China Unveils New Improved Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Military Fighter Jet

Last three minutes of this news video shows the new jets flying to the Star Wars theme music.

Way back about a decade ago, the US and Boeing sold some jets to the Chinese military and leadership.  They took the planes apart and discovered they were riddled with spy devices.  I said back then, ‘China will turn to Russia and get better jets there.’  And lo and behold, they did do this and got some really spiffy jets.  Meanwhile, US allies get the F35 one of the most disastrous, expensive military jets in world history.


Flight on Sukhoi Su-27 fighter aircraft Extreme maneuverability / Полёт на истребителе Су-27 – YouTubeFly in the cockpit with the Russian pilot. Hair raising!


​China’s advanced J-11D heavy fighter jet takes maiden flight — RT News


The upgraded D variant of China’s J-11 fighter jet, a copy of the Russian Sukhoi Su-27, has made its maiden flight, Chinese media reported. The jet reportedly has new radar and an air refueling system.


The J-11D model, which was tested in the air for the first time on Wednesday, incorporates technologies developed for the J-16 fighter jet.


It is reported to have better active phased array radar, use more composite materials in its wings and tail, and be capable of firing more advanced air-to-air missiles like PL-10 and PL-15.


The Chinese improved on the Russian model.  Now on to the US:  First Version of F-35s Won’t Outdo A-10 in Battlefield Capabilities |  Ouch.  It carries fewer missiles and bombs and has a shorter flight time due to fuel problems.  Look at how clumsy it looks compared to the viper-sleek Russian/Chinese planes.


The F-35 program began in 2001 and has since racked up nearly $400 billion in costs — one of the most expensive and troubled Defense Department acquisition programs. It has also led to a controversial plan to retire the A-10, a close air support stalwart that many believe provides crucial cover for troops on the ground.
“If F-35 aircraft are employed at night for combat, pilots will have no night vision capability available due to the restriction on using the current night vision camera,” Gilmore said in written testimony given to the House Armed Services Committee.


The F-35 Is Still FUBAR | Mother Jones:  many of our allies who wanted to increase trade surpluses with the US promised to buy these pathetic planes but now are backing out.


 Originally slated to cost $233 billion, the Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program could end up being costing more than $1.5 trillion. Which might not be so bad if the super-sophisticated next-generation jet fighter lives up to its hype. A recent report from the Defense Department’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation paints a pretty damning picture of the plane’s already well documented problems. The report makes for some pretty dense reading, but the Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group that’s long criticized the F-35 program, has boiled down the major issues.


Teaching to the test: The blizzard of testing required on the plane’s equipment and parts isn’t exactly going well, so the program’s administrators are moving the goal posts. Test scores are improving because the stats are being “massaged” with tricks like not recounting repeated failures. Some required testing is being consolidated, eliminated, or postponed. “As a result,” POGO writes, “the squadron will be flying with an uncertified avionics system.”


To create fake global warming, climatologists are rigging the raw data and lying about nearly everything. So why not here, too? The problem with lying about military equipment is, these lies show up as raving disasters whenever a real war commences.


The NATO alliance mainly attacks poorly armed peasants and third world people. Attack Russia or China and one is definitely in for a major, deadly war that won’t end well at all.


Vaclav Klaus: the West’s lies about Russia are monstrous » Perverted history: Europeans think US army liberated continent …Russia hammered Hitler’s army destroying it so thoroughly, the Nazis had barely anything to use on the Western Front.


Russia hammered the German military with this:

My father, deep inside Germany at the end of WWII while Russia was closing in on Hitler and Berlin, was actually at one point under Katyusha rocket fire. He was in charge of getting as many German Nazi rocket scientists out and he was amazed and impressed with the Russian missiles which few Western military experts had seen close up at that point.


US Public Debt Ceiling 1981-2010 – National debt of the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Screen shot 2015-04-16 at 1.41.29 PM


If a country goes bankrupt trying to run a gigantic empire that is bleeding it dry, it DIES.  The US structures will fail us and if our rulers start WWIII right now, we are definitely doomed to lose.  We can’t afford to fight any wars except stupid ones against disarmed dictators who are desperate to kiss our ruler’s feet or third world rock throwing peasants and tribal people whose only weapon is to spread some sort of deadly disease. Which, incidentally, has happened repeatedly in the past!



The Pentagon has now decided the most terrifying thing attacking America is warm weather and this must be combatted with all our might:  After U.S. economy slows to crawl, analysts hope the reason is the season – The Washington Post

Severe cold could have shut down GDP growth in the first quarter, or there could be broader issues…The U.S. economy slowed nearly to a halt in the first three months of the year as exports plunged, oil companies slashed business and a rotten winter helped keep consumers indoors.

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37 responses to “China Unveils New Improved Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Military Fighter Jet

  1. e sutton

    My dad was very high up in the State Department and was very tight lipped as far as their shenanigans went, as far back as the Kennedy administration. After his retirement, he worked for USAID to Honduras and was closely involved with the decimation of the African continents that we mercilessly robbed resources from. Hence, whatever he was involved with the looting of those African countries, it is a curse on me as well. Perhaps that’s why I have a wry chuckle when folks on your site chide me for being “anti-black”.

    I do, however, laud your research into the weaknesses of our government, as I am increasingly aware that they, our “leaders” really have no idea what they are bringing down upon us all. Not that it matters to them. It’s all about the huge pension and comfortable speaking fees/ “work” assignments that my dad enjoyed. I’m glad that there are countries like Russia, with rulers like Putin, who won’t stand for the hegemony that has existed since even before I was born. The neocons running our country, even as far back as when my dad was running things, had no idea how completely out of control things would get after Reagan got in. Dad retired shortly after Reagan’s inauguration. He hated Reagan and thought him an incompetent as well as a fool. Thoughts that Paul Craig Roberts today conveniently ignores.

  2. Lou

    ‘he was involved with the looting of those African countries’. Diamonds? Oil?

  3. Christian W


    It is an interesting notion that the neocons didn’t see things getting so badly out of hand. I think the neocons didn’t see the crash of 1987 coming, but they were saved by the collapse of the Soviet Union. It took them a decade or so but then they regrouped. They have known since the collapse of the Soviet Union that the US would eventually need it’s own “reformatting” (Perestroika) and social adjustments, the demographics pointed to this no later than 2020. They have been preparing meticulously since then.

    What do you think 9/11 was all about? What have the consequences of 9/11 been all about? They have stopped pretending the US is a democracy. They have stopped pretending the middle class is needed. You don’t need a middle class and democracy when you are in total control, on the contrary democracy is just annoying if the wrong person comes into power. They have installed all the tools for a pure police state, they have the surveillance and intelligence/spy network in place. They have the legal tools to disappear and torture/kill any US citizen they want to, and nobody can say anything about it. They have redistributed all the wealth to the top forever and ever. They have the military under control, they have the political system under control, they have the legal system under control, they have the media under control, they have the middle class eating crumbs out of their hands and asking for more. The bottom of society is entrapped in the war on drugs which earns billions for the elites.

    Their foreign enemies are under heavy attacks designed to weaken, drain and undermine them. Their foreign vassals are obedient and subservient.

    What do they have to worry about?

  4. Seraphim


    You certainly know that the second weapon was the tank T-34 “credited as the most effective, efficient, and influential tank design of World War II.” Developed in total secrecy, its appearance on the battlefields was a total surprise for the Germans. “The existence of the T-34 proved a psychological shock to German soldiers, who had expected to face an inferior enemy.[70] For the most part these expectations were accurate, but the T-34 was a notable exception, superior to any tank the Germans then had in service. Initially the Wehrmacht had great difficulty destroying T-34s in combat, as standard German anti-tank weaponry proved ineffective against its heavy, sloped armour. The diary of Alfred Jodl seems to express surprise at the appearance of the T-34 in Riga.” The entry in Wikipedia lost no time to expatiate about the deficiencies of the tank in comparison with the German ones. But it cannot to hide the figures:

    “At the start of hostilities, the Red Army had 967 T-34 tanks. By May 1944, T-34-85 production had reached 1,200 tanks per month. In the entire war, production figures for all Panther types reached no more than 6,557, and for all Tiger types 2,027. Production figures for the T-34-85 alone reached 22,559.”

    And more amusingly, the Germans themselves used the captured tanks in combat on a large scale, after painting swastikas on them (not to be shot at by the Germans)

  5. emsnews

    Yes, those tanks were amazing.

    The most amazing thing was production: Russians threw themselves into production because they knew their enemies wanted all of them not defeated by annihilated.

    Russians are always underestimated by attackers. When cornered, the Russians don’t merely fight, they go all the way in. They do not stop.

    The US has destroyed not only our massive industrial base that was the other half of winning WWII. We destroyed our psychological and moral base.

    Hard work is verboten for the populations of ‘workers’ at the bottom. They gain nothing from labor. Who wants that lower level job that pays only a few dollars more than welfare?

    No one. The ones who are forced to work due to having no babies for the state to support them are filled with resentment and thus, don’t work hard, the work is desultory and slow.

    The true backbone of a military army is farmers. They work ungodly hours IN BAD WEATHER and shrug off blizzards and hot sun. They know how to self-supervise and how to roll with the blows and how to build or tear down things.

    Even more important, and I have this ‘skill’ in spades, too: they know how to KILL. Not accidentally or stupidly but how to plan a killing and carry it out without much emotion about it.

    I have killed many animals over the years. Skinned and cut them up, too.

    The average street thug in the US knows how to pull a trigger but kills out of stupidity or FEAR, not the sort of ‘time to butcher the cows’ mentality.

  6. e sutton

    As Elaine has often stated, the strength of the US has always been its middle class. Cutting them to the bone will prove to be a very large mistake, something even my dad understood. Like so many of the others who leeched off the gubmint dollah, my dad looked the other way when countries in Africa were mined for cobalt, uranium, et. al. He was merely a paper shuffler, in the business of “establishing business” in these poor, wretched areas, where the average “citizens” had no power over the decisions their warlord rulers made for them. After the Military Industrial Complex scampered out of Vietnam in the ’70s, the State Department moved onto the more traditional looting operations of resource rich, but intelligence deprived Africa. I’m a DC brat, and the comings and goings of the MIC was our bread and butter.

    @Christian W,

    In late 2001, shortly before dad’s death, he, along with my eldest brother and I, visited Ground Zero. The place was still smoldering and debris was being carted off to New Jersey by ship, across the river. We took the ferry from Jersey across to Manhattan island. Ashes and soot were everywhere. It was an extremely emotional time for us all. We all realized then, although none of us would say it of course, that the end of what we had once known as “America” with all of its ideals was officially dead. I look back on it now as a sort of wake for a famous entity, “America”, a country we had loved, despite warts and all, now officially dead and buried. When we visited Manhattan that cold, November day, shortly before Thanksgiving, we knew we were witnessing the last remnants of the corpse of what had been America. Sadly, our foreign friends knew this as well. Any of the high hopes and exalted spirit that we had since the Kennedy administration had effectively been laid to rest on that fateful day.

    Dad never talked much about what led to the World Trade Center attack, nor did I ask him. It seemed that when the towers went down, a part of him died as well. The frenetic, frustrating, neurotic world we had become so accustomed to, had officially ended. An era of darkness and deceit was soon ushered in to take its place, forever changing the complexion of life as we once knew it.

  7. melponeme_k

    “Even more important, and I have this ‘skill’ in spades, too: they know how to KILL. Not accidentally or stupidly but how to plan a killing and carry it out without much emotion about it.”

    Darn right. I grew up around Suffolk LI when it was still mainly farming communities. The farmers there would come out with there BB guns/Scythes whenever they saw anyone unknown walking around their farm. Even little kid midgets like myself and my friends (we were only about 8 years old) weren’t tolerated. We weren’t total innocents either, any stray potatoes lying around that were missed during the sowing immediately ended up in our pockets. Learning to respect farmers was something you learned fast in a farming community. Even literature is filled with rough, tough farmers.

    The destruction of the middle class was in the plans ever since Marie and Louie lost their heads. We are now reaping the anger of the elites for what our forefathers did to gain freedom. Why now? Because we are in the first generations that has been totally distracted by media. The elites used to fear us because we reverted back to revolutionary fever whenever they acted up. But now with our Ipads, we might as well all be asleep 24/7.

  8. Jim R

    Of course, the entire age of air war may be drawing to an end. …

    It is much cheaper to send a small, ‘smart’ weapon to shoot down these lumbering air-dinosaurs, than it is to build said dinosaurs.

    And that’s the bottom line. If a $50,000 smart missile can shoot down a $50,000,000 plane, that’s a 1000:1 return on investment. (YMMV)

    I expect to see the Russians have the ability to shoot down those high-flying drones pretty soon. And you can bet they are working on ways to counter the little ‘swarm’ UAVs.

  9. Petruchio

    ” Meanwhile, US allies get the F35 one of the most disastrous, expensive military jets in world history.” WRONG!!! The F-35 is one of THE most successful Pentagon programs In history. You just need to use the actual measurement standard, not the phony one, Has the F-35 seen HUGE amounts of profiteering by the War Industry? Yes. Has the War Machine been able to keep this perfect example of all that is wrong in the USA regarding the Defense Industry alive when it should have been killed a long, long time ago? Yes! No Elaine, the F-35–tragically–has been a VERY successful program. (No one actually gives a sh#t if the f#ckin’ thing EVER flies.) The F-35=PROFIT which translates into success for the War Industry.

  10. Jim R

    … and I was being generous in my off-the-cuff price estimate.

    I don’t think $50,000,000 will buy much of a military plane. Probably cost ten times that. And if a $200 quad-copter can manage to get sucked into the air intake with some sort of irregular metal part on it, that could be enough.

  11. JimmyJ

    That’s a great point Elaine about farmers making the best soldiers. My father in law and many of his WW2 compatriots from rural northern BC Canada grew up around life and death, farming, trapping and hunting. And while his killing of German soldiers and the loss of his fellow Allied soldiers had a big impact on him I wouldn’t say he had PTSD like so many modern soldiers. Also there was less moral ambiguity about fighting Nazis of course, so he didn’t struggle with the morality, just the lack of humanity that war brings.

    Also from Canada, but more recently, ex Prime minister Jean Chretien met with Putin and Harper wants to know why.

    I can tell him- Chretien went to plead Putin not to nuke the hell out of Ottawa when the missiles start to fly.

  12. Christian W


    As Elaine has often stated, the strength of the US has always been its middle class. Cutting them to the bone will prove to be a very large mistake, something even my dad understood.

    That is an interesting hypothesis I am very curious about. In what way do you think the elites see it as a mistake? To me it looks like the elites see it as a fix, not a problem.

    Of course it is a problem for the middle class, but they are not doing anything about it, apart from getting ready to butcher the lower class and make themselves the new lower class, which seems a rather “interesting” solution.

  13. Christian W

    Of course the middle class already IS the lower class in the eyes of the elites, so butchering lower classes is A ok.

  14. DeVaul

    I have never been much impressed with military hardware, especially after a college trip to Fort Knox. I think Jim R is on to something here.

    I could not personally justify the building of these expensive warplanes and their huge logistical support mechanisms in an age of declining fossil fuel availability. I see them sitting on the battlefield like German tanks with no fuel to go anywhere and their crews trying to walk back home through hostile territory.

    I have always been in support of teaching farming skills to school kids and most especially inner city kids, but people just laughed at me and said I was crazy and “not with the times”. I even suggested using all the surplus horses and horse farms here in Central Kentucky to help solve Lexington’s traffic woes back in the late 80’s, but a lawyer told me that even though it was a good idea technically, it would not work psychologically.

    I asked him what he meant, and he said that lawyers (and doctors, etc.) don’t drive expensive German cars because they need to, they want to be “seen” in them and park them in their special reserved parking places at the law firm or hospital. He was right. The same issue stands in the way of getting people to stop yakking on the phone constantly or looking up from their iPads to see what is going on around them. It is a psychological battle in which reason or logic plays no part.

    To get lawyers to take horse drawn cabs around town, you would have to convince them that this form of transportation makes them superior to those around them. I’m not sure how to do that.


    ELAINE: As a former horse and carriage user and owner, I thank you for trying to convince your city about this. Thanks.

  15. Christian W

    To get lawyers to take horse drawn cabs around town, you would have to convince them that this form of transportation makes them superior to those around them. I’m not sure how to do that.

    That is easy. Everybody else have to walk. The point, after all, is elitism, class superiority and higher rank dick waving.

  16. e sutton

    @Christian W,

    As much as the elite enjoy kicking the middle class in the teeth, it really does come down to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Allow me to somewhat illustrate/explain my point.

    Throughout the relatively short history of America, it was the middle class who came up with most new innovations. These were things that literally changed the world made it better.

    Henry Ford was a farmer and a tinkerer. He liked to build different types of engines to mitigate the backbreaking work he had to do on his farm.

    Steve Jobs liked to hang out in his family’s garage as a teenager and play around with computer components. He invited his teenage pals, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne over to test out new ideas.

    Charles Lindberg was a middle class kid from Washington who was fascinated with the idea of flying.

    Thomas Edison sold candy, vegetables, and newspapers.

    I could go on (and won’t!), but hopefully you get my point. The rich are not industrious, usually, because they have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Inbreeding certainly doesn’t help matters any. The poor, although sometimes enterprising and motivated, are often much too preoccupied trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads to bring forth new ideas.

    So really, as much as the world seems to enjoy seeing the American middle class die a slow and painful death, with them goes much of the innovation that today we take for granted. It is indeed unfortunate that this course of action has been adopted and is so readily embraced by those who are presently occupying our government. These idiots haven’t stopped to think that without a strong tax base, none of what keeps them in power will exist in the near future. It’s exactly like cutting off your right arm from the elbow to the hand.

  17. melponeme_k

    “These idiots haven’t stopped to think that without a strong tax base, none of what keeps them in power will exist in the near future. It’s exactly like cutting off your right arm from the elbow to the hand.”

    This isn’t true. Just look at South America. The wealthy there live like Kings behind huge gates and armed guards. The rest live in shanty towns and are easy prey to organized crime rings. The super rich do not need a middle class. They don’t care about innovation.

    All they care about is getting more of everything but especially money. It is a sickness in the brain. It really is.

    The elite here don’t care if the USA turns into Brazil. They want it. And if things get really bad, they will just step into their private jets and go elsewhere.

  18. Christian W


    The elites will simply handpick the innovative geniuses and other talents for their elite universities and other systems. Since the elites will own all systems nothing will happen outside their ownership. Alternatively the innovator will approach a rich sponsor (like in post-feudal times, but before democratic systems, when some Baron or Prince employed and sponsored the local genius).

    If you think I am taking any delight in the plight of the US middle class you are very mistaken. I am worried because if the US middle class does not stop the rot now it will continue to spread to the rest Europe and beyond, which is happening right now. Sadly I don’t see any sign of the US middle class even lifting a finger, that is what worries me. Yes, there are some grumblings among a few of the more awake middle class people but nothing to suggest they are even contemplating taking some kind of action collectively. The elites have managed to make the majority of US middle class people think they are part of the elite. This little trick is quite neat, I wonder what the US middle class will do when they find out it isn’t true.

    The elites are simply in the process of a paradigm shift. This paradigm shift is their solution to the problem of limits to growth. The elites have decided that they will enjoy all profits and somebody else will get to carry all the losses. Since the middle class everywhere is too large to be part of the elite, the role of the middle class, and the classes below, will be to eat the debt and losses and support the profits of the elites. That is how the TTP and TTIP systems will work.

    You said the US is a giant corporation. In a way that is true, but this giant corporation will be like the closed system used by US mining companies (eg) in the past that issued tokens to their workers as payment. Those tokens could only be used in company shops owned by the mining company. That is the essence of the TTIP. The middle class and working people will get tokens to spend in the elite company shops. It is a closed system controlled completely by the elites.

    Maybe a caste system similar to the one in India will develop. The elites will be at the top as divine flawless beings, they will be served by a military/police caste (The Pentagon/FBI etc) and a financial caste (Wall Street) and learned caste (a few elite universities) and then there will be various levels of the great unwashed.

    If you or anyone else have a problem with that, meet Mr. Friendly Neighborhood Police Officer who will smile as he tasers you.

  19. ziff

    Meh,, that plane looks heavy ,,,, how about Elon musk and the new battery systems, a potential revolution.

  20. Mike Gibbs

    Christian W….totally agree….saw it first hand and personal in 1971 when an economics student at Queen’s University Kingston Canada.

  21. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Yes, in general the “American middle class” is not making the connection between war (and war crimes), wealth inequity, trade policy, and treason.

  22. DeVaul

    “Throughout the relatively short history of America, it was the middle class who came up with most new innovations.”

    I think a good many people don’t know that the existence of a real middle class in America is way shorter than America’s already short history. It really only existed between the end of WW II and perhaps today if you include 30-40 years of decline.

    Before that time period, America was a country of poor immigrants and farmers with a few mulitmillionaires. There was no real middle class.

    The development of the Kentucky Long Rifle, a distinctly American invention, for example, was NOT done by middle class people, but by backwoods gunsmiths and hunters. The same can be said about most anything invented before the Civil War.

    You had poor people inventing out of necessity, and rich oligarchs inventing out of curiousity using leisure time.

  23. Lou

    What have women invented?

  24. melponeme_k


    Computer programming. Look up Ada Lovelace.

  25. emsnews

    Weaving, pot making, cooking food in containers, water containers, many of the things that became agricultural (grasses and fruits) as well as many elements of all human languages (teaching babies new words of things!) while the men hunted, sat around mucking with each other and going off to fight other tribes.

    I could go on and on but you should get the picture.

  26. kenogami

    “What have women invented?”

    Just Google
    women inventions

  27. Petruchio

    @#25 Elaine: so true. Since women are the ones who give birth, it is interesting to note just how much that determines roles in a society. Since men are stronger than women, they assumed the role of hunters. The women, since they had to stay at home, assumed the role of tending to the planting and cultivating the food coming from these plants. And the next logical step is to cook/prepare the food. It’s interesting to see throughout history how gender and childbirth have determined roles in a society.

  28. emsnews

    Women invented the structure of language. Hunters are mostly silent. Deep hunting skills have been honed by many animals from chimpanzees to lions with barely any language at all.

    But females tending the newfangled thing called ‘the fire pit’ had to do this in a group fashion (collecting firewood, keeping the fire going day and night, explaining to children how to do various things, yelling instructions to invaders and the newfangled doggies guarding everyone, etc.)

    Females who could verbalize did better than ones who were silent which is why women learn to talk much earlier, by nearly a YEAR compared to men. Male babies struggle to talk while girls pick it up at an amazing speed.

    Men, on the other hand, are better at mental gymnastics of relative size/space/distance/trajectory, etc due to hunting with tools. Also planning how to turn hard substances like stones into tools and hunting equipment has special mental skills and evolution (successful tool makers do better than ones that never get much better) favored these sort of brains.

  29. DeVaul

    I know modernists don’t want to admit it, but there is a definite difference in how a male and female brain work right from the very beginning. When I stayed home to care for my son, he had a best friend across the street who was a girl his age. They played together a lot. Both 2 years old.

    One day, as I was talking to her mother in their driveway, I noticed that Mary was pointing out the letters on the license plate of their car and saying them out loud (I asked her mother if she was doing that, and she said yes). My son, on the other hand, had no interest in the letters, but was desperately trying to get a set of plastic play keys to fit in the keyhole of the trunk.

    I said to Mary’s mother: “You see that? That right there is proof they are different from the very beginning.”

    My daughter, who is now 9, still has no interest in throwing balls or catching them. None whatsoever. She does love animals and loves to talk about them constantly. She is very different from my sons.

  30. DeVaul

    @ Elaine

    I still hope to learn to ride a horse. I would love to feel the freedom of movement again since I cannot run or walk far. Maybe this summer.

  31. emsnews

    I was a total tomboy who played baseball and fought in the Desert Wars we had running–without any parents knowing until a boy used a sling shot to nail me in the Achilles tendon (which eventually had to be totally removed and replaced!) with a piece of very nasty cactus.

    A month later when I was out of the wheelchair and off crutches but limping badly, I nailed him with a rock. He knew it was coming. Never told his parents about him crippling me or me knocking him out.

    This is another reason why I am amazed and horrified at all the wailing about multi-arrest criminals whining about fighting the cops and dying or being hurt.

    SHEESH. We, as small children under the age of 13, knew you had to take yer knocks and not whine.

  32. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ # 31

    Yeah, that pretty much reflects the mindset of the dangerously insane.

  33. DeVaul

    My childhood was completely different from today’s kids also. After school, we were on our own. We went to the local drainage ditch in Louisiana (full of toxic waste, but we didn’t know it) and there we would play with sticks and clods of mud or crawfish traps or whatever we could find. We avoided the older kids because they would try to beat us up, but sometimes we would ambush them on a narrow footbridge using a storm of clamshells and then race off on our bikes.

    Everything has changed. I have a faded kodac insta print of me on the first day of school standing with my new bike. I was nine years old. Next to me is my little brother and a younger girl from next door with their bikes. I was responsible for getting both to school on time. Everyday. It was two miles away, and the little girl could not peddle that far, so she rode on my front handle bars after I hid her bike half-way there.

    My boss recently asked me if I would allow my nine year old daughter to ride around my neighborhood alone, and I said “no way”. I don’t know why, but fear seems to have gripped everyone now, so kids are rarely seen outside in any neighborhood.

    I don’t know what happened. Times change, I guess. I doubt anyone really knows what happened, but many will claim they do.

    At least I did not have to support my family by selling newspapers before and after school like my papaw did when he was just six years old.

  34. emsnews

    Times have changed. Far from living in a ‘police state’ the thug class has multiplied DUE TO NO GOOD JOBS for people who are the original ‘lower working class’ population.

    They have been tossed aside as useless and jobs they did were sent to Mexico or China or Europe. Our once-hard working male population is now idle and angry.

    But…NOT UNITED. Not due to ‘racism’ but due to city versus countryside cultural differences. The inner city blacks want bling, jewelry, time to watch TV and the countryside dudes want to race vehicles of various kinds all over the place, hunting and being ‘dirty’ literally, that is, covered with mud, etc.

    I lived for many years in the black slums and then more than a decade in the upper upper class white suburbs and then on a very rural mountain and seen all three classes up close and personal.

    Things will get less and less safe as time goes by. l0 year old children in the slums are the main drug runners and are armed with guns and kill without blinking. One of these little monsters actually tried to murder a friend of mine on my front doorstep in NYC.

    Luckily, the doctors saved Hirsch. I decided in court to take the child in hand and interact heavily with his grandmother who was trying to raise him. It did work! But that was just one sad child out of millions. Whites dare not do this anymore.

  35. DeVaul

    “The inner city blacks want bling, jewelry, time to watch TV and the countryside dudes want to race vehicles of various kinds all over the place, hunting and being ‘dirty’ literally, that is, covered with mud, etc.”

    This is true, but where did they get these ideas on how to live? Watch TV for any amount of time and you will see where they got these ideas on the proper way to live or what to aspire to. Most of the hunters I know rarely even use their ATV’s. They just sit in a garage and rust. They bought them because of marketing, not because they would be out in the forest everyday.

    (The non hunters ARE out in the forest everyday trashing it with their ATV’s for no other reason than to “have fun”. These are the men who demand that national parks be opened to them for riding roughshod over delicate eco-systems that even hunters would recognize as too delicate for this.)

    The opportunity to convert large masses of dying industrial workers into future farmers has passed us by. What a shame. The same white ten year old kids in the industrial cities of the late 1800’s were every bit as dangerous as black kids today. Same problem — different color.

  36. emsnews

    CORRECT. You nailed it! And yes, the immigrant children from Europe were nasty 150 years ago. This is why my ancestors pushed very very hard for required schooling for all children at taxpayer expense. Before 1840, nearly all schools were private.

  37. Petruchio

    @#28, Elaine: I notice you didn’t mention anything about women drivers! LOL Most men could expound on that subject.

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