Phoenix Cops Are Mean To Felons Shooting Guns, Burning Churches, Stealing Cars And Assaulting Homes

The news about a violent felon being whacked by a Former NYPD cop who disarms gunman by ramming him with car – NY Daily News is most interesting to me since I lived many years in Arizona including in Scottsdale as well as Tucson.  I remember when Phoenix was much smaller and safer back in the 1950’s.  Arizona Crime Rates 1960 – 2013


In 1960 when there were 1.3 million people in Phoenix, there were 78 murders, mostly on the South side of town. In 2007 at the height of the crime wave, there were 6.3 million people and 468 murders.  It increased per capita six times greater.  Violent crimes went from 2,704 in 1960 to 30,600 in 2007.  This shows deterioration in social systems.


The story about the felon who was not allowed to buy guns is instructive.  Liberals wanted gun controls precisely because of thugs like the man who was run over by a Phoenix cop:


 Rozema said the suspect, Mario Valencia, was headed toward locked-down businesses and deadly force may have been necessary to prevent a hostage crisis — or something far worse…


Police descended on the 36-year-old Valencia after he allegedly stole a rifle and box of ammunition from a Tucson Walmart at 9 a.m. Feb. 19. It was part of a rampage that began with Valencia’s robbery — wearing only underwear — at a 7-Eleven, then breaking into a church and setting it on fire followed by a home invasion and then boosting a car, Marana police said.


Valencia, rifle in hand and at times pointing the barrel under his own chin, can be seen walking down an empty street with a police cruiser following at a distance, its dashcam recording the man firing off a shot into the air.


Valencia spent two days in the hospital before being booked into jail on multiple felony charges.


The guy was barely hurt by all this but the howls from liberals will be deafening.  I had a life changing experience years ago.  Exactly like Mr. Valencia’s lunacy, a mostly  naked man wearing only underwear decided to MURDER ME.  I was a total stranger, just got out of a taxi and was ringing a doorbell in Los Angeles.


He shot four times and missed.  This didn’t make his crime smaller, the intention was to kill me.  Trust me in this: I wanted him dead.  Not in jail but dead.  He was caught and was put in prison and I hope he was not let out again but that being California, I am sure he got out again.


The guy in Phoenix was terrorizing whoever he met just like the lunatic who wanted to kill a total stranger for no good reason.  The Phoenix thug set fire to a building, robbed a store, shoplifted another store, stole a car, broke into a house and terrorized the people there…I have zero sympathy for him.


And most comments at normal news sites agree with me.  Most, virtually all the comments are about how this dangerous and evil man should have been shot dead!  This isn’t ‘police state’ desires, this is the desire of people sick and tired of thugs running wild, getting any sympathy.


Another fun story from today illustrating how our ‘police state’ barely exists:  Texas man shot dead on live TV after police chase – NY Daily News


Frank (Trey) Shephard, 41, rammed his speeding car into several vehicles in northeast Houston before halting outside two suburban schools, the Houston Chronicle reported.


The father of three began the chase after officers tried to pull him over for a traffic violation…


During the chase, Shephard had called 911 and claimed to have a child in the car. He threatened to harm the child if police continued to pursue him, but the man was traveling alone.


Just like the guy in Phoenix pretended to be attempting suicide (he wasn’t serious about it at all) the guy in Texas pretended he had a baby with him so the cops would back off and he could resume his rampage.  There was zero reason for him to go nuts.  He went nuts because he was a jerk, not because he had good reasons.  We are fortunate he didn’t run over some school children.


I SAW THIS HAPPEN myself when I was only in third grade.  A drunk driver running from the police drove past my elementary school and ran over and killed a child crossing in the crosswalk.  It made a big impression on my mind.  Back then, there was very weak laws about drunk driving.  Even today, you get only 4 months and a $750 fine for the THIRD offense!  And 90% of all drunk drivers are not arrested because this isn’t a police state, it is barely patrolled at all and in many inner cities, virtually zero police activity.


Extreme drunk driving in Arizona is…gasp…a $1,200 fine.


I now live in Police State New York:  drunk drivers are fined $1,000 and if violent, up to a year in jail.  Three times and you can be fined up to $10,000 and 7 years in prison.  Arizona does a slap on the wrist in comparison. Oh, the humanity!  Here is a Police State Law passed in New York after a little girl was killed by an idiot: Leandra’s Law 


Leandra Rosado, an 11 year old girl, was killed on the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City on October 11, 2009 when her friend’s mother, Carmen Huertas, flipped the car they were in while allegedly under the influence of alcohol.[2] Six other children were also injured during the incident.


Defendants convicted under the new law face a prison sentence of up to four years and a fine of $1000–$5000. The installation of a mandatory ignition interlock device for a term of at least six months is also an expected provision of sentencing (mandatory for all DWI offenses August 15, 2010).[2] Moreover, licenses are automatically suspended pending prosecution and once proven guilty, the person will be reported to the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment and his/her license will be suspended for a minimum of twelve months.[3] First time and repeat offenders are charged with an E level felony, regardless of criminal record.


After a number of deaths of children in the hands of drunk drivers and only after intense pressure applied to politicians to punish people who kill children this way did we have any laws with some teeth.  This happened only in 2009, just a handful of years ago.  Far from eager politicians passing laws to be police state meanies, laws like this one were passed after intense pressure from mainly middle class mothers.


Arizona, another ‘police state’ place barely has any such laws and this should have been passed long ago way back when I was at Fort Lowell Elementary School.


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37 responses to “Phoenix Cops Are Mean To Felons Shooting Guns, Burning Churches, Stealing Cars And Assaulting Homes

  1. Narciso

    Seems that you are taking the police’s at their word. Its like the bs story spun in South carolina about the Cop getting attacked and having to shoot the suspect because he feared for his safety. The video clearly showed officer Michael Slater blasting the poor bastard 8 times from behind and then dropping his stun gun at the dead guys body. The officer would probably got away with it if he hadn’t lied because people tend to never question the police.

    50 mph in a residential zone and hitting a suspect in the back is a little fishy. Love how Elaine thinks a police officer deciding to run down a suspect from behind at high speed without even an attempt to talk to the suspect is completely above reproach. The police department better hope that all those charges stick otherwise their goes their credibility.

    Well all i can say the suspect is lucky to be alive and all things considered it beats the cops blasting away 60-90 rounds and potentially killing innocent people in a hail of bullets.

  2. Narciso

    Elaine Loves the cops and ignores how cops keep getting away with outrageous murders.

    “New Jersey Cops Let Dog Maul Non Resisting Man Until Death
    A Vineland, New Jersey man named Philip White was filmed on video being repeatedly punched by the cops, who then sicced a police canine on him, and let the dog maul the man until he apparently died en route to the hospital. Supposedly he was on drugs and was resisting arrest prior to the video starting.”


    Video is crystal clear in that it shows incredible police violence that does not in any way look justified. Its amazing how the cops always spin it as self defense and people just buy it until the video leaks.

    Its obvious that that dog was let loose to maul the poor bastard and those punches by the cop must have been little love taps.

  3. Narciso

    “Dash Cam Video Shows Arizona Cop Defying Orders by Ramming Car Into Suspect”

    Video is pretty clear that he was ordered to stand down but the cop decided to take him out.


    ELAINE: That is true. And his punishment should be, he should be fired due to not being able to follow orders. And the fact that the police commissioner acknowledges this should make you very, very happy and secure in the idea that our ‘police state’ actually tries quite hard to be careful with violent felons instead of simply shooting them dead when these people commit multiple crimes in rampages like the one in Phoenix.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Yup. All true but for one salient fact: the out of control behavior the police deal with makes it a hard thing. That is, ask yourselves why don’t ‘nice, sweet, pleasant’ people become cops?

    You know, some of these people do try to be cops. But they don’t last long, often, they change over time.

    Sometimes cops do bad things! So do DOCTORS and LAWYERS and TEACHERS and BUSINESS PEOPLE and so forth. Moms and dads become bad people.

    Pointing out isolated events to prove ‘cops are evil’ is exactly like pointing to this bad event/person or that to prove that all other people are totally evil.

    Bad cops are hauled into court/fired as are bad teachers, doctors, etc. The cops who ‘go bad’ have a complex history just like bad teachers, etc. That is, dealing with difficult or dangerous people often causes a break down in one’s ‘humanity feelings’.

    This is why mothers who struggle to raise children but don’t have good mothering skills can suddenly freak out and kill their own kids. Fixing this means understanding why these things happen.

    The left’s ideology is: the cops who do bad things are EVIL and we live in this police state that for some odd reason, barely patrols much of America’s slums is this ‘police state’ that is evil when it is the reverse: the chaos of our society is making individual cops nasty over time.

    The liberals would make much more headway if they said, ‘We understand what is happening to our police thanks to the out of control situation they deal with daily’ and then go to the community where this is going on and working on making it more civilized, not worse.

    And for every story of ‘bad cops are nasty!’ you all pull up, I could waste time pulling up ‘cops being attacked and killed by thugs’ stories because this happens EVERY DAY. Yes, every day, police are hurt or killed by dangerous criminals.

    A police state would never, ever release dangerous criminals onto the streets. This is why people put up with police states. You all would be very much surprised by this reality. If you think people want more crime, this is nuts!

    The fact that I had to have intense meetings with the mayor of NYC and the borough Presidents to FORCE them into patrolling Bed-Stuy and other black neighborhoods is proof we do not have a police state. This battle to get police protection continues!

    I drive in poor places. Recently I had a minor traffic accident in one such place. The guy and I called the cops to come and make a police report. No one showed up for two hours! I went off to the police headquarters to ask why.

    ‘We are too busy and don’t have enough officers,’ said the desk clerk. I worked out a deal with him to do the paperwork for me. This is the level of ‘police state’ nastiness we have in America: far, far too few cops for bad neighborhoods that need a lot of attention.

    If I were in Detroit, I wouldn’t wait ten minutes for a cop, it is so dangerous to get in a small accident there, one could be attacked by thugs fairly quickly because they know that there are few cops, not too many cops.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    And Detroit died because liberals didn’t fight free trade…the death of the unions is due to liberals being concerned about other things like say, marching to stop the sun from making our planet slightly warmer!

    Detroit died because the right wing hates unions and has convinced all too many white males that they would be better off if they had no power when negotiating with bosses and capitalists.

    They, too, are learning harsh lessons in life. In an imaginary world, we have social peace if only we don’t do bad things but in reality, we do bad things often because it is easy or tempting to do.

    America is self destructing not because of racism, it is self destructing because we want to have our cake and eat it too. We want to have goodies and screw around, look at how our schools are weakening. In China, students toil hard to pass exams and Asians in the US are far more studious than other ethnic groups because they believe in self-sacrifice and hard work for future benefits.

    We call this ‘self discipline’. What we have in the US is ‘self indulgence’.

  6. Moe

    Narcisco has accurately identified Elaine’s empathy for cops (though I wouldn’t label her a ‘Cop-Lover’, she comes close). She seems unable to recognize that the existing primary function of police forces is to protect and perpetuate the existing regime, and of course, its elite. This wouldn’t, and shouldn’t be the function of a true peace officer force, but since Elaine is also a proponent of socialism, (though small ‘s’ socialism, limited in scope), she cannot divorce the origin of state control, and violence from that exhibited by police.

    I do applaud Elaine’s courage, and conviction in personally contributing to her community protection, and recognize that hers is a reasonable, and necessary component of community protection. But civil engagement, and courage are at a premium in the populace, (i.e., the norm is apathy, and cowardice), and few will follow her example. C’est la vie.

    I live in Canada, and fortunately, we don’t have nearly as many ‘Shoot ’em or loot ’em’ events that are exercised in the US. But I can attest from personal, familial, and community experience the prevalence of police bully tactics, and the exceptionalist self-perspective instilled through police training, and the existing police espirit de corp.

    A pox on state-sponsored thugs: give me locally hired, sponsored, and monitored peace officers, responsive to the local community, not the state.

  7. Jim R


    A pox on state-sponsored thugs: give me locally hired, sponsored, and monitored peace officers, responsive to the local community, not the state.

    That is the problem in a nutshell. Central planning and central control always end up looking like the Soviet Union. Cops aren’t trying to protect citizens, as you can see from all the bullets sprayed around by them. They are simply agents of the state.

    And Detroit died because they lost the recipe for building cars. They decided to let Japan build them instead. That started in the 70s and really got going during the 80s. It was amazing to see how long the city could coast with no industry..

  8. DeVaul

    “The guy was barely hurt by all this …”

    Really? Is that what the police and their doctors said? Well, I guess it must be true because the police NEVER lie, do they? Doctors NEVER lie.

    I suppose you yourself would not be afraid to be hit by a car from behind going 50 mph because it just barely hurts, right? Just a sore back?

    Can’t you even wait until the man’s lawyer gets an independent medical review before accusing him of whining about being run down from behind?

    I am amazed at how “lucky to be alive” translates into “barely hurt” in your mind, Elaine. That is a major psychological transformation.

    I suppose I could naively suggest that an expert marksman like a cop could just shoot him in the leg from their car window, but that’s not the point, is it?

    The point is to KILL!

    Honest people will now avoid this profession because they do not want their reputations destroyed by their “co-workers”, who arrive at the station fresh from a dishonorable discharge. They also might not want to lose their souls.

  9. Christian W

    Nazis really do make for the best police, because they understand the underlying principle of their work. Kill and suppress the “wrong” people, kiss the ass of the right people.

    In Australia they are about to authorize guards (including contractors) to beat the crap out of asylum seekers. Of course a few crushed skulls will lead to death but you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, right? That should teach the asylum seekers (“wrong” people) not to come to Australia.

  10. melponeme_k

    “give me locally hired, sponsored, and monitored peace officers, responsive to the local community, not the state.”

    That is called the Mafia. Don’t worry, you will get that in spades very soon.

    The big irony you are missing is that you want vigilantes to patrol the streets not official representatives who are under the rule of law.

  11. melponeme_k

    I guess Canada is already a police state. How dare they not want illegal aliens in their borders. How dare they not want Toronto to turn into a US/Mexican border town.

    What Canada needs is more illegal aliens running around shirtless and firing their assault weapons.

  12. Moe

    melponeme “That is called the Mafia”

    I assume you’re not kidding: right?

    Why can you not countenance local control of law enforcement officers? (I prefer the term ‘Peace Officers’ since it more accurately represents their true duties). Why do you assume that without a central state authority, local regions will regress to fiefdoms, anarchical, or lawless regions? Because your attestation surely assumes that.

    Next you can relate how successful US law enforcement is, and how it is much better than a local Mafia.


    ELAINE: If cops can’t stop criminals (many of them do the ‘run away as fast as possible’ thing these days) then someone else will do it.

    If NO ONE stops crime, then we get ‘white flight’ which has been flying high as the sky for 30 years now. Many cities are now crime havens due to white flight.

  13. Moe

    melponeme “Police State”

    Here you engage in strawman argument. I cannot be bothered to counter what I regard as trolling, so have at it. I’ll remember your handle for future reference.

  14. DeVaul

    I think Christian W is talking more about a town marshal or sheriff than a local druglord and his henchmen. The druglord is not elected to office, he just assumes it.

    However, with the breakdown of our local governments due to bankruptcy, I do see local warlords taking over the job of “law enforcement” and if anyone tries to elect a sheriff, they will likely be killed or “disappeared”.

    This was actually a big problem in the Wild West, as sheriffs and town marshals were often pitted against gangs of outlaws who wanted to impose their control over an area or town. Later, there were gangs of cattlemen pitted against railroad barons and their hired gunmen.

    My great grandfather participated in one gunfight between US Marshals and an outlaw gang holed up in Ingalls, Oklahoma, which was protecting the outlaws so long as they behaved while in town.

    Finally, history shows that the “rule of law” changes dramatically over time, and can be almost anything, but usually it boils down to whoever is the most powerful person, and that person then becomes “the law”.

  15. Elaine Supkis

    Good lord, I have lived to see full out gang shoot outs in New York City!!!

    Not to mention, Tucson. In Tucson, though, my friends and I were also armed.

    Lordy, we have anything but a police state right now. Our government spent a trillion fighting the Afghan tribes, not on protecting our homes when we go to work and the crooks are on the prowl. And yes, they do ‘prowl.’

  16. melponeme_k


    No, you are the one trolling here.

    When quite clearly the stories show that the police officers being caught are being investigated. One was stripped of his badge and arrested for shooting an unarmed man.

    That does not happen in a police state.

    What the majority of the videos show are police dealing with uncontrollable criminals who do not want to cooperate. How do you handle people like that? There are only so many incidents a law officer can handle before they act rashly or give up. Detroit is a prime example of law officers giving up. Now it is a wild west town. Go there. It quite clearly IS NOT a police state.

  17. Christian W

    What I am talking about is a collapse in the basic society, which will be quite possibly the result of the next serious collapse in the US economy. The 2007 crash was covered up by an enormous amount of money printing and corruption. The next crash will be even worse because that alternative will not work again. The 2007 impoverished a large part of the population. The next crash will gobble up an even larger part.

    You have the good example of Mexico or Ukraine or Russia. If the police already is used to getting away with murder (literally) you normal people will be in for it big time. It will NOT be like in the 1970’s. This time the police will be highly motivated to earn their daily upkeep for their families and/or to get rich themselves, because it is quite likely that their monthly salary will be nowhere near enough to cover their mortgage and cost of living. You will be squeezed by the petty desperate criminals and by the big shot criminals and by shadowy mafia types, quite possibly in official positions, using the police as a highly dangerous muscle. Most likely the petty types will be the least of your problems.

    The elites are using militarized police as a way to buffer themselves from any possibility of a challenge on their power and as a solution to the problem with criminality at the bottom of society.

    This is their solution instead of a broad political reform to stop illegal aliens from coming across the border, instead of stopping the War on Drugs that is feeding so much of the criminality and draining the Drug swamp (of course they rely on that at least a quarter of Americans are drugheads and the enormous profit from the drug trade, both legal and illegal) and all the other numerous ills that need a genuine long term political solutions, but which the elites have zero will to implement. The killer cop solution stinks and it creates the platform for a truly messed up future.

    In many parts of the world people are more afraid of the police than of crooks. If you are scared witless by the crooks now, imagine what being more afraid of the police signifies.

  18. DeVaul

    Christian W is right. Petty criminals will be the least of our worries in the future. No one will question our right to shoot thugs breaking down our door so they can kill and pillage, but what if the police are doing it?

    If you resist, you will be wiped out. One of my girlfriends in college was raped by the chief of police after he tied up her parents in another room. They could not file a complaint or retaliate in any way. This will become more common in the future and is already happening in Mexico, where defense against the “police” is simply not allowed.

    In fact, I will bet that there will be no need to create a new mafia, as Mel imagines. It already exists and it is called the “mob”, and it will just expand to include the entire police force once their backs are against the wall financially. Any new “mafia” might, in fact, be a group of armed citizens who take vengeance on the official police for wrongs committed against them.

  19. Moe

    Note: this is my second attempt at posting this contribution. My apologies if it double posts.

    Elaine has the right idea, it’s confusing to me how she conflates community self-defense into support for fascistic police tactics.

    The answer for community self-policing (if that is the correct term), is surprisingly simple (in theory!), but difficult in practice. it is to do precisely as she did in New York: enlist community support, and provision of manpower for community protection.

    Her attempt presumably did not descend into vigilantism, (though her position on shooting people in the back troubles me: yep, that’s the equation for shooting fleeing suspects), and she successfully spearheaded a local force for peace, and order. Not without travail: she got her hands dirty with personal involvement countering the criminal class, a testament to her personal courage.

    So what are the necessary ingredients for community self-defense? First, a sense of community. That is paramount, for without that no support, or enlistment to a common (i.e., social cause) can ensue. (Aside: and here I agree with Elaine on the necessity for an elementary social construct. Humans are a social animal, and necessarily must conduct themselves in a mutually supportive manner). Secondly, a clear perspective on the motivations, and potential behaviors of the criminal class, and evolution of techniques to deal with that behavior. Thirdly, participants must have a modicum of personal courage, for they are exposing themselves to endangerment.

    I would argue that in Anglo North America of today, (note that I include Canada with the US in this regard), community ties are sufficiently weakened, and the populace self-indulgent, and pusillanimous, that wide-scale enactment of self-policing, and self-defense will not occur.

  20. Christian W


    Elaine has the right idea, it’s confusing to me how she conflates community self-defense into support for fascistic police tactics.

    Elaine is doing the classic mistake generals often do when preparing for the next war; she is fighting the last war all over again (1970’s)…instead of realizing the the next war will be fought in completely new circumstances with new weaponry, new formations, new ideas and on new terms.

  21. Anon1

    so what will war 2015 look like?

  22. Elaine Supkis

    Good lord, most of my work in New York City in 1977 and onwards was WITH THE COPS. The cops on the beat. I also had corrupt politicians and bad cops arrested (via Guiiani as the Fed prosecutor), the police on the beat liked me…a great deal.

    This didn’t mean I went off and became corrupt but many people do fall into corruption when they have power which is why I say, ‘We need real democracy’ and we no longer have this thanks to Adelson’s gambling money used to buy influence which he abuses.

    For example…rich people bribe everyone to do bad things like FREE TRADE.

    Winning over people to fight for you is hard work. I lived in lawless neighborhoods and the very WORST people there were dedicated leftists. they attacked me endlessly calling me a Nazi and police state tool as I struggled to make NYC safer.

    They didn’t want basic safety! They did NOT patrol the neighborhood at all, they encouraged the criminals! Stupidly they thought this would ‘bring the revolution’ but instead it brought a series of GOP mayors including my old pal, Giuliani.

    The Jewish/white female/black inner city alliance is falling to pieces. I noted this during the last election and hoped that there would be a serious discussion about this on the left.

    I was stupid.

    There is no conversation, the left is doubling down on global warming and telling us they want to destroy first world economies to punish us all for existing, they talk way too much about how there are too many people so obviously the plan is to eliminate the majority of people (leftists do this like Nazis do this!) and to top it off, they want race riots and no cops.

    THIS MEANS TOTAL DISASTER FOR THE LEFT. Stupidly they think that Congress which is now totally run by Republicans, will obey their demands and when the next Republican President takes office, Democrats will have virtually no power left.

    The majority of voters or obviously turning against the liberal life solution and this is going to slap all the left hard and I see it as hopeless.

    I feel sorry for liberals who will be freaking out nonstop for the next dozen years. But they asked for it and they got it. The refusal to listen to anyone’s warnings means an end to liberalism.

  23. Jim R

    This just in:

    Once again, with cops like these you don’t need thugs, thankyouverymuch. Sometimes, violent crime actually goes _down_ when the cops are removed from the picture.

    Having a local citizen crime patrol is not a bad idea, but the state-sponsored cops are not there to protect _you_. Not even when there a lot of them on the street, because you can be the victim of an assault in mere seconds, while it can take hours for the cops to show up.


    ELAINE: ‘No cops’ works only if the community isn’t criminal. Note also how everyone here is telling me we have a police state and here you are complaining about the cops being slow to come to save you.

    And remember to zigzag. . .

  24. Christian W

    The left and liberalism in the US died a political death long time ago. To call a total disaster for the left is whipping a long dead horse. The horse is so dead whipping it doesn’t even stir up dust anymore.

    Liberalism is the idea of humanism, equality in political terms, equality between sexes, equality between peoples, races and nations and equality before the law, also internationally. Liberalism is the belief in personal freedom and inalienable human rights preceding any written or declared law or constitution. Also, the left believes in a reasonable economic equality that includes good health care for every citizen.

    ALL of the ideas above are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY ANATHEMA to everything the US stands for today. The US embraces supremacy, elitism, racism, sexism, militarism and complete elitist control (through the police and intelligence states among other systems).

    Those are extremist right wings values. The US today IS the extremist right. The US left the left and liberalism dead in the dust a long time ago. Basically that is what the voters have voted for for decades (to be fair Obama fooled them a little when they wanted to put a hand brake on the perpetual stampede to the right).

    Of course the few real liberals left in the US are going to suffer under those circumstances. Any sane person would. Also, It is not the fault of the liberals the US went apeshit. The leading liberals were shot and the rest were hounded out of the political landscape. The US may not have been an ideal liberal state or anything close to it, but with those murders went the last attempts at creating a more balanced system. .

    I am a liberal and I never harp on about Global Warming. I too remember when the big scare was that we are going to freeze in the next Ice Age. I honestly don’t care much about the whole GW thing because it is a MINOR battle in the larger battle of political control. Having Global Warming rammed down our throats is just another consequence of having insane elites in control. It is a consequence of the elites having spent god knows how much money on GW propaganda, must be in the billions of dollars.

    Yet, if we got rid of the Global Warming crap we would still have the elites in control and they would simply come up with something else to screw us with. To blame the ‘left’ and ‘liberals’ for this is incorrect. If anything it is an example of extremely good the elites are at creating desired outcomes using the MSM. The elites tell the fake liberals to jump and scream Global Warming and they happily oblige.

    Why fight one of the many wind mills (GW) when the real target is the elites?

    Haven’t you realized yet how utterly corrupt the US system is? There is only the elitist system and it is left for the Ralph Naders and other few remaining real people to point fingers at the elitist corruption from the outside, but in everything essential the elites are in complete control. The elites always allow for a few truthsayers to keep up the appearance of democracy at work but they are never allowed to grow bothersome or strong enough to make a difference. If they do they are crushed, maybe even murdered.

    Political labels (left, right, liberal, conservative, Dem or GOP) do not matter anymore when all political decisions are done by decree and the bought and paid for politicians vote (rubber stamp) and pass laws/decrees that are prepared and written by lackeys that serve the elites, laws that the politicians don’t even bother to read.

    That is why the Dems are doing political harakiri, The Dems have played their part, job done, and now all there is left is for them is to exit the scene. The US is a one party system after all and the show is a sick farce.

  25. Elaine Supkis

    I have written for years and years about the financial and political corruption. I directly put a Congressman, Fred Richmond, in prison for corruption years and years ago.

    I have fought all these battles all my long life. This is why I now issue warnings that the left is being led off a cliff by its own leaders. I hate seeing this happen!

    Look, we have many anti-cop demonstrations and riots which TERRIFY white voters. Big time. They might not say it to your face, but they will if you show sympathy for this terror.

    Terror is NOT racism. It is due to being honestly afraid. This is why white flight happens.

    Furthermore: the left has ZERO demonstrations against the many wars. None to stop the odious attempt at WWIII against Russia! Nothing!

    No, we have these very stupid anti-warm earth marches. What the hell???

    So I started issuing warnings two years ago and now am totally alarmed at the death of liberalism.

  26. Lou

    Were you part of the ‘Union Street Food Coop’?

    Winning over people to fight for you is hard work. I lived in lawless neighborhoods and the very WORST people there were dedicated leftists. they attacked me endlessly calling me a Nazi and police state tool as I struggled to make NYC safer.


    ELAINE: OH MY GOD…that brings back memories! The food coops! I was part of one in Berkeley. Meetings took FOREVER. I used to sell organic food at these. Especially exotic eggs and chickens.

  27. Lou

    Continuing my above post —in reply to EMS,
    Liberals believe in liberalism yet it cannot be proven empirically. They believe in it in a religious way.
    Liberals believe in liberalism because their entire identity is wrapped in it.
    Remove the ideology, and they lose their social status as Bearers of the Truth. Thus, they would rather live in the ruins of Detroit or Birmingham than admit they are wrong.
    Liberals are driven by a combination of utopianism and guilt. This leads them to creating a delusional world in which racial differences are the product of bad institutions and lack of education. Ergo, remove the bad institutions (e.g., segregation) and educate people (e.g., the BRA agitprop system) and society moves into the golden age.

    When faced with the failure of liberalism to accomplish its goals, liberals go into rationalization mode.
    The failure is blamed on insufficient education (gotta close that “education gap”) and the persistence of bad institutions (hence, the obsession with “institutional racism”). No matter how disastrous liberal policies prove in reality, liberals will never blame their own beliefs. This is so even when entire cities are laid waste by liberal egalitarian policies.

    James Burnham analyzes the liberal syndrome in his epic “Suicide of the West.” I highly recommend getting a copy…he presents a solid case re the delusional nature of liberalism.

  28. Elaine Supkis

    Alas, they don’t live in Detroit or Birmingham. They are part of white flight.

    Gentrification is done by people willing to tenaciously fight to upgrade a neighborhood. I took buildings worth $20,000 and after fighting hard to clean up a crime raddled mess, the same building would sell for more than $200,000.

    This is why I own my mountain here in NY outright. Paid cash for it. I was a gentrifier and proud of it.

    I used to tell people, I did ten times more work on fixing the entire neighborhood and even city, to make this profit. It was very hard work.

    I helped start the ‘Park Slope Improvement Committee’. I was the Enforcer. Also belonged to the ‘Prospect Park Restoration Committee’ and the ‘Save Our Schools’ committee. And the ‘Bullet Proof Vest Fundraising Committee’.

  29. Moe

    I apologize for ‘beating this subject to death’ (pun intended) but here is a report about police brutality representing darker US societal developments.

    Martenson: Societal Decline

    Excerpts: But the recent cases of police brutality are simply a symptom of a much larger problem. Society in the US is breaking down, civility has been lost, and the country is rapidly becoming uncivilized.

    This extends within and across all of the most important institutions. Congress is known to work for corporations first and foremost. Democracy itself is bought and sold by the highest bidders. The Federal Reserve protects big banks from the costs of their misdeeds and enriches the already stupidly rich as a side benefit.

    So the one-two punch here is that cops are trained to be highly confrontational and then to react with force – oftentimes deadly force– when they ‘feel threatened.’  See the problem here? It’s pretty easy to end up feeling threatened when you are creating threatening situations.
    That’s a recipe for exactly the sort of over-reactive uses of force that are giving us the problems we see today.

  30. DeVaul

    I’m guessing they are being trained now as a sort of Praetorian Guard that will be dependent on rich donors for their bread and butter. It only makes sense that wealthy oligarchs would want to have their own private security or even armed forces, and where better to start than an already established one: local police departments.

    Their new training manuals and new “guidelines” were probably written by lawyers working for oligarchs.

    There was a white riot here in Lexington a month ago, but no one was killed or beaten by the police. The double standard is striking, and cannot be a mere coincidence.

  31. emsnews

    Good lord.

    The police aren’t ANYWHERE NEAR the brutality they enjoyed 50-80 years ago. Sheesh.

  32. DeVaul

    That’s true, but then none of it was videotaped, and it was even more racist than today, and most of them got away with it. I don’t want a return to that.

  33. Moe

    Elaine: “The police aren’t ANYWHERE NEAR the brutality they enjoyed 50-80 years ago”.

    The logical conclusion derived from this observation (if it is accurate), is that the police were ALWAYS brutal, but more so.

    I’m so relieved (sarc).

    Thank you Elaine for fully accentuating the point of my many comments on this subject.

  34. emsnews


    All governments are brutal in one way or another.

    HUMANS ARE BRUTAL. People living in slums are incredibly brutal.

    If you live in a delightful society of humans who have no brutality, this would be wonderful but…humans tend more towards being violent, not peaceful. We all descended from cannibals.

  35. emsnews

    Military commanders have known since…um…around the beginning of human society that ‘toughing up’ the young so they can endure fighting for the tribe is part of the rituals leading to adulthood. This is universal.

    Boys have to learn to ‘take a blow’ and to not cry. Girls learn how to birth silently if possible. Pain is a huge teacher. Children raised so they can’t take pin pricks are torture to be around because they yelp at even the slightest discomforts.

    Children raised to endure a dentist drilling in their mouths or falling down and not making a huge scene tend to do better in life. We all have to teach our children how to take pain.

    This reality is one that liberals deny. They want a cotton swathed world…yet won’t lift a finger to protect us and even would force us to not protect ourselves. NOT a great plan for running a country unless you want to be prepared for conquest by stronger people.

    And lord knows, there are lots of these on this planet.

  36. DeVaul

    The life of a gangster is not a “pain-free” life, and they are definitely “toughened up” compared to the typical middle class kid, so it seems like they are being raised to deal with the real future that awaits us.

  37. Christian W

    That murderous, oppressive and sadistic police brutality is inherently wrong doesn’t make it any less so just because it was (supposedly) even more sadistic and brutal decades ago. That kind of argument is obviously fallacious.

    And no, for the umpteenth time, you don’t need insane, sadistic and brutal cops to live in a sound society, in fact it seems rather obvious that insane, sadistic and brutal cops does not belong in a sound society.

    The cognivite dissonance is massive when you can condemn (correctly) Israeli militarized police officers for shooting young kids (from the wrong tribe, they don’t shoot kids from their own tribe) for waving a knife in the air but exonerate US police officers for murdering people brandishing knives, or any object really, or just for the hell of it, using the flimsiest excuse to get away with it.

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