US Wants To Celebrate 70th Anniversary Of Hitler’s Death With Ukraine Fascists


Contrary to stories fed to Europeans who fear Russia (unlike their degraded governments that no longer rule them, the EU runs everything now) listen to some of the silliest propaganda stories, ever.  Just like the recent news that Putin took a short vacation (EU and US leaders disappear for long periods and no one notices anymore!) all news about Russia has to pass through this stupid filter.  Now, the US wants to celebrate the death of Hitler by parading a bunch of fascists who fought with Hitler!  Amazing, isn’t it?


Also, I talk about the non-news of black students hammering each other with baseball bats and guns at a school bus stop and how Google buries this news and US media ignores it while talking about Starbucks’ campaign to get us all talking about racism.


Irritated Poroshenko Shouts at Sacked Airport Workers, Threatens Arrest because one of them asked him sharp questions.  Sort of like ‘free speech’ in the US with our Bilderberg rulers talking openly about silencing anyone discussing…THE WEATHER!!!  Yes, anyone talking about the weather without the correct ideology is to be silenced one way or the other including with top officials talking about arresting and punishing anyone who mentions the weather is getting colder and colder and it was almost zero F here last night and will be again, this coming weekend!  Ouch.


The coup in Kiev isn’t popular.  Over 50% of Ukrainians fed up with President Poroshenko’s policies:


The Ukrainian media has repeatedly been reporting stories of how thousands of Russian troops are supposed to be helping anti-government militia’s in the east of the country in their fight against Ukrainian government forces. But the vast majority of those asked think their media and the stories they produce are untrustworthy, with almost 60 percent not believing the stories published and broadcast by the Ukrainian press.


The most damaging statistics for the Ukrainian government show that a meager eight percent say they are happy with the direction their country is taking and only five percent say Ukraine is politically stable.


The US is acting like Ukraine.  The media is used mainly for propaganda purposes and simple news is no longer simple.  Just like in the US few media at the top mentioned blizzards at all as blizzards slammed into half of the nation and repeatedly paralyzed Washington, DC, so it is in Ukraine.  Reality is ignored entirely.


Our government has gone bonkers:  Seriously? US Now Wants Kiev to Host Moscow’s Victory Day Parade / Sputnik International


Three former US ambassadors to Ukraine have come up with an op-ed article in the Los Angeles Times suggesting that Kiev, instead of Moscow, should be chosen as the venue for the May 9 Victory Day Parade.


These fascists in Ukraine are evil.  Here is a news video showing neonazi thugs attacking a parliamentarian to physically silence him at a hearing:

Leading up to the uprising in the eastern half of Ukraine was this violence in Parliament as the right wing debated outlawing Russia as a language.

Washington Post columnist says Michael Brown shouldn’t be symbol of Black Lives Matter because of the chant, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot,’ didn’t apply to this case or I might add, 99% of the cases of police having to use guns on thugs.  This black editorialist for the Washington Post does go on to say that blacks shouldn’t be hurt when they either resist arrest or attack police.  Which makes him crazy because if this were in the Ukraine, the fascist thugs would kill or beat up anyone who irritates them.

Shocking all-out brawl at school bus stop in Alabama caught on camera as rival teens savage each other with fists, baseball bats, brass knuckles and even a gun: Fight at school bus stop in Alabama caught on video | Daily Mail Online

When I googled this story, I got an English newspaper and one other paper!  Far from being blasted at us nonstop, it was, like 99% of the news of mob crime in the black community, buried entirely.


I tried other words and got less than three links.  Here is a screen shot showing how Google gave me nearly nothing:

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 8.50.09 PM

This is like the record snowfall record being smashed in Italy this month.  No mention in our news media that claims Ukraine to be our best buddy nation after Israel.


Google has definitely changed its way of gathering information.  It used to be wonderful around 10 years ago, then they dumbed it down tremendously and it was far less useful for research and now it has collapsed.  Nearly always when I look for anything, it brings up a few articles and then the rest is oddball trash.


Garbage time.  Most irritating.  Here is another search that is even stupider:

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 8.53.30 PM

What?  Putin???  HAHAHA.  Here is an even funnier search by Google’s intelligent system:

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 8.55.06 PM

And this is how ‘democracy’ works in the ‘free world’ unlike evil places like Russia or China that have…censorship!  Imagine that.  Luckily, I still get overseas news so I can learn what is happening here.


And the big news here is, blacks really hate each other a great deal.  They kill each other at a mad rate, the rare cop killings that get them all excited isn’t the problem, it is blacks flailing away at each other and anyone else who tries to get near them.  This is something black leaders need to address.


Not ‘hand’s up, don’t shoot’ or ‘black lives matter’ but ‘Stop killing each other, for pity’s sake!’


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6 responses to “US Wants To Celebrate 70th Anniversary Of Hitler’s Death With Ukraine Fascists

  1. nclaughlin

    If Google search has degenerated, are there any other search engines we could use? Bing? Yahoo?

  2. Jim R

    ixquick? duckduckgo?

    (part of the problem is that many of the ‘alternative’ search engines merely forward your query to Google and then display the results)

  3. Jim R

    Another nice essay, Elaine.

    I think that blacks in Ukraine would likely be shot merely for being black. In most cases, anyway. The Novorossian media have published some videos of black soldires in a group of mercenaries, probably from America. Of course in that case, the blacks are carrying rifles and have backup…

  4. Jim R

    Come to think of it, there’s Yandex. It’s a Russian search engine (English language interface available). Also has a translation utility.

    It is related to the FSB in much the way Google is related to the NSA/CIA.

  5. hblinken

    The United States is planning a military exercise that will weave its troops through Eastern Europe before they arrive at their home base in Germany – a show of force intended to reinforce its commitment to the Baltic states.

    Comprised of the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment, the convoy will trek some 1,100 miles to Vilseck, Germany after its training mission concludes in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia

    US plans show of force with ‘Dragoon Ride’ through Eastern Europe

  6. emsnews

    Yes, the US is upping the military sword rattling and will blame this on Putin, of course.

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