Texas Business School Professor Thrown Out By Cheating, Lying Students



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Amazon.com: 9781935251804: Books: Every parent should read this book, I highly recommend it.

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Confessions of a College Professor is written anonymously by Dr. Doom who has chronicled the collapse in teaching in America as teachers increasingly have poor working conditions, dropping wages, less and less say in running universities and are at the mercy of slacker students who think they are the bosses and so they demand a degree with minimal effort.  Here is the latest sorry story about our higher education’s rot:  Galveston A&M professor flunks entire class, walks out – Houston Chronicle


“I have nothing left,” said Irwin Horwitz, 53, who teaches ethics and business management courses. “I put my neck on the line for what I thought was the right thing to do.”…Horwitz said he was out on sick leave because of a bad back and would not be returning to teach before the end of the semester.

A student in one of those classes, Angi Gould, 23, a senior majoring in maritime administration, said, “All you have to do is show up and take notes, and that’s a big problem for people because he teaches directly from his notes.”


He was being hailed Monday as a hero by some, mostly professors, and reviled by others, mostly students.


This ‘professor’ was an adjunct until very recently and adjuncts are just one step above abject slavery.  They have zero power over students. The schools want to retain all students so they can get the government student loans.  The class taught by the adjunct professor will now be ‘taught’ by an administrator.


Virtually all the student loan money increases due to packing more students into classes and not flunking anyone, goes into ‘administration’ who are the drones who don’t teach. In a pinch, an administrator will ‘teach’ a class sort of like substitute teachers do it in the lower grades: by doing virtually no teaching, just babysitting.


“There is a limit to what one can do if students are rude or belligerent in a classroom, and one would hope that if one took action the administration would offer support,” Scholtz said.


The administrators side with the students because retention until they are tossed to the wolves with a high debt that can’t be discharged for life, with a useless degree.  Then the students discover the real scam: they wasted their precious youth and their future ability to own a home, raise a family and collect Social Security…going to a fake school for a fake education that was deliberately designed to fool them into thinking a degree is worth something.


The professor who tried but failed to fail students is this man:  Irwin B. Horwitz
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2003.
M.B.A., University of Illinois, 1991.
M.S., Loyola University of Chicago, 1991.
B.S., Loyola University of Chicago, 1987.


2014-Present: Instructional Associate Professor, Department of Maritime Administration, Texas A&M University at Galveston. Teach courses in the Management Process, Strategic Management, Legal and Social Environment of Business, and Personnel Management. Engage in research, student advising and other academic endeavors within the university department.


2010-2011: Visiting Professor, Executive Director and Interim Chair: Center for Business Ethics, University of St. Thomas, Cameron School of Business, Houston. Taught all MBA courses in Ethical and Moral Business Practices, and an advanced Master’s seminar in ethics. Assisted with (successful) AACSB accreditation process through work and advising on the strategic planning committee.


Dr. Doom has many things to say about running  an AACSB accreditation committee:  Confessions of a College Professor: Report: Accreditation is Foxes Guarding Henhouses because of the obvious conflict of interest.  The administrators want to have as many easy to teach, sub-college level courses as possible so they can lure students into opting for these easy courses which leads to a worthless degree!


2008-2010: Associate Professor, Division of Management, Policy and Community Health, University of Texas School of Public Health, Health Science Center at Houston. Received promotion in 2008 to rank of Associate Professor.


2003 -2007: Assistant Professor, Division of Management, Policy and Community Health, University of Texas School of Public Health, Health Science Center at Houston. Areas of Research: Leadership and team building; Occupational health and injury risk assessment using workers’ compensation data; Organizational psychology and Behavioral Economics; Strategic business practices. General interests are on assessing strategic management options to improve organizational efficacy, diversity issues, hospital unionization, organizational dynamics and performance outcomes.


He taught ‘team building’??? HAHAHA.  His email complaining about his students is revealing.  The students have figured out elaborate ways to con the teacher and get a degree without learning anything except how to cheat.  He wrote that students blatantly brought cell phones to tests and then would photograph these and sell these to other students, for example.


Business leaders in training!  They had other schemes like hiring the only students bothering to learn anything to take the tests for them…in a class about business leadership skills, no less!!!  HAHAHA.  Then there were the flood of students which all professors dread going to his office after goofing off all semester and demanding a passing grade or else…the professor would be the one fired, not themselves kicked out!  This is true training for administrators and business leaders who are notorious for punishing underlings and firing workers doing their jobs while giving themselves high pay raises.


My son-in-law had this happen when executive failures led to the executives firing much of the staff and then tripling the workloads of the remaining staff and increasing their work hours with no pay hikes…and the remaining workers all quit in a week and the corporation collapsed.  The bosses were all under the age of 40.  Young puppies, all.


Business schools at universities are notorious as havens for frat rats and sorority sistahs and being all about parties and smooching each other and getting set up by daddy in some sort of prime position which is why our economy is in tatters.  They love using banks as looting operations, too.  The looting of our economic system is done by these sort of students.


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18 responses to “Texas Business School Professor Thrown Out By Cheating, Lying Students

  1. Peter C.

    Don’t want to fail the little darlings,it might damage their self esteem.
    Gold stars for everyone!

  2. Moe

    I have been raising two grandchildren for ten years, and they are now in their teens. I despaired on what level of education to provide for them, and what careers to guide them into.

    Fortunately, I have now learned that the old paradigm of getting a degree, working hard ‘for the corporation’. and retiring with a pension no longer work. Why should they when we are now at the end of an economic paradigm that is doomed to fail, and when we are at the beginning stages of another great depression?

    Charles Hugh Smith published a series of five articles, ‘The Changing World of Work’, that specified the qualities, that labor force entrants require, link: http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.ca/2015/04/the-changing-world-of-work-i-americas.html

    Hugh Smith nailed it, IMHO, though I would appreciate any comment that would elucidate this theme, or possibly countervail it.


  3. melponeme_k

    It’s sad, the money grab policies and slack standards have devalued all college degrees. Even the ones earned before the student loan fiasco took hold.

    When I think of all the hard work I did in college, it wasn’t easy for me nor should it have been easy. But it burns me that my accomplishment is nothing now because anyone can use a loan to bribe their way into a degree. I was just some chump who thought learning was the object when it was really just a validated piece of paper that mattered.

  4. e sutton

    The classes where I learned the most were the ones where the professor had high expectations and no pity. If you came to class unprepared you would be made a fool of in front of everyone. Shame can be a big motivator. But in the world of “Self esteem and gold stars for all” teaching is very much a moot practice. Try reasoning sometime with a parent whose little snowflake earned his “F”. You’ll have the administration come down on you with all its weight and force. Add in a little cultural “DIE versity”, sprinkle in a dash of grade inflation, and season with some moral relativism and you have a real baked in soufflé of bullshit. The worst part of it is, the kids who you teach think you earned your degree the same way they did, by goofing off. You got yours and they want theirs, too. And working for it isn’t part of the equation. I left academia and haven’t looked back.

  5. Petruchio

    There is only ONE solution to this mess: slash taxpayer subsidies to Universities! Slash as in terms of around 80% I’m sure this book is a good read and the writer makes a lot of legitimate points, but our political class–once again–have sold the taxpayer out. Slashing the budgets of the university system is the ONLY language the University “ruling class” understand. I say let’s ram this “message” down their throats. What supreme arrogance. Those benefitting from the University system–as is–actually feel entitled to saddle their “students” with insurmountable debt, just so they can go on living large at someone else’s expense. Everyone in theory should be able to get a college education if they want one. That’s an ideal, a nice principle to adhere to, but the Universities have been cynically using this desire for their own selfish advantage. Time to throw the bums off the gravy train. Let’s let them charge WHATEVER they like for tuition and books, BUT (and that’s a big word) they have to do it on their own dime! No more welfare to the Universities! BTW: I have personally heard–more than once–persons representing the Universities say, “We make NO GUARANTEES to the students.” This statement is in response to questions such as “What about students who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, go into debt for upwards of $80,000–and then have to move back home and work at the local coffeehouse making $9/hr?” The response from those running the Universities? “We make no guarantees.” Yes, these people RICHLY deserve to have EVERY SINGLE PENNY of taxpayer support. Then let’s hear them arrogantly pronounce, “We make no guarantees.” Well, well. this “no guarantees” stuff can be a two-way street.

  6. Petruchio

    “Yes, these people RICHLY deserve to have EVERY SINGLE PENNY of taxpayer support. ” This line should say, “Yes, these people RICHLY deserve to have EVERY SINGLE PENNY of taxpayer support eliminated.” One word makes a difference. Obviously, the Universities are lucky I’m not in charge.

  7. emsnews

    State funds for universities is falling while government loans fund nearly everything now.

    The costs of this fake education is loaded directly on all tax payers and all students, both. And both are losing due to this.

  8. vengeur

    I went to college in the 70’s. I went back in the late 90’s to brush up on my German, and took French classes there too. I can tell you I was absolutely shocked at the change in the attitude of the students and the lack of effort that was expected of them. No weekly grammar drills or exercises. No vocabulary memorization. I was so disgusted with the lack of discipline in the german class (American professor teaching ) I quit halfway through the first class. The French program was much better, the teacher being an old school French lady from Brittany who demanded some effort . She told me once about the students, ” They want to want to become (French) teachers, and they can’t even put a complete sentence together.”

  9. C&C

    I began college in 1990 and it was already then a five year party. I enjoyed myself tremendously because there was no alternative in the country that I could afford (if it even existed) that would allow me to get an education. (I did one year of law school just to experience what a real college might feel like.)

    At least the stupid classes and low-level work of undergrad did not take place in the prison environment of public high school, and my degree, though worthless in itself, put me in a slightly higher employment bracket. So it did nothing for the country or my future employers, but in the early 90s, the five year party was still an enjoyable way to spend time if you went to a state school or were poor and got the still-extant-then student grants.

  10. emsnews

    I won a scholarship to study in Germany and then, before my 17th birthday, got to take a graduate course in German philosophy which was conducted in German.

    When I was 22, all the main German programs were suddenly terminated when they changed the language requirements and now there are far, far, far fewer language classes.

    Other students wanted to know how I did it back in 1967. I said it was easy: MEMORIZE EVERYTHING TOTALLY. For hours at a time and listen to German operas, too. Heh.

    No takers for this program of self-training.

  11. emsnews

    About the ‘five year party’: IT IS A TRAP. It is the most expensive party on earth and you pay for it, regretfully, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE unless you are lucky and study hard and get a degree that actually is worth something.

  12. Jim R

    I saw the headline and thought maybe you’d be talking about Varoufakis.

  13. DeVaul

    I may have seen the start of this back in 1981 when I started college. When I told my high school counselor what school I had chosen, she replied: “Oh, that’s a party school!” I did not know what to make of that. It was a private school that was one of the top ten in the country at the time.

    When I was there, there were THREE (3) party nights! Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday night. Wednesday was reserved for lab work and catching up on all the reading they dumped on us. It was a ton, and I read it all, but I noticed about half or more of the students did not read anything and they were all “econ” majors. Their only goal in life was to become a “millionaire”. They had no other interests. It was kind of sad, really, and I think many of the professors were dismayed by this, but what could they do?

  14. Petruchio

    “State funds for universities is falling while government loans fund nearly everything now.” I’m not so sure about that. I know here in MN, the University got a 4% increase in funding. And what galls me is how sneaky and sleazy this funding increase is done. Last time (MN budgets for 2 years at a time), the Prez of the “U” met with the House Speaker of the Legislature (MN has a two-house legislative body). They met AFTER the normal legislative session ENDED, Then, behind closed doors, courtesy of tailor made legal loopholes, the good ol’ “U” got their funding increased. This is what I’m talking about. This sh#t has to END. Put the Universities on a severe austerity program. After all,it is University economists that promote austerity for countries. I say let’s give ’em a taste of their own medicine. If nothing else, it would be fun to watch the arrogant little piggies squeal.

  15. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Yeah, my college was full of punk ass bitches with rich parents that partied constantly, cheated through business school, made frat connections, and got placed into high level corporate jobs after school while being absolutely worthless. I couldn’t stand those assholes.

    That’s what makes our great nation what it is today.

  16. emsnews

    This is why our economy is on the wrong road.

  17. Petruchio

    @15: I can second that thought. My university experience was filled with some of the creepiest, slimiest people I have met. Lie, cheat, steal, doublecross. many had absolutely NO redeeming qualities. And I graduated from the University, so I got a good look.

  18. emsnews

    I was fired for telling the University President her husband was a drunk and responsible for IBM pulling a multi-million dollar development deal out after he screwed up with them, showing up an hour late, drunk, at a very important meeting.

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