Bloomberg Wants To Run For Mayor Of The City Of London Corporation, The Heart Of The British Banking System


Michael Bloomberg reportedly ‘considering’ running for mayor of London: Bloomberg is a Bilderberg gangster and a Zionist.  Having one of these run the City of London is no surprise.  Dual/triple citizenship if you are a rich Jewish man is one of the perks they enjoy.  The average Brit or American is cajoled about patriotism while at the same time the Bilderberg gang has no borders.  Royals have no borders, too, they have property, namely, ‘nations’ are still, despite the appearance of Parliaments, in many countries, owned by royals.  Such as Saudi Arabia and of course, England.  Many of these countries owned by nobility are also bank tax evading schemes and this emphatically includes the City of London which isn’t the whole city but the key central part where the royals also live.


There are three Londons with the most powerful one being the one that Bloomberg wishes to lead:  City of London


The City of London is a city and ceremonial county within London. It constituted most of London from its settlement by the Romans in the 1st century AD to the Middle Ages, but the conurbation has since grown far beyond the City’s borders.[4] The City is now only a tiny part of the metropolis of London, though it remains a notable part of central London. It is one of two districts of London to hold city status; the other is the adjacent City of Westminster.


Yes, the palace where the Queen and her spoiled children lives is a ‘city’.  The City of London, being a banking corporation, is literally ‘above the law’ and controls the government of England.  It has a violent history of collusion with some kings and being shut down by other kings depending on financial loans to kings or supporting the wrong side in various interfamilial battles waged by royals against each other such as the War of the Roses and the Protestant/Catholic wars.


The city within a city is actually called the City of London Corporation


The corporation claims to be the world’s oldest continuously elected local government body. Both businesses and residents of the City, or “Square Mile”, are entitled to vote in elections, and in addition to its functions as the local authority – analogous to those undertaken by the boroughs that administer the rest of London – it takes responsibility for supporting the financial services industry and representing its interests.[2] The corporation’s structure includes the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, the Court of Common Council, and the Freemen and Livery of the City…


This is the dirty secret at the heart of the illusion of being a ‘democracy’ in England.  The people who have their hands directly on the controls of the nation (central banking, issuing of the currency, etc.) is the City of London’s rulers who are most often, either rich bankers directly or beholden for support by going to rich bankers, hat in hand.  The royals depend on the bankers to support their lavish lifestyles and in the past, their wars.


The earliest records of the business habits of the city’s Chamberlains and Common Clerks, and the proceedings of the Courts of Common Council and Aldermen, begin in 1275, and are recorded in fifty volumes known as the Letter-Books of the City of London.


Which is when the idea of using London as a banking hiding spot, off the continent, was hatched.  Italy gave birth to the modern banking system overcoming the strictures against charging interest and the invention of double accounting and of course, the acceptance of the Islamic use of numbers from India.  The vast wealth this brought the Italian banking families led to vast wars and insurrections in Italy.  My own family, the Bards who came to the New World and founded a college, Bard College, were originally an Italian banking family:  Bardi Family 


Bardi Family, an aristocratic Florentine family that successfully developed its financial and banking company to become one of the most influential European business powers between 1250 and 1345.


By coordinating its political activity with its financial interests, the Bardi became the leading Florentine merchant house. Along with many other Florentine aristocratic families, their power was curtailed somewhat by ordinances of 1293 and 1295. Despite the loss of several estates in 1341, the family retained its prominent political position, until unwise financial ventures, including support of Edward III (king of England 1327–77) in the Hundred Years’ War against France (1337–1453) and aid to Florence in a war with the rival city of Lucca, caused the bankruptcy of the Bardi’s banking house in 1345. This bankruptcy provoked resounding financial repercussions in Florence and Europe and deprived the Bardi of their political power.


When their power was curtailed in Florence, they moved their major operations to London where a son had just set up shop.  The British king back then was King Edward I Longshanks who needed money for fighting Simon de Montfort and then the Scots.  The barons of England revolted yet again and the King couldn’t wage a full-out war via collecting taxes because the barons were the ones who collected taxes.  So the king did a novel thing: he granted my family all sorts of banking privileges in return for a sweetheart low interest loan!  Thus was the City of London CORPORATION born.


A later Edward bankrupted my family due to the failure of the 100 Years War as a looting expedition.  It was supposed to expand the taxable base so the loans could be paid back but instead, the British laid waste to valuable farmlands, towns, cities and destroyed everything in their path which meant no money for the bankers.  Right on the eve of the giant colonization/exploration explosion, my family ran out of gold.


Gold was the fundamental basis of lending.  Since WWI, the push has been to eliminate gold as the basis of banking and it is long gone.  Loans today are made up out of thin air which is why we have inflation which is the degradation of the currency.  It is so far gone that today, inflation is ‘good’ and a steady currency is ‘evil’ which is a reverse of the former banking system.


Just like in my ancestor’s past, today major banks go under due to countries going bankrupt and this is because the money lent by banks doesn’t really exist anymore than the money lent by my ancestors.  They basically lent more money than they actually had on hand so when the bills came due and the party owing the money didn’t pay back, they were bankrupt.


The word ‘bankrupt’ is Italian and brought into the English language by my ancestors when the king refused to pay them back.  It means ‘broken bench’ which is what happens when the bench where the banker sat was broken when raving mobs came to him and smashed it and killed him.  Banking in the medieval times was very dangerous as were any sort of business with armed thugs like the Kings of Europe.  One of the oddest things in dictionaries is the description of ‘breaking the bench’ is supposedly the BANKER himself does this, not a raving mob.


How bizarre!  We know that when a bank goes bad, the investors of the bank, the ones who put their savings in the hands of the bank in order to gain interest, are the angry mob that assaults the banker demanding their savings be returned!


Modern banking, by being kept at an artificially low level of capital base for lending, offer little to no interest on savings.  The central banks simply print money like mad and the bankers go to it for capital.  This has spurred a lot of activity but has a grave danger: bankruptcy.  Wild lending that can never be repaid=bankruptcy.  Student loans for an education that is nearly worthless and which puts young people deep in debt they can never escape leads to bankruptcy since they can’t pay back these loans.


But the BIG BIG killer of banking is warfare.  This eats up immense funds and if the war brings in no booty, no new taxable regions, no new trade, this leads to bankruptcy in the bitter end and this is what the US faces: war debts, student debts, social spending debts all piled on top of a massive trade deficit=bankruptcy.  I suppose Bloomberg expects to be safe and sound in London.  He is delusional.


The downside of bankruptcy of a government is civil war or the looting of rich minority populations such as the Jews.  No wealth comes from looting the poor when a bankruptcy makes them even poorer.

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13 responses to “Bloomberg Wants To Run For Mayor Of The City Of London Corporation, The Heart Of The British Banking System

  1. melponeme_k

    When I visited London a while back, I asked a hotel employee directions to the City as in City of London/Financial district. He acted ridiculous and acted “confused” about what I was asking. I’m glad he had a laugh at my expense.

    His sarcastic backside is still owned lock, stock and barrel by a queen and her inbred family. I wonder if he laughs about that or thinks it is so wonderful.

    Most Brits still argue that the Queen has no power. I laugh when they drag out that argument. One day, I hope they will wake up and put an end to the slavery just like France, Russia and the US did before them.

  2. DeVaul

    I must say that your genealogy is nothing short of fascinating:

    One of your direct ancestors was a French nobleman by the name of Petite whose entire family was murdered by religious fanatics, so he became a pirate to exact revenge and thus the town of Lima is named after him.

    Another direct ancestor was an industrial Robber Baron by the name of Steele, who somehow lost his entire fortune. A town is named after him too.

    Another direct ancestor was the helmsman on Eric the Red’s first voyage to America.

    Another ancestor was a US cavalry officer who enjoyed playing poker with Geronimo inbetween chasing him around the entire Wild West.

    Another group of ancestors moved en masse from Florentine to London and founded the financial district of London which their ancestors still run to this very day. (Geez, Elaine, can’t you get an interest free loan from them? I mean, y’all are kin, right?)

    And then there was the distant great uncle or third cousin who was a general in the Wehrmacht during WW II. (Did he ambush the Soviets and hold them at bay while your father raced through the caves looking for the secret V-2 rocket files?)

    Did I miss anyone? ( I bet I did.)

    With a genealogy like that, you should have already had it printed up and in book form. It should be sitting in the Smithsonian Institute. I mean, it is practically a national treasure.

    (They declined mine, saying they had no interest in pioneers and sharecroppers).

  3. Petruchio

    Michael Bloomberg. Oh we all can trust him to serve the Public Interest. Didn’t he promise to serve only two terms as Mayor of New York City? Then he broke even that promise and continued playing at Mayor of NYC. Amazing. If New York City residents are dumb enough to vote this guy in for a third term, they deserve him. This guy Boomberg just oozes sleaze.

  4. DeVaul

    I really don’t see how in the world this man can run for mayor of two cities that are in different countries. I assumed that this was a different Bloomberg (related perhaps), but not the same as the man who was mayor of NYC.

    Is there not at least some kind of residency requirement?

    At lease medieval princes first had to show some kind of hereditary claim to a province before governing it or annexing it. The queen of England could not just “run for mayor of Florentine” because she wanted to.

  5. Jim R


    They declined mine, saying they had no interest …

    Same here. There wasn’t much interest in ironmongers and farmers, and the occasional “First Nation” umm, personage, who was never mentioned at family gatherings.

    I was going to say the same thing … lotsa royalty and whatnot in Elaine’s blog.

    As for running for an office in another country, remember that Catherine the Great was a German princess, she wasn’t even from Russia. And the Windsors don’t have very deep English roots, either.

    That was one reason for the requirement in the US Constitution that the President had to be a natural born citizen. The Founding Fathers did not want this place to be like Europe, with its royals and plutocrats taking over other countries by simply going there and running for office.

    But you could always get away with that in Europe and Russia, and many other places.

  6. Christian W

    Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the current mayor of London, was born in New York and is a dual US British citizen.

  7. Elaine Supkis

    The German princes ran EVERYTHING by 1790.

    Why? ALL THE DAMN ROYALS KILLED EACH OTHER or…the peasants did it!


    Yes, the Germans just sat on their thrones stuffing their faces in various Rhenish castles and married themselves off to the remnants of the surviving royals who butchered each other during the 100 Years Wars, etc.

    History is very ironic.

    About the ‘first families’ in the US: they were shipped here either as lower class ‘criminals’ or upper class losers of the various family wars. So we had the best of both worlds: the strength of the working class and the lunacy of the elites (another joke here).

    The marriage bed had few candidates back in 1650 in the US so we were all ‘related’ to each other over and over again.

    For example, the guy who services my snowplow is a Howe, direct descendent of the famous family who were also the top Revolutionary war generals, etc. We joke about all this when doing business.

    We are all peasants today, of course, and happy with it.

  8. Petruchio

    “We are all peasants today, of course, and happy with it.” Yes, but peasants are the ones who build guillotines, and use them!! Think France 1789.

  9. DeVaul

    Off Topic:

    California officials have finally figured out the obvious:

    Here is my favorite quote:

    “The problem lies, in part, in the social isolation of the rich, the moral isolation of the rich,” Pincetl told the Los Angeles Times.

    I see the exact same dynamic here in Lexington, Kentucky. Rich people in the rich neighborhoods hire Mexican workers to walk around with gasoline operated leaf blowers just to blow dust off their sidewalks (like the wind won’t bring it right back in less than five minutes). During water bans, they water their lawns anyway, and no one fines them.

    Poor people see this.

  10. Seraphim

    @ DeVaul: Did I miss anyone? ( I bet I did.)

    Some Jews, of course.

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Northern California is being pounded with rain and will be all week long and it is snowing again in the Sierra mountains and they got TWO FEET yesterday there.

    This is the stupidest ‘drought’ ever. It is now mainly confined to LA.

  12. Lou

    ‘ It is now mainly confined to LA.’ I can confirm that LA is ‘hot and dry’. Warmest winter that I can remember- in 36 years.
    And VERY dry.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    Yup. Typical desert weather and LA is part of the dry Mohave Desert region and its nearest neighbor is DEATH VALLEY.

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