Baltimore Burned Last Night, US Liberal Media Pretends Riot Was Over

Wishful thinking:  The New York Times headline this morning is: Under Curfew, Baltimore Is Calm After Days of Unrest and the Washington Post dutifully echoes this: Curfew lifts after calmer night in Baltimore  so it appears that this latest looting expedition is done.


But go overseas and the news is different with pictures to prove it:  Baltimore Riots Continue Overnight With Looting, Fires, Dozens Arrested; Mayor On Defensive About Delays In City’s Response   International Business TimesViolence erupts for a second night in Baltimore: Defiant rioters face-off with three thousand police officers firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd to enforce city’s broken curfewBaltimore Riots: New Reports Of Looting Following Violent Clashes The Inquisitr News.


Now the debate in the US media and our spastic government is how to fix things so looting expeditions cease happening.  Peaceful protests remain the best option for fixing things but the looting and burning option which is what invading barbarians inflict on ancient Rome, are the main result of any incident, large or small, giving an excuse.


The criminal habits of the slums periodically burst into high energy and this then feeds back on itself encouraging others to experiment with the ever-fun business of looting and burning cities.  Cities have been looted and burned mainly by foreign invaders ever since cities were first invented.  Citizens rioting and destroying their own cities has happened repeatedly in history, too.


The common thread is, cities destroyed this way usually end up this way due to WEAKNESS not strength.  We see this in the US: the cities being ravaged by armed gangs terrorizing everyone are not law and order cities but rather, cities that are suffering from declining economic power.  Detroit is a typical example, Camden New Jersey was once a major ship building site and now is nearly a total slum.


But we must look further: it isn’t just poverty that causes looting and burning, it is a cultural thing.  The verboten issue in the US is to try to understand why certain communities do NOT riot, loot and burn their neighborhoods even though the people there are poor.  Why do some groups do better than others when all start off at the same level of poverty?


Social media chatter about ‘purge’ helped police plan: The looters and burning crew uses modern technology because they are not really all that poor, to plan violent events.  Black groups of teens have been doing this for several years now.  They mainly aim at terrorizing shopping malls by mobbing it suddenly and running wild, snatching at merchandise and robbing and beating patrons and any shop staff who try to stop them.


So, using the riots in Baltimore as another excuse, teen mobsters plotted to attack a suburban mall.  The cops prevented this but previous events were not stopped.  Actually, good police community people track these teen communications to see beforehand where they will strike next.


In nearly all cases, the plotters are black youths.  This means, most news about this is verboten and the average American can blissfully walk into a ‘safe’ mall thinking nothing bad will happen.  Business doesn’t want this news bandied about.


Florida teens Smash mob trash florida Walmart – YouTubeTeen Mob Riots At Chicago Mall! – YouTubeMassive Flash Mob Fight Shuts Down Mall Of Louisiana … – YouTube[RAW] Mob Of Teens Rob Washington DC Convenience … – YouTube, It is all over You Tube.


All of these events are exactly like the looting/burning stuff in Ferguson and Baltimore and in the future, most of our former industrial cities that now lie in ruins due to jobs being shipped to Asia.


Black youths are told, if they get a good education, they will get jobs which is true.  But for some reason, the ‘get a good education’ part fails badly and I would submit, this is due to cultural reasons.  Why work at doing well at anything when one can pop out a baby and get full support from taxpayers while goofing off all day and all night?

The real reason why poor kids perform worse in school – and in life – The Washington Post


This suggests one potential reason children from higher-income families receive greater investments and perform better academically: the natural ability of children and parents may be positively correlated. Higher-ability parents will tend to earn more and have more able children leading to a positive correlation between parental income and child investments and achievement….


If parents are investing in their children up until the return is the same as saving elsewhere, then there is no way to shift spending to increase future income, and the investment level is efficient. On the other hand, if they are investing too little in their children, so that the labor market returns are higher than saving elsewhere, the investment level is inefficient. In this case, policies that shift spending to education investment for these children increase future income.


This gibberish is an expensive ‘study’ done by some professors trying to explain why rich kids do better than poor kids.  Rich kids universally do ‘better’ to a point where they become lazy and wasteful as we see with elites in any historical time period.


The core of the ‘work hard/get educated’ culture isn’t the very rich, it is the Middle Class.


The end of this ‘study’ claims that giving poor children preschool will fix this disparity. No mention is made of Head Start which was supposed to fix this years ago. It barely made the slightest impact.  The presumption is, if children are taken away from families at a younger and younger age, they will be fixed.


Except culture comes from the home and overwhelms any other forces at work.  Children copy parents to a great degree.  If parents believe lying, cheating and stealing is good, rich or poor, their children will be more and more criminal.


So the super rich kids get spoiled rotten and poor kids are taught that goofing off on welfare is the best lifestyle.  Asian parents teach their children to work, black families who have been on welfare for three generations teach their children that failure leads to a carefree life where all of one’s needs are taken care of with zero or even negative effort.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 7.57.43 AM

The researchers at this top university claim that reading books is how we save small children.  That is, read to your baby and your baby will become a hard working student.  But look at the study’s graph here:  the top 25% of the economic class ‘reads 3+ books’ to child.  But the top 10% doesn’t do this, the NANNY does this.  The #1 differential is ‘dad at home’.  The top 50% have a huge advantage here.  The top 75% is still better off than the one mother no father plan.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 7.57.24 AM


The top 25% has biggest advantages in ‘reading 3 times a week’ and ‘musical instrument at home’ and ‘taken to performances in past year’.  But the real thing here isn’t musical.  Poor children of the slums often do a lot of music but it isn’t intellectual music, say, understanding how to read a score for example.  It is ‘learn from exposure’ music which is the ancient way of learning but gives little to no intellectual skills.


Lucky children from the slums can rise to high, high wealth and fame doing the ‘learn by example’ music.  Rewards for playing classical music are far less lucrative.  But children who learn classical music gain valuable mental skills.  I played the cello, violin, piano and organ when I was a child.  I learned to read music when I was learning how to read words, at the same time.


In church, we had hymn books that had scores to read while singing and we all learned how to read this by age 6 or 7.  The intellectual mental building inside the brain via this more painful way of learning music is invaluable and lasts a lifetime.


The Columbia University study suggesting that earlier and earlier schooling will fix what is wrong mainly with black children is disputed:  Experts, studies clash on benefits of pre-K – NY Daily News


When it comes to his costly and ambitious plan to dramatically expand pre-school programs, Mayor de Blasio does not mince words.


Universal pre-K is “among the most effective ways to reduce income inequality,” his office said in a report.


According to three landmark studies that began in the 1960s and ‘70s, children who attend preschool are more likely to graduate high school, become homeowners, raise their own kids, have savings accounts, and own a second car than those who do not.


They also are less likely to receive welfare, abuse drugs, need special education, get arrested or spend time in prison.


Every dollar spent on pre-K results in a savings to government of $3 to $7, according to the research…


Conservative critics of universal pre-K cite the 2002-06 Head Start Impact Study, which tracked 5,000 3- and 4-year-olds through third grade. By that time, according to the study, any test-score gains from the federally funded pre-K program for low-income kids had vanished. There was virtually no difference between kids who had been enrolled in a Head Start program and those who had not.


If Head Start prevents kids from a life of welfare dependence, it was a tremendous failure.  But the other half of this failure is the disappearance of unionized jobs that pay well for simple labor.  That is, cheaper foreign labor has displaced citizen labor in the US.  Most of our manufactured goods are imported causing a gigantic multi-trillion dollar deficit.


This deficit is the menacing monster in the shadows.  The looting mobs tormenting the populace at large is merely a facet of this monster lurking in the dark that US media and US professors do NOT mention.  Fake fixes for what ails our cities are imposed on the citizens and things get worse and worse.


The cheap consumer goods we all adore so much is due to eliminating most jobs that the average person can do who has no ability to attain intellectual prowess.  That is, just because they now let anyone go deep into debt in school doesn’t mean it will lead to a strong middle class.  The middle class we all remember so strongly was due to higher pay for the average working schmuck, not due to higher educational talents and intellect.


Stop blaming poor parents for their children’s limited vocabulary – The Washington Post whines even though immigrants from Asia see their children speak perfect English in less than three generations while Hispanic families, due to everything now being made bilingual, don’t bother to learn English very well at all which greatly limits


In a recent article in the New York Times, journalist Douglas Quenqua looked back 20 years to a “landmark education study which found that by the age of three, children from low-income families have heard 30m fewer words than more affluent children, putting them at an educational disadvantage before they even began school.” He detailed new research by Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, professor of psychology at Temple University, challenging the importance of the quantity of words a child hears and emphasising the quality of language in each child’s home…


Such debates simply allow cultural stereotypes to determine what research matters publicly and politically – and how. Whether we argue that impoverished parents fail to share the same number or quality of words with their children when compared to middle-class or affluent parents, we are still blaming those parents and not the social inequity driving poverty.


Many a Chinese fast food joint, when anyone has to talk to the parents, will talk to the kids who then translate for mom and pop. This is common in say, Lebanese stores or Nigerian or a host of other ethnic stores.  Go into a Chinese store and you see the grandchildren in the back, studying or assisting the business in some way.


This ‘work hard/get good education’ model still works for immigrants from cultures that believe this in the first place.  The US welfare system rewards people who believe welfare is a way of life and all the educational fixes fail due to the fact that welfare life is a LURE and not a thing to avoid for millions of black families.  It is a goal, not something bad or dangerous.


This is very sad to watch. Avoiding talking about this dynamic is dangerous for blacks because it means they can’t avoid the trap it has become and can’t escape it.  Blaming whites for this is super dangerous because it elevates white anger at supporting black disintegrating families only to be rewarded with looting and burning and crime.


But blacks can’t fix this dynamic unless we stop shipping jobs overseas and importing endless armies of aliens to displace black citizens.  And neither political party is helping in this matter, they both work against fixing this, big time.  If we want a real revolution, first we have to get people to understand why things aren’t working in the first place and blacks that began climbing the economic ladder after the Civil Rights Act CORRECTLY stopped rank discrimination based on race, the ladder was taken down and chopped up and burned by our leaders thanks to their demand we have ‘free trade’.


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59 responses to “Baltimore Burned Last Night, US Liberal Media Pretends Riot Was Over

  1. Petruchio

    I’m not familiar at all with the Baltimore area, but if/when these rioters start threatening a wealthy and (mostly) white area in the city? Well…it will be interesting to see what kind of fallout there will be. To me that seems to be the next logical step for this kind of protest. Affix blame on a group or groups responsible for their misery and DIRECTLY attack those groups. Sometimes the next step is never taken, sometimes it is. Then it isn’t called a riot. It’s called a revolution.

  2. emsnews

    They attacked businesses that ‘gentrification’ people who are mostly white, use. The women in the restaurant screamed as thugs smashed windows.

    I know Baltimore very well indeed. It is mostly black, the government there is mostly black, it is one of the blacker cities in America.

    The fallout from this is: Baltimore will die further, not grow. History makes this clear: if riots are all about looting and burning then the city is ABANDONED.

    We see many ‘abandoned’ cities in the US. The list is long! Many are former industrial giants like Detroit. NOTHING GOOD WILL COME FROM THESE RIOTS.

    Liberals hitching their wagons to black looting riots is a complete political disaster. Blacks don’t want what the liberals are peddling anymore than Hispanics want it. They want the cops to let the gangs run riot all the time, it appears, because the main business in most inner cities these days is servicing drug addicts, many of whom come from the white suburbs.

    WORD OF WARNING: This is NOT appreciated by the families in suburbia watching their kiddies and even adults become enslaved to destructive drugs!

    This dynamic is due to the War on Drugs which I declared a disaster way back when Nixon began it. I believe addicts should have their addictions serviced by doctors since they want to be addicts. Keep them drugged if they demand this.

    But don’t make it profitable! No one listens to me about this.

  3. DeVaul

    White culture arrives just in time to rape and sodomize starving black boys in Africa with the usual total impunity:

    Yippee! Keep on keeping on!

  4. DeVaul

    Here is an excellent article to read regarding “preconceived notions” or views:

    This article clearly shows that “facts don’t matter”. Europeans think the US destroyed Nazi Germany even though the Germans lost 90% of their men on the Eastern Front and the Russians took the German capital in the largest single battle in human history, prompting Hitler to commit suicide.

    If people hate another group of people strongly enough, they will ignore any and all facts in order to perpetuate their hatred of that group of people.

    Americans are no different than Europeans in this respect.

  5. Henry

    Now we are hearing that referring to looters, arsonist and rioters as thugs is wrong because it’s racist. They say this is equivalent to calling then N***ers. Well this is stupid. It is racist to refer to people as N***ers because of the color of their skin. But people are called thugs because of their behavior. A completely different thing.

  6. DeVaul

    @ Henry

    Well, I am not going to support arsonists and looters, but I would like to point out something that did occur during the Katrina disaster. A news helicopter saw a white couple looting a store and filling the bag with water and food, and talked about them as “survivors”. A black couple doing the same thing were referred to by this same news group as “looters”.

    How plainer does it have to be before people admit what is?

  7. emsnews

    The difference is in what people are taking.

    Food and water when there was neither available, is survival. Taking TVs and cars is stealing stuff for personal gain.

  8. vengeur

    Amusing to see certain folks doing contortions to somehow make excuses for criminal behavior. Any criticism of black criminality is unfair or racist. What we have just witnessed guarantees that the NEXT riot will be bigger and bloodier.

  9. DeVaul

    @ venguer

    I guess your comment was directed at me. You think that black people have no right to take food and water from a store while wading through waist deep water without being called “looters” on national television?

    You think that is amusing? That skin color determines who can take water or not take water from a flooded store?

    I feel sorry for you. It takes a heartless being to insist that black people only take TV’s and toilet paper when news cameras show them taking the same things the white “survivors” took from the flooded store.

    At this point, I believe that Russians are actually spiritually and intellectualy superior to Americans in almost every way that counts.

  10. e sutton


    You’re fighting a losing battle on this forum. Elaine understand perfectly what you mean. Others? Not so much. Stay strong and vigilant, my friend. Our side is stronger than others might think.

  11. DeVaul

    You and venguer think that “others” on this forum want looting and arson.

    They don’t.

    What we want is for you to stop over generalizing about an entire group of people just because you do not like their skin color or culture.

    That’s what we want, and your side is not as strong as you think.

  12. vengeur

    What a stupid argument “because we don’t like their skin color or culture”. And “generalizing”. Who is doing the rioting and destruction? I am not supposed to notice that it is blacks doing it? I am not supposed to notice that the most dangerous cities in the country are heavily black? AM I not supposed to notice that violent crime committed by blacks far surpasses other ethnic groups? Oh, I am SO sorry that these remarks upset your FANTASY of innocent, oppressed blacks ever suffering at the hands of racist America. Plenty of blacks DO make it in America , but you want to ignore them and focus on the minority of career criminal LOSERS and MALCONTENTS among them who are more than willing to destroy any goodwill between the races.

  13. vengeur

    @DeVaul: Nothing you said in comment #9 was actually said or even vaguely inferred by me. Ridiculous straw man nonsense.

  14. vengeur

    I would like to say one thing about Elaine, because up until now I could never quite figure her out. Elaine is a liberal REALIST. Which is exactly why she draws the ire of liberals, because she exposes so many of their cherished FANTASIES.

  15. e sutton

    Truth be told, the blacks that make it in America and other countries are the ones that adopt the work ethic. There are heads of Fortune 500 companies with blacks as the heads and they are……….wait…….for………..LEADERS!!!!! They don’t sit around on their hands CRYING because they were dropped on their head at birth or some other some such nonsense. Pretending that this isn’t so is an exercise in futility at best and mental masturbation at worst. The scary part is, those with their hands on their testicles, “Waiting For Godot” will be shocked and surprised when their salvation not only doesn’t happen, but they’re knocked back down to race relations as they existed pre 1930. Our friend DeVaul is in for some very, very, very rude awakenings. 😀

  16. vengeur

    Exactly so e Sutton. The millions of blacks who go to work every day and bust it trying to make something of themselves are ignored while the media focuses on some LOSER who has been arrested 18 times and unfortunately is now dead.

  17. Christian W

    The “Black community” exists within the larger context of White American culture. The “Black community” is not apart from the US culture at large, it is part of it.

    The “Black community” is no more violent than the “White community”. Nobody on the planet worships guns, and the power that grows out of guns, more than the American White culture. Domestically, because they are at the very bottom of society and pushed out into the slum areas and into criminality, blacks certainly commit a lot of crimes, but that is just a drop in the ocean compared the crimes unleashed by the US White community on a global scale.

    Nobody on the planet is a larger recipient of welfare than the American White culture. The “Black community” are pointed at as “welfare Queens” by the very same culture that for decades has sucked up the majority of the world’s wealth in tribute.

    What is the “Black community” supposed to do? Lift itself up by its’ bootstraps and become part of the magical American White culture? It is not hard to see that BOTH the black gangsta culture and the White Middle class culture, are quite insane.

    You don’t fix that insanity with more violence, be it rioting or cop crack downs. Any genuine fix has to be at a far more profound social and political level.

  18. vengeur

    “blacks certainly commit a lot of crimes, but that is just a drop in the ocean compared the crimes unleashed by the US White community on a global scale.” Oh thank you for that. I feel SO much better knowing that black criminality in America is balanced by global white injustice.

  19. e sutton

    True story: I worked for a Fortune 500 back in the late ’80s to the early 2000s. It was headed (successfully) by a black man for most of that time. Early on, people both within and outside of the organization chuckled that he wouldn’t make it. Not only did the company grow and expand under this black leader, but entire industries took a page out of this company’s book on how to succeed in the modern era. This company is still at the forefront of the industry, although the black CEO is now quite comfortably retired and I imagine living quite large. Everyone loved him. Smart, articulate, personable, and as kind to the persons on the very bottom as well as the top echelon of the company. I never heard anyone ever speak disparagingly of him (I suppose because the company stock value reached newer and higher altitudes). I’m somewhat sanguine about that, because I sold my shares a few years ago (at a tidy profit) only to see them reach new, dizzyingly high heights.

  20. vengeur

    Oh boy. When the police report comes out about F. Gray’s death, it’s going to get VERY ugly.

  21. DeVaul

    Christian W is right again, but I noticed no one paid any attention to him all last Fall or Winter, not even Elaine. The hatred was non stop and terrible.

    The hypocrisy is astounding. We are supposed to notice black thugs, black culture, welfare moms, etc., but not notice white cops executing people just because they are black.

    No white thug has been shot in Lexington or in Kentucky, and they account for nearly 100% of Kentucky cops who are killed in action. They also account for nearly 100% of all rural deaths, which usually involve whole families or elderly couples murdered in their beds at least once a week here, but because it is spread out over hundreds of counties, it does not seem like intense violence, but it is. It is totaly out of control and “conservatives” have defunded the state police so that they cannot clean up the meth labs. What noble champions of “law and order”.

    The white militamen who show up at the capital armed with assault rifles that are loaded are not stopped by police and disarmed or even gassed or maced or anything like that, but if black men showed up there with assault rifles, they would be shot on the spot. They don’t even dare do it here.

    These double standards pushed by fascists and racists will come back to burn us badly, just like it did to the Germans, who thought they were oh, so very, very superior to those ghetto scumbags who didn’t do anything but eat food meant for Germans.

  22. e sutton

    @DeVaul/Christian W.

    Is there a song we can sing about the wronged black yoof? *******yawn***** So sad, too bad????? Anyone have a banjo in da house? Ballad of dah “yoof trine ta do rye gun roan?” ……ooooh….a tear just started to form in mah eye. 😦

  23. Christian W


    Yeah, the point was that the US as a whole has a problem when one part of the community struggles. All communities in the US inter-are, you can’t disappear one part and pretend it doesn’t exist or exclude it from the larger context and point fingers at it and tell it to fix itself. Finger pointing works both ways.

    Obviously if you take this logic far enough you see that problems have to be solved on a global scope since we all share this same earth as our home. That is the sane approach to globalism, rather than the exclusively self-enriching approach the Western/Israeli/Gulf elite tries to force on the rest of the planet.

    If a society, like the US, has a strict focus on a (tiny handful of) winners take all and losers (lots and lots of losers) can get by best they can obviously there are going to be lots of problems at the bottom of society.

    And guess what, some of the losers at the bottom of society will want to be winners and will push down other losers so they can be winners (in relative terms).

    How is that not a recipe for eternal conflict and violence? The problem is the fundamental values of US society itself. Black Gangsta culture really is a reflection of White US culture in it’s crudest form, but essentially they are the same. One has hoods, tattoos, saggy bottom pants and lots of bling, the other has immaculate suits and American flags on the lapel. Both love guns, drugs, money and hookers and, in particular, violence.

  24. e sutton

    It’s comforting to know that others, some never having lived here or been citizens, have such acumen about what living in America over 50 years (as I have)is like…..sigh…..they’ll save us all no doubt….(not).

  25. DeVaul

    I learned the most about America during the 2 years I lived in West Germany because of something called “objectivism”.

    I think Elaine knows what that means.

  26. Lou

    Apr 29, 2015 SALON

    Dear white Facebook friends: I need you to respect what Black America is feeling right now
    To those rushing to judgment about what’s happening in Baltimore: Please stop and listen before you say any more
    Julia Blount

  27. Lou


  28. Petruchio

    @25: DeVaul: that is so true. My time spent outside of the US was a real eye opener for me. You find out, for one thing that the US of A is NOT the center of the Universe! There are people out in the world who have absolutely NO interest in the US–except for maybe visiting it for 2-3 weeks at a time. When you visit outside the US, you find out the world can be a little hostile to the US and Americans because of all the warmongering and other sleaze committed by the US government/Ruling Class. People even frown on the practice of Americans publicly jabbing an index finger in the air and shouting “USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! They do not have a very high regard for the General Intelligence of the typical American. All too often with justification, imho.

  29. Lou

    And the first thing the free Haitians did? Kill the Whites.

  30. Lou

    EMS, ‘ pop out a baby’. You mean SIX. Like the mom who stopped her rioting son.

  31. Lou

    backRowHeckler April 30, 2015 at 7:11 am #

    Forget about the riots, 5 people were gunned down, one fatally, in Baltimore on Tuesday alone, which I gather is not that unusual.

    It turns out Freddy Gray was not an Eagle Scout on his way to Sunday School, but a criminal with 20 prior arrests, and a mid level heroin dealer, which was probably why he was running from cops. Now I hear on the news this morning that he most likely injured himself in an attempt to stay out of jail and go to the hospital, and perhaps sue the City of Baltimore. I asked my DA neighbor about that and he said its a common strategy employed by criminals under arrest, as desperate as it might seem.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it turns out to be true, this self mutilation, which caused a whole city to burn down? Trevon? The Gentle Giant? Freddie Gray?
    All scams! Anybody see a pattern here?

  32. emsnews

    Haiti went from being one of the richest islands in the New World to the present hell hole it is today.

    A spectacular example of how a revolution can utterly destroy something.

    The saddest thing is, the value of Haiti was due 100% to the hard work of the unfortunate slaves. When they won, THEY CEASED WORKING HARD.

    This is what happens to people whose culture is destroyed by slavery. Life is all about AVOIDING work, not working hard to make life better for future generations.

    It is one of many reasons that slavery is evil. This is what made the deep south after the Civil War so poor. Former slaves didn’t relish working and the poor white (white trash) hated working, too, so few people worked very hard at all.

  33. kenogami

    I wonder how much harm the repayment of the debt to France did to Haiti?
    It was a huge amount

    I read that haiti finished paying that debt just a few years ago. They should have repudiated the debt 200 years ago, but it must be hard to repudiate if war ships are nearby ready to flatten out the country with bombs and canons.

  34. Jim R

    Haiti was rich because the slave trade was lucrative. Wealthy traders lived there, along with some of their very best merchandise.

    After the revolution, it was on its own. Overpopulated islands don’t do well on their own. They go through their resource base, farm away their topsoil, and are reduced to deserts.

    If you look at the island, one half of it is green (The DR) and the other half is brown (Haiti). Population figures tell the rest of the story, there’s little else to say.


    ELAINE: DING…totally wrong.

    It was the sugar plantations and the blue dye plantations that made it super rich for 250+ years.

  35. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    Great cartoon, Jim! I was going to say the same thing. How many of those slaves were “rich”?

    Blame it on the victims is the new normal here at Culture of Life News. This is the disease at the heart of White Culture, and you can see it in the hateful comments left by others here who want to see more crackdowns on those pesky colored people.

    The only reason the police did not shoot and kill many people during the riots was because the Chief of Police was black, and he understood that killing people only escalates things. Instead, he tackled a rioter — something fat, arrogant white police officers can no longer do or want to do. Congrats to him for showing how a man deals with a tough situation.

    Property can be replaced, lives cannot.


    ELAINE: you obviously never had an army of screaming lunatic neighbors setting your entire neighborhood on fire. Trust me, you too would want a gun and use it to stop them. I know I would certainly do this. In a eye blink.

  36. DeVaul

    @ Petruchio

    It was in Germany that I read Chomsky’s “For Reasons of State”. I had never even heard of it in America even though I studied linguistics.

    And yes, my fellow Americans were very arrogant and loud and rude during the time I spent in Germany. It was embarrassing. I made a lot of German friends because I did not act that way and respected their culture and view of life while I was there, and that was how I learned a whole lot about WW II and many other things they would not discuss with foreigners.

  37. vengeur

    ” You know , I love Germans and their language and ways, but ask any Europeans what they think of german tourists: “arrogant, loud , rude”

  38. CK

    I watched that woman brutalize that poor innocent boy.
    Good thing that boy does not have a dad, even better thing that that boy’s father was not the one doing the brutalizing. No Hero Worship of You Sir.
    ( A dad is a loving and disciplining male, a father is a sperm donor.)

  39. CK

    It takes 6 minutes and 9 months to replace a life. 12 minutes if you are going for style points.

  40. CK

    About Haiti
    Haiti had great growing conditions for sugar. Sugar was and is the prime addictive drug for mankind.
    Haiti’s neighbours also had and have great growing conditions for sugar.
    When the Haitians decided to stop producing and exporting sugar, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, all manned up and started exporting the drug. Cuba was the most successful and thus the target for liberation by the USA in 1898.

  41. vengeur

    Sugar cane was not indigenous to Haiti or Cuba. Which is surprising since it seems to grow so well there.

  42. DeVaul

    Murdered in the back of a police van. Everyone happy now?

    No doubt it must be suicide, even though the autopsy shows otherwise.

    He died for making eye contact with a police officer. Blacks must now look down when addressing white officers, or face the consequences.

    How long before poor whites must do the same?

  43. vengeur

    DeVaul, please stop. The video show he was able to stand before he finally get ins the van. And he couldn’t possibly have injured himself , could he? You have no proof he was murdered. People like you will be guilty of inciting violence (and death) when this thing explodes again because Black Lies Matter.

  44. e sutton

    Facts be damned, full speed ahead, and let the liberal “po-leese broootahlitay” meme run its full course. Gnome sane, mo fo so beeyatch? Please don’t try to confuse us with facts, venguer!

  45. DeVaul

    Just relaying the findings of the autopsy report that matches the bolt inside the van. You have not shown us where the video of the unscheduled stop is or the video of what happened inside a police van is, so please stop telling your white lies here, venguer. Your comments about “Black Lies Matter” is what incites violence, and you know this.

    So does Elaine, and shame on her for allowing it.

    Why don’t you and e “banjo-pickin watermelon-spittin Negro mocker” sutton go over to Sturmfront and hang out there? They would love you there.

    Your attempts to mock minorities let everyone here know what kind of person you really are. I don’t have to say anything more.

  46. emsnews

    Good lord.

    the Gangs do not want any cops anywhere in America. They work very hard at doing this. Funny thing, when I was getting prisoners on probation from Rahway State Prison (one of the ‘hard’ prisons in the NE) the guys I took out were proud that I suffered no crap from them and they tried all sorts of crap.

    Once they realized I wasn’t a ‘liberal’ easily conned female, they repsected me, protected me when I had to go deep into Newark at night and laughed about how they were part of my private, so to speak, ‘army’

    While doing construction work, they helped me do several citizen’s arrests and the men we caught were amazed that people who were still prisoners but out on my recognizance, would chase them down and slam them to the ground, hard.

    Liberals who think black males are these delicate flowers are…hilarious and blacks laugh about this. Tell them in their face, they are weak, feeble, helpless flowers and they might shoot you dead.

  47. Lou

    ‘Black people end up populating dead cities.’ PASSIVE VOICE NOTED.

    Here, ‘Black people kill cities’. Fixed that for ya.
    Ever see the visual comparisons, Hiroshima ’47 and now + detroit ’47 and now?

    ‘Black people end up populating dead cities..prove that. PSSSSSS….

  48. emsnews

    The main mechanism for wrecking cities is to eliminate the means of production and the need for workers.

    Appalachia has mainly poor whites who live in awful surroundings and jobs there have been vanishing, too. Obama wants to eliminate al coal mining which is their last remaining ‘jobs for lower class workers’ chances. They are steaming mad about this.

    The Democrats used to be the Working Man’s Party. It is no longer.

  49. CK

    Lots of things that aren’t indigenous to lots of places are doing really well.
    Kudzu comes to mind.
    Sugar apparently came out of the Indian Subcontinent and was moved to many places thanks to “Free Trade.” Coffee, Rubber, Chocolate, Rice and hemp did the same.

  50. vengeur

    Very good point. I never thought about those other things having been transplanted,coffee in particular, but I did know potatoes and tomatoes were originally from south America and became almost synonymous for other regions. It’s like the idea that many people think horses were indigenous to the Americas and that Native amercians had access to them before the Spanish brought them. I would bet you could ask most people these questions and they would get the answers wrong.

    ELAINE: A HUUUUGE number of these transplanted food and other crops came from…AFRICA! And the farmers from central Africa who grew these things were kidnapped and enslaved and sold to Europeans who took them to these New World islands where the natives were all killed and they grew these African crops there.

    Crimes all over the place, Europe ravaged Africa and the New World heavily from 1492-1900.

  51. Floridasandy

    Black people better start respecting the police and the legal system, or they might all wind up dead at the hands of their own street justice

    We just had a little 2 year old black girl murdered, and no one comes forward, and the media could care less.

    Is her life less valuable, less riot worthy?

  52. Lou

    Stitches for Snitches. Blacks are mostly foul. Thats true here -there- af ri care.

  53. Christian W

    ELAINE: you obviously never had an army of screaming lunatic neighbors setting your entire neighborhood on fire. Trust me, you too would want a gun and use it to stop them. I know I would certainly do this. In a eye blink.

    What the hell has to go wrong in a modern society to have that kind of problem in the first place? The US seems to breed them, not only domestically but also overseas. I’m sure you know very well how the people of Syria and Iraq feel when they have swarms of rabid ISIS/Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda/+ hundreds of other similar screaming groups of lunatics murdering, raping and pillaging? Or the people of Novorussia?

    WHY does the US breed so much violence? Yet in all of it the American middle class feels clean as new born babes and feel they are the victims of it all, rather than an integral part of the war machine that feeds the entire loop of riots and lunatics?

  54. emsnews

    The middle class in Syria certainly didn’t create ISIS which was created by the US invading Iraq illegally and Saudi Arabia arming the Sunni there to fight the Shi’ites.

  55. Christian W

    That was my point. The CIA created ISIS, it is a spinoff from US wars just as Al Qaeda is a US spinoff from the fight against the Soviet Union.

    The point is that the root of poverty fueled riots in the US and insane lunatics running amok in Syria has US government misrule, albeit deliberate misrule, in common.

    Please explain this little riddle to me:

    The CIA is actively supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and elsewhere and the US middle class just takes it in stride. Yet a mere decade ago Al Qaeda was supposed to be enemy number 1. The mere idea that Al Qaeda were supposedly swarming all over Iraq (there were exactly ZERO Al Qaeda types in Iraq under Saddam) was used as the justification (lie) to invade Iraq, the same Iraq that is now absolutely crawling with Al Qaeda thanks to the US building them up there. And not a peep about all this insanity from the US middle class.

    As for Syria:

    The secular Sunnis in Syria are actually the biggest VICTIMS of ISIS/Al-Nusra and the multitude of little Islamist gangs attacking Syria. The majority of the so called ‘rebels’ are foreigners and without foreign (US, NATO, Israeli and Gulf) support the Syrian government would have no problem putting the ‘rioters’ out of business. In fact very many, if not most, of the native Syrians that began the ‘rebellion’ against Assad accepted amnesty and switched sides when they realized what the Islamists were all about, or they simply stopped fighting Assad. They know perfectly well that even if they hate Assad and would love to topple him, letting the crazed Islamist lunatics run riot all over Syria is the worst option.

    So we end up with the US government being quite ok with a little rioting by the poor blacks, that will keep the US middle class in check nicely, and of course the crazy Islamist gangs are a nice bogey man to scare the US middle class with too and keep them in line.

    After all we don’t want blacks as our neighbors and we don’t want Muslims as our neighbors. Give us nice white people and Jewish neighbors thank you very much.

  56. Floridasandy

    I would prefer nice white or Jewish neighbors than the Muslims currently misbehaving badly. There seems to be some sort of mental gymnastics here where we leap over Muslim atrocities to Christians ,and just choose to blame America for all world violence. It’s laughable if it wasn’t creating such tragedy.

    Just like here blaming whitey for all black deaths when statistics clearly show otherwise. Darn those statistics anyway, so let’s ignore them. I bet the media doesn’t give much coverage to the black police arrested by that idiotic “burn our city down” loser of a mayor Baltimore has.

    Who was blamed before America got her start, I wonder?

    Bad governments and bad religious leaders always need scapegoats, or the citizens will rise up and we can’t have that, can we?

  57. emsnews

    Social chaos is part and parcel of the effects of a declining empire. Like Britain after WWI, over expanding its empire when it was bankrupt, control of the people collapses due to being unable to afford the money to impose political will on unwilling populations.

    The US isn’t a ‘police state’ it is a ‘collapsing state that can’t police much of the territory’.It is so weak now it has to use assassin drones to do things a military occupying force used to do. And the drones are an utter failure just like the War on Drugs simply means gangsters and crooks gain greater power and wealth dealing drugs!

    Instead of changing policies to reflect reality, the rulers order underlings to do more and more while the support systems collapse. Eventually, the empire falls and ours is definitely falling.

  58. Christian W


    FS: I would prefer nice white or Jewish neighbors than the Muslims currently misbehaving badly.

    CW: Obviously we all prefer sane, quiet neighbors to loud, obnoxious, deranged neighbors of any religion or “tribe/race” if we use those parameters.

    FS: There seems to be some sort of mental gymnastics here where we leap over Muslim atrocities to Christians ,and just choose to blame America for all world violence. It’s laughable if it wasn’t creating such tragedy.

    CW: Nobody is leaping over atrocities committed by “Muslims” (those committing the atrocities are not even Muslims really, they are Salafi and Wahhabi Takfiris, unclean in the eyes of real Muslims) against Christians. The problem with this argument is that we are NOT leaping over this argument but we are pointing out that the “Muslims” doing the atrocities against Christians are US CREATED FORCES.

    Ok, did you finally get that? ISIS and Al Qaeda are US CREATED FORCES. Through the US proxies, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Jordan ISIS and Al Qaeda receive media PR, military training, medical aid for their wounded fighters, logistics (weapons and ammunition), and even on the ground intelligence and air support.

    Today the “US led coalition” bombed Syria, killing over 50 civilians. NOT ONE SINGLE ISIS fighter was killed. WOW. So what the US was really doing was destroying more of Syria’s secular government supporters and infrastructure ON BEHALF OF AL QAEDA and ISIS….

    See what is going on here? Or am I “blaming the US” again? These are FACTS not opinions.

    So in fact it is you who are leaping over facts (ie reality) by dismissing them as “blaming America” or “biased news reporting”.

    FS:Just like here blaming whitey for all black deaths when statistics clearly show otherwise. Darn those statistics anyway, so let’s ignore them. I bet the media doesn’t give much coverage to the black police arrested by that idiotic “burn our city down” loser of a mayor Baltimore has.

    CW: Nobody is denying those statistics, but remember there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. Those murders and crimes happen in a context. Many blacks are at the bottom of society mired in an seemingly endless pit of drug dealing for a living and trapped in a welfare for life lifestyle.

    What do you expect the Black community to do? Lift itself by it’s bootstraps into the US Middle Class to live the (very defunct) “American Dream” (the Dream that never existed)?

    If you ask me the very violent statistics of the US represents a failure of the richest nation on earth to adequately create a functioning society for all it’s citizens. Rather the elites have chosen to exploit the situation to their benefit, eg the war on drug business is hugely profitable for them and Elaine talks a lot about the exporting of jobs overseas, jobs that used to belong to blacks eg.

    It seems to me the murders of whites is a price the elites are happy to pay, since it feeds the prison/law enforcement/legal profits/drug running/bank whitewashing businesses AND keeps the white middle class in place.

    What a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN for the US elites KA-CHING, KA-CHING, KA-CHING KA-CHING KA-CHING. Got to hand it to them, they are extremely good at what they are doing. No wonder they have earned $ USD Trillions on the crisis they themselves created, while the rest of the US are losing BIG time.

    I just don’t get why the rest of the US are just standing by watching the elites steal everything, including the futures of the American people. Then again, I actually do get it when I watch the social and behavioral patterns in the US. Again, gotta hand it to the elites. They are freakishly good at their job.

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