More Brit Women Dying Younger Thanks To CO2 Taxes, Colder Winters

The English government admits that the elderly are dying earlier thanks to ‘climate change’ that is COLDER, not warmer:  Life expectancy falls for older UK women | Society | The Guardian

 Life expectancies for women aged 65, 75, 85 and 95 all fell in 2012 compared with a year earlier, the first slip in all age groups in nearly two decades….


Age campaigners warned the unexpected decrease in life expectancies was a “canary in the coal mine”, showing how five years of austerity was beginning to take its toll on elderly people.


But PHE said it was too early to conclude there was a significant change in the three-decade-old upward trend in life expectancy. Its report suggested the falls could be due to flu or bad weather, or even a statistical blip, although it noted that they were reflected elsewhere in Europe.


Part of this austerity is much higher energy bills due to the global warming ideology.  It costs significantly more to heat homes in Britain now.  A huge hunk of this money goes into the maws of the CO2 tax business launched by George Osborne has doubled UK electricity bills.


The UK is carbon tax world leader which means the results, more dead elderly, dying younger, is a success if the point is to replace the population with aliens while not supporting the natives as they age which costs money that could be spent on bringing in cheap labor.


The maniacs who worry about the world warming as it cools down and signs of an impending Little Ice Age accumulate like the ice that still totally covers Hudson Bay, are working tirelessly to destroy modern medicine as well:  Anesthetic gases raise Earth’s temperature (a little) while you sleep — ScienceDaily


In a new scientific paper, Vollmer and his colleagues report the 2014 atmospheric concentration of desflurane as 0.30 parts per trillion (ppt). Isoflurane, sevoflurane and halothane came in at 0.097 ppt, 0.13 ppt and 0.0092 ppt, respectively. Carbon dioxide — which hit 400 parts per million in 2014 -is a billion times more abundant than the most prevalent of these anesthetics. The team did not include the common anesthesia nitrous oxide in the study because it has many sources other than anesthetics. The team’s anesthesia-gas findings have been published online in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union…


OMG, a gas that is 0.30 parts per TRILLION is going to roast us to death for sure!


 Not all anesthesiologists agree with that strategy, however.
“What the report fails to note is that a major factor determining the environmental effect is the manner in which the anesthetics are used,” said anesthesiologist Edmond Eger of the University of California at San Francisco. “Many anesthetists deliver sevoflurane or isoflurane in a two — three liters per minute flow but deliver desflurane in a lower flow — 0.5 to one liter per minute …. Some believe that desflurane has clinical advantages that argue for its continued use.”


So, the idiots lying about the weather are using their maniac belief we are roasting to death even outside of Los Angeles, are now demanding we have worse systems for putting people to sleep for surgery!


People will suffer great pain and even die thanks to them!  I am one of these!  Regular sleeping gases don’t work on me!  I don’t go to sleep!  I am awake and aware during surgery.  I need the alternative stuff that these lunatics want to eliminate.


They will go after everything used by modern humans living in civilization.  Think the ISIS guys are medieval?  The Greens are that in spades, too.


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8 responses to “More Brit Women Dying Younger Thanks To CO2 Taxes, Colder Winters

  1. melponeme_k

    I bet that Queen is nice and warm and in no fear that her heat will be turned off.

  2. Jim R

    What I can’t understand, is why do any of the “free world” governments need to charge taxes at all any more?

    I mean, how many trillion did they just print up, or just issue, to “bail out” AIG? That wasn’t taxpayer money, because that much taxpayer money didn’t exist at the time. They “printed” it. Really, they just entered some numbers in a spreadsheet.

    Since they can do that, why don’t they just mail a check to every US citizen for say, $750,000?

  3. melponeme_k

    “Since they can do that, why don’t they just mail a check to every US citizen for say, $750,000?”

    Because the literal sweat off our brows is worth far more than their rubber money and the rubber printing press they use to create it.

    We are a resource. WE, the people, are what they are selling to China. Just a resource like our coal, iron, water etc. And they don’t want us to be free, they need slaves. Or how they can count us as a plus on their balance sheets?

  4. Lou

    Actually, this ‘freeze out’ has been going on for years.
    What Elaine didnt mention is the non White immigrants go to the front of the line for giveaways.

    UK: Huge Welfare Benefits Facilitate Jihadis, Polygomy ……/uk-huge-welfare-benefits-facili...
    Clarion Project
    Mar 4, 2013 – UK: Huge Welfare Benefits Facilitate Jihadis, Polygomy, Immigration … off the British welfare state has been filmed urging his followers to quit their jobs … of the book [Jews and Christians], you go and spread the religion of Allah … was through Ghaneema [plunder] it must be the best and better than farming, …
    [PDF]Welfare Participation by Immigrants in the UK – Iza
    by S Drinkwater – ‎2011 – ‎Cited by 9 – ‎Related articles
    Welfare participation is an important indicator of how successfully immigrants perform in the host country. … The UK provides a good case study with which to … Despite the recent increase in migration to the UK, there does not currently …. a NI number in their home countries even if they do not actually move to the UK and.
    Immigrants told they can only get housing and healthcare if ……/Immigrants-told-housing-healthcare-...
    Daily Mail
    May 7, 2013 – Immigrants to Britain will not be able to claim benefits without proving they … we totally get that there’s a heightened level of public anxiety about immigration. … Ministers will use the Welfare Reform Act, passed in the last year, to close a … One in ten new rentals of social homes goes to a foreign national.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    They are no longer really taxing anyone at this point.

    Instead, Europe and the US have decided to run up epic amounts of debt. Debt is money, after all, to those who collect it.

    Balancing budgets is actually frowned upon. Meanwhile, we tell Greeks or others to balance budgets even if this kills their people.

  6. mike

    damned if i can figure why your site, as well as all the wordpress sites are censored or not connectable thru public or airwave servers but can be connected thru a dialup net zero that takes seemingly a quarter hour just to turn a page,…….a freebie., censor watch..?

  7. DeVaul

    I guess this will not be in the Global Warming news either:

    I had no idea the great lakes were still frozen. Wow.

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