Affirmative Action Rules Are In The News: Exploitation Of Race Has Unsurprising Consequences


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The issue of affirmative action continues to roil when it comes to schools, hirings and other arenas.  Originally, it was supposed to be a temporary solution to Jim Crow segregation which was very nasty, I lived under Jim Crow as a child and saw first hand gross discrimination against black citizens which was infuriating to see.  My grandfather was anti-Jim Crow and I upheld this tradition by working for Civil Rights which happened to include my own personal rights as a woman.  But over the years, the civil rights issue has taken a bad turn.  It has become abusive.  Even as gays and transsexuals continue the honest battle for basic civil and human rights, blacks and women are seeing this fall apart not due to white males being ‘naughty’ but due to weighted systems that give women and blacks an extra boost but which ruins their ability to succeed because it is now unfair competition.


Anyone daring to address these issues is attacked as a racist even if they are black and if they are a woman talking about this mess, they are attacked as being a bimbo or something.  It is dangerous to talk about all this on the left due to ideology that never seems to shift with incoming data.  As information proceeds to accumulate, liberals have run away from the facts and embraced mythologies and attack anyone who dares point out that things are going very poorly for say, the greater mass of blacks in America who are now trapped in a ghetto lifestyle of fatherless families on welfare, for example.


While the news machines talk endlessly about frat houses that say naughty words, getting these students expelled, the real problems lurk in the darkness but occasionally see the light of day such as here: Professor denounces affirmative action: ‘Very damaging to blacks, other minorities’.  Professor Cohen who is Jewish, denounces affirmative action and he has good reasons to do this.  Jews are pushed down the admissions ladder just like Asians because there are ‘too many of them’ at the top.


Certain ethnic minorities (Asians are not, globally, a minority, of course, anymore than Africans and other blacks) are punished for being smarter or harder working while others get to coast into top niche positions based on being a certain skin color.  This is bad for all races because it increases race tensions and as many a critic of affirmative action has pointed out, it makes the recipients of these easy admissions and easy job placements to become lazy and incompetent since nothing much is expected of them.


This, in turn, reinforces people’s beliefs that blacks are inferior.


In the news this week is this story:  Mindy Kaling’s brother claims famous sister says he brought ‘shame’ on the family for posing as black man for med school admissions | Daily Mail Online


On his blog, Almost Black, Vijay Chokal-Ingam said that none of his family approves of his book, in which he’ll controversially claimed he was only accepted into medical school in the late 1990s because he posed as a black man.


From his blog:

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This is the other downside of affirmative action which was true from day one.  When I was a young genius brat, I was in direct competition with a number of equal or better brats at the Universities I attended both here in the US and overseas.  We were all in high competition mode.  Anyone competing with us was steamrollered by us. We were like a herd of Wildebeests stampeding towards summer grazing grounds, chased by lions who were, of course, our professors.  It is a dog-eat-student world.


Mindy, from India like her brother, is embarrassed by him bringing up the obvious.  She knows her position on TV is threatened by this because she is there due to being ‘black looking’ and it is an advantage for her.  People try very hard to not criticize her in the media due to her appearance as a ‘dark skinned woman’.  In India, of course, there is ferocious discrimination based on skin color with the lighter skin clans at the top and the Untouchables at the bottom and it still isn’t fixed at all.  There are even race riots there with the lighter skinned high status clans attacking the poor Untouchables.


This is very much like Israel which is all about race discrimination which is so bad, Jews who have mothers who are not Jews are considered ‘dirty’ and are rejected, and race riots against the natives of Palestine who are much darker skinned than the European Jewish invaders, as well as Africans are terrorized by mobs.  Another topic that is seldom mentioned in US news.


But here in the US, racism is evil.  Anyone striving to change things is attacked:  After Bush order, Florida universities cope with shrinking black enrollment – The Washington Post


“We ended up having a system where there were more African American and Hispanic kids attending our university system than prior to the system that was discriminatory,” the former governor and likely presidential contender said recently at a conference of conservative activists.


But at Florida’s two premier universities, black enrollment is shrinking.


Study after study discovers the same truth: black students often start of pretty even with all others.  Over time, they begin to fall behind and in high school, many of them drop like a rock compared to other students.  This is universal across the US.  Worse, Hispanic students start off WORSE off than black students.  Immigration Reform 2015: More Hispanics In US Schools, But They’re Struggling To Keep Up due to poor language skills EVEN WITH SPANISH.  Studies show that Hispanic parents don’t read to their children at home much.


Of course, the fix is to have Hispanics get on the same magic carpet that sends black kids through the system so they learn less than say, Asians.


Here is another story that illustrates how the system works.  A black child who has decent scores but nothing as high as say, the upper levels of white or Asian students, gets a flood of acceptance letters from the most elite schools:   High schooler Harold Ekeh accepted by all eight Ivy League colleges | Daily Mail:  The young man is a Nigerian immigrant whose family came over (possibly illegally) and took low paying jobs (which is why immigration is running high despite Americans being unemployed).

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.05.53 AM

This is no great achievement for this kid.  The skill sets of the average black high school student has fallen so far below standards, anyone above this low level is snatched up by desperate schools at the top so they can fill their quotas.  This young man is also in danger of being pushed into the Wildebeest stampede with no running skills.  Of course, he will be protected until he leaves school, still thinking he is competitive and will glide into a job where he is again, at the head of the line due to skin color.


The mayor of New York has a biracial marriage.  The schools there are seeing epic white flight.  14% of the students there are white which is a huge drop over the last 50 years.  Most of the parents of white children do what I did in 1984: flee the city for a suburb when children were of school age.  There are still a number of Asian students in public schools there and they go to only a handful of schools one of which is the Brooklyn Technical High School.  The mayor of NY isn’t sending his son to one of the regular schools, he is at the competition-admission school in Brooklyn which is flooded with Asians.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.03.51 AM

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Whites and Asians are less than 15% of the school population in the city but  look at who is in this school.  More than the average number of whites and far more than the average number of Asians. Asians in California and New York see a lot of discrimination which applying to universities because if they have a stellar resume of grades and activities such as playing classical music, they are put at the BOTTOM of the pile of admissions, not the top!  They are punished for this.


Then there is culture.  The ‘hood’ is destroying black children, devouring them.  Here is a rather sad story:  Deion Sanders shames his son on Twitter after he posts about being ‘hood’ | Daily Mail Online


The talented wide receiver, who is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, wrote on Twitter Thursday; ‘Gotta get the hood doughnuts almost every morning. If my doughnuts don’t come in a plain white box, I don’t want them!’


Then, seeing this tweet, dad Deion Sanders decided to have a little fun with his son, and give him a piece of his mind, writing back; ‘You’re a Huxtable with a million $ trust fund stop the hood stuff! Lololol. Son. #truth”


A huxtable is a phrase used by some to refer to upper class black people…His son seems to reap the benefits of this wealth too, and enjoys showing off his luxury clothing items on his social media accounts.


Several thoughts: this rich black child could make what he thought was a cute racial joke about whites and no one punishes him or shames him.  He isn’t being kicked out of school.  Secondly, he and his father are joking about basically  the image of a successful black middle class person is a joke.  This lad also puts up pictures of his booty online to boast about how lucky he is and how rich he is.


This materialism is very strong in the black community where bling is big.  A lot of radical leftists imagine these are the people who will fuel the ‘revolution’ that will bring about a Worker’s Paradise and stop ‘global warming’ and the black fellow revolutionaries will want us to live in Tiny Houses and bike everywhere and not buy consumer goods except a few items like Apple devices, of course.  This belief is childish.  And misunderstands the black community which wants very much to become part of the upper, not lower classes.


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32 responses to “Affirmative Action Rules Are In The News: Exploitation Of Race Has Unsurprising Consequences

  1. Ken

    I’m surprised that no mention is made of President Obama and affirmative action. By his own admission in his books he was a C student at Columbia. Of course, the school will not release his actual grades, and will only say that he “did not graduate cum laude.” Then there are his test scores. His LSAT scores are a secret, but based on personal experience the percentile rankings for SAT, LSAT and GRE are pretty consistent. Since Obama had an SAT score of 1100 (which is barely enough to get into a mediocre school), one can only presume that his LSAT scores were equally unimpressive. There is no way that a white or Asian student could have ever gotten into Harvard Law School with these sorts of credentials. Obama got in based on black skin privilege, plain and simple. And possibly as a foreign exchange student, which is whole other controversy.

    By way of background, I went to a law school that was ranked third in the nation at the time. One of my friends there was one of the “black” students (actually, her father was black, but her mother was Asian Indian). She had higher undergraduate grades and LSAT test scores than me. However, she admitted that all of her accomplishments were overshadowed by her race because everyone automatically presumed that she only got in due to affirmative action. The school policies intended to “help” her were actually hurting her!

    Then there were the true affirmative action black students. As Elaine experienced, they were getting eaten alive by the real students. They were dropping out, having nervous breakdowns, and getting psychiatric counseling at a much higher level than the regular students.

    And let me be clear, the regular students were a mess too. All of them had done exceptionally well in school up until then and their whole self image was tied up with being the best students in their schools. Now they were average, and a lot of them had trouble coping with having their only sense of self worth striped away. But the affirmative action students had the hardest time of all.

    The truly sad thing is that most of these students would have done perfectly fine in average law schools. They would have succeeded and gone on to successful careers in the law. But the liberal policies of pushing them into positions where they were certain to fail caused many of them to give up any plans of being lawyers. Truly, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  2. e sutton

    Rejecting better qualified, intellectual candidates and replacing them with lesser qualified, lazier members of society and placing them into the top echelon of colleges and Fortune 500 companies. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like YT doesn’t need to be put in his place, after all. Fifty plus years of Affirmative Action and it STILL isn’t enough. Money keeps getting poured into bottomless pit welfare programs. The dividends just keep coming. Trust me on this. The Chinese will eat our lunch and enjoy each and every morsel.

    Speaking of culture, what’s not to love about listening to (c)rap music, with lyrics describing “popping a cap in yo ass, bitches,” and it’s not limited to oral, anal sex, drugs, etc. Oh, and then there’s this negro, who decided to give that evil, white man the shaft when his electricity was cut off due to non-payment. The magic that lies inside the wall was stolen from this negro fambly:

    Seems our genius negro father of seven (7) chillens didn’t know that gasoline powered generators need to be in well in well ventilated areas, and not inside the home. Guess he was absent during the chemistry class about carbon dioxide vs. carbon monoxide. Chemistry being white privilege and all. Gnome sane?

  3. Petruchio

    The elites absolutely LOVE affirmative action. For one thing, it doesn’t threaten their status in the least; their power is rooted in money and connections. But an even bigger reason elites love affirmative action: it helps destroy the Middle Class. Who are these whites that get passed over for more “deserving” candidates? Mostly men who would become members of the Middle Class. Not all of course, but AA DOES damage the wage earning prospects for those passed over regardless of economic status, or potential status. Class warfare. The elites have a laser focus on destroying the enemy they fear the most: a healthy, growing–and voting–Middle Class.

  4. melponeme_k

    I never claimed my Native American background on a college admission for a pity admission. The very idea disgusted me. Therefore I graduated from my CUNY school on my own steam, studying hard because I’m not smart only average.

    But I do believe that students should be admitted to college in the same way musicians audition for orchestras…blind. Names should be struck from the records and school admissions should only look at grades, interests, extracurricular activity etc. As far as the arts and sports enter into the picture, they should not be part of a regular college/university. They are, ultimately, trades not academics and should be treated as such.

  5. CK

    Given how few productive people are necessary for this country to continue its present course, what does it matter if college degrees are deprecated. Give them all medals for showing up.
    Give them all Masters and Doctorates in faux and hoax studies.
    It’s just pieces of paper, like dollar bills but without the promise of redemption.

  6. e sutton


    Yeah, well maybe, but what do we tell all of those White and Asian kids who are in debt up to their ear lobs with worthless degrees? I’d include the blacks in this group, but: a) THEY get hired. (AA)
    b) THEY get a free ride (courtesy of Uncle Sambo).

  7. Lou

    Sorry, I did not make it thru the whole tale above. Elaine -presumably- supported AA, quotas etc – when she was young and dumb.

    And this is from ‘SBPDL”, Sello Selebi, our former national commissioner of the national Police Service, president of the African National Congress Youth League, and believe it or not, the former president of Interpol, had to resign in the face of local and international pressure in 2011 because of aiding and abetting major international drug dealing and money laundering.

    Well, he died a few months ago, and guess! Yes, he was given a state funeral.

    Pure self-destructiveness – it is so sad. I tremble for the future.”

    This is all coming to a city near you. We are possibly 10 years behind the “progress” in South Africa.

    Eddie in St. Louis

  8. Lou

    I guess that BHO got a free or cheap ride as a ‘foreign student’. And he is a Muslim. Ann Barnhardt seems to understand him best.

  9. Lou

    ‘This, in turn, reinforces people’s beliefs that blacks are inferior.’
    If yr talking IQ than it should be,
    ‘reinforces people’s knowledge that blacks have vastly inferior intelligence’.
    Fixed that for ya.

    ‘Bell Curve’ and all other non biased, sci evidence points out WHY Blacks are such a colossal failure in non Afro societies.

    However even ‘TBC’ didnt study things like ‘High Testosterone’ and ‘White Indulgence’, both of which figure into the mix.
    EMS has posted of the change in ghettos and Black behavior in USA and part of the decline is indeed due to ‘Liberal Indulgence’.

  10. Jim R

    A funny thing happened when I posted a comment earlier ( to the Bilderberg Gang thread ) … right after posting, the comment appears in my browser with the line Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I had never encountered that before from Elaine’s blog, and assume it must be something WordPress and/or Twitter is doing. It was a remark about how far down the slope Canada has slid, and a tweet about this person:



    Yes, sometimes other systems cause this to happen. I nearly never, ever stop someone from posting. The exception is if posters become violently ugly with each other and refuse to refrain from name calling.

  11. Jim R

    I assume no one else can see my comment at the end of the Bilderberg thread, and it was suppressed because it originated from this pale-skinned blonde woman, who is being censored from the Internet.

    Apparently Jews can make Jewish jokes till the cows come home, and people of African extraction can freely tell nigger jokes, but she is not allowed to make light of her country/ethnicity. Now that I’ve seen her “deeply offensive tweet”, I don’t know what the fuss is about.

  12. e sutton

    @Jim R,
    Neither do I. Big Brother knows best, I guess.

  13. William

    It is interesting to read all this negative comments about Affirmative Action. Has anyone forgotten why such a measure had to be put in place? The System historically created this problem in the place whereby a part of the society was denied the basic rights and needs as humanly possible to live and thrive. Blame the System of which some of us never experienced the ugly face of segregation. Any good intention can be exploited but that is human nature. For those of you who think low IQ is synonymous with minorities especially black people you are part of the problem. There are smart and not so smart people in every group. Again you are re-enforcing what was learned when the System some years ago allowed one sector to trod on another not considered worthy. When given the right environment, nurture,food, shelter, safety and access to health most people will blossom to their potential. Btw, white women have benefited from A A. Not condoning the unfortunately the twisted side of Affirmative Action but want some self reflection on this issue.

  14. e sutton

    YAWN……..:o,,,,,,, my gawd…is he done yet…oy……..

  15. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, the system was set up for what appeared to be good reasons. Yes, discrimination against black students who graduated from university had to be dealt with.

    But then the system stayed on. On and on and on with very bad effects for black people. Instead of a boost up, it has become a trap. Just like welfare is a trap.

  16. Petruchio

    “Yes, the system was set up for what appeared to be good reasons.” Absolutely right, Elaine, but like I mention in an earlier post here, the ruling class is using Affirmative Action for its own, self-serving reasons unrelated to ANY notions of fairness or righting past wrongs. AA is being maintained because it is a weapon to be used by the Ruling elites to permanently dismantle the American Middle Class. Class warfre. That’s what AA is now about.

  17. DeVaul

    Why hasn’t E Sutton been given an award for most “yawns” posted on the internet? Does the Guinness Book of World Records know about him?

    There is nothing more intellectually informative than a long succession of “yawns”. Maybe he should take a nap if everyone here bores him.

    That said, this entire article was kind of a moot issue. It is like arguing about who gets to be in the Communist Party and who doesn’t right before the Iron Curtain falls. Our country is bankrupt, so arguing about past programs that will not make any difference in our looming bankruptcy is just a way of avoiding more important issues, like, what will replace our failing medical system by the year 2020. I think these are more pertinent issues, and they have nothing to do with race (hence, the “yawns”, I guess).

  18. e sutton

    Well, DeVaul, what is really problematic to me is continuing to pour money, hard earned cash that is, into more and more welfare programs to uplift the negro. Clearly, sixty plus years of placing the negro in exalted status and providing a pedestal to espouse how wronged he was (MLK, jr et. al) has now become a cottage industry. Granted, I probably wouldn’t care if we had the money to burn. Our bloated State Department is given tons of our tax money, so under ordinary circumstances I would join in on the “Let’s Be Kind and Generous to Negroes Forever” chorus, too. Unfortunately, our imperialistic sociopaths have decided to declare war on every country that doesn’t want to bow to them, so, yeah, money’s in tight supply right now. Hearing the wails of the negro and how he’s been done wrong gets a bit tiring now and again. I suppose under more normal economic circumstances I’d be better able to tolerate the negro lamentations of “thas rayciss!”, but alas I’m developing an infliction more commonly known as “Negro Fatigue”. Gnome sane?

  19. Elaine Supkis

    And this is why no one can discuss race issues in America. The hatred and contempt shown towards each other is horrible.

    Look, black people didn’t create this all by themselves, this is part of our CULTURE which is all screwed up and has been for many, many years including since the founding of this nation.

    The slavery issue began when white colonists discovered they needed farmers from Africa to work southern fields and farms in the hot sun.

    They then decided to make it lifetime slavery unlike part-slavery of serfs.

    This was VERY BAD INDEED and we have had serious horrors and terrible wars due to this bad business. Our Founding Fathers who lived in the southern half of the nation were all HYPOCRITES who talked about ‘freedom and liberty’ and held slaves.

    None of them were freed after the ‘revolution’ which seeds have grown into a massive tree of destruction. They just couldn’t stop tormenting black people!!!!

    And mocking blacks for struggling to find some sort of social reality is wrong, dead wrong.

    I am angry that black leaders are not going down the ‘we must control ourselves so we can be free’ route and instead took the destructive road of ‘do as we please’ which is the road to ruin which rich people are on, too, by the way.


    Mercy on us all, the hatred in our nation is huge and will blow up in our faces for no good purpose except to destroy our nation. Sort of like Ukraine, actually, or Iraq.

  20. e sutton

    I don’t know what a “social reality” for blacks is, so yeah, I don’t get it. My family came to this country as poor Irish scumbags. Ignorant and stupid as dirt. They had strong hands and put up with being called “Bridgett” and such. I’ll admit blacks have a legacy of being systematically enslaved as well as marginalized, but it’s a bit infuriating to see the welfare state morph into an entitlement, similar to Social Security. I don’t apologize for calling out blacks on their low culture and bad behavior. Liberals such as yourself actually perpetuate the irresponsible behaviors of the negroes you so fervently lament. When can we get beyond the terrible legacy of slavery? Will it be in the NEXT 50 years? Maybe the next 150 years? I don’t know. I do know the fabric in the lining in my pant pocket is getting a bit thin, what with all the digging I do there and all. Just say’n. 🙂

  21. Lou

    Here Elaine rewrites history. ‘The slavery issue began when white colonists discovered they needed farmers from Africa to work southern fields and farms in the hot sun.’
    Actually slavery was here. The Indians did it. And it was in Africa. Blacks had slaves.
    But Elaine wants the guilt only to fall on Whites.

    I, like many others am refusing the guilt.

    Here, ‘A few days ago in Ft. Gordon, Georgia: In Army diversity training the men and women in uniform were told, by a White female, that White privilege is wrong and a host of other BS disparaging Whites.

    Also in military manuals Whites are put down.

    At the recent Sundance Film Festival a movie called ” Dear White People” received good reviews. It will be coming to theatres soon. From what I could gather the movie is exactly what you think it is. Whites are the problem.’

    ‘diversity training’. what the f—????

  22. DeVaul

    Well, E Sutton,

    I think you know full well that the lining in your pocket is being shredded by the Pentagon alone (they just got approval for a mobile howitzer that we don’t need and is already obsolete, but they will build it anyway).

    When more than 75 cents of every Federal Tax dollar goes to just one department (Defense), is it really worth getting hyped up about some handouts to the poor, the disabled, the elderly, beekeepers, and whoever else there is that gets a tiny share of the federal budget compared to bankers and generals, who can get 16 trillion in just one day?

    You know, that one single handout back in the Fall of 2008 dwarfed all other handouts by light years. Also, why should the Pentagon and its parasites get a free ride when they admit, casually, that they “lost” 2 trillion dollars during a single year (2002)?

    Has any other department in our government admitted losing 2 trillion dollars? At any time?

    I’ll say it real simple for you: you could literally kill every single black American tomorrow, and the next day all your problems will still be there staring you in the face. What then?

  23. DeVaul

    Oh, and one more thing. My ex-wife got a free medical education in exchange for working in a rural area of greatest need, but when the time came to do it, she reneged on her contract and used white, republican politicians (Ernie Fletcher and Mitch McConnell) to help her and her entire family of rich, white doctors flee the state with my sons to a bedroom community outside a major city in Ohio so that she would not have to be deprived of “civilization”. The Federal government never forced her to pay back the penalty for doing that, and the people of Eastern Kentucky got nothing for all the money they paid into that program.

    So, my question to you is this: which of the two persons pictured above do you think will most likely act like a white person?

  24. Elaine Supkis

    Slavery is very ancient. All the way back in time.

    Our Republic, on the other hand, is MODERN yet clung to the ancient slavery society.

    THIS WAS CRIMINAL. There was no good reason to do this and people recognized it back then, people wrote to Washington and Jefferson begging and demanding they free their own slaves and BOTH refused.

    Washington did free his…only after he died and couldn’t use them anymore.

    Jefferson’s slaves were sold by his heirs.

    When various societies did the slavery thing, it was denounced by civilized people who also ended up noticing that ALL WORKERS were disenfranchised and this is the history of modern society: people freed and then reenslaved over and over again.

    For example, the communists re-enslaving people they dominated, recognized by now a a major crime. Nazis enslaving people, Japanese doing this during WWII was a war crime for good reason.

  25. e sutton


    Maybe you weren’t paying attention. I previously said that we are bankrupting ourselves with our Pentagon/Israel/War Program. Look, I get that you and Elaine want to continue to fund the negro problem. Elaine lives on a farm up in the mountains in upstate New York. She either doesn’t want to see the fact that there are differences in IQ in the Negroid race, or she denies it. Personally, I suspect a bit of both. Like most of her class, she thinks because a few of her family’s servants actually learned to read and write that they are her equals. Elaine’s an old woman. She should be allowed to have her own delusions. But you, DeVaul? Surely, you, if anyone, most see the gross insufficiency of the negro in IQ in his futile attempts at Western Civilization. Detroit? Now Ferguson? Must I continue? Camden, Newark, Baltimore…. How long must we continue to pretend that the negro can effectively govern himself? Your ex-wife’s wily accounting fraud, not withstanding?

    I mean, I’ve got a few hucksters in my clan, too. White as the day is long. Personally, I think white people are terrible. All sorts of things they do are stupid, irresponsible, and misguided. The worst of these things white people did was to bring Africans over to this country in the first place. It would be worth just about anything to pay to send them back. It seems the right thing to do in sending them back, with an apology and a hefty check. Give them the opportunity to do to South Africa what they wanted to do to North America…….oh, wait….(!)

  26. William

    @ e sutton,
    Take care of yourself so you are not consumed by your misplaced anger and frustration. At the end of the day all that matters is tending to our well-being and hoping for another day to make the best out of what life presents to us.

  27. Lou

    Lincoln didnt want to free the slaves, he wanted to send them to Africa. He knew what Blacks are like. Notice I use present tense [are like not were like].

  28. Elaine Supkis

    My ancestors who invaded Ireland (my ancestors were Normans) hated the Irish and thought of them as an inferior, DARKER race (Norse are mainly blondes and I am blonde).

    They hated the Irish even more under Cromwell. They then fled to the New World due to being on the wrong side in a war with a king, and ended up hating the Irish here.

    But…cheap labor was needed to build the Erie Canal so some Irish were allowed into the New Republic of the United States.

    Trust me, this was done most reluctantly because the Irish were Catholics. The Irish were also considered to be ‘stupid’. But this was cultural. Over time, people discovered the Irish immigrants could be quite smart but this took 100 years to sink in.

  29. DeVaul

    @ e Sutton,

    I was paying attention, which is why I was so baffled by your obsession with black Americans. If you know that one person or group of people are robbing you blind, and another person or group is just taking small change from you, why would you concentrate so much effort on those taking the small change from you? (Assuming theft for the sake of argument.)

    I don’t believe in race, so I cannot agree with you about these differences that you mention. However, I will not challenge your right to believe in the theory or concept of race other than to say that modern genetic science has pretty much disproved the concept of race and, at most, can only show that some groups of people share certain ethnic DNA markers, but this does not equate to “separate races”.

    I appreciate your honesty in stating your beliefs. I grew up in the South and I know where you are coming from, but I just do not believe in race at all and thus I cannot believe in “racial differences” when the DNA of a white person and black person are 99.9999% identical.

    I do believe in different ethnic and cultural groups, but these are the result of non-DNA related causes such as religion, geographical location, language, and cultural heritage, and perhaps some other things.

    I invite you to Google “are there separate races” or something like that and read some of the scientific articles (but not the ones from Israeli newspapers, as they have an obvious political agenda) and decide for yourself. I think you will be surprised by what you find.

    My papaw, a great man, used to tell me during commercial breaks while watching the evening news that “we should put all blacks on a barge and ship them back to Africa” (every other group had a similar fate except the Germans and the Irish). As I got older, I began to question this, and when I did, he would become flustered and then say: “Well hell! Let’s just give the whole damn place back to the Indians… (then turning and looking me right in the eye) IF they’ll take it.”

    When papaw said that, I knew the conversation was over.

  30. Elaine Supkis

    Humans come in a HUGE spectrum of appearances.

    Race is a giant issue for America for many reasons. First and foremost: blacks are burning down cities when enraged and thus are extremely dangerous.

    Number two: a race war will be won by whites so sliding into a race war is deadly for blacks who don’t hear of the dangers thanks to mainstream media.

    Number three: bankers destroy stuff but so do rioters and together, they can annihilate cities. One group is at the top and the other at the bottom and both are hammering middle class white males ‘putting them in their place’ which is deadly because middle class white males can attack both blacks and bankers at the same time!!!


    I don’t want a race war. At all. My family is very mixed race, after all. My grandson is half Chinese, for example.

    Race wars endanger the US and myself. And the forces driving us all into a race war are mighty forces that must be confronted or else. Pretending there is nothing wrong is highly dangerous to one’s survival.

    I survived a black riot that set fire to my entire neighborhood in the past. It was not pleasant.

  31. Fisco.

    The racist comments here do get disgusting, come on! I believe in individual differences, there are no hard and fast stereotypes please.

  32. emsnews

    Of course, we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend everyone loves each other!

    Blacks hate each other and often, everyone else. There is a ton of racism in black communities just like there is racism in white communities. Instead of facing forwards and looking hard at reality, we are badgered into pretending there is no reality.

    Examples abound: crime in black communities is nearly 100% black. It is much, much, much higher than all other communities and it is a gigantic part of the police brutality problem because blacks are out of control in many places in America.

    We can eliminate cops and all we will get is a huge surge in black crimes. This isn’t even begun to be addressed by black leaders who put the blame everywhere but on themselves and thus, nothing gets fixed, ever.

    This is the worst form of racism: not taking responsibility for oneself.

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