Blacks Murdering Whites In Philly: Democrats In Trouble Due To Race Politics


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The next election will be similar to the last election that saw Democrats wiped out across the nation.  The next election will be the same especially since Obama has gotten fixated on global warming.  Everything That’s Worrying America In One Chart shows what concerns voters:  illegal aliens, terrorist, race riots, crime.  All these things are stuff the GOP excels in running for office.  Now on to today’s news stories such as this one:


Teenage gunman surrenders in connection with murder of a Philadelphia man | Daily Mail Online


Tyfine Hamilton, 15, turned himself in on Friday in connection with the murder of James Stuhlman, 51, who was shot and killed while walking his dog in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section last week.


Mr. Stuhlman was one of the few whites left in the ‘hood.  He is now dead, killed by a group of black youth who went looking for someone weak to attack for no reason unless the real reason was, the man they hit was a white person.  There is a lot of racism seething under the surface in the black community and where the majority of the people are black, they feel strong and can go out and ‘knock around’ innocent strangers or neighbors just to blow some steam.


Brandon Smith, Hamilton’s 15-year-old classmate from Overbrook High School was already in custody along with another 14-year-old boy for the crime…


The father-of-one allegedly pleaded for his life saying, ‘Please don’t shoot me. Please don’t shoot me.’ But he was shot once in the chest. The suspects did not manage to get anything from him.


Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark said: ‘It is even more senseless, and even more troubling that nothing was taken at all and he lost his life.’


The mayor and police chief of Philadelphia are both black males.


The boys were all caught on surveillance camera as they ran off into the night. They were all wearing hoodies and backpacks, raising suspicions that they could be schoolboys…


Police later searched the home where two of the boys live at 64th Street and Girard Avenue. Inside they recovered numerous assault rifles and hand guns.


These children were collecting an arsenal just like so many white teen males who go on shooting rampages.  The parents in many of these cases, both black and white, knew beforehand their children were collecting guns and were aware they had social problems and antisocial behaviors.


Philadelphia is increasingly violent and white people in particular are targets of violence by blacks just like Chicago.  Very little of this makes headlines in national news but it seethes through the media blackout and many whites are quite aware of this crime wave.  Many more whites are harmed by blacks in various crime categories than blacks being harmed by whites.  The fact is virtually never mentioned in the news.


Stupid frat houses singing dirty ditties about blacks are front page news with huge loads of outrage and shame is thrown at them but blacks killing whites or beating up whites due to racism is buried or excuses are made.  This is fooling no one.  Even as whites condemn open racism, there is rising rage that blacks have been given free rein to be vicious, even physically violent, while whites can’t even say dirty words…which black rap singers spout all the time, themselves.


The children who shot an innocent neighbor walking his dog will go to prison.  Many blacks still think it is 1980 when children who murdered got off with no punishments.  I remember those years really well.   I was terrified of meeting up with a 14 year old killer and one of these stabbed a friend of mine on the front porch of my brownstone, nearly killing him.


The kid wasn’t punished for this.  But now, it is quite different:  Why a 10-year-old in Pennsylvania can be tried for murder as an adult but this has been changed:  Pennsylvania Amends Juvenile Murder Sentencing so 15 to 17 year old murderers get 35 years but 14 year olds get 25 years.


It is so bad in Philly, the black mayor admits this is bad:  A bloody start to the year for Philadelphia –


Out of the nation’s 10 largest cities, Philadelphia’s homicide rate is the worst. Last year ended with 324 homicides, up from 306 in 2010…Philadelphia’s mayor has made it clear the city is waging an all-out war against violent criminals.

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 10.05.27 PM

“If you want to act like an idiot, if you want to be an a-hole, if you want to be a low-life in this town, we will track you down like the dog that you are,” Mayor Michael Nutter told CNN affiliate KYW last month.


When ​Former NYC mayor Giuliani stupidly said  ‘Obama doesn’t love US’ he got death threats.  The US media assailed him mightily for saying this.  Imagine if Giuliani called black criminals ‘a-holes, low lifes, dogs and idiots’ he would be called a racist and an evil man and the US media giants would roast him up, good.  When the mayor of Philadelphia does this, the media is silent as are all the commentators.


From Huffington Post:  When the Justice System Fails | Peak Johnson


 For young black men in Philadelphia, sometimes just walking down the street is all it takes to earn a two-month stint in jail. On Dec. 8 2010, then-18-year-old Isaiah Smith was just returning from visiting his cousin, when he noticed two police officers who were patrolling the area peering out at him from their squad car.


They were looking for a violent thug who looked like this kid.  He was arrested and was understandably angry because he was innocent.


On May 11, Smith’s case was thrown out and he was released the following week.


“They actually caught the guy who committed the crime,” Smith interjected. “He told the investigators that he didn’t even know me, but they didn’t believe him. They started checking my mail soon after, thought I was bribing him.”


One thing’s for sure: Smith said that he will never look at a police officer the same way again. That trust is nearly gone.


“You’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, ” Mary said, shaking her head slowly. “Not the other way around. They treated him reckless; they treated him as if he had been a criminal all of his life.”


Despite being thrown into a situation way too many young men in Philadelphia have faced, Smith is determined to not let this situation deter him from staying on the right path.


He’s not involved with Student Run Philly Style any more, finishing up his last marathon race before his ordeal had taken place. He is expecting his first child in January and is working on returning to school.


The last sentence is sad.  The teen is already going to be a father and obviously isn’t married to the girl who is most likely an even younger teen.  She will join the giant army of teen moms and the boy’s claim he is going to ‘return to school’ is probably false, too.  He is, of course, meaning high school.


 The Washington Post even has this editorial today that celebrates fatherless children:  I’m a single mother by choice. One parent can be better than two, claims this young lady who says her son doesn’t need a father because she loves him to pieces and knows exactly how to model a boy so he will not end up in prison or dead.  She even quotes dodgy statistics claiming that single moms are actually quite good for boys.


This is ridiculous.  Statistics | The Fatherless Generation


63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.

90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.

85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)

80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)

71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)

70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988)

85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)


Socializing boys can’t be done by mothers alone.  This is a sad reality.  Obviously, boys need to model themselves on someone who is a male.  And women pretending they are ‘like males’ aren’t able to be a good role model.  Humans like all other mammals are hardwired in many ways especially when it comes to sexual issues.  This is how evolution works.


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41 responses to “Blacks Murdering Whites In Philly: Democrats In Trouble Due To Race Politics

  1. hblinken

    …this young lady who says her son doesn’t need a father because she loves him to pieces and knows exactly how to model a boy so he will not end up in prison or dead…

    she has been watching too much Hollywood nonsense, you cannot watch a soap opera in the UK, without the obligatory gay, lesbian episodes, mainstream family unit are no good, father is lazy, mother is what brings the children up, etc etc. there must be an agenda, must be.

  2. Petruchio

    Elaine et al: Here’s one for you One of the local newspapers will NOT call the NFL team from Washington DC the Washington Redskins. That’s politically incorrect; the team is described in the papers as the Washington ‘team’. THAT’S how bad it is. However, this political correctness has some huge holes in it. White males for example. Television bombards the viewer with images of clueless, bumbling white males who are ONLY saved from complete misery by a ever so tolerant, understanding–and of course supremely wise, woman. Watching this kind of crud makes me wonder: if this b#tch is so wise, why did she hook up with the guy in the first place, let alone have kids with him? Same thing–in reverse–with black males. The TV black males are all much smarter than the white males. The black guy always has some snarky commentary about the white males bumbling foolishness. And of course, black families are frequently shown as having TWO parents, both are fully committed to raising their kids. It’s just TV and not reality, you say? No, it’s more than that, it’s agit-prop. The folks running the media have an agenda and it aint got nothing to do with facts.

  3. Lou

    The killing of ‘the old guy w the little dog’ by a 13 year old. WAKE UP – THIS IS HAPPENING DAILY. 100s of Yts [whiteys] are killed each year by Blacks.

    heres just one case –

    Australian athlete shot by ‘bored’ Oklahoma teens felled by ……/australian-athlete-shot-bored-oklah...
    Daily News
    Aug 27, 2013 – OKLAHOMA CITY — An Australian baseball player shot dead in a random … Lane was shot in the back while jogging near his girlfriend’s home. …. 2 teens say they were ‘bored’, so they shot & killed Australian man: cops.
    2 teens say they were ‘bored’, so they shot & killed ……/teenagers-allegedly-murder-colleg...
    Daily News
    Aug 20, 2013 – An Australian baseball player out for a jog in an Oklahoma … Australia, was killed for no reason while out running in the town of Duncan, Okla. … played as a youth with the message, “A wonderful young man taken too soon.

    Police: Australian baseball player killed by Oklahoma teens ……/australia-student-killed-oklahoma/

    Aug 20, 2013 – Christopher Lane, who was from Australia, was gunned down in Duncan, Oklahoma, while he was out jogging last … “They witnessed a young man run by on the street. … Charges filed in death of Australian student .


    When crime cases mention ‘youths’, ‘teens’ ‘groups of youths’ thats all double talk.

  4. Lou

    Share this with your local Starbucks employee.

    In three days :

    1. two negro children aged 13 and 14 murder a white man walking his dog. For no reason other than hatred of white people.

    2. a negro woman cuts a baby from a white mother’s womb, killing the baby.

    3. a crazed negro goes on a machete rampage in the New Orleans airport.

    During the same three day period, many White people have been raped, beaten, robbed and murdered by non Whites.

  5. John

    Obama, Sharpton, et al have ginned up racial animosity to a fever pitch, to produce exactly this result. This keeps people distraced from watching the banksters plunder the last little bit of wealth left in the public’s hands. It’s tragic and infuriating.

  6. e sutton

    From RT:
    A Chinese restaurant in the Kenyan capital does not admit Africans after 5pm, insisting they pose a security threat to its clients. The staff cites criminal situations and the activities of terrorist group Al Shabaab………….

    It’s in the DNA. It’s in the genes. It’s reflected in the IQ numbers. We’re just not allowed to discuss it here in the U.S. Free speech and all that neat stuff.
    Four cops are out of a job after an internal review within the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department in Florida uncovered a slew of racially-charged messages sent between officers, and even a homemade movie that’s ripe with hateful epithets. 3

    Don’t ever stop lovin’ on the negro if you be white (if you know what’s good for ya) 🙂

  7. e sutton


    My favorite commercial is the ADT Home Security System where the burglar is always depicted as a white man and the Security Officer is the Negro Sage Guardian of Morality. Those mettlesome white males will be the downfall of this nation yet. Best to get on with the extermination program of them, writ large.

  8. Floridasandy

    Clearly, fatherless children are a huge problem and the single mothers are not getting the job done in terms of teaching compassion and empathy. These kids are mean and tribal. It is so selfish to want to have a child by yourself and deny that child what other children get at birth. (getting dumped or left is another issue altogether)
    The poverty statistics are abysmal.
    This “hating on whitey” is being ginned up by obama to try to solidify the base, but the base is really sick of illegal immigration, lower wages, higher school and healthcare costs, and now that jackass global waming/carbon credit /one world government BS-which NOBODY is buying.

    I would love an investigative piece on al gore and his worthless current tv sale-they sure overpaid (on purpose!)

  9. emsnews

    But they are NOT ‘tribal’ at all!

    Black children and young adults are slaughtering EACH OTHER at a fairly shocking rate! Over 80% of black murders are done to black victims!

    White males, also, mainly kill whites, often family members or lovers or themselves. But at a far lower rate than black murders.

  10. emsnews

    You are right, the ADT commercials have a large black male as the protector of one’s home.

  11. anon

    ADT – at the same time some see him as a new ‘black lawn jockey statue’.

    You are right, the ADT commercials have a large black male as the protector of one’s home.

  12. Floridasandy

    It didn’t take starbucks long to drop their ill advised, badly executed program.

    Epic fail

  13. Petruchio

    e Sutton:
    When I’m not watching the Washington Redskins, I’m watching the Atlanta Braves baseball team. And I’m a big fan of the North Dakota Fighting Sioux college hockey team. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. emsnews

    Don’t go near any ticket scalpers. 🙂

  15. Petruchio

    Elaine. LOL. You should be pun-ished for that one!

  16. emsnews

    Ouch! That hurt, dammit. 🙂

  17. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ #6

    You wouldn’t happen to be a good ole [boy] southern racist, would ya?!!

  18. e sutton

    For your perusal. Race & IQ, Ranked Nationally. Sorry to upset the “but, but, but…we’re all equal!” cart. ;D
    1 Singapore 108
    2 South Korea 106
    3 Japan 105
    4 Italy 102
    5 Iceland 101
    5 Mongolia 101
    6 Switzerland 101
    7 Austria 100
    7 China 100
    7 Luxembourg 100
    7 Netherlands 100
    7 Norway 100
    7 United Kingdom 100
    8 Belgium 99
    8 Canada 99
    8 Estonia 99
    8 Finland 99
    8 Germany 99
    8 New Zealand 99
    8 Poland 99
    8 Sweden 99
    9 Andorra 98
    9 Australia 98
    9 Czech Republic 98
    9 Denmark 98
    9 France 98
    9 Hungary 98
    9 Latvia 98
    9 Spain 98
    9 United States 98
    10 Belarus 97
    10 Malta 97
    10 Russia 97
    10 Ukraine 97
    11 Moldova 96
    11 Slovakia 96
    11 Slovenia 96
    11 Uruguay 96
    12 Israel 95
    12 Portugal 95
    13 Armenia 94
    13 Georgia 94
    13 Kazakhstan 94
    13 Romania 94
    13 Vietnam 94
    14 Argentina 93
    14 Bulgaria 93
    15 Greece 92
    15 Ireland 92
    15 Malaysia 92
    16 Brunei 91
    16 Cambodia 91
    16 Cyprus 91
    16 FYROM 91
    16 Lithuania 91
    16 Sierra Leone 91
    16 Thailand 91
    17 Albania 90
    17 Bosnia and Herzegovina 90
    17 Chile 90
    17 Croatia 90
    17 Kyrgyzstan 90
    17 Turkey 90
    18 Cook Islands 89
    18 Costa Rica 89
    18 Laos 89
    18 Mauritius 89
    18 Serbia 89
    18 Suriname 89
    19 Ecuador 88
    19 Mexico 88
    19 Samoa 88
    20 Azerbaijan 87
    20 Bolivia 87
    20 Brazil 87
    20 Guyana 87
    20 Indonesia 87
    20 Iraq 87
    20 Myanmar (Burma) 87
    20 Tajikistan 87
    20 Turkmenistan 87
    20 Uzbekistan 87
    21 Kuwait 86
    21 Philippines 86
    21 Seychelles 86
    21 Tonga 86
    22 Cuba 85
    22 Eritrea 85
    22 Fiji 85
    22 Kiribati 85
    22 Peru 85
    22 Trinidad and Tobago 85
    22 Yemen 85
    23 Afghanistan 84
    23 Bahamas, The 84
    23 Belize 84
    23 Colombia 84
    23 Iran 84
    23 Jordan 84
    23 Marshall Islands 84
    23 Micronesia, Federated States of 84
    23 Morocco 84
    23 Nigeria 84
    23 Pakistan 84
    23 Panama 84
    23 Paraguay 84
    23 Saudi Arabia 84
    23 Solomon Islands 84
    23 Uganda 84
    23 United Arab Emirates 84
    23 Vanuatu 84
    23 Venezuela 84
    24 Algeria 83
    24 Bahrain 83
    24 Libya 83
    24 Oman 83
    24 Papua New Guinea 83
    24 Syria 83
    24 Tunisia 83
    25 Bangladesh 82
    25 Dominican Republic 82
    25 India 82
    25 Lebanon 82
    25 Madagascar 82
    25 Zimbabwe 82
    26 Egypt 81
    26 Honduras 81
    26 Maldives 81
    26 Nicaragua 81
    27 Barbados 80
    27 Bhutan 80
    27 El Salvador 80
    27 Kenya 80
    28 Guatemala 79
    28 Sri Lanka 79
    28 Zambia 79
    29 Congo, Democratic Republic of the 78
    29 Nepal 78
    29 Qatar 78
    30 Comoros 77
    30 South Africa 77
    31 Cape Verde 76
    31 Congo, Republic of the 76
    31 Mauritania 76
    31 Senegal 76
    32 Mali 74
    32 Namibia 74
    33 Ghana 73
    34 Tanzania 72
    35 Central African Republic 71
    35 Grenada 71
    35 Jamaica 71
    35 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 71
    35 Sudan 71
    36 Antigua and Barbuda 70
    36 Benin 70
    36 Botswana 70
    36 Rwanda 70
    36 Togo 70
    37 Burundi 69
    37 Cote d’Ivoire 69
    37 Ethiopia 69
    37 Malawi 69
    37 Niger 69
    38 Angola 68
    38 Burkina Faso 68
    38 Chad 68
    38 Djibouti 68
    38 Somalia 68
    38 Swaziland 68
    39 Dominica 67
    39 Guinea 67
    39 Guinea-Bissau 67
    39 Haiti 67
    39 Lesotho 67
    39 Liberia 67
    39 Saint Kitts and Nevis 67
    39 Sao Tome and Principe

  19. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I’ll take that as a “yes”! 😀

  20. e sutton

    If one likes to use labels, I prefer “race realist”, but yes. Low IQ +low impulse control + lack of sufficient future time orientation = negro dysfunctional behavior. Simple facts, yet not easily grasped and certainly not PC. Gnome sane?

  21. Pontiff Holysh*t

    First of all, the whole concept of IQ testing isn’t necessarily grounded on the most firm of scientific footing.

    But in any case, there are plenty of whites that have the same type of problems that you cite. For example, lots of real, real stupid backwards ass rednecks running around wreaking havoc, especially in the south, for example. Should those whites have their civil rights revoked as well?

    On the other hand, if you really want to make IQ the determining factor of who gets to be the big boss, sign me up! Then I can be the top 1% and you call all bow down to the mighty Pontiff HolySh*t! HAHAHA


  22. e sutton

    Should those whites have their civil rights revoked as well?

    Never suggested anything about civil rights revocation – for anyone. Classic straw man argument.

  23. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Well, if you support equal rights for blacks, then maybe you aren’t a racist.

    You could have just said so in the first place.

  24. emsnews

    Once upon a time I had a monstrously high IQ.

    I took my first GRADUATE LEVEL university course when I was only 17 years old.

    By the way, professor Oncks and I was alone in his study and he had no idea who I was. He said, ‘I was forced to take on this horrible girl with a high IQ and she is a 17 year old brat.’

    I was dressed deliberately like an older woman so I sniggered and said, ‘Oh, how terrible. I bet she is utterly spoiled, too,’

    Then, when the other graduate students came in (the professor was a visitor from Holland) he asked our names and mine was last and the blood drained from his face when he realized, before asking my name, that I was the spoiled brat.

    I laughed heartily and thereafter we became drinking buddies and had a ton of fun. Ahem.

    Anyways, my brains were fried when I had a deadly fever in 1969 and I nearly died and i lost a lot of IQ, too.

    And this is the result: I learned how to work at thinking! Instead of breezing along, arrogantly, I had to puzzle things out painfully and it actually was better with a lower IQ.

  25. Pontiff Holysh*t

    What I mean is, when I asked if you were a “good ole boy racist” the inference is a person who longs for Jim Crow, or even Antebellum days; the main idea being that blacks were kept “in their place” through legalized terrorism. If you don’t support that, maybe you’re a liberal!

    Beware of Historical Consequences, and all that.

    But I will decline to argue the liberal side of the legal debate on “affirmative action”, or maybe even stretching the commerce clause to cover the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  26. Floridasandy

    The truth is that america is going to be engaged in a battle to find its good core. We always had it, and we need to protect it. There ie evil playing out in the world and we need to be on the right side of it.

    I am not sure where obama stands, clearly his preference for disrespect of the law (think sharpton, the professor, muslim brotherhood, and his aunt) put him on the wrong side of the structure of civilized behavior for the freaking commander in chief. Letting the soldiers die while he went to bed is disgraceful, hillary was disgraceful, everybody ini that room who sat and watched was disgraceful.

    But nonody is going to jail, are they?

    We have two more dead law enforcement officers today, because the media is also on the wrong side of good and evil for now, and he who hesitates is lost. Obama can’t even do his own job well. So quit micromanaging the military and the police–you are incompetent to do so, sir!

    At least the supreme court decided that you should need id to vote– thank you for that small step back towards freedom and responsibility.

  27. Floridasandy

    Back on topic, hope we see some justice for this little white girl–burning-of-white-women-n1934196

    There certainly seems to be a smoking gun here.

  28. Are those

    obama kids too?

  29. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Well, if you want to be on the side of “good”, one thing you need to do is to get rid of the Pentagon.

    Hint: there is a reason it is shaped liked a pentagram, and it ain’t “good”.

    Hint #2 and corollary to Hint #1: The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t “hate us for our freedoms”. I.e., the U.S. is the true aggressor.

    I find the idea of some “good core” to be somewhat tenuous, again, the Pentagon Papers were printed in the NY Times and Nixon still won by a landslide. Americans seem to love ’em some war.

    But if there is a “good core” mass recognition of the aforementioned facts will be required. That doesn’t seem likely to me.

    It’s worth repeating: you will never be free until they throw a war and no one shows up. Until then, you might as well try to find a way to enjoy your slavery.

  30. Pontiff Holysh*t

    So, to sum up:

    Fighting as a “way of existence” + widespread belief in ridiculous “everlasting life” cults + modern weapons = evolutionary fail = human extinction.

    Simple, eh?

    If someone as stupid and ridiculous as me can easily understand it, it should be a breeze for everyone else!

  31. Floridasandy

    Pontiff, i see it as somewhat more complex than that, although i do think mass war isn’t an answer. It would be nuts to not see that there is true evil, think beheadings and somebody has to step up and stop it. Of course, now only muslims can really reform their religion. I don’t see the chinese getting involved, even though they have their own oriblems with uighers in their country.
    I think hit squads are excellent for targeting insane dangerous individuals, but they can’t seem to get jihad muhammed. –notice how the dirtbag media name him jihadi john to americanize him, even though his name is muhammed?


    ELAINE: The ancient Greeks when Socrates and other great philosophers were also fighting men in the Athenian army/navy…they butchered anyone who surrendered, chopped off their heads…enslaved the women and children and did other horrors. Yes, the greatest minds on earth did all this.

  32. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ #32

    The true evil is the Pentagon.

    The problem with hit squads targeting “insane dangerous individuals” is that anyone can be classified as an “insane dangerous individual” and then wacked. For example, political opponents guilty of nothing, or even if some general randomly takes a shine to someone’s wife. Even you or one of your family could be assassinated in this way. Under the Constitution, due process is supposed to require the highest procedural safeguards before anyone can be deprived of his or her life. And note the Fifth Amendment says person, not citizen. I assure you this language was chosen carefully, because the framers were keenly aware of the grave dangers associated with government assuming the powers that you advocate. Aside from our Constitution, international law also prohibits the types of assassinations you are advocating. If you haven’t read “1984”, I highly recommend it. It is a very short novel, and highly topical relative to the issue of the New World Order, which you seem to support wholeheartedly.

    If you want to get rid of “insane dangerous individuals”, I suggest you look in your own house first. But if you want to save “civilization” then applying due process is absolutely essential. For example, I also highly recommend a book called “The Trial of Henry Kissinger”; also very short and it has much information about crimes that your government commits and covers up on a routine basis.

    The New World Order uses your own negative energy, your hatred and fear (in this case of Muslims) to control and manipulate you into supporting their evil agenda! That’s their MO.

    If the Pentagon/MIC/New World Order would stop trying to control Muslim lands, then perhaps some would no doubt continue committing various atrocities but they would pretty much leave us alone. That’s want we want, right?

  33. emsnews

    The drone assassinations are war crimes, totally and utterly illegal, a violation of sovereignty of UN states, etc. And worse: USELESS. Stupid stuff from top to bottom and all the generals and Presidents doing this should be hauled into Nuremberg, Germany for a war crimes trial.

  34. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Where we disagree is about the “useless” part being worse.

  35. Jim R

    Drone assassinations, and the “cyber war” … not only are they stupid, but to the horror of the NATO and Pentagon weenies, some of the victims may discover that it isn’t all that hard to build a drone. The Donbass was actually a big industrial center with coal mines, steel mills, and engineers. Most of those old tanks they are driving were built there. They aren’t stupid.

    And then recall that Kaspersky Labs is the place where the absolute very best anti-virus software comes from. They unraveled “Stuxnet”. Does anyone doubt that they can dish it out, if they want or need to?

    And then there’s a story in the USA news that further infuriates me:
    they’ll be running a news story about evil Putin and Russian aggression, and then a short while later about our brave astronauts taking off for the space station … from where, again? Байконур? Is that in Florida someplace?

    Not only are they insane sociopaths, they are not really all that smart.

  36. emsnews

    And the tanks! I remember tanks in Europe in 1968. They sent them into the streets, clanking over cobblestones which we tore up and threw at them…they were used to run over STUDENTS like the ones in China years later.

    I saw these with my own eyes! HEH. I was there!

    Now they are massing them in Ukraine to do what?

    Run over CIVILIANS! That is their sole purpose. And the fools in the EU think Putin will faint when this happens? Are they NUTS????

    They were nuts when they tried this on us years ago. I know we didn’t run, we ran AROUND the tanks and attacked from above from windows, etc.

    The tanks didn’t work. We even got a VW stuck on the front of this tank on a narrow street which stopped the military on foot!!! We were so damn clever.

  37. Jim R

    I hope I’m not becoming a war nerd, I swear .. got started watching the Ukraine because the news here was obviously nothing but lies.

    But now that I’m watching, yeah, Putin will not faint. And if anything happens to Putin, Russia has plenty of available smart ruthless people to take his place.

    No, tanks are not useful for urban warfare. Their real purpose, originally, is to replace the horse-mounted cavalry in the countryside.

    What has been interesting in this conflict is the use of portable missiles for taking down helicopters and such. The Cong didn’t have ’em in Vietnam and the helicopters just went where they pleased, dodging a little rifle fire here and there, dropping napalm and fragmentation weapons. The Novorussians have been using the missiles to reduce it to a ground conflict, where they can prevail. I think the NATO weenies were thinking they would bomb Donetsk and Lugansk into submission, and that plan has clearly failed.

    Not that the Russians don’t publish lies, too, but it’s always nice to get another viewpoint. The truthiness of CNN has been dismally poor lately.

  38. Lou

    Blacks killing. The latest news story was sooooo BIZARRE I knew the perps are black.
    Google ‘giseleangelique rene d’milian, 47’.
    Not that the news mentions her race.

    Think about this,

    Keith Alexander, co-host of “The Political Cesspool” radio show mentioned he worked (or attended law school…I can’t remember) with famous lawyer/author John Grisham.

    Grisham, as most of you know wrote a book called “A Time to Kill” (it was later made into a film by hollyweird) where two White racists kidnap & rape a young Black girl.
    As we all know White on Black rape is one of the rarest violent crimes recorded. Less than 1%.

    Anyway…Keith mentioned the case that actually inspired “A Time to Kill” involved a young White girl being raped by Negroes.
    But the jews who own and run most of the publishing companies wouldn’t publish a book centered on a Black-on-White rape.
    So Grisham [elitist anti White racist] flipped the races to the usual “Evil YT” narrative.

  39. Lou

    ‘took my first GRADUATE LEVEL university course when I was only 17 years old.’..what was the class in?

  40. emsnews

    German philosophers of the 19th century like Kant. My standard take on that was to say, ‘I can’t stand Kant’. My professor would even laugh.

    The class was in German, not English.

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