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North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)Pentagon moves comm gear back to Cold War-era bunker because the Bilderberg gang thought they could take down Putin last year.  The G8 meeting where they all snubbed him was the opening shot in WWIII.  The US already endorsed Japanese territorial demands and when Russia was weak, had destroyed Yugoslavia and broke up several other Eastern European countries claiming that religious/ethnic lines require making separate nations.  This divide and conquer business is NOT allowed to anyone NATO rulers want to keep under their thumbs.  Scots or Andalusians, Wales or Northern Italians, all must stay inside their country borders no matter what and especially the Orthodox Russians in East Ukraine must be crushed.  This is leading directly to WWIII because the US is opposing a powerful nuclear military nation quite capable of wiping us out.


Russian paratroopers land on drifting Arctic ice floe near North Pole in a display of power which is no surprise.  Look at the NORAD website above and you see the US boasting about how we can have guys who mainly come from warm parts of the US where folk are whining about it being too hot, to go Arctic jumping. The huge difference here is, the Russians are at home doing this whereas much of the US military is posted and trained in Global Warming Sectors where people are fainting from the super heat that is supposedly killing us all.


Russia moves first troops to Arctic base near Finnish border because NATO has decided to draw as close as possible to Russia’s borders.  Of course, Finland will ignore who started this mess and blame Russia.

The insanity of the US whining about it being too hot and plotting to take over the Arctic via cold type parachuting is  beyond silly.  It is insane.  Why practice landing on ice or doing ice warfare when the ideology of the Bilderberg gang and Obama is 100% that there will be no ice:  White House warned on imminent Arctic ice death spiral.


So why on earth is the Pentagon doing ice jump exercises when there is going to be NO ICE???  The Russians, like myself, are bracing for colder winters and believe ice, which has been in full ‘recovery’ for the last three years, will get much, much worse especially if we are sliding into another Little Ice Age.


Way back when the USSR collapsed and China wasn’t the world’s #1 economic power and banking big shot, the US claimed that we could do whatever we wanted since no one could oppose us.  So we launched a thousand wars.  All the WWIII stuff was put in mothballs because the US expected no nuclear wars.  Now, US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker in Colorado.


Way back when I was very young and made speeches about WWIII, I told students in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Alabama and several other sites that they would all die in WWIII due to all the nuclear and war bases surrounding them.  Tucson, where I grew up, was a high value nuclear target and my family had secret hiding places in case the CIA caused WWIII.  I was taught to flee for my life if I noticed too many  jets taking off too fast from Davis Monthan Air Base, for example.


The US space program still relies on Russia to put humans in space since we can’t anymore:  Russia-US crew dock at ISS for near year-long mission which is really sad considering that Russia is this evil entity…but we need them because our #1 powerful nation is inept and stupid.


Meanwhile, China plans rail tunnel UNDERNEATH Mount Everest which would link with Nepal  | Daily Mail Online


Beijing’s increasing role has raised alarms in New Delhi that China, already closely allied to Pakistan, is forging closer economic ties with Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Nepal in a deliberate strategy to encircle India.


In an apparent counter-move, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged late last year that South Asia’s largest economy would fund a series of regional investments and free up its markets to its neighbours’ exporters.


China is expanding its influence and power because this is what all powerful nations do.  The US isn’t powerful, it is well-armed but has a weak military on the ground force that has been thoroughly defeated by tribal gangs and petty outlaws.  We have lost  nearly every war we have waged recently.  Yes, we defeat ‘leaders’ only to discover, we are no able to hang on by our fingernails and after losing over a trillion dollars doing this, end up with nothing but soldiers in graves, insane, suicidal or brain damaged while our asses are kicked to the curb after the wars ‘end’.


The problem is, no war ever ‘ends’ unless the people being invaded give up.  And they certainly are not giving up at all. The US-launched wars in Muslim countries are getting worse and worse, not better and better.  Our grip on things is weakening, not strengthening.  At home, hatred, race warfare, gangs, terror and regionalism is getting worse, not better.  The flood of easy spending via piling on government debts will have to end eventually and this is papering over social and political tensions which will explode eventually into massive internal warfare.


Iran sends warships to monitor Yemen’s coast as Saudi Arabia invades.  Saudi royals think they are perfectly safe in their giant palaces.  This is insane. They are not safe at all.  Like all despots, they are vulnerable to internal or external attacks and they bought recent popularity by handing out many millions in ‘presents’ to the population to keep revolts down.


Saudi invasion of Yemen will repeat Syria, Libya crises: Iran – Tehran Times which is astute.  Yes, it will be the same.  And yes, Iran is the polar opposite of Saudi Arabia.  Shi’ites and Sunnis are at war with each other yet again and the US gains nothing by taking sides in this.


President Rouhani: Iran won’t sign final nuclear deal unless all sanctions lifted — RT News reports.  So far, anyone who disarmed after negotiations with NATO have been destroyed by military force as NATO attacks. Iran knows this.


Tsipras: Greece will seek to mend ties between Russia & EU through European institutions — RT News: and yes, this is due a great deal to the fact that Greece is Orthodox like Russia.  This tidbit of information is concealed from US and EU readers of the news just like the religious differenced between Orthodox and Catholics are hidden in news stories.


Finally, our wonderful ally, Japan:  TEPCO may evaporate contaminated Fukushima water — RT News.  Sigh.  There is no fix for anything at Fukushima that doesn’t have a very bad downside.  Evaporation while keeping the toxins out is tricky, to put it mildly.  And then one has concentrated toxins to deal with.


The US and EU leaders believe the #1 dangerous toxin in the world right now is plant food: CO2.  They studiously ignore Fukushima and they will try to ignore all the nukes blowing us up in WWIII and claim ‘no one died’ with that mess, too.  But then, they want population reduction so there will be less plant food in the air so we better believe that they mean business when they do all they can to create nuclear war.


The US right wing is furious with negotiations with Iran because they think the Iranians won’t disarm but rather, build nuclear bombs and then attack Israel and the US.  The problem here is sheer stupidity: Iran only needs nuclear armed ALLIES.  Like Russia and China, in WWIII.  Since Russia, China and the US use nuclear armed submarines, they don’t need to site nuclear missiles in Middle Eastern countries and of course, our rulers who are all Zionists or pro-Zionists know perfectly well, Israel has a huge nuclear arsenal, too but this is never, ever mentioned in public.


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Japan rebuffs outcry over new history textbooks ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


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27 responses to “NATO Wants WWIII And Will Get WWIII

  1. Peter C.

    Russia is the only country in the world with nuclear powered ice breakers.
    And why do I wonder if the vaunted (haha) F-35 can operate in sub-zero temperatures?
    The Russians tech for arctic temperatures is very impressive .

  2. melponeme_k

    Oh, the elites certainly accept that a Maunder minimum ice age is coming. Which is why they are so hot to push warming taxes. So that when we all turn on our heat as Niflheim takes over Midgard, they will rake in the easy money.

    The belated ice training for our troops is that our elites finally realized that Winter is Russia’s ally, not theirs. Russians are a people who won WWII using scorched earth during a major winter and willingly starved to win. No amount of money or elite influence will be able to fight a unified force (government and public) like that during a winter war. Not going to happen. As we have seen in history countless times.

  3. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, the real boss in Russia is General Winter. When summer comes, Europeans think, ‘Invading flat Russia is easy!’ and rush in. Winter comes and with it, death.

    Russia now also has ice melting lasers on their ice breakers. When the warmist crew went to Antarctica to look at the melting ice, they were saved by the Russians after everyone else gave up.

    The Russians were happy to save the warmists because these idiots went on to whine about CO2 heating up Russia and are busy demanding Europe and the US finish deindustrializing so China can rule the planet with Russia backing the Chinese.

  4. JT


    “Of course, Finland will ignore who started this mess and blame Russia.”

    You really have absolutely no idea what you are talking about do you?
    That base, btw built by the finns to house Sovjet troops after reunification of Germany, is an air base. So you are welcome Russia, glad to be of help.

    Payed for by us as a part of humanitarian aid and other projects we have financed in Russia for the last 25 years.

    The media here says it is there to protect Murmansk.
    But it is of course an open threat to Finland as well.
    7 000 men helicopters and electronic warfare.

    I have been trying to figure out why on earth you see something understandable and acceptable in Russia acting exactly as Germany did before WWI.

    So if Russian troops come over the border after an arranged border dispute, falsified reports of Russian speaking minorities being treated badly in Lapland ( 😀 ) or whatever bs reason they come up with in moscow
    we can count on you to be here and tell your readers how this is the fault of the US and Finland had it coming since we apparently in your mind did something to make this acceptable?

    I would be glad to hear any, any point at all on how you see that base acceptable? And could you find even one point how non-nato Finland and skiers in Salla resort in empty Lappland threaten Russia?
    Or how non-nato Sweden or Norway do anything to warrant this either.

    The destabilizing and militaristic Nordic democracies threaten Russia in some way in your fantasies?
    please write your thoughts down on how they do that.
    Maybe after that you notice how ridiculous your ideas are.

    You seem to have a nack for blaming the victims of Russian fascism rather than protecting them.

    I am sure my poor Finland will not be the exception to the rule, if that happens someday.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    Russia is doing this because NATO IS DOING THIS FIRST. Russia retracted and grew much, much MUCH smaller after the USSR fell. Instead of giving Russia breathing room as promised, the NATO powers encroached more and more on Russia’s former territories and then actively pushed for open warfare against Russians who are citizens of Eastern European countries which is…WAR.

    Yes, wars start because of this. Russia MUST arm itself due to this. The US could have a good friend in Russia but decided to try to completely destroy Russia internally and financially and looting was the regime given to the Russian people who have now turned to someone strong to stop this.

    Your nation isn’t being looted…YET. Choose the wrong direction and you will see how friendly NATO really is, ask Greece about this.

  6. Elaine Supkis

    Cause and effect are highly important. If you throw a ball at a wall and it comes back and smacks you in the face, this is cause and effect.

    Russia fell…totally. When on the ground, falling apart, people dying due to collapse of social systems, NATO could have been nice. Instead, whatever wasn’t nailed down was stolen and the thieves were given shelter in London and NYC.

    The US laughed and began disintegrating Eastern European societies and used bombs, tanks and military to do this and people died.

    Now, Europe is shrieking like a bully boy whining that someone is going to pop him in the nose after he beat up a helpless kid who suddenly grew to be six feet tall.

  7. DeVaul

    I have serious doubts about China ruling the world for any length of time. They seem to misunderstand the most obvious problem of the day: the end of the Industrial Age.

    Planning to tunnel under mountains and build high speed railways is good for morale, but it does not change the reality on the ground, and that is that we have passed Peak Oil and it is all downhill from here. I don’t think that the Chinese leadership can dare admit that to their people, who were worked to death on the promise that their children would live an American lifestyle in the future.

    Like New Yorkers during the late 1800’s, they walk around with gas masks on in Beijing thinking that smog signals prosperity, and prosperity for all is right around the corner. They just have to work a little harder and a little longer and it will all happen. It WILL happen. It MUST happen.

    But what if it doesn’t?

    How long will the Chinese government stay in power when one billion people realize they’ve been had?

    Right now the American Empire is being subjected to something almost identical to the Volkerwanderung that occurred at the end of the Roman Empire. I see it spreading to all continents along with a new Dark Age.

    There are no dilythium crystals out there, so all the Chinese talk about mining the moon and colonizing other planets is just so much vapor, and I have noticed that the Chinese people are not as forgiving of their leaders as Americans tend to be. I see a lot of angry people in the future.

  8. JT

    Nato did something?
    You mean Norway?

    All of europe has done nothing but cut military spending for decades.

    It was just in the news that Norway’s cold war bases in the north were sold to Russian “investors”.

    What exactly did Norway and nato do that warrants open threats to non-Nato Finland? Even the sentence makes no sense but let’s try.

    I admit I have a bigger stake in this than you on this since I will be sent to the frontline and will propably be killed if the Russians attack us.

    So there will be no rebuttal from me when you write how Finland had it coming and it was all the fault of the US….

  9. Elaine Supkis

    NATO has the US as a HUGE part of it!!!

    OUR spending on warmongering has shot through the roof and Europe sits back and lets the US stupidly do all the heavy lifting.

    In WWIII your nation will be annihilated. You have zero say over what the US chooses to do and the US is choosing war, war and more wars. And these, in Europe and aimed square at making Russia attack YOU.

    Good luck with sitting back and poking at Putin with the US.

  10. Nato

    What exactly did Norway and nato do that warrants open threats to non-Nato Finland?
    JT, How long to beat the Finnish elite from joining nato? How long before you are in the trenches ?
    “Finland and Sweden have decided to hold their exercises in line with NATO’s standards, and this involves a step on the road to the alliance. Today there is no political basis for them to enter NATO; the opinion is not sufficiently «scared», and the question would require referendums. Still, what is happening now resembles a preparation for membership, according to the professor. “

  11. Seraphim

    Construction of the railway to Nepal is part of a larger project to extend the “Silk Road” through India (along with help to upgrade the Indian railway system) that the Chinese proposed to India. That would have as a result the increased integration of India in “Eurasia”, which is anathema for “Oceania”. It is obvious that it would pull no punches in trying to sabotage the rapprochement between India and China, fanning the Indian fears of China’s “bullying”.

  12. Christian W


    What exactly did Norway and nato do that warrants open threats to non-Nato Finland?

    NATO = The US and some muppet state hangers on in Europe.

    1) Nations belonging to NATO have been waging aggressive (illegal) warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Thus, NATO is a military organization which aims to wage aggressive warfare. Clearly Russia is the next target.

    2) Are you aware that in 1918 the US and UK invaded Russia through Arkhangelsk and Murmansk? The Red Army quickly beat them back but it is obvious it is important for Russia to have a strong defense in the Murmansk/White Sea region.

    If Finland has a problem with that maybe it is SMART for Finland to have GOOD RELATIONS with Russia…

    3 a) The US/NATO instigated a coup in Ukraine with the explicit and proclaimed goal of making Ukraine a member of NATO. “Truly the most blatant coup in history” as George Friedman, an American STRATFOR publicist, called the coup in Ukraine.

    3 b) The other major goal of the coup in Ukraine was to steal Crimea for US bases and to kick Russia out of access to the Black Sea.

    3 a and b, from the Russian perspective, is similar to the Winter War in 1939 when Finland went to war to prevent Russia from taking land in Karelia (Eastern Ukraine) AND from taking Hanko (Crimea) as a naval base and coastal defense protecting the access to St. Petersburg.

    If Finland went to war to prevent strategic losses of land it is perfectly understandable and reasonable for Russia to do the same thing.

    4) NATO has been creeping up on Russia’s border against explicit promises not to do so since the collapse of the Soviet Union. However NATO (US, Europe) were quick to exploit the collapse of Soviet Russia politically, strategically and economically.

    5) Just like any nation Russia is allowed it’s own security concerns. That means Russia has the right to prepare defenses against aggressive anti-Russian alliances aimed at destroying Russia (like NATO), from gearing up on it’s borders. It is obvious that nobody in Europe considers Russia to have that right.

    6) Russia learned during the Soviet era that holding client states is expensive, destructive and ultimately pointless and self-defeating.

    By joining NATO Finland just makes itself a target for no reason whatsoever. Russia has no business in Finland or any Baltic nation unless it is in it’s direct security interest to prevent yet another foreign invasion or attack on Russia. Finland used to know this but there are some idiot politicians (Stubb, Englund) on the scene now. Stubb and Englund are pretty much picture perfect Bilderberger morons in the Carl Bildt mould.

    7) Russia really is not in shape to attack Finland or anybody else. Russia’s GDP is small (roughly the size of Italy’s) and waging aggressive war in Europe will only be done in the context of WW III, which will be nuclear.

    8) IF Russia attacks Finland it will be as a direct consequence of US warmongering, regardless of if you are in denial about it or not. Stalin attacked Finland in 1939 because the world was gearing up for WWII. That is why it pays to have a sane foreign policy dialogue with the Russians; traditionally this has been known as the Paasikivi-Kekkonen line:

    President Paasikivi put it like this:

    a) The foreign policy issue for Finland is the Soviet Union (ie Russia) and our relation to it. Therefore our true values in regards to Russia have to be the following
    b) good and friendly relations with Russia
    c) avoid conflicts with Russia
    d) Finland has to avoid anti-Russian and Russophobic policies. Finland’s foreign policy cannot be anti-Russian or Russophobic.
    e) Finland must strive to achieve these goals, regardless of disappointments, which we have experienced and will experience in the future.

    But now some retarded Finnish politicians believe they can impress the Russians by swinging their NATO dick around… The Russians must marvel at the level of idiocy on display in Finland and elsewhere. I know I am.

    Obviously the predictable result is that Finland will be crushed like a fly, which is exactly the result post-WWII Finnish politicians tried to avoid with their SANE policies.

  13. Christian W

    Oh, and since it is a fact the the US is already at war with Russia, for Finland to join with NATO/US clearly means that Finland is siding with the US in it’s war against Russia.

    Obviously Finland has to accept full responsibility for the consequence of waging war on Russia.

    If you support that war you can have NO complaints when some Russian thermobaric munition fries you crisp like bacon, JT.

  14. aashild

    it is rather hypocritical when the US accuses China of bullying smaller countries ,when that is what the US has done for decades.

    When the US conducts military activities just off China’s shores, they claim this is ‘normal military activities. However when China does the same in their own waters, the US calls it ‘agression and dangerous provocations’.

    Why these double standards?

    It is dangerous when The US constantly pokes the Chinese dragon in the eyes.

  15. Elaine Supkis

    Thank you, Christian.

    And Asshild. I fear making my postings way too long so I leave out a lot of stuff not due to not knowing but due to not driving away readers. But yes, Finland’s rulers were lured by Bilderberg promises of greater wealth and power if only they join the NATO murder machine.

    NATO INVADED AFGHANISTAN which borders on Pakistan, China and Russia. This active abuse of NATO treaties was the opening shot in WWIII which started back in 1996 when the US declared, NATO was for aggressive wars against Muslims and Orthodox Christians.

  16. Peter C.

    So…who’s actually running NATO and making decisions or is it just a confluence of a multiple of power hungry actors?

  17. @ Cristian, Nice comment. I wonder now what would France and Germany do. Do you think that is possible a move of them out NATO ?

  18. Seraphim

    Excellent “mise au point” by Christian W.
    Russia has no interest in any territorial expansion beyond the boundaries of what was the “All Rus” (Всея Руси). Least of all into dens of buffoonish hysterical Russophobes. Certainly Russia does not want to have inside her boundaries such people, neither as conquered peoples, nor (even less) as conquerors.
    Have the Finnish politicians had some education (i.e. brainwashing) in America?

  19. Elaine Supkis

    EVERY war with Russia that is launched by Western Europeans is a SNEAK ATTACK. They suddenly do this. Not once but several times.

    This is why Russians are so very paranoid. When any army masses on Russia’s borders, Russia has to be very ready to fight for its life. They can’t stop doing this because when they let their guard down…Western Europeans and now the US will attack or steal stuff or do something nasty!

    Why this is so is interesting to me. Before the Reformation, most attacks on Europe came from the Steppes of Russia where people like the Mongols lived. So Europe was very paranoid about sudden attacks from the East due to horsemen riding in suddenly.

    This happened to the Roman Empire like with the Huns, for example so this paranoia has been around for at least 1,600 years. Now, it is in reverse since 1500 with Russia being suddenly attacked from the West.

  20. Petruchio

    “Yes, the real boss in Russia is General Winter.” Don’t forget about General Mud. He causes serious problems for a Russia-invading Army as well. Watch videos of the Nazi invasion of Russia. Yes, the winter images are telling, but so are the Russian spring time images, when the snow and ice melt. Tanks have a difficult time moving around in that kind of mud, wheeled vehicles have an even more difficult time also. Even foot soldiers have a difficult time traipsing around in knee deep mud. And modern tanks and many other ( especially armored) vehicles today weigh more than in WW2.

  21. Elaine Supkis

    We have it here, too and call it ‘mud season.’ It just ended here yesterday. My vehicles are covered with mud.

  22. Christian W

    @Matt and Seraphim

    I doubt Germany will be able to break free of US dominance. Certainly Merkel has to be kicked out first, but the real problem is that Germany is a. still under US occupation and b. hooked into the Wall Street/City of London western banking ‘debt is money’ system. This system is the root of the Bilderbergers and it is not easy to challenge it, just ask Putin about that. Germany still does not have a constitution after WWII. If Germany tries to get rid of the US I’m pretty sure the US would stir up all kinds of ghosts from the past, like the war reparations that Greece just demanded. Merkel is seen about as popular as the bubonic plague with German business leaders (according to some comments from Germans I’ve seen) but Germany has the same problem the rest of Europe has in most countries. The elites have been hijacked and are operating more and more on supra national level and making the real decisions far outside the expected and normal scope of national democratic systems. Essentially the “Free market” has destroyed Western democracy.

    As to how the leaders of nations are hijacked I think there are many factors, but one that jumps out to me is that they are a certain type of person. They are essentially small, weak people that lust for personal power and prestige. They don’t have a large scope of political thinking or firm principles to guide them to independent thinking and action. For some of them (most of them I’d say) image is really important. For others power is the hook.

    I don’t necessarily think these people are recruited directly by say the intelligence agencies, rather the intelligence agencies look for suitable candidates at university and youth political levels so the various academic, political, foreign policy organizations and agencies can start to groom/befriend/recruit the candidates early. Stubb, for example, spent many years as a young EU bureaucrat in Brussels.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union the US had basically a free run on suitable candidates. We are paying for that now with the collapse of our political systems.

    Suitable candidates have some very similar traits we have become used to in modern politicians. Weak personalities, easily led by authority, no strong or firm personal principles and/or opportunists etc. The suitable ones are helped forward in the system, (favorable press, nudges in the right direction in internal power struggles within the political parties) while candidates not suitable are pushed out.

    Just look at some typical examples like Obama, Blair, Bildt, Hollande, Poroshenko, Stoltenberg, Merkel (she is a bit of a special case though. I don’t think she cares so much about image, like say Obama does, but she does like to wield power. Also the recent sale of a German sub to Israel, despite the confirmation that Israel has nukes and rockets capable of being fired from subs, was a very telling Merkel decision.). So, hardly a spine among them, especially if they can’t be bullies (Obama and Merkel I believe have a spine, but they are manipulators rather than a genuine people, that is why it is so hard to get a grip on them).

    It makes them feel special to gain power, wealth and prestige by playing power games and being in the ‘in-crowd’. Some secretly they hate their subjects/victims or look on them with disdain, others simply don’t think that far. Some of the Scandinavian ones seem to have a weird ‘good boy scout’ complex.

  23. Seraphim

    The Western attacks on Russia start much earlier than the 16th Century. They were an extension of the Northern Crusades, started in 1147 against the people of the Polabians or Wends. In 1171 Pope Alexander III declared a crusade against the pagans of Northern Europe. A papal bull offered the same indulgence as crusades to the Holy Land and generated almost three hundred years of crusades against the Baltic tribes.
    A central role was played by the Order of the Teutonic Knights, which returned from the Crusades in the Holy Land, became the spearhead of the papal attempts to conquer Orthodox Russia (particularly the Republics of Pskov and Novgorod). One of the major blows for the idea of the conquest of Russia was the Battle of the Ice in 1242. With or without the Pope’s blessing, Sweden also undertook several crusades against Orthodox Novgorod.

  24. JT


    “Journalists are taught to report both sides,” Stengel told me with frustration. “When the Kremlin says there are no Russian soldiers in Crimea they have to repeat it. How do you combat someone who just makes stuff up?”

    Why don’t you all at least try to get a grip on reality?
    Excellent article in the Guardian by wonderful, professional journalists.

  25. Christian W

    I gave up reading The Guardian propaganda machine. There is no NATO/elite war they do not support fully. But what got me to quit is was the incessant censorship. I posted some historical facts regarding attacks on Russia and get censored. When someone censors me for posting undeniable historical facts then they don’t care about the truth.

    Some people got so fed up being censored by The Guardian for pointing out facts they started an interesting site called Offguardian:


    The Russians fully admit that they have troops in Crimea, not least since about 18,000 “Ukrainian” soldiers in Crimea decided to go back to Mother Russia and join the Russian Army…. Just get over it JT. Crimea is Russian, and to be honest Crimea is doing a LOT better than the Nazi Oligarch part of Ukraine that is in full collapse mode now.

    Crimea never wanted to be part of Ukraine and tried to get a referendum going for the return to Russia several times since the break up in 1991.

    The Russian military operation to secure Crimea was nothing less than stunning in it’s brilliance. The Russians used a combination of GRU forces, Airborne units and some Signal troops to coordinate using old style non electronic communication. They flew in under the radar and then added many thousands (not sure about the exact number) of local Crimeans, who got dressed up in fresh Green uniforms. Those were the ‘Polite Green Men’ that frighten you so much.

    The US/NATO had zero warning the Russians were about to make a move and they never discovered what was happening until it was too late and the result was a fact.

    The only time it got a bit hairy and there was a risk of a shootout was when the Russians found some foreign (ie NATO) troops in one military barrack.

  26. Seraphim

    Who is more prepared to fight in the Arctic?

    Russia holds first world championship in ice swimming
    March 25, 2015 Narmina Geibatova, special to RBTH
    The first ever world championship in ice swimming was held in the Russian Arctic Circle on March 20-22.

  27. Seraphim

    U.S. to Protest ‘Unsafe’ Interception of Reconnaissance Plane by Russian Fighter Jet
    RC-135U aircraft was intercepted in international airspace by Russian SU-27, U.S. says

    “Last Tuesday, a U.S. RC-135U, a reconnaissance plane, was flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea north of Poland, when it was intercepted in an unsafe manner by a Russian SU-27 fighter, U.S. officials said.
    U.S. military officials said the Russian plane approached the American plane from behind at high speed. The Russian plane then passed in close proximity to the U.S. aircraft at least twice, U.S. officials said. Early reports suggested the Russian plane could have come as close as 20 feet, but officials said data from the incident is still being examined.
    “Unprofessional air intercepts have the potential to cause harm to all aircrews involved,” said Col. Warren….
    …in turn, Russia accused the U.S. plane of approaching the Russian border with its transponder, a device that identifies a plane and its location, switched off.”

    If you can refrain from laughing to loudly, let’s try to make some sense.
    The American plane was a spy plane (the RC-135 is a military version of a Boeing-707 and the intercepted RC-135U version is code-named Combat Sent, specializing in gathering intelligence on “enemy electronic signals and radar emitters.” It was flying with the transponder switched off, so as not to be detected. And all of a sudden they realized that they have been detected, but they did not detect the incoming Russian jet.

    When did we hear about “provocative and unprofessional Russian action inconsistent with international protocols and previous agreements on the professional interaction between our militaries?” Ah, yes:

    “On 10 April 2014, the USS Donald Cook entered the waters of the Black Sea and on 12 April a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber flew over the vessel triggering an incident that, according to several media reports, completely demoralized its crew, so much so that the Pentagon issued a protest….
    As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up – or about to be – with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control….
    The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft – unarmed – repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.
    After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately set sail towards a port in Romania (Constanta). According to some specialized media, 27 sailors from the USS Donald Cook requested to be relieved from active service.”

    And it it isn’t the first time the U.S. has protested to Moscow what it considered to be an unsafe intercept. Last April, a Russian fighter jet intercepted a U.S. reconnaissance plane (the same RC-135U) in international airspace over the Sea of Okhotsk. Scary, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you think that the Russian jets disabled the electronics of the spy planes?

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