Russia Saves Americans Left Stranded In Yemen

‘Nobody will help us evacuate:’ Americans urge Washington to help flee Yemen war as the US dithers.  Our government that pours many billions and even a trillion or two dollars into various stupid foreign adventures and yelling about protecting everyone, isn’t protecting Americans as our allies, the Saudis, bomb Yemen.  So, Russia, the Evil Empire, rescues our citizens:


Russian naval ship evacuates over 300 people stranded in Yemen — RT News


The Russian Navy vessel Priazovye has helped to evacuate 308 people from war-torn Yemen. The Russian Defense Ministry stated citizens from 19 countries had been rescued, including Russian, Ukrainian, US and Yemini nationals…Meanwhile, the US has been criticized for failing to evacuate its own citizens from Yemen, where up to 4,000 American nationals are believed to be stranded.


West Ukraine minorities launch Transcarpathia Assembly — RT News


About 450 representatives of the national communities of Hungarians, Romanians and Rusyns have organized an Assembly in order to protect the interests, rights and culture of nearly one million people in western Ukraine.


This is no news in the US where anti-Putin propaganda roars nearly nonstop. The US was flying a spy plane next to Russia and was buzzed by a Russian jet and our media howled about this as if Russia was invading US territory, not the reverse.  If Russia were to fly spy planes and air bombers next to say, Los Angeles or New York City, the US would howl about THAT!  The US gets pissed off when we sail our navy in hostile formation mere miles offshore from China or Crimea and gets all indignant when the Chinese and Russians come very close to our ships that are way far away from US shores and awfully close to Chinese and Russian shores.


The presumption is like Great Britain before both world wars wrecked British naval power.  We can sail or fly anywhere on earth and no one else is allowed to do this.  We can invade, bomb, encircle and crush anyone we wish and no one else is allowed to do this.  We can commit war crimes by only punish everyone else for doing the same things, this is ‘exceptionalism’ which means, one is not hemmed in by laws or customs but may do as they please.


The US used NATO to cheerfully smash apart various countries from Afghanistan to Yugoslavia.  But the excuse for these actions, ‘minority populations can break away from home countries’ is tossed out whenever the US is using NATO to expand power and destroy Russia:  West Ukraine minorities launch Transcarpathia Assembly — RT News


About 450 representatives of the national communities of Hungarians, Romanians and Rusyns have organized an Assembly in order to protect the interests, rights and culture of nearly one million people in western Ukraine.


NATO put into power a bunch of Nazi fascists in Ukraine and they have alienated utterly ALL other people there, all the minority groups are increasingly united in demanding they be severed from this hideous regime running Kiev.  This news is concealed by the US and EU media which has to pretend the Ukrainians love the coup and want NATO to run things so that the IMF and World Bank can seize much of the infrastructure to pay off huge loans given to the oligarchs who run the country now.


Pro-Russians blast destruction of Soviet statues in Ukraine 
Neo-nazi skinheads destroy statues:

This news is concealed, too:  Default in Ukraine ‘virtual certainty’: S&P cuts foreign currency rating to ‘CC’ while the US and EU, both of which teeter on the edge of insolvency, gloat about how they are going to destroy Russia’s economy and by extension, wreck China too.  I predict the opposite will happen.  The EU is pushing Greece to pay back loans which Ukraine, which owes even more than Greece, cannot pay back.  When the Ukrainian people discover how these loans will be paid, they will go into open revolt against the EU.


Europe’s Nightmare: Ukraine’s Massive Meltdown


 One can argue that the Maidan revolution of 2014 has changed everything except Ukraine’s oligarchical politico-economic system. True, Viktor Yanukovych is gone, but the rest have only become more powerful with his departure. The one-clan-rule regime is finished, but the corrupt oligarchical regime has been restored. To expect that the Ukrainian oligarchs and their political allies or agents will now work for deep economic reform and come together in the name of the country’s national interest means to ignore the entire history of post-Soviet Ukraine. Against this background, the sense of unity in broader society borne out of the unfinished war in the east may not last long.


Those in Russia who, despite—or maybe because of—everything that has happened in the last sixteen months, still delude themselves into seeing Ukraine as part and parcel of the Russian world and a candidate for Eurasian economic integration wait for the eventual collapse of the Maidan-installed regime and a new chance for Novorossiya. The problem is that if Ukraine enters a new round of massive instability, it will hardly be a boon to Russia. Rather, it could become a vortex into which Russia and the West, including the United States, will be sucked—with unpredictable and likely dire results.


Russia can’t sit idle while Russians are butchered.  NATO has told the Kiev oligarchs that they will have arms and soldiers and financial support in a war against the citizens of Ukraine who don’t like the paramilitary fascist coup in Kiev.  This can start WWIII.  Europe will be uninhabitable after WWIII but the citizens there don’t care, they think Russia will vanish during WWIII.  Then all will be well and Europe can take over all those juicy Russian Orthodox lands between the Danube and the plains of Moscow.


This delusional belief just doesn’t die, does it?  Century after century, in Paris or Berlin, the belief that waging violent wars against Orthodox Slavs will be won just will not die.  Every five years, I read all of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ and the parts I read carefully are his  discussions about the politics of war and the economic forces that push for wars.  The philosophy of power was Tolstoy’s interest and this was due to the Crimean War with Britain when Britain ruled the Seven Seas and poked its nose into everyone’s face.


Britain won that war…sort of.  It cost a lot of pounds to win.  Overextension began to take its toll.  Russia remained hostile to Britain for decades while Germany suddenly united under Bismark and rapidly became extremely strong.  The British wounds from the hot war with Russia made Britain gun shy and Germany decided to decapitate British power.  GERMANY SUCCEEDED.  Yes, they lost WWI, but Britain didn’t win it, the empire continued its insane expansion but this was backed by severe debt and economic collapse at the Home Base, London.


This led to the Great Depression and the second German attempt at killing off the British Empire which was a total success in that Britain’s empire did vanish despite US attempts at saving it.  Today, Germany runs the EU.  Britain is on the fringe of things.  Russia is growing stronger, not weaker and China, which Britain savaged during the 19th century, is rapidly becoming the world’s #1 power both economic and in other areas.


The US is doomed to lose in Ukraine due to the fact that it is close to Russia and far from the US and Germany and Britain are utterly unable to fight ANY wars ANYWHERE.  All the NATO invasions this last 25 years have been nearly 90% paid for and the dead soldiers being from the US, not our so-called allies.  All of this is weakening the US just like the Crimean War weakened Britain.


We can strut and fret on the world’s stage for a while longer and then be done with it, doomed to fall to pieces like all previous empires that went into overextending their power while not paying for this in any sane way or getting any sane results like better trade deals.  On the contrary, the US signs horrible trade deals that makes our home finances worse and worse which is a topic I hammer on relentlessly.


And of course, no empire can exist for very long where people want no law and order at home.  This is pure lunacy.

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7 responses to “Russia Saves Americans Left Stranded In Yemen

  1. aashild

    This was an excellent analysis EMS, and i wholeheartedly agree with all the points you made here. The US today is mirroring the British empire towards its end. The US elite is putting all its efforts into stupid, short sighted foreign adventures.

    This is not making the US stronger in the long term, quite the contrary. This is so sad, because i believe that the US could have been one of the greatest countries in the world if it were run by smart, sane and pragmatic people.

    The Chinese leaders have gotten their priorities right by solely focusing on targeted policies that makes China stronger.

  2. Petruchio

    Why do ruling classes make the same mistakes over and over and over? Simple. All ruling classes have a natural inclination towards criminality Examples from the US? Reagan. Bush !. Clinton. Obama. Need I go on? As the level of criminality increases, so goes the level of secrecy (think Bush II’s 5 million missing e-mails). Also note the deep level of inbreeding amongst the ruling elites. Elites become overly inbred, overlyinsulated. This leads to delusional thinking, such as the elites self image of being special. Their self image becomes one of themselves being part of an special class: the elite of the elite. The best of the best. The result is the “best” of both worlds in the thinking of the elites: supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. This explains their total disregard for taking note of their repeated failures and NEVER taking the logical step: corrective action. The elites never learn. The real reason is they are overly inbred overly insulated incompetents. The reason THEY use is there isn’t enough “austerity” going on amongst the masses.

  3. e sutton

    And of course, no empire can exist for very long where people want no law and order at home. This is pure lunacy.

    Well, white folks want law and order, but nobody cares what we think. 😀

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, elites are above the law. This is why they are often evil because the temptation to do worse and worse things is nearly impossible to resist. The super rich are in super trouble, they fall apart mentally and emotionally due to this and the one thing that saves any society is the middle, the guys who toil, the mothers who sacrifice themselves for their children, people who believe in hard work and social obligations.

    Neither the lowest class nor the uppermost classes give a hoot about honest labor and social obligations. And the upper class is a bunch of hypocrites who manipulate things so the middle has to run to them to be saved from the lowest classes who assail the middle class.

  5. William

    @ e sutton
    “Well white folks want law and order, but nobody cares what we think” Very funny, you’ve got it now I hope.

  6. Seraphim

    @Every five years, I read all of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’…

    I would recommend you the book of Dominic Lieven “Russia Against Napoleon: The True Story of the Campaigns of War and Peace”. It is no less fascinating lecture than Tolstoy’s epic, with the difference that it is based on boring historical facts and less on literary philosophizing.

    From a review of the book by Robert Legvold in Foreign Affairs (the publication of our friends the CFR) of May/June 2010.

    “This is a large, booming riposte to all those histories and novels that downplay Russia’s role in Napoleon’s ultimate defeat, leaving the credit mostly to “General Winter” or, according to Tolstoyan myth, to the patriotism of the Russian people. No, says Lieven, the Russian government itself defeated Napoleon, and it did so because Tsar Alexander I and his war minister had anticipated the war, knew the enemy and his weaknesses, and had designed a superior strategy. “From the start,” Lieven writes, “their plan was to wear down Napoleon by a defensive campaign in Russia, and then to pursue the defeated enemy back over the frontier and raise a European insurrection against him.” Hence, the importance of the years 1813-14. This was the decisive phase of the Napoleonic Wars, but it has been neglected thanks to self-serving retellings found in British, French, and Prussian histories and in later Russian novels and musical overtures. Lieven not only makes his case in rich, probing detail; he also encases it in a fluent reading of Russia’s larger political and social dynamics during this period.”

    General Winter defeated Hitler or the Generalissimo Stalin? Russia had learned the lessons of the Napoleonic invasion. The Germans not. And the West seems hell bent to repeat the same mistakes.

  7. Interesting that Europeans thinks Russia will disappear in WWIII. What do they think will happen to the US, Canada, ANZAC, the UK and themselves???

    And what CAN follow WWIII except General (Nuclear) Winter and near term human extinction???

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