No More Nuclear Fuel In Core Of Fukushima Reactor #1

New images show all melted fuel is “gone” from Fukushima reactor — Experts: Molten core may have reached outer environment, can’t tell if fuel is still contained — Official: “We presume fuel still in containment vessel… but we need to check one day”  sometime in the far, far future which will probably never come.


The global warmists have been quite loudly proclaiming that saving us from a warmer climate means using mainly nuclear power.  They don’t say this all too loudly because of the catastrophes in Ukraine and Japan.  So they talk about solar/wind energy which is supplemental, not useful in the long run.


Both Chernobyl and Fukushima are now totally ignored by EU and US media.  The New York Times does have a number of back page stories, no front page, about Fukushima.  Japan Audit: Millions of Dollars Wasted in Fukushima Cleanup is one that is interesting.  TEPCO and Abe’s fascist government are mainly putting on a show pretending they are cleaning it all up when they are merely shoving stuff around while radioactive water pours into the Pacific Ocean causing horrible disruptions of sea life there.


The Royal family, little worried about genetic degradation thanks to belonging to a heavily inbred population of slackers for the last several hundred years, sent one of the princes to Japan where Prince William juggles balls and plants tree at Fukushima play school. So this was also reported by the NYT.  But not the shocking news that Fukushima’s reactors have totally melted down and we have no idea where this goo has gone.


Fukushima Residents Torn Over Nuclear Waste Storage Plan is an understatement.  There is no sane place to put this waste.  And a Japanese Man Arrested for Sending Boy to Help Fukushima Clean-Up because the cleanup is being run by the Yakuza.


Here is the Google search engine for ‘Fukushima’:

  1. The $6.8 Billion Great Wall of Japan: Fukushima Cleanup Takes on 

    TIME‎ – 16 hours ago
    More than four years after the catastrophic tsunami that crippled several nuclear reactors in Fukushima, the Japanese utility that owns the site is …

    The Fukushima Cleanup Wasted Half a Billion Dollars on Bad  Gizmodo
    Millions of dollars wasted in Fukushima nuclear plant cleanup: audit CTV News
    Amid rampant waste, Fukushima’s frozen wall up in smoke Al Jazeera America (blog)
    Fox News –

  2. At Beaver Valley, upgrades are underway in response toFukushima 

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‎ – 1 day ago
    “But what Fukushima showed us is that there’s always something you don’t think about that takes away that last thing you’re gonna want.”.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  3. 8-limbed robot to help Japan’s Fukushima cleanup

    CBS News‎ – 1 day ago
    They call it the Octopus and it just might prove instrumental in the cleanup of the rubble left over after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    CBS News
  4. Nuclear plant now being upgraded after Fukushima disaster

    WTAE Pittsburgh‎ – 18 hours ago
    “But what Fukushima showed us is that there’s always something you don’t think about that takes away that last thing you’re gonna want.”.

    Shift focus from nuclear safety to nuclear security The Japan Times
    From nuclear safety to nuclear security Arab News
    Nuclear Safety in a Post-Fukushima World: Is the US Falling Behind? Energy Collective


Goodie gum drops, a new robot has been designed to clean up the surrounding mess at Fukushima.  But no one has even any idea of a plan for dealing with the melted radioactive junk inside the reactors themselves.  ‘Decommissioning’ isn’t going on at all…IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.  And we won’t see any headlines screaming that information, will we?


Instead, our media is howling about how the Arctic is ‘melting’ when it is way below zero there right now and that Greenland which has lost no ice in the last two years is also melting at -40ºF.  Another insane bit of misinformation.  It is, finally, going to be above freezing tonight, the first night above freezing in three months, on my mountain.  This has been one big, brutal, cold winter.


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5 responses to “No More Nuclear Fuel In Core Of Fukushima Reactor #1

  1. Peter C.

    We all knew the coriums had “left the building”in the first days of meltdown,
    I remember the lovely video on ENE News that showed a molten lava flow coming out of the side of the reactor building.
    Considering the amount of ground water radiation most rational observers have concluded the coriums have not only left the reactor vessels but have melted through the cement floor and are doing their best imitation of the “China Syndrome”

  2. Jim R

    What ever happened to the Japanese tradition of ritual suicide when they screw up?

    They need to give the horses another shot at finding the pieces of Humpty.

  3. Jim R

    Oh and as for the royal family, haha, a few mutations would probably be an improvement.

  4. Jim R

    … and in the land of that other unfixed nuclear meltdown …
    It seems the oligarchs are restless. Kolomoyski is out, after throwing an oligarchic-scale tantrum.

    They’ve replaced him with another pasty faced chubby bureaucrat.

    Also, it seems that the old-style Ukronazis do not like this Jewish guy, and would probably kill him if they could get to him, but they hate the Russians more. I was wondering about that all along.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, I saw that news. The coup in Kiev is collapsing internally despite billions in bribes handed out by an increasingly bankrupt EU and US.

    And Greece is going under and will destroy the EU. HAHAHAHA….this is actually a comedy straight out of the Goddess of History/Death’s playbook. She has done this repeatedly throughout human time events.

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