First World EU and US Leaders Want More ‘Immigrants’ Even Though Most Of These End Up On Welfare

Recently 7 Siblings Perish in NYC Home Fire, Officials Eye Hot Plate because the Hasidic Jewish family left it on because their rules are, no fires to be lit on the Sabbath.  The father was at ‘work’ which is praying in various synagogues when the fire happened.  His children were all transported home to Israel to be buried at great expense.  He and his family were on welfare in the US as are many other Hasid families who have learned how to exploit both Israel and US welfare systems so the men can avoid working legally (lots work under the table),


The families in first world countries that have the most children tend to be on welfare benefits.  More children=more money for them whereas middle class taxpaying families see a reduction in lifestyles if they have more than one or two children.  This has led to a general collapse in birth rates of middle class families while families unwilling or unable to support children have as many as possible.  If they are foreign, they bring in more family members to augment the family size and manipulate birth certificates, etc. to artificially enlarge their families.  They teach each other the tricks to do this and entire cultures now are based mainly on exploiting welfare systems and do this generation after generation.


The collapse in birth rates is across the board for all first world nations with good welfare systems.  Japan, for example, is watching birth rates fall into the cellar and at the same time, won’t let in foreigners not that this would do much good since most foreign labor ends up like in Germany or the US: on welfare soon after entering.  Germany needs 500,000 migrants a year until 2050 – study — RT News


Germany’s Destatis (Federal Statistics Office) estimates that in 2013 as many as 429,000 immigrants came to the country. In 2014 up to 470,000 people arrived.


Only about 25,000 out of a total of 140,000 non-EU immigrants who arrived in Germany in 2013 came specifically to find a job, with the majority coming either to study or to join their family, the study says. Others came as refugees.


Virtually no on entering Germany is working.  Here is what really happens:  80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare | FrontPage Magazine


Very few Turks in Germany have a regular job; about 20%. The other 80% live on the so-called Hartz IV (state social benefits). 70% of their children have no GCSE; they left school before they finished their basic education.


According to the German state benefit system, every adult citizen who possesses the German nationality, unemployed and cannot find an appropriate job, is entitled to get monthly 482 € ($627). Additionally, parents get for each child under 18 years old, 200 € ($261), plus all their monthly expenditures in terms of rent, heating, power, health insurance, and public transport.


“Amazingly enough some Turks who live on the generous state benefits can afford to buy a house or an apartment and drive luxurious cars like Mercedes or BMW.” Says Klaus, a landlord whose tenants are a case in point.


The US brings in a tsunami of illegal aliens and foreign labor and hopes this will be fruitful in the long run.  Meanwhile, the welfare state churns out endless children who don’t finish basic schooling and who do terrible in school and  who have very little intention of doing well in school and even actively prevent school learning from happening.  These destructive families cause the US leadership to go nutty trying to ‘fix the schools’ and the Bush GOP ‘no child left behind’ and other messes like the present ‘common core’ catastrophe from the DNC and Obama…all of this fails miserably because the students doing poorly have no intention of doing otherwise.


In Germany, the ‘students’ going to school actually drop out and become welfare cases because this is a wonderful job, one can even make money on the side doing illegal stuff, too and thus have lots of money just like the average black male today in the US figures he will make much more money dealing drugs than going to school or marrying someone.  Marriage is penalized, he then gets taxed or is forced to pay child support.


So we have this:  Demographics of the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

72% of the population of the US is ‘white’, 13% is ‘black’, 16% is ‘hispanic’.

38% of welfare is ‘white’, 40% is ‘black’ and 16% is ‘hispanic’.  The percentage of blacks on welfare is far, far higher than all other ethnic groups.  That is, far too many blacks are on welfare than working and paying taxes.  Unmarried women of all races are having more children out of wedlock and of these, far too many are on welfare and do badly in school.  The only group with little single motherhood is Asian.


The religious fanatics who are Muslim or Jewish love welfare and exploit it to have huge families and are at war with their neighbors over religious issues and this is causing a greater part of the planet to blow up in violence and warfare.  Israel’s support of non-taxpaying religious fanatic families is fixed by taxing US taxpayers to support these never-do-wells, for example.  In Germany, the Muslims get angry if Germans have loud protests about being used as financial support for huge Muslim families who have zero intention of working now or in the future.


Any Germans complaining about this is attacked as being ‘Nazis’ even as Jews are Nazis with their cruel ethnic welfare rules that reward Jews and punish everyone else.  In England, UKIP is supposed to be this evil force because they protest about the army of welfare cheats pouring into England.  ‘We need more workers,’ complains the elites who push down wages and punish anyone who has children and is paying taxes.  This craziness will end in a very bad way since no society can survive that has most people not only on welfare, but actively working to destroy cities like we see in the US where more cities have been ‘bombed’ by the lower class/welfare class population.

Ferguson is being relentlessly ripped apart by people who have no jobs and who don’t care about the neighborhood dying. Even when a black cop shows up, they spit hate and hassle everyone nearby, terrorizing the business, one of the few that remain there.


The Shi’ite/Sunni wars are heading towards WWIII in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia bombing Shi’ites and talking about getting nuclear missiles while Iran negotiates with the US and EU to get sanctions lifted because they have no nuclear bomb program, now in reverse with them saying they  need nukes, too, if the US and EU give Saudi Arabia nukes.  And of course, Japan is rewriting WWII history getting China very angry, too.


In the Ukraine, the Catholics in the Western half hate and want to kill the Orthodox Russians in the Eastern half and the US is arming the Catholics so they can kill the Orthodox and meanwhile, we are told that ‘integration is good’.  While hate is spewed.  In England where UKIP is supposed to be evil we get this news story:  Father who blamed police for not stopping his daughter joining ISIS at Muslim demo last year, screaming ‘burn USA’ – and stands just feet from Lee Rigby’s killer (a Muslim male who slaughtered a British female cop).


More cops shot by black males in the US this week, too.  In the US, Empire’s Tajari P. Henson apologises to LAPD cop she accused of racially profiling her son only after the cops proved with their automatic cameras used on cops, that he was breaking the law by running stop lights and had drugs on him.  Black males still think they are being persecuted when they break the law.  Of course, cops do this sort of thing too: in Staten Island this month, a drunk cop killed himself and his buddies while driving drunk and it turned out he had driven drunk in the past and crashed several times and no one turned him in nor did he lose his license.


This is all about privileges and exploiting the public sector by our elites and our lower classes and as usual, the ones trying to play the game by the rules is the middle class that is chased from pillar to post, trying desperately to find someone, anyone, who will do the right thing for them and find out they are screwed.  This is why the popularity of both political parties in the US and UK are so low.


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19 responses to “First World EU and US Leaders Want More ‘Immigrants’ Even Though Most Of These End Up On Welfare

  1. Petruchio

    The welfare system as it exists now is almost a perfect rendition of what our elites want it to be: totally unsustainable. The wealthy elites figure that they can’t completely eliminate the social safety net, so they will corrupt the welfare system so thoroughly ANY reform(s) would seem to be doomed to failure at the start. Male no mistake: IF the elites wanted to install meaningful, effective reforms, they would do so in the blink of an eye.

  2. Ken

    If you ignore the crowd in the video (which is obviously hoping to provoke some response from the authorities), Ferguson doesn’t look too bad yet. I only noticed a couple of boarded up store fronts, and none with bars on the windows. If anything, it appeared as if economic activity is being conducted. Ferguson is nowhere as bad as Detroit, yet. It still has a long way to fall.

  3. e sutton

    Wow. Just plain, good old fashioned, wow.
    You’re right. The elites can pull the plug on the welfare anytime they see fit. It’s like watching an errant child disrupt a buffet (happened to me recently), where the parent does nothing while the child disrupts part of the dining hall.
    No, they haven’t destroyed Ferguson, yet. Give it some time, my man. Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day. 🙂

    Please forgive me. It seems I no longer care anymore. The last vestige of caring left me last night for a reason known only to me. Let it burn. I’m done. This entire country is finished.

  4. itsaboutpensionsforwomen

    This is just standard reaganite stuff about “welfare queens”, and it rather objectionable:

    “whereas middle class taxpaying families see a reduction in lifestyles if they have more than one or two children. This has led to a general collapse in birth rates of middle class families”

    The fall in birth rates is entirely due to the sovereign decisions of affluent middle class *women* (not “families”, which is a hypocritical euphemism) to use birth control and abortion to have as few children as possible, and this is due to them having *pensions*.

    Children for most women for most of history have been pension funds and manpower (at best), and since state pensions and private pension funds have become available most affluent women have decided that they no longer need to invest in raising children as pension investments, they can get their pensions from financial investments. If they have children at all that is usually at most one (sometimes even two) as expensive hobbies, rather than investments, and as late as possible in life after they are over with their other expensive hobbies like traveling or remodeling the house.

    As to less affluent women incentives have been quite different, which explains why:

    “families unwilling or unable to support children have as many as possible.”

    First all again it is not “families” that have children, it is as a rule a unilateral decision by *women* to have children.

    Poor women, especially in poor countries, or poor areas of rich countries, instead still have children as pension investments because they can’t rely on state pensions or have enough income to invest in private pension funds, and investing in having children seems cheaper and safer, and the more the higher chances of some of them surviving and getting ahead. And that’s why in some poor countries women choose to abort most female children: because they are less profitable as pension investments than male children (and they give them fewer grandchildren), and why in some countries and ethnicities with long histories of grinding poverty (e.g. Japan, Italy, Jews, China) mothers ferociously brutalize their sons to study hard and work hard and get into high-income professions, to boost as much as possible their return on the investment of bearing and raising them.

    Summarizing children, and in particular sons, for most women are livestock, and the living standard of most women in old age has depended for a long time on carefully maximizing the returns on their investment on that livestock. Given the alternative of investing part of their income in pensions funds (or getting state pensions paid by the taxes of other women’s children) many if not most affluent women have greatly reduced their investment in that livestock.

    BTW not so long ago our blogger recognized this in a very clear way when she wrote:

    “Before there was any social services in the US, Bismarck brought social security to Germany, ahead of the US by half a century. Bismarck didn’t create this system because he was a bleeding heart liberal. He was a realist. He figured, if he wanted a militarily strong Germany he needed to make it safe to send young men to their deaths in war by guaranteeing the parents would be supported in their old age even if they have no son to protect them.”

    Here “parents” is another euphemism for “women” (because fathers, especially poor fathers, tend to die much younger than mothers, because of the stress of being worked very hard), but there is at least the realistic implication that if offered a pension women would no longer care whether their the state wasted the lives of their livestock in war, that is those livestock were regarded mostly as pension investments:

    “This is the very simple concept that led Germany into the disaster of WWI. Over 600,000 men died during the Civil War. Half that died during WWI, even so, there is rising anxiety about the death toll back then. But not during WWII because the US, like Germany, had social security by then so over a million young men died and there were no protests or draft riots like during the Civil War.”


    ELAINE: 100% WRONG.

    I am a mother of two children who are now adults. I lived with them in New York City. I was very much a middle class mother.

    The minute I had the second child I said, ‘We have to move. I CANNOT AFFORD TWO CHILDREN IN PRIVATE SCHOOLS’.

    The public schools were and still are mainly a nightmare. Terrible. And I paid taxes for these awful useless schools while sending my daughter to a private school after she was attacked in second grade in the classroom along with her teacher by classmates who were very violent even at that early age. Forget, later years.

    My grandson is in NYC and his mom is preparing to leave for the exact same reasons. She has to work, like I did, to pay for more expensive schools and better neighborhoods that weren’t being attacked by thugs and this is highly expensive and we didn’t like having to do this but to keep the next generation safe, we have to do this. It isn’t ‘selfish’ it is ‘SURVIVAL’.

  5. e sutton


    What a sickening diatribe. BT (f’n)W, there’s no crime in having kids and wanting a better life for them than what you had. (gentle hint, wink, and slight nod of the head) It’s what’s caused most peeps to have kids in the first place in first (or formerly first) world countries. Beeyatch! Salon needs some good head cases. Why not evenly distribute your swill there? 🙂

  6. DeVaul

    @ e Sutton

    I have no doubt that “diatribe” sickened you, Sutton, because it was true, and the truth always sickens you. This woman has knowledge that you will never have because your mind is closed tighter than a melted clam.

    @ itsaboutpensionsforwomen

    Congratulations. First real attempt I have seen by anyone in a LONG time to refute the rising tide of neo-fascist comments that have proliferated on this blog, as well as to bring into question the whole idea that Asians are somehow superior to Americans because they have higher math scores.

    What utter crap. It just shows how little “white Americans” know about Asian culture. The constant attempts by commenters here and the blog owner to hold Americans up to the “Asian Standard” as something we should aspire to is only proof positive that they have no real understanding of Asian culture and no daily contact with real Asians, who never miss a chance to try and hit you up for money, favors, gifts, acts of illegality, and so forth, whether on behalf of themselves (pension building) or their family members who have used their superior math skills to end up as permanent debt slaves in their own country and thus need help to escape or survive in one of the most brutal and cruel areas of the world — Asia.

    But hey, let’s not forget that we can pummel a tiny minority of people whose skin color is unacceptable to us and who we enslaved for 500 years prior to treating them as subhumans for another 100 years and then created laws to prevent them from making any political difference, thus relegating them to permanent non citizen status right here at home. We should continue to castigate black culture because after all, what has it done?

    Can anyone name a single world war started by black culture? Is there a nuclear armed black empire out there that threatens all life on earth nearly every day? No? What total losers.

    I guess this is why we must bang the drums of racial warfare ever louder and at every opportunity because black culture is obviously “immoral”, and thus inferior to “white culture”, which, of course, is always and never to be considered anything but… “moral”.


    ELAINE: My grandson is 50% Chinese. My son in law is 100% Chinese. He works VERY HARD. He makes many sacrifices and is very focused on making certain his son will do well in the future. His parents are also very involved in seeing the grandson do well. YES, this is cultural and YES, the Chinese have a very strong family/work ethic that Mao tried to slaughter but it surged back again, still struggling to revive after 60 years of being strangled.

  7. Christian W

    Yeah, there is a Tea Party Matron inside Elaine that pops out at times and whacks about her with the umbrella. :/

  8. e sutton

    A great big, ole, y*a*w*n*….. 500 years of oppression********still can’t get my shYt tagetha******if only I hadn’t had my ancestors be slaves****YAWN****

    When, oh, when, oh, when does it ever end??????????????? Now I’m going to have to hang out my crying rag to dry………dose yeahs ob slabery n’ pression from de whyte folk….lawd be jeebus…make’ n me sad n sheet 😦

  9. Jim R

    @Christian W, 😀 🙂 😀

  10. Petruchio

    There’s another reason for welfare/unrestricted immigration: it keeps wages down. You don’t have to have a genius economic IQ to realize that if you flood a labor market, you keep wages low. This is also one reason the government lies and lies and lies some more about economic date, especially the unemployment figures. If the government actually posted an accurate unemployment number, there would be NO justification for allowing unrestricted immigration. But then, the elites main goal with unrestricted immigration is the destruction of the American Middle Class.

  11. CK

    Flooding the labour market with fruit pickers and short order cooks has little effect on the wages of bankers, insurance agents, Used car salesmen.
    Welcome back it has been a while.

  12. Petruchio

    @CK: I can assure you, illegals work in ALOT of jobs other than fruit pickers and short order cooks. Illegals compete for jobs in a lot of other areas and employers hire them. This is NOT difficult math: If you have ten people looking for work and there is one job, 9 people don’t get a job. If you have 20 people looking for work and one job, there are 19 people out of a job. This surplus of labor is what keeps wages low. Employers don’t pay higher wages because they don’t have to.

  13. e sutton

    Thanks, Pet.
    I don’t know why libs find the fact you just stated so mystifying. Seems pretty simple, even to a dim bulb like me. But then, I dropped out of the PC school of Indoctrination, a few credits short of getting my diploma 🙂

  14. emsnews

    Foreign labor does HIGH SKILL LEVEL jobs including doctors who barely speak English, for example. Yes, this is all about creating surplus labor in ALL fields.

    And I am not a classic liberal, I am an old fashioned conservative. This means I believe in conservation of resources, not exploitation. My grandfather was very conservative and was against floods of immigrants destroying the environment of California, his home base where his grandparents lived (er…INVADED).

    Yes, I am a true conservative which is why I hate the Federal Reserve and fiat currency schemes and free trade. I AM A PROTECTIONIST.

    ‘LIberals’ today are internationalists who want a world government and no national sovereignty. The exact polar opposite.

    My GRANDMOTHER was a suffragette. She was also for civil rights for blacks way back before WWI. My grandfather taught astronomy to the first black astronomer way back before WWI when it was dangerous to do this.

    And both were conservatives but liberal for civil and constitutional rights.

  15. emsnews

    My godmother was one of the founders of the Audubon Society way back in the 1890’s, and wrote a book about Condor Vultures in the 1920’s. She, too, was a civil liberal and an economic conservative. These elderly people who were all nearly 100 years old when I was young, taught me a great deal and many of my beliefs come from them. Classic Conservative/Civil Rights/Free the Slaves people.

  16. Petruchio

    I can remember it was about the year 2000. The convenience stores were raising their wages to $10/hr! And: they were starting to offer things like tuition assistance to employees. Simply check out what these very same type of employees make today, in 2015. I know in my area, convenience store employees are making, TODAY, $7.55 to start. I also know that other convenience stores-wisely, imho-pay their employees closer to $10/hr starting, but lots of places pay an $8/hr starting wage. Aint the “Free” Market grand?

  17. itsaboutpensionsforwomen

    As to women being very frightened of losing their sons (and other men) to war as summarized here and becoming very poor when old, and pensions having thus alleviated that fear and also driven down the numvber of children women choose invest in:

    “Bismarck didn’t create this system because he was a bleeding heart liberal. He was a realist. He figured, if he wanted a militarily strong Germany he needed to make it safe to send young men to their deaths in war by guaranteeing the parents would be supported in their old age even if they have no son to protect them.”

    And here is a chilling yet celebrated point made by Hillary Rodham Clinton on the same theme in

    “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat.”

  18. e sutton

    Whatever you call yourself, I’m in love with your vision and take on things. I almost always agree with you, but even our small differences matter little. It’s obvious you come from good stock and superior genes. (oh, go ahead and lambast me for saying that! You know ya want to!!!”

  19. emsnews

    My genetic inheritance: crazy Normans who hated each other immensely and killed each other more than anyone else unless anyone walked nearby then they were killed.

    Finally forced out of Europe between 1560-1700 and came to the ‘New World’ which they despoiled.

    Arf. Yes, superior indeed. 🙂

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