Sick S*cks

Dear Readers,


I speed type.  This is how I write lots of stories.  It is very hard to speed type when running a high fever.


My father-in-law called me Friday at midnight to tell me he was scared and I took him to the hospital and we discovered he had a form of strep throat.  After diagnosis, he went home at 3 am and I got home at 4 am.  I then had to get up the next morning fairly early to move my ex-huband out of his house which we are selling due to his increasing disabilities.


This is because the main water line in the house broke and I was finished rebuilding his apartment which is two blocks away from my mountain in Berlin.  So instead of a leisurely move taking a week, my daughter and I had to move him in one day.  At the end of this, I felt rather badly and went to bed only to wake up at 3 am with a very painful swelling in the throat.


I had the stupid strep.  This sort of thing happens to nursing staff all the time which makes it a dangerous job indeed which is why I had a ton of sympathy for nurses during the ebola crisis…except for the nurse that refused quarantine.


The upshot here is, since we had no water in ex-husband’s house, I couldn’t wash my hands frequently and my daughter got the illness from me via touching hands.  Talk about a mess!


Anyhow, I am slowly feeling better and better.  But my fee for paying for special posting privileges for my blog is due May 1st so donations even from people mad at me for not hewing to the dogmatic lines of political correctness on the left or the right, could keep up this madcap conversation we are having by donating via pay pal or direct mail to my address.


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Petersburgh, NY 12138

Make checks out to ‘Elaine Supkis’

Click on the Pegasus icon on the right sidebar to donate via Paypal.


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5 responses to “Sick S*cks

  1. e sutton

    Sorry to hear that! Sending a donation your way. Get well!

  2. emsnews

    Many thanks, some readers this last month sent donations and I love them all, very sweet people.

    Every joint hurts right now. It hurts to type and I keep making mistakes.

  3. Christian W

    Get well soon! I was just knocked out for a week by a stupid virus myself boo.

  4. emsnews

    Many readers sent in donations which was absolutely wonderful! I am eternally grateful!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks, everyone!!!!

  5. Petruchio

    Elaine: get well soon. Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery…

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