Common Core Catastrophe: Analyzing ‘Stone Fox’ A Idiotic Story Children Must Understand To Pass The CC Tests

I have marveled for quite a while about the insane Common Core school reforms that makes things infinitely worse for US students who struggle to catch up with Asian and European students who learn mainly via older, traditional school methods that worked for hundreds of years.  Each time someone ‘fixes’ our schools they do worse and the attempt at getting poorer, socially dysfunctional students to ‘learn’ has made it harder for regular children to learn and this whole mess is causing huge problems which is leading to the entire collapse of the US public school system which I was part of as a child and which everyone assumed, worked OK back then.


This very expensive ‘reform’ is, like the CO2 nonsense, a total failure because children, like the planet’s climate, refuse to work like computer models predict and so the reforms lead to a collapse in learning, not expanding learning:  What this spring’s Common Core tests promised, and what they will actually deliver – The Hechinger Report


Four years and over $360 million later, new Common Core tests are here. What’s new and what isn’t…


Since then political battles over the Common Core have dampened enthusiasm for the tests. Some have cried foul over how the federal government incentivized the program, calling it federal overreach. Others have complained about how long these tests will take — Smarter Balanced will take eight and a half hours, while some PARCC tests will take over ten hours. Yet more critics have panned the tests because they will be used in some states to evaluate teachers.


This spring, of the original 26 states that signed up for PARCC, just 11 plus Washington, D.C. are giving the test. Of the original 31 signed up for Smarter Balanced, only 18 are still on board.


Both teachers and students are in agony due to these tests.  No one is going to learn anything from this except…AVOID ALL THESE TESTS.  They will learn to run away, rich kids by leaving public schools totally and poor kids by dropping out.  What a complete disaster this is.  The reforms have been pushed hard by some of the most asocial students ever: the founders of the computer revolution.


I grew up inside the computer revolution and the computer top guys were all nerds who had very poor social skills and little understanding of child psychology since they were utterly different children from ‘normal’ kids.  They, above all people, are the least capable of figuring out how to teach anyone, anything.  Indeed, much of my life has been dealing with the absurd messes created by computer experts who seem indifferent to systems created that torment normal people.


Ducey requests Common Core review at Arizona State Board of Education as yet more governors opt out of the entire mess and understandably.  Here is a Common Core story that utterly infuriated me:  Common Core and PARCC wring the love out of literature | Chicago Sun Times:


When I read the last chapter of Stone Fox, I was devastated. My eyes burned. With my students, I turned my book around to show them the note I made when I got to the end, which said “NOOOOO! This is horrible! I hate this! Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!”


One student stirred, “I was sad,” he said, “I love dogs.”


“Yeah, that was weird when Stone Fox stopped and said he would shoot anyone who passed them,” said another.


“Why did he do that?” asked a third.


“Good question!” I interjected, a feeling of relief washing over me.


I never heard of this story so I looked it up.  Stone Fox – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: It is written in simple prose and is set at an indeterminate time in the American Old West.


 Little Willy finds his grandfather lying in bed. Doc Smith, the only doctor in town, tells Willy that his grandfather no longer wants to live. Clifford Snyder, a tax collector, goes into Little Willy’s house and, with a derringer in his hand, demands to know how much his grandfather owes the state. After seeing some papers he tells Willy that they owe the state of Wyoming 500 dollars. The next day Willy enters a dog sled race that has a reward of 500 dollars.


Willy sees a sled being pulled by five Samoyeds (fast dogs used for sled racing). The man on the sled signs up for the race, and Willy learns it is Stone Fox, a Native American who doesn’t talk to white people and has never lost a race. During the race, Willy’s light one-dog sled shows unexpected advantages in managing tight curves and enabling a perilous short-cut over a frozen lake.


However, Searchlight becomes so tired that her heart bursts and she dies instantly about 10 feet from the finish line. Stone Fox makes a line on the ground with his boot, takes out his rifle, and warns that if any other racers cross the line, he’ll shoot. He then concedes the match to Willy by letting Willy carry Searchlight across the finish line to everyone’s amazement.


The more I read the more I got enraged.  This story is total hogwash.  It was written first as a ‘kid friendly/lovable native American Indian/good guy saves white folk’ story.  It is total fantasy that is an insult to history, to native tribes and to my family.  For my great grandpa Pettit was a calvary officer based first in the Idaho/North Dakota territories where my grandfather was born before they moved to the Gadsden Purchase and lived at Fort Lowell in Tucson, aka, the Wild West.


This crazy story supposedly takes place in Wyoming during my grandfather’s adulthood, after the native tribes were violently defeated and driven onto reservations.  White Europeans came pouring in to exploit the lands and dig up mineral riches.  Indian natives were NOT FRIENDLY or HAPPY about any of this…at all.  They didn’t like the invaders.  Not one tiny bit at all.


I grew up partially on tribal grounds and my early babysitters were natives in Arizona:  Kitt Peak National Observatory: Tohono O’odham


In 1955, Abt, fellow astronomer Aden Meinel (who became Kitt Peak’s first director) and engineer Harold Thompson began searching for potential sites.


My father said, ‘I fell in love with the mountain and wanted to live there so I hoped it would work out when we checked it out.’


California had two good observatories—Lick Observatory near San Francisco, and Mount Palomar near San Diego. But the team quickly decided against putting another observatory in California. They wanted to find a place where it was less cloudy, said Katy Garmany, an associate scientist at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) in Tucson.


California had too much light and air pollution.  Also, my dad hated LA. Tucson, back then, was one tenth the size it is today.


In addition to clear, dry skies, the ideal site had to be far from city lights but close enough to an urban area that had materials to build observatories, homes and schools. The top of the mountain needed to be flat for construction…In March 1956 the astronomers received permission from the Tohono O’odham Nation to ride up Kitt Peak on horseback. Two O’odham guides—Al Martines and Raymond Lopez—accompanied them. At the top, the O’odham guides explained the importance of the mountain, their creator I’itoi and cultural perspectives on the land.


I had many doings with the mountain and the people who lived there.  I and my siblings discovered the cave on the west face of Kitt Peak that faced the cave on Bavaquivari mountain that was the top religious mountain of the O’odham.  The cave on Bavaquivari where I’itoi lived was on the eastern face and the sun shone in on the spring equinox while the cave on Kitt Peak lit up in the fall equinox.


The natives on the reservation there were allowed to have rifles when I was a child.  But you can bet no tribes were allowed guns during the 19th century once they were suppressed.  When the Apaches were raiding the O’odham during the late 19th century (Geronimo) my great grandfather had to ride forth to hunt him down and the O’odham were allowed to carry rifles and be the lead hunters but this was an exception, not the rule.


The calvary protected (more or less) the tribes from the ranchers and others who flooded into the Wild West.  Also, you were not allowed to sell fire water to the tribes, either.  Today, drunkenness is a curse on the tribes.  When I was a child, it was still illegal to sell this on the reservations.  One thing I know is, Indians were not very interested in saving ranchers or farmers who were aliens because these people were INVADERS.  And in the 19th century, this was doubly true.


So, this goofy story for our children is packed with lies.  The idea that this asocial Indian who doesn’t talk to white men, would, out of the blue, decide to save the (illegally stolen from the tribe) farm occupied by an invader…is insane.  The part where the sheriff comes to collect the tax carrying a gun and demanding it from a sick man is also insane.  I grew up out west and knew many elderly people including natives, children of former slaves (Arizona was anti-slave state), frontiers people like my relatives and god mother who was born before the Civil War, and they would assure everyone, if they were still alive, that this sort of thing would never have happened.


Wyoming | Tax Foundation


Full study of Tax Freedom Day, nationwide and in each state
Wyoming’s State and Local Tax Burden Lowest in Nation

Wyoming’s 2011 tax burden of 6.9% ranks lowest out of 50 states, and is below the national average of 9.8%. Wyoming’s taxpayers pay $3500 per capita in state and local taxes.


There was a lot of tension in Wyoming back then…between rich ranchers and little ranchers which exploded into open warfare since both were allowed to be armed:  Johnson County War of 1892.  The weather went bad and there was chaos in the free range lands which led to desperate measures.  Many Hollywood movies were made about this time period.


Back then, when people couldn’t pay taxes or anything else, they simply moved on.  The Little House on the Prairie stories by Ingalls is all about her father running from place to place due to being unable to make money off of various farm and ranch ventures.  No one thought one minute about moving onwards, mostly westwards and this includes my own relations on both my mom and dad’s side of the family all of whom lived out West since the Gold Rush era.


Moving about restlessly was common, not unusual.  This is why ghost towns exist out West, too.  No one in my family lived very long anywhere out West, they were all over kingdom come.  People didn’t get kicked off of properties by the sheriff, they were driven off by hostile others including…the natives who rose up periodically.  This is why, even when I was a kid, one learned how to shoot a gun because we couldn’t call the cops, say, on Kitt Peak, for example.  We were the ‘cops’.


The storyline that the sick man was threatened with eviction from his ‘home’ is crazy.  Back then, people helped each other, too including the sheriff unless the rich ranchers wanted an eviction and then, ‘winning a dog race’ wouldn’t do the trick, would it?


The earliest dog sled race I could find was this:  Dog Gone Long | Your portal to long-distance sled dog racing


The oldest annual sled dog race that still continues to this day is the American Dog Derby, which began in 1917. It is held in February in Ashton, Idaho. It features several sprint races, from 7.5 miles to 100 miles.


1917: my grandfather was already an adult and working at observatories in Texas and California by then.  My grandmother was a woman’s suffragette who pioneered many things regarding women’s rights.  The tribes in the Wild West were utterly defeated even Geronimo was finished.


Now onto the other premise of this fake story: the purse for the dog sled race.  Back in 1900, $500 purses were the lower end of thoroughbred races in New York.  Prestigious races were $3,000 purses.  I cannot imagine a mere dog race at the dawn of dog racing, running for a $500 purse out in the hither lands of Wyoming.  This is just crazy.  $500 back then would be worth over $20,000 today.


Here is a prime example: the Kuskokwim 300 Race has a purse today of…$5,700 dollars.  The Beginning – Iditarod had no prize money.  And it first ran in 1973!  Today you can win…$50,000 which is roughly double the amount the story had in this frontier ‘race’ that never happened in reality.  And this, after huge publicity and lots of TV coverage.


Then there is the Samoyed dog business in this goofy story:  Samoyed Club of America


Samoyeds were brought out of Siberia at the end of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century to pull sledges on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. These valiant dogs endured terrible hardships serving man in his quest for the poles. Only a few returned.


And NONE were in Wyoming back then.  And who had these dogs?  By 1920, mainly rich people, not tribes in Wyoming.  The American Kennel Club which was mainly in New York back then, recognized this dog as a ‘breed’ back in 1906.

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 6.56.20 PM

Here is a typical Samoyed owner back then: a lady.  Yes, young ladies, not tribes living in the wilds…er…reservations in Wyoming.


Proof the natives hated the newcomers:  Idaho’s Indian Wars:  


Stock raisers had tried for years to drive Joseph’s Nez Perce band from Wallowa into North Idaho. Joseph, White Bird, and several other Nez Perce leaders did not accept an 1863 proposal to reduce the size of their reservation after the illegal influx of gold-seekers. Although the Indians were reluctant to give up their homelands, General Oliver Otis Howard forced Joseph to move to North Idaho in 1877. White Bird’s band was also under military pressure to move from Salmon River to the new reservation, and became involved in fighting that spread to Joseph’s people as well: on June 14, 1877, three Indians avenged old outrages, and the army decided to retaliate…(at the end of the wars with the US calvary)…the Nez Perce turned towards Canada. But they were surprised again near the border by a force under Colonel Nelson A. Miles. After several days of indecisive fighting, Joseph came to an agreement with the army by which he would settle on the reservation in Idaho; White Bird and many of the warriors feared to return and went on to Canada. The agreement with Joseph, through no fault of those who made it, was not kept, and Joseph’s group, more women and children than men, were sent to Kansas and Oklahoma, where those who survived spent several years before they were returned to the Pacific Northwest.


Montana: Crow Reservation – American Indian Relief Council


History of the Reservation: The 1851 Laramie Treaty granted the Crow 3.5 million acres, mostly in the Yellowstone region. However, despite helping the U.S. government in the Indian Wars of the 1870s, the Crow did not get better treatment than any other Indian tribe. By the 1880s, the Crow were forced by the government to cede a majority of their land.


Allotments for private land were issued in 1887. Between 1922 and 1962 allotment holders sold much of their, mostly along the three rivers that ran through the Reservation, as a source for badly needed income. In the 1950s the government forced the Crow to sell their right to the Bighorn Canyon to make room for the Yellowtail dam, further gutting the Crow’s territory. Finally, in 1981, the state of Montana acquired ownership of the Bighorn River, whittling the Reservation down to 2.2 million acres.


Without exception, virtually all tribes resent foreign interlopers.  They don’t like tourists even as they exploit tourists.  Back then, if an ‘Injun’ pulled ANY gun on ANY pale face, they were KILLED by EVERYONE who was European invader.  Without exception.  No way in hell could a native who was going to win a mythological $500 purse pull a gun and threaten to kill anyone who was racing for this huge, gigantic amount of money, survive for five minutes with a single rifle in his hands!


No racers would be without arms and the native would not be allowed to have any arms.  Sheesh.  The entire story is insane and infuriates me and children are being asked to analyze this incredible pack of lies????


When I was a child I would have known this was a totally unbelievable story since I heard real stories from real Victorian era Western folk, both native and invader, and knew the real stuff from the fake which is why I disliked cowboy movies, too.


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31 responses to “Common Core Catastrophe: Analyzing ‘Stone Fox’ A Idiotic Story Children Must Understand To Pass The CC Tests

  1. emsnews

    And I would have been kicked out of class for rising up and yelling at the teacher if any had read me this story, too.

    We had ‘Indian stories’ when I was a child in school and these were actually striving to be historically true and believe it or not, most were sympathetic to the plight of the natives and were not offensive ‘cowboy versus Indian’ stuff, either and I enjoyed the stories because they strove to be fair and truthful.

    Wish they were used today.

  2. Jim R

    Hopefully the kiddies today can find your article on the interweb and cite IT when they are asked to “analyze” the story 😉

  3. emsnews

    The author of the story just had to have all sorts of details that betrayed his ignorance of reality.

    And of course, the Nobel Savage and the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham…hahaha. By the way, my Steele ancestors WERE medieval ‘sheriffs’ who were actually Norman knights and they did ruthlessly tax and abuse the peasants.

  4. Seraphim

    Normans knights are associated with the birth of the feudal system in Western Europe. I found this epitome on a site which often discussed the Norman Conquest of the Old Orthodox England:

    “Academic study after academic study confirms that the event of 1054 is simply the central point of a chain of events between about 900 and about 1200, with the Schism being actively prepared from about the Year 1000 in ‘the crisis of the 11th century’. And by far the most important physical manifestation of the spirit of the Schism, that is, of the theology of the filioque, is the invention of a thoroughly anti-Christian social order called Feudalism – the ultimate pyramid scheme and protection racket.
    Thus, the beginning of the Schism can be determined by the physical manifestations of Feudalism – the appearance of an order and institutions which simply do not exist in Christian (= Non-Feudal, Pre-Feudal, Orthodox) civilization, whose development accelerated enormously in the West after about 1050. The clear chain of events involved is: the clearly anti-Christian and much hated wave of castle-building started in about 950 by ‘lords’, that is racketeers and extortioners; the ‘knightmare’ appearance in about 1000 in these ‘castles’ of mounted, mail-clad thugs and marauders called ‘knights’ (= servants) who exercised a legalized reign of terror to enslave, extort and plunder, but who themselves were vassals of their lords; the ensuing militarization of the countryside in order to enforce serfdom (enslavement or ‘feudalism’), whereby peasant freedom was crushed and they were made dependent on the warrior households in the castles and herded into concentration camp villages; the leading role in all this of the now feudalized (theologically speaking, filioquized) Western Church, which had become a Westernized Church, that is, a Super-State, Institution and so Religion, and the rejection of this from about 1020 on by people who were called heretics.”

    These knights became the “Chivalry” and then the “Nobility” of Europe and established a long lasting, loving and profitable relation with the Jewish usurers whom they made their tax collectors. An alliance of Steel and Gold. And together they went to conquer New Worlds (and Old ones as well).

  5. emsnews


    We Normans were actually Viking raiders who were nothing but trouble at home who went abroad looking for loot. Finding it easily, we settled in to exploit the local populace sort of like hunter/herder rulers like the Mongols, for example.

    We then settled into butchering each other fighting over the booty. Normans are infamous for hating their nearest relatives and History of England and France etc. is all about this internal family feuding which was so very violent, the ruling elite Normans pretty much annihilated each other (example: King Richard III was the last of the Norman Brit rulers).

    The creators of feudalism were self-destructive which goes to show that being nasty doesn’t work well in the long run.

  6. Patrick

    It’s strange how kids can get in trouble today for saying the word ‘gun’ or holding their thumb and index finger in the air like a make-believe revolver. Yet the gov’t run schools are OK telling a story where some guy threatens to shoot anyone who attempts to complete a dog race.

    I’m not sure what to think of that…

    Another problem with this story is – it glorifies a bizarre, collectivist community. Why on earth should the townsfolk be forced to aid a man who chose not to pay his taxes?

    It almost seems like the government is telling kids – you will pay your taxes under penalty of death. And by the way – if your neighbor can’t pay his taxes – we will find a way to limit your achievements so that you can pay his taxes as well.


    ELAINE; It is much worse than that. My great grandparent’s Wild West lives had lots and lots to do with giving aid and charity to strangers and people brought down by misfortune…SO LONG AS IT WASN’T CAUSED BY DRINKING.

    My great grandmother in old Tucson was one of the members of the anti-saloon brigade. They would go in with their umbrellas and assail the places! She also paid for proper sidewalks because she was tired of her dresses getting dirty.

    Up until my own adulthood one could still see stamped on all the sidewalks of downtown Tucson ‘Woman’s Temperance League built this’.

    The libertarian belief that the Wild West was all about tough individuals is crazy. Women tamed the west. And were intensely social.

  7. Christian W

    Here is an 8th grade test from 1912. How would you do? 🙂 How would kids today do?

  8. Christian W

    Here is the link to the article from which the pic of the test is taken:

  9. melponeme_k

    “Indeed, much of my life has been dealing with the absurd messes created by computer experts who seem indifferent to systems created that torment normal people.”


    “Each time someone ‘fixes’ our schools they do worse and the attempt at getting poorer, socially dysfunctional students to ‘learn’ has made it harder for regular children to learn and this whole mess is causing huge problems which is leading to the entire collapse of the US public school system which I was part of as a child and which everyone assumed, worked OK back then.”

    These are two facets of the same problem. Mainly trying to level up people who are lacking.

    Computer techies have, by and large, autistic personality problems. Their goals in creating many computer programs were to bypass the problems they had socially and/or mentally. But by gearing computers solely toward their issues, they have not leveled themselves up to normal interactions. Instead they have brought us all low, they have enforced semi-autistic behaviors in a normal populace. Hence why kids now can only communicate through social media and have a hard time with eye contact and socialization.

    We’ve discussed the education problem many times. I even worked at a place trying to “change” education to help minorities. Again, they only succeed by bringing standards so low that ALL children fail thereby evening out the playing field.

  10. vengeur

    Our new governor here in Arizona, Ducey, campaigned against common core, but now that he has been elected he has reversed himself. LOL . Typical lying ass politician.

  11. Shawntoh

    IMHO, it all comes down to the disastrous influences of 3,000 to 5,000 years of Patriarchy, The System.

    Having worked with computers and computer programmers since 1980, I agree wholeheartedly with Elaine and the many other folks in this forum who have pointed out the “socially-challenged” aspect of computer programmers who don’t get the proper training to be, “user-friendly”, to people not as computer literate as them.

    This happens not only with the customers specifically targeted who buy and use computer hardware/software products/services, but also the non-computer programmers they needed to interact with in the company they work at and, outside vendors, –just to get projects working sustainably!

    Thus, this doesn’t surprise me at all that it was a bunch of nerds notoriously creating this latest educational disaster.

    That’s why I loved aspects of doing tech support over the phone instead of just doing only programming. Why?

    Because you were working directly with customers impacted by the hardware and software products and services that the customers struggled with to understand and use practically on an everyday basis to make their lives and others better.

    You really knew what worked practically and what didn’t from interacting honestly with the customers seeking help over the phone for their issues with the hardware/software product/services.

    You weren’t back in some cube in your own world, like too many programmers, who become out of touch with the practical aspects of the impact of hardware/software product/services on computer users to consider certain consequences that would impact regular folks not as computer literate as them.

    Remember, folks, we don’t buy hardware/software products/services for the magical features computer programmers dream up in an attempt to dazzle us with their self-congratulatory genius. Nope–

    We use hardware/software/services, not because of the features alone, but because those features BENEFIT us!

    How many people use some of the more exotic features of that these nerds dream up, maybe only for themselves? Then there’s this aspect–

    Due to Patriarchy, my experience consistently was that the management running the operations made working conditions a pure hell, at times, as you, “the tech monkey”, were attempting to do tech support over the phone in a humane and caring manner, and, unfortunately, management would “burnout” many tech people working the phones with their draconian practices that would make you feel like you were working in a minimum security prison with a day pass to take your lunch and your 15 minute breaks –especially when leaving and returning to the building you slaved at for a corporation–a horribly brutal institution created by Patriarchy.

    Patriarchy hallucinates that “you must control, control, control!” and attempts to do so with tragic results, making big messes large and small.

    For example, on a large scale, Patriarchy insists on the erroneous belief you can somehow “control” nature. Nope, sorry, no can do–you can, at most,”influence” conditions a little bit with Great Nature, like the people who live close to the land, who understand the practical laws of nature and respect it–but that’s it.

    Otherwise you get unsustainable practices that give a short-term results and ends up with long-term disasters, in most cases. Look at what’s happened to the top soil due to depletion! I’ve seen standing water in cornfields in Wisconsin called “runoff” water due to exploitative factory farm practices

    The short-term results that generate benefits in the form of profit are grabbed by the greed-heads at the top of the pyramid running the show, and then they throw out a few crumbs here and there to those below them doing the practical work in the rigid hierarchy ruled coldly and inhumanely by the top chain of command, the evil echelon, who some envy, unfortunately.

    Permaculture, in contrast, seeks to work in harmony with nature and I hope it catches on more with folks. We’ll see.

    Elaine, I believe you still have Riane Eisler’s two books I sent you and they outline an excellent alternative she refers to as “The Partnership Way”. Her recent book, The Power of Partnership, is very good and more practical and a great improvement on her workbook for Partnership and I highly recommend her work to everyone to consider as an alternative to Patriarchy.

    Partnership is the solution, I believe. Otherwise, you just get the flip-side of the same phoney coin, so instead of Patriarchy, you get that which some have dubbed “Matriarchy”. While still working in a Patriarchal structure, note how Margaret Thatcher is an example of what happens when women buy into The System of Patriarchy and note the tragic results that she foisted onto British society.

  12. Pontiff Holysh*t

    All this nerd bashing has to stop. Or we will crush you. Oh wait, we already have.

    Carry on.

  13. Seraphim

    @7.Christian W,

    Thank you, eternally grateful. I was desperately trying to find the test in my archive in order to make the same point, but it just disappeared. Certainly it would find it when I had no more use for it!
    Anyhow it shows that in 1912 a country child knew more geography and history than a US President a century later. WTF?

  14. emsnews

    Look, we are all nerds here.

    This means understanding our inability to interface with the ‘normals’. We are, frankly, weird.

    And we learn differently which means we are lousy at figuring out how to teach the ‘normal’ children who hate our way of thinking or interacting!

  15. anon

    Community v. Diversity. The more diverse yr area, the less participation in that community.; People feel they dont belong and withdraw.
    source unknown,

    first of all, in case you didn’t know (i didn’t), these people studying the dynamics of communities — the ones who like to promote diversity — are known as “community psychologists.” no, really. who on EARTH hires a community psychologist? besides universities, that is. real, actual communities? doubt it. some governmental agencies? probably (i dread to imagine). waste of taxpayers’ money. (judging by their own research results!)
    secondly, their goal really IS to promote diversity — even though, as their research keeps showing, Diversity Doesn’t Work. apparently, it’s part of the mission statement of the american psychological association‘s society for community research and action (scra). unfortunately, the scra’s mission statement doesn’t seem to be accessible to non-members [link to the pdf]. but here from the “(In)compatiblity” paper:
    “Fostering respect for diversity is important for community psychologists and is embedded in the mission statement of the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA), Division 27 of the American Psychological Association. Specifically, one of the goals of SCRA is ‘to promote … greater inclusion for historically marginalized groups, and respecting all cultures’ (SCRA 2010, p. 13). To this end, community psychologists aim to encourage contexts that facilitate respect for diversity, and view these contexts as promoting individual and collective wellbeing (Prilleltensky 2001).”
    never mind that they, themselves, keep finding that Diversity Doesn’t Work.
    from this latest piece of research:
    “[W]e simulated social network formation in 500 neighborhoods that varied in their level of integration, each time computing the resulting network’s clustering coefficient (steps 2–5, the integration loop). Figure 4 plots each neighborhood’s opportunity for residents to develop a respect for diversity (as measured by its level of residential integration) and its capacity to foster a sense of community (as measured by its residents’ personal network density). A very clear, albeit somewhat non-linear, negative correlation between diversity and sense of community emerges (r = -0.85, p.001; step 6).

    Neighborhoods with the greatest opportunity for residents to develop a respect for diversity (i.e. highly integrated neighborhoods) have the least capacity to foster a sense of community. Likewise, neighborhoods with the least opportunity for residents to develop a respect for diversity (i.e. highly segregated neighborhoods) have the greatest capacity to foster a sense of community. This finding suggests that, the values of community psychology notwithstanding, it is not possible to simultaneously promote respect for diversity and sense of community in a typical world where relationship formation is driven by homophily and proximity.”

  16. anon

    As far as the old test from some school, there is similar is either “Bell Curve’ or one of T Sowells books. It was for admission to public HS.

  17. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Yeah, they are going to hate my way of interacting, which is to ruthlessly crush them.



  18. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I’m so bad.

  19. e sutton

    Glad you weighed in on this, Elaine. I had the misfortune of having to teach 2nd and 3rd graders how to make inferences from reading this book. Obviously, the children were all confused, even the bright ones. The book uses a lot of imagery, much of which is lost on kids that young. In my own experience, it was difficult getting into the heads of characters in a book or novel. I didn’t learn how to do that until I was in junior high. As you mentioned, the inaccuracies and illogical steam of events made it even more stupefying. Yet another liberal attempt to beat YT over the head with his ill treatment of the Native American. They start the indoctrination young.

  20. Seraphim

    @Pontiff Holysh*t “I’m so bad”.

    You are just ridiculous.

  21. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I know. I’m ridiculous and stupid.

    You know what’s even more ridiculous?

    People who believe they are going to live forever in paradise after they die.

    Not only are they ridiculous, they are DANGEROUS. In fact, they will probably be responsible for human extinction.

    Enjoy your apocalypse.

  22. Seraphim

    @Elaine about Normans,

    Did you know that the Vikings were in fact part of a rather ancient (even Mesolithic) group of boat people, who moved over long distances (both on sea and internal rivers) engaging in commerce and piracy?
    They were the various groups known as Veneti, who formed colonies from the coasts of Brittany to the Baltic and Venice proper. But they were mostly Finno-Ugric (one cannot exclude a relation to the Etruscans, whose language has been identified recently as a Ugric “dialect”).

  23. tio

    “And we learn differently which means we are lousy at figuring out how to teach the ‘normal’ children who hate our way of thinking or interacting!”. And by accepting this we are free to experiment on what does work, after all, that is what motivates us.

    Circumstances in the future may require an educational curriculum of a more practical nature, thus rendering the current ‘political’ model mute, methinks.

    Here on Airstrip One we are fortunate enough to know that progress is viewed with the deepest suspicion by the TPTB. Innovation is crushed on a routine basis, as it should be, like pulling weeds. Who would share the fate of the inventor?

  24. tio

    ELAINE: Your posting didn’t work so I erased it because it went out of the box.

  25. tio

    Sorry about that.


    ELAINE: Perhaps you can try it again, differently?

  26. John

    The autistic nerds’ approach to fixing problems, which separates people from each other, plays well into the hands of the oligarchy, who must divide us in order to control us. This crap isn’t implemented by accident.

  27. Jim R

    John, exactly.
    It isn’t the autistic nerds who are running things, it is the sociopaths.

  28. Christian W

    I agree with John here. It’s not the nerds that are imposing the crap systems on us, they are just being good little servants.

    @Seraphim, you are most welcome. Thank you to everyone who has had kind words for me on here as well 🙂

  29. melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    And the Autistic nerds are eating it all up from the Sociopaths. Because all of them, every last one I ever spoke to, loves them some Ayn Rand. They love her so much they envy Greenspan kissing her ass. They loved her so much, they sat on their hands while the sociopaths gave their jobs away to H1B visa slave labor and they didn’t unionize! I guess unionizing is against the church of Ayn Rand.

    They only have themselves to blame. As well as trying their hardest to turn the rest of us into semi-austistics.

  30. tio

    “What a complete disaster this is. The reforms have been pushed hard by some of the most asocial students ever: the founders of the computer revolution.”

    I feel fairly sure that I am safe in saying that the ‘founders’ of said revolution had little interest in american educational politics. Since I am an alien, I defer to your good judgement on this. As for the turds that managed to float to the top of these arenas in the US, they were always an expression of the establishment, that’s how it works. Why you confuse/conflate this is perplexing. Alas, it appears being several neurons short of a synapse has become a genetic deficiency all too common in the indispensible nation.

  31. emsnews

    About the insane story children must analyze for the common crap tests:

    The Noble Savage in the story should have WON THE DAMN RACE. Then he could give the $500 to the kid with the sick daddy.

    Instead, he has to do basically a stick up using a gun violently threatening to kill people while the kid cheats and wins with NO DOGGIE. The dog is dead! Like a racehorse that goes down, disqualified since it is a doggie race, not a boy on foot race with no doggie.

    Gods, this book pisses me off, big time. If I were a kid, I would demand it be banned.

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