half of Europe on flat ground at sea level.


So we watch these key areas to see if the planet is ‘warming’ or ‘cooling’ and this last two years have definitely shifted to ‘cooling’ while the still-warm Pacific keeps the West Coast and Alaska warm.

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 8.43.10 AM

Thursday’s weather is rain in the Northwest and even snow in the mountains.  Note the very cold weather coming into the Northeast yet again.  Our brief fling with spring will stop again.  At least the snow surrounding my home has fallen to less than 2 feet deep.  I even see patches of ground here and there!  One of the biggest pushers for making the planet much colder is the very liberal Guardian in England:  Climate fight won’t wait for Paris: vive la résistance | Environment | The Guardian


Pressure is growing. A relentless climate movement is starting to win big, unprecedented victories around the world, victories which are quickly reshaping the consensus view.
Bill McKibben


There is no pressure from the populace.  Instead, people are getting very scared of global cooling.  The record snow in Europe has scared many people who were assured that ski areas would suffer due to lack of snow, for example.  Instead, the ski areas are so deep in snow, the snow lifts are covered.  The pressure the Guardian is talking about is from above: the rich who invested many billions in the CO2 cap and trade scam are terrified it will be terminated.  This is inevitable because as the planet cools for the next 20+ years and astronomers now think it will be another Little Ice Age in length, if this happens the cap and trade scam will be terminated long before the Chinese join it.


I suspect the Chinese cynically knew that by playing footsie with the Bilderberg gang, they can strangle the economy of the EU and US while merrily going forwards, themselves.  Killing two birds with one CO2 stone is funny to them.  What is funnier still is how these stupid leftists in Europe and the US are blaming China for the super COLD as well as the non-existent super warm!  The gigantic powers of the Chinese to do both at the same time would be awesome but it doesn’t exist.  This is pure witch hunting in an attempt at explaining why our climate is unsettled due to sliding into another cold cycle.


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8 responses to “NOAA Insists That Warm Arctic Means Warm Northeast Instead, Cold Moving South Which Is Very Dangerous

  1. alex

    So true….there was talk a few years ago of Canada now being able to soon grow wheat closer to the Arctic circle as the winter season shortens….now we had the COLDEST February on record!

  2. Jim R

    Sun so hot, we froze to death, Suzannah don’t you cry!

    Keep your wood pile dry and handy, I’m not sure your mountain is done with winter quite yet this year ❤

  3. Sunger

    Hi Elaine-

    Elaine said: “We have had no heat records since 2003”.

    Heat records since 2003-

    1. Kuwait- 128.5F 7/31/2012
    2. Greenland 76.8F 7/31/2013
    3 .Chad 117F 6/22/2010
    4. Morocco 121.3F 7/17/2012
    5. Niger 118.8F 6/23/2010
    6. Nigeria 115.5F 4/3/2010
    7. Sudan 121.5F 6/25/2010
    8. Zambia 108.3F 10/13/2010
    9. China 122.4F 7/14/2010
    10. Iraq 127.4F 7/14/2011
    11. Japan 105.8F 8/12/2013
    12. Pakistan 128.3F 5/26/2010
    13. Myanmar 116.6F 5/21/2010
    14. Qatar 122.7F 7/14/2010
    15. Russia 108.1F 7/12/2010
    16. Saudi Arabia 125.6F 6/22/2010
    17.Taiwan 104F 5/9/2004
    18. Solomon Islands 97F 2/1/2010
    19. Bolivia 116.1F 10/29/2010
    20. Brazil 112.4F 11/21/2005
    21. Columbia 108F 10/29/2010
    22. Paraguay 113F 11/14/2009
    23. Austria 104.9 8/8/2013
    24. Belarus 102F 8/7/2010
    25. Cyprus 104.7F 8/1/2010
    26. Czech Republic 104.7 8/20/2012
    27. Finland 99F 7/29/2010
    28. France 111.4F 8/12/2003
    29. Germany 104.4F 2013
    30. Hungary 107.4F 7/20/2007
    31. Italy 119.3F 6/25/2007
    32.Latvia 100.03F 8/4/2013
    33. Macedonia 114.26F 7/24/2007
    34. Moldova 108.3F 8/7/2012
    35. Montenegro 112.6F 8/16/2007
    36.Portugal 117.3F 8/1/2003
    37. Russia 113.7F 7/12/2010
    38. Serbia 112.8F 7/24/2007
    39. Slovenia 105.4F 8/8/2013
    40. Switzerland 106.7F 8/11/2003
    41. Ukraine 107.6F 8/12/2010
    42. United Kingdom 101.3F 8/10/2003


    The 2003 European heat wave was the hottest summer on record in Europe since at least 1540.[1] France was hit especially hard. The heat wave led to health crises in several countries and combined with drought to create a crop shortfall in parts of Southern Europe. Peer-reviewed analysis places the European death toll at 70,000.[2]


    ELAINE: my fault, I was referring to the US and Canada.

  4. emsnews

    And… a zillion cold records.

    Lots and lots more. Enough in just ONE WINTER to overwhelm your little list. Virtually all of those are in Europe. So yes, Europe which is much much smaller than the US or Canada, had a few hot days.

    If we took the same square miles and had EACH DAY of cold, that is records were broken over and over again for several years in so many places…yes, these overwhelm the hot records.

    Moreso: the cold was often 10 to 15 degrees colder, too, than many previous cold records for various cities.

  5. LOU

    Virtually all of those are in Europe. / His list?

  6. emsnews

    Yup. Now it is getting colder there but then we just had another probably last burst of hot energy from the sun (for the next 20 years or more) and voila: it heats up the climate!

  7. Lou

    ‘Enough in just ONE WINTER to overwhelm your little list’. Are ‘record highs and lows’ all recorded somewhere? [certainly NOT at Yahoo and Huffington Post].

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