Iran Wins Nuclear Deal With Europe And US: Israel And Saudi Arabia Furious


Israel has a huge number of nuclear warheads and signs no treaties nor allows any inspections and no one mentions this information at any international meetings but Iran has the intelligence and the ability to make nukes itself and this has roused endless hysteria by all and sundry.  The big nuclear powers never fully disarmed and Russia, China and the US are in a new nuclear arms race and threats are thrown wildly about and WWIII could happen at any minute but of course, Iran isn’t one of the countries doing all of this.  Iran just announced they got a treaty that SUPPOSEDLY will stop the EU/US sanctions and open trade again.  About time, I say. Obama will be savaged by Zionists for all of this but seriously, the rest of the world outside of Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted this deal to go through.


Iran, P5+1 joint statement calling for removal of all anti-Iran sanctions


As Iran pursues a peaceful nuclear program, Iran’s enrichment capacity, enrichment level and stockpile will be limited for specific durations and there will be no other enrichment facility than Natanz.


Iran’s research and development on centrifuges will be carried out on a scope and schedule that has been mutually agreed. Fordow will be converted from an enrichment site into a nuclear physics and technology center. International collaboration will be encouraged in agreed areas of research. There will not be any fissile material at Fordow.


An international joint venture will assist Iran in redesigning and rebuilding a modernized heavy water research reactor in Arak that will not produce weapons-grade plutonium. There will be no reprocessing, and spent fuel will be exported. A set of measures have been agreed to monitor the provisions of the JCPOA including implementation of the modified code 3.1 and provision of the additional protocol.


Of course, Saudi Arabia says it won’t rule out building nuclear weapons itself.  No nation is more vicious than this one.  Their medieval punishments are worse than any country on earth.  ISIS copies Saudi Arabia and is just as intolerant.  The US and Israel say nothing when Saudi royals who are no better than the North Korean dictator, says hot things about using nuclear bombs.  Nope.  Dead silence.


The Iranians didn’t attack us on 9/11, it was Saudis and Egyptians who did it.  The US has nothing to fear from Iran and a great deal to fear from Saudi Arabia.  The Iranians are far more liberal than the Saudis and women have many more civil rights (Saudi women have none).  I have been far more certain that Iran could become friendly some day than the Saudis who only pretend to be friendly, they actually are not our friends and a number of our friends are not friends, either, such as the leaders of Japan.  They are still debating how to talk about WWII.  Abe’s advisers split over how to describe Japan’s WWII actions ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The latest tussle in the ideological battle between Japan’s nationalist right-wing and its liberal mainstream saw the committee of academics, journalists and business leaders split on the use of the word “aggression”, according to minutes released this week.


For Tokyo’s neighbors—its wartime adversaries—the term is a crucial marker of Japan’s acceptance of its wrongdoing in the 1930s and 1940s as it marched across Asia, leaving millions dead in its wake.


While many Japanese accept the global narrative that their country was an aggressor in the conflict, right-wingers insist Tokyo’s war was largely defensive and intended to liberate Asia from Western colonialists.


The US should diplomatically slap Abe across the snout for this.  But won’t.  We are told over and over again, these gangsters of the LDP are our allies and love us.  This is ridiculous. I would find more friendship with the Iranians than these guys.


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26 responses to “Iran Wins Nuclear Deal With Europe And US: Israel And Saudi Arabia Furious

  1. Petruchio

    Yes, indeed. Fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were SAUDIS. Mention of this fact was blacked out in the 9-11 Commission’s “report”. Ya think maybe this is because the Bush crime family is joined at the hip to the Saudi Royals? Oh NO! I don’t know how much technology it takes to convert nuclear energy into weaponized nuclear tech, but I really can’t blame Iran for wanting a nuke. Israel has them and the US just might use them on Iran as well, what with the neo-cons having so much influence.

  2. e sutton

    I would find more friendship with the Iranians than these guys.

    You’d fine more friendship in a pit of vipers than those guys. But they’re really just one and the same. The WW II generation of American fighters (my parents’ generation) are dying off now, so the memory of how cruel and ruthless the Japs were is slowly fading. Enter the revisionist historians, boldly remaking the New World Order into their own narrative, erasing their own role in worldwide destruction.

    Conversely, the Iranians have done very little to earn reprobation from the U.S. and Europe. For the past hundred years we’ve played musical chairs with different dictators running that country. They have plenty to be pissed off at us for, but want a way to become a first world country. Their ace-in-the-hole was having Russia as plan ‘B’. They’re smart enough to know not to alienate either side. In my opinion, of course.

  3. Christian W

    Al Qaeda, and ISIS/ISIL, really are Saudi Arabia’s Special Forces. They are used to herd the American, and European, public into the “Security” states and fear of terrorism. That was the real purpose of 9/11.

    Saudi Arabia provided the hit men, Israel provided the propaganda psyop, and US Congress voted through the pre-written “Patriot Act” (Act of Treason) to lock down the US and put the US on the road to war, not with Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism, but with Afghanistan and Iraq (and Libya, Syria etc) – wars that had been prepared well in advance.

    Americans today are more afraid of terrorism than of the police state, even if they are FAR more likely to be shot dead by one of their killer cops than be victim of foreign terrorism.

    No wonder about a quarter of Americans use drugs to escape reality (I assume that figure does not include the drug alcohol in which case the number is probably much, much higher).

    And in Hell Bin Laden is laughing his arse off.

  4. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    If it’s not drugs, it’s alcohol, sometimes both. Americans, white and black, use illegal drugs and get incarcerated for it (blacks more so than whites). So in addition to the Police State, we have a remaining population that is about ten to fifteen percent awake and sober enough to understand what’s going on. Sadly, many of those are curiously mesmerized by their cell phones and facebook profiles.

    It’s frustrating that the combination of forces (fraud, mendacious MSM, dumbed down schools, and celebrity/television/sports) all add up to a very clueless population – a very dangerous thing for a world power.

  5. Christian W

    People like Putin, Lavrov, Hezbollah’s Nasrallah talk SENSE. They are highly intelligent men that make coherent speeches based on analysis, logic, sanity and a moral code. And we are to see these people as our enemy?

    Compare them with “our” leaders. Obama, Netanyahu, Cameron, Merkel, US Senators and Congressmen, EU tools in Brussels etc spout an endless stream of obvious, pitiful and pathetic lies, nothing more than talking points provided to them by their handlers really – and we are to see these clowns as our glorious and dear leaders? All of our glorious leaders have one single point, whatever we do is correct and right because it is “OUR SIDE” that does it. Never mind if “our” actions are utterly discordant with truth, dignity, morality and sanity.


  6. Christian W

    @4 e

    Yes, it is truly tragic. I look around and I see many young, bright and talented Americans just idling around. They have nowhere to go or nothing to do really, no real jobs for them out there and no prospects of starting a family. No wonder many of them turn to drugs.

    Speaking of drugs. I saw a figure that the Afghan opium drug trade is worth $50 billion USD a year. If we take an educated guess and say the drug trade in Latin and Central America is worth as much, that is $100 billion USD a year. In ten years that is a cool Trillion US dollars…

    No wonder the US refuses to give up Afghanistan. No wonder DEA agents are party animals sponsored by the drug cartels. And we start to see why the real job for young black males in the US is to keep this drug business ticking over. US banks must be making a killing from washing all that loot as well. And the CIA has a lot of extra cash for all kinds of dirty stuff against places that need to be hammered according to US interests.

    The elites are raking in the profits hand over fist. So what if the wars themselves are highly ruinous for the US government (tax payer). War profiteering (including drug smuggling) is where the real money is at.

  7. Seraphim

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

    Israel is furious because the lapdogs don’t jump high enough. They try to avoid the Two Minutes Hate.They fancy that they have a mind of their own and make decisions in their own interest.
    They may entertain the idea that “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” When in fact “Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder, Winston erh Obama. It is not easy to become sane.” You must love Big Brother (BiBi).

  8. Elaine Supkis

    The US has conspired to destroy ‘liberal’ Muslim leaders. Virtually all of the ones we destroyed gave women significant civil rights. The exception is the Shah of Iran who was overthrown against US wishes.

    In general, the condition of people ‘saved’ by US interventions live under hideous conditions and often are in constant revolt.

    The Afghanis make little money off of the heroin trade. The profits are in the US. There was NO HEROIN EPIDEMIC before 9/11. The flood of heroin that came into Europe and the US is thanks to the US invasion.

    I remarked years ago how the ‘War On Terror’ (sic) and the ‘War On Drugs’ are joined at the hip and both are stupid, cover for other things like killing people and destroying populations.

  9. vengeur

    I keep hearing how Iran is a “threat ” to us. We have the biggest nuclear stockpile in the world, and spend more on military spending than any other country. What an absolute load of sh*t. Good for Obama to oppose the Zionist war machine for once.

  10. John

    The idea that the Zionists oppose anything Obama does is laughable. This is all about giving Israel an excuse to go on the offensive, militarily. The Zionists intend to control the entire MidEast. It’s just that simple.

  11. vengeur

    Well if it’s all fake , which it may be , they are putting on a good act. So when Iran “breaks” the agreement, Israel is justified to start a war with them. Because otherwise, it’s HARD believe Obama is opposing the wishes of his Zionist masters.

  12. Christian W

    Obama is a prime example of a narcissist, which means he believes himself superior to and above other people, he is also a very angry man as his presidency has not been the reign of personal glory and self gratification he imagined. I’m sure he hates the people who have stymied his presidency (Netanyahu et al) as much as he is desperate for a ‘legacy’ to reflect his greatness.

    I suspect when Netanyahu and Boehner slapped him in the face with the recent speech Obama decided he had had enough. Hopefully the agreement with Iran is the sign of a real split within the US elites about how much influence the Zionists and Neocons are really to be allowed to have. The Zionists of course want complete rule.

    The Iranians are canny, but they do risk a lot by allowing inspections to take place. The CIA, Pentagon and Mossad I’m sure will be all over the IAEA inspections looking to overturn every stone in search of Iranian military secrets, all in the name of searching for non existent proof of an Iranian nuclear arms program of course. Saddam, if he could talk, knows all about that game.

  13. John

    Obama is a narcissist and a sociopath – if not an outright psychopath. Look at the number of dead brown children littering the wake of the Peace Prize President.

  14. Elaine Supkis


  15. Elaine Supkis

    It is a job requirement, by the way.

  16. Petruchio

    The US has friends in the international community? HAHAHAHAHA!! Note the recent developments with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). This AIIB is a direct threat to the Western (mainly US) controlled IMF and World Bank. Who has joined this AIIB which will seriously erode the US dollar as the world’s Reserve Currency? Japan? Yeas. Along with Russia, the UK France, Germany and….JAPAN. Oh and there’s one more country that has joined: ISRAEL. Not much loyalty amongst US allies. More like their “loyalty” was secured through coercion. It was in 1971, after the Nixon took the world off the gold standard when John Connally said, to the G-7 nations: “The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem.” Soon, the US will be the country with the problem, a BIG one.

  17. Christian W

    I agree Netanyahu isn’t going to just take this without doing anything. He is a man that gets bored if nothing happens. He needs his wars on the Gaza population, steal more land on the West Bank, bomb Hezbollah, bomb Syria, build up Al Nusra and various assassinations of Iranians and Iraqis etc etc to keep his blood running. But, he is not going to attack Iran using only Israeli resources.

  18. Lou

    ALL RULERS ARE PSYCHOPATHS. huh? Why do you admire FDR?

  19. Seraphim

    @ The exception is the Shah of Iran who was overthrown against US wishes.


    Would you be surprised to hear that in fact the Shah was removed BY the Americans? That “the idea of deposing the Shah was broached continually, from the mid-seventies on, in the National Security Council in Washington, by Henry Kissinger, whom the Shah thought of as a firm friend.”? That the Khomeini gang was nurtured and put in power by the CIA/MI6 through a Maidan type “revolution”?


    “Beginning in the 1970s, the Shah attempted to find new alliances in the Middle East and beyond. Iran’s relations with the Soviet Union and some of the Arab countries (and East European countries, Romania in the first place) were revisited (in actual fact raised to unprecedented levels of cooperation). A peace agreement with Iraq and the American election of President Jimmy Carter in 1976, and the subsequent harsh criticisms that Carter voiced against the human rights conditions in Iran, led the Shah to develop a more negative view of the State of Israel”.

  20. Being There

    We handed the rope to China to strangle us.
    As I wrote elsewhere:
    Our main export is war which will need to feed off the public sector since there is no mechanism anymore to create real wealth—that got exported to China long ago and it’s over for us.

    As China takes over the world economy and desperately needs energy to fuel growth there are a few foreign policies that have to be changed. We need to make nice to Cuba and we need to make nice to Iran.

    Why, or course it’s about oil and competition with the no longer sleeping giant which will swallow us whole like the sun will eventually do to the earth.

    Now I’m reading a great post from Pepe Escobar today.

    Iran is ready to crash Pipelineistan:
    [Now it’s a completely different story. Even U.S. Big Oil is salivating at the prospect of doing business with Iran on energy.

    Beijing, for its part, already is. Iran is invariably among China’s top three energy sources. Not by accident, Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon visit Tehran; Foreign Minister Wang Yi has already promised “dramatic” announcements – and China’s Foreign Ministry is not exactly prone to hyperbole. For Beijing, the energy relationship with Tehran is no less than a matter of national security.

    China also remains a top client of Saudi oil. But buying oil from the Persian Gulf and having it shipped via the vulnerable Strait of Malacca is not exactly Beijing’s idea of a bright future]

  21. Seraphim

    @Being There,

    That’s what the Silk Road was, is, and will be for. Mackinder’s nightmare comes true (the nightmare was that it was nothing “they” could do against).

  22. Elaine Supkis

    China has no reason to not trade with Iran.

    Or ANYONE for that matter. The US and EU are all nutty about putting sanctions here, there and everywhere including against Russia, for example.

    China EXPANDED trade with Russia this year.

  23. America has no friends. All the other countries in the Middle East are far cannier than the US realises. It is literally a Game of Thrones. I have no hatred of Israel, I understand the Jews wanting their own homeland back, but thanks to a series of very bad misjudgements of their leaders, they have seriously put themselves at risk! Re-electing Netanyahu is now their most serious mistake since he is a war-monger. Thanks to a website that deals with political astrology, it turns out he is far more like Bush with his birth chart than most people realise. Plus he has used scare-mongering on his own people to his own advantage!

    For Europe the real enemy is Putin and especially Russia whether they like it or not. It is because Putin is a leader that refuses to swallow the spiel that most western politicians have swallowed, that makes him so dangerous. France and Germany under Napoleon and Hitler tried to conquer Russia, but it has never occurred to any of the European nations that Russia may in future decide to return the favour by attempting to conquer them. There are several prophecies out there that indicates that a Russian invasion of western Europe may soon be on the cards. From Fatima to South Africa. Russia will be both our destroyer and ironically our saviour.

    If the US wants to survive, it will have to make huge sacrifices and change it’s attitude. And do it pretty quickly because Karma can be a huge bitch when it finally hits. The biggest irony is that America’s biggest strength is not with how powerful or how many weapons they possess, but in the ideals of the Constitution. It is the one thing that has helped to shape the political destinies of half the world. It is that one document that will decide if they survive or fall. Namely the survivors that believe in it and are willing to fight to the last to preserve those ideals. All we can do is pray they will be able to succeed. The world will be depending on them.

  24. Elaine Supkis

    Russia has no reason to invade Europe. Think!

    Europe is near impossible to control. Too many different languages, too much difficulty in moving around easily, a royal pain in the neck to rule, a history, a long history of self destruction such as WWI and WWII not to mention the Napoleonic Wars, the 100 Years Wars (!!!) and the very bloody, from Germany to Italy, France and Spain and England…30 Years Wars!

    On and on and on. When has that lunatic asylum been peaceful? Almost never.

  25. Elaine Supkis

    I forgot: Pax Romana.

    500 years of peace with the language imposed on everyone to a huge degree (French, Spanish, Italian, etc. are ‘Roman languages’ for example).

    This was done via brutal conquest and crushing of all other societies and cultures. Then it collapsed.

    The Roman rule was so powerful, all buildings from Turkey to Egypt, from Libya to England were all designed the exact same way. All of them. No variations.

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