Jewish Political Money: Der Verboten Stoff Amerikaner Volk Nicht Sprechen Kann

Lindsey Graham’s “All-Jewish Cabinet” « LobeLog talks about a GOP Presidential candidate who got drunk and told the truth about Jewish money.  Namely, to get this ‘easy money’ all he has to do is promise to have Jews run the government behind his back.  In this case, a 100% Jewish cabinet to advise him.  The author of this piece then goes on to admonish him, saying, ‘Psst…you are not supposed to TALK about this openly!!!  Duh!’



Graham hasn’t made any secret of his desire to curry favor from the RJC’s pro-Netanyahu, pro-Likud board of directors. But suggesting that “pro-Israel funding” may determine his choice of cabinet secretaries (as well as his policies) may make even his potential benefactors squirm just a little bit in light of the purposes to which real anti-Semites who believe “Jewish money” controls the U.S. government might put such a statement…


Adelson hands out money to all and sundry to insure that he controls our nation and can use it as his own tool.  The fact that the GOP candidates view this as an easy way to gain power and they don’t care if this power is used by others…namely, the GOP is a PUPPET…he just wants his hand on the government mainly to do thing to torment Americans like eliminate civil rights of women, gays, blacks and other people.


The fact is, Adelson doesn’t care about civil rights, either.  He is a total elitist.  He believes that Jews should rule the planet and they should use this power to crush others and steal stuff.  He is the classic evil grasping Jew.  Telling everyone it is ‘antisemitic’ to call this terrible man ‘a grasping Jew wanting dictatorial power’ is stupid because he is a Jew and he is using his gambling money to take over our nation and drive us into very, very expensive wars and run our economic system so he get richer and we get poorer.


Jews who are liberals and that is the majority, should be attacking this monster and drive him out of politics and out of America because he is a traitor and a dual citizen who has no interest in protecting us but is very interested in his true home state.  The Jews, themselves, announce regularly that Israel is their real home.  So if they live as if this were so, they become traitors to any other country so shouldn’t be allowed, if dual citizens, to hold public positions.


What is much worse is, the Saudis and the Jews both buy Congress and Presidents via bribes disguised as ‘campaign donations’ thanks to our Supreme Court ruling that anyone can give anything as bribes so long as it supposedly goes into a ‘charity’ run by the corrupt politicians like Hillary’s scam operation, or is for ‘election costs’ which the Democrats and Republicans both use as a bribe funnel.  They all go first class this way.


Hillary is using her Jewish money to drive around in a very expensive SUV pretending to ‘meet the people’ in various photo ops, for example.  She will go back to the private jet stuff in another week or two.  The GOP gang is desperate to go first class and they all flew in to Las Vegas to beg for first class tickets.


Fifteen million dollars is exactly what Adelson and his wife Miriam provided to keep former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign afloat for many weeks after its natural life expectancy, so it’s probably a pretty easy get for Graham…

Still, Graham should make a greater effort to avoid feeding anti-Semitic tropes (even over a glass of wine on the high-intensity campaign trail), as much as Adelson himself seems to invite them.


The last sentence here reveals how the Jews want it both ways.  Lobe, the writer of this revealing article, is Jewish.  He wants to HIDE all of this while at the same time, is shocked by it because it is all so naked.  He prefers to fix this by hiding it, putting it all under a basket so Jewish bribes will be hidden again.  He wants Adelson to be more discrete and perhaps use third parties to hand out the bribes.


He isn’t appalled by the fact that Jews are openly bribing politicians.  The US media goes to great lengths to hide Jewish influence.  Reporters, actors, media people, presidents of corporations in the media world change their names to hide their identity.  They work very hard at preventing people from knowing their true nature.


Black people can’t do this.  True, many work hard to lighten their skin and make their hair Nordic but generally, anyone can see at a glance who they are.  Jews often have significant surgical and cosmetic changes, too, all designed to make one look more like a Nazi than a Jew.  This bizarre changeover is amazing to watch.


The Nordic Ideal rules while the people doing this complain bitterly about Nazis!  This cultural clash is unnerving.  My family is half Jewish and none of us hide this fact.  I was Mrs. Levy for many years.  My ex is fully Jewish.  We have Chinese ethnic family members, too.  The Chinese ones don’t change their hair or faces to look like Nazis.  But people lecturing me about race and ethnicity do exactly that: hide many things.  I am referring to mainstream liberals in this remark.


Flinging ‘antisemitism’ around whenever anyone notices that the Federal Reserve is now mainly run by Jews, is self-defeating.  It confirms to people learning this startling information that the Jews are desperate to hide this information from the public and it, in turn, feeds into feeling antisemitic.  Suspicions rise, don’t they?  Since Jews in Israel are going full-Nazi now, this makes the unease worse.


They are saying, Naziism is great…FOR JEWS.  No one else is allowed to have Nazi policies.  But Jews can.  This ends badly for Jews because they are a very small minority and stealing all of Adelson’s loot is extremely easy if the US goes full Nazi.  Which will happen when the government goes bankrupt due to excessive and continuous debts and the dollar suddenly becomes more worthless.  Then, the peasants will be seeking loot and rich Jews will be at the top of the list, make no mistake.


This is most upsetting for me because my family is half Jewish and totally against this looting as well as the corruption of the government by rich Jews.  It has to stop.  Just as the blowback from Israeli racist policies is bad for the US.  The white Southern Christians love the fact that Jews get to viciously discriminate against everyone in Israel and correctly believe that they, too, have moral permission from God to do the same here in the US.  Liberal Jews disagree but they don’t own the government, only the rich Jews own the government.


And even liberal Jews think that Naziism is OK so long as one is a Nazi towards Palestinians.  Then there is this headline: Putin Warns Israel Against Arming Ukraine.  Jews can start WWIII just like anyone else who has power and no common sense or limits on warmongering lust.


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27 responses to “Jewish Political Money: Der Verboten Stoff Amerikaner Volk Nicht Sprechen Kann

  1. DeVaul

    Well, here is our president talking about our neighbors and their security:

    “My goal is not to resolve conflicts and tensions in the [Middle East] region through more war,” he said.

    “My goal is to make sure we can negotiate a deal we know we can verify that ensures Israel is safe and ensures our neighbors like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are safe and that there is not a nuclear arms race in the region,” Obama told MSNBC.

    I wonder where America is now to have neighbors like that.

  2. Jim R

    An interesting development out of the Ukraine recently — the Zionist oligarch, Igor Kolomoyski, who was apparently upset at the way Porky was running his company, went to its headquarters with his security detail … that was in the news, we saw it a few weeks ago.

    Well, he seems to have disappeared from view since then. Unclear whether he is still in the Ukraine. He also had Swiss and Israeli passports, I think.

    At any rate, some of the Ukropian twitter feeds were thick with messages about ‘roasting’ him in the wake of the above-mentioned incident. Apparently, the Ukraine still has some old-fashioned Nazis like they had in WWII. And Jews will not fare well in their care, regardless of their wealth or their stance on Zionism.


    ELAINE: The Kiev street power belongs to Nazi Nazis of the Old Hitler School. They hate Jews. And the US Zionists put them in power. One of the stupidest moves in history….

  3. Ken

    Elaine’s situation is not uncommon in my experience. Almost all of my Jewish friends are very nice. Unlike Elaine’s situation I did not marry a Jewish woman, but not because of concern that my children would be Jewish. I would not expect any of my Jewish friends to engage in the sort of behavior that I read and hear attributed to Jews across the world. None of them would intentionally steal billions, loot their home country or engage in Nazi like behavior. (Although all of them admit that their first loyalty is to Israel, even if they have never visited the place).

    Yet at the same time it is difficult to ignore that the great majority of financial crimes and abuses of political and economic power are committed by Jews. I have a hard time resolving this inconsistency in my mind. I hope this thread can give some clarity to the situation.

    With regard to the Jews being an oppressed minority, on the whole they seem to be doing very well in spite of being “oppressed”. I suspect that the whole discrimination thing is intentionally overblown within the Jewish community because it is part of the glue that holds the community together.

    Historically, every country where the Jews settled ended up hating and expelling them. Every one. In part I believe that this was because the Jews made a concerted effort not to assimilate into those societies. This was/is a two edged sword – Jews only exist as a discrete group today because they would not assimilate, but the refusal to assimilate also make them permanent outsiders. And as outsiders they are discriminated against by every culture and country in which they live.

    Most people would not like to be discriminated against. However, the Jews who I know they seem to relish it. It gives them a sense of identity as Jews. It is part of the basis for an “us verses them” view of the world that helps to prevent Jews from being assimilated into non-existence.

    I also think that this desire to remain separate from the rest of society, while minimizing actual discrimination, is responsible for the current push for “diversity.” If nobody assimilates, then no one can single out the Jews
    as being anti-American. The drawback to this self-centered approach, however, is that historically almost no non-cohesive society has survived for long. America’s experiment with diversity is causing us to embark on an uncharted journey.

    Okay. That’s a lot of food for thought. Have at it guys.


    ELAINE: Quite the contrary! Whenever Jews assimilate, they do this a great deal!!! They intermarry. And since the Echt Juden Jews hate this, they disown anyone in their families who assimilate. They refuse to see children of mixed marriages as ‘real grandchildren’ and disown even sons if they dare marry outside the Tribe.

    The assimilated Jews are wonderful people who are not tribal because they are kicked out of the tribe. So they are not protected by the Italian-style Omerta vow of silence.

    The Italians do the same thing so do other ethnic groups.

    I belong to the Norman Tribe. We are PARTICULARLY nasty and brutal. Much of European history and 1000 years of British History is all about our insane attempts at ruling and controlling everything while being nasty looters.

    Few can be as nasty except may say, the Mongols. Seriously.

    The wars we waged would go on for years on end. The 30 Years War, the 100 Years War, the War of the Roses, the Crusades, WWI, WWII, etc. We did all this over and over again, dragging the peasants along for the ride to hell.

  4. Petruchio

    To me, what is truly astonishing is that there are dual citizens in Congress AT ALL. This is so clearly a conflict of interest it shouldn’t even be a topic of debate. Yet there they are, a lot of the leading pols in Washington DC are dual citizens. And nary a peep from our presstitute media…..”Reporters, actors, media people, presidents of corporations in the media world change their names to hide their identity.” Speaking of actors, I noticed something again recently that I have noted before: if you watch for it, you will notice that the SAME 10-12 actors appear over and over and over in movies and on TV shows. I was watching a movie the other day and the top 3-4 actors in that movie, I can recall seeing them in multiples of other TV shows and movies. Same thing in the media. The folks running our media outlets are a VERY tight knit community.

  5. Christian W

    Interesting thoughts here in the comments. I encourage you to read this interview by the Saker with Gilad Atzmon. Gilad is a Jew who is highly critical of Zionism and Jewish power and identity politics.

    This interview presents some interesting concepts that completely fall in line with some of Ken’s observations, for example Sayanim, much exploited by the Mossad, and B’nai B’rith. Those concepts go to the root of Israel/the Tribe first. It also points out how ridiculous the Jewish narrative as the perpetual victims is.

  6. e sutton

    @Ken #3
    Okay. That’s a lot of food for thought. Have at it guys

    That’s a mighty, meaty bone you’ve thrown there, Ken! 😀

  7. emsnews

    Gilad has been driven out of work, he is a fine musician, due to standing up to Nazis in Israel. He is a very brave man.

    Dual citizens of ANY sort are anathema to me. My distant ancestors who started this thing called ‘The United States’ were very insistent that anyone coming here had to cleave their connections to their home states and swear fealty to the Constitution (NOT the government!).

    This was tossed out recently and thus we now have these dual citizens destroying our country.

  8. John

    Ancient tribal bigotries are the very death of mankind. Jews, Normans, Chinese – it makes no difference. Bloodline is bullshit. Who are YOU?!

  9. vengeur

    Meanwhile, I see in the German Press the nightmare harvest of another Evil U.S. Empire chaos/murder/misery campaign, this time the wonderful idea to overturn Khadaffi and plunge Libya and north Africa into the abyss of death and destruction and the resulting surge of those who flee it. Here in America we have people who have caused the deaths of millions of people in the middle east walking free, without the slightest fear of ANY accountability of their acts, one of whom offers herself up as a candidate for President. The people who control our country are diabolically evil.

  10. Petruchio

    I think it is important to differentiate. Israelis are (supposedly) jewish, but this doesn’t mean that they are identical to Jewish folks living in other countries. Take note of the name in AIPAC. It’s not jewish political action’s the Israel action committee. I’d be interested in seeing the polling data and see how much support for Israel’s current policies exist in the Jewish community. Not for Israel per se, but for the idiotic policies of people like Nuts and a yahoo. I think Israel exists in the minds of a lot of jewish people as a general concept, but they do not necessarily agree with the political realities/policies.

  11. Seraphim

    @The Kiev street power belongs to Nazi Nazis of the Old Hitler School. They hate Jews. And the US Zionists put them in power. One of the stupidest moves in history….

    Really, really? Some might slightly disagree:

    Avdim Yarosh, “Pravy Sektor” leader is also Jew. Also another leader of the “Pravy Sector” Borislav Bereza (real Jewish name Blyakher) also Jew, and not just a Jew but the religious Jew who are practicing Cohen.
    “Pravy Sector” is JEWISH FASCIST (Zionist-Nazi) organization!
    Here is confession of the leader and speaker of “Pravy Sector” (Right Sector) Borislav Bereza (Blyaher): “I’m Jew and Cohen…” in this interview he also called Russian people as “slaves”!…
    Right-Wing Ukrainian Leader Is (Surprise) Jewish, and (Real Surprise) Proud of It A Q&A with the Right Sector Parliamentarian Borislav Bereza…
    And it goes on, and on…

  12. emsnews

    There are several fascist organizations in Ukraine. And yes, one is run by Zionist fascists. The Bandera group is full blown Nazis which hates Jews.

    That caldron of hate will brew some wicked nastiness.

  13. Seraphim

    It can be demonstrated that Bandera was actually a prisoner in a German concentration camp for almost the entire duration of the War and that his organization was actively cooperating with Jews against the Germans!

    “In 1942 German intelligence concluded that Ukrainian nationalists were indifferent to the plight of the Jews and were willing to either kill them or help them, depending on what better served their cause. Several Jews took part in Bandera’s underground movement,[61] including one of Bandera’s close associates Richard Yary who was also married to a Jewish woman. Another notable Jewish UPA member was Leyba-Itzik “Valeriy” Dombrovsky. According to a report to the Chief of the Security Police in Berlin dated March 30, 1942, “…it has been clearly established that the Bandera movement provided forged passports not only for its own members, but also for Jews.”.The false papers were most likely supplied to Jewish doctors or skilled workers who could be useful for the movement.
    When Bandera was in conflict with the Germans, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army under his authority sheltered many Jews and included Jewish fighters and medical personnel. In the official organ of the OUN-B’s leadership, instructions to OUN groups urged those groups to “liquidate the manifestations of harmful foreign influence, particularly the German racist concepts and practices.” (Wikipedia).

    Today Svoboda members have denied the party is anti-Semitic. Party leader Tyahnybok stated in November 2012 “Svoboda is not an anti-Semitic party, Svoboda is not a xenophobic party. Svoboda is not an anti-Russian party. Svoboda is not an anti-European party. Svoboda is simply and only a pro-Ukrainian party”. In defense of these accusations, Tyahnybok has stated “I have repeatedly said that Svoboda is not an anti-Semitic organization.

  14. melponeme_k

    The power this group has is still very shaky at best and it has everything to do with being at the reins of the mass media. Mass media is what toppled the WASP bastions.

    “Jews often have significant surgical and cosmetic changes, too, all designed to make one look more like a Nazi than a Jew. This bizarre changeover is amazing to watch.’

    It is sadly ironic, becoming the monsters that persecuted them. They can’t see it. Then again I suppose they think they are being subversive by co-opting the cultural cues. But it isn’t co-opting, it just makes the former culture more powerful. Fitzgerald portrayed this nascent behavior in “The Great Gatsby”. Wolfsheim is continuously used as proof of the writer’s racism. But righteously disavow Gatsby as Jewish, a character in which Fitzgerald put all of his love.

  15. melponeme_k

    One more note about Gatsby. It is frequently stated that because he is a Midwesterner, he can’t be Jewish.

    But history shows that a good portion of Jewish German farmers settled along with their Christian counterparts in the American Midwest. Naturally being a tiny minority at the turn of the 19th century in a wilderness would cause a great many to keep their religion quiet. And it also creates a birthing ground for a Gatsby type to throw off the past and pursue the American delusion.

  16. Lou

    Mel–what are you trying to say?

  17. Christian W

    The power this group has is still very shaky at best and it has everything to do with being at the reins of the mass media.

    It’s not shaky at all. They are perfectly in control and they know it. The real power comes from being deeply entrenched, at root level, of the western financial system, the FED, Wall Street and London City. Consequently this group is in complete control of US intelligence, and therefore, US political and military systems as well. The media control is a spin off from that since media is ruled by the Pentagon and US State Department .

    The western elites, ie the US, UK and European old money elites, face the choice of either accepting the bankruptcy of the western debt financial model and blow up the banks and start all over, or go with the global conquest model and enforce hegemonic rule over all other systems and use the various streams of tribute to enrich themselves (ie Nazism).

    The German business and industrial elite may want to go with the Silk road and Russia/China cooperation model, because they know perfectly well that is where the real future growth is, but the German financial elite face the risk of having their precious Deutsche Bank blown up in retaliation if they don’t obey the financial masters in control of the western banking system. Quiet a dilemma, no?

    It is obvious the elites have chosen the second option. That is why the Zionists and Saudi/Gulf wahhabis and salafis are accepted into the core of the western system and are allowed to kill and conquer with impunity. They are simply the fist of the west, smashing any opposition in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and soon Iran. This war is expanding into Ukraine and Caucasus as well.

    The second option is the road of Nazism/Zionism/Wahhabism/Christian Dominionism. It is the road of military conquest to fix financial destitution. It is the death of freedom in the West and the birth of oligarchism and neo-feudalistic serf systems.

    The truly sad part is that it is other people that suffer the consequences for this insanity in the Western/Judeo/Wahhabi world. The elites know they can never achieve the complete domination that is essential for their scheme to work without breaking Russia. Russia knows perfectly well (I think) what the game is all about at this point. The western elites will keep trying to push Russia into a bind that will break it.

    Russia will eventually come to the point where it will have to answer with force, or break. Since the western elites only understand the language of force chances are Russia will have to detonate a nuke before the US/Zionists back off.

    Frankly, it will take a miracle for the world to avoid a nuclear disaster. The US Zionist elites are counting on Russia being sane and backing down voluntarily and bending to US Zionist will (for a second time!) rather than go down the path of war.

    The basic truth is that Russia IS far saner than the US Zionist elites. The US Zionists elites see that fact as a weakness in Russia. Ponder that for a minute. Sanity is actually and truly seen as weakness… how fucking crazy is that? If/when Russia answers back the ball will be in the US Zionist court and they WILL try to take out Russia rather than back down. They know that backing down is the end of them and they are so insane they cannot stop.

    The media control part is shown in the fact that when Russia does use force to protect itself the Western media will point to Russia as the aggressor and 95+ % of the US population (maybe somewhat less in Europe but still the majority) will fall in line with this insane belief, just like over 90% of Americans fully supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003 without knowing shit about reality. That is how effective the US propaganda machine was and is.

  18. melponeme_k


    Read my comments, read the quote I inserted of Elaine’s post, the look up the word nascent. How does all that fit into the current paradigm of many Jewish people trying to look WASP, supporting Zionism and decrying assimilation?


    The Jewish elite are only powerful in that they control the mass media and the elites. But they hide as much as they can behind all of this. Which means the control is only by an easily broken thread. They are an extremely, tiny minority among other minorities. Quite easily routed out as shown in past history.

    If they were so entrenched and sure of themselves, they wouldn’t need the plastic surgery nor let the Christian Right beat the Zionist drums. If you live on the USA coasts it seems as though American culture has meshed well with Jewish immigrant culture. Once you leave the ocean, that isn’t so. Not by a long shot. Maybe that will change. I’ve heard from my neighbors that there is quite a growing community of Jewish farmers in the Midwest now(dairies, etc).

  19. DeVaul

    Looks like Australia plans to go full blown Nazi on the remaining Aborigines of Australia just because they can.

    Their own relentless war against these poor people might explain why they are so gung-ho about every war America starts.

  20. Seraphim

    I don’t quite see what the Jewish question in Ukraine has to do with Gatsby. It is undeniable that they run the show there. When the President, the Prime-Minister, Ministers, MPs, militiamen, “oligarchs”, are Jewish and are fully backed by the Jewish “elites” in US (Nuland and the Kagans are just the tip of the iceberg) and EU, by all mass-media of two continents in lockstep, it is to be either extremely naive or disingenuous to say that “they are a tiny minority and their power is very shaky”. The accusations of Nazism, Fascism, are very cleverly designed to distract people from seeing the reality. It is easy to demonstrate, I remind, that Bandera was not a Nazi, therefore any labeling falls flat and it might be turned around as Russian propaganda. The label of Fascist, Nazist was applied to any “anti-Soviet” activity. Bandera and his organization was not indicted at Nuremberg. And if Svoboda or any other party would have been really anti-semitic you would not have heard of them.

  21. melponeme_k


    Read my post. Read what part of Elaine’s post I quoted. I did not refer to Ukraine at all. I was discussing assimilation and the tortured view of it that many Jewish people have towards it.

    As far as Nazism goes, I find it highly enlightening when and where stories about the camps show up in the news. I’m not saying that this history should be forgotten. But I don’t think they should be used to cover up Israel’s crimes. They always turn up as a distraction for current events of late.

    Ukraine is by majority Christian…Eastern Orthodox and Catholic. The Jewish population is tiny by comparison. Stirring up old Nazi sympathies is yet another distraction that Elaine keeps pointing out. It is to poke Russia in the eye and pull them into petty disputes that will bleed some of their power. But this won’t happen to them. I can only see us being pulled into the region to “save” the tiny population of Jewish people there which will be endangered because of the actions of our crazed zionists in government.

    The fact is…Israelis don’t see the rest of the Jewish population outside Israel as Jewish. They aren’t pure enough and their welfare isn’t important.

  22. emsnews

    Israeli Jews just shot dead a child in Jerusalem who pulled a knife on heavily armed guards carrying machine guns at a crossing point where Jews torment Palestinians wanting to literally cross the street.

    This made zero news in the US and will never appear in the US news and Jews who are against police ‘brutality’ in the US are 100% for shooting dead children in Israel if they are not Jewish.

    And THIS infuriates me. The utter double standard of morality.

  23. Lou

    I found this online. I do not know if it is true.

    In the year of 2000, there were nine countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank:
    Afghanistan – US Invaded
    Iraq – US Invaded
    Sudan – US Invaded
    Libya – US Invaded
    Syria – US Invasion (in process)
    North Korea – US Enemy
    Iran – US Enemy
    Venezuela – US Enemy
    Cuba – US Enemy
    March 2013 – Russia: Putin purges Rothschild bankers and takes control of central bank. November 2013 – US ignites Ukraine crisis/Anti-Russian propaganda

  24. emsnews

    More than likely true. The US and EU looted most of the banks on that list.

  25. Seraphim

    @Israelis don’t see the rest of the Jewish population outside Israel as Jewish

    Really? This is a première!
    Then why “soldiers from the IDF were involved in the EuroMaidan protest movement under the direct command of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party?”

    “The leader of the ‘Blue Helmets of Maidan’ is Delta ‘the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution’. Delta is a Veteran of the notorious Givati infantry brigade, which was involved in numerous operations directed against Gaza including Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009.
    The Givati brigade was responsible for the massacres in the Tel el-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza. Delta, the leader of the EuroMaidan IDF unit acknowledges that he acquired his urban combat skills in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati brigade.
    Neither the Tel Aviv government nor the Israeli media have expressed concern regarding the fact that the EuroMaidan protests were led by Neo-Nazis.
    In a bitter twist, the Blue Helmet IDF unit in the EuroMaidan has been the object of praise by the Israeli media. According to Ariel Cohen of the Washington based Heritage Foundation: “The commanding position of Svoboda in the revolution is no secret”. The participation of Israeli soldiers under Neo-Nazi Svoboda command does not seem to be an object of concern:
    On Wednesday, Russian State Duma Chairman Sergey Naryshkin said Moscow was concerned about anti-Semitic declarations by radical groups in Ukraine.But Delta says the Kremlin is using the anti-Semitism card falsely to delegitimize the Ukrainian revolution, which is distancing Ukraine from Russia’s sphere of influence.
    “It’s bullshit. I never saw any expression of anti-Semitism during the protests, and the claims to the contrary were part of the reason I joined the movement. We’re trying to show that Jews care,” he said.”

    Hmmm, Jews from Israel caring for Jews outside Israel?

  26. emsnews

    Ukraine was used as the ‘Pale’ by the Czars for displacing Jewish populations. It is the core of the Russian Jewish experience. My ex-husband’s family, for example, came from there during the great migration in 1900 when the Czar pushed out many Jews living there.

  27. Seraphim

    Jewish populations were living in the “Pale” which was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, when the Czars recovered the Russian parts occupied by Poland. Nobody “displaced” them there. On the contrary, they were not permitted to leave the Pale (that is to Russia proper).
    But that was the basis of the Jewish appeals to the Germans to create a Jewish dominated “League of Eastern European States” in 1914 (directly declaring war of Russia) and subsequently of a Jewish Soviet Republic on the territory of the former Pale (immediately after the Revolution – and that with the “substantial aid of the Jewish masses of all countries, in particular the United States” – perhaps the immigrants from those regions). They asked again for aid from US and after WWI, when they tried to revive the Jewish Republic in Crimea! Stalin was not very impressed. But that again is showing why the Crimean problem is the center of the storm of hysteria which sweeps the steppes of the “Pale”.

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