After The Revolution—LEFT OR RIGHT—There Will Be NO Freedom And No Justice

This video is from this last year:  Ohio Police Pursuit Armed Suspect Ends In Shootout (Dashcam) – YouTube


There is a huge streak of romanticism for criminals.  Medieval Europe was run by warriors who enslaved much of the population.  These rulers took over most of the forest and fen lands to hunt.  Anyone else caught hunting was punished very severely.  This is how Robin Hood was created but in reality, any hunters who had no permission were brutally hunted down, using dogs to do this.  Today, we have open areas for hunting in America and for a small fee, one can hunt like royalty.  I own my own land and even so, every year I still have to pay my hunting fees and get a license and show the game warden my tags.  On the other hand, anyone coming onto my mountain with a gun to hunt has to first get my permission before showing up with a gun.  Everyone tells me beforehand and ask for permission and then when succeeding, they share the booty with me.


A lot of liberals have trouble with all this.  One of the big items on their ‘we shall change the world’ business is to forbid the eating of meat because having bovine animals will destroy the earth via cow farts.  I kid you not. Big methane burp: Cow farts a greater problem than EPA previously thought…so Argentina scientists are now attaching backpacks to collect cow farts to see if this is true.  I read liberal sites these days mainly for dark humor and yes, they want to eliminate cows.  I used to have cows and I greatly resent this plan.


The liberal alliance is full of very strange pairings. I believe that the vast majority of black voters want to eat hamburgers and don’t give a sh*t about f*rts.  I bet most urban if not all urban blacks also want fast cars, more heating oil and gas in winter, cheaper gasoline and plenty to eat and of course, big *ss houses.  The regime of Tiny Houses, veggie diets, biking or walking everywhere and expensive energy is the dead last thing black people have on their ‘perfect future life’ wish list.


Radical leftists whites want enraged black people to ‘tear down the state’ and fix America really good and are to be the front troops for this Utopian Dream.  The average American, white, black or Hispanic, doesn’t dream of Tiny Houses, veggie diets, no hamburgers, walking and biking everywhere, either.  In fact, only a fringe minority wants this fantastic replication of communist China under Madame Mao.


The first step towards this paradise no one wants is to disarm the cops while riots, crime and murder rage.  Then there is this revolution where the fringe mainly white people take leadership and impose their version of the New World Order.  Since they believe very firmly we are going to roast to death even while most of us have been freezing, they will prevent us from keeping warm in order to ‘save the planet.’  I am 100% against this plan.


I have a transgender daughter and another daughter who has a half Chinese son and I love having my own civil rights and I firmly believe we can gain full civil rights for everyone else and I am 100% for this.  I support the Democratic party so far based 100% on this and nothing else since the Republicans want to destroy me and my family due to sex issues which is every bit as stupid as the global warmists wanting to destroy my life via freezing me to death.  I have no party I can vote for now!  It is a subject of great despair for me.


This is what no one should want in any society:  Suspect dead, hostage wounded after pursuit shootout in White Co.  This was April 9, 2015:  Suspect dies after multi-state, multi-county chase and hostage situation after a thug, a thoroughly evil man, car jacked THREE cars with his poor woman hostage.  There is zero redeeming value in this monster.  He deserved to die.  In no sane society would we want him coddled or carefully taken down when he is running around murdering people and behaving in the worst possible fashion.

The incident started around 3:30 p.m. in Watseka, Ill., where a man later identified as Smith robbed a business and ran off. Police then confronted him at an auto dealership where they say he took a woman hostage and then left in her Napa delivery truck and headed toward Indiana. Police lost the trail after he crossed the state line.
The pursuit continued into a parking lot, where the man ditched the truck and took an SUV.


The SUV ran a silver van off the road and into a ditch. The driver and two passengers left the van while Smith moved his hostage into yet another vehicle.


This was yesterday:  Newark police officer shoots man after car chase, police say with yet another similar event:


The man was one of five people riding in a Lexus sedan that crashed into a house on the corner of South 6th Street and 13th Avenue, Newark Police Director Eugene Venable said.

The five men in the Lexus were involved in a suspected robbery, according to Venable. A Newark Police lieutenant pursued the Lexus in his vehicle from the South Ward.

After the crash, the five men fled, Venable said, and one of the men was armed with a gun.

The lieutenant told the man to drop the gun but he pointed it at the lieutenant, Venable said, leading to the police officer shooting the man in the chest.

The thug driving the car crashed into someone’s house causing a great deal of structural damage, too.  Sometimes, cops kill for bad reasons and sometimes they fail to catch someone who should be stopped.  The main thing here is, THERE IS NO BETTER SYSTEM except one: disarming the criminal class which is very easy to find, we have the statistics for this, it is easy to figure out and it is the last thing anyone dares do for it means disarming a lot of young males from age 14-30 particularly minority males.


They emphatically don’t want the liberal solution of disarming so liberals have decided that everyone should be disarmed and this isn’t happening.  The only way we can have a huge disarmed population is for the police to be very, very strong since big, tall, muscular males will very much dominate a society that is disarmed.  Unless you have a powerful police force.  I know this from my own very rough life.  I am not a sheltered female, I made more citizen’s arrests than anyone in NYC from 1976-1986.  And I made half a dozen in New Jersey and two in upstate New York since then.


I know close up and personal, the thug class.  They don’t like having laws and wish there were none and liberals are very big on making lots and lots of laws, all sorts of petty laws and would control when we eat and f*art if they could.  They hate free speech which is why anyone caught saying or singing the wrong words, they are beaten, abused, hounded and punished for this while at the same time the same liberals think obscene songs celebrating abuse of women…is wonderful!  This pissed me off in 1980 when rap began in NYC’s slums and it ticks me off today.


If it is OK to sing wretched, violent, obscene abusive songs if you are black then is should be free speech for people to sing wretched songs that offend blacks, too.  I am offended by 90% of rap music, after all.  But I let people be as rotten as they want.  On the other hand, liberals don’t want to give me the freedom to do the same which is highly unfair.  But then, conservatives want to censor free speech, too which means we are going to have no freedom not because of ‘cops’ or ‘courts’ but because political dragons don’t want us to talk about ANYTHING anymore without hysteria, hate and attempts at punishing people for mentioning basic facts.  After the Revolution, dear readers, you will be lucky to whisper in the dark.


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49 responses to “After The Revolution—LEFT OR RIGHT—There Will Be NO Freedom And No Justice

  1. Lou

    ‘Students’. Yeah, right.
    In the news Students Delonte Martistee And Ryan Austin Calhoun Charged In Sexual Attack On Florida Beach
    Huffington Post‎ –
    Delonte’ Martistee, 22, and Ryan Austin Calhoun, 23, were arrested Friday and charged with ………………………….

  2. e sutton

    Thought control and speech control are already here. The official policy is, if you see something suspicious, report it. What might look suspicious to me may actually be something very innocent. There are a lot of nut cases out there who are wannabe Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife. How did the reporting of a very suspicious Trayvon Martin turn out for George Zimmerman? And with the number of camera cell phones around, you should probably get used to the idea that whatever you say or do is being recorded by someone. If you’re not politically correct you will be sacrificed on the great Liberal Altar.

  3. Christian W

    Totalitarian doesn’t really fit in with Liberal. The US is an Oligarchy. Everything is warped in the US.

    Speaking of warped: here is an absolutely superb documentary from Slavyansk last summer showing US and Ukrainian oligarchs at work MURDERING people for their own profit.

    This is Obama’s and Biden’s handiwork through their puppet oligarch Poroshenko and puppet banker Yatsenuk and puppet Nazi Yarosh. And these murders is only in one place, US oligarchs do this to people throughout the Middle East and in Afghanistan and with more war and murder to come, much, much more war and murder. Murders at home, murders abroad. Never ending murders. Murders of children, murders of women and murders of elderly. Murders of soliders trying to defend their homes from insane lunatic murderers. Murders by sock puppet wahhabis and sock puppet nazis.

    Do yourself a serious favor and watch this documentary. And The Guardian can kiss my arse.

    Sieg Heil.

  4. ziff

    someone once said that humans should become comfortable with killing things [for food] , usefull skill, but where does it stop?

  5. Jim R

    Still whacking about with the umbrella, I see.

    Look, Elaine, if the cops want to catch the bad guys, they need to start with Wall Street. Or the Pentagon. They pulled off a multi-trillion dollar heist on Wall Street a few years back, and still no arrests.

    Just for the sake of numeracy, try stacking up a trillion dollars’ worth of stolen bicycles. Just offhand, the stack would probably reach the moon. Compared to those crimes, all the petty stuff pales into insignificance.

    The sad fact is, the cops’ job is to maintain the structure of empire, and that structure is crumbling, and it will collapse anyway. So those cops are pitted against others in more or less their own economic class.

    The solution to this is not no cops; the solution is polite, well trained cops, and a rule of law, whereby all criminals are arrested. The solution is also a robust economy, which is just a little more elusive. You need the ‘rule of law’ thingy to be working, along with a lot of other things, before you can have that good economy…


    ELAINE: You get polite police when you have polite criminals. We do not have this. We don’t even have polite ANYONE in some places. ‘Polite’ is MIDDLE CLASS MORALS. The rich are rude. They can say and do anything. The poor are rude. No one there gives a damn. The core of civility always has been the middle class. This is the people under siege.

  6. Jim R

    I need to proof read better.

    Change [compared to those crimes] to read [compared to Wall Street’s crimes].


  7. Christian W

    Here is a video from May 2014 showing drunken Ukrainian artillerymen shelling Slavyansk. This is the other side to what is happening in the documentary I posted above. The soldiers know perfectly well that their only target is civilians and the city itself. They know they are committing murder. They even say they are firing randomly without any coordinates. This is of course pure terrorism, and as per normal it is terrorism on behalf of the US and the globalist oligarchs.

    This is NATO at work.

  8. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    Paul Craig Roberts seems to think that there is a possibility of NATO being dismantled if Greece leaves the EU. It’s a pretty good interview, with Roberts mimicking what you’ve said. You can find it at King World News. Sorry no link for it. America has been ramping up its violent behavior in particular the last fifteen years. Once again, Russia may be the salvation to keep us from having a WW3.

  9. Coldtype

    Well stated Jim R. and thanks for saving me the trouble. It’s sad to see that our host has grown less relevant as the need for sober analysis is more pressing than ever.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    You just don’t like the truth.

    The leftist fantasy that a mob of freaked out minorities filled with hate and a desire for loot is going to fix America is INSANE as well as childish.

    The liberals wherever I have lived has always chastised me when I go on the warpath to stop crime. Then they boast about how safe our neighborhood is! See how this works and why I get so pissed off with liberals lying about police events?

    The police can lie about events and do this, too. But liberals lie like crazy! When Brown never had his hands up or surrendered but was on the attack, liberals lied about this and continue to lie about this.

    When Zimmerman was attacked from behind and remember liberals at my own site lie about HIM! He was totally innocent and broke not one law. Trayvon was the criminal and had zero right to attack Zimmerman. Yet liberals continue to lie about that event.

    The attempt of liberals to prevent us from defending ourselves is noxious and stupid and will fail guarantee this. This desire to prevent white people from protecting themselves from thugs is INSANE and STUPID and is destroying liberalism.

    After Ferguson, the Democratic Party was savaged in the elections. Good lord, talk about a plan for defeat in the next election: tell middle class whites they should not stop minority crime sprees.

  11. Ken

    Elaine, you lament the fact that no one political party or candidate agrees with all of your views. Welcome to the club! I don’t think that a single person I know feels any differently. The best you can do is vote for the candidate who comes closest to your views on the most number of issues. Sometimes this is the Democrat, and sometimes the Republican. That is the essence of being an “Independent.”


    ELAINE: I have supported third party candidates in the past. Such as Ross Perot. Then there was Dean: a Democrat I loved who was destroyed by the Bilderberg media who was terrified of him. Both men were anti-free trade and Ross was the one who said, ‘The giant sucking sound of jobs leaving America’ in reference to NAFTA.

    Way back when Dr. Spock ran for President, I was his security staff! I was his bodyguard! That was way, way back when I was only a very young lady.

  12. Elaine Supkis

    Liberals attack white flight and equally attack gentrification. I was a HUGE force in the new ‘gentrification’ movement into Brooklyn which was being decimated by white flight from black crime.

    This was done the simple way, so to speak: within one year of moving into Park Slope, a dear friend was stabbed in the stomach by a 14 year old on my front doorstep. My husband was mugged and I had to rescue a woman from being murdered.

    I then announced that since the police were reluctant to patrol, I would form a patrol and do it myself. This worked fantastically. I was finally invited by the police to lecture about my activities and how to interact with homeowners who want to stop the crime wave which was destroying NYC.

    The Democratic political machinery tried to stop me! Instead, several top leaders ended up in prison after the Feds tapped my phone to trace who was calling me threatening to kill me. It was top Democrats.

    I was, frankly, astonished when I learned who was doing this to me!

    Then there is the liberal black buddy from hell: Al Sharpton. I was his very first target when he was totally unknown. Today, he appears on MSNBC and in the White House while I am silenced.

    He is pure evil. I warned liberals to avoid him way back in 1979. Instead, they embrace him and he is pure toxic hell for blacks who are egged on by him to do their very worst, not best.

    Meanwhile, liberals waste a ton of energy condemning gentrification. These white people coming in are paying huge taxes to support the idle poor who spend much of their days, if they are teenagers, looking to steal stuff from the gentry paying the taxes.

    See where this ends up? I was able to protect me corner of Brooklyn because I worked in the neighborhood OUTSIDE. So I could stop crime in between doing plumbing, fixing roofs and rebuilding doors smashed by teen thugs.

    WHITE FLIGHT IS ACCELERATING. Wishful thinking and demands that all the rest of us stop worrying about the disintegration of the black families and their worrying tendency to produce criminals, not good citizens, is insane. People are beginning to realize they can’t outrun the criminal class.

    Poor Ferguson! It already had tipped into white flight territory a dozen years ago and now no one white will ever, ever buy a house there or open a business. Liberal solution: make certain anyone struggling with a criminal is punished if the criminal is hurt is STUPID. It will not work at all. It is fatal for liberals to take this position.

    It is already badly backfiring! Big time! The Democratic Party is doomed. It will never have the House and Senate again at this rate unless it stops supporting criminals and remember: the Democrats haven’t gone after the bankers any more than the Republicans so expecting them to be better on this issue is sad.

  13. melponeme_k


    This surfaced on Daily Mail.

    Unfortunately it was rather hidden around stories of Madonna kissing a twenty something guy and other goofball non-stories.

    And this…Hitler’s last 24 hours

    Now that the elites allow that story to surface again, speaks volumes on their subconscious thinking. The truth worming out of the apple. Another thought, I find it hard to believe that Hitler had any normal sexual interest in Braun. I just don’t see it. Especially when most stories state that he just about ignored her. There were other stories that stated that his preferred type were dark haired, ethnic looking beauties.

  14. Jim R

    It’s A Bush-Clinton World… And It’s Your Job To Vote For Them

    If you’re 52 or younger, you’ve never voted in an election where a Bush or Clinton wasn’t a candidate, running mate or in the Administration. — ZeroHedge

    What we have now is royalty. Only instead of one royal family like England, we have two — the Democrats and the Republicans.

  15. Christian W

    The leftist fantasy that a mob of freaked out minorities filled with hate and a desire for loot is going to fix America is INSANE as well as childish.

    The liberals wherever I have lived has always chastised me when I go on the warpath to stop crime. Then they boast about how safe our neighborhood is! See how this works and why I get so pissed off with liberals lying about police events?

    Sorry but that IS nuts. You come off like a Don Quixote fighting giants that exist only in your head. The 70’s are long gone. Everyone here knows that the US is screwed up.

    My position is that killer cops is not going to fix anything, but you seem ok with outright murder. That is freaky. Anyone who can rationalize murder is on a slippery slope in my book.

    Nobody is arguing that freaked out, hateful looting minorities is going to “fix America”. You can go on and invent straw man arguments all you want, but when you do you just come off as a “bit less than rational” on this subject.

    Do go for a walk and take a bit of a rest. All of your diatribes on this subject have next to nothing to do with rational thinking and seem mostly survival instinct based. Are you really that hard pressed? I know you have had a couple of tough winters both physically and mentally with a lot of unfortunate things going on, but seriously condoning murder is not ok. You also seem to go completely off your head every time the word “liberal” is mentioned (never mind that US liberals are fake).

    I often admire a lot of your posts and analysis and perspective, but in these threads there is preciously little of those qualities, instead we see a lot of emotional ranting.

    And you are still clinging to the illusion of political choice. Read the Princeton study that came out this winter. The US political system is dead as far as the average US citizen is concerned. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are dead. You average citizens don’t count anymore, you have “little or no” input even when you organize in mass groups to put pressure on the politicians. The oligarchs own the system now. You are far more US/oligarch ruled Ukraine than a democracy. Do you think voting for Hillary/Jeb Bush/oligarch bought representative D or bought representative G is going to change anything?

    D or G is meaningless now, it doesn’t matter who they pretend to be as long as they do what they are told to do by the elites.

    When the oligarchs own the political system like now, when the oligarchs own the brutal police officers (never mind the military) when the Western oligarchs are bent on destroying the Western (US, European) middle class we have a serious problem. The crazy rot in large parts of the black community is an example of the result of oligarch policies. That rot is spreading to large parts of US youths who are pushed outside of normal society permanently as a result of US oligarch policies.

    Giving the oligarch controlled cops free hands to kill US citizens just for the hell of it isn’t going to help you one bit to survive. Well, maybe in the beginning when they “only” shoot blacks, but eventually they will start to shoot whites too just for the hell of it. What then? If they do would you still accept murder as ok?

    It is obvious the US oligarchs will use the white fear/hatred of blacks to herd the whites right where they want them. Then again they know exactly how to control their nation. Just look at the people they give you as choice for presidents.

    To allow killer cops/nazi shock troops in my book is just giving up and trying to do damage limitation rather than a real fix. It is the Apartheid system fix. You cannot fix anything permanently by putting insane police in charge of the fixing unless you want a nazi style fix.

    US society is dying, it is dying because the US oligarchs want to control all the loot and they don’t give a damn about the middle class or anybody else but themselves. As long as people are useful idiots for their ends they are happy.

    I have little doubt the rot in the black community is by design to a large degree. The elites have nearly complete control yet the media is shit, the music is shit, tv is shit, entertainment in general is twisted and sick. This is by design I have no doubt. Add no jobs (again by design) and above all no sense of community or belonging or responsibility and encouraged criminality as the “only way” out or the only way for “status” and yes you have built a nice little mechanism for degeneration, again, by design.

    And the same goes for the “white community” whose main sense of identity seems to be they are not the (so called) “black community” (lovely terms no? It is the black/white communities because they are apart, it is not THE community, so we have built in racial thinking at root level white/black) or scary Muslims (ie terrorists) or Soviet subhuman murder commies, and are circling the wagons and loading the weapons and trying to hold on to their loot with white knuckles.

    Voting and expecting the oligarch owned politicians to “fix” the US is not going to work. The politicians are fixing the US the way their owners (ie Not you!) want it fixed. You think they give a shit about White Flight? You might as well make Poroshenko your new president as any of the clowns you will be allowed to vote for for all the good it will do you.

  16. melponeme_k

    “Giving the oligarch controlled cops free hands to kill US citizens just for the hell of it isn’t going to help you one bit to survive. Well, maybe in the beginning when they “only” shoot blacks, but eventually they will start to shoot whites too just for the hell of it.”

    Talk about straw men! You can’t stop stealing the hay for them. LOL

    There are no uncontrolled cops. You don’t even KNOW what they are like. Believe me.

    These plethora of shooting stories are propaganda to further a narrative…the ethnic war narrative. Black against White. North against South. Jew against Christian against Muslim against any other religion under the sun. The elites can’t rule a united populace. Therefore they must balkanize us. They are tarring and feathering a working, relatively non-corrupt police force to this end. They will make you hate the cops as you do now. But believe me, you aren’t even experiencing what you are crying about right now.

    The cops are attacking criminals. Real criminals not innocents. You see lambasting them for doing their jobs covers up when they are really doing wrong. As when some of them decided to get rough with the non-armed, non-criminal wall street protesters. Putting criminals on par with social protesting is a script by the Oligarchs. Don’t fall for it.

    And the simple and sad truth is, many black males are of the criminal class due to social inequity. They should face this truth and search for the reasons this is so and methods to fight it. But lashing out against each other, whites, hispanics, asians etc. plus the cops is an invitation to annihilation. The Oligarchs want that as well it keeps the public eye off of them.

  17. Moe

    No person should be shot by a police officer merely because he/she is fleeing. There may be extenuating circumstances where the officer knows that the fleeing person is dangerous, and then justification may ensue. But generally, a police officer should not be permitted to fire upon a person because they refuse to stop: this is how people are killed for parking tickets, and other misdemeanors.

    Elaine’s position seems to be that if you refuse a police officer’s demand to stop, you should be shot. WTF? That is an insane perspective.

  18. melponeme_k


    Would you flee a police officer asking you to stop? Would you flee an airport official who requested you to show them the contents of your travel bags.

    Would you flee a traffic cop trying to pull you over (for reasons such as a road block or even a signal light)?

    Would you flee? Or would you cooperate? Which is the more civilized decision? I wouldn’t hesitate. I would cooperate and if they were under the wrong assumption that I was being criminal…I would request my court appointed lawyer. But I wouldn’t go running like a chicken without a head inviting them to step it up.

    If you are really being honest, running from a cop is extremely self incriminating behavior.

    The cop who shot the fleeing man? He was arrested as he should be in a working society. But the other man should not have been running either. Being held in a cell for non-child support payments is better than running away from a trigger happy cop.

  19. Petruchio

    Elaine: Have you ever considered the possibility that these so-called “liberals” are not what they say they are? Take all their “solutions” for curing global warming–even though the weather shows we are getting colder. Could it be possible these “liberals” are phony liberals? That maybe they are actually eugenecists, intent on “culling the herd” of less desirables? My take on these phony liberals is they are pursuing and age-old, “I wanna rule the world” fantasy. Clearly, they think themselves some sort of elite, fully qualified to determine who lives and who dies. These types have been around. Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist.

  20. Lou

    ‘Dean: a Democrat I loved who was destroyed by the Bilderberg media who was terrified of him. ‘
    He of ‘Dean, Witter, Reynolds’? He would be against the 1%?

  21. Narciso

    “The leftist fantasy that a mob of freaked out minorities filled with hate and a desire for loot is going to fix America is INSANE as well as childish.”


    Talk about a strawman. Apparently a hate filled mob of freaked out minorities with a desire to loot are responsible for America’s problems?

    Poor blacks are a symptom of our imperial decline not the cause and its silly to presume that “manners” or removal of guns is going to be a cure for the lack of foreign plunder. Lots of whining about illegal aliens but nothing about how subject people always flood into imperial centers once they start collapsing.

    Minorities are not responsible for america’s foreign gangsterism or the destruction a sane domestic economic policy. The sad reality is that our criminal behavior overseas is now boomerang right back.

    The whole carrot and stick criminality that was dished out to weak third world nations is now going to be dished out to all americans now that the foreign gravy train has derailed. As a nation we have engaged in imperialism that is now in terminal decline and as such our predatory elite are now going to start plundering the domestic population now that the foreign conquest are no longer easy or profitable.

    Elaine talks a good talk but when it comes to the foreign plunder she bust out her little american flag. The reality is that empires all collapse for the same reason, once they stop expanding they implode due to the need to cannibalize the domestic population to keep their elites in their opulence that they demand. The Elite have run up so much debt that its sinking the entire economy because they will never admit to unpayable debts that needs to be written off.

    We are a plunder economy that requires foreign slaves to pay us tribute in the form of cheap labor, cheap resources, and massive monetary flows.

    Right now the huge money laundering of foreign elites stolen from their own peasants is starting to break down since neoliberalism has destroyed the stability of our satrap’s goverments.

    China and Russia are basically cracking down effectively on their rich oligarchs and preventing any more loot from reaching our banking sector.

    The foreign loot is drying up and can no longer be used to prop up our overextended banking sector that has been used as an elite playground. Lots of complaining about ghetto blacks, illegal aliens, zionist jews but very little about how our inability to continue plundering foreign nations is whats going to doom our economic empire that we’ve built up since the second world war.

    Economic collapse happen all the time, it happened to the soviet empire and now it looks like its our turn because no one is talking about cutting our huge military expenditures, writing off bad debt, or cleaning our own economic house.

    Apparently its minority males between the age of 20-24 that are our biggest problem because they are murderous and have no courtesy for our police 😉

  22. Ken

    Am I missing something in this debate? I do not recall Elaine advocating in favor of shooting fleeing felons. Only that this is a likely response from the police. It is better to not flee, even if this means getting tasered. As the heading on the first post on this thread indicated, it is better to be in pain than to be dead. Just know what the real world is like and play the game.

  23. Elaine Supkis

    If you live next door to these people who are destroying cities, guess what?

    You would move as quickly as possible! They ARE a problem and for themselves, a problem! No one is fixing this problem. Free trade has rendered most of these welfare kids useless. Illegal aliens are preferred to these kids who have one major job opportunity: crime.

    IF THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO RUN ON STOPPING THE VERY RICH they cannot do this by also supporting looters, rapists and murderers and blame everything on the cops while lying about criminals!!!!

    This is no way to win an election or to fix the problems at the top, IT MAKES IT WORSE.

    I noted after the last disaster of an election for Democrats that they were on a really bad path to ruin. Instead, they doubled down on the stupid and have utterly sided with the criminal elements and this is a complete catastrophe for the liberals who can’t whine about upper class crime when they are absolutely OK with lower class crime!

    Sigh. Hate me all you want, I lived in the Real World in the Inner City with most of my neighbors being criminals. The honest ones were the ones with bars on their doors and I used to give this speech opening when addressing black middle class homeowners: YOU SHOULDN’T BE LIVING IN A PRISON!

    This was a great applause line. The gangsta/looter class wait until the working/middle class blacks go to work and then the looters show up probing everyone’s defenses to see if they could break in and they would break down doors, walls, windows, roofs, everything in their daily labors.

    My black neighbors who were honest loved me because I protected their property. More than half of my patrol group was black. One was a guy who moved furniture for a living. He was awesome when tackling someone running away.

    Today, I would not have my group do this because the young guys of this generation (two later generations on welfare) are highly dangerous now.

  24. Jim R

    … And if you’re near a cop who begins to rant incoherently and shout as he reaches for his revolver, always remember to zigzag as you run. That makes it harder for him to draw a bead on you …

  25. DeVaul

    “He was awesome when tackling someone running away.”

    Why can’t cops tackle people? Why do they need to mace them, electrocute them, shoot them, kick them in the groin while lying prone and on and on and on? Why not just confiscate the car and give it to the mother and kids? What will they get now? Nothing. (A funeral bill?)

    The year is 2015 Elaine, not 1970. Narcissa is right. Our empire is toast, and it will become ever more violent, as did the Roman empire and many others, as the end comes closer for our oligarchs and our foreign legions.

    Supporting a police state by apologetics and blaming the victims is a truly poor way to deal with the reality facing us. Crushing cigarette sellers and claiming that men handcuffed in the back of police cruiser committed suicide by grabbing an officer’s handgun with their teeth or nostrils and other such nonsense will not extend our imperial rule by a single day.

    Apologetics and wishful thinking does not change reality.

  26. Jim R

    Lou: Howard Dean. He wasn’t a member of the ‘club’, and therefore wasn’t allowed to play, even though he was quite popular.

    Narciso: Spot-on! You sound like Nicole Foss. The big picture is that we are at empire’s end. The center will turn on itself as collapse continues. Tricky part is being out-of-the-way as it does so.

  27. mike

    and when the undercover hipster copper in the schoolyard setting up pot parties to bust the kiddies and rob and rape the parents wants your hillside property to put a few million dollar houses on for himself and wife, who nailgun accidents him dead ten years later, without a word in any newspaper or local radio, in one of their million dollar houses, makes you wonder if you stumbled into a zoning and planing and permitting office sting that turns up a body requiring ambulance removal and a few million dollar houses and a road named in memorial, you better not have the halfwit kiddies run……….

  28. melponeme_k

    I suppose these good citizens were afraid of “killer” cops which is why they didn’t notify them of this possible abuse incident. Nope, they decided to take the violence into their own hands. Civics 101.

  29. Lou

    Narciso – ‘Poor blacks are a symptom of our imperial decline’.
    Iif you want to see what blackness does just google the top 10 poorest countries.
    Then add in Haiti.
    What is the Blackest country in this hemisphere? It is also the poorest in the hemisphere. IQ average is 67.

  30. DeVaul

    Lou and e Sutton and others believe that people who are unemployed should just starve to death along with their entire family. Their moral compass is dead, and they do not care. Their comments reflect this.

    That inner city black Americans refuse to do this and rural white ex-farmers also refuse to do this does not surprise me. If drug dealing and meth labs are the only way to survive, then that is what they will do.

    These men are young and don’t have Social Security like Lou and e Sutton and others here, so they cannot just kick back and pontificate about “those people”. They must get their ass out there and sell, produce, or steal something if they want to survive in a country with over 50% unemployment.

    The oligarchs are not going to put people to work building streets out of bricks or schools or any infrastructure on their dime. They plan to fly out of the US as fast as possible like an Arab sheik or former US dictator with a planeload of gold bricks or suitcases filled with yuan, leaving behind a country that they themselves thoroughly corrupted and looted.

    Even Elaine knows this. There will be no FDR a second time.

  31. Elaine Supkis

    And this is the end of the left: everyone talks all the time about the End of Time. We are going to roast to death, drown, collapse, die.

    What a great selling point! This is what happens when people get too caught up in some sort of thinking system. I do talk about the weaknesses and messes…BUT it isn’t the end of the world.

    We aren’t going to drown due to Antarctica melting, far from it. We aren’t going to roast to death,the sun has decided to go quiet, more more big El Nino events.

    Europe will probably finally figure out it is stupid to start a war with nuclear armed Russia. The lunatics of ISIS will burn themselves out after wrecking whatever the US didn’t totally destroy earlier.

    We could have WWIII and this will be very nasty but the people who will survive will not be the inner city thugs. They will all be dead.

    The people who will survive will be heavily armed (I own a number of firearms and have other weapons including a Brown Bess black powder rifle). They will be out in the countryside, the ‘flyover’ places that liberals mock.

    The people who can survive a collapse of the economic system which gives billions to people who simply breed like rabbits and contribute nearly nothing to society right now, are not inner city welfare people. It will be the country folk who like myself, know how to sheer sheep, milk cows by hand, raise vegetables, make preserves, turn sap into maple syrup using firewood, etc, etc, etc.

    I worked very hard all my long life to have many skills including how to raise and train an ox team…there are less than 1,000 people in the US who can do this and I am one of them…I can train horses and dogs, too. And build a house using simple hand tools like axes.

    If ANYONE is freaked out about the future and scared of cops, why then aren’t they moving into the mountains LIKE ME???? People have no idea how cops protect them. They notice cops only when the cops are annoying them, not when the cops prevent crime or scare criminals, putting some fear in them.

  32. Christian W


    Sweden admits the hunt for a “Russian sub” was nonsense. Then again it wasn’t hard to tell this was a typical psyop scam.

  33. Christian W

    Louisiana cops paid by CEO to plant drugs on suspect after unlawfully arresting the innocent man, reports S putnik news.

  34. Christian W

    No killer cops eh?

    Here a police officer commands his dog to kill (KILL, KILL!) a handcuffed man lying on the ground under police control:

    The US is starting to really creep me out now.

  35. Jim R

    Elaine, if you are afraid of the cold, I’d think you would live at a lower altitude and latitude.

  36. Ken

    Totally off topic, I came across a video that is a couple of months old, but it claims that a NASA scientist named Casey agrees with Elaine and her father’s theory that the sun is heading into a period of reduced activity, and that this will cause global cooling. I haven’t checked into the guy, and the video seems sort of amateurish, but the content is on point.


    ELAINE: At this point, a number of solar astronomers believe the sun is entering another cool cycle. No one is listening to them, the media either ignores or attacks them and the politicians want them to go away. And liberals scream at them (like Dr. Soon).

  37. Elaine Supkis

    Jim, why don’t all the warmists move here since they are the ones whining about it being too warm. Sheesh.

  38. DeVaul


    The end of an empire is not the same as the Jewish “End of Times” religion, and you know that. You yourself have said that all empires come to an end, and encouraged people to read Kennedy’s The Rise and Fall of Empires.

    Now, you ask us to believe the opposite? That an empire will go on forever? That it will never face the consequences of its own actions? That the American middle class “will rise again” (along with the South)?

    What do you really believe, Elaine? Can you put it in a simple paragraph?

    I’m not a salesman, Elaine. I’m not selling anything. I’m a realist, and I thought you were too, so please stop selling us empire and capitalism.

    They failed. Time to move on.

  39. Moe

    melponeme_k: So do you support the proposition that a fleeing individual should be shot by police? Come on, take a position.

    If so, then you are advocating that the punishment for fleeing a policeman, (note that i did not state ‘Peace Officer’, for there is a difference), that penalty could be death.

    Give me a f***ing break. How can this possibly compare with the offenses where we do formally impose the death penalty?

    It’s this sort of mentality that differentiates the US from much of the civilized world in death by cop.

  40. melponeme_k

    “So do you support the proposition that a fleeing individual should be shot by police? Come on, take a position.”

    Where did you get that deduction from my post?

    “If so, then you are advocating that the punishment for fleeing a policeman, (note that i did not state ‘Peace Officer’, for there is a difference), that penalty could be death.”

    How is the death penalty a subject now? And a policeman/woman who murders is no longer a law official, he/she is a criminal. And if they flee, a fugitive. They should be prosecuted the same as any criminal.

    “Give me a f***ing break. How can this possibly compare with the offenses where we do formally impose the death penalty?”

    I honestly don’t see how you are conflating this into the death penalty. It makes no sense. Lets go over the facts again. A fugitive (who refused to pay the court ordered child support payments for his children) ran away from a policeman. The policeman shot him. Both were wrong. The fugitive criminal had no business running away from the law officer. The policeman was wrong, he should have called for backup and gave chase. One man is dead for thinking he could run away from his crime and another is arrested for murder.

  41. DeVaul

    @ Mel

    What Moe is saying is that your comments imply that “failure to pay money” and “first degree murder” are equally wrong. The penalty for both is death (although I doubt the police officer will ever sit in the electric chair).

    You are engaged in apologetics.

    There is no law that states an officer MUST give chase to a person who is not a danger to society. There is no law that says he MUST shoot him for any reason other than self-defense. You are implying that such laws exist, when in fact they do not.

    “One man is dead for thinking he could run away from his crime…”

    How many CEO’s have run away from their crimes? Or paid off others not to prosecute them? Should they be shot? In the back? Why not? They owe money. The logic should follow the same route for the rich as well.

    Apologetics is the road to fascism.

  42. melponeme_k

    “What Moe is saying is that your comments imply that “failure to pay money” and “first degree murder” are equally wrong. The penalty for both is death (although I doubt the police officer will ever sit in the electric chair).”

    Fathering a child and refusing to extend support for that child when ordered to by a court, is a misdemeanor, in some states a felony. The man who ran away knew he was in arrears and could be arrested.

    Where are you and the other poster getting a death penalty from this debate?

    Its quite clear.

    The man wrongfully ran away from a police officer and was wrongfully shot. If he had just cooperated he would have remained alive and probably just spent one night in a jail cell. Instead he was the victim of a trigger happy cop. A cop who has now been arrested. The law worked. The officer was arrested. The law didn’t work in the case of the runaway miscreant who took his life in his hands when he chose to run away.

    There are no apologies for either party. IT IS YOU who are apologizing and creating false dichotomies to jump into race baiting and screaming about killer cops.

    Baby, you don’t know what living in a society with killer cops IS. We aren’t there yet. But I’m sure we will get up close and personal with the mafia cop society when China pulls the debt trigger.

  43. DeVaul

    “Baby”, with you and others justifying killing poor people over misdemeanors and low level crimes (they had it coming to them, etc.), we will only get more killer cops because they are emboldened by your comments.

    It’s sad that you cannot see that.

  44. melponeme_k


    Where did you get from my posts that I was condoning the shooting? I said repeatedly the cop was rightfully arrested and stripped of his badge. Nowhere did I state the man shot deserved to be shot. But he did run away when he knew he was wanted for not supporting his own child. THAT was wrong. And no amount of word salad from you will change that fact.

    It’s sad that you are so intent on screeching racism and wrong doing that you are willfully misunderstanding everyone on the board.

  45. DeVaul

    @ Christian W

    You know, one of the most disturbing things about these attacks is that the police know they are being videotaped. They can see the cell phones being held up as they kill someone. They are not afraid of being videotaped killing someone, just like the Nazis were not afraid of being filmed experimenting on children and torturing prisoners. They never expect any negative consequences, and usually nothing happens, so why worry?

    These type videos are everywhere and posting them here would be impossible time-wise, but those from other countries know they are out there and are watching them everyday, and this blog is losing a lot of international readers because of the fascistic comments left here by Americans.

  46. Elaine Supkis

    It is super easy to claim you yourself will be Mr. Kind Heart if you are responsible for stopping criminals.


    This is why not-nice people end up as cops and judges and soldiers, etc. The ‘citizen soldier’ is a new concept created by Napoleon. Yes, him.

    Before that it was all about mercenaries who didn’t give two figs about looting, raping and killing.

    Today, our army and such is all mercenaries.

    This is because citizens didn’t want to do the Napoleon thing and perhaps die in wars so since 1976, we have a mercenary army. And the police are mercenaries who are increasingly pissed off that civilians want them to be Mr. Rogers and not Rambo.

    This will end very badly for liberals who will lose the argument, so to speak. As Mao said, ‘Power grows out of the barrel of a gun’.

    And I hope there is a lot of liberals who ask to become cops and patrol only the slums. That would be amusing to watch up close.

    Today, literally, I was with a young man cleaning up the horrific mess of his mother’s rental building where some drug dealers lived and utterly wrecked it.

    I introduced myself and told him, since he isn’t around the place every day and i go by it all the time, I would now call him if something is going on there. I intend to help him out in the future because I want the place cleaned up.

    He was so happy to have someone come by and offer aid. Shows you what a nasty person I am, not a holier-than-thou fake liberal.

  47. Jim R

    Here are your brave heroes at work again, Elaine:

    Seems there is another story like this every day.

    Stay safe out there 🙂

  48. Elaine Supkis

    Exactly: a Hispanic guy (ahem) HAS A GUN and is threatening to shoot it….and he is run over and IS SAVED and at taxpayer expense, will be cared for free in a hospital, etc.

    HE WAS NOT SURRENDERING. He had a gun and cops do not like people waving guns except in that Nevada case which was political theater and yes, the rancher should have been arrested and I said so back then, too.

    Arizona has been overrun with illegal aliens. They mob the place. They kill people via crime and drunk driving and they have created a huge drug problem since Arizona is a main drug smuggling funnel.

    Hint to all thugs: you wave a gun around in front of police, you have a very high chance of dying unless you DROP THE GUN. And this guy illustrates perfectly how stupid people are and how defiant of simple laws they are.

    Shooting guns wildly is rampant in Central America. They bring this culture to the US. I have zero sympathy with nuts waving guns. I was shot at four times in Los Angeles by a man wearing only underwear back in 1969.

    The police had to use a helicopter to find him, they caught him, he luckily didn’t murder anyone but maybe it was because I nailed him with my suitcase.

    See? I lived in Reality America not some kindergarden where the cops are teachers trying to get toddlers to use the toilet properly.

  49. DeVaul

    “It is super easy to claim you yourself will be Mr. Kind Heart if you are responsible for stopping criminals.”

    I would have just confiscated the car and waited for him to come claim it or have the judge give it or the proceeds to the mother and children. Simple.

    If the man was armed and tried to harm me, I would defend myself without even thinking about it. It’s instinctual. Simple. I’ve been mugged before and chased them out to their car and tried to prevent them from fleeing.

    If the man was dangerous, I would pursue and then shoot him in the leg if I had all the time that one cop had. If he was on the ground handcuffed, I would not beat him or kill him or have a dog chew on him.

    I would follow normal police procedure, unless it was immoral to do so, same as a military officer. Some orders are immoral.

    Maybe I am kind hearted, but that is better than what you and others here have become.

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