One Daffodil This April On My Cold Mountain In New York

first daffodil blooms late April

Here is the first and only daffodil to show its yellow bloom in a chill world.  It is going to possibly snow yet again, tomorrow.  The buds are now peeping out of bare tree limbs but most cautiously.  It will be below freezing at night much of this next week.  This is the second year in a row with cold, bitter winters turning into chilly, late springs and I expect the summer to be colder than last year which was quite cool.  The effects of all this still bounces off of liberals in the Northeast who march bravely demanding more winter.  But I suspect a third year of this weather might convince even them that things aren’t going well at all.  Cold is highly dangerous.


Interactive map reveals spread of climate change opinion in US | Daily Mail Online

global warming poll is very funny


These two maps show clearly how silly the global warming business has become.  The main places worried about warm weather is the West Coast which is warm still…for the time being.  But what is funny is how the Northeast has  many warmists even though winter has blasted away mightily.  This graph is old news, just published.  For it was early a year ago when these polls were taken before the epic winters and cold summers.  Today, I suspect despite the trumpets of the media, even the dimmest wit is figuring out we may be in danger of another Little Ice Age.  North Dakota, the coldest part of the USA, is very much convinced.


The funniest thing is, the most global warmists are in Washington, DC.  Not even California has so many convinced it is hotter and hotter.  The cherry blossoms in DC bloomed the latest in 100 years and the rivers were frozen until recently but this made no dent in the belief we are roasting to death which shows us how out of touch with reality DC has become.  Left or right, lunacy reigns.


Here is a picture of the first small forest fire in Berlin, NY:

Berlin NY forest fire put out April 2015


Because the grass isn’t green but still brown and dead, we are under a fire watch and this week we had one dry day where it was also low humidity and one of my neighbors down Rt. 22 decided to burn some leaves illegally.  This ran out of control at the cemetery and threatened to start a full blown forest fire but our volunteer fire department rose to the challenge and after a few hours, stamped out the fire.  Hooray for them all!


Earth Day came today and I was listening to Public Radio out of Albany, New York.  They had this dour, Puritanical chap on the radio snarling at us that we had to save the earth from…GLOBAL WARMING!  And there are TOO MANY HUMANS.  This snarly, ugly man went on and on about how we humans are wrecking everything and if there were fewer humans, then we would be in paradise.  But he was full of gloom.  Women keep making babies.  Ugh.


He didn’t call for burning mothers at the stake but he might have if he thought he could get away with it.  This pit of misery, this man filled with hate and disgust wants me to love Nature.  I own a forest.  With many wild animals protected by me except when we hunt a deer in fall, of course.  And over a dozen deer hang out here with me, foxes and groundhogs, a thousand birds from turkeys to chickadees, vultures and hawks, turtles and snakes, chipmunks and skunks, thousands of animals take shelter on my mountain and hang out at my back door begging for food and follow me around the place.


The WAMC Earth Day environmentalist is not to come to my mountain.  I will kick him to the curb which is about 200 feet downhill.  A very steep downhill.  The environmental movement has no idea how unpleasant they make themselves.  They earnestly imagine they are saving the world but instead, they sound more like the old Puritans who burned women at the stake.  Blaming women for the bad weather of the Little Ice Age, no less!


sunset borger

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sunset borger


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19 responses to “One Daffodil This April On My Cold Mountain In New York

  1. Graywolf

    Haven’t seen any bears?

  2. Sunger

    Those darn environmentalists!

    First they want clean water. And next come demands for clean air. And they want all those hundreds of Superfund sites cleaned up. Can you believe the gall of these subhuman liberals?

    And next they wil probably demand that we start mapping and testing all the highly dangerous synthetic toxins that have and are being released into the environment.

    The gall of those people. And can you believe it they are having a tizzy fit about the honey bee colony collapse syndrome. And of course they are freaking about loss of 85% of large ocean game fish ie the cod, the swordfish, the tuna.

    Heck I hate seafood anyway.


    ELAINE: Funny that you mention all the sane things environmentalists should be doing. But NO, they are stuck on eliminating plant food, CO2, instead. My trees are pissed off about this.

  3. Moe

    Sunger: pretty sarcastic, your reply. Elaine is not advocating the elimination of any of the concerns you mention, she’s focusing on the false ‘global warming’ aspect of faux environmentalism. The elements you mention are genuine, but not referenced this article.

    You present another straw man argument: Elaine must get really tired of folks who refuse to rationally address her posts: I know that I do! Why don’t you address her position on ‘global warming’?

  4. emsnews

    The maniac focus on CO2 is bizarre. It is mental illness. This object was selected years ago and then hammered to death and now that we have tons of proof that CO2 doesn’t cause any extinction events, they hammer away at it anyways.

    SO2 is the big, bad killer.

    Volcanic mass eruptions of this very poisonous gas which no living things except single celled creatures, can eat, is destructive to complex life forms. Single celled creatures love the stuff, though.

    We all have tiny bits of sulfur in our cellular composition which is why dead plants and animals have sulfur dioxide when burned. This is why burning coal has to be cleaned by scrubbers at power plants.

  5. Sunger

    If anyone is really interested in global warming- try this site. Guy McPherson is an ex-conservation professor who was removed from his position for speaking out on climate change issues. He is dirt poor and lives in a self-suffcient homestead in New Mexico. He does public speaking but only when his costs are paid since he is, again, dirt poor. Guy has also authored a number of books.

    Guy McPherson’s constantly updated climate change summary-

  6. Sunger

    Moe- how can you reason with someone who automatically denies all ongoing research on the topic? And who infers that anyone who works in climate science or finds the warming research as compelling is corrupted or involved in a conspiracy?

    So do you think that the entire global scientific community is just making up numbers? Even researchers from different institutions and different disciplines, and even different countries all collaborating to manufacture a whole area of science out of thin air?

    Do you think a scientist who spends 20 years or so to gain his qualifications would want to end up as the guy who personally destroyed the credibility of his profession? Do you think EVERY SINGLE climate scientist in the world is involved in an ongoing conspiracy to make up a phony area of science for a few bucks or some political gain? Because it would take only ONE scientist to blow the whistle on the conspiracy- as if there is a conspiracy. And scientists are notorious whistle blowers.

    But one of the true bright spots for the USA is that we have the best higher education and science facilities in the world. And you know what- the US public is so uninformed that they don’t even understand the significance of this. They pile on with the pathetic GOP and FoxNews attacks on climate scientists and actually are being convinced that scientists are just interested in lying and stealing some spare bucks. The American people should be ashamed.

    But of course there is one person of earth who understands the real story- Elaine of course. Everyone else is wrong, liberal, or corrupted in some way.

  7. Sunger

    I have known some global warming skeptics who decided to crunch through the numbers and projections coming from the climate scientists. These folks were smart in the way of being able to crunch through complex number sets and come out with the real stories.

    Anyway, these number crunchers went through the global warming numbers in depth and came to the conclusion that the projections from the climate scientists are accurate and straightforward.

    No tricks. All accurate.

  8. emsnews

    When someone is paid lots of money to lie, they lie.

    There is this huge flood of funds for ‘studying’ CO2 and then blaming it for our climate. This money flows ONLY to people who will say, ‘CO2 is evil’. Anyone saying otherwise get ZERO money.

    Lying about sulfur dioxide is the latest horror. They are actively deliberately ignoring SO2 from volcanoes and blaming SO2 events on CO2 instead which is lunacy but pays very well to lie about this.

    You know how the ‘funding of research’ runs? You propose to prove that CO2 isn’t damaging the climate but SO2 is the real danger and guess how many government dollars (nearly all CO2 research is from the government) you get?

    NONE! NADA! ZIp!

    If you want money, you figure out some way to insert the words ‘CO2 is destroying…fill in the blank….’

    And they are doing this very industriously. This gives the impression that all scientists are desperately scared of CO2, not cynically trolling for money for their universities.

  9. Jim R

    Elaine always comes out swinging her umbrella when I say it, but the effect is indeed real, Sunger. Humans are raising the CO2 level, and it has some influence on the heat balance of the atmosphere.

    Of course, there is an inevitable tendency of ‘journalists’ to point out a hailstorm here, and a drought there, and associate them with AGW. That isn’t where the science is, exactly. The effect is subtle. And the climate is affected by many other things (like the Sun for example)…

    But then the pols and crats always jump in with new taxes and regulations, which will accomplish nothing to mitigate CO2 level, and if anything will make it worse. Mostly they increase the power of the pols and crats. (it’s why solar panels never caught on, and are not on every roof by now — they don’t increase the influence of the central planners).

    Things like ethanol in the gasoline supply. Several decades ago, it was a good idea to get the lead out of our gas, so the EPA went to work and got that done. But now the same agency is shilling for the agribiz lobby. Corn ethanol is a waste of effort, and in fact makes the environmental damage worse. And your car doesn’t run all that well on it.

  10. emsnews

    True, that.

    As my latest article notes, the true dangers are being hidden while CO2 is crowned ‘worst stuff ever!’

    Sulfur dioxide is very bad and yes, it happens when cars and power plants burn fuel that has lots of sulfur in it and yes, this is what makes smog so horrible. Smog is bad!

    Smog is NOT CO2.

  11. emsnews

    OZONE is bad, too. That is also not plant food and is hard to breathe and if you run a car in your garage, you can die from OZONE along with the fact that O2 is replaced by plant food, CO2. The CO2 won’t kill your plants if you have a potted plant in the garage, too. That is also totally ignored by the lunatic global warmists and their endless propaganda.

  12. JimmyJ

    Its more complex than just lying.

    Once a narrative gains traction in a community it is very difficult to counter it. Even in science which everyone assumes is a crucible for truth, there are dogmas that support a particular narrative. They are usually only obvious historically since the burden to break out of the dogma falls on mavericks, who are called out as kooks until time proves them right.

    Glacial outwash flooding, tectonics, planetary motion were all espoused by outcast mavericks eventually proven right.

    You can usually spot dogma when it approaches the level of a religion, such as Climate Change has attained. Opponents aren’t just ignored, they are punished.

  13. Jim R

    Actually, ozone would not be created by a car running in a garage. Not directly, anyway. Carbon monoxide maybe, but not ozone.

    It was one of the interesting discoveries of environmental science, back in the ’70s when they were really doing science on the environment. … Ozone in smog is created when partially-burned hydrocarbons are hit by sunlight and oxygen. You might think that the hydrocarbons would just oxidize to CO2 and water vapor, but they go through an interesting series of reactions, which took the chemists a while to figure out.

    One end of the hydrocarbon is attacked and makes a carboxylic acid, which then reacts with NO2 and atmospheric oxygen, activated by the sun. The unstable intermediate, a peroxy-acyl-nitrate, then reacts with more oxygen to produce CO2 + NO2 + O3 + H2O, and a one-carbon-shorter hydrocarbon chain. The NO2 and oxygen then attack the hydrocarbon for another round of smog-creation.

    A little gasoline, still dry air, and sunlight is what does the trick. Los Angeles has the perfect environment for it. By the way, NO2 is pretty noxious in its own right, and it’s what gives smog that brown color.

    On the other hand, NO2 is fixed nitrogen, which also ends up as plant food one way or another. Funny how that works, huh? You’d think people would be nicer to the plants.


    ELAINE: Iam sorry, you are right. I meant ‘carbon monoxide’. CO. CO2=good. CO=very bad even for plants.

  14. Lou

    Elaine mentioned ‘Public Radio’. NPR? ‘But he was full of gloom. Women keep making babies. Ugh.’.
    NPR is ‘anti White’. Illegals, they are wonderful. Blacks, Browns, Yellows, welcome them into USA.
    But Whites??? Reproducing?
    When Elaine was born the population of USa was 150,000,000?

    Why is it that EVERY white country is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?
    Why is it that EVERY white country is told to end its own race/culture?
    No one asks that of -ANY- non-White country.
    Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries. Anti-whites call themselves “anti-racists” but their actions lead to the elimination of only one race, the White race. The purpose of “anti-racism” is to genocide White children.
    “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” are codewords for White Genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-White.

  15. Old Ari

    Our daffs have finished blooming, but the Bluebells, are still nice, lots of dandelions, and english daises.
    Once world oil production begins to decline, the world population will decline too.

  16. emsnews

    It is SNOWING here today. The buds that came out two days ago are not blooming, it will be very cold this week…AGAIN. Rats.

  17. Lou

    Was this winter or 2013-14 colder and snowier?

  18. Ziff

    The contrast tween east and west is quite something now , we are all the shades of green here.

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