Bilderberg Gang Pulls Out All Stops Pushing For No Sovereignty For EU Nations

A rising insurrection against Obama within the Democratic Party which is very much in the grip of AIPAC.  Democrats will desert the President over his nuclear negotiations which the EU endorsed.  The Zionists are furious about all this and threatening nuclear war.  And the US wants nuclear war with Russia, too.  Which is insane.  Europe has also gone insane about Putin ‘menacing’ them all except the explosion in the EU is totally internal.  It is falling apart at the seams.  Nationalism is rising.  Protectionism is rising, too.  Even in the US.


The BBC is run by the Bilderberg gang which is why it is 100% ‘global warming is melting the planet’ and ‘immigration is great, why stop it?’ Here is a website from Britain which tracks all this:  Is the BBC biased?: The BBC spins another of its own surveys. The survey said the British people are very worried about immigration.  Not worried about global warming.  This irritated the news presenters so they didn’t mention these parts of the poll.  Here are some comments by British people reading the BBC Is Biased website:


 I just don’t trust the BBC when it comes to their reporting of their own surveys.

Too often their findings are accompanied by a firm BBC spin (as with the recent Today survey into the views of British Muslims, which Today reported as deeply positive while most other news organisations spotted the deeply worrying 27% figure expressing sympathy with those who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre).


Tonight’s News at Six on BBC One, therefore, had me Googling the actual poll findings of their latest survey into the voting intentions of 18-24 years olds. Something smelled fishy about it.


If you look at the actual ComRes/BBC poll [Table 21/1], you find that the top concerns of 18-24 year olds are:
The NHS – 42%
Keeping down the cost of everyday things, such as food, energy and travel – 33%
Controlling immigration – 28%
Improving the education system – 24%
Improving housing affordability – 23%
So young adults actually care more about controlling immigration than they do about affordable housing, according to this BBC survey – and yet that’s something the BBC’s main evening news bulletin completely massaged out of its report.


There is a flood of propaganda hammering European citizens about immigration demanding that everyone keep their borders open and first world nations there should lose their social services systems after being flooded with aliens.  Here is a BBC show from last month which does this with a huge hammer:  Storyville – The Great European Disaster Movie [2015, BBC] – YouTube

This is a recent TV show from Europe explaining via a documentary/drama who the EU is a good organization and Europeans should be happy to be living under the rule of Brussels.  I watched this propaganda film with a lot of anger because it was basically a frontal assault on any political move to control immigration and protect domestic industries and banking, telling us that the EU’s open borders are preventing war when wars come and go all over Europe as NATO becomes increasingly aggressive in Europe and the Middle East and even Africa.


In this show, they even had someone of ‘authority’ snidely say that Sweden is a good country because it lets in a flood of aliens. Fjordman: Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden:


The number of rape charges rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six – 6 – times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have have rapidly increased, too. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas.


According to a new study from the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, it is four times more likely that a known rapist is born abroad, compared to persons born in Sweden. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. According to these statistics, almost half of all perpetrators are immigrants. In Norway and Denmark, we know that non-Western immigrants, which frequently means Muslims, are grossly overrepresented on rape statistics. In Oslo, Norway, immigrants were involved in two out of three rape charges in 2001.


The EU ‘expert’ who was explaining that immigration is good, claimed that anyone suggesting it is dangerous was a Nazi by having films of Nazis punctuate the film’s interviews of various pro-immigration people.  the main bulk of the film was about the euro and the film never mentioned that England has no euros, it is still in control of its own currency.

Here is a show that has a debate about the above movie with Bill Emmet, editor of the Financial Times arguing with Peter Hitchens and Mark Reckless who together crushed this economist with the cold hard truth=The great EU disaster movie disaster – YouTube

Here is a selection of comments by Brits about this interview:


…his video needs to be shared more. A) because hopefully fence sitters will now see through the propaganda. B) Because it shows Europhiles like Bill Emmet up for what they are and where their agenda is driven.

…I’m shocked the BBC didn’t scrap this as they don’t like to veer away from the European dream.

…Reckless running rings around another europhile.

…And this EU line that it has ensured peace since WWII when it is NATO that is mostly the various branches of the US military that has kept the peace. As soon as the Ukraine conflict started it was evident to me it was partly the fault of the EU for the whole conflict, as Hitchens so eloquently states.

…Greece hates Germany, how has the EU quelled tensions between the two? Greece is virtually being controlled by Germany. The problem that i see with Syriza is that they want to remain in the EU but not be governed by it which is never going to be possible.


The European Union is a confederation.  This was launched by the Bilderberg gang after WWII.  Debt crisis: Brussels accord on the verge of collapse – Telegraph:

Amid fresh warnings that Europe is triggering a 1930s-style global depression, the German chancellor faced open rebellion against the key plank of her Brussels accord. The leaders of Hungary and the Czech Republic told a joint conference in Budapest they were ready to reject the planned treaty changes and implied move towards a centralised tax system. Czech prime minister Petr Necas said he was “convinced that tax harmonisation would not mean anything good for us”.


National Socialism rises during economic poor times.  “Poles marched under the banner of ‘We Want Sovereignty!” in 2011.  And this sovereignty is all about controlling borders.  Europe’s bond yields lowest since 15th century Genoa on deflation, Russia risk and the Russia risk is 100% due to the US, NATO and EU’s coup in Ukraine.


The Bilderberg gang decided to finally have a real vote about the European Union and turn it into a ‘nation’.  This was voted down nearly totally and so the gang privately decided to impose this on Europe illegally and did so in Brussels with an internal vote of the Bilderberg gang and its puppets.  So now Europeans have no sovereignty.  Greece is threatening to kick itself out of the new EU over banking issues.


The movie about the EU being necessary for Europe to survive also talked about tax evasion by the rich.  A series of angry people in the show mentioned rich people used ‘tax havens’ and not one of them mentioned these havens: many are British colony islands that swear fealty to the Queen but are not controlled by Parliament.  This includes the very small and very powerful City of London which is a private entity inside London, where all the bankers piled in which is why it has huge towers there.


Then there is Switzerland which recently announced severe banking border controls against the EU when the Brussels gang decided to spend many billions of euros weakening the euro and flooding the markets with printed money.  The movie made by the Bilderberg gang had one person after another demanding more money to fix the economic mess in Europe.  So the money came last month with all sorts of disastrous results.


Discussion on immigration to the United Kingdom. – YouTube

The attack on any political party that wants to control borders and prevent floods of rent-seeking, job seeking aliens continues in various nefarious ways.  Here is a recent panel discussion about immigration on the BBC where the ‘audience’ was seated BEHIND the debaters and 90% of this audience was foreigners who now live in England.

Naturally, every time the woman from India/Pakistan (?) said something this gang of foreigners applauded loudly and every time the native Brit, who was Peter Hitchens spoke, they hissed and made gestures.  The ‘moderator’ interrupted Hitchens a great deal and never interrupted the Asian lady.  This was fully rigged to be as difficult as possible for the Brit to talk about the downside of immigration.


The movie about the EU being good and Europe doomed if it falls apart showed many leftist demonstrations demanding END AUSTERITY.  What troubles me about liberalism today is how it has gone insane.  These demonstrators are the same people who will turn out for ‘Stop global warming’ demonstrations demanding more expensive energy and people spending less money on stuff.


Idiotic claim from WH science advisor John Holdren: ‘Finally, less energy can mean more employment.’ as the Obama administration that wants more immigration and more money for the lower classes also wants to make energy much, much more expensive.  The riddle here is, cutting energy generally leads to more sacrifices, not more easy money and easy living.


On top of this, California is ‘running out of water’ so of course, the President and his gang want…more Hispanics who pour mainly into Florida and California!  Florida is supposed to be going under the waves, too!  So why let this get much worse?


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24 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Pulls Out All Stops Pushing For No Sovereignty For EU Nations

  1. Christian W

    Umm, Fjordman, that you linked to, is the ultra right wing Norwegian blogger that was a huge inspiration for Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer. :/

    The real threat against Europe isn’t from immigration, but from far right wing lunatics, US warmongers and the financial machinations of multinational corporations and financial institutions. These forces are using Big Brother to lock down Europe:

    NATO’s new headquarter in Brussels (btw, far more Dutch people joined up for the Waffen SS in WWII than supported the Resistance.)

    The new NATO Headquarters will be a secure, collaborative network-enabled capability supporting NATO business for you and for future generations. (So says NATO) Disband this insane monstrosity say I.

    And the ECB just launched a new head quarter in Frankfurt, Germany.


    Another note, the US is using ultra nationalists in Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and Ukraine to split Europe apart. The majority of people in Europe look at those people as nutcases but that doesn’t stop the US from using them as they idiots they are.

    The Russians have told NATO very, very firmly that if they let these crazy US/NATO attack dogs off the leash against Russia the Russians will use whatever force is necessary to stop them, including nukes. Using nukes will almost certainly trigger a nuclear war that includes the US.

    But it isn’t only parts of Europe going insane, I think the root of this madness is to be found in the US, since without the US nothing would happen in Europe as the crazies here would be well contained, while with US support they are dangerous enough to start something stupid.

    I just found out about the Denver airport today. Take a look at the insane artwork at display there:

    The real problem for Europe is that Merkel is firmly in the pocket of the US. Europe needs to stamp out the far right wing crazies quickly or they will put Europe on flame once more, courtesy of the US and the Bilderbergers (it is no coincidence that the root of the Bilderbergers is in Brussels).

    ELAINE: The Denver Airport thing evidently attracts a lot of attention from people who look for oddball black magic stuff. Here is a refutation of their beliefs:

    The airport was built because the original one was too close to the city and jets are very, very noisy…the artwork there is ugly, in my opinion, and is not about the stuff the conspiracy people think, it is about GLOBAL WARMING and warfare which is why it shows Nature dying in a fire. Typical stuff.

    The fact that some black magic lodges, the Masons, were allowed to put in that stupid marker with a ‘time capsule’ is annoying. Why were they allowed to do this? It can be done on private land but public??? No, absolutely wrong.

  2. Jim R

    The bottom line is, it’s all about control.

    The “one big happy family” types will accuse you of xenophobia if you don’t want to “harmonize” all regulations with the other countries. You should be happy to have open borders for the big oil companies, the big finance companies, and so forth. (but,, ha, just get caught with some cash in your glove box and you’re a terrorist laundering money)

    So the oligarchs want open borders for themselves, and for their peons, but they very much want closed boundaries for you.

  3. Elaine Supkis

    The censoring of news that shows clearly who the criminal class is has become a terrible problem for fixing the problem of crime. Yes, crime is a PROBLEM.

    Whenever blacks in the US commit crimes especially against white people, their pictures are not shown, they are not identified. If a white person writes a nasty tweet on twitter, their race is immediately identified and they are vilified in public and shamed and lose their jobs or are kicked out of school.

    This double standard is racism. Telling Swedish women that the assaults on them are normal is criminal, for example.

    I tried to find statistics from a mainstream Swedish news source and found nothing, they are hiding this information from the public so women think the assaults on them is unusual, not due to a certain population.

    When I lived in Europe, I was assaulted by men from conservative religious countries that tell them it is OK to rape women who aren’t veiled or wearing lots of clothing in summer.

    Except I am a trained fighter and would sling them all over the place and stomp on them, not them on me. Women would then applaud me for doing this and excitedly tell me about when they were assaulted.

    This ended up with me doing classes for women on self defense.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Also a major point I keep making which liberals hate hearing is, when economies go into tail spins, national socialism rises due to it being very attractive and if NOT coupled with manic warmongering, is a sane response.

    No nation can afford to be an open source of funding all poor people on earth with welfare for free. None. It just isn’t possible! When a nation can afford social services, it has to have many protections and restrictions or it is destroyed by a mass movement of poor people seeking an easy life.

    I can’t blame the poor for doing this, of course. But the fact is, either a nation has to have no social services for its own citizens OR closed borders.

    Europe and the US have been led to believe you can have infinite social services for aliens who then are grateful for this boon. Which is INSANE.

    They are NOT ‘grateful’ at all. Anyone under the age of 60 when hanging out in the hood with nothing to do will end up a criminal just from sheer boredom is nothing else. They do not go out and plant flowers and save puppies.

    They end up doing what healthy young people do: go wild having fun, killing, raping, burning and stealing stuff just like my own ancestors did when they were bored and armed to the teeth.

  5. Old Ari

    Humans need energy to stay alive. Before Oil and Coal, most of that came from the sun. With the discovery of coal, and oil, much more energy was available, and the world population increased. Now that we are reaching the end of the coal and oil, the world population has to shrink, to what the sun can support. Happy times.

  6. Elaine Supkis

    One big thing raising population levels has been vaccinations so we have far fewer child deaths.

    In the EU,US, Japan, China, Russia, etc. we have birth rates falling due to contraception. Naturally, we are then ordered to open our borders to millions of aliens to ‘fix’ this.

    See how insane this is? We reduce the population pressure and then are told by LIBERALS who are angry about the earth’s environment being violated by too many people, to let in millions of strangers!

    I am a sane liberal which makes people hate me when I don’t toe the liberal contradictory lines. Just like conservatives who have become warmongers which is the EXACT opposite of real conservatives in the past are a huge insane problem.

    See how both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ has been twisted into pretzels yet both sides have new beliefs which one must adhere to or be outcast?

  7. Jim R

    What Old Ari says is true. It has nothing to do with vaccines or politics.

    And it has nothing to do with birth control, nor fertility.

    It’s just Hubbert’s curve. The human population will not continue to expand, and there will be fewer humans on the planet in 2100 than there are now.

    We do not yet know what route will be taken to get there, but we do know that it will be so.

  8. Petruchio

    ” The Zionists are furious about all this and threatening nuclear war. ” Just make these supposedly war loving Zionist/neo-cons put some of THEIR OWN skin in the game .If they want war, make them back it up. I’ve always said it: we would not EVER have had a “War on Terror” if the Bush daughters had been required to serve in a combat area of operations from Day One of this “war”, there NEVER would have been a war at all. And if the Israelis want war, let them go at it against Iran–ON THEIR OWN. Let’s see how hot for war they are then. Not very , I suspect.

  9. JimmyJ

    Last night on Canadian tv news was a full screen sized, beautiful isopach of the Gulf of Alaska with a big, scary, red “blob”, as the expert calls it, of slightly warmer temperatures. Even simple graphics can ring with hyperbole these days.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    Meanwhile, half of Canada still looks like Antarctica.

  11. Christian W

    I am a sane liberal which makes people hate me when I don’t toe the liberal contradictory lines. Just like conservatives who have become warmongers which is the EXACT opposite of real conservatives in the past are a huge insane problem.

    See how both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ has been twisted into pretzels yet both sides have new beliefs which one must adhere to or be outcast?

    This is correct, but this is also an artificial situation. This is exactly what I have been talking about for years saying that the US political dialogue has been deliberately destroyed and twisted beyond recognition.

    Since “conservatism” and “liberalism” have been twisted beyond recognition they no longer are conservatism and liberalism. What you are dealing with now is brain washing, not sane, humanistic, independent rational thinking which regardless of political leaning is the basis of any sane political dialogue. The US political dialogue seized to be sane a long time ago.

    The ONLY solution is to take power back from the elites, who are doing the pretzel twisting (ie brain washing) so it can stop. Unfortunately I think it is far too late into the game for the US population to become coherent and sane enough to be able to act in in unison.

    What is clear is that voting for the pretzel twisters isn’t going to do you any good at all. You have to fight the system. The GOP and the Dems are dead, they are remote controlled zombies at this point playing their part twisting the system and boiling the frogs.

    I find it very interesting to study the implosion of Ukraine. It is no coincidence that the far right wing forces have been pushed into power based on ethnic and religious hatred. The exact thing is going on in the US, within cultural differences of course. The destruction and pretzel twisting are deliberate elite policies.

    The flooding of the nation with “illegal aliens” is very much part of this twisting for the white middle class (the “black community” is already sadly twisted into a horribly contorted pretzel, that is quite obvious so that job is done). The elites know the alien push will put the white middle class on war footing and in kill mode when the push becomes too strong. The middle class will not be given another option than the kill option, which means the war option. The kill option is of course the insane option, but since the elites are insane they do not care. The kill option will destroy the middle class of course, it will be the last death throe of the middle class, but the middle class will be too twisted to notice. The white middle class will become the henchmen class, the Nazi class, diminished and brutal, in service of the elites, .

    The American fascination with Zombies (the “Zombie apocalypse”, Zombie movies), and horror movies, is an unconscious acknowledgement of this reality. Americans are beginning to realize deep down they no longer live in a sane, healthy society. Since the US is by far the most dominant culture in the Western world this disease is spreading.

  12. Lou

    CW, who owns the media? The Jews. re, Since the US is by far the most dominant culture in the Western world this disease is spreading.

  13. But wouldn’t an United Europe state be good for them to make a stand against Global powers like US,Russia,China,India,Japan,Brazil etc..

  14. Christian W

    @ Elaine’s comment to #1

    It’s not about conspiracy, it’s about the insanity of the paintings themselves. End of the times Christian Dominionist themes (dressed up a bit to look more PC) with a Nazi Russian Red Army monster wielding his AK47 slaying the poor Peace Dove and on and on.

    And this crap is displayed in a public building? How is it even possible?

  15. Petruchio

    “National Socialism rises during economic poor times.” So does Communism. The only time the Communist Party in the US grew in popularity was during the Great Depression. About open immigration. Ever wonder WHO emigrates instead of only what country they come from? The elites have. It’s not a mystery to discover the reason that a large percentage of immigrants left their native countries is because they had worn out their welcome in their home country. A stereotype? Somewhat, but it IS true. Open immigration is a key ingredient to fomenting civil unrest. Put all or as many dissidents into one “basket”, so to speak. This gives the elites the justification/cover they need to curtail basic civil rights for the average citizen. Such things as, say, the Department of Homeland Security can be formed.

  16. Seraphim

    @Telling Swedish women that the assaults on them are normal is criminal, for example

    Oh, yes, it’s criminal only when is perpetrated (half-way) by the Assanges!

  17. Elaine Supkis

    Assange case was very stupid.

    The lady in question waited FOREVER to announce she was ‘raped’ and she expressed to her friends she was HAPPY about the sex until she discovered he wasn’t coming back.

    It was pure politics.

  18. JT

    The idea behing immigration is that we have only one god.
    GDP growth, everything has to be sacrificed on that altar.
    And for that purpose immigration works just fine.

    Health care, social security, unions, pensions, nations, laws, courts and rules are all enemies of this god.

    Bilderberg gang, if such a homogenous group exists, is for GDP growth and only GDP growth.

    GDP does NOT measure:
    1. health
    2. infant mortality
    3. morbidity
    4. crime
    5. poverty
    6. environmental health/decay and destruction of the natural environment
    7. infrastructure such as highways and bridges
    8. family breakdown
    9. loss of leisure time
    10. cost of commuting to work
    12. lack of civility in communities
    12. lack of concern for future generations
    13. income gap (women/men; poor/wealthy)

    Many if not all of these things are obviously problems in the US and China.
    The countries with by far the highest GDP and fastest GDP growth.

    GDP is the wrong god.

  19. Elaine Supkis

    You forgot ‘TRADE DEFICIT’ which makes our GDP wretched indeed. We run deep in negative territory.

  20. JT


    Someone deficit is someone else’s surplus.
    Zero sum game.

    But you often tend to think that only “real” things matter; steel, guns, wheat, water, electricity…

    But nowdays we could have real GDP growth of say massages, child care, schools, education, walking in the woods…

    Money is the one thing that is not real, that is purely a tool to make things happen in societies and keep the ants moving.

  21. JT


    I think you need a good dose of Moomin philosophy:

    “So Moomintroll, Sniff, Snufkin and their companions arrived back from the Lonely Mountains to find Moominmamma spending what may be the final hours of the world, “peacefully baking bread and cakes.” Because even if the world is ending, there is still much to be said for the baking and sharing a good cake.”

    “99% of us not dealt the best hand as genes are concerned. But you can get a lot done even with stubby feet.”

    “I only want to live in peace and plant potatoes and dream!”

    “I just may set off in another direction entirely.”

    “One can never be truly free, if one admires someone else too much.”

    “It’d be awful if the world exploded, it’s so wonderfully splendid.”

    “‘I think I’m beginning to understand now,’ said Moomintroll slowly. ‘You aren’t a collector any longer, are you? Now you are just an owner. That’s nowhere near as much fun.’
    ‘No,’ said the Hemulen thoroughly dejected. ‘It is most decidedly nowhere near as much fun.’”

  22. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, looting is far more fun. It also involved burning, raping and killing someone. Very organic.

    The looters today in the NATO countries do all that via proxy and hiss about ‘war crimes’ when they capture someone else.

  23. Jim R

    They are very wise, the Moomin.

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