Russia And China Swiftly Building New Swift Banking System

Poor diplomatic choices leads to huge disasters.  The US has been on a course to crush Russia ever since Putin took over from the corrupt drunk, Yeltsin.  Slowly but surely, Putin is rebuilding Russia and this infuriates the neocons who are destroying the US.  So as our nation falls apart at the seams, we have rulers who are entirely focused on causing ethnic/religious warfare in Eastern Europe so they can make money in Russia via looting the place.


After the dangerous fascist coup in Kiev, the US has pressured our EU trade partners to attack Russia’s economy.  Supposedly, Putin would fall fast and the coup in Moscow could be done handily.  But the Ukraine Catholic attacks on Russian Orthodox Christians has destroyed any chance of Putin leaving power since he is the Great Protector of Russian Orthodox Christians!


Instead of giving up, the US pressed hard for more economic hammer blows but now the EU has warned the US, if this continues, it will be the EU that will collapse, not Russia.  US and EU Rule out Russia’s Cutoff from SWIFT – Russia Insider


March 20 ./TASS/. The United States and European Union don’t consider it possible to bar Russia from the SWIFT international banking-payment system as it can cause serious damage to western companies, the Bloomberg agency reported Friday citing souces familier with the situation.


According to the agency, the issue has been considered as a possible variant of extending sanctions against Russia.


It is too late.  Russia has already gone to China for help and China is The Big Bank, not the bankrupt US or wobbly EU.  China let Putin know, they didn’t want to see Russia destroyed but rather, wanted deeper economic ties with Russia and so, after looking at the trillions in Russian/Chinese central banks, they pushed ahead with systems to replace the EU/US international banking system which is based on the US dollar being the peg currency for everything.


The Chinese wanted to do this in 15-20 years but have moved it forwards due to the US, alarmed at the collapse of our industrial base which is the basis of all international GDP power, is losing its grip on world banking. Right now, the only thing and I emphasize this greatly, is a strong dollar so the US can’t form any industries and then export goods to trade partners.


We are left with selling weapons.  Nearly all other aspects of our industrial might has been turned into ruins and we export raw materials to Asia and Europe instead which isn’t the road to riches.  As Marx noted, raw materials is nothing unless it is joined with labor and turned into a value-added export product.


We don’t do that nearly as much as before Nixon.  Today, we are a net importer and this isn’t due to importing oil like under Nixon.  We import much of our consumer value added products and this is due to an artificially pumped up value dollar.


With a flick of the wrist, China can kill the dollar.  They know this and the US knows this and above all, Putin knows this.  The recent attempt at destroying the ruble has failed.  Instead, the sudden plunge in oil prices which is hitting Russia is hammering Saudi Arabia and Texas as well as Canada.  Australia isn’t worried since they export coal to China and China doesn’t have to worry about global warming only the US with Obama shutting down what is left of US coal burning which is much cheaper for manufacturing processes so the few that are left will move to…CHINA.


The global warming silliness is going to destroy what is left of US industry and this is why I hammer away at that topic.  On top of the fact that it is freezing cold now and even summer isn’t warm anymore in all parts of the planet that isn’t California.


The dollar is tied in with oil and with exports and both are getting us into deeper and deeper waters we won’t swim, we will drown and we won’t drown due to oceans rising from global warming, either.


The Swift system of banking will die, too.  And we will have to do Chinese banking in the future.  And the US public will not like the fact that we are no longer the world’s main customer for goods.  The Chinese will be the ones collecting goods for themselves.  But then, our rulers will have us all  living in Little Houses@ and eating no meat and walking everywhere so it won’t matter much.  Ask any peasant about this.


Oh, and everyone on welfare will starve.


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26 responses to “Russia And China Swiftly Building New Swift Banking System

  1. Petruchio

    I take this info as signaling that the end is near for the USD as the World’s Reserve Currency. If not an outright and full collapse, at the very least a serious erosion of the USD’s power in the world. As you say Elaine, the Chinese know they take out the US Dollar anytime they like. Imho, the Chinese are, based on PO’ed enough where they are seriously thinking of actually pulling the trigger on destroying the Dollar. Not just thinking about doing it, but actually doing it.

  2. Ken

    Everyone on Welfare will starve? That’s a pretty significant prediction. I don’t see how it follows from the collapse of the dollar. Even the openly communist countries were able to keep the masses fed – even when their Communist systems were falling apart.

    The dollar may collapse, but I don’t see how it can be any worse than when the UK pound ceased being the world’s reserve currency. The UK is still around, and they are feeding their masses. The British are just not as important as they were before.


    ELAINE: social services collapsed in Russia when the USSR collapsed. Many people died due to this.

  3. e sutton

    When you look at the big picture, not only has the U.S. squandered its vast wealth, but it has created, in the last 30 years or so, a situation so out-of-control, stupid, vapid, self-centered, evil, and unipolar that there is not one single solitary relevant thing in the entire country left. The dollar is the only thing that keeps us in the game. And they even managed to f*ck that up.

    Our manufacturing base is decimated. Our citizens are lazy, fat, and stupid. Our young are self-important, entitled, and brainwashed. Our educational system is in ruins. Our infrastructure is aging and dilapidated. Race relations are a disaster, with more hatred on both sides than I’ve seen in almost 40 years. “Globull Warming” has tossed the scientific method into the ash can. It really is that bad.

    The cherry on the top of this sh*t cake must be our international relations. Our lovely Victoria Nuland, for example, recently let the E.U. know exactly what she as well as the U.S. government thinks of them. And yet all we hear across the pond is crickets. Japan, our great ally, has been leaking massive radiation into the Pacific for four years now and smirking like a village idiot who just passed wind in a crowded elevator.

    I know not where all this leads, except that many, many of us Americans are going to get a rude wake up call, as well as a much deserved comeuppance. That’s the good news. The bad news will be if this all goes nuclear. Then you’ll really see a firework show. Gee, do ya think it’s time to wake up yet?

  4. Peter C.

    Elaine,Do you see Russia and or China going to a gold backed currency?

  5. Jim R

    A longish analysis of the latest poke at Russia. It failed, because contrary to the propaganda, the Russian economy is working, and Putin is popular.

  6. Christian W

    Seven year cycle predicts major crash in 2015, according to this article (from Pravda, haha :)):


    By Will Hart

    1966: Stock market collapse, Vietnam War, protests

    1973: Oil embargo (Oct), Yom Kippur war, Stocks collapse, recession

    1980: Inflation, Iran-Iraq war, Silver panic, Stocks crash, recession

    1987: Black Monday (Oct.), largest single-day crash ever

    1994: Bond collapse, DJIA bear market, war

    2001: Stock market crash, 911 (Sept.), recession

    2008: Stock market collapse 9/29 (Sept.), recession


    In 1966, the Vietnam War was escalating and the US-USSR Space Race was also heating up. The economy and the stock market were in a bull phase and LBJ was president. He inherited a growing economy with low inflation, low unemployment and a stock market that was in a long-term uptrend.

    Hard to imagine but the national debt was relatively small. Additionally, in 1965 the GDP (4%) was higher than the unemployment rate (3.3%) the reverse of what we’ve seen in recent years. The FED kept interest rates low (1 to 2.5% range), in the post-WWII years. That fueled both economic and financial market growth through the 1950’s and early ’60s.


    Wow, imagine a GDP growth larger than the unemployment figures (as in 1965) today… (and then the smart asses at RAND and the CIA got going and kicked off the war in Vietnam…)

    In these days of fake markets and Plunge Protection teams with computer kill switches and “magic” algorithms I doubt the FED will allow the market to crash. They will just fudge the numbers and put more lipstick and mascara on the increasingly putrid zombie economy and postpone the day of reckoning, making that day a true doomsday instead.

  7. nclaughlin

    If the Chinese and/or Russian decide to crash the dollar, it will not be without cost to them, so they won’t do it unless they have a good reason. Lately, however, we seem to be trying to give them good reasons such as Ukraine and Japan’s aggression behavior.

  8. John

    The Pharisees prefer Russian and Chinese “civil rights” to the American Bill of Rights. So America and its constitution must be destroyed. Then the neo feudal globalist world order can be brought down on all of mankind like a thousand pound sledgehammer.

    Obama gladly does Rockefeller and Rothschild’s bidding in this matter. So did Bush, and Clinton. Reagan sort of tried to resist; JFK got killed trying in earnest.

    Either the banksters are eradicated, or mankind will be. It’s just that simple.

  9. aashild

    Instead of constantly creating tensions with Russia and China, the US should have tried to cooperate with them instead. There are so many areas where the great powers could have solved problems together. It saddens me to see how The US uses it’s power and influence to threaten and intimidate others, instead of cooperating with them.

    When i hear statements from people like McCain i am frightened by his ignorance and stupidity, but i am even more frightened by the thought that people like McCain might become president one day. There seems to be quite a few nutjobs involved in American politics.

  10. CK

    ASEAN has announced that its members have agreed to join. That brings the total to 30 nations.
    Not a bad day.

  11. Petruchio

    “If the Chinese and/or Russian decide to crash the dollar, it will not be without cost to them, so they won’t do it unless they have a good reason” True. It likely would cost the Chinese to crash the dollar. This is the unquestioned dogma Wall Street and the other western elites cling to with unshakeable belief. Well…the day is quickly approaching when this dogma will be shaken to its very foundation. The Chinese will pay a price, but they aren’t foolish; the Chinese will bide their time and likely opt for a ‘controlled demolition’ of the US dollar. The smug, arrogant, sociopaths who run the Western world will never know what hit them. Just my .02.

  12. Bill Bennett

    If you want to get up to speed on where the new monetary system is headed read Jim Rickards “Currency Wars” and the “Death of Money”. U.S. leadership is in for a rude awakening, but what will function as “money” in the future is to be determined. Rickards argues for SDR’s backed 50% by gold. In order for China to have the reserve currency, it must be freely convertible. However if the total debt on all those empty edifices they have built exceeds by far their foreign currency reserves, then that won’t be possible. I have yet to read anything that puts a reliable number on the amount of this soon to be defaulted debt. I’m not sure anyone can. It will be most interesting to say the least how this plays out and the reaction of financially ignorant Americans, who see nothing coming except the next episode of “America’s Got Talent”.

  13. Jim R

    Signs of imperfect harmony between Nazis and Zionists in the Ukraine:

  14. emsnews

    So, the Russia/China SWIFT system swiftly grew as I predicted.

    Sorry about not posting a new story this weekend, I was just drained of energy from a winter battling severe cold and it is going down to zero yet again tonight.

    I heat my home with wood and this means staying up at night when I don’t want to stay up, mainly when it was -10ºF or lower which happened much more than a dozen times this winter.

  15. Lou

    We understand. winter is still here. [going down to zero yet again tonight].

  16. melponeme_k


    Dailymail starting the global warming prop. California has no snow! But no mention of the glaciers that were plaguing Boston only a few weeks back.

  17. emsnews

    No surprise here.

    But what will happen is, the US and EU will then be joining and then demand the right to vote inside the organization and then….attack Russia and China just like last week.

    Will China keep control of this?

  18. Christian W

    The Finnish, Swedish and British defense ministers already popped over to the USS Roosevelt for tea, thank you very much.

  19. Lou

    Mel ‘California has no snow’…..The mountains should have snow. The rest of california normally is snowless. Snow on the mountains would be nice.

  20. tio

    Oh to be a fly on the wall.

  21. Christian W

    The Finnish Defense minister is a Bilderberger wannabe, consequently he is a big NATO fan. The Finnish finance minister has come out and said that NATO membership would be a bad idea for Finland, a point most Finns agree with (sanity prevails for now).

    Sweden is NATO all but in name. They have a LOT of money invested in the Baltic states and they are completely under the thumb of the CIA.

    In the meantime the Russians opened up the most sensitive part of their military command structure for foreign military attaches! (see s putniknews)

    The Russians actually showed the foreign spies around in their own military central command. If the idiots in charge in the West doesn’t understand what that means we are all doomed. The Russians are saying that normal military armies are irrelevant if there is a war between Russia and NATO. That war WILL go nuclear.

    Twice already the world has been saved from nuclear annihilation by heroic Russian officers. But is seems some in the US actually are insane enough to try to slug it out.

  22. Wes

    In the name of Allah, most gracious most merciful; Wow, am I able to speak now?! Is there a chance my voice will be heard now, or will it be changed. The Law told you to be good to your neighbors, Russia seems to be obeying International law, what I know is the downfall of course once again. Before you start to say the “Anti semetic” is here, I would like you to know I am Semetic, and an Arab, a caucasoid! a semetic white person that Western Education has also bareknuckled into my people into believing they are “brown” worse yet changing the definition of non-semetic to include hating on a western backed apartied in the middle east, and no its not just that one country now! Anyhow , this is not just about currency, its about corruption, deception,buisness practices etc. There is still hope for the US. We all know you made mistakes, big big mistakes, but redeem yourselves and know, that the internet itself is just as bad or just as a deceptive weapon that is also being used to corrupt your society. I only use it because its my only means of communicating with all of you. when i found out about the gay thing and the love of buisness, things started going to shits for the west! i plan on making my energy that is brought from above to also influence this, the russian and chinese “internet”, where law is obiding. The west has even dismantled the human significants of opinion through the internet, like a chat site controlled by one, with the ability to remove any opposing ideals for the greater good,. to control it is unexeptable! your power is powerless, as history is coming to an end, as promised through methedologies etc. You chose your chosen people, Russia has chosen theirs! Peace,Shalom,Salaam!

  23. Lou

    But is seems some in the US actually are insane enough to try to slug it out.

    Thanks for the info— IF or WHEN USA economy gets even worse, time for another war?

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