Welfare Trap For Families Is Destroying Black Children

▶ Baltimore riot video: The gentrified crowd under attack. – YouTube

Rioters in Baltimore, a city run by a black mayor and city council and police chief, attack hipsters in a restaurant. Mayor blasts outsiders and gangs for the violence and has demanded the National Guard come in and stop them all.


I had a most revealing evening last night while waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room due to an injured knee.  A lovely black grandmother was there with two very energetic grandchildren, both boys under the age of ten.  These children ran all over the place and rolled on the floor and shoved chairs around and in  general, were pretty out of control.  Every few minutes, the poor grandmother who was at her wit’s end, would say, ‘If you don’t stop that, the cops will arrest you.’  She did variations on this: ‘The cops see you right now and will come and get you.’


They also asked her to read to them and she kept saying no.  I was sorely tempted to suggest to her, I could read to them except I was going into the exam room in a few more minutes and had to wait to hear the nurse call me in.


The social situation elderly black women find themselves in is seriously bad.  They are often the chief adult raising children especially boys who don’t listen to them very much and are obviously at loose ends.  I lived for many years in a black community and took care of black girls along with my own daughter.  The fractured social lives of many black children, the unstable relationships and often, the departure or deaths of both males and females who are the biological parents coupled with welfare rules that reward abandoning children with grandmothers, has led to children being raised by people who are out of energy, time and strength.


For the grandmothers are often not in the best health and usually are allowing a parade of relatives camp out with them or living off of their social security and child care money which leads to the money for children being very diluted by hanger-ons.  Many of whom have no future in modern society because jobs have vanished for them even as a flood of aliens comes here for low end jobs, even from Africa.


Here is an article by a white woman illustrating how furious she is as her family is supported by taxpayers:  This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps – The Washington Post


That’s the funny thing about being poor. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone feels entitled to share. That was especially true about my husband’s Mercedes. Over and over again, people asked why we kept that car, offering to sell it in their yards or on the Internet for us.


“You can’t be that bad off,” a distant relative said, after inviting himself over for lunch. “You still got that baby in all its glory.”


Sometimes, it was more direct. All from a place of love, of course. “Sell the Mercedes,” a friend said to me. “He doesn’t get to keep his toys now.”


But it wasn’t a toy — it was paid off. My husband bought that car in full long before we met. Were we supposed to trade it in for a crappier car we’d have to make payments on? Only to have that less reliable car break down on us?


I had  my first child by accident while still at the university.  I did several things: I quit school and I sold my truck and other things to pay for my pregnancy, delivery and other costs and I went off to NYC to find a new life and work.  I had no car, I got a Victorian baby buggy at a second hand store (they were very cheap back then) and worked as a super in a slum where I had to deal with cockroaches and humans who had similar cleaning habits as insects.


Far from, like the lady bellyaching in the story who lives in a fine quarter million dollar home in California and who drives a Mercedes Benz because it was better than an old car that might break down…I walked everywhere or rode the subways.  I never had food stamps or welfare.  I lived for a year in a single room with a toilet and bath in a closet and to get to the bath and sink you had to step over the toilet which was in the doorway!  I loved showing people that.


Even more annoying in this story of poverty (sic) the welfare white lady complains about when her SECOND car broke down.  The white welfare lady talks about how she ‘crawled back from the edge’ to a more bountiful life. But she never crawled at all. She rode there in some very expensive cars which she kept throughout.


And this is what is destroying the black community that has resorted yet again to looting, rioting and destroying cities: most of the rioters were raised on taxpayer’s dimes and there is great resentment about this.  Fixing the mess will cost even more money.  And for what?  The government lets in millions of workers who have displaced many of these people raised on welfare so they have no aspirations but to be raised by government stipends.


This hurts really disabled people who desperately need help to stay alive.  The lady whining about ‘poverty’ was not really all that poor.  I was once VERY poor, no, twice, very poor.  When my husband was injured at work, it took three years of court battles and then another year for full restitution during which we lived in a tent complex I built out of discarded construction materials! With a child, no less.  And not one penny from welfare or foods stamps. Had to go out and shoot something to eat periodically, raised the veggies.  It was harsh reality and we had a severely disabled person living in the tent with us and we won our court case faster than average because a judge heard about where we lived…from the lawyer against us!


He was so outraged, he stopped the trial and ruled in our favor.  And was shocked to learn we never asked for any welfare money at any time, too.


Welfare is a trap. The grannies raising children are doing this because no adult has taken the slightest responsibility for caring and raising children.  The rewards for giving up, for cheating, for goofing off instead of making hard choices and lots of sacrifices, is to have a fun time of it for a while but end up dead, early on, in prison or killed by fellow goof off artists.  This is a sand trap hard to escape and is sucking down the entire black community.  The lady I watched in the hospital was a very nice woman.  She was a church going woman who took good care of the boys and herself but at the same time, was being destroyed by all this, she was too old to be stuck working as a mother for rambunctious boys when she had trouble even walking much less, running after them.


And the fact that she was alone in the hospital late at night with them in her care was very sad to see.  The problem as I see it is, when I scrambled to survive, it made me a stronger person.  When people expect to be saved with out effort, they grow weaker.  The exception to this is disability and my husband is on disability but he is too disabled to survive on his own.  As are children. But children can’t be raised by the state, this just doesn’t work well.  There has to be some sort of solution to the welfare sand trap that destroys children instead of raising them properly.


Hard work is good for strong bodies.  Telling people they have zero value to society but society will be mommy and daddy leads to children being social orphans.


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8 responses to “Welfare Trap For Families Is Destroying Black Children

  1. Micha

    Elaine, you are the solution, i am the solution, everyone for themselves becomes the solution. I can’t speak to what got you on that track, but i could give you a list of temptations, alternatives and compromises i’ve given years to that didn’t help solve anything. so.. to me its my willingness to look away, to seperate from, to ‘abandon’ care in one way or another to the machinery ‘solutions’ would seek to change. Thus to me, not solutions, but participation is the solver here. not directives. but a revisiting of the agreement on how we all want to live together. Idealism. you know. what the machine killed. what we/i/you let the machine kill?

  2. Sunger

    Yes! Ethnic riots, smashed store windows, and burning inner-city neighborhoods.

    Sweet memories of my youth………….

  3. emsnews

    Yes, the gangs of Baltimore are burning down that city which has struggled for years to turn back the clock and get white families to move back in. All dumped in the trash can.

    The gentrification movement coexisted with a surge of strong mayors in places like NYC that didn’t tolerate crime and riots. Now, they are being pushed to allow these riots again just like in the 1960-1980 era. Hooboy: I lived through that all. It was terrifying.

    I was a strong person who fought back against the destroyers and they hated my guts. I can’t tell how many times someone tried to either beat me up or shoot me dead.

    I am very lucky most innercity thugs can’t shoot worth a damn.

  4. e sutton

    I am very lucky most innercity thugs can’t shoot worth a damn.

    They can’t do much of anything worth a damn. Blacks don’t “do” first world civilization. Law and order is anathema to them. White man’s way = Black man’s burden, I guess.

  5. vengeur

    How sad that those kids wanted to be read to and the Grandmom was too overwhelmed to do it. Hopefully she does it at home. I believe the success or failure of kids is almost all environment. Keeping them away from negative influences and promoting their natural desire to learn . However, this takes energy and effort on the part of parents. Sure, some kids are going to turn out well in spite of the worst conditions, but most will languish when they are not nurtured and groomed to be successful in society.

  6. emsnews

    Here is the insane ruling of a black judge who has a chip the size of a telephone pole on his shoulder: “This incident has had the most impact on my daughter,” Jordan Gray wrote. “She is in constant fear of black men. When we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave. If (she) is playing in a room and I walk into another, she freaks out. It has affected her friendships at school and our relationship with African American friends.”

    That statement, one that the victim apparently volunteered in good faith, is seemingly meant to show dismay at the corrosive effect of violent crime – how it eats at the basic fabric of society beginning with even its youngest members.

    Stevens didn’t take it that way. In fact he took it another way entirely – that the Grays are somehow to blame for the reactions of a pre-schooler whose short acquaintance with the world is based entirely on what she perceives.

    Instead of being outraged at the criminal, Stevens vented at the victims.

    “It troubles me greatly what this statement says,” he said at Wallace’s sentencing. “I would want to make that part of the record, I am offended by that.

    “If the perpetrator had been white, would they be in fear of white men?” he asked.

    “It’s not going to affect what happens here,” he said, but “I’m going to make this part of the record.”

    He then sentenced a man who pleaded guilty to robbery – a robbery that involved breaking into a peaceful home and threatening a man, his wife and a young girl at gunpoint – to probation instead of prison. No matter what the legalities might say, that’s the same as freedom.

    End of Story

    My comment: I have seen this sort of racism in NYC. Blacks have convinced themselves that they can’t be racist just as Jews practice outrageous racism in Israel and then come here and lecture us about civil rights and race relations.

    This blindness is very destructive and the backlash is building fast.

  7. e sutton

    Sooo glad you covered this! I’m beyond outrage. The keys to the asylum are in the hands of the patients! HELP!

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