NY Post Klein Claims Obama Aide Leaked Hillary Clinton Scandals To GOP

Hillary Clinton Lies About Attending Bilderberg While In Denver when she is sandbagged by young journalists working freelance.  The huge conspiracy machine that runs politics for the EU and US is this secret organization that is virtually never mentioned in the news these days except to attack anyone talking about it calling them ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘denialists’ and other derogatory names when the real conspirators are the Bilderberg gang itself which is the rich and powerful top 0.001%: the billionaires and media owners and various political leeches like the Clintons and the Bushes.  Now another row has erupted between Bilderberg gangsters, the Clintons and the Obamas and true to form, none of the Bilderberg gang media is mentioning any of this.


Top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett reported to have leaked Hillary Clinton email scandal to press just as she was to announce her candidacy for president (and more leaks are planned) | Daily Mail Online which is in Britain.  The New York Post is in New York city which is where this story broke:


The New York Post is reporting that Valerie Jarrett, one of President Barack Obama’s top advisers, leaked details of the story to the press through outside sources hoping it would not trace back to the White House.


What’s more, the entire thing was timed to become public just as Clinton was planning to announce her candidacy for president…The story ran in the New York Post and was written by Ed Klein, who spoke last Wednesday about his belief Jarrett was involved on Fox and Friends.
Jarrett is reported to have commented this was because the Clintons had begun ‘marginalizing the president’ and that they were ‘trying to wrestle control of the Democratic Party away from Obama.’


Because of this she reportedly went out of her way to exact revenge, working to get Monica Lewinsky high profile press opportunities and frequently complaining about the Clintons.


This is actually a battle within the Bilderberg organization that started when Obama ran against Romney.  Obama is an outsider.  He was being groomed for years and they figured he would be a great doorman for the White House and the arrogant Zionists within the Bilderberg organization thought they could waltz inside and snap orders at Obama.  Instead, he revolted and one day, actually HID from them while they roamed angrily downstairs with Netanyahu while Obama hid in the bedroom section.


The Zionists hate Obama now.  He isn’t the good, obedient puppet.  The Democratic Party is torn asunder by the most recent Real President, Netanyahu’s visit.  Because Obama declared openly that Congress’s real boss not come into the US without Obama’s invitation, half of the Democrats, many of whom are Bilderberg gangsters, joined their fellow multimillionaires in the GOP by inviting in Netanyahu anyways.  This is a massive treason which our media praises.


But a third of the Democrats sided with Obama showing a gigantic rift inside the party.  Blacks have been used very cynically by AIPAC to pass various bills and start various wars with mainly darker-skinned foreigners in the Middle East and Africa.  The deal being, AIPAC also wanted to fight Russia in Europe which it still pushes.  So white Christians can be killed, too.  This rift between the Zionists running the DNC and the black base they need in elections is made much, much worse by the black power push to stop having any policing of black people which scares whites inside the Democratic Party who deserted in droves in the last election.


As I pointed out back then, the DNC held meetings to talk about the election rout and then pretended they didn’t talk about Ferguson and white flight from the party and Obama’s contribution towards destroying the party unity.  Instead, they pretended all was well and in Obama’s case, he doubled down on the racial hysteria.


I find rather interesting that a Bilderberg Zionist is the one exposing the story about how Clinton is being secretly attacked by staffers in the White House:  Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal | New York Post


 Edward Klein’s most recent book is “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas” (Regnery).


Here is a recent confrontation Goldman Sachs CEO Sutherland caught in public at the most recent Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen walking along with the Irish Minister for Food and Farming, Simon Coveney who says out loud that he is new to the Bilderberg gang and ‘we have OPEN meetings’ which is a ridiculous lie.


When government leaders are invited to Bilderberg meetings, they learn, secretly, that if they obey their owners, they will be compensated richly and never investigated by the media.  So corruption is encouraged.  Periodically, this does flare up in the media due to internal battles over power positions by the very rich.  The people see ‘scandals’ in the news like the Hillary email scandals.


Americans are reduced to looking at photos and figuring out what is really going on like this:  NY Times: Clinton’s conspicuous absence at Selma celebrations did not go unnoticed by citizens reading the news…meanwhile, the Bilderberg owner’s editor did this:  NY Times Crops George and Laura Bush Out of Front-Page Photo of the march and this did make the news:   Republican 2016 hopefuls skip Selma ‘Bloody Sunday’ march.


This next election will have very strong race relations elements which the DNC hopes to bury by having Clinton run with no opponents especially black politicians.  Then the topic can be ignored.
More Democrats Going Own Way: Away From Obama is also in some news but not top ones like the NYT.  Obama jokes about Clinton’s e-mails, Scott Walker jokes about  pot at Gridiron Club which is where all the Bilderberg poodles go to have the Bilderberg-owned politicians joke about the messes both groups are making of things in our country.


The NYT has figured out how to defuse the idiotic Hillary email flap: As Fla. governor, Bush discussed security issues via private e-mail too, so there!  Hillary’s problem was, when confronted about her emails, she lied.  So did Obama who pretended he didn’t ever email her.  This sounds like something from junior high.  And is about as intelligent. The entire email mess was simply how the Bilderberg gang struggles to lie about their use of modern technology.  They think youngsters are easily fooled with lies about how the internet works.  This is stupid.  Our kids know ten times better, how things operate online.  When I have a computer problem, I call my youngest kid!


In closing: the DNC will lose the national election.  I have tried to warn liberals about the perils of pushing global warming in the teeth of a deteriorating climate heading towards significant cooling in the next 30 years.  I warned them about backing anti-law and order rioters who are attacking whites and terrifying many people due to out of control behavior.  I also warned the liberals about demonizing Putin and pushing for WWIII which the GOP is very big on doing, too.


I can’t stand either party and this is because BOTH are run by the Bilderberg gang.  And BOTH are pushing us into wars we dare not wage.  And BOTH lie about nearly everything.  And BOTH want to curb my freedom in one way or another.  Busy bodies, both.  And BOTH run deficits all the time, often doubling it and BOTH are free trade…which is a #1 Bilderberg desire.


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21 responses to “NY Post Klein Claims Obama Aide Leaked Hillary Clinton Scandals To GOP

  1. Jim R

    Not sure why it’s such a big deal, anyway.

    If they want to look at Hil’s old emails, just phone over to the NSA where all that stuff is stored forever. Emails, phone calls, operating system updates, you name it. They have it.

  2. e sutton

    Hillary, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is often painted in the press as the golden girl of liberal America. Wellesley educated, Middle American lawyer and former First Lady, everything she does is cloaked in Truth, justice, the American Way, and all that. In reality, she is a greedy, filthy, lying, old harridan who conspires to enhance her wealth and power nefariously and clandestinely – hence the e-mail “scandal” which may ultimately derail her ambitions.

    I often wonder what the Bilderbergers have on others; chiefly, Angela Merkel. I was flabbergasted that she backed the U.S. sponsored coup in Ukraine and tried to nail Putin’s balls to the wall. She has now shut her stupid mouth and seems to be back pedaling furiously, as is the worthless Hollande. Are they just now letting it seep into their tiny brains that everyone and everything on Earth will turn into radioactive pixie dust if they continue to tweak Putin’s nose?

  3. Christian W

    Americans are reduced to looking at photos and figuring out what is really going on”…

    In other words like the Soviets had to do about the power games inside the Kremlin. Instead of real news and journalistic analysis of what the elites were up to they had to look for the latest buzz words, propaganda pushes and the like and try to deduce who was on the rise and who was waning and which policy was about to be adopted or abandoned.

    OT Crimea

    I learnt today that the Zionists have long had an interest in Crimea going back to the very beginning of the Soviet state after the revolution. (Looks like Henry Ford had a point with his “anti-semitic” manifesto).

    “Crimean California”

    “In the early 1920’s, taking advantage of the extremely difficult predicament of the young Soviet Republic, a number of foreign firms started negotiations with the Soviet government on the provision of economic assistance under appropriate conditions: the concession of a number of developments on the territory of Crimea and the establishment of a Jewish autonomy. It is in the hungry 1921-22 years Crimea for the first time learned about the charitable Jewish organization “Joint”.

    In 1920-30’s “Agro-Joint,” founded in the USA was already active in Crimea, relying on the Crimean Jewish colonists.”

    It’s a really interesting article, even if it is written rather awkwardly maybe since Russian is not easy to translate, but lots of fascinating facts to consider.


  4. Christian W


    I often wonder what the Bilderbergers have on others; chiefly, Angela Merkel. I was flabbergasted that she backed the U.S. sponsored coup in Ukraine and tried to nail Putin’s balls to the wall. She has now shut her stupid mouth and seems to be back pedaling furiously, as is the worthless Hollande. Are they just now letting it seep into their tiny brains that everyone and everything on Earth will turn into radioactive pixie dust if they continue to tweak Putin’s nose?

    I think it is hard for us normal people to see how corrupt the political games truly are. Basically anybody who is something has been groomed for years/decades before they get anywhere near real power. Most likely it starts already at university. “Mustangs” that rise by their own power and charisma will be broken and conquered or they will be destroyed (see Bill Clinton Monicagate, Bill has been VERY obedient ever since (as has Hillary)).

    The same goes for the MSM journalists/media controllers in the US.

    Merkel only retreated after she got a good grilling from her fellow Germans, especially captains of industry and old veteran politicians. I very much doubt that all European Bilderbergers are happy with the development in Ukraine and US/Zionists efforts to grab a state in Europe for itself, or failing that, shuffle a failed state into the lap of the EU, and in any case destroy all relations with Russia and even possibly break up the EU as topping of the cake.

  5. Jim R

    e sutton,
    To be fair, she must have been a YOUNG harridan at some time.

  6. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    Well, not much to do then but grab some popcorn and a comfortable chair 🙂


  7. Petruchio

    I can’t imagine a more revolting way to ruin my day than to open up this website and the first thing I see is a video of that arrogant, greedy sociopath Hillary Clinton. Thanks, Elaine. What’s next? A YouTube video of that lying fraudster, Ronald Reagan? Please don’t. That said, does anyone REALLY expect Hillary to tell the truth about anything? Hillary is a Bilderberger; it’s impossible for her to deny this–yet she DOES!! Hillary, like her supposed hubby Bill, are serial liars–and sociopaths who would sell out their grandmothers if it gave them power and/or money. I don’t know what Hillary’s girlfriend is like, but I have NO idea how anyone, gay or straight could be attracted to Hillary Clinton. Just my .02.

  8. Being There

    BOTH—How right you are. Rampant privatization of the entire public sector. OH and Hillary might just be the great Democratic dream to smash Social Security and Medicare.

    The Republicans are getting all 3 branches of govt and there will be no more Federal taxation—-

    But before you get all excited—what will your state and local taxes look like? AND….who decides how they get spent–ALEC?

  9. tio

    When I was in the far east I parked my motorbike in the underground car park of the hotel, birds were nesting on one of the cross beams as evidenced by the poop in this area, I took note. One day I parked up and saw a purple snake consuming an unfortunate chick that happened to have fallen from the roost, the snake had dislocated its jaw for the meal which was half in, half out and wholly compromised. Reptiles are people too, no?

  10. Jim R

    tio, I’ll take your purple snake over any politician, from any party, from any country, operating today.

    Even though it is from the far east and probably deadly venomous.

  11. tio

    Jim, its seems that ‘politicians’ have abrogated their roles as negotiators for their electorate in favour of facilitators of ‘the market’, thus you can choose the colour of the stamp that authorises the sale of your sovereignty, but not the act in and of itself. This change in roles required ineptitude, treason, a narrative, cash and time, as it always does. Now there is just cash, which is ironically king. There is no turning back we are told, I say fine – let us push the idea further. There needs to be a political party that promises to use donations in the most extreme, nefarious and underhand manner imaginable to further an online, democratic & transparent constitution (GNUed of course). The money masters know that the ROI on bent politicos is the best ‘investment’ going, they however, must appear to be law abiding. The ‘pirate’ party would just give the politicos money for doing the right thing, that and the fact that the agency that supplies their domestic staff, for example, would only offer bunny boilers from now on if they failed to take the right envelope. Time is not on our side, on the other hand it could be fun, tasty too http://www.wikihow.com/Cook-a-Snake

  12. hans

    smash Social Security … it already has been smashed, to pay for the War on Terror, when a real audit is done on the FED, there is no money in the kitty.

  13. e sutton


    We don’t need no stinkin’ Social Security! We gots da EBT. We gots da Section 8! We gots da Obamacare! It’s all good, all the time, 24/7. Now, ya’ll shut the F*** up and eat your G** DAM PEAS!!!!!

  14. emsnews

    TRUE STORY: I was instrumental in saving Bill’s balls. Seriously enough that Mrs. Clinton wrote me a letter thanking me. I sent her a letter back telling her I did it ONLY because it was a Constitutional issue and that almost all the males were ‘rapists’ in all senses of the word.

    Their rape being the American People and anyone overseas they set their dicks on….

    It is just I don’t want the Constitution abused for stupid things. They did not go after Clinton for say, WAR CRIMES, did they????


  15. Lou

    you saved Bill?

  16. Petruchio

    “TRUE STORY: I was instrumental in saving Bill’s balls. …” You should have chopped them off….

  17. emsnews

    Yes, I despise stupid politics.

    There is a lot of that going on. The ‘gotcha’ garbage. Getting people on real crimes is more important. But then, arresting the criminals in charge of illegal invasions such as the one of Iraq and Libya and Syria…that is a horse of another color.

    Both Bush and Obama and all the Secretaries of State including Clinton should be arrested and put on international war trials.

  18. check out ZOA puppet, US Congress (ill) Randy Hultgren. He sponsored HR 5120 – giving all of our SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and ENERGY OUT to bid in the Private sector (2015) This total theft of America has taken a few years of Bills to manipulate Congress in this total give away of all of our scientic, technological and Energy Resources. Hultgren is also active in the congressional Legislation to DEREGULATE the (INSANE) Derivative Market (2013) Just google this goon with ZIONISM and the dots all connect. Also, while you’re googling, Check out “OPAL FILE” and Gerald Parsky. Parsky got his foot in the door back in 1972 as Undersecretary of Treasury. He accompanied Kissassinger to the middle East while maneurvering Saudi Arabia and the Wahabbi’s (aka Al Qaeda) to help destableize the Middle East while setting up terrorist Israel as their HQ. That was a key point in OUR History especially around Nixon’s 1974 State of the Union Speech. Parsky is who defacto Brought the Saudis over here and made it possible to set up “PROXIES” who are secret owners of America Itself. This type of scam allows these Zio/bolshevickCommies/plutocrticoligarchy Khazar Mafia to bypass laws and regulations. It also helps to appoint judges to make sure anyone or anything that threatens this GAME THEORY Conquest will be RAILROADED to the MAX. Another COMMIE/zio Scam is HSUS. Using animals to RAID your property and seize your assets WITHOUT WARRANTS or any DUE Process. Watch out all animal lovers/owners – you are now vulnerable to this (Rather ingenious) scam.

  19. emsnews

    You know that bill was pushed by Randy who is a Republican and not a ‘Bolshevick/Commie’ unless the GOP has really morphed.http://www.gop.gov/bill/h-r-5120-department-of-energy-laboratory-modernization-and-technology-transfer-act-of-2014/

    Title I of H.R. 5120 expands the role of the Under Secretary for Science and Energy to improve connectivity between offices under its jurisdiction. Moreover, it requires the Secretary of Energy to report to Congress (180 days after enactment) assessing the Department’s ability to carry out the goals of section 1001 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (dealing with the transfer of energy technologies). This includes an assessment of the role and effectiveness of the Technology Transfer Coordinator position and recommending policy changes to improve the Department’s ability to transfer new technologies to the private sector. Title I also establishes the Sense of Congress that the establishment of an independent Commission to review the effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories is an important step towards developing a coordinated strategy for the National Laboratories.

    Title II requires the Secretary to carry out the Agreements for Commercializing Technology pilot program. Moreover, Title II requires the Secretary to submit a report to Congress that assesses the effectiveness of the pilot program; identifies opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the pilot program; assesses the potential for program activities to interfere with the responsibilities of the National Laboratories; and provides a recommendation regarding the future of the pilot program. This legislation also permits the Secretary of Energy to delegate authority to the directors of the National Laboratories to enter into public-private research and development partnerships (under $1 million) for commercialization. H.R. 5120 also amends the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to: 1) include early-stage technology demonstration in authorized technology transfer activities; and 2) increase funding competitiveness for institutions of higher education. Finally, Title II allows the Secretary to enter into an agreement with the Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to enable researchers funded by the Department to participate in the NSF’s Innovation Corps Program.

    Finally, Title III requires the Comptroller General of the United States to submit to Congress a report describing the results of projects developed under the Act, including information: 1) enumerating the partnerships initiated as a result of those projects; 2) identifying whether the activities carried out resulted in fiscal savings, expansion of National Laboratory responsibilities, increased efficiency of technology transfers, or an increase in the general efficiency in the National Laboratory system; and 3) assessing the scale, scope, efficacy, and impact of the Department’s efforts to promote technology transfer and private sector engagement at National Laboratories.

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