Super Cold March Depress Entire US Economy

The rulers of our nation have worked hard to totally ignore a record cold, snowy winter assailing half of the nation.  This has been so dire, it even has slowed down the entire economy:  LA Times – U.S. job growth slows sharply in March to 126,000


The Labor Department report Friday showing just 126,000 new jobs were added in March surprised analysts, who were expecting almost twice that number.


But neither did it raise alarm bells. Economists figured that cold weather and heavy snows exaggerated the decline and that hiring was bound to ease after unsustainable, heady job growth in some recent months.


The hog of all headlines has been California which seems to be the only climate of interest to our media owners and the Democratic Party.  How historic California drought affects rest of nation, often for the worse is a major headline today.


No headlines saying that ‘Severe Cold Stalls Economy Badly’.  But the ‘drought’ gets big headlines.  This is why the story at the top here merely notes the economy has stalled, not a headline mentioning cold weather as the cause.


Tell Me How This Ends Well – Thomas Friedman, a top Bilderberg gangster:  


In the same paper, there was also an article about the latest fighting between Shiite pro-Iranian and Sunni pro-Saudi factions in Yemen. Clashes there have focused on Yemen’s second-largest town, Taiz. Taiz? Wait a minute! I was in Taiz in May 2013 working on a documentary about how Yemen was becoming an environmental disaster. We focused on Taiz because, as a result of Yemen’s devastated ecosystems, residents of Taiz get to run their home water faucets for only 36 hours every 30 days or so…

The desert regions in Africa and the Middle East, like as in California, has shot upwards during the last 60 years.  The drought/rain cycles that are a feature of all these desert/semidesert climates continues rolling onwards but each decade there are several million more people in these very marginal lands.
This cannot continue forever.  California has about 40 million people today which is ridiculous.  It should have less than 10 million.  Of course, 90% of the people there were attracted to the place due to the lack of winter in 90% of the state.
Florida has 20 million and we hear constantly that it will be flooded due to global warming.  As if it was ever stable in the first place.  The world oceans have risen and fallen by a greater degree over the last 5 million years compared to the last 1,000 years.
New York which has lots and lots of water has been losing population especially where I live in the cold, wet central tier.  Most who move do so thinking they will go somewhere warm and dry like the desert regions.
The snow banks are finally melting here on my mountain, far later than normal and today I even saw some tiny buds beginning to form on the crabapple tree.  And it is going to snow this weekend…again.


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9 responses to “Super Cold March Depress Entire US Economy

  1. vengeur

    On the news on the radio they blamed the bad economic numbers on “unseasonably cold ” winter weather. Lol.

  2. DeVaul

    Food for thought:

    A recent article about the abuses of the US Border Patrol mentioned in passing that over two thirds of Americans (out of 351 million) live within the 100 mile border area in which the Border Patrol is allowed to set up checkpoints. That means that only one third, or 117 million people, live in the interior of the US. I was shocked by that.

    I should point out that all of Florida was within the Border Patrol area, but still… that’s a lot of people living right on the coasts.

  3. Lou

    ‘Thomas Friedman, a top Bilderberg’ promo guy.
    Yellen, ‘inflation is just noise’. [thats verbatim or close to]
    And both are jews.

  4. Lou

    ‘The Labor Department report Friday showing just 126,000 new jobs were added in March surprised analysts, who were expecting almost twice that number.’ So much for [cough] experts.

    In any case, IT DONT MATTER, the jobs added are poverty wage jobs, for the most part. One study says illegals have higher percent employed than citizens – or something like that.

  5. Lou

    Meanwhile [I wonder if this guy is Tribe?] Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav received an astounding $156.1 million in compensation last year, the company disclosed Friday in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. [thank u Drudge].

  6. Sunger

    The US economy is collapsing anyway- conventional economists don’t accept this and so come up with any possible excuse for the drop.

    Wait till the BRICS finally eject the US dollar from being a reserve currency. All Russia and China need to do is produce a gold-backed currency and the rest of the world will drop the $US as fast as possible in order to hold gold backed Yuan.

    Meanwhile, Russia, China and the other BRICS are financing massive infrastructure projects and acquisitions by selling down their US Treasuries in preparation for the post-US era.

  7. CK

    The $ will remain a reserve currency, it just will not be the ONLY reserve currency. Arbitrage, financial triage, much scarier than just replacing a nice engraved piece of paper for a different but equally pretty engraved piece of paper.
    Turning to a hard currency, that will upset a lot of apple carts. Trying it will probably start a world war. A hard currency, gold, silver, rare earths, platinum group means first and foremost that no one has to trust to the words and promises of politicians. But as we have seen all through the history of money. No hard currency is ever free from political debasement.
    From trimming the edges ( which is why coins have serrated edges ) to reducing the pure metal content. Where there is money the politicians and their parasitic friends find ways to steal the value from the holders and users.
    Paper makes that theft simpler; but hard currency is not an inviolable thing.

  8. Elaine Supkis

    The US dollar is for TRADE.

    So long as the EU and China and Japan run trade surpluses with the US, the dollar will be ‘fine’.

    When China gets pissed off at the US aggression due to Japanese territorial demands, the dollar will be toast.

  9. Christian W

    The US dollar is for trade AND for the US to skim a very hefty percentage of profit from producing nations (ie the rest of the world) for FREE.

    It is this trap that all nations not able to print US dollars for free (which of course the US can do) want to get out of.

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