Global Warmists Claim January And February Are Warmest Winter EVAH This Year

There is this persistent warm spot in the Pacific Ocean.  Yet it can’t turn into a proper el Nino, instead, we get incipient la Nina cold upwelling.  Normally, during solar cycle active periods, we get el Ninos.  Not this time, just like the present one is truncated and fairly weak, so is any heating of the Pacific Ocean.  National Geographic Announces Their War On Science with a frontal attack on anyone who is skeptical about the news that the last two winters were the ‘hottest EVAH’ in earth’s history which is sheer lunacy.  It is snowing again in Washington, DC. and our government is at war against WARM WEATHER.  It is going to zeroºF on my little mountain again and it is nearly spring and this is tremendously colder than normal.

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 11.07.54 PM

We are being told that the ice in the Arctic is melting when the Arctic Surge Continues and the entire North Pole is frozen solid.  People in Canada who waited several days for a ferry were put aboard, and the ice breaker used to keep the channel open got frozen in the ice so…the Ferry carrying 190 people docks in N.L. after day-long ice delay was finally freed using the biggest ice breaker they could find after many hours at sea.


The Washington Post is now owned by a West Coast billionaire and he has turned it into Global Warming Hell and here is one of today’s top stories:  This is climate skeptics’ top argument about Antarctica — and why it’s wrong which tries to explain that yes, the ice around the continent is growing and the temperatures are dropping but…a glacier there is melting!  Actually, flowing into the sea mainly due to the pressure of a lot of ice at the center of the continent.


Forecasters reveal this winter was actually the warmest on record due to it being hot as  hell in Los Angeles and surrounding deserts.  The world map below shows where the ocean is warmer or colder than normal.  The colder parts are blue.  Note the severe lack of super hot water except for the patch next to the West Coast of North America, the Gulf Stream which is very concentrated and note the severe cold along the actual coastline this winter, and offshore from South America is some warm water.  But the majority of the oceans are colder than normal with Antarctica’s waters tremendously colder and the South Sea Pacific which was warmer than usual several years ago is rapidly getting colder and colder as is the North Sea between Greenland and Southern Europe.

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 10.58.15 PM

So here is today’s headline about Antarctica:  Study raises concerns over big, rapidly thinning Antarctic glacier – The West Coast gang is all freaky about water, too, this week:  The incredibly stupid way that Americans waste 1 trillion gallons of water each year.  California wastes water and knows how to fix this but won’t.  So they whine about all of us even as we have plenty of water elsewhere.


Your desktop computer is wasting a surprising amount of energy while you’re not using it warns the Washington Post so I hope all readers of the Post turn off their computers forever.  I graze through that rag only to mock it, not listen to its hysterical warnings.  The scary idea that won’t go away: Global warming messing with the jet stream and your weather claims the WP news.  The warm weather is causing things to get dreadfully cold.  I recall during ALL the previous el Nino solar warming episodes it was WARM here in upstate New York, not bitterly cold.


It is always bitterly cold when sunspot activity is low, not high and it is really cold when the ocean temperatures go into cold cycles as they do like clockwork.  But something really scary is happening: Antarctica had record ice last summer which is winter there, and now looks to have even more ice this summer.  The ice is growing rapidly there.


No, cosmic rays aren’t causing global warming claims the WP lunatic gang.  ‘You can’t blame the sun for global warming’ it goes on to claim.  This, in particular, enrages me.  We don’t even have a real el Nino after NOAA and NASA predicted over and over again that this event that normally comes in December, will arrive and roast us to death and melt us like candle wax.  But it never happened.  Now they claim we will have a summer el Nino which is ridiculous.


As the Pacific continues to cool down from the 1998 major el Nino high, we have the Global Temperature Report: February 2015 | Watts Up With That?


Note that the El Nino warmth in the tropics seems to have fizzled, falling about 0.25 deg C in the last few months to near the 1979-2010 average value, which is unusual since February has been the usual time of peak tropospheric warmth in response to previous El Nino events.


Japan To Open Seven New Coal Power Stations as is India, China and Germany, yes, Germany.  All major industrial nations are doing this.  Meanwhile the US is doing the opposite due to the news that we are all roasting to death and our industrial base, what remains of it, will continue to vanish overseas.  Germany went the most over the edge with the anti-energy dogma of the greens nearly destroying the economy, now they are wending away from the notion that Germans will roast to death sometime soon.  I can only hope the US government does so, soon.  We are going to have some brutal winters in the next 20+ years.


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6 responses to “Global Warmists Claim January And February Are Warmest Winter EVAH This Year

  1. melponeme_k

    An interesting article on the cool/warm cycles of interglacials

    This linked article claims that the cold cycle from 1880 to 1915 was severe (The era the Titanic sank), and the researcher thinks that our cool cycle will be on the same order. If worse, another maunder minimum little ice age. The researcher would not (probably too scared to) contemplate a possible real, long-term ice age.

  2. Greg

    Here is a good video with a reasonable analysis:

  3. Rob

    Michelle Obama sticks taxpayers with monster tab for rental cars in Japan:

    5 country tour is the Far East.

  4. Sunger

    Melponeme- is NOT a climate science-oriented website but a website devoted to political commentary.

    The website is run by Dr. Michael Chossudovsky, is a Canadian economics professor who is regarded as a nut among his peers-

    “In a 2006 Western Standard article by Terry O’Neill, Chossudovsky was included among “Canada’s nuttiest professors”, “whose absurdity stands head and shoulders above their colleagues” and who were “peddling half-baked or discredited theories or plain old bigotry”.[20] Chussodovsky was said to hold that the U.S. had fore-knowledge of the September 11 attacks and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; that Washington had weapons that could influence climate change; and that the large banking institutions are the cause of the collapse of smaller economies, characterised by O’Neill as ” more like wild-eyed conspiracy theories than serious political discourse”.”

    And the author of the article- Don Easterbrook- is a geologist who is called upon by the Koch supported Heartland Institute to impress the scientificially illiterate GOP base and has little credibility among accredited climate scientists who will have no association with Koch supported Heartland Insititute,


    ELAINE: The government DID know all about the 9/11 hijackers before it happened. These guys trained right next to the Bush family compound in Florida and there are more retired CIA/SS agents in the community surrounding the airport where the terrorists trained.

    The Bush family is very very close to the Saudi royals who funded the training of the hijackers and the FBI knew all about this training going on well before 9/11.

    As for banks destroying little countries: THEY FUCKING DESTROY BIG COUNTRIES TOO LIKE OUR OWN.

    Your entire attack posting here is silly.

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