Death Metal: Suicidal Pilots And Cause Warmongering Nuts Ruling US To Start Wars

▶ SilkAir Flight 185 – Pilot Suicide in 1997, Indonesia crash killing 104 passengers


We just witnessed a horrific crash of a passenger plane in Europe and it took only a day to get the black boxes and find out all the information.  It was suicide/mass murder by a crazy pilot.  Meanwhile, the black boxes from the Ukraine shoot down of the Malaysian airliner, we have zero information from these black boxes and no final report at all.  Then there are all the mystery vanishing of mainly Malaysian jets flying over the Pacific Ocean.  Pilots have murdered hundreds of passengers in the past just like this week’s crash.

Heavy metal craziness:  Suicide Silence About A Plane Crash lyrics on screen – YouTube


The anti-hijack doors did the trick preventing the captain of the plane from returning to his controls after the co-pilot locked him out.  British airlines announce switch to US system of two crew members in the cockpit at ALL times in wake of Germanwings tragedy.  We have the problem of workloads causing mental breakdowns ever since competition has lowered airline tickets and quality of travel.


Revealed: TWO doctors ruled Germanwings co-pilot was unfit for work on day of the disaster – but he kept it secret from airline because the killer was determined to cause maximum terror and sadness with his death plans just like the 9/11 hijackers and other mentally disturbed terrorists.


Grieving families of Germanwings victims could be in line for up to $150m compensation if it is proved passengers knew they were going to die which was obvious from the recordings showing people screaming while the captain took an axe to the door to try to desperately break it down.


WWIII can be started this way.  The illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq both began thanks to suicidal hijackers using planes as weapons.  Anyone can do something thoroughly nasty say, crash into the White House or Parliament in London or a nuclear power plant or any number of things.  We saw this on  9/11.  There doesn’t even have to be any political reason, just to provoke a mindless warmongering response like we saw in the Ukraine shooting of a passenger jet which was used for warmongering against innocent Russians who had nothing to do with it.


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18 responses to “Death Metal: Suicidal Pilots And Cause Warmongering Nuts Ruling US To Start Wars

  1. e sutton

    @Elaine…….because the killer was determined to cause maximum terror and sadness with his death plans just like the 9/11 hijackers and other mentally disturbed terrorists….

    Yes, when this happened, a friend of mine said, “Well, at least we know it wasn’t a terrorist attack!” I replied, “The hell it isn’t! Just because it was a white guy did it doesn’t mean it’s not terrorist. Do you think that only non-whites can be terrorists?” My friend, by the way, has a degree in Psychology and is comfortably self-employed, middle class.

    That’s the fatal flaw here everybody forgets. Whites historically are quite vicious. When properly provoked, they are mercilessly cruel. Putin looks to be the exact type of guy I’d go out of my way to avoid, not piss off. But hey, that’s just me. These knock out games the negroes enjoy flirting around with are going to see them becoming Mississippi wind chimes. I suspect this will turn out to be quite a summer we’re in for.

  2. emsnews

    Yes, terrorists can be any religion, any sex and any race. And rich as well as poor. Especially rich.

  3. CK

    His “fiancé” dumped him just a few days ago.
    Beta Rage is all the rage, I mean he was entitled to a hot wife. When an “entitled to” find that no woman is supplying the gimmedats, it should probably not be allowed to operate heavy machinery. Mr. Lubitz was 27.

  4. CK

    There have been innumerable Episcopalian terrorists. Beyond counting, and so friggin RICH that their crap comes prepackaged in Louis Vuitton Handbags. And the Quakers my lord a mercy how many of them strap on suicide vests and go blow up Amish folk.
    Swiss Terrorists, and those wily Singaporese terrorists and those pesky Costa Rican airline hijackers … time to call more BS on the: “terrorists can be any religion, any sex and any race. And rich as well as poor. Especially rich.” The Semitic religions have an oligopoly on terrorism, the terrorist itself may be poor but the sponsor is rich, usually a rich nation state. A cheap handsaw will cut at least one piece of wood, a cheap terrorist will blow up only one vest.
    @ E Sutton
    So you are saying that if you were to be in Mr. Putin’s company you would act like a civilized human being? Seems to me that that is a minimum civilized behavior while in anyone’s company. The, to me, funny thing is that Mr. Putin in his speeches and writings is a more civilized and better spoken man than any of his Neocon detractors. I have read some, certainly not all, of his speechifying; he is a thoughtful and apparently honest nationalist Russian.
    Democracies have to create imaginary fearsome enemies. Without created enemies, the populace has nothing to fear. A populace that has nothing to fear soon asks why it needs a governmental parasite sucking away its life blood. Since that question has only one answer, It Doesn’t, that question must never be allowed to be asked; ergo GWOT, ISIL, Putin, AIIB, Depressed German betas piloting planes, yadda yadda yadda.
    Machiavelli said that a man will avenge himself of small hurts but is powerless to revenge himself of large ones, thus it is better to kill a king than to just kick one. In speaking of any one individual this is a truism. But when a government goes out of its way to kill many non-kings for no reason, that was not a situation Machiavelli had studied. The USA has been wantonly killing Semites since the start of the first gulf war in 1990. 25 years of murder of a subset of the Semites, it is not to be surprised that after that much useless killing what Machiavelli stated that one man cannot revenge himself of, many can and attempt. Which is a win-win for the murderers. Now the government has a real reason to spy on everyone and murder anyone non compliant with the regnant paradigm that everyone is a potential tewwawist. So instead of creating imaginary enemies and fearsome boogiemen, democracy unlimited has succeeded in creating some real enemies. If you voted for either party or if you hold yourself pure by not voting thus allowing the current farce to continue you have brought this upon all of us. You are evil and there is not good within you.
    I would do a serious old-school, fire and brimstone, hell and damnation on the mons veneris, rant here. I have not done one online since 2000.
    Ah for the good old days of fake enemies and faux pause and oral sex in a white house closet as headache relief.

  5. Jim R

    Elaine, if you watch that first video all the way through, you find that five years later, investigators determined a mechanical cause for that crash. The NTSB always likes to blame the pilots, because the pilots are dead and can’t say anything in their own defense. When you find defects and maintenance lapses, your are accusing people who are still alive and will fight back in court.

    And since MH17, I no longer take anything from the “news media” at face value. I just have no idea about this latest crash. But yeah, someone with a history of depression and who is on medication for it, should probably not operate heavy machinery.

    CK, you are barking up the wrong tree about terrorists.

    In general, a human with a sense of entitlement … is likely to get all butthurt when that entitlement is not met. So, yeah, someone whose girlfriend just dumped him would be dangerous. Whether you want to call him a ‘terrorist’ is perhaps a matter of semantics.

    But, there are certainly Catholic terrorists. From Ireland, remember? The land of Ire. And in the various countries that surround Russia on the map, there have been terrorists. Terrorism is really asymmetric warfare, and happens all the time in those small precincts at the fringes of an empire. Religion has little or nothing to do with it. Uighurs could be terrorists in China.

    It’s a result of having the soldiers of the nearby empire stomping around, raping and pillaging. Growing up in such an environment is conducive to dislike of the empire. So, it has been true in the past of many places molested by the British, and of many places that had been under the thumb of the Soviet Union, and is true now of the many places which have, in recent history, been invaded and occupied by the agents of the USA.

    It’s just that simple.

  6. Jim R

    And in reviewing the thread, I note that CK made the remark about heavy machinery and entitled but deprived twenty somethings…

    I’ll give you that, CK, but do not agree that religion has anything to do with terrorism. It’s always a byproduct of empire.

  7. Jim R

    There’s another factor to think about in this crash: computer games. Anyone under the age of forty has literally never known a world without games, and the flight simulators have always been popular.

    Could the games in some way inure a person to the finality of a real life decision? I mean, if he can just hit the ‘start’ button and run the game again, it doesn’t matter what he does right now…

  8. CK

    @Jim R
    He flew his plane into a mountain. His fiancé had just dumped him and he was a recent convert to Islam. Beta male rage from a 27 year old entitled one. “Boy I bet she’s really sorry now, all those dead people are her fault for not wanting a wimp.” I did not call him a terrorist, butthurt mass murderer yes but not a terrorist.
    I should inform you that I neither bark, nor growl. I have planted many trees but barking at them would not appear to be a productive endeavor.
    Sinn Fein, how could I forget.
    Your comment 7 is a scary thought; my instinct says no but then I am older than video games.

  9. Jim R

    I like to bark up trees. I’m doing it right now 😉

    And if I were Lubitz’ girlfriend, I’d dump him, too. Fricken loser.

    Jesus was a terrorist, you know. All those Roman soldiers hanging around Galilee, doing what soldiers always do… but then that was all in the Semitic world. There must be some examples from other places, but I am not that good at history and can’t think of any right now.

  10. joseppi

    The Tale of Two Black Boxes

    The Germanwings plane’s black box is recovered and within hours of the crash analysis of the black box is revealed.

    Over Ukraine, eight months ago, MH17 crashes and the black box is recovered – and not a word about the contents of MH17 black box.

    This is what conspiracies are made from….

  11. anon

    Elaine, you are sooo good at looking at what really goes on behind the scenes.
    Any truth in this? Especially the ‘Pam Geller’ angle.

  12. Sunger

    Maybe the evil science mafia was behind this.

    Maybe a global warming denier was on that plane so the evil scientists decided to bring down the aircraft to make sure the denier couldn’t speak out ever again- even at cost of 149 innocent lives!


  13. e sutton

    @#4 CK,

    I always like to consider myself a civilized person. 🙂 Mr. Putin strikes me as the only adult in a room full of self important a**holes. Indeed, I believe our only hope in escaping a nuclear showdown rests on his weary shoulders.

  14. Petruchio

    “Yes, terrorists can be any religion, any sex and any race. And rich as well as poor. Especially rich.” The IRA in Northern Ireland is an example of white Christian–and well funded terrorists.

  15. e sutton

    Good point and well stated! The Irish are both defiant, stupid, and vicious in their constant fighting. (and I can say that cuz I’m 1/2 Irish :D)

  16. emsnews

    My own ancestors were terrorists called ‘Viking raiders’ who ended up taking over a hunk of France and England when they changed their name to ‘Normans’ and they were still very violent.


    Seriously: ANYONE can be a terrorist and there is a million reasons to do this and a billion excuses and NO SOCIETY should EVER tolerate this. When this happens we get things like ‘The Dark Ages’ which my own ancestors loved greatly they had immense fun at everyone’s expense.

  17. LOU

    IRA – well funded terrorists. funded by?

  18. Petruchio

    @17 lou: The Irish Republican Army (IRA) has a very long history of receiving ample funding from the US, especially Irish Americans in Massachusetts and in particular Boston. The IRA has always had enough money to buy guns.

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