Fukushima Continues To Run Out Of Control

▶ Japan: Drone captures TONNES of nuclear waste being stored at Fukushima – YouTube


Even as mainstream media screams about ‘global warming’ and ‘California’s deserts are DRY!’ we have studious silence about Fukushima.  This Chicken Little approach to reality has a heavy price: the nuclear disaster that is still quite active and going strong, is definitely affecting the environment in deadly ways.  And no one has the faintest idea how to stop this.


Pumps at Fukushima plant halted, toxic water leaking into ocean – TEPCO announced several hours ago.  There are these giant holding tanks as well as mountains of toxic dry waste sitting at Fukushima.  The plastic doesn’t stop the radiation.  Like a cancer, this stuff is accumulating steadily.


In between this, the toxins are dumped directly into the ocean.  Instead of protesting Fukushima, we have seen giant demonstrations demanding more nuclear power and a stop to warm weather.  Even as this demand for a colder climate is being serviced by Mother Nature, they concentrate on the one warm spot on earth: California and the ‘warm spot’ in the Pacific Ocean and scream that we are roasting to death, even as the rest of the planet cools.


Snow in Erzurum, Turkey as April ends, New snowfall warning in Quebec where last weekend, liberal youngsters in college marched to demand more snow.  Wow, it worked!  South Africa endures snowy winter weekend – in the Autumn!  New England’s historic winter pushes back growing season by one to two weeks and sheep herders in Scotland and northern England are being warned that these may be a blizzard this week and they must rescue the baby lambies who just came out of the womb this month.


Second robot captures glow inside stricken Fukushima plant: it is definitely broiling hot in the reactor’s vicinity there.  Nuclear power will save the world, UN scientists claimed back in 2007.  National Geographic which should change its name to Global Warming Hysterical Monthly Periodical, says nuclear power will save the earth, too.


The earth doesn’t give a hoot if it is hot or cold, nuclear poison or pre-Cambrian seas, it is utterly indifferent to the weather or life forms, these change and come and go while the planet mercilessly rotates in space while whirling around a rather agitated indistinguishable star, the Sun.  Saving ourselves is something different and we are menaced by the possibility of nuclear war which would end up blowing up quite a few nuclear power plants as well as cities.


A noxious future indeed and I used to organize and participate in anti-nuclear war/anti-nuclear power demonstrations since 1966.  It disgusts me to see the destruction of this movement and the twisting of it around so it does the exact opposite of what I worked so hard to do in the past.


The message  has been destroyed.  And I mourn the loss of sanity and focus on the real human dangers to us all: World War III which our rulers seem bent on creating.


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35 responses to “Fukushima Continues To Run Out Of Control

  1. DeVaul

    A robot sent inside Fukushima died while taking photos. That is some strong radiation. They cannot even see what is inside or at the bottom of the containment vessel (a large hole in the ground?).

    At RT I read that radioactive vessels from the nuclear tests were towed out to sea and sunk off of San Francisco 60 years ago. Great. One scientist said the sea water acted as a barrier to the spread of the radiation. Really?

    And then there is this:


    The white police force quits rather than serve under a black woman.

    Sigh. What has changed?


    ELAINE: They are sane. They do not want to go to prison for doing their job, trying to stop out of control criminals. As I keep warning everyone, go after the cops, the cops stop fighting crime and criminals are utterly heartless and would stomp you and everyone else into the ground for one buck.

  2. Sunger

    Fukushima is just a fore-runner of what is to come. We have about 450 nuke power plants on the globe and most or all of them have water cooling pools for spent fuel.

    The thing is that the water in the cooling pools is moved around by electric pumps. If the grid, regionally, nationally, or global goes down, these plants lose the cooling ability of the spent fuel pools. They all turn into Fukushimas.

    And meanwhile, our esteemed leaders are playing poke-the-bear with heavily armed nuclear powers like Russia. No better way to commit human mass suicide than a nuclear war followed by the fire of hell unleashed by the melting of the spent fuel storage piles.

    The pathetic GOP is calling for a war with Russia- ie Walker, Rubio.

    Have a good day!

  3. Jim R

    The plants that have been shut down, like Vermont Yankee, have never solved the problem of what to do with their spent fuel. It still sits at the site of the plant, either in the pools or in these “dry casks” … after four or five hundred years, some of the more dangerous isotopes will have decayed back to the realm of stable matter. Other isotopes take thousands, or millions, of years … but of course are not so ‘hot’ from a radiation aspect.

    So, in the very best case, we are asking our descendants to carefully guard and maintain the containers for this stuff for centuries, even though they will not benefit in any way from the stupendous amount of energy it all contains. It is a recipe for repeated disasters throughout future history.

    In the less-than-best cases, the storage areas are raided by lunatics (humans) for some temporary political reason or other (war, you know). Or the care and feeding of the pools and containers is neglected, and they catch fire and burn, and start having uncontrolled fission … there is still quite a bit of fissionable material in all that stuff.

    These things needed to be shut down when Elaine started protesting, back in the 60s and 70s. By now, even the best cases are disasters.

    As for Fukushima … storing all that stuff right by the ocean, in the planet’s worst earthquake zone. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  4. Jim R

    As for what to do about it, they needed to take my advice, freely given on internet sites, right back at the beginning.

    1. Don’t dump water on it, that just spreads the radioactive waste around and makes a bigger mess. It is TOO LATE to keep the reactor cool when it has obviously melted down.
    2. Drive sheet pilings into the ground around the plant. Sheet pilings are these huge slabs of steel that are used in dam-construction projects where they want to make a temporary dam, a ‘cofferdam’. This to prevent the movement of ground water.
    3. Dump sand and borax and lead on the melted corium, like they did at Chernobyl. You can’t put out a grease fire with water, nor a nuclear fire.
    4. Keep filtering and trying to accumulate and isolate and sequester the radwaste. The primary objective is keeping it out of the ocean.
    5. IMMEDIATELY remove the undamaged spent fuel assemblies into ‘dry casks’ and remove them from the site, to some safe location far from the water. Preferably far from Japan, but nobody wants them.

  5. joseppi

    A drone marked with the radioactive sign and equipped with a camera, flare and water bottle, was found on the roof of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office.


  6. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    Your advice seems sound, but I wonder how they would drive pilings into a beach, which fronted one side of the four reactors. And who would want to be the Guinea pigs to do that so close to the reactors? Only 50 men dared remain on guard. The rest fled.

    If the reactors were not on the beach, I think your plan would definitely be the way to go, and I am not even sure why they did not at least try it. The whole idea of “recovering” the nuclear rods or goo is just beyond belief.

    In my opinion, this is what happened that day:

    1) All four cores melted down within an hour or so of Abe and his staff being alerted to the impending disaster.

    2) Seppuku would not solve anything since Abe did not build the reactors, and the other alternative was to declare a national emergency and evacuate everyone immediately, but this would have resulted in people grabbing radioactive belongings and fleeing with them to other towns, creating a nationwide panic — which would then require Abe to commit seppuku.

    3) Tepco is a criminal syndicate that had no interest in cleaning up their mess or spending any real money on preventing the disaster from spreading. Their leaders simply left the country with their money.

    4) It did not matter who was in charge of Japan because the extent of the disaster exceeded anything they were even remotely able to handle, so Abe, being a criminal politician, just did what such men always do and stalled and tried to cover-up the disaster since he had no other real plan on his desk.

    5) The final plan that was agreed upon was nothing more than media control of the unprecedented disaster, i.e. feed it to the public in tiny spoonfuls over many years so that they do not march on the capital and hang the PM and his entire cabinet in a sudden surge of outrage.

    I think France or Britain would have done the same thing with their nuclear power plants right on the ocean too.

  7. Jim R

    Well, they could change the tradition a little, and if someone feels the urge to seppuku himself, he could at least go to the site and operate a bulldozer or crane for a little while.

    Feh. Stupid Japs.

  8. Sunger

    So what happens if some significant fraction of the other 54 Japanese nuke power plants end up like Fukushima when the Japanese have just proved that they are unable to deal with just one Fukushima?

    I wonder at what point the collapsing Japanese economy and unfavorable demographics will leave the country financially unable to deal with any of this?

  9. Jim R

    As for driving pilings on the beach or wherever, it’s not rocket science. It’s civil engineering, which in many ways is MORE complex. But they’ve been building dams and piers and bridges for centuries… short answer is I don’t know.

    How did they stop the river when they build Hoover Dam, for example? They had to drill a tunnel through the mountain to bypass the water, but they also had to stop it from entering the work site, and all the way down to bedrock. That was back in the ’40s. Have they lost the recipe?

    And when Chernobyl blew up, the Russians sacrificed thousands of solders to the effort. You’d think with all that wizbang robot technology, Japan could simply put some of their toys to work picking up debris, but the stupid things die faster than the humans at the site….

  10. DeVaul

    I agree with you that the Japanese should have done the same as the Russians, but I wonder how the pilings would stay on a beach that is subject to constant erosion by seawater. That was my concern.

  11. Jim R

    Of course such a dam is always a temporary structure, to control water flows until any permanent structure is in place. That such a temporary measure has not been started is testament to their incompetence / mendacity. Any permanent structure would require a LOT of concrete, but clearly isn’t being built, either.

    As things stand, they’re polluting the whole fricken’ Pacific Ocean with that crud. And while I don’t buy into the notion that every marine life plague (e.g. the seastar die-off) is a direct result of this, the fact remains that Sr-90, Cs-137, etc. have been measured in fish all over the place. Where there should be none at all, from nature.

    That is to say, the increase resulting from Fuku is measurable. There was already a trace of the stuff left from bomb tests done in the 50s and 60s. Remember the baby tooth study, Elaine?

  12. emsnews

    I was operated on when only 12 years old thanks to nuclear bomb testing. I have the ‘thyroid necklace’ even to this day you can see it.

    My best friend died of radiation cancers that same summer. I had a HUGE fight with my dad who knew the bomb tests were killing us. He went to Kennedy and said the tests must stop.

    Kennedy was shot dead that next year.

  13. Jim R

    As for the sheet pilings, DeVaul, I’m pretty sure the civil engineering solution involves some really big heavy machines and a lot of pounding. It takes a lot of pounding to drive steel into bedrock, but it can be done.

    It isn’t like pitching a tent on the beach, where the stakes just pull out and fall away. Sand has nothing to do with it. But then, Japanese bedrock has been known to move all by itself. So there’s that.

    If they were the least, tiniest, bit serious about it they’d be putting a LOT of concrete into place. The Russians did this at Chernobyl at an extreme cost, but their sarcophagus is sort-of holding thirty years later.

  14. emsnews

    The cement at Chernobyl has deteriorated. The nuclear activity does this.

  15. Jim R

    Yeah, I know. They were going to build a more permanent enclosure, but that activity is on ‘pause’ because of the ‘war’.

    Such will be the story of future history. The plant finally blew up because they neglected it, but they can’t fix it because the whole place has gone Mad Max and nobody has the heavy earth-moving equipment or the thousands of obedient soldiers any more.

    And, nuclear activity is hard on everything that is made of ordinary matter. In other words, everything. Because the forces involved are so much stronger than the electromagnetic force which holds ordinary chemical bonds together. I learned a new word from Wikipedia recently: metamict. It refers to minerals which contain elements such as Thorium, where once-perfect crystals degrade into this crud that looks like rust, because of radioactive decay.

  16. kenogami

    A small correction @ 6.
    Abe was not pm of Japan when Fukushima blew up; it was Naoto Kan who, from what I read at the time, is an honest man. But he was constantly lied to by the Tepco scumbags, who told him repeatedly that everything was under control. It was months before Kan understood that his underlings and Tepco were lying to him and he was in a fury.

  17. Lou

    In Japan, there are elderly people committing minor crimes in order to be incarcerated. They are alone, no assets, it’s the only way they can get help.

  18. DeVaul

    @ Elaine,

    I hope they replace them with brown or black skinned officers so we can see what happens in the next few years. Maybe people who don’t sever a person’s spine on the way to the police station might do better with the local community in a small town. Let’s wait and see.

    “But I don’t think they hurt the town any by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people.”


    ELAINE: You obviously never have encountered a pissed off black cop. Hint: even they get very pissed off sometimes and do damage. You just won’t hear about it.

  19. DeVaul

    @ kenogami

    Thanks for the correction, but one thing I wanted to point out was that even if the PM was Joan of Arc, what was she going to do? If the honest man had ordered an evacuation using false info from Tepco, then radiation would be tracked all over Japan by refugees. The rage would fall on him anyway.

    The nuclear power plants should never have been built. Anywhere.

  20. DeVaul

    “You just won’t hear about it. ”

    You mean like how we never “heard” (or rather, never saw) the pissed off white cops until everyone and their mother was armed with a phone camera?

    You mean like that?

    Don’t worry. White people will soon be videotaping them — unless they don’t exist, which will make your preconceived view of black police officers as brutal ruffians difficult to maintain.

  21. emsnews

    Eh? We already have videos of nasty black cops. It just doesn’t appear in the news with lots of yelling about how evil they are. Hispanic cops do this, too.

    It is a fantasy that white cops hurt people. All cops can do this but then they are dealing with an army of violent people who are breaking the law. Throughout history law enforcers have been harsh people.

    Even MOMMIES are nasty, they hit their kids to discipline them. We now say spanking is evil but when I was a child, my mother hit me with all sorts of objects, hit hard and often.

    This is why for amusement, I would don armor and fight medieval battles where I would get all bruised up and would laugh about it later. Indeed, amusement for inner city black males is to smash each other up!!!! FIGHTING IS FUN.

    But if a cop hits them, they go ‘poor me’. Go look up the hoards of videos of black children and teens fighting mass battles over territory.

  22. Petruchio

    “We now say spanking is evil but when I was a child, my mother hit me with all sorts of objects, hit hard and often. ” OK, I’ll ask: did you deserve it or not? It makes a difference, imho. Mothers who use corporal punishmentonly when their kids misbehave is one thing. Mothers who smack their kids because they are mad at the world is a whole ‘nother matter. Gee whiz, Elaine. Weren’t you always a little angel, growing up as a kid? lol

  23. DeVaul

    “It is a fantasy that white cops hurt people.”


    So… the cops we saw in the videos were blacks and Hispanics who had spray painted themselves white? It is the black cops who we must watch out for because they kill a high number of unarmed white thugs every year?

    I don’t follow your reasoning on this matter at all, Elaine.

    My mother used to spank me, and one time slapped me across the face because she was mad at my father, then she started crying and yelling “what have I done?” I remember seeing us both in the mirror of the bathroom, and I realized then that neither of my parents were adults.

    Only my mamaw and papaw disciplined me in a manner consistent with the purpose of the punishment for something I did wrong, and I remembered it and knew I deserved it. I never deserved the beatings I got from my parents.

    Too many parents hit their children out of anger at someone else instead of the child, who sometimes may have done nothing wrong at all. I think our whole society copies the kind of punishment handed down by our leaders, which is not consistent at all and is disproportional to any wrongdoing.

  24. emsnews

    And if you ‘diss’ a black male in many US communities, they KILL YOU. Since few whites dare go these places much at all anymore, 90% of the people killed by angry black males are other angry black males and THIS issue is being totally ignored by the media and the left.

  25. DeVaul

    So now we go from black police officers to black gangsters.

    Are the two the “same” in your mind? I suspect they are.

  26. emsnews

    How bizarre.

    Did you know that the top cop, the police chief in Baltimore which is now seeing police brutality demonstrations is…BLACK?

    Baltimore has a very high crime rate, too. And most new cops hired are now black and the mayor is black and like Detroit…it is falling off the same cliff as Detroit and this ultimately has more to do with FREE TRADE eliminating US working class jobs!

    Which I keep pointing out and demonstrators are NOT going after free trade disowning of US workers at all. Demonstrators want no cops and want no oil or gas or coal but rather, global cooling. Two things fatal for most cities.

    THAT is what I am 100% against.

  27. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Fighting is fun, until you suffer a permanent serious injury; such as having the eyes clawed out, or having a knee totally destroyed, or suffering a permanent spinal cord injury. And you can never tell which opponent will have the skill, training, or dumb luck to inflict such an injury. It is laughably simple to do it. You don’t have to be particularly big, strong, or be an advanced martial artist, for example.

  28. Pontiff Holysh*t

    So the moral is only bullies think fighting is fun.

    Death to bullies, I say (or at least serious bodily injury).

  29. emsnews

    I did medieval warfare for many years. It was an interesting experience and yes, not all that many women were in full steel armor fighting with lance and sword.

    It was a great deal of fun. I got to use ancient battle tactics, too. Lesson #1: the person with the best voice projection can rule an entire battlefield if you are loud enough.

  30. Dheep'

    “Of course such a dam is always a temporary structure, ” – So let us do nothing because we only have a Temporary solution ? Just an Excuse to do Nothing as always.
    All of Mankind & Existence is only temporary. Of course some Folks seem to think they can take their Money with them, but …..

  31. Jim R

    They haven’t even tried the temporary solution. They’re just pitifully dumping water on a nuclear fire and hoping to put it out. And thereby creating huge amounts of contaminated water.

    The temporary structure at Chernobyl is barely holding, starting to fall apart. But at least they built one. I don’t know how the ‘permanent’ shield is coming along, but there’s a war going on now, you know.

    And hundreds of other nuke plants of that exact same design are still online and cranking out tons of spent fuel, stacking it up in their cooling pools. If there’s ever an extended outage of grid power, we now know that they will do the same thing as Fukushima Daiichi.

  32. Lou

    How bad is it? Is the ‘green goo’ in the Pacific due to radiation?

  33. Jim R

    Which green goo are you talking about, the floating plastic, or the algae?

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