EU Plans To Take Over Gasprom Ignoring How This Will Start WWIII

The EU and US leaders continue to push for WWIII.  The latest scheme is to destroy Russia’s energy market to Europe:  In Accusing Russian Energy Giant Gazprom, E.U. Begins a Test of Wills –


The antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, took pains to describe the matter in terms of business markets. But the case cannot help but be a test of geopolitical wills, given the tension between Russia and the West over the Kremlin’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis.


Gazprom’s immediate response seemed aimed at elevating the issue to a matter of international relations. Gazprom suggested that it was not subject to the European Union’s antitrust jurisdiction because it is a state-controlled company. It signaled it was effectively an arm of the Russian government, “empowered by the laws of the Russian Federation with special socially significant functions” and with “the status of a strategic government-controlled business entity.”


The New York Times claims that Russia is weak in this dispute.  Ignoring the news that Russia is going to be selling heavily to China, the NYT claims that Russia is a helpless producer of much of the CHEAP energy Europe needs to compete with China’s exports.  The EU is tying itself into knots to avoid using gas and coal supposedly because we are supposedly roasting to death unless one lives in any zone that was affected by Ice Age glaciation.


Those parts of the planet are seeing disastrous cooling.  Alaska was never covered by glaciers so it is warmer than usual there.  The point here is, the NYT and the EU media are in this giant Bilderberg conspiracy to demonize Russia and Russia’s energy sales.  The Bilderberg gang meets in utter secrecy every year in various resorts and many of the meeting’s participants are media owners who conspire to pitch stories and move the masses via propaganda.


The EU is playing a dangerous game here.  Once the Russia/China pipeline is finished, the EU can and will be suddenly cut off by Russia.  Russia must do this because the EU is planning WWIII against Russia.  Like Japan during WWII, the EU will use this energy cut off to claim they have the right to nuke Russia.


Like Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the planned mass attack on Russia will fail because Russia is very paranoid due to obvious historical reasons and will attack at the same time and thus, annihilate much of Europe forever.  Do Europeans really want this ugly event to happen?  Are they sleep walking into WWIII?  After WWI and WWII, why would Europeans do something this insane?


Go to court and demand Russia break up its powerful energy organization which is owned by the People of Russia, not like the oligarch mess the US and EU created when the USSR collapsed!  No court case works unless there is power behind it and the joint Russia/China power will be quite able to defy EU and US biased courts.


TEPCO releases video from second robot probe at Fukushima reactor – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun: we can finally see into the water containment system of Fukushima and it is roaring hot.  You can see in the video the hot water streaming away from the melted core.  This is, so far, utterly unfixable.


Parents terrified after Toyko children’s park found to have radiation at high levels: this is just one of a million places where water has pooled that is highly polluted now.  Drains everywhere in Tokyo are hot spots.  Few people dare look closely at this radioactive mess which is why the Olympics will be held there and Abe is planning to have many events deep inside the Fukushima zone of pollution.


In U.S., ‘comfort woman’ demands apology from Japan as Abe refuses to apologize for WWII.  This enrages China greatly and the US ignores this issue and backs Abe as he and his gang go to the war temple to worship war criminals.  Meanwhile, propaganda about Russia dominates US media while this is barely mentioned.


Abe to tell U.S. leaders Japan ready for bigger security role as Abe warmongers and with the EU pushing for WWIII, too, we have a perfect storm. One that will fix the overpopulation problem in a matter of minutes.  It won’t fix global warming a we fry the Northern Hemisphere with nuclear bombs.


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12 responses to “EU Plans To Take Over Gasprom Ignoring How This Will Start WWIII

  1. Sunger

    I’ll bet those liberal environmentalists will have their panties in a bunch over this Fukushima stuff haha.

    Guess they are too dumb to know that Japan is on the other side of the pacific ocean like 10,000 miles away from the US homeland LOL so why worry.

    Of course they are screamy scared that other Japanese nukes will turn into Fukushimas too because many of them are located on fault zones and there have been a lot of quakes in recent years. Of course, the Japanese ARE AWARE OF THIS and will NOT let earthquakes tremors take down their nuke power plants.

    Maybe they will do deep injections of concrete into the fault zones and freeze those seismic plates dead to rights. Yo.

    Case closed.

    Note- humour alert DOH

  2. Jim R

    It’s unfixable, but they could at least take some advice from Chernobyl and make a boron-lead-sand glass out of it. Yes, there is decay heat, yes there is radioactivity. But the first thing to do is to stop the fission chain reaction! And water does not accomplish that.

    And, that grid looks pretty rusty. Won’t it rust away completely before the radiation dies down, centuries from now?

    Also, when are we going to shut down the dozens of identically-designed plants here in the USA? We now know that they will catch fire and blow up if there is an extended outage of grid power. Shouldn’t that be on some environmental to-do list?

  3. Jim R

    As for the Gazprom lawsuit, I suspect it is a gambit by the EU to avoid paying their bill. They owe Gazprom billions for gas the Ukraine has burned over the last several years.

  4. DeVaul

    I think Jim R is right. I think this is EU banker maneuvering. They want either the US or Russia to be stuck with Ukraine’s gas bill, but they fail to understand that Putin is playing a different game. He is currying favor with the local population of Ukraine in full knowledge that Ukraine cannot pay back the gas bill, so he will forgive it in exchange for something: perhaps autonomy for the eastern republics? Full recognition of their independence?

    He has so much leverage he can demand almost anything. A discount on gas supplies to Germany (only) would drive a wedge right through the EU.

  5. DeVaul

    More examples of orders given to the new Pretorian Guard units that the wealthy hope to unleash on us while threatening to fire or starve those guards who do not cooperate. This is all too obvious. Rome did the same.

    (Foot-dragging about police body cameras in Baltimore and elsewhere. They have tons of money for riot gear that they use only once or twice a year along with tanks and half-tracks, but no money for cameras? Where are their rich donors now? Why do the police need two-wheeled rollers when they have two legs already? The money wasted on gadgets and junk cannot be accounted for in our country. Bullet proof vests, helmets, and body cameras should have been first on the list.)

  6. DeVaul

    This family is still waiting a year and a half after their relative was murdered in a jail cell by cops on videotape. This is one reason why black people will run from the police. Once you are in their custody, they can just kill you, and there is nothing your family can do about it. Even videotape does nothing to change anything. Pretorian Guards are above the law, and they know it.

    If I were a black man on my way to work and a police cruiser in Louisiana slowed down behind me, I would run, and as Jim R suggests, I would zig-zag as best I could. Dying in the open is better than dying in a cell.

    As for “hoodies”, they were really popular back in the ’70’s with white working class men, but the police did not shoot them or arrest them for wearing them or ban them. Fedoras were never banned during the roaring ’20’s either, but sagging pants can get you killed for nothing.

    (I hate the sagging pants look, but I don’t feel the urge to kill that person or assume that teenager is a criminal — whether white or black — like many do.)


    ELAINE: Like tattoos, the sagging pants advertise the profession of the person so we can take obvious measures.

  7. emsnews

    Obviously, the solution is…Burn down the city! Loot the stores! Smash everything! And above all: run away from all cops all the time especially at very high speeds in cars.

    Yup. What a delight.

  8. MadSklz

    Hi everyone,

    Elaine, what do you think about China breaking up the current banking system by moving to BitCoin? To somehow make it a stable and secure currency, to rid us of the Dollar?

  9. Petruchio

    “I hate the sagging pants look,…” I can’t understand that look! In the prison environment, it means the person wearing his pants this way is “available” if you know what I mean…

  10. DeVaul

    Well, according to Elaine, men who wear tattoos are also “available”.

    I think that after the destruction of the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement, people consoled themselves with “fashion statements” as a way of protesting (or supporting) the system. Remember the Reagon Youth groups that sprung up in the eighties with their short haircuts, Duckhead pants (required), tassled loafers, and button down shirts?

    Fashion fads have taken the place of serious attempts to change the system by younger generations, who watched their parents sell out in the end, in my opinion. It is like a safe way to “rebel” without getting into trouble, although now the sagging pants look is used by the police to beat and kill black kids while letting white kids continue to wander around with their underwear showing (yes, I am thinking of Justine Bieber here, as well as others).

    Few “Goths” are hassled by the police even though most have drugs on them, and then there is a new fad called Steampunk of which I know nothing, but my leather-crafter friend sells stuff to them. Are they druggies too? I don’t know and it does not matter to me.

    Towards the end of Rome, many Roman youths started dressing like the German barbarians they had seen in and around Rome, much to the dismay of their Roman parents, who preferred togas and traditional clothing.

    I think these attempts at “fashion” are attempts to find some kind of identity in the absence of a genuine American culture that these kids can aspire to.

  11. emsnews

    Togas went out of fashion because it was getting colder and colder. The Roman Warm Period ended in a nasty blast of cold weather and then the Dark Ages began. It was COLD during that era.

  12. DeVaul

    “Other peoples had been in prolonged contact with the Roman civilization, and were, to a certain degree, romanized. “A poor Roman plays the Goth, a rich Goth the Roman” said King Theoderic of the Ostrogoths.” (Wikipedia)

    Hmmm… really? Looks like the Goths tried to dress up as Romans during the COLD period. Also, during the nineties is when I noticed all the “Goths” walking around wearing all black clothing in the burning sun, so apparently the weather was considered less important than the fashion du jour. The same thing went on in the late 1800’s with women wearing European multi-layered dresses in a hot and humid America.

    I don’t believe people dress according to the weather unless they live out in the country. Armani suits are not the best protection from the cold in New York City. Urban people tend to follow fashion trends, while farmers and hunters wear clothing that is more appropriate for the weather. At least, that has been my observation here in Kentucky.

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