Israel Flies Surrogate Nepalese Women And Their Jewish Babies Out Of Earthquake Zone

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One of the more brutal sexual perversion of third world women is to use them to carry babies for rich women.  Nepal, evidently, is one hot spot for this sort of ‘rape’: is nepal the next thailand … all you wanted to know about surrogacy …as the doctors working with upper class women seek out ever cheaper female bodies to exploit.  Nepal is very poor and thus, ridiculously cheap if one wants to use a woman for nine months.  I nearly died having my second child and pregnancy isn’t without high risks.  This is exactly why first world ladies are cruelly forcing peasant women to carry their children…and care for them after birth, too!

Surrogacy Blog | Surrogacy Nepal | Surrogacy for Singles is an online site that solicits well to do ladies seeking to avoid stretch marks and the discomforts of carrying a baby.  Occasionally, news reporters note this business and there is desultory debates about it even as the Princess in England suffers a second pregnancy with some rising dangers to her health from the beginning when she was very sick to the increasingly delayed birth.  Better to put third world women at risk for a few pounds or shekels.


Israeli planes bring home babies born in quake-struck Nepal – Israel News – Jerusalem Post reports.  It seems that the desire to save the Jewish babies overrode hatred of dirty non-Jewish Shiskas who were dragooned into carrying the babies of Jewish women.  Imagine if the Nazis did this…the mind reels.


A small IAF plane was the first carrier to arrive back in Israel from Nepal. It landed at a military base early Monday. On board were a number of wounded Israelis and premature babies of Israeli parents who were born to surrogate Nepalese mothers.


A Magen David Adom plane with five more babies born to surrogate mothers and their Israeli families landed at Sde Dov Airport at noon on Monday. Over a dozen such babies still need to be airlifted home.


Israel to allow pregnant surrogates in Nepal to fly to Israel is an Israeli news headline as is this: We should let in pregnant surrogate Nepalese mothers – Haaretz decided.  Haaretz is a neo-Nazi rag that hates non-Jews pretty much and is OK with ethnic cleansing and other fun activities.  Even with the earthquake, a fairly large number of Jews didn’t want to bring the mothers carrying the alien sperm/egg growing inside, into Eretz Israel.  The women will be shipped out again as soon as they deliver.


What really riles me is this:  Jochebed was supposedly Moses’ natural mother at least, she carried him in her womb but then he was put in a basket and carried off to the Pharoah’s daughter who raised him as her own.  Ahem: the mothers of these babies are all Nepalese women.  They are Moms, not aliens.  True, the genes are of aliens but the MOTHERING part of the process is purely Nepalese.


A baby hears mommy in the womb!  A baby chick in an egg peeps to its mother and the mother coos to the egg so when the chick hatches, it knows its mother instantly.  Baby mammals hear their moms, too.  They learn language inside their moms.  The emotions of the mothers transmits directly to the baby.  Babies move in the womb, all of them.  The mother responds. When the mother dreams, the baby dreams, too.   This very intimate connection is brutally severed as the baby is put in a reed basket and set on the Nile and sailed off to total strangers in Jerusalem.


The Jewish men who wrote the Torah got around all this by having the Pharaoh’s daughter HIRE Moses’ mom to suckle him and kiss him, etc.  Of course, this is just silly stories made up to hide something nasty.  The Nepalese women don’t get to move into a palace and keep the babies they carry.  They are kicked to the curb.


The shock of the great Himalayan quake that killed thousands of people caused a number of women being used as sex cows to suddenly eject the foreign fetuses they carried, I presume, for very little money. Here is a story from last year:   The rise of ‘social surrogacy’: The women choosing careers or their bodies over carrying babies | Daily Mail Online


At 36, Mari had been putting off having a baby with her husband because business was finally booming, and she couldn’t bear to risk wrecking it…


With her baby clock ticking louder and louder, she spoke with a clinical psychologist friend named Jhutty who owns a surrogacy agency called Conceptual Options…Even though the approximate total cost of surrogacy is a staggering $100,000, Mari sees it as the best and most reliable way for her and her husband to finally expand their family.


Here is the agency mentioned in the above article:  Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency


Surrogate Mothers Must Have The Following:
-Delivered at least one healthy child.
-No prior pregnancy complications.
-If in a relationship, your partner must also comply with all requirements.
-A willingness to be completely committed to the intended parents.
-Adherence to our strict screening and counseling protocol.
-Have a stable financial base.
-Clear our criminal background checks entirely.
-Reliable form of transportation.
-U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status.
-Meet height and weight guidelines for your body mass index (BMI).
If you meet the above prerequisites and are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, apply to our surrogate mothers program and get started today.


What a great career choice…not.  The Surrogacy group claims the mothers chosen for this odious role must be financially sound.  NO Nepalese woman used this way is ‘financially sound’.  They are poor.


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14 responses to “Israel Flies Surrogate Nepalese Women And Their Jewish Babies Out Of Earthquake Zone

  1. vengeur

    You know, there is something that really makes me crazy about the Billions in “AID” the US pays to Israel every year. As hard as it is for Americans to believe, there are VERY WEATHY people living in Israel. Yes, Virginia, there are millionaires and billionaires in Israel. Yet the idea that somehow we Americans, many whom are barely getting by, are forced to pay billions to a country of WEATHY people is NEVER QUESTIONED. Meanwhile we are constantly told “there is no money” for anything that actually benefits the people of the US.

  2. DeVaul

    @ vengeur

    Can’t argue with that.

    This article just grosses me out. How low will Israel stoop?

  3. emsnews

    Americans do this, too. Cheap manual labor labor.

  4. Lou

    Vengeur, In LA, people are crapping on the streets. Things that should be policed [cars not stopping for walkers] are ignored by police.
    Former mayor here said ‘LA is a third world city’ but didnt finish the thought w ‘Due to immigration from the third world’.

  5. Ken

    There is another possible angle to the surrogate business. A sufficiently wealthy man could hire a surrogate, find an egg donor, and hire some nannies, and thereby skip the necessity of marrying some woman just so he could have a family. Considering the legal and financial penalties imposed on marriage (divorce) under current laws, I am certain that there are some wealthy men out there who are considering this option.

  6. DeVaul

    @ Lou

    My city does not have a lot of immigration, yet people still won’t let me cross the street half the time on my scooter because they are turning with one hand on the wheel of a mammoth SUV while laughing and holding a phone to their head all at once while running a red light.

    Does that mean upper middle class professionals have become third world idiots? Can you give me your professional opinion on this matter?

  7. emsnews

    You need more cops, DeVaul.

  8. vengeur

    Elaine, above “welfare” story not working. “continue” link busted.

  9. emsnews

    A glitch in the programming here. I fixed it. Thanks, Vengeur.

  10. emsnews

    Gay women can have children but gay fathers must outsource this. Gay fathers can be good parents just like women can be bad parents. It is all about the adult doing the right things.

    The problem with anyone farming out women’s wombs is, this is a very personal, 24 hr 7 day week long suffering, painful and dangerous thing which is imposed on poor women in third world countries. THAT is what I am against. They are exploited in the most personal, brutal way.

  11. DeVaul

    “You need more cops, DeVaul.”

    If only it were so easy. The cops see all of this on their cameras and from their cruisers, but don’t do anything, even if a person barely escapes being run over. They don’t want to get out of their cars. They just sit there.

  12. CK

    Having children is a mechanical process. Raising them is not.
    Homo parenting does not lead to a continuation of the species.
    Sperms and egg do not have a say in the mental aberrations of the humans that supply them. Without a father and mother involved in the quotidian of raising and maturing the child what you get is child support America.
    Women have rented out their wombs for generations. Rentiers always make money; they might not make wonderful new generations. Since it is the women doing the farming; GMO crops are inevitable.

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