Volcanic SO2, Not CO2, Causes Great Extinction Events

seasonal ice during last ice age

The ‘big blob’ of warm water has all the warmists insanely fearful of global warming that is happening only to a very small part of the planet.  The above map of glaciation of the last Ice Age shows clearly how there were little to no glaciers outside of the mountains along the northern Pacific basin and I propose that this was due to an identical long term (100,000 year) warm water blob in that same location.  So this warm blob isn’t about global warming but rather, global cooling.  Meanwhile, the warmists are desperate to blame volcanic CO2 on mass extinctions when it was SO2 that killed off most sea creatures.


Whenever there was a ‘trap’ event when early continents formed vast rifts that opened up and would pour out massive amounts of CO2, SO2 and particulate matter, these huge step formations in Siberia, India, North America and Africa all caused mass extinctions and a New mass extinction event identified by geologists – BBC News


The extinction occurred approximately 262 million years ago.

Their proposal would elevate the Capitanian, which occurred during the Middle Permian period, to sit alongside the so-called “Big Five” mass extinctions…


Armed with camping gear and rifles – to keep the polar bears away – Dr Bond’s team made three separate journeys to the island from 2011 to 2013, each time in the month of July when there is 24 hours of daylight and the weather is more amenable to field work…


Dr Bond believes the extinction was triggered by the eruption of the Emeishan Traps, now located in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan.


Volcanic eruptions release enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, which can cause ocean acidification. A depletion of seafloor oxygen may also have played a role.


A bunch of truth telling, scientific information and then boom: a big fat ugly lie is laid like an ostrich egg.  SO2 becomes acid rain and kills everything it touches.  H2S is another toxic molecule, hydrogen sulfide and both of these are digested only by Sulfate-reducing bacteria that gleefully multiply and live happily in volcanic pools and other places that kill all other living things.


Because we all evolved from such creatures that existed at the beginning of life on earth, we all have some sulfur in our chemical make-up.  All plants and animals have this and when they die and are burned, this sulfur is released again which is why burning coal, for example, requires scrubbers to remove the sulfur.


The push to put CO2 as the main cause of extinctions is a political lie.  These fake scientists are paid plenty to not mention SO2 but highlight CO2 which is a tiny component in the atmosphere and label this as ‘extinction causing’ molecules which is insane.  The push before the big Paris conference about destroying our economy to save us from phantom CO2 is just months away and the big media outfits are pushing the CO2 is evil story like mad.


Here is a truly scary story:  Five quick fixes to global warming and why we probably shouldn’t try them



1. Fake a volcanic eruption

When particularly explosive volcanoes erupt, they blast ash and sulfuric acid droplets into the atmosphere, which then morph into tiny reflectors that shield Earth from the sun. The result of this natural cycle is a global cooling effect. To mimic this process, scientists have proposed injecting a layer of sulfur dioxide particles into the stratosphere, most likely via aircraft. All things considered, the process is relatively straightforward and affordable. The estimated price tag is measured in the tens of billions of dollars, compared to the coming annual costs of climate change projected to be between $200 billion to $2 trillion annually.


In abundance, however, these particles gradually chip away at the ozone layer, reducing its ability to absorb the sun’s rays and allowing dangerous radiation through. Another problem: Once injected, the particles tend to spread around the globe and linger for years, making the process hard to undo if things go awry.


4. Scrub the air of CO2


The goal here is to separate CO2 molecules from the air by passing it through chemical filters of a sort, which absorb CO2. This technique actually makes a lot of sense if you’re trying to filter carbon dioxide from, say, the smoke stack of a coal plant before it gets released into the atmosphere. If you try grabbing air out of your backyard, however, things get tougher: only about half a percent of that air is CO2. That’s not a great return rate, as you’d have to put a tremendous amount of air through a filtration process to have much of an impact. “The cost of doing this is astronomical,” atmospheric scientist Battisti said. “We’re talking about a good chunk of the U.S. GDP.”


Scrub the air of CO2 will most definitely cause a major extinction event.  All plants and animals will die.  There is barely enough CO2 for life forms as it is, since the great ice ages have sucked down much of the pre-ice age CO2.  The author of this insane article admits that CO2 is only half of one percent of the atmosphere which makes the entire CO2 fear mongering insane.  This is so tiny, it is microscopic!


Here is a 12 year old article that talks about how SO2 is the real danger:  Volcanic Eruptions and the Role of Sulfur Dioxide in Climate Change (2002):


In March and April of this year, a series of severe volcanic eruptions shook Alaska’s Mount Redoubt.1 To date, the largest of the eruptions produced an ash plume that reached 50,000 feet above sea level and released a significant amount of sulfur dioxide (CAS Registry Number® 7446-09-5) into the earth’s atmosphere. According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, “The main concerns for human health in volcanic haze consist of ash, sulfur dioxide gas (SO2), and sulfuric acid droplets (H2SO4), which forms when volcanic SO2 oxidizes in the atmosphere.”1


While there is obvious reason for alarm among local populations, sulfur dioxide from the Mount Redoubt eruption could also have more widespread impacts, particularly on the climate. According to a 1997 article published in the Journal of Geology, “The mechanism by which large eruptions affect climate is generally accepted: injection of sulfur into the stratosphere and conversion to sulfate aerosol, which in turn reduces the solar energy reaching the earth’s surface.”


I grew up knowing a whole lot of vulcanologists because my parents, when seeking places to put observatories, often put these on volcanoes and they needed information about volcanoes before doing this!  And we all knew perfectly well that SO2 is the major toxin from eruptions and that these cause global cooling when injected in the atmosphere and then, when raining literally down to earth when combined with H2O, this acidifies lakes and oceans and kills plants, etc.  This is OLD INFORMATION which has been totally ignored by the global warmists.


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14 responses to “Volcanic SO2, Not CO2, Causes Great Extinction Events

  1. Jim R

    Humans with shotguns cause extinction events. E.g. the Carolina Parakeet, and the Passenger Pigeon.

  2. Lou

    What about soot? Air Pollutants? They melt the glaciers? As a child in Park Slope [!!!!] I would see the soot dissolving the snow banks.

  3. vengeur

    OT: Kunstler on Hillary:”The true genius of Hillary is that she manages to epitomize every failure of our current political life: the obsessive micro-manipulation of image, the obscene moneygrubbing, the tired cronyism, the entitlement masquerading as sexual equality. Mostly, though, she has no idea where history is taking us, in case you’re wondering at the stupefying platitudes offered up as representative of her thinking. ” Of course that very same description is true of most of our politicians, the difference being one of magnitude, the Clintons being absolute MASTERS at enriching themselves while leaving a long trail of toxic waste. It was after all Bill Clinton and his banker buddy Robert Rubin ( with the gleeful participation of the Republicans) to do away with that pesky old Glass-Steagall act of 1933 that made possible the crash of 2008.

  4. emsnews

    She is a Bilderberg gangster. But then the top GOP guys running are, too. Some choice! But then we had two elections of Skull and Bones versus Skull and Bones brothers! Not a peep from the media or left or right about that insanity.

  5. vengeur

    Very interesting Jim R.

  6. vengeur

    On the economic front this :”Volvo prepares to send ‘Made in China’ cars to US.” A drip drip that will become a flood. http://phys.org/news/2015-04-volvo-china-cars.html

  7. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    I knew about that. Volcanic eruptions have always fascinated me. The sheer force of these explosions supposedly dwarfs atomic weapons, and the huge mass of debris that is shot straight up into the atmosphere is mind numbing. It is scary to think that kind of power is lurking just underneath a peaceful meadow or lake, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Did you know sulphur gases corrode electronic components, This is something that has really come to the fore in the computer and electronics industries ever since the RoHS legislation went into effect which meant a switch to more reactive elements. It is being addressed just don’t run your iphone or ipad downwind of a volcano. 🙂


  9. Sunger

    Sorry Elaine but you got it wrong again.

    The problem big problem with volcanic gas eruptions ie S02 is NOT that we are going to have our skin dissolved by acid rain. Mockery is not a good tool of scientific inquiry, Elaine.

    The problem is that large volcanic eruptions create chaos in the global weather system and can result in massive agricultural failures. Failures occur because of atmospheric cooling and drought conditions that follow the eruption.

    Icelandic volcano Laki which erupted in 1783 and resulted in agricultural failures during 1784-5 in brutally cold winter in Europe and starvation in many areas including Egypt, India, and Japan.The Nile failed to deposit silt on Egyptian agricultural fields and caused an estimed 1/6 of the Egyptian population to die of starvation.

    Estimated death toll from Laki is estimated at 1.5 to 6 million dead making it one of the deadliest volcanoes on record.

    Mt. Tambora, the largest recorded volcanic eruption, produced the phenomenon known as “volcanic winter” in the USA in 1816. Agricultural failures and livestock deaths resulted in the worst famine in the northern hemisphere in the 1800s. Upstate New York was getting snowstorms in July of 1816.

  10. emsnews

    What wrecked the crops instantly was the ‘yellow rain’ aka: SO2.

    And YES, DUH…massive ejections of both SO2 and volcanic dust to the high stratosphere makes it much, much colder, too!

    So…why do warmists whine that CO2 from volcanoes cause mass extinctions when that is the least of what is dangerous in these major eruptions????

  11. kenogami

    Fluoride poisoning from volcanic ash may be the most dangerous for living forms after a large volcanic eruption.

    Internal bleeding, long-term bone damage and teeth loss and brain damage
    as consequences. After a giant volcanic eruption, children would have to stay inside houses for a long time, until fluor rain stopped falling from the sky.


  12. Jim R

    Fluoride from a volcano is an uncommon event. Yeah, it’s poisonous in any large quantity, but the chemistry of the dust is the chemistry of the mantle rock under the volcano. Not all rocks contain fluoride.

    But almost all volcanoes produce sulfur. And while the fluoride is a local problem in Iceland, the sulfur from a volcano travels worldwide in the air. It’s the sulfur that causes a spell of cold weather, as it makes smoke-like sulfate particles high in the stratosphere. Stays aloft for years. Screens out the Sun.

    The fluoride is strongly absorbed by most kinds of rocks, and falls to the ground with the ash and dust. Rain will wash it down into the groundwater before long. (also a problem if you drink well water in Iceland)…

  13. emsnews

    Extreme extinction events are created by extreme sudden disasters: major rifts blowing up for decades or even centuries across an entire continent, large asteroid strikes, etc.

    It is always due to a SUDDEN change which creatures cannot adapt to survive easily.

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