US And EU Rich Leaders Still Want Paris Climate Agreement Designed To Make It Much Colder

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First, harsh reality: the vast majority of people who have a choice want to live where it is much warmer and specifically where there is oceans nearby that are supposed to drown everyone during the Global Warming Period that ended recently.  Even the Bilderberg ruler who owns the New York Times admits people are moving in greatest numbers to these very places the NYT claims will be destroyed by super hot weather and oceans rising:  The Giant Retirement Community That Explains Where Americans Are Moving –



Add this all up, and what do the latest census population numbers tell us?

These longstanding, pre-crisis patterns for how Americans migrate exist for a reason: People want a combination of good weather, affordable housing and good job opportunities. And if a place combines those factors, people will come.


Nothing is more despicable to me than watching people whine about how hot and dry a desert is after they move there.  Duh.  California’s tiny drought has brought out Apocalyptic fears when this is one of the shortest, not longest droughts in the last 2,000 years since the Roman Warm Period.  Florida remains the happy home destination of huge numbers of retirees who want ‘GOOD weather’ which means hot weather.  And they go to Florida for the beaches and they know that Florida is barely above sea level and obviously this is no problem for them so why should I freeze to death and be forbidden the right to burn coal up here in the frigid north because of these guys???


I have said all my life that people who are scared of something can do something about it and all the people who moved deliberately to hot, dry or hurricane prone places down south can fix this themselves by not using any fossil fuels, not for flying, driving or anything.  And they all must use (and this is sane, by the way) solar panels to run their millions and millions of air conditioners.  Air conditioners increase heat levels in cities due to expelling much hotter air than they take in.  So these should be terminated, too.


Here is a recent news story that really pisses me off because it assumes that a warmer Greenland means poor Florida will have to adjust:  Bad News for Florida: Models of Greenland Ice Melting Could Be on the way…and according to the ‘scientists’, Greenland ice melt underestimated, study says which was true in 1998 but not true today.  So, if we keep Greenland colder than during the Medieval Warm Period when Vikings farmed there, Florida retirees won’t worry about getting their toes wet in warm Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico waters!  This is highly unfair since Greenland has been much warmer in the past and deserves to be warmer today.


Here is Prince Edward Island which is near Greenland, today:

Latest From The Greenland Metldown | Real Science: it is -40ºF in Greenland with record snow.  And it is past spring’s start which is just amazing.  The Great Lakes which partially unfroze two weeks ago, has frozen up again.  There is zero chance of spring coming soon to Greenland.  The super cold weather is no longer going all the way down to Mexico but it still is roaring in and today on my mountain it is snowing with ferocious northern winds howling at 40 mph.  The ground is entirely covered by snow even the south facing hillsides and this is highly unusual and a sign of key parts of the planet getting much colder, not warmer.


ALL Ice Ages began just south of Hudson Bay.  If it is perpetually frozen above Hudson Bay, this is normal for colder parts of Interglacials.  During warm cycles during Interglacials, even the North Pole is ice free and human civilizations thrive.  Cold spells means dark ages for human civilizations which collapse.  We are not in anything warm as previous warm cycles.  This is the coldest warm cycle of the Interglacial, not the warmest.


COP21 Paris climate conference already in trouble as countries miss submission deadline but Obama didn’t miss it.  He is pledging to freeze the northern half of the nation except for the West Coast, in order to make it slightly cooler in Los Angeles and Miami Beach.  Since neither city ever had to deal with really cold weather even during the worst Ice Ages, turning half of North America into an ice sheet is a stupid way to cool down these naturally warm places.


Here is the liberal thinking about all this CO2 pollution they are so anxious to stop except when they don’t want to stop it:  The planet won’t notice you recycle, and your vote doesn’t count – tells everyone to live in tiny houses and bike everywhere and be vegetarians.  It is OK to do all these things but if one is serious about stopping CO2 so their California homes will be slightly cooler, they won’t do it because they love flying all over the planet earth:



Even the most committed canvas-bag-carrying, reusable water-bottle-sipping environmentalists often draw a line with flying. You can and should take the train from New York to Washington, D.C., but Miami to Seattle is another matter, and Atlanta to Beijing is impossible. Such is the lot of the transcontinental environmentalist: talks to give; meetings to hold; melting glaciers to see firsthand. Video conferences may work in lieu of boarding yet another flight, but sometimes you simply can’t phone it in. Diplomacy, as we all know, happens over after-dinner drinks.
Not going on that business trip won’t do. It’s the classic example of the not-so-invisible hand of the market at work. If you generously volunteer not to board the flight in order to cut down your carbon footprint, the planet won’t notice your sacrifice. Your competitor will.


You can always pay someone to plant a tree or capture the methane from a manure pit on your behalf to offset the pollution your flight causes, and you should. We clearly should be planting more trees and covering more manure pits. But none of that amounts to the type of change that’s truly needed. That kind of change can happen only on the policy level.


In other words, these monsters want to keep on trucking.  They want the REST of us to make huge sacrifices so these clowns can fly all over the planet doing fun things like going to Greenland to watch glaciers melt.  I wish they would all fly there today and not bring their coats.  Set them all outside in the -40ºF cold with 50 mph winds and voila!  The human population problem they also worry about will be fixed, too.  On top of this, some future climate hysterics person can fly to Greenland and spend a summer chipping away at the ice to bring out the bodies for medical dissection.


The excuse these slackers use for flying all over is, they will plant trees.  Meanwhile, my very real forest is taxed by the government instead of the government paying me for protecting the trees:  BURNETT: Carbon offsets scam – Washington Times


It is inherently difficult to measure emission reductions under a carbon offset project. Take carbon offsets for the absorption of greenhouse gases by planting new trees. Estimating greenhouse gas uptake depends on the age of the trees, their growth rate, and climate and soil conditions. Even after all these factors are considered, if the trees do not live as long as 100 years, they will not become net carbon absorbers.


Even when CDM certified projects do cut greenhouse gas emissions, the CDM system is an inefficient way to reduce emissions. As evidence, 30 percent of carbon offset credits currently pay for capture and destruction of trifluoromethane (HFC-23), a greenhouse gas created as a byproduct of manufacturing refrigerant gases. HFC-23 has 11,700 times more heat-trapping potential per unit than CO2.


I have many 100-400 year old trees on my mountain.  My oldest oak tree fell during a storm two years ago.  It predated Columbus coming to the New World and was standing here when my distant ancestors came to New York when it was New Amsterdam.  The planting of twigs doesn’t do anything since this is being done in third world countries that sell property for fake carbon offsets and then the natives graze goats and other animals on the twigs which are then chomped to the roots.  There is zero ‘forest building’ due to CO2 markets.  It is all, 100% a total scam.


Arctic scare story has frozen over – Telegraph in England announced this month:


As Britain emerges from an unusually sunny and comparatively mild winter, spare a thought for the people of eastern Canada, still in the grip of their most terrifying winter for decades. Recent pictures online of “Photographic proof that Canada’s east coast is basically the ice planet Hoth” show hapless residents standing below ice cliffs and snow drifts 20ft high. This month the Globe and Mail of Toronto, which endured its coldest February on record, described 2015 for Canada’s Atlantic provinces as having been like living in a “prison of snow and ice”.


It is still cold.  Here is today’s map:

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 8.58.55 AM

Below is the temperature map for today’s highs and note the color scale: one degree above freezing is a light green, not blue.  This is ridiculous.  The temperatures between 40-50 degrees F are yellow and then it turns very red when it is a cool 55 degrees, for example.  It still won’t be above freezing at night in the Northeast until well into April which is very unusual.  It is ten degrees colder than normal this week as nearly all of winter since mid-January.

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 9.00.16 AM



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15 responses to “US And EU Rich Leaders Still Want Paris Climate Agreement Designed To Make It Much Colder

  1. vengeur

    Give up flying all over God’s creation? NO WAY! “You can always pay someone to plant a tree or capture the methane from a manure pit on your behalf to offset the pollution your flight causes, and you should.” This is classic hypocritical liberal thinking. Just PAY someone to take out your trash. Problem solved. NO guilty conscience about being a monumental HYPOCRITE. In other words, global warming environmentalists pollute just as much or MORE than anyone else, but manage to feel environmentally SUPERIOR anyway.

  2. Sunger

    Elaine said: “He is pledging to freeze the northern half of the nation except for the West Coast, in order to make it slightly cooler in Los Angeles and Miami Beach. Since neither city ever had to deal with really cold weather even during the worst Ice Ages, turning half of North America into an ice sheet is a stupid way to cool down these naturally warm places.”

    Let me get this straight- Obama has the power through being President of setting heat and cold patterns for any specific area of the US?

    And Obama is going to turn half of North America into an ice sheet?

    Where did he get such powers?

  3. e sutton

    Well, Sunger, it’s a cap n’ trade type thing. Simply, you tax the living daylights out of heating oil, natural gas, and outlaw coal and wood burning cause it’s really, really important to save the polar bears doncha know! So in effect, Obama is quite capable of turning half of North America into an ice sheet. It’s about money. It’s about control. All that lovely money is going to fatten more than a few wallets when all is said and done. Few tears will be shed for you and me as ice cycles hang about our frozen heads. But then it never was about us, it’s all about them.

  4. Reblogged this on CraigM350 and commented:
    The desperation for an agreement tells us far more about anti-democratic political determination than it does the climate. Expect far more myopic hyping of any weather event in the months to come. Anyone with sense will be fighting the insanity.

  5. vengeur

    Craigm, It also tells us far more about the seemingly innate ability of the Wall Street Bankster Gangsters to do “The Skim” on any man made river of money.

  6. Jim R

    Where did he get such powers?

    I think he learned it from Putin.

  7. JimmyJ

    Trees use a lot of Carbon in their cell structure in cellulose and lignin. Saying that a tree has to be 100 years old before it is a net sequester due to CO2 it absorbs from atmosphere versus simply measuring the strutural carbon at every growth stage smacks of the same financial bs as derivatives etc.

    Which it is, another house of cards created by financial voodoo rather than anything remotely about the benefit of the ecosystem.

  8. Jim R

    Fraudulent financial moves will not change the CO2 level, unless they wreck the economy to the point that a largish fraction of the population dies.
    Perhaps this is the plan.

    But by far the biggest makers of pollution are the already rich…

  9. Jim R

    Oh, and JimmyJ,

    It isn’t necessary for a tree to be 100 years old, but all those little maple seedlings that clog everyone’s eaves-troughs do not fix much net carbon.

    And neither do seedling trees planted in overpopulated areas of the third world, where the seedlings will simply be eaten by goats.

  10. melponeme_k

    I guess we are marked for death by hypothermia by the bag man we call a president.

    The comments are just as enlightening. People asking that the President cut his own emissions by stopping all travel by air are called oil shills.

  11. Sunger

    California Just Had it’s Worst Drought in 1200 years

    “A new paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters by Griffin & Anchukaitis concludes that the 2012–2014 drought in California was its most intense in at least 1,200 years.”

    “The study used drought reconstructions from tree-ring cores, from the North American Drought Atlas (NADA) and from cores Griffin & Anchukaitis collected from blue oak trees in southern and central California. Blue oak tree ring widths are particularly sensitive to moisture changes.”

    “The study compared today’s drought conditions in California to those reconstructed over the past 1,200 years using the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI), an estimate of available soil moisture. The data showed that California is experiencing its most intense drought in over a millennium,

    “the current event is the most severe drought in the last 1200 years, with single year (2014) and accumulated moisture deficits worse than any previous continuous span of dry years … In terms of cumulative severity, it is the worst drought on record (-14.55 cumulative PDSI), more extreme than longer (4- to 9-year) droughts.”

  12. emsnews

    THAT IS SHEER INSANITY: This stupid, short drought doesn’t come anywhere near any of the many previous long, 100+year droughts during the last 1,000 years much less 5,000 years.

    IF THIS IS TRUE then all people in California should be forbidden TODAY to use water, drive cars, fly planes, etc. All the airports should shut down all the highways closed.

    Sheesh. If it is so very bad, remove 90% of the population. We have plenty of room in Detroit, for example and Detroit has tons of water not to mention ice.

    Lord in heaven, my California grandpa used to pray that all the ‘newcomers’ be sent home, way back in 1950. He hated them all.

  13. JT

    The best way to store carbon with trees is to cut down the old ones and sink them in bogs. And the leave the younger trees in place.

    But no one is serious about storing carbon, are they?

    In Europe at least it is a total failure.
    Cleanest factories have been closed, the biggest polluters are rewarded and for years the main demand for carbon credits came from criminals doing VAT fraud.
    Now with the recession the value of those “credits” has fallen so low that everybody is back to burning the cheapest one (cole).

  14. Lou


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