Tasers Are Torture…Running From Cops Can Be Fatal

We just had an event where a black man was shot in the back while fleeing a cop.  This case is like so many others and should cause a review of how police detain people.  As usual, the first stories are all about how the cop was inexplicably shooting at someone.  Then, as the details come out it is a classic case of a black male who probably was doing something illegal running from a cop hoping to get away.  How to deal with runaways is something that has to be figured out because we are in a violent country where anyone can be armed with guns which makes cops very shoot-first in too many cases.


First stories were, the man was stopped with no rear light.  But now it is out that he had no insurance and no papers showing who owned the car.  Car theft in black communities is common.  When the man suddenly tried to run off which usually means he is doing something illegal, the cop used his taser.


This DIDN’T WORK.  The entire concept of tasers is stupid.  I have been against the use of these devices for a long, long time.  They torture people and you might as well hit them.  The pain inflicted is very, very high.  It just doesn’t leave any marks which is why it is used to punish people and the Supreme Court should have banned it for this reason, it is like the medieval rack.


The ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ thing is equally stupid.  More and more often, black youths feel they should run away when stopped by the police.  This is always a bad idea but as demonstrations on behalf of the right to run off increase, we will see more and more runaways who prefer to run free rather than cooperate with the cops.  I was once arrested for driving with no license.  My daughter dumped my purse in the gutter minutes earlier, she was only 2 years old, and I didn’t see her do this.


I was stunned when I found I had nothing in my purse but the cops put me in handcuffs.  We then drove to where I figured she dumped it and they found the contents and then released me.  The point is, they have rules they follow and I cooperated and they were polite about the entire affair and I didn’t resist arrest or make demands, I kept my temper.


Part of learning how to live in this world involves keeping our tempers in check even if we are very upset about something.  Public employees in hospitals and police, teachers and city hall workers all have to deal with an excitable public and this can be very dangerous if someone who can’t control their rages, comes at them in full attack.  This leads to employees who are also short tempered or worse, pathological, to either egging on people or coldly killing them when things go wrong.


The police in all countries have to deal with the fact that they have to be cold blooded killers if necessary.  This is very true of soldiers. Even the kindest person can and even must evolve into a cold blooded killer in the field of battle.  This can cause psychological problems and many difficulties which is why people take these jobs either because they were drafted or they need the money and security of the job.


When things go very bad we get ISIS: these are people who have been trained by NATO to be psychotic.  Under Saddam, they were driven into many heartless, mass battles with no good outcome and then when the NATO troops invaded, they gave up nearly instantly, tired of Saddam’s warmongering and gave up only to discover the alien troops were going to enforce rules that made life for former Saddam soldiers and employees literally impossible via cutting all jobs off and funs and ejecting them all into the streets to starve.


Now, they are cruel and in full blown fascism, that is, national socialism with a strong streak of religious intolerance.  These things go together, socialism based on one’s religious/tribal affiliation like in Israel where any Palestinian running from cops or soldiers is shot dead with no news to the outside world and no indignation in the US which sponsors the shooting of Palestinian children who throw rocks and run.


This runs along with stories in the US chastising cops for doing what Jewish soldiers and cops do every day with hardly a blink of the eye.  Jewish editors in the US publish editorials yelling about how evil it is to shoot a black man who runs when cops stops them, and then they hide the news from Israel.  This is due to the Jewish/black voting block alliance of the Democratic Party.


This block of voters is beginning to collapse as the Republicans endorse ethnic cleansing in Israel and want it here in the US.  Jews do not feel safe around ‘die Schwarze’ as my Yiddish former father-in-law called black citizens.  Jews and blacks have run a number of major cities like New York City and Chicago thanks to this voting alliance.  But Jews want very much to have strong law and order and blacks want basically chaos.


This is why cities like New York City teeters between liberal Jewish mayors like Bloomberg and Catholic mayors who are very law and order Republicans like Guiliani.  Bloomberg applied the liberal solution to black crime by imposing very strong anti-gun friskings which caused black murderers to stop carrying and this lead to a steep drop in the murder rate since the per capita murder rate of black killers is extremely high, higher than all other groups.


This is very unpopular with black leaders and so the new mayor has stopped it and the only reason the kill rate didn’t shoot upwards literally is due to the extreme cold which is now over and the shooting season has begun with a bang, daily killings in black communities.


Liberals want to take away guns as the solution to black crime:  Seize Guns From Angry People — And Reduce Firearm Violence? – Forbes


Seize Guns From Angry People — And Reduce Firearm Violence?Those are the findings of a new study using data collected from almost 6,000 people in the early 2000s to explore the intersection of anger issues, mental health, firearm ownership and firearm carrying (excluding those who carry guns as part of their job).


“What I really wanted to do here was get away from the focus on mental illness because what you realize is that it’s a very minor part of the problem with overall violence,” said Jeffrey Swanson, the lead author on this study and a professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke Medicine. “Most people who commit crimes don’t have a serious mental disorder, and most people who have a mental disorder aren’t violent.”…


“Impulsive anger is a very different issue than serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,” said Beth McGinty, a researcher at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. “Impulsive anger is characterized by repeated episodes of aggressive or violent behavior that can ‘flare up’ quite suddenly, leading to violent situations that were not premeditated.”


…The challenge is figuring out how to restrict it, and from whom, especially in politically palatable ways. Swanson suggests focusing on those who have a verifiable history that predisposes them to violence.


The liberals who did this study about ‘angry people’ didn’t bother with statistics very much because if they did look, they would see that the chaos and social destruction destroying the black community is causing a very high death rate/incarceration rate due to shooting guns at people. The FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 14 shows that cops killing people has been roughly the same over the past decade.  We are not seeing a surge in this, it is due to news media reporting it more frequently.  It averages one a day.


A quick look a the FBI murder FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 3 suspects table shows clearly how black males are responsible for a huge number of murders at a far higher rate than other ethnic groups.  There are 4,729 white murderers and black murderers number 5,486 in 2011.  But there are 4,077 unknown killers who go away with murder, a huge number.  Much bigger than the 367 people killed by police.


Americans get the impression lots of killers are caught, but thousands of them get away with it each year and one suspects many of these are illegal aliens killing illegal aliens.  The greatest number of black killers do this when they are between 20 and 24 years of age.  If someone wants to stop blacks from being killed by anyone, this is the age group to target for action.  This is the age when the most white males murder, too.


Traditionally, before the army was turned into a mercenary operation, young males were hauled into the military for training and discipline at exactly the same age the peak in killing happens.  This kept them off the streets, gave them some money and kept them busy.  Throughout history, keeping rowdy youths busy via warfare has been the chief solution to social unrest.  But the modern killing machine has made this less effective.  No one wants to march into machine gun fire anymore.  Killing off a million angry young males is trickier.


We see this with ISIS: they are not so hot at real warfare, but great at butchering people especially when they surrender.  No one dares surrender to them anymore.  One of the funniest thing in the homicide statistics is, when blacks are 75+ years old, only 6 killed someone whereas there were 55 white murderers in that age bracket!  Often, husbands killing their wives.


FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 11 is why people are killed.  Gang killings by adults is 143 shootings leading to death whereas juvenile gangs are 476 shootings leading to deaths which is a huge differential showing clearly the results of using juveniles for drug dealing because they don’t do hard time when convicted so children are the main street dealers and they kill each other or are killed by older gangsters at a very high rate.


I am 100% against the stupid war on drugs.  It was a failure under Nixon and has continued to this day a failure and it is responsible for much of the chaos in black communities as the youths there fall under the spell of making big money dealing drugs.  The war in Afghanistan restarted the opium markets.  The US government created this situation of guns going off due to drug dealing.


The saddest thing here is, whites are 77% of the population and blacks are only 13% and the black murderer/victim rate is higher than the white rate making the ratio of murders six times greater for blacks which shows dysfunctional social conditions which can be fixed but only by black leaders who refuse to face the facts instead, blaming the police.


One THOUSAND gang members arrested as part of ‘Project Wildfire’ and most of these are Hispanic, mostly illegal alien gangs in California and Texas.  Most were in Southern California cities, southern Texan cities and Detroit.  One tool used to identify the gangsters are tattoos.  The police love tattoos.  Makes identification laughably easy.


Back to the cops: we have open warfare raging in our cities.  The cops are often cruel and even murderous but the people they are patrolling are the same and where are the ‘nice people’ patrolling these places?  Well, staying as far away as possible.  Literally, moving to places as far removed as possible which is called ‘white flight’.


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60 responses to “Tasers Are Torture…Running From Cops Can Be Fatal

  1. Rob

    We’ll find out soon if Aaron Hernandez is guilty. I don’t understand the law in this case because even if there is no proof he pulled the trigger, surely he set up the ‘hit’. And as you mention about tattoos, the police did check his tattoos in the beginning for gang related associations.

  2. DeVaul

    Oh god. I knew this would be twisted to make the white cop look innocent.

    I will recount a true story from my own family again:

    When my great grandfather was only 22, he and the deputy town marshal took a horse thief and convicted felon into custody, but on the way to the jail, the man broke free and ran. The deputy shot him in the back and killed him, whereupon my great grandfather arrested him for murder.

    That was back during the Wild West. It was understood that shooting a fleeing, unarmed man in the back was murder and unjustified. If the men who lived back then understood that, what does that say about us now?

    It says that White Culture is amoralistic at best, immoral at worst.

    We should abandon White Culture and choose a different culture. We have the right to do this, and we need to do this before White Culture starts a full blown nuclear war and another genocidal rampage.

    I think we should adopt Native American culture. It was here before us and it is not “black” or “Asian”, so maybe white Americans can stomach it.

    Whatever we choose, we must do it soon because the attempts to justify shooting fleeing fat men in the back multiple times means that White Culture is spiritually dead and can no longer be used to measure anything except varying degrees of outright evil.

  3. DeVaul

    Whoops! It may be too late. White Culture has turned on itself:


    Just like in Nazi Germany, anyone who flees the Gestapo can be tortured and murdered, and when the fascists run out of easily identifiable groups to murder, they will turn on themselves. They always do.

    The video above is White Culture’s future. As a Deaf person, I too would be tempted to flee the police, because after being handcuffed and placed in the back of a cruiser, I could be shot for “not following orders from a law enforcement officer who was afraid for his life because of my disobedience”.

    That is the new standard for justifiable murder in America.

  4. melponeme_k


    LOL. Which Native American culture do you want to emulate? Which America? North or South?

    Maybe we should emulate the Aztecs. We’ll behead people and throw their heads down the steps of the court houses. We’ll keep slaves like the Aztecs and the Mayans as well.

    Or do you think the North American Natives were any nicer? They were in the process of forming an Eastern Seaboard cease fire area, because they were all in the habit of committing genocide against one another.

    My people, the athabascans in Alaska, liked to kill anyone on sight who wasn’t family or close family friends. This lead the Russians to call us “uncivilized” in a letter to the American government when in the process of that infamous land sale. I’m sure Russia kicks itself in the backside every time they think of that.

  5. DeVaul

    I don’t pretend that any culture is perfect, Mel, but when you can show me a Native American culture that thinks it is ok to try and win a nuclear war…

    let me know!

    (I will then consider a different culture).

  6. Elaine Supkis

    All humans kill. It is our fundamental nature to do this.

    About shooting horse thieves: happened all the time. And no, if they fled, they were not allowed to flee.

    Soldiers running from battle are killed, too, you know, in fact this is how many armies won their wars from the dawn of time to today. The ‘don’t shoot someone fleeing’ isn’t real.

    When people attacked me in the past, and I threw something like a rock, a knife or ax, it was when they ran off after striking me. This is how the real world works.

    You can’t let anyone whack you and then run, for example. I grew up on a ranch and it baffles me how people think they can do something and then run off. If I pull a gun and order them to stop, they better stop, not run harder.

    Generally speaking, they would surrender. But today, I doubt this would work since running off seems to be easier and easier.

  7. Elaine Supkis

    Indeed, I am rather puzzled, thinking about actual things I have seen in my life: any sheriff who would arrest a deputy for shooting a guy who managed to ESCAPE THE SHERIFF is…INCOMPETENT.

    That is, if I were a rancher or someone out west back then (and my family was very much on the frontier!) I would be pretty pissed the sheriff let this happen and if on any jury, I would not convict a deputy for shooting, indeed, I would put the sheriff in jail for being a danger to everyone else.

  8. Elaine Supkis

    Thinking some more: a convicted horse thief and felon would be LYNCHED and if a deputy sheriff shot the guy if he escaped, people would CELEBRATE.

    The worst thing you could call a man was ‘hoss thief’ back then. Even my great grandma would beat him senseless with her laundry beating board. And she killed six people, too, back then. Never saw a day in jail, of course.

  9. Elaine Supkis

    In fact, the modern understanding of ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ means someone surrenders to the police, NOT ‘run away!’

    In the Wild West, if you surrendered, then you were not shot. But you had to really surrender, not fake it and then take off. Any sheriff that fell for a fake surrender would have to turn in his badge, not arrest his associates who are quicker to react to a criminal running.

    All the runaway shooting incidents have this common element: the people don’t surrender. People waving real or fake guns, when told to drop it, if they don’t, they get shot, too.

    I knew how this worked way back when I was a child in Arizona. It is pretty elemental, actually. On our ranch, if we called the sheriff (old Sheriff Burr was his name) he wouldn’t come for at least half to an hour. During which we could keep a criminal at gun point and I did this back then.

    ‘You move, I shoot’, I told the guy who threatened to kill my father. Sheriff Burr was quite amused when he showed up. The guy didn’t run away when I had him in custody. The dog helped, by the way, Grrrr.

    Today, we have a chorus of weepers who yell, ‘You can’t shoot people who run when a cop says stop.’ So we have more and more runners. It will only get worse in the future. Cops will be so hamstrung, they won’t do anything to protect the citizenry.

  10. DeVaul

    The newspaper article from that time period disagrees with you, Elaine, and I am glad.

    My great grandfather was a heroic man who suffered many wounds in the line of duty, but always kept to the law and never made it up as he went along, and for this he was considered “our popular town marshal” by the people of Van Buren, Arkansas, as well as Judge Parker of Fort Smith, who never once considered him an “incompetent” U.S. Deputy Marshal for the Indian Territory for over six years.

    Unlike today’s cops, he never once whined that he was “afraid” and therefor was justified in murdering someone, and I am deeply proud of that.

  11. ziff

    this place i getting nuts , shooting people in the back is ok? WTF !
    You can always catch them later. And so happened in the old west so its OK, nazis happened too so i guess thats ok too. Glad i stopped donating to this site.

  12. Elaine Supkis

    This astonishes me.

    The belief that anyone can run away is amazing. And if you can ‘catch them later’ this ‘later’ often involves the escapee committing more crimes including often worse crimes.

    I know that people want to believe that we live in a happy world. We do not. The people running from the cops aren’t doing this because they are good people, they do this to get away with doing something illegal.

    I have been arrested in the past and it is fairly easy: you cooperate with the cops. Police brutality is when people COOPERATE and then are harmed by the cops being nasty. THAT IS ILLEGAL.

    Using force to stop people who are running when police ask them to stop is not illegal.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    OK, Arkansas wasn’t Arizona in 1880. It was already a state, for example.

    So our pasts are different. The border to Mexico was only a short hop from Tucson. It was totally open. Anyone who ran off ran to Mexico. Like Billy the Kid.

  14. Floridasandy

    Killing running people is not okay, and he was arrested immediately.

    The question for the future is why run? He was told not to get out of the car and he did it twice, running the 2nd time. Why do people continue to put themselves in vulnerable positions with people they know are armed? Was the car stolen, or just he had no proof? Why no discussion?

    Is it the culture of fear instituted by media, politicians, and some parents –so that they would choose to run fwithin officer with weapons? is it a superiority complex that they can get away and suffer no consequences?

    The traffic stop started off cordial, and shouldn’t have ended the way it did. What can we all do to fix this going forward?

  15. Elaine Supkis

    And the fact remains: if you surrender, seldom does something bad happen. Once upon a time in the Deep south, blacks WERE killed while in custody. We do have deaths in custody but these are very rare today.

    I know that people have this fond faith that an uprising will happen in the US and all will be roses and fun. This will happen but it will not be a black uprising that will succeed.

    It will be the opposite. And I am AGAINST THIS from happening but when I explain why and how these dynamics work, people get mad at me.

    Well, in a ‘revolution’ the MAJORITY wins, not some 13% minority. The MAJORITY then takes law and order into their own hands and do this violently and ALL revolutions have this happen without exception.

    The guillotine is dragged out and used. The chopping off of limbs and heads increases, not decreases. Usually there is a dictatorship to stop the executions.

    Like Napoleon. Doesn’t stop the wars or killings, either, we have more wars, not fewer.

    Reforming systems is the best solution but how do we reform US crime problems? These problems are very real, I know of virtually no one who isn’t black, wanting to live in black communities, look at white flight in general.

    Houses outside of black communities go for more than inside due precisely to crime problems and public disorders. And the cops are supposed to control all this. And it isn’t working. How to make it work?

    That is the question. I said years ago, ‘Hire more black cops’ and this seems to be the main solution which is slowly moving forwards, bit by bit, I pushed for it to go faster.

  16. Elaine Supkis

    The cop in the recent killing was arrested because he tampered with the scene of the crime which was very illegal. And arresting him was correct.

    The victim was trained in the Marines and he knew perfectly well you don’t run away when an officer gives you direct orders such as ‘Stay in the car and keep your hands on the steering wheel’.

    He wasn’t deaf and he understood English so him running off was premeditated and he understood he was resisting an officer when he did this.

  17. Eric Blood Axe

    Surely, running away is a misdemeanor, killing someone for running is murder. The numbers of people who are murdered after they have surrendered, means you are a fool to surrender.


    ELAINE: all the cases of shooting people by cops these last years have been when they do NOT surrender. And cops have been shot, too, and liberals say nothing when this happens. This is why cops don’t like liberals.

  18. Eric Blood Axe

    Do you remember, a short time ago, A man was arrested, thrown in a cell, and left there without food or water, for a week!


    ELAINE: That was a DEA mistake. The man, Chong, was accidentally left behind when they removed everyone from the cell and it was for five days, not a week (why exaggerate things???) and he was given full aid when found and has been treated very well since then. Stuff does happen, everywhere.

    Two years ago, someone was accidentally locked in an elevator for three days and this was a similar accidental event. Accidents happen, even in jails.

  19. Elaine Supkis

    If you ‘are a fool to surrender’ this means you never ever let the cops arrest you?

    Guess what? The Black Panthers AND I KNEW THEM IN OAKLAND thought this, too. And it didn’t work too hot for them all. One of them murdered an innocent cop who was chatting with a motorcycle guy in front of my own house and it took many years to catch the Panther that did that murder.

    If you all think I endorse as society that has no law and order, this is nuts. I was known in NYC as The Housewife From Hell precisely because of all the people I arrested and I wasn’t gentle, either.

    My neighborhood had a very high crime rate which dropped rapidly as I went after my long list of bad people…it was obvious to me who they were, they took little pains to hide their criminal actions back then.

    The city was going bankrupt and police protection vanished and we felt it immediately in 1977 when my neighbors tried to burn down the entire neighborhood during a looting spree.

    I have mentioned this often in the past here, I am NOT a classic liberal who whines about police, for example. There are bad cops and good cops and indifferent cops but all of them are tons better than the criminal class that has no mercy, obeys no rules of any sort and who are hunters seeking to get something or do something and they are utterly heartless and antisocial and I despise them all for good reasons.

  20. vengeur

    I just don’t see shooting a fleeing person in the back unless they are known (as in convicted) to have committed a violent crime such as rape or murder , etc. In that their fleeing makes them a danger to society at large. And the same thing goes for shooting any person at any time by a civilian. Unless a life is in immediate and imminent danger, it just is not wise to bring down the avalanche of crushing legal and moral boulders on oneself. But society HAS changed. I grew up a quarter mile outside the city limit of Detroit. In the entire time until I left in 1979, I do not remember ONE case of breaking and entering on my street. It just did not happen. I moved to Alaska , where EVERYBODY had guns. And when everybody has guns, it is almost inevitable that somebody is going to do something stupid. There was a case where an owner of a furniture store at 9th and Gambell ( I think his name was Lowe) shot a teenager who was trying to steal his big balloon in front of the store (supposedly as part of some scavenger hunt). He was convicted and went to prison for several years. I once had a lady house sitting for my neighbor SHOOT THROUGH HER DOOR at someone trying to break in! I now live in Arizona (Elaine you probably know the old El Encanto neighborhood) and we have hired a security guard, the break-ins were so common. The slide into INSECURITY has been gradual but relentless in many areas of the country. All of which puts cops into more dangerous situations than ever.

  21. Elaine Supkis

    I am always very careful which is why I have been successful in running street patrols and making arrests.

    The problem here is, crime IS a huge problem. Chaos is a huge problem. Detroit had low crime in 1978 whereas NYC back then had very high crime and movies were made about the crime situation and it was really very, very bad in the ‘hoods’ and the Bronx was burned nearly entirely to the ground in the section near the East River, for example.

    Now, Detroit lies in ruins. The mayor and city council and most of the employees of the city are black. Crime is through the roof. No one gives a damn about this, either and few people dare set foot in huge sections of the city because they are scared to death.

    In Tucson, breakins were common back in 1973 and this is why I had animals in my yard (Killer Rabbit being the most amusing, he really did go after criminals!) that protected me and my property.

    I had stuff stolen CONSTANTLY.

    My bikes vanished regularly. Once, I had one locked to a sign post and the crooks cut down the sign and stole my bike! Once, crooks came with a truck onto the campus and took the rack and the bikes!

    We had two armed kidnappings on my block, one of which I and my two friends prevented when one friend shot out the tires of the getaway car. The other one, she was kidnapped, raped and shot six times. We got the guy who did this and he went to prison, said he would get out eventually and kill her and ME and so he ended up dead in prison due to making lots of enemies there and I was happy to hear he died.

    I have zero sympathy for thugs!

    Tucson’s rape rate shot up between 1965 and 1985. Through the roof. It was terrifying, many women suffered due to this and the police were always way behind events.

    In NYC we had no police for a while which is why I formed a patrol myself.

    Counterpunch is one of the earliest liberal publications online. So today their editorial by Urie is ‘Disarm the police’. He rages on and on about how the Black Panthers were good guys and the cops evil guys and how we would have a happy land if cops couldn’t use force. This is childish.

    I have lived in hell and assure everyone, you wouldn’t like it. People swarming all over the place, destroying it openly! Horrors. Constant screaming, flames rising higher and higher, guns going off, what do you do?

    The rioters were very cocky after destroying the place, they strutted around, boasting about their loot and laughing saying, no one can stop us. They then went on to insure no one could be safe or do any business by continuing this rampage, I called the period in NYC of 1977-1980 ‘The Chaos Years’.

  22. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ # 12:

    Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)[1], was a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that, under the Fourth Amendment, when a law enforcement officer is pursuing a fleeing suspect, he or she may not use deadly force to prevent escape unless the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.


  23. Elaine Supkis

    It turns out that the poor man ran from the cops because he was behind on child support payments and didn’t want to go to jail.


    And the cop WAS arrested and I never said that was a bad thing, either. I am explaining how this sort of thing happens. It is all very stupid and the solutions for this are simple: DO NOT RUN.

    Ever since the Tennessee v. Garner ruling, we have a lot of running away going on now and so it leads to the sorts of things we see today. The Brown case, for example, there is proof the man was violent.

    in this week’s case, there is no proof of violence, just running which is why the cop will probably get manslaughter charges. But if black males want to not have bad things happen, they should cooperate with the police, none of this would happen.

  24. vengeur

    Something I left out about my leaving the Detroit area in 1979 was that after I left, the Crack epidemic took off, and crime took off also. There was a murder just a couple of streets from where I grew up, which in my childhood would have just been beyond belief, and robberies took off also.

  25. aashild

    I just found this video of some black Girls picking a fight in downtown Seattle in broad daylight. I suppose this is a typical example of gangsta behaviour? Why are they behaving like this? This is as uncivilized as it can get. Only a complete lack of discipline during childhood can result in such behaviour.

  26. e sutton

    Acting civilized is acting white.

  27. Christian W

    It turns out that the poor man ran from the cops because he was behind on child support payments and didn’t want to go to jail.


    And the cop WAS arrested and I never said that was a bad thing, either. I am explaining how this sort of thing happens. It is all very stupid and the solutions for this are simple: DO NOT RUN.

    All of this is an obvious sign of rot in the US system.

    The real problem here is that all these recurring instances of police brutality against, or outright murder of, “thugs” (as Elaine calls them) are a clear sign of the US breaking down.

    The “thugs” are resisting the arrests because they know they will be squeezed by The System. The System now is designed to turn petty crimes (by the lower class/black community) into life long burdens. People end up having their lives destroyed and going to jail because they pick up some small fine, maybe as little as $50 or $100 dollars for some offense like say having a back light on your car broken, that they struggle to pay because they don’t have a proper income. When the system gets the victims/thugs in it’s claws it’s starts to process them by slapping on more and more and heavier and heavier fines and costs. The system simply squeezes the thugs for all they have, and much more. Which is why the “thugs” run away and “resist” arrests to avoid the squeeze…

    The System is designed to keep the prisons fed with fresh fodder and bleeding the fodder “white”.


    ELAINE: People who KNOW they will be arrested tend to run from the cops.

    And if you want no prisons, the alternative is for people to kill criminals themselves and we see this with ISIS and its crude form of dealing with crime which is to slaughter everyone in horrible ways. No prisons for them!

    All revolutions do this, by the way. All of them.

    ‘Squeezing’ blacks who don’t follow the rules is no surprise, it isn’t racism at work, it is the nature of our society today which has seen black families collapse. The poor guy shot in the back, for example, wasn’t taking care of his children and his wife/girlfriend was hitting him for money and not providing him with services (sex and homemaking) and the disintegration of the black family is by far the worse of all ethnic/race groups.

    And this is beginning to destroy everyone else’s families, too! It is very troubling and bad news for our society, very bad news.

  28. vengeur

    He wasn’t a Thug, he was too old for that. But foolish enough to run.

  29. I’ve been reading you for years and would be tempted to extend you some credence except for the fact that this just doesn’t happen in Europe. Cop basically never kill people in European countries and somehow order is maintained.

  30. Elaine Supkis

    Um, Europe doesn’t have ‘order’ at all. And Europe is definitely falling to pieces, big time and ethnic/race tensions are shooting upwards and there is a LOT of crime there now.

  31. Elaine Supkis


    Eastern European crime wave hits the UK.


    The Eastern European Immigrants HUGE tractor thefts in UK and France.

    By the way…here in NY if anyone steals my or my neighbor’s tractors, there is a good possibility they would be shot.


    Gypsy child crime wave grips Europe.

    ‘One of the children spoken to by Four Corners is 13-year-old Daniela.

    She has little or no education but pickpocketing in Madrid can earn her up to $500 for a successful robbery. If she gets away with her scam she takes the money to her mother. It is used to buy food and some of it is repatriated to Romania to buy a house.

    This week’s Four Corners reveals that while some children steal to survive, many are part of a network of organised groups that rob tourists and locals, passing the money back to crime bosses in Romania.

    The wave of crime perpetrated by Gypsy children began in earnest when Romania was admitted to the EU.

    It is now so bad that authorities in the major Italian city of Milan have declared a state of emergency. The city officials authorised police to set up an undercover operation that used hidden cameras and telephone taps to arrest dozens of people.

    In all, 19 adults were jailed for theft and the abuse of children. The investigation found some children were generating up to $15,000 to $20,000 a month from their criminal activities.

    That did not mean the children were well-treated. In one raid, police broke into a farmhouse and found children locked in a cupboard. They were unwashed and malnourished.’

    Rapes and house breaking is way up, too.

  32. Elaine Supkis

    What bothers me the most is how so many people think that living in crime, disorder, corruption and violence is OK but when cops are naughty, this is evil. Cops CAN be nasty, they can be racist or wrong, they can steal, too.

    But when there are armies of people doing all this and more and can’t be stopped except very violently or forcefully we have warfare and internal warfare is definitely happening and I am not on the side of gangsters, thugs, drug dealers, sexual users who then dump their children, etc. They are nasty people.

    For god’s sake! We need strong families, people who follow rules and don’t cut corners, honesty and hard work, not this ugly mess we see in the slums of Europe and the US.

  33. Lou

    ‘Tucson’s rape rate shot up between 1965 and 1985’. Mexican rapists? Why the increase?

    ‘ so many people think that living in crime, disorder, corruption and violence is OK but when cops are naughty, this is evil.’ That is part of the disorder called ‘Liberalism’.

  34. Ziff

    @ 26 , jeez what a rough country , not just the 2 squablers, lots of creepy folks there. canada is nice. Only 100 mi north.

  35. Ken

    If the police officer had shot the guy in the legs instead of the back (a) he would have still stopped him from escaping, and (b) the amount of force used would not have been excessive.

  36. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Firing a gun at a person is considered deadly force, No Matter Where You Aim.

  37. Elaine Supkis


    Police desperately search for robbery suspect in a car who ran over and killed someone while trying to evade the cops.

    This is unfortunately all too common with run aways. No one seems to think the innocent people killed by people who don’t want to be arrested.

  38. Christian W


    Yes, we need proper policing. But when the US police shoot more people in a month (111 people) than the UK police have killed in a century, something is off.

    Yes, crime is bad and destructive both to perpetrators and victims (unless you are the elites then crime pays more than handsomely). In the US crime is a life style in the lower non-working class just as it is at the very top. In Ferguson 76% of the population have outstanding criminal warrants. That is 16,000 people out of the 21,000 inhabitants. Basically if you can walk you are a criminal. Western Europe does not yet have anything similar.

    This problem is not one of police vs criminals. This problem is about the break down of US society where only the profit and security of the elites count, all else is secondary at most.

    Certainly Europe has problems too, but for Europe the problem is that the problems we see in the US will increasingly come to Europe too as Europe adapts the US approach to society and problems (ie more money for the elites, less for everyone else).

    You mention the gypsies, I guess you mean the Eastern European Roma people who are beggars across Europe. Their culture does not really have a work ethic and they are sent out all over Europe to beg and steal for their traffickers.

    So, what is your solution to the crime problem Elaine? More powers to the police?

    I’ve said it before. The only way to stop the disaster at the bottom of society is to start at the top of society and stop the rampant criminality there. Then, only then, can you end the chaos at the bottom because the problems are more than just criminality, they go far deeper and exist on far more levels. The criminality is a symptom, not a cause.

    But for something to happen the white middle class needs to get off it’s butt because you are all in it together. You are all part of the same society, even if you do your best to slice it and dice it as much as you can so you never see each other and even if you hate each others guts.

    The white middle class is key, without the white middle class taking action the elites will continue to rob you all blind and walk all over you as a society. Sadly, the white middle class won’t move a finger to change anything so the slide deeper into the US (World) police state will keep sliding on. The white middle class will prefer to see more killer cops in action rather than take any responsibility themselves.

    The current situation exists simply because it is the most profitable one for the elites they can come up with. If there is a new situation with better profitability for them they will go with that. But for now they milk the criminal class (ie the non working class), the working class and the middle class for all their worth, domestically and internationally.

  39. Floridasandy

    Ken, hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it? I wonder how we all would act when the adrenaline is flowing? I suppose that explains the poor decision making of both participants in this tragedy. Probably the. Op thoug he wasn’t going to catch him and it would look bad, and the guy ran for whatever reason.
    I feel especially bad for the families of both, the mother no has to bury her son and a pregnant woman who will be delivering and raising her child alone.
    I think Elaine is right that these issues really have to be honestly addressed, or we will read about more of these tragedies going forward.
    Bad behavior still needs consequences–even in an increasingly lawless America.
    I blame our politicians a LOT for random laws, random rules, and only occasional consequences,and favoritism to foreign lawbreakers here now.
    Christian, I am pretty sure the white middle class is more afraid of the lawbreakers than the police. 🙂
    The key to a police stop is don’t escalate it, which we all learned as children. Women especially learn diplomacy because of our strength deficits, which is why I bet a lot less women get shot by the police.

  40. ziff

    Monty Python – Self-Defense Against Fruit

    it is very nearly this bad here in BC , i would be afraid to point a banana at our police, seriously

  41. Elaine Supkis

    The most common response to orders to stop is to run for it. This ability to run away has been set in cement by courts which have sided with the running criminals because we want a nice society where people are polite like in England.

    England, by the way, is very much smaller than the US and if we compare that tiny island with our giant continent, we have to compare say, Wisconsin with England, not the entire US.

    England has also a much smaller immigrant population whereas the US was nearly entirely created from immigrants but that is being fixed rapidly by the European Union which has opened England’s doors to a flood of criminals.

    The past England which was mostly inhabited by people of a same culture and society is disappearing and will be much, much, much more violent in the future as religious and ethnic wars rage there.

    AS for England being ‘safer’ ahem…once upon a time the Normans invaded and killed a lot of people and turned the rest into serfs. They brutally imposed rules on the serfs.

    One was the Hue and Cry. Anyone running from the sheriff was chased by everyone. If everyone didn’t join in the chase, they would suffer collective punishment (a very nasty business involving a lot of killing).

    After 1,000 years of this, the population was pretty much tamed.

  42. Elaine Supkis

    In common law, a hue and cry is a process by which bystanders are summoned to assist in the apprehension of a criminal who has been witnessed in the act of committing a crime.
    By the Statute of Winchester of 1285, 13 Edw. I cc. 1 and 4, it was provided that anyone, either a constable or a private citizen, who witnessed a crime shall make hue and cry, and that the hue and cry must be kept up against the fleeing criminal from town to town and from county to county, until the felon is apprehended and delivered to the sheriff. All able-bodied men, upon hearing the shouts, were obliged to assist in the pursuit of the criminal, which makes it comparable to the posse comitatus. It was moreover provided that “the whole hundred … shall be answerable” for any theft or robbery, in effect a form of collective punishment. Those who raised a hue and cry falsely were themselves guilty of a crime.[1]

  43. Elaine Supkis

    This Hue and Cry was transplanted to the US by my own ancestors and other Founding Families. The key here is the ‘100’ bystanders (villagers) were responsible for paying for the theft of the thief if they let the thief get away.

    This was rigorously enforced. Of course, the Normans looted everyone legally since they made up the laws but then, when stealing from each other, they slaughtered each other regularly and the Norman royals basically finally killed each other off by 1600.

    Which is rather funny. Looting in the long run does NOT pay! This is my thought about it just like having no laws for oneself leads to social destruction which we see clearly in the US where the elites pass laws and bail out themselves while the lowest classes run riot and the middle is squeezed badly.

  44. Pontiff Holysh*t

    By the way…here in NY if anyone steals my or my neighbor’s tractors, there is a good possibility they would be shot.

    Dear readers:

    No jurisdiction in the U.S. allows deadly force in defense of property. Elaine, however, may be able to leverage her elite status to get away with this crime. The rest of you would be facing charges ranging from aggravated assault to first degree murder.

    See how this works?

  45. Elaine Supkis

    One reason why we have a very high break in rate in the cities is due to people being unable to defend their property.

    This is a recent change.

    When I was young, YES, you could, in Arizona, shoot trespassers. The laws were changed in 1964 or there about.

    Ranchers were ordered to remove signs that said, ‘TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT’. So they put up the legal signs, ‘Trespassers will be prosecuted’ and then shot up the signs as a further warning.

    Then we had a surge of trespassers coming to our ranch to menace us. I did pull a gun on one guy, for an example. I didn’t have to pull the trigger because he surrendered to me.

    Tucson had a much lower crime rate back then. Now, it is double the national rate.

  46. Elaine Supkis

    Then I moved to NYC. People would casually try to break in nearly constantly which is why I organized a street (and roof) patrol. We were not nice people, we were at war with the gangs.

    The gangs even got very pissed off at me and said they would kill me. I got them on the run by forcing the NY police to go after them (their home base was on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn near Flatbush Ave.), Sent some to prison. They still spat out that they would kill me.

    The police even joked about me getting a bullet proof vest. Instead, I installed bullet proof lexan plastic on my lower story windows. One of my buddies was shot at but the bullet missed his head, this was through his window.

    The gangs were very persistent in stopping anyone from patrolling the place, they didn’t fear the cops who avoided their hood and this is due to the people who side with outright thugs all the time.

    There is a lot of political power being exerted to prevent people from stopping crime.

    You can’t depend on the cops showing up. Even if the cops come fast, it is often too late, they come to pick up the pieces.This is why my neighborhood figured out the ‘hue and cry’ thing works.

    Anyone doing even small crimes would suddenly hear the hue and cry and be forced to stop (usually, they try to run off).

    I speak from a lot of experience.

    I tried to find stories in Tucson of someone shooting someone stealing stuff at home and then going to prison for this and got only this story:

    … An Oregon medical marijuana farmer was arrested earlier this week … On this particular night, Shirley says he instinctively started shooting after waking up to a man clipping buds off one of his plants.

    Which is actually rather funny, drug dealers get robbed all the time but they can’t get away with shooting someone robbing their illegal stashes.

  47. Lou

    “England has also a much smaller immigrant population but that is being fixed rapidly by the European Union which has opened England’s doors to a flood of criminals.”
    INDEED. Does UK still have the largest number of immigrants, yearly?

    “The past England which was mostly inhabited by people of a same culture and society is disappearing and will be much, much, much more violent in the future as religious and ethnic wars rage there.”

    Here EMS is being dishonest. When Britain was WHITE the cops could be gunless. Now when a black beheads a White the Military is told to not wear their uniforms in the streets and Whites are arrested for hate speech. A granny was arrested for hate speech over Rigbys beheading.

  48. e sutton

    Yes, not wanting to be robbed, wanting to live in peace among your own kind = WHITE PRIVILEGE. Can’t allow that, can we? Hmmmmm?????? ; D

  49. Christian W

    Well to me the choice between lawlessness anarchy and chaos and a criminal totalitarian police state seems like a classical false dilemma, but then again that may be just me.

  50. Elaine Supkis

    I DID live in a lawless state…and it sucked, big time. People hated me when I imposed rules.The criminal class is quite happy to have taxpayer services…FOR THEMSELVES and don’t contribute to it, either.

    Most of those guys in court get free lawyers after they wrecked our free schools (mama seldom pays any taxes for schools, if it is via rent in many places, this, too, is paid via taxpayers who are not raising thugs).

    The chasing and trying and then housing of these criminals is EXPENSIVE as all hell. One fine day the taxpayers may fix that in some obvious way, namely via executions.

    This is a very old story. The EU and US has experimented with a system where the taxpayers pay for the raising and feeding and housing of countless criminals who then plague the neighborhood and terrorize everyone before killing each other or being killed by everyone else.

    This is not going to work. As this process continues, the US gets weaker and certainly the EU is falling apart rapidly. The rot gets worse since the middle class can’t afford to raise multiple children easily and the lower classes pop them out like rabbits, this is a demographic disaster.

    The Great European spread has already ended. It will eventually vanish like the Minoan people, for example. This has happened to more than one ‘high civilization’ in the past.

  51. DM

    Only gunslingers with black hats shoot people in the back.

  52. DeVaul

    @ Pontiff and Others

    I appreciate your attempts to quote the actual laws, but the sad fact is that they no longer matter in the US. Even as I write this, an attempt is being made to distract people from a video showing a man taking careful aim at a man’s back and firing 8 times to “what happened in the video gap before this?” (as if it could possibly matter).

    He was arrested (to avoid a riot or uprising), but he will not be convicted of murder. Every attempt will be made by the authorities to avoid this. The same goes for the brutal beating of the man in the desert. Video no longer matters. What matters is how white people perceive it, and they approve.

    You don’t have to be a liberal or conservative to know right from wrong, but you do have to have a conscience, and it cannot be dictated by skin color or social status.

    (Great skit, Ziff! I watched it as a child, but never thought it would actually apply to my country.)

  53. Elaine Supkis

    The problem with laws is, most of the people we are discussing who are ‘victims of cops’ hate these laws!

    The guy who was shot recently shouldn’t have been BUT he knew he was a lawbreaker and didn’t want to go to jail. He KNEW he had to be arrested and ran because of this.

    This is the core problem. No matter how we fix the cops, we still have a problem with a huge subset of people thinking they can evade the law whenever they wish and they do not stop and put their hands up and cooperate with anyone.

    This runs very much alongside the belief that society has to raise their children which is why they don’t pay child support and in minority populations, the marriage rate has been falling towards zero and children are expected to collect state money while white children’s parents pay for their children’s food, shelter and schooling.

    This plan to keep the ‘run around getting females pregnant and then dumping the children’ society is on the verge of collapse.And ditto goes for the very rich who are equally amoral and reckless.

  54. Lou

    ‘This plan to keep the ‘run around getting females pregnant and then dumping the children’ society is on the verge of collapse’.

    what do you mean?

  55. DM

    She means dumping them on society. Apparently a capital offence in Elaine’s world.

    Elaine, you are getting seriously weird. Turn off your computer a go for a long walk.

  56. Christian W

    Elaine, I see the break down in the US in similar terms as the Nuremberg judges saw war crimes. War is the mother of all criminality and the US is nothing if not a war machine from top to bottom. The petty stuff you are so worried about is a direct result of elite mismanagement. Selling cigarettes on a street corner is relatively petty, running away because you are afraid of more fines than you can pay is relatively petty. MURDER is NOT PETTY.

    Letting the elites slam you with the police is going to end up with you getting slammed by thugs AND you getting slammed by the “law” as the elites define it (killer cops). And you should well know that the elites are simply not capable of giving a shit about the little people who are victims of their schemes.

    Obviously crime should be prevented. But it is one thing to shoot or kill petty small time cigarette street corner salesmen and people running away because they are afraid they will be hit with more fines and quite another when the police is used to enforce the elite agenda.

    You will end up with the worst of both worlds if you allow the cops to be killing machines and a law unto themselves. Never mind that you are white and safe for now. You won’t be when the economy crashes and the police start shaking you down because there is no money anymore in shaking down the blacks.

    It sounds to me as if you are looking to create a friendly neighborhood situation where your posse shoots strangers on sight with a nudge and a wink from killer cop buddies? But what if you can’t convince the killer cops to be your buddy this time? What do you do when the cops shake you down?

  57. Jim R

    Elaine, you are sadly misguided. The cops are the thugs now. Andy retired from Mayberry RFD more than thirty-five years ago.

    And the young man’s mistake was that he did not run a zigzag pattern. You need to do that when some asshole is trying to shoot you. It doesn’t always work, but it’s better than running a straight line.

    The video clearly shows a cold blooded murder. Officer Pharty McDonut calmly pulls his gun out and carefully aims. And then plants evidence on the corpse. Murder, plain and simple. Calculated.

    And DeVaul, a sense of hearing doesn’t help much when one of these ‘roided-up psychos thinks he is giving a “lawful order”, because they don’t articulate at all when they shout. So it’s like GEEOINULTHSANJFIROW!, and you don’t dare ask him what he just said.

  58. melponeme_k

    Ahh, killer cops, pigs the detritus of the wrong-headed 60s thinking.

    You want to know what killer cops are? Look at the Red “Russian” Mafia. The great number of them were former cops, military and even teachers. These were people that the greater society should have been supporting not persecuting. When they give up the ghost and turn rogue, they really turn rogue.

    Y’all haven’t seen killer cops yet. Not by a long shot.

  59. Jim R

    I expect the former employees of the three letter spook agencies to be very bad indeed, when the system breaks down and stops paying their salaries.

    One of the things that makes Putin so popular with the people of Russia is that he routed out these mafia guys. It’s too bad that the remnants of those gangs moved to Europe and the USA, where they were NOT arrested…

    But it won’t improve things to raise the pay of our current log of cops, they need to weed out the psychos first.

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