Global Warmists Finally Admit Planet Isn’t Really Heating Up More And More

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Spring comes with snow on the West Coast which is supposed to be roasting hot.


The desperate push to pretend we are going to roast to death unless thin air is taxed heavily continues.  The meeting to cement into place this vast, hideous and useless tax is going to be done in Paris in just a few more months so the hysteria reports have to pour into the media to push us into believing we are roasting to death.  This is very hard work because it is becoming obvious to the ‘man in the street’ that aside from Los Angeles, it is getting colder and colder.


Here is today’s attempt at explaining away reality from Bezo’s paper:  The Pacific Ocean has been slowing global warming down. That could be about to change – The Washington Post


“Although it is difficult to predict the future evolution of the IPO,” the study concludes, “the recent history suggests that the IPO-induced cooling trend may have run its course and reverse soon. Should this happen, we will see accelerated global warming rates within the next few decades.”


It won’t necessarily happen immediately, though. “The PDO/IPO entered a negative phase around 1999/2000 and it may have reached its lowest point during the last few years,” Dai explains. “But it will take 10+ years before it recovers to a positive phase, if history repeats itself.”

Oh, yes, global warming is slowing down and that is about to change, big time.  It is going to be much colder.  Desperate ‘climatologists’ who have been paid handsomely to rig the data and make it look like it is getting warmer and warmer when the opposite is happening, have decided to finally, after the rest of us have been pointing out, there is this ‘mysterious pause’ in the weather.


Of course, this is due 100% to our local star.  It can heat us up a bit or cool us down by altering the energy level that bathes our planet.  When it goes into a relative inactive cycle, it gets colder.  This simple fact was ignored by ‘climatologists’ who pretended with their computer programs that the sun is a steady state star with no variation in energy levels.


Here, at the WP, they are admitting there are these cycles in the oceans.  These cycles happen to coincide with the sun cycling in and out of energy levels.  The sun heats up the oceans, they, in turn, stay warmer than the air because air can’t hold heat for very long, the minute the sun sets, it cools down drastically unless there is a lot of humidity in the air and the humidity holds the heat.


This is why deserts cool down by 50 or more degrees at night.  Oceans hold heat.  So we have a much, much warmer planet thanks to the oceans.  When the sun sends us less energy, the cooling of the planet is greatly slowed down because the oceans hold heat and then discharge it (cool down) much, much more slowly than air. Air does this nearly instantly, the oceans take decades to cool down or heat up.


Then we have ocean cycles caused by circulation.  These have a persistent pattern due to liquid dynamics and yes, it comes in various 10, 30 and 100 year cycles.  It is about time for the ‘climatologists’ to finally figure this out.  The rest of us have known this for many years.


Second, this is a case study in something that scientists have long recognized — but that tends to be forgotten in public debate. At the end of the day, the planet’s temperature is the result of both anthropogenic factors like humanity’s carbon emissions, but also modes of natural variability like swings in the Pacific and changes in the output sun. You can’t understand the climate system if you don’t take both into account — and you definitely can’t adequately predict its behavior without including both elements.


The young man who is writing this article for the WP is very silly.  It wasn’t us ‘deniers’ who have been clueless about ocean cycles and the fact that the sun is the thing that decides if we are warm and happy or suffering another Ice Age.  It is the global warming gang that has steadfastly refused to understand these simple facts!


Far from ‘being forgotten in the debate’ we have been yelling at the top of our lungs about these very facts. Until this bitter, cold winter, the warmists refused to admit there was even a pause in the ‘warming’.  Instead, they yelled that last year was the ‘hottest year EVAH’ and this year is the ‘super, duper hottest year EVAH!’


Which is a total lie.  Temperatures are falling according to the satellite data.  The warm sectors are getting smaller and smaller and the cold sectors are setting records for super cold weather that shatter 100 year records.  Due to the need to push the global warming agenda, Obama and his people push stories like this one: Warm Weather Drives Bears in Utah Out of Hibernation which is causing a total freakout at the ‘we are roasting to death’ gang at National Geographic.


But here is the truth:  Huge ice cap on Lake Erie puts arrival of spring on hold has caused huge problems for the bears here in New York but there are zero headlines about this in the mainstream media. National Geographic is totally ignoring the record cold winters here.  No one is going to get funding from the US government to study how late springs, super cold winters and too much snow affect the black bears of New York.


Worried About Sea level Rise DeCaprio went to the UN to tell us we are going to drown.  Then, he went off and did this:  Leonardo DiCaprio is building a luxury eco-resort near Belize Blackadore Caye Mansion Rendering – Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.  This website praises him for building on a very narrow coral reef that is less than a foot above sea level.


This last week we had Snowfall on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road shows that global cooling continues in the Northern Hemisphere even though it is spring and in the Southern Hemisphere, this fall is becoming colder and colder: NowPolar outbreak on Monday and Tuesday in New Zealand| MetService Blog.  Antarctic ice is growing again like the last two years. We are going from a ‘pause’ to a fall in global temperatures.


Nature’s Global Warming Fix » CounterPunch: even the super liberals at Counter Punch admit it isn’t getting warmer.  They hotly deny they were wrong about climate issues.  ‘If only we give (the earth) a chance, some elbow room, to strut her stuff,’ we won’t have an extinction event.  ‘It’s about the dirt versus soil: “Absent carbon and critical microbes, soil becomes mere dirt, a process of deterioration that’s been rampant across the globe.’  The article goes on to explain to liberal readers that CO2 is being drawn out of the atmosphere by…PLANTS!  Imagine that!


A super smart university professor, Adam Sacks, Executive Director, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate, Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming, opened the Tufts’ symposium by saying: “Get carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soils”. HAHAHA. Via plants, of course! Genius, pure genius.


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20 responses to “Global Warmists Finally Admit Planet Isn’t Really Heating Up More And More

  1. Sunger

    More smears and twisted commentary from Elaine.

    Elaine wrote: “even the super liberals at Counter Punch admit it isn’t getting warmer. They hotly deny they were wrong about climate issues.”

    And here we go again. Counterpunch is a liberal political commentary site and has no standing to interpret science to the public.

    Elaine wrote: “[Hollywood Actor Leonardo De] Caprio went to the UN to tell us we are going to drown. ”

    Here we go again. Elaine is raising up a Leonardo DeCaprio as an expert on climate change and trying to smear climate science on the basis on the utterings of a hollywood actor. Elaine uses the opinions and hyprocrisy of DeCaprio to attempt to smear climate scientists.

    Just like FOXNEWS.


    ELAINE: I didn’t invite DiCaprio to the UN. The UN did the invitation and that actor said we are all going to drown and roast to death and then he, himself proved that he has zero fears of either because he mainly lives in equatorial places or warm places right on the very edge of the ocean.

    I didn’t make him a hypocrite, he did this himself. Typical of hysterics is to throw punches at someone who is merely reporting what is in the news. I didn’t find this out magically, I found this information on the mainstream news that YOU read.

  2. Peter C.

    Hee Hee Hee “climate science”whats that?

  3. DM

    .. no standing to interpret science to the public.

    sounds more than a bit like priests interpreting scripture to the flock.

    “climate science” and “climate scientists” are perfectly capable of smearing themselves without any help from Elaine or Leonardo.

    It’s all so ridiculous it is scarcely worthy of further debate. I am just mildly surprised that there still are true believers howling at the moon.

  4. DeVaul

    There are many intellectuals out there who still outwardly believe in the global warming ideology, even if they know deep-down it is not happening. They cannot admit being wrong about something as large as this, so they will continue to push it or act like they never believed it all that much later on.

    I guess that is just human behavior.

    Some of them are quite hypocritical though, like claiming there is no ice in the Arctic Circle while spending every winter lounging around in the tropics.

  5. Anon1

    Sunger is the one twisting things. And California is hot. And dry. Thats its normal state.

  6. Jim R

    Elaine can’t hear you, ziff. She only listens to that other ‘scientist’, Steven Goddard. Buh-cuz, he says what she wants to hear…

  7. ziff

    she thinks ‘im an idiot, which is fairly true

  8. Elaine Supkis

    Sorry, I go to the Canadian government’s webpage that shows ice levels.

    Furthermore, it is NOT the Arctic ice that matters, it is how frozen HUDSON BAY is. And it is frozen.

    I keep hammering at this issue because the warmists are delusional, they imagine that Arctic ice conditions tell us if the planet is cooling or warming.


    So all the hysteria about Arctic ice and Alaska which also doesn’t glaciate like Hudson Bay/most of Canada and parts of North America in all Ice Ages, this is a FALSE STORY.

    Watching the correct things matter a lot. The scientists know this perfectly well but are doing the ‘Arctic ice’ business because they are PAID to lie to us. Money talks, corruption of science is easy to do if enough money is waved at people.

  9. Elaine Supkis

    AND IT IS GOING TO SNOW HERE, IN NEW YORK, NEXT WEEK!!! This is insane, it is almost May, and we will have snow on April 25???

    The snide yap of global warmists as alarming cold spreads at places where Ice Ages glaciate a mile thick, is infuriating.

  10. ziff

    i did a cursory comparison tween the map i posted and the stuff on the CDN site ,its a hard question, there is lots of fluctuation.

  11. Narciso

    It’s pretty Amazing how so many people refuse to even consider the obvious that the Sun controls our climate. The whole global warming, now climate change scam is pretty shocking considering that it is blatant how so called climate scientist have been doctoring data to suit their models.

    Just look at how the Greenhouse gases have conveniently removed Water vapor to mislead people into thinking that CO2 is the biggest greenhouse gas.

    Water vapor is 96.9% of all Greenhouse gases while CO2 is a whopping 1.9%. But apparently the scaremongering demands that people shutoff their brains and ignore how Greenhouse gas charts have been doctored to inflate CO2 role as the number one climate change buggy monster.

    I remember as a kid looking at old National Geographic magazine from the 70’s and how the ice age was right around the corner. In the 80’s the magazine turned all mad max and how the ice sheets were melting and would flood everything but the Himalayas. Its a shame that yard sales have become less popular now days and its harder to find boxes of old magazines for a few bucks.

  12. DeVaul

    I was not too impressed by the map of Arctic ice levels. Not much change, really. 20 years from now it could go a little over the yellow line and then what? Are was supposed to freak out about that too?

    There is a HUGE difference between “ice free” and “less than the norm”, so I am not impressed with the “climate scientists” at all.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    During much of this present Interglacial cycle there was no ice at all at the North Pole itself due to it being ocean, not land.

    We look at how much ice is on the land surrounding the North Pole to determine cold or warm earth events. And when the winter ice is way down into North America, this is a direct indication of a planetary cooling cycle, not warming.

    Even Siberia had far, far less glaciation during all the Ice Ages compared to Canada and the US.

  14. Lou

    As EMS has pointed out, what matters is not how much snow falls in a winter BUT WHETHER IT MELTS IN THE SPRING.

  15. Mr Bill

    Snow.we don’t know much about it down south. Yes, we understand the impact that snow and ice has, but southern climes closer to the equator are mostly safe from snow. It becomes a humidity issue.The main issue, and more generally important, is the local water vapor content and the local temperature.

    It is a high atmospheric moisture / temperature thing. So, asking yourself where the water content and temperature conditions come from seem to be simple questions.

  16. emsnews

    Snowed in Jerusalem and Egypt again this last week, too. Snowing right now in New Mexico and northern Arizona. Not to mention the Great Lakes region. Might snow here in a few days.

  17. Lou

    Wyoming has snow and it will be May in 10 days.

  18. DeVaul

    The Weather Channel has just revised its forecast for this summer:

    It will be much cooler in the east, but much warmer in the northwest. Guess they cannot lie forever, but they talk about an area forming with “an El Nino ‘flavor’ “. They should all go to cooking school and leave forecasting to the Farmer’s Almanac. What nonsense.

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