Hillary Clinton Took Bribes From OPEC While Claiming She Would Stop OPEC



The six that she is allowing have targeted donations that go to some specific project.  The mainly Middle Eastern despotic regimes that donated to her are now, suddenly, not allowed to do this.  Total donations from foreign entities interested in controlling the US government came to about $130 million.  Hillary didn’t have to tell anyone what this money was for.


Many ‘foundations’ are actually tax scams.  They are a very convenient funnel for bribes.  These foundations are schemes run by billionaires to control our government while driving up the national debt.  Voters vote for this person or that, but both political parties pander to the obscenely rich worldwide.


Hillary began her run for office by pretending to be not-rich.  She is motoring around the country in a van instead of her normal mode of transportation which is a private jet.  I suppose she won’t use any yachts for the next year and a half.  Poor dear.  Now on to the Way Back Machine to see what Clinton was saying in the previous election cycle. This was written in 2008—Hillary Clinton on Energy & Oil:


Q: You’ve said you want to get tough with OPEC. But what does it mean when you have members of OPEC like Ahmadinejad of Iran or Hugo Chavez of Venezuela? How do you plan on getting tough with them?


A: Well, I actually have a four-part program that I would put into effect were I president today to deal with these rising gas prices. I would go after the energy traders and speculators. I would close the “Enron loophole.” I voted to quit filling up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I have advocated a gas tax holiday that is paid for, out of the record profits of the oil companies. And it’s an enormous burden on people who drive any considerable distance.

Q: But what kind of leverage do you have on OPEC?

A: Nine countries that are members of OPEC are members of the WTO, where they have agreed to certain rules that I believe OPEC by definition violates. Also, we have never used antitrust laws in our country to really go at the heart of what is a monopoly cartel.


So, this woman who gets massive million dollar bribes from OPEC was going to get tough on them!  When she became Secretary of State she protected OPEC and in particular, the odious, evil Saudi Royals.  The US went after Russia and Iran, not Saudi Arabia which owns many of our government leaders just like Adelson owns Congress, both parties.


Investigate gas price manipulation; add windfall profits tax


Q: What are you going to do about gas prices? $4 a gallon is killing truckers.

A: #1, we are going to investigate these gas prices. The federal government has tools that this administration will not use, in the Federal Trade Commission, because I believe there is market manipulation going on, particularly among energy traders. We’ve seen this movie before, in Enron, and we’ve got to get to the bottom to make sure we’re not being taken advantage of. #2, I would quit putting oil into the Strategi Petroleum Reserve and I would release some to help drive the price down globally. And #3, if there is any kind of gas tax moratorium, as some people are now proposing–

Q: Like John McCain.

A:–like John McCain, and some Democrats, frankly. What I would like to see us do is, if we have $4 gas, then we should have a windfall profits tax on these outrageous oil company profits, and put that money back into the highway trust fund, so that we don’t lose out on repair & construction & rebuilding.


The chatter about giving a tax holiday was pure politics.  It was no holiday, it was supposed to be a special tax on energy corporations and note how this never happened.  Even when the Democrats ran the House, the Senate and the White House, it never appeared in public again.  The gross attempts at bribing voters with false promises is very clear in this case.


Cap-and-trade as president; compact fluorescents at home


Q: Can we address global poverty and climate change without changing our standard of living?

A: I believe there is so much we can do that would not demonstrably undermine our standard of living, but it would give us the opportunity to set an example an to be a model. There are simple steps any one of us can take–turning off lights when one leaves a room, unplugging appliances, changing to compact fluorescent bulbs–my husband and I have done that & we feel like we’re making a small contribution to limiting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. I hope that, as president, I can model that and lead that effort so that people don’t feel so threatened by the changes we’re talking about when it comes to dealing with global warming. And we can do more. Now there’s so much that I have to do as president with the cap-and-trade system, with moving away from our dependence on foreign oil, but I’m going to look for ways that will cushion the costs on middle class and working and poor people.


This greenhouse gas female flew all over the planet over and over again.  She and her family have a gargantuan CO2 footprint and like most of the CO2 hysterics who are very rich, she and her family live a carefree lifestyle.  She lied about how the cap and trade wouldn’t hurt the poor.  They are being slaughtered by this.


Lightbulbs: old style lightbulbs are ridiculously cheap.  The fluorescent ones cost ten times more.  Every dime a poor family  has is very precious whereas multibillionaires don’t even notice the cost of a lightbulb.  She also talked about reliance on foreign oil which is ritual for all politicians.  The oil corporations are not menaced by global warming hysteria.  The citizens of first world countries are very much menaced by this.


Several ways, in fact: nearly all first world countries are also the places where the Ice Ages hit the worst.  The equatorial nations have little to worry about and Africa had virtually no effect from Ice Ages, at least, cold effects. The general drop in rainwater did increase deserts there but the US was tundra or glaciers all the way down to Arkansas and North Carolina, for example.


This double faced female, Hillary, talks about how she is going to stop OPEC from charging higher prices, yapping about how costly gasoline hurts Americans who need to drive long distances…and then says the cap and trade scam which is a huge tax on energy, won’t harm anyone…and then says she wants a ‘tax holiday’ on gasoline to help people suffering from high gasoline prices!!! The spinning going on here is a merry-go-round of total lies told with naked baldness with the interviewer not mentioning the utter contradiction of all her proposed policies.



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16 responses to “Hillary Clinton Took Bribes From OPEC While Claiming She Would Stop OPEC

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine: First off, I’d like to thank you for NOT posting a pic of that vile, serial lying, corrupt, thoroughly despicable Hillary Clinton. Besides, we all know what she looks like. Hillary’s multiple scandals , her track record, her promotion of NAFTA. In ANY honest and fair electoral system, even one with a small amount of honesty, Hillary Clinton couldn’t be elected dog catcher. In the US electoral system for President, all the Hillary Clinton scandals bounce off her like so much Teflon. Remember John Edwards. the one-time Presidential candidate who had to bow out because he was married AND got his girlfriend preggers? Absolutely amazing. Being bought and paid for by foreign entities, enriching oneself illegally (think Castle Grande re Hillary), and at the least questionably such as Hillary’s “charitable” foundation. THAT doesn’t disqualify you. Nary a peep from the presstitute media, but get some chica pregnant? Instant disqualifier. You couldn’t script this, folks.

  2. DeVaul

    I find it a little surreal that the next election will be between another Clinton and another Bush, and that this has already been preordained — even though some famous religious figure has not come forward to announce it.

    I sometimes wish that I could transport the Founding Fathers to this time period and let them see what became of their “great undertaking”. I think only Benjamin Franklin would say: “Doesn’t surprise me”.

  3. Peter C.

    Its what happens in corrupt 3rd world countries,family dynasties!

  4. vengeur

    Remember how Hillary Hypocrisy Clinton bet $1000 on cattle futures and made $100,000? The odds of an average person playing the futures market and making a hundredfold gain are ridiculously small.

  5. Ken

    As we get closer to the election it will be interesting to see if Elaine finally settles on a candidate who is acceptable to her.


    ELAINE: In lieu of no one I vote for the one who won’t destroy the basic civil rights of my children or myself which eliminates most Republicans these days.

    Once upon a time I DID support Republicans! Now, no way. If only they stopped their war on females and anyone with unusual sex lives, they are dead to me.

    I DO support third party candidates and have actively campaigned for these over and over again, for years and years. Alas, this has not been a fun thing, either. There seems to be no one.

  6. Old Ari

    It was a pity that the Founding Fathers didn’t opt for a parliamentary government. It would be better if there were three parties, at least, being elected. It was very presumptuous for the FFs, to think they could come up with a political system, from scratch, better than a system which had evolved, over centuries. And finally in this rant, it is ridiculous to have three different elected rulers.

  7. Elaine Supkis

    I agree. Minorities get better representation this way, they can join with one or another party to gain power while remaining independent.

    This is why blacks gain little traction: they can’t switch between Republicans and Democrats.

  8. Petruchio

    @#6 Old Ari: It would be great if the US of A had a Parliamentary system. I would REALLY enjoy watching the President once or twice a month having to go before Congress and answering questions from the Opposition. Wouldn’t it have been great fun to watch “Dubaya” or Obama squirm like the corrupt little piggies they are under questioning by someone like Dennis Kucinich? That would be television worth watching. As an added bonus, the presstitute media would have difficulty spinning those Q and A sessions. Also the option of a “No Confidence” vote would be good. Have a national referendum on the Presidents job every two years. If it’s a No vote, the Prez doesn’t get to serve his/her remaining two years, unless he survives the vote. If not, there will be a new national election. Let’s at least make the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson have to dig even deeper into their pockets to buy politicians. The Ruling elites would fight this kind of change, tooth, fang and claw; it would seriously weaken their influence, and they know it.

  9. Ken

    I agree that a parliamentarian system would better represent the interests of the voters. But we don’t have one so we need to work with what we’ve got.

    However, if you look at the big picture, our current system has some similarities to a parliamentarian system. Instead of the main parties forming alliances with semi-like-minded smaller parties in order to form a governing coalition, the smaller “parties” actually join the main party that is closest to their views philosophically. As a result, the Democrats attract left wing crazies and the Republicans attract right wing crazies.

    Generally speaking, refusing to vote for one of the main parties just because some crazies have come under the common umbrella is no different than refusing to vote for a main party because you do not like the minor “parties” who are part of their governing coalition. The net effect of not voting (or voting for a third party) is to actually help the main party that is farthest from your political views.

    The thing to do is find and vote for individual candidates within a major party who come closest to your views. In that way the “normal” members of the party will have more clout, and thereby diminish the influence of the fringe crazies.

  10. melponeme_k


    Words can not even describe how ridiculous this thing is that is supposed to pass for comedy.


    And when is this supposedly non-white majority occur, I would like to know when. Because in my personal experience, it hasn’t happened and doesn’t look like it will happen in my lifetime. What propaganda like this does, is give real minorities a false sense of security to act out.

    Just go outside the cities…and everyone will realize that these stories are false. And weren’t there stories recently about Hispanics labeling themselves white on census forms? So are they just fudging answers and numbers on these surveys?

  11. Ken

    Just testing to see if this line is still open. There’s been no activity for quite a while.

  12. Petruchio

    One other big benefit to the Parliamentary system is the need to form coalition style Parties. This happens when the Party in power is edging closer and closer to a vote of No Confidence–and then they are out of Power altogether. So to survive a no confidence vote, the Party in power will make concessions, or in other words allow other Parties to have some influence over governance. It’s not a winner-takes-all kind of electoral process, and that’s a good thing. Yes, things work one way in theory and another in practice, but the current, winner-takes-all system is CLEARLY in need of major reform.

  13. DeVaul

    Elaine is probably at the hospital with her husband. That is usually what causes her to stop writing for a few days. After ten years, I have learned that only a medical emergency or natural disaster can keep her away from daily news for more than a few days.

  14. Ken

    Has Elaine been publishing this blog for 10 years? Wow!

  15. tio

    I am worried, I hope all is well.

  16. emsnews

    I spent Friday night at the hospital with my father in law who survived.

    I got sick with his infection. I spent all of today in bed, sound asleep and find it very hard to type due to being sick.

    Am finally feeling a bit better now, hope to post something tomorrow.

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