GOP And DNC Are Both Criminal Operations Who Use Christian Whites And Inner City Blacks As Tools For Power

Liberals imagine I have no idea how police brutality works.  Except I used to be fairly prominent in the antiwar movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  I was arrested more and once and even arrested and deported from Germany due to my speeches at large demonstrations.  I am very familiar with police brutality and negotiated with them concerning demonstrations and over time, the police began to trust me and ceased going after me.  I courted the police in order to stop police brutality.  At the same time as the antiwar police violence, civil rights had freed blacks from discrimination which was good but a number of the males decided this was a wonderful time for payback and the rate of black male/white female rape shot upwards and I had to go after the rapists because they were attacking my female friends and myself in an astonishingly horrible way.


It was open warfare and we were the targets only I was not a target, I fought back and my very first neighborhood patrol (and we were armed) was in Tucson after one of my female neighbors was pistol whipped by a black rapist, another one was shot six times and raped and dumped in the desert and I was assaulted twice but drove off the attackers.  It was warfare.  The rate of rape in Tucson shot up and quadrupled over a ten year span.


The drug dealers and users in my hip neighborhood didn’t want police.  They were furious with me for bringing in the police.  But then, they were not protecting my property or myself and all drug dealer neighborhoods have the same feature: nearly no police and lots of auxiliary crimes.  Leftists think that the police love to go into these no-man lands and arrest people.  Quite the contrary. They hate patrolling these places. In Tucson and in New York City where I was extremely active in forcing police to patrol, it always involved a lot of fighting and convincing to get the cops to return law and order in bad neighborhoods.


The police are quite content to patrol white, middle and upper class communities.  Even black cops much prefer this.  It is a reward given to cops who have seniority, for example.  They hate patrolling black neighborhoods that have gangs because the population is hostile due to the high rate of criminal activity of family members and the criminals are often armed and dangerous and cars can be a weapon and is often used to attack police so they don’t even like giving tickets in black slums.


Even the parking ticket people hate going there and beg to be let out of the duties there.  Mail delivery people fear working there and beg to be let out of it, too.  Newbie cops are pushed into the slums where they get in trouble because being human, they lose their temper or react in fear and then we get police killing people but then, this is also where police are killed, too!  This is why cops hate patrolling black neighborhoods!


The liberal belief system is, the cops want to go into black neighborhoods and enforce laws that are quite accepted in white neighborhoods such as walking down the middle of the street, which black youths love doing especially if they are dressed in thug gear.  Black kids in the hood love scaring whites who become visibly frightened when they see three or four ‘gangsta’ dressed black kids approaching them.  The black kids consider this fear to be a wonderful thing for it makes them feel big and strong.  They strut their stuff, happy in this great power of fear.


It is destroying race relations.  Liberals who still keep a belief that race relations would be better if the cops vanish don’t understand what is really going on in the black community.  I have always had fairly friendly relations with older black people mainly because by the time they are 60 years old, they become victims of muggers and house breakers and car thieves so much, they become much more law and order.  Unfortunately, at the same time, they want to keep peace with lawbreaking neighbors and are reluctant to push for more law and order so the entire neighborhood collapses over time and is abandoned after the last law abiding elderly black person is killed or dies of old age and there is no one else to ask for some sanity.


I used to belong to the Fortune Society.  I volunteered to get black guys out of Rahway State Prison in New Jersey back in 1984.  I held meetings with prisoners to discuss prison conditions there and I went before judges to ask for supervised probation for black criminals.  They, in turn, had to respect me and they all were warned, if they break the rules, I would put them back in prison really fast and they couldn’t fool me.  One prisoner, at the worksite I was supervising, told the others, ‘Sh•t, that bitch.  I’ll teach her.’


I had just come back from the bank where I was negotiating a loan and was dressed in heels and a dress when I drove up in my truck.  I got out and noticed that several of the guys were goofing off instead of working.  I pointed at them and said, ‘What’s wrong?’  And the uppity guy told me to go to hell.  I told him to get down from the roof.  He refused.


So I kicked off my shoes and ran up a ladder, he ran down a ladder, I grabbed a downspout and slid down it and he took off and ran and I ran after him and tackled him.  Here is the important part: THE OTHER PRISONERS WHO WANTED TO EARN THEIR FREEDOM RAN WITH ME AND HELD HIM DOWN.  They went from defying me to backing me up.  The police took away the prisoner who defied me and he was tossed back into prison, the other guys gave me respect and I never had a problem with any prisoner again.


Indeed, the guys in prison would beg me to take them on as rehabilitation work because any guy who cooperated with me did really well when he went into court.  Judges always listened to me and so I was a prize assignment.  The prisoners knew they had to follow my oddball rules.  One was, they had to be polite.  They couldn’t cuss all the time except if they hit a thumb with a hammer.  They couldn’t scare people.  They had to be on time.


The rules went much further.  If they had children with a woman, they had to marry her before graduating to freedom.  They couldn’t go out at nightclubs and bars and more than one tested me on this and each time, I would show up at night with a cop nearby and hiss a warning at them, three times and back into the can.


Some of the former prisoners joined my anti-crime work.  Abdul (please note the name, he was African/Muslim) became a very close ally and friend and he thought making arrests were lots of fun after a while.  He was very good at it, like myself, he was very familiar with being arrested.  I have been arrested six times and he, a dozen and when he began doing arrests he began to understand how cops work and why they do what they do.


During the years I was running active street patrols—and we were very well trained—the surge in crime caused many scared communities to start ‘neighborhood watches’.  These didn’t work too well.  Neighborhood people were supposed to call the cops.  Only the cops don’t like being near these neighborhoods preferring to patrol low crime areas so it took forever for them to show up since they were often far away.  Once someone establishes safety, they come back in much easier.


In New York City after the 1977 blackout riots, a number of hoods were destroyed including one very near to my home, like half a block away!  Crime thrived there and no police patrolled the place.  I finally got really pissed off about this and started twisting arms.  The Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ during this time.


Finally, mayor Koch gave me ONE police patrol.  One!  I was happy and told the men at the station, we would patrol together and I would point out all the bad places that needed concentrated attention. The next day, I went to the place where the foot patrol was to meet me…and no one was there.  I went to the precinct and Captain Hill told me he was ordered to NOT TELL ME where the foot patrol was but he gave me a hint.  He suggested I take a stroll a mile away  on the other side of Park Slope.


I found my patrol there and looked up who lived there. The President of the City Council lived there!  He stole my patrol.  I was royally pissed and took the subway to Manhattan and went to City Hall and raised a howl there with a reporter from the Daily News listening in.  I told the head of the city council I would throw him out of office.  He never had anyone run against him and I snuck in a candidate on the ballot and that person won and the head of the council in a rage called me on the phone and told me I was going to pay for this.


This led to me going on the warpath with the Jefferson Club which was the top political machine in NYC back then, the President of Queens conspired with the former city council President to send a menacing detective to my house to warn me I was going to be in big, big trouble (with the law) if I didn’t stop hassling everyone.  I said to him,’Who are you?  I will find out and put you in prison.’  His jaw fell open and he turned and rushed off.


As I followed him down the street, he tried to get into his detective’s car but I knew it was a detective’s car and I yelled, ‘I got your ID now!’ he then stopped going to his car and ran for the subway.  I followed him and yelled, ‘You have not seen the last of  me’.


I had Captain Hill trace the car and when he told me it was from Queens I was flabbergasted.  I called city hall and demanded to know why a detective from Queens was threatening me.  Someone at city hall decided to make fun of me and gave me a number to call.  It went like this:


Me: I was told to call this number because a detective threatened me.


Man on the other end of the line:  Who are you?  Who gave you my number?  This is illegal.


Me: City Hall gave me this number,  Who are YOU?


This led to an extensive conversation.  I was talking to a much younger (this being 1979) Rudi Giuliani.  He was the secret Federal Prosecutor for Mafia crime and had this secret number for Mafioso to rat on each other.  I told him, ‘Some very big rats are committing crimes and they are politicians.’


Between us, we put a Congressman in prison (he actually called me at one point to threaten me!) and the President of Queens committed suicide and a bunch of lower people went to jail, too, and the Jefferson Club was broken.  BY ME.  This is ‘hard core’ politics.  It involves people threatening each other, playing dirty tricks and BOTH PARTIES DO THIS and Giuliani fell into the trap, too.  I didn’t because I was never a politician, I was always someone who helped politicians get into office or threw them out of office.


BUT NO MORE.  Yes, the system is broken and it was broken by money and money corrupts and the American people should not tolerate the rampant bribery going on and this is due to the media owners backing bribery because they make oodles of money during election selling ads!  Also, rich Jews love bribing politicians and many black politicians are on their payrolls and they want corruption to continue because via this, they can control Congress and thus, get more money back for Israel than they spend on bribes and they get to use our military as their own toy to push their agenda in the Middle East.


Rich Arabs in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere used to get in trouble for bribing Congress but no more.  They, too, get to do this.  Rich importers like Apple Computer and the car corporations which make stuff overseas with cheap labor and bring it here to sell, bribe Congress to make our trade deficit this yawning pit of negative numbers.


All these guys bribe Congress to let in a flood of cheaper foreign labor and are directly responsible for destroying the black community rendering these people useless and keeping them around namely for games like football which destroys the brains and bodies of these mainly black players and boxing and other ‘sports’ that damage people.  They keep blacks for entertainment, to dress and sing sexually dirty stuff and titillate the rich and the masses.


Blacks need to be ‘edgy’ and ‘scary’ and ‘entertaining’ and not ‘middle class hard working citizens who believe in family values.’  So the thug culture which is run by rich men, often Jewish guys in Hollywood and New York City, to entertain us all.  Only the thug culture is backfiring on everyone.  Now, suburban malls are being used for black against black gang battles and looting raids.  A new casino opened in Queens, New York and thugs invaded there and rioted and wrecked a lot of it and now whites are scared to go there and the casino isn’t very profitable.


Indeed, the entire gambling casino thing is a sign that our government is being run into the ground.  Casinos destroy neighborhoods and cities.  They suck out money and drive middle class people to crime such as theft often from neighbors and families, embezzlement and other white collar crimes.  Casinos do no good and the Indian tribes which embraced casinos as a great way to make oodles of money have discovered it destroys their families and community.


Gambling addictions are far more expensive than drug addictions.  An addicted gambler can lose a million dollars in one night.  There is no limit to losses whereas drug addicts can shoot up only so much per day.  Drug addiction and gambling do run side by side.  And decimate communities.  And make a lot of money for thugs (gambling house owners are very much thugs).  Sheldon Adelson Spent $150 Million on Election and this man is a thug and he gets this money via gambling.  And both parties court him in Las Vegas.


Super Donor Sheldon Adelson Made $2.1 Billion In 2 Days Since ‘Adelson Primary’…


Shares of his casino company Las Vegas Sands LVS -2.09% climbed Monday and then spiked Tuesday after an overnight report showed strong first quarter gambling revenues in Macau, where Adelson has extensive operations. The 6% stock jump over two days, coupled with a dividend payout on Monday, pushed Adelson’s net worth up $2.1 billion to $40 billion, cementing his position as eighth-richest in the world by Wednesday morning.


Adelson’s fortune has jumped $36.6 billion since Forbes published its billionaires list in 2009.


The Democrats used to get this loot but no longer, it is flowing to the GOP.  And the GOP won’t fix what is wrong with America but neither will the DNC.  Hillary is all about Bilderberg power and wants to rule the world and Putin stands in her way as he does in the way of the other One Ring To Rule Them All gang.  The Republicans court Christian whites telling them they will restore morals.  This is a lie.  The DNC tells blacks that their civil rights are being violated when thugs are killed by cops (the kill rate has been the same for the last two decades, it is NOT going up suddenly) but won’t stop illegal immigration, actively encourages illegal immigration and wants more of this because the donors to the DNC want cheap labor and do NOT want to hire blacks anymore.


So both parties lie to their constituents and this is due to the fact that people think voting is how a democracy works.  This is false.  I know from a lifetime of work, it is what goes on before an election begins, is where the fighting happens and where the most work lies and it is hard work especially thanks to modern media that controls the conversation and forces along events…as we see with Putin and the campaign to demonize him for protecting Russia.


For one minute, imagine Putin actively pushing for millions of illegal aliens to enter his country.  Just isn’t going to happen.  Imagine China running a trade deficit.  Ditto.  We are told these are evil, bad nations but they are doing what we should be doing.


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29 responses to “GOP And DNC Are Both Criminal Operations Who Use Christian Whites And Inner City Blacks As Tools For Power

  1. Narciso

    “For one minute, imagine Putin actively pushing for millions of illegal aliens to enter his country. Just isn’t going to happen”


    Its amusing how Elaine assumes that Putin is a right winger or Nazi. Putin is a very interesting person who obviously considers the benefit to cost ratio of anything that he does. Immigration is obviously one of those things that Russia is using to its strategic advantage. Anyone that does even a cursory look at Russia will rapidly become aware of how most of the construction being done in Russia is being done by Central Asians and that in a lot of way Russia mirrors the US much more than people believe.

    I like to spend time looking at and its always interesting to follow up on the photos posted. Its surprising how little Elaine knows about Russia but assumes Putin must be anti-immigrant due to him being a nationalist. Its clear Russia is not a blood and soil nation like Germany, France, Italy, etc but a multi-ethnic empire that is much more comfortable with its incredible ethnic diversity.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin offered citizenship basically to anyone hailing from the former Soviet Union, so long as they speak fluent Russian and renounce their current citizenship.”

    The United Nations estimates that 11 million immigrants are in Russia, the vast majority of whom are in keen search of “opportunity.” Indeed, only the United States is home to larger numbers of immigrants.

    Russian immigration officials say most of the immigrants come from impoverished former Soviet republics in Central Asia such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan: Russia has bilateral agreements on visa-free travel with these countries. Although immigrants from these majority Muslim states do not need visas to reside in Russia, they must obtain work permits before taking up employment.

    Russia is much more intelligent in that it demands that the sending nations be “friendly” and that the immigrants be loyal to Russia (i.e. no dual or triple nationalities). I’ve also read that Russia is offering Central Asians the opportunity to be contract soldiers due to the bad demographics that Russia went through in the 90’s (1.1-1.2 million birth a year).

    English Russia is a very interesting site that gives you a very nice window into Russian life.


    ELAINE: Don’t toy with me.

    Putin said anyone who was part of the USSR is still basically a CITIZEN. Got that? A huge difference from letting in millions of illegal aliens from all over the place.

  2. DeVaul

    I recently looked for a map on Google to see the current immigration patterns in the world and Russia was a top destination along with the US. It appeared from the map that people from the equatorial regions were moving north to American, Canada, Western Europe, Russia, and south to Australia.

    Only eastern Europe suffered an exodus of people in the northern part of the world (and Greenland). Japan, of course, remained neutral, and China lost people through emigration.

    I consider this a major Volkerwanderung, only this time it comes from the southern part of the world. A new Ice Age will reverse that trend, of course.

  3. Petruchio

    Elaine: Just curious, but I have to ask: were you a NYC resident during the so-called “Summer of Sam”? What was that like?

  4. Elaine Supkis

    I was very much in NYC back then. Sam was the least of my worries. He wasn’t battering down my door or burning down my entire neighborhood.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    As I expected, these are mainly from Soviet states that decided to go it alone but the workers need jobs and as I stated, Putin offers them this.

    300,000 a year which is far below the US numbers and of these, 100% of them are people who are job hunting not mass migration seeking social services….

    ” Like many migrants, Alik travels back and forth each year to his home in Uzbekistan, where he has a wife and two children. He works as a house painter and shares a room in Moscow with two other men.

    Life is good in Russia, he says, as long as you have your documents in order.”

    This is NOT what many migrants into Europe or the US are doing, they are not presenting papers and keeping these in good order. Nor are most of the Russian foreign workers planning on staying,they keep their kids home.

    Meanwhile in the US:

    ‘The actual size and the origin of the undocumented population in the United States is uncertain and difficult to ascertain because of difficulty in accurately counting individuals in this population. National surveys, administrative data and other sources of information provide inaccurate measures of the size of the illegal immigrant population and current estimates based on these data indicate that the current population may range from 7 million to 20 million.

    An estimated 11.5 million unauthorized immigrants were living in US in January 2000 through January 2011.[1] This is a decline from the historic peak of 12.5 million seen in 2007.[2]”

  6. Elaine Supkis

    In contrast with Russia where Putin lets in legal workers, the US lets in a MILLION and a HALF of legal aliens and then another million illegal aliens every year.

    Word of warning: all social systems set up for the poor collapse when millions of illegals move in.

  7. JimmyJ

    @Narciso: Technically central Asians can be immigrants to Russia, but really they were already citizens as inhabitants of soviet states. Its not so much ethnic diversity Putin wants as peaceful neighbors. You can imagine if some Tajik is benefiting from work in Russia, his family won’t be inclined to hate Russians so much. Putin seems to be completely pragmatic about this.

  8. Anon1

    ‘Indeed, only the United States is home to larger numbers of immigrants.’
    UK has huge number of immigrants.

  9. Anon1

    ‘“Russian President Vladimir Putin offered citizenship basically to anyone hailing from the former Soviet Union, so long as they speak fluent Russian and renounce their current citizenship.”’
    Very different from USA – where ciminals are being paid to NOT assimilate.

    Dr. Timberlake asks a simple question to all his patients. “What grade did you finish?” If you claim “back pain” and do not have a degree, Timberlake believes you are disabled.

    Here is a curious story on the meaning of “disability”.
    Please consider Lack of English Meant Puerto Ricans Got Disability Benefits.
    A federal audit has found that some Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. territory have received disability benefits in part because they could not speak English.
    The Office of the Inspector General for the Social Security Administration said in a report issued this month that there were 218 cases from 2011 to 2013 in which benefits were granted under those circumstances.
    The report said Social Security determined it was difficult for those people to find a job because they did not speak English, but the inspector general said they could have found work given their Spanish-speaking skills in a largely Spanish-speaking island.
    More Details
    The above version is from ABC News. In another curiosity, Sputnik News, appears to have far more details.

  10. Christian W

    “GOP And DNC Are Both Criminal Operations Who Use Christian Whites And Inner City Blacks As Tools For Power”

    Ralph Nader put it really well recently. He said:

    “We’re being governed by corporations who are strategically planning every aspect of our lives. They are strategically planning our elections, our politics, our government, our media, our food, our transportation, our foreign policy, our allocation of public budgets. They’re even strategically planning our genes, and the genetic inheritance of the globe. They’re planning childhood. Childhood is exposed to direct marketing and violent programming. They are undermining and circumventing family authority, the authority of mothers and fathers over their own children, by direct and massive 24/7 marketing to 4-year-olds, 6-year-olds, 8-year-olds, 10-year-olds. And then the addictive industries move in, hooking them for a lifetime.”

    Add a 24/7 surveillance state (including militarized police) that keeps track of your every move and every click on the internet and every phone call you make and sms and email you send. Add targeted marketing based on clicks and your past purchase history so corporations can get more money out of you. And so on.

    At the end of the day money and absolute obedience is all they want out of you. The scary thing is that they want to force this horrible system on the rest of the world as well. TTIP will bring this system in full force to Europe. The demonisation of Russia in order to start up a new cold war and increase MIC profits through building up NATO and more weapons purchases with tax payer money is very much part of this process.

    You bet the GOP and Dems are criminal operations. They use a lot of tools for power.

  11. vengeur

    Thank you and that is why Ralph Nader is invisible in the media. Just like Jimmy Carter .

  12. Petruchio

    “I was very much in NYC back then. Sam was the least of my worries….” Only in The Big Apple will you find someone who claims a 2,000 year old dog telling him to Kill! Kill! Kill!
    “Life is good in Russia, he says, as long as you have your documents in order.” Quite correct, Elaine, about the difference between these migrants to Russia compared to the migrants to Europe and the USA. I find it astonishing that so many migrants to the US have this VERY deep sense of entitlement. The city, state, local and Federal governments ALL owe them a comfortable, taxpayer-subsidized lifestyle. And don’t you DARE put up any rules for them to follow! Large numbers of migrants–not all of them–get situated in their subsidized lifestyles, courtesy of the taxpayer–and the women begin to make babies. Just what a social safety net already stretched to the breaking point needs–more people to support. And don’t make these migrants answer to anybody and DON’T require them to learn English! I find it offensive when I enter some Government offices–such as the Department of Motor Vehicles–and see this message board with information, written in 10 different languages! I find it offensive as well that EVERY time I go into a sporting goods store, there are ALWAYS migrants browsing the gun department. I’m sure glad that my taxpayer dollars support migrants so they can afford to purchase firearms. This country’s social services should recognize what is happening with immigration. I think there should be rules in place where if you are new to this country, there must be a waiting period before receiving the same social services as long time residents. Otherwise, you have what we have here in the USA: migrants, legal and illegal flocking to this country and then shopping for the best social services–and then making babies. Open immigration, as we know it here in the US, exists in its form BY DESIGN. It’s a key element in the war against the Middle Class by the elites.

  13. Narciso

    “ELAINE: Don’t toy with me. Putin said anyone who was part of the USSR is still basically a CITIZEN. Got that? A huge difference from letting in millions of illegal aliens from all over the place.”

    Russia is just being practical in letting in workers that are willing to take on construction work that is vitally needed but were the labor force is either lacking or just insufficient to complete projects within a reasonable time.

    Russia has clearly made the decision that they are going to allow in foreign workers that can speak Russian and will choose only one citizenship. The Russians are being practical in funneling immigration into legal documentation that requires them to give up foreign loyalties before they are allowed to become Russians.

    In the US we all prefer vulnerable workers that can be dumped and deported once the need is over. We want to rent human being and then dump them when they are no longer convenient. It’s moronic because whining about illegal aliens solves nothing when we refuse to either make low skilled immigration legal or enforce workplace rules that prevents undocumented workers from finding employment. Calling them invaders, crime/disease carriers, or what not, is just cowardice by Americans refusing to deal with human migrations honestly or intelligently.

    Its amusing but i don’t see Elaine ever talking about how we have been plundering Latin America for decades now. It only follows that immigration is blowback from our toppling any government that tries to put their own populations welfare ahead of our corporations right to profit off their national resources and labor. Not a peep about the foolishness about Venezuela being declared a national security threat. Nothing about our death squads in Central America, or any other criminal behavior of ours that prevents good governance from impacting our corporations profits.

    U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat, sanctions top officials

    Lots of whining about illegal aliens but nothing about our government being responsible for toppling any government that attempts land reform or any type of economic changes that might hurt our transnationals profit margins.

    Lets all be perfectly clear our legal system has already been gutted by corporations and the wealthy. Laws are not going to be enforced because the wealthy have decided that they are above the law. Its now the law of the jungle and Americans are now going to start having to deal with the criminality that the rest of the world has been dealing with for centuries now.

  14. Elaine Supkis

    The US no longer is ‘plundering’ those places because we run TRADE DEFICITS with NEARLY EVERYONE.

    Many of our own internal problems could be easily solved with a return to tariffs and barriers. All we have to do is tax stuff made overseas.

    This laughably easy solution is the last thing the super rich want because they became super rich via importing goods produced by cheap labor. They love free trade now due to this.

    Lots of stuff comes from the Hispanic/South American states. Like with China, our elites see the workers there being easier to control and here in the US where workers are increasingly difficult. Note that we now have virtually no strikes, the only tool workers have to gain higher wages.

    The US has opposed socialism/communism in any country not just South America. Socialistic Syria and Libya being typical examples.

    The US workers can’t fix any of this and letting in millions and millions of people who take away jobs makes it only worse. People from Central America, for example, who come to Mexico and there are a lot of these, are not welcome and are treated very nasty when caught unless they are merely going through to the US.

  15. Christian W

    The US no longer is ‘plundering’ those places because we run TRADE DEFICITS with NEARLY EVERYONE.

    When the US can simply print US dollars to pay off those debts whenever it has to it IS in fact plundering everyone.

    The rest of the world has a simple choice. Accept useless US Dollars or face war (useless because the US can print dollars for ever).

    Dick Cheney, who has been your shadow president for nearly four terms now, said it directly “deficits don’t matter”. The obvious point is that ‘deficits don’t matter’ as long as these deficits are defined in terms of the US dollar.

    Obviously this “deficits don’t matter system” is a complete corruption of any equal or sane economic global system. It is also root corruption of US society on ALL levels. It is the quintessential ‘power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ system (including POLICE guns), a system that the US is now proudly enforcing globally.

    One of the most fundamental reason the US is pushing wars (and coups) in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and even the race for the Arctic going on now (ie Global War) is very simply to enforce the dominance of the Dollar. Dominance of the US Dollar means dominance of Wall Street, dominance of US corporations, dominance of the US military with a military boot print in the face of everybody else.

    The US workers and middle class CAN in fact do something about this, but YOU DON’T DARE TO because you will most likely get shot by your “police” if you try to protest publicly. If you try to resist arrest you will be… shot by your “police”, never mind whatever spurious reason the “police” invents to arrest you. When you are arrested you can be killed in any number of ways, by the “police”, without any real investigation into your death. Or the FBI or IRS or any of a multitude of tools will be used to mess up your life if you become too public and effective in the criticism of the US government. Heaven forbid you are a whisteblower exposing crime in the US government. YOU will be hammered and thrown in jail while the criminals will be promoted and awarded.

    The truth is US workers and middle class, in the US Dollar scheme – DO NOT COUNT as human beings with a human value. You only count as token support for the sham “US Democracy”, you count as fodder for the military machine, you count as CONSUMERS of the corporate products and of DEBT, you count as the underwriters of the US Dollar system because nominally all national debts are put on YOUR shoulders, never ever on the shoulders of your elites or the corporations running the show. In fact they don’t even have to pay taxes, why bother with that crap when they own you.

    I am exaggerating only a tiny bit to drive home the point. If you accept killer cops you accept the police state. Foreign military conquest for endless resources and a domestic population locked down in a police intelligence state, with no choice in the political system run by the corporations and bankers, with a social system based on “free goodies” for the domestic population (remember there is no such thing as a free lunch, especially not in a capitalist system) and a social strata and world view based on racism and elitism.

    Now what do we call that kind of system again?

  16. Jim R

    They don’t call it ‘plunder’ now, they call it ‘privatization’.

    And you can’t call it ‘Fascist’ or ‘Nazi’ because that will cause endless quibbling about how the hooks on your swastikas point the wrong way.

    But ‘corrupt police state’ is one of the last stages of empire. Which is where we are right now. I just hope they don’t drop the bomb on us…

  17. DeVaul

    Nuclear war is definitely a possibility in the minds of some our psychotic government officials, but I hope it does not happen. I think there may be a strong possibility that China and Russia will prevent all out nuclear war by maneuvering behind the scenes to stop some of our war criminals.

    One thing they can do is prevent rich American oligarchs from entering their countries or find safe haven in other countries by letting them know they will be targeted or killed anyway. I was alarmed when Bush purchased a huge ranch over a water reservoir down in Paraguay somewhere as a safe haven.

    If I was a Russian leader, I would let these clowns know they cannot escape to anywhere if they launch nuclear weapons. That might stop it.

  18. DeVaul

    Someone mentioned what will happen when the police start shaking down the middle class. Well, it is already happening:

    Can’t do this to poor people, so the police will go after those who have money. I was shaken down by police on the bridge between KY and Cincinnati over 25 years ago. It was a funny story to tell my friends, but now it would not amuse me since I have a family to support.

  19. Christian W


    I think there may be a strong possibility that China and Russia will prevent all out nuclear war by maneuvering behind the scenes to stop some of our war criminals.

    Against idiocy the Gods themselves fight in vain…

    There is not much Russia and China can do apart from what they already are doing. The US just moved more troops into Ukraine (from the 173rd Airborne Brigade from Italy and possibly units from the 1st Cavalry Divison) and is flying cargo planes full of stuff into Ukraine every day.

    According to The London Times the Russians sent a delegation with top ranking intelligence officers to meet with their Western colleages:

    “Among the “key messages delivered by Russian participants” was a warning that any military move by the West on Crimea would trigger a Russian response, possibly involving nuclear force. “The United States should also understand it would also be at risk.”

    The Russian delegation said that any NATO build-up in the Baltics would prompt an increase in Russia’s “nuclear posture”, according to notes drawn up by a US participant. The warning is baldly recounted: “Russia will use its nuclear weapons against NATO.”

    When discussing possible Russian action in the Baltics, it reported: “Russian members mentioned a spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military.”

    The most trenchant Russian remarks on eastern Europe were delivered by the former military intelligence chief Valentin Korabelnikov, who remains a senior adviser to the defence ministry. Since the GRU masterminded the annexation of Crimea, he is likely to have been involved in the planning. He said that the biggest threat to Russia was US activity along its borders, according to notes taken by Kevin Ryan, a retired US brigadier-general who served as defence attaché in Moscow.”

  20. Christian W

    Meanwhile the US is aiming more daggers at China and Russia.

    The US has moved 150 tons of ‘diplomatic mail’ into Kyrgyzstan which borders both Khazakstan and China. The US is most likely planning another of their infamous ‘color revolutions’ by flying in flags, posters, flyers and assorted gear for demonstrations plus pallets of money for bribes and to pay demonstrators (and quite possibly terrorists) with.

    Kyrgyzstan is on the border to China next to the Xinjiang province where there has already been a lot of terrorist activity against China (no doubt encouraged by the CIA and US State Department). The goal of the US here is to stir up the native Uyghur population.

    The Uyghurs are a Muslim Turkish people. China has reported that the terrorist attacks in Xinjiang have been performed by Islamic State linked operatives (yes the same ISIS that the US proxy forces they use to crush Syria and Iraq with). These “Islamists” say they want to create what they call East Turkstan.

    The US is setting all this up and is fully, and officially (through NED), backing the Islamists agenda to create East Turkstan in Xinjiang.

    Some historically relevant facts are important here:

    The Tang dynasty (AD 618–690 & 705–907) is considered by the Chinese to be the very peak of their civilization. Unfortunately right in the middle of this glorious period disaster struck and the An Shi rebellion thrust a dagger into the Chinese empire that almost shattered it. The Tang dynasty never fully recovered and the rebellion, even if it was eventually vanquished, started a long slow decline in China with increasing troubles on the borders and more and more corruption at the Imperial court.

    The An Shi rebellion was lead by an Uyghur general called An Lushan and had at it’s core Uyghur troops. It came out of the Uyghur/Xinjiang areas of China.

    It is easy to see that the US wants a repeat performance of the Uyghur Muslim dagger thrust into the very heart of China and a resulting decline. This dagger is obviously double sided with Khazakstan and Russia at the other end. Kyrgyztan/Xinjiang (ie East Turkstan) is to be to China what Ukraine is to Russia. The aim is to split the two apart and create maximum havoc on their very borders aiming at their heart lands. Then both China and Russia will decline and the US will win. Divide and Conquer…

    There is no doubt the US will also stir up further trouble in the Muslim parts of the ex-Soviet Union. Georgia again, Khazakstan, Chechnya again etc etc.

    Isn’t that just lovely?

  21. Elaine Supkis

    My dad used to send diplomatic pouches that were about 1,000 lbs in and out of countries like China and Russia!

    As for ‘police states’: please tell me the names of countries you would want to live in that don’t have much police, places like say, Sudan or Haiti.

    Iceland, for example, can have few police due mainly to it being a very clannish, closed society. Sort of like Switzerland was 50 years ago.

  22. Christian W

    You know perfectly well what the term police state means. That is just another spin.

    It is NOT normal to murder or torture people like the US police are doing.

    I have said from the start of the police discussion that normal police work is necessary – that was never in doubt or the issue. Nobody here as argued against normal police work. This is at least the second time you have twisted the argument back to this point. So here we are again. I am not going to try to change your mind, your mind is set that is obvious.

    I would not like to live in a society like that. And no, that does not mean I would accept criminality as well. That is the fallacy you are trying to force us to accept. But that is a fallacy we do not have to accept. I reject it.

  23. Elaine Supkis

    Everyone is arguing against ‘normal police work’! The cops have to deal with very violent, or out of control or just plain irritable people who are quite difficult to deal with.

    We do NOT have anything even slightly resembling a ‘polite society’. There are many reasons for this. People honestly think that they can do whatever they want with everyone coddling them. Doesn’t work.

    All of you ignore my basic lessons: I tell stories of my past and you ignore this.

    I mention the terrible crimes that directly happened to me: rape, murder, assault, theft…oh, thefts: I have had to deal with constant stealing for years!

    I have very little sympathy for thugs, rapists or thieves. Honestly, I would happily do nasty things to them to stop them and to show anyone that imitating that sort of behavior will lead to bad ends.


    Since we have a society that isn’t a police state (I know exactly how a police state works, I have lived overseas and traveled a lot and my parents were in China when Madame Mao ran it) and the US is about as free as one can be while still having a government.

    This belief that we are being oppressed is crazy. The problem is, the upper and lower classes are out of control, and the middle class is very angry about this. IF the middle class revolts, they will go after both the bottom classes who are clinging to the criminal life and the very rich.

    Anyone reading the history of any revolution can see the outcome. It won’t be ‘hey, let’s loot the local stores and party, dudes!’

  24. DeVaul

    This whole race issue on this blog exploded last fall. Since then a horde of anti-minority or “racist” people (mostly Americans) blasted black Americans and “Black Culture” and anything that was not “white” in a verbal rampage that just shocked the hell out of me.

    I know full well that those abroad are equally shocked, and now they see the real problem in America with respect to minorities: there is no “racial” or cultural equality and the majority do not want it, and will justify anything to keep it that way.

    There is now nowhere to go to avoid the “black culture is immoral” belief, and it is sad because “white culture” will learn, like Aryan Culture, that this will all end very badly for everyone.

  25. e sutton

    “Anatomy of a Revolution” is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it. Those of your readers who haven’t experience “thugs” up close and personal are free to embrace them for all I care. Kinda like the story about the little girl who picks up the snake. 😀

  26. Elaine Supkis

    Who are these ‘those abroad’ who are horrified that people are worried about ‘black culture’?

    The black THUG culture has been peddled as a great way to live by rich people who think this is hilarious fun.

    It is destroying the black family and destroying the minds of black children who think they ought to be foul mouthed, violent and sexually active while not protecting themselves or their children.

    Fun times for everyone, right?

  27. Jim R

    Well, if running people over with your car at 50 miles an hour, and spraying bullets all over a residential neighborhood, are “normal police work”, perhaps I could interest you in a Ukrainian election? That’s where you throw rocks and bottles from behind piles of burning tires while the skinheads take over parliament.

  28. DeVaul

    @ Jim R


    Don’t forget the Ukrainian police officers who moonlight as snipers.

    Or what about this “model citizen”?

    Why wasn’t this accused murderer shot dead immediately upon drawing a knife on a police officer? Why wasn’t the police officer afraid? All a black man has to do is simply move his hand and he is dead as a doornail.

    Black people know this. We all know this. And Europeans all know it too.

  29. Christian W

    Speaking of Ukraine. Masked gunmen (most probably the police, since Maidan Nazi thugs now have police powers in Kiev) over the last 48 hours have gunned down a leading opposition politician, Oleg Kalashnikov and a famous opposition journalist, Oles Buzina.

    At least 8 politicians have died in the last 2-3 months.

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