Black Prosecutor Arrests Three Black And Three White Cops

EXCLUSIVE: The fact that three of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray death are black ‘shows this is not about race’, says family source which means both black and white cops are in dire danger of being punished if something happens when they do what is, at best, a very nasty sort of labor.  I suspect nationally, at least in black communities, police will, wholesale, go back to their 1970-1980 solution of letting the criminals run riot all the time in black communities.


This really happened!  I lived dead center in the middle of this and we had near zero police protection.  Call the cops, they come hours later even though the precinct in Brooklyn was literally just three short end blocks away, a mere five minute slow stroll.

They just didn’t come!  Teaching them to come took all my power, persuasion and efforts.  It was very hard work and finally, I won them over so I could be safe again.  During this decade, many desperate working families in many cities ended up spending millions of dollars on bars for windows and doors.


One of my main speeches in public was, ‘Working families are in prison behind bars and triple locked doors terrified of going to work or going shopping because of thugs in the streets, gangs terrorizing whole communities and shootings over drug territory. This must end!’


Readers of my blog, some of them, hate the cops and think the horror I dealt with is revolutionary.  It was not. It was highly destructive and the main energy of the gangsters, especially black ones, was to destroy, burn, loot and rape BLACKS who were their neighbors and even families.  This self destruction has taken a huge toll which continues to haunt us today.


Schoolboy, 10, is ‘arrested’ by police after his mother called the cops to ‘teach him a lesson’: black boy is arrested and cries and cries after mom begged a police officer to discipline him.  His mother thinks this is all very funny.  She also has a huge name tattooed right above her titties on her chest.

Justified? Chiquita Hill compared herself to the Baltimore mother who slapped around her son after catching him rioting as a means to protect him


This mother is doing exactly what the befuddled, helpless grandmother in the emergency room this last week tried to do: use cops or the threat of calling cops as a way to discipline very young boys.  The inability to gain much traction with children is a serious social problem and each generation gets weaker and weaker in this area because no very good child raising techniques are passed on.


Not that white families are perfect.  Far from it!  But the lack of steady father figures definitely is harming black boys in several sad ways.  White lower class families are looking a lot like black families and the ultimate cause of this is economic: the US has disinvested in industries that hire these sorts of workers.


Here is another news video made more than a year ago about Baltimore:

Fault Lines – Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City – YouTube : 2013: the new Democratic mayor of Baltimore says she is going to make the city grow by adding 10,000 new families.  ‘Let there be no doubt, the city is better, safer, and stronger.’  The narrator of this documentary says, ‘Baltimore is one of the most dangerous and violent cities in Maryland’.  It shows the cops doing a report on a homicide.


‘The violence is relentless, every day there is another shooting (blacks killing each other).  A black resident says, ‘The police should have stayed after the shooting but they left,’ and the thugs killed another person.


A black police officer says, ‘I would like to stop the KILLINGS (blacks shooting each other).  The mayor claims ‘targetting the most violent offenders is the solution.’  ‘We will enforce (drug laws)’ she says.

This same mayor said this last week, ‘Let the protesters loot, it is only property.’ Mayor Rawlings-Blake claimed she never said this except she said this on video. This is IDENTICAL to the 1977 looting spree in New York City which was caused by a simple thunderstorm.


‘This is our war zone,’ says one black drug dealer, member of a gang. ‘We dodge and hide and shoot at each other.’ This drug dealer says economic opportunity via drug selling/gang warfare is a way of making a living which is certainly true.


Two black ‘experts’ give an oral history of the War on Drugs. They belittle the effects of the crack epidemic and claim that Republicans had this bizarre need to persecute blacks by going after crack even though the majority of crack addicts and producers were ‘white’ not black.


Sales of these drugs occurred in the 1980’s in black neighborhoods with black gangs being at the bottom of the drug distribution totem pole, because the inner cities were dying everywhere in the Midwest and Northeast US due to the beginning of free trade and moving work to former slave states that basically made it impossible to form unions.


The sale of drugs has hammered the black community. It destroys any desire to work honestly, it leads to many homicides due to battles over dealer territories and payment deals going bad. It is a curse and yet, blacks view illegal drugs as a wonderful opportunity to get rich for a while which is why we see all over You Tube, very young drug dealers who are black children flashing guns and hundreds of dollars while grinning with joy…right before being killed.


The video here gives the false claim the War on Drugs was aimed at blacks. It wasn’t. Originally, it was aimed at white student druggie, I was one such for a short while. The FBI was hunting us down relentlessly because we were doing antiwar protests and this was a way of arresting us.


By 1982, it became a black problem due to white college and high school kids moving the action to the hoods. This way, they could use the drugs but not be caught dealing these.


Blacks thought that servicing white addicts is a very nifty way of making some loot.  And they don’t look at the downside.  Neither do they want these drugs made legal and handed out to addicts like candy because this would  mean no money for them so they as well as the right wing Christians, keep this stupid War on Drugs running for decades getting worse and worse.


The video mentions how street gang teens can’t get an education in jail.  But here is some news:  Maryland graduation rate rises to 85 percent but it isn’t due to better learning or work.  For there is also this headline:  Graduation rates slipping for blacks in UM system as fewer and fewer blacks complete diploma work.


Report: Baltimore County graduates 67% of black male students …which is better than the 59% graduation rate for the entire US.  White males graduate at a  80% rate.  Detroit has the worst graduation rate for black males.


The 50-state report on public education examined school systems that have more than 10,000 African-American male students. Baltimore County students rank fourth in the nation, with 67 percent of African-American males receiving diplomas.

Baltimore County’s school superintendent, Dr. Dallas Dance, said the black male graduation rate, as it stand now, is not acceptable.


Here is the mainstream liberal paper, the WP, list of editorials today: Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis

Why the dispossessed riot

Why the dispossessed riot

Without civic empowerment, there can be no true freedom.



Here is one of the above editorials written by a black commentator:Tear down Baltimore’s abandoned buildings to help rebuild the city – The Washington Post



On the way back to my car, I walked past an example of something no one had mentioned: a string of a half-dozen crumbling rowhouses that had long been unoccupied. Now they were decrepit shells, unfit for human habitation. Doors and windows were boarded up, more or less, though it looked as if at least a couple of the houses had been occupied by squatters.


This is all too common in Charm City. In 1950, Baltimore was the sixth-largest city in the country with a population of about 950,000. Bethlehem Steel was the biggest employer in a blue-collar, industrial town. Homeowners took pride in keeping their rowhouses tidy and their marble stoops scrubbed to a gleam.


Today, the factories are mostly gone; the biggest employer is Johns Hopkins University. Just 622,000 Baltimoreans live in a cityscape built to accommodate nearly a million — which means that, amid the well-kept homes, there are 16,000 vacant houses and roughly 14,000 empty lots. The area that saw the worst rioting this week is far more intact than some neighborhoods, where whole blocks of rowhouses are dead but not gone.
This oppressive inventory of unused — and mostly unusable — housing is both dangerous and depressing…I don’t pretend this is an uncomplicated issue. In Baltimore, several residents told me of their fear that gentrification would inexorably push African Americans out of the homes and neighborhoods where their families have lived for generations. Bulldozers are not always popular.


So, factories vanished, jobs left, wages collapsed and…the editorialist joins with a black (most likely one of the never-do-well goofs on the street) worrying about young white people fixing houses NO ONE WANTS or is fixing!  Oh, the horrors.


Well, I was one of these monsters who fixed burned out or ruined brownstones!  It was hard work!  And Al Sharpton hated me for this and would tell blacks that driving me out was a great idea because then the housing would rot away and no whites would ever show up.


The plan of these ‘activists’ who are now buddies of Obama and go to the White House, continues to be, drive out any whites moving into black neighborhoods which were once white but suffered white flight!  This is racism from top to bottom.  Whites have been accused of being racist for fleeing these neighborhoods and are now racists for wanting to move back in.


Food stamp participation rises sharply in Baltimore and Howard counties | Baltimore Brew: and black politicians have no solution to this problem since they are hitched to Bilderberg whites like Hillary and her husband who are all for free trade only Hillary is now denouncing it which is a total lie, she has NEVER been anti-free trade until this last week:


Baltimore City remains the poorest jurisdiction in Maryland judged by most indicators, but by one measure residents of two suburban counties seem to be moving more quickly toward financial instability.


Over the last five years, Baltimore County and Howard County had the state’s largest percentage increases in participation in the Food Supplement Program (also known as SNAP or Food Stamps) – at 143% and 140%, respectively.


By contrast, Food Stamp participation in the city rose by 58% during this period.


Other Baltimore-area suburbs saw Food Stamp usage rise too. Over the past five years, it increased 128% in Anne Arundel County and 108% in Carroll County, according to the report.


Charles, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties also saw spikes – each of these three suburban Washington jurisdictions saw the number of residents participating in the Food Stamp program double over the past five years.

City students are overwhelmingly poor – according to the report, 85% qualify for free and reduced-price meals (the so-called FARMs rate). The FARMS rate for Baltimore students is the highest in the state.


Here is an example of illegal activity by some Ukrainians from Kiev moving contraband cigarettes to New York City to avoid taxes; Guilty Verdit in $6.6M Contraband Cigarettes Trial | Owings Mills-Reisterstown, MD Patch


According to court documents and testimony at the five day trial, Artur Zakharyan recruited his son, Nikolay Zakharyan, to participate in the scheme. Nikolay Zakharyan assisted in the unloading, accounting, bagging, moving and loading of the master cases of contraband cigarettes.


The total tax evaded over the course of the conspiracy was more than $2.5 million.


As part of his plea agreement, Artur Zakharyan is required to forfeit $50,000 believed to be proceeds of the offense, $11,947 and a 1 troy ounce gold bar seized from Zakharyan’s belongings on December 17, 2013, and four troy ounce gold bars and a gold coin seized from his home on December 11, 2013.


Artur and Nikolay Zakharyan each face a maximum sentence of five years in prison for conspiracy to traffic in contraband cigarettes. U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. has scheduled sentencing for Artur Zakharyan for July 9 and for Nikolay Zakharyan on July 29.


None of these guys were killed or beaten up by cops but this is, I am betting, due to them cooperating with their arrests and getting lawyers, not running, fighting, going crazy in general.  When someone appears before a judge and is cooperative, most judges take this into consideration and sentences are relatively short.


I know from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE appearing before even hostile judges on behalf of prisoners wishing to have reduced sentences, they give it if the prisoner is polite, listens carefully and has a good prison record of cooperation.  Understanding this is very hard for a number of black youth.


They go through school defying teachers, refusing to cooperate or follow instructions, gaming the system, etc.  So when they appear before a judge and I have witnessed this more than once, they do everything bad so the judge throws the book at them.  This is part of the ‘hood culture’ that is destroying black youth.


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3 responses to “Black Prosecutor Arrests Three Black And Three White Cops

  1. vengeur

    IF the cops broke his neck it is murder. Obviously. However, I hope that the fact that three of the cops are black can inspire more blacks to give up their seeming loyalty to and solidarity with and protection of habitual lawbreakers in the black community. The man was a habitual lawbreaker who met a sad and unfortunate and FORESEEABLE death as a drug dealer which, as accounted above is a very dangerous profession . I don’t know exactly what happened and I don’t think anybody else does either. I do hope the facts come out and exonerate the cops. I do know that this young man wasted his life, he didn’t need to end up selling drugs. The fact that the cops were forced to “stand down” only insures that the NEXT riot will be worse. Is anybody out there confident that , even if they murdered him, the cops can be PROVEN guilty? This case is going to be a monumental undertaking, and the speed at which they were indicted seems to suggests appeasement the rioters, and not a real confidence in the indictments. And IF the cops are found not guilty, what happens? Boom!

  2. emsnews

    One of the police which the black government of Baltimore wants in prison is a black woman.

    So…racism had nothing to do with anything. The riots that wrecked the city will increase, not decrease the deteriorating conditions there. Social services will continue to fall.

    Schools will continue to struggle. Baltimore’s schools were doing better than Detroit schools by a huge margin. This will probably change over time until Baltimore matches Detroit. The reason there was a renovator gentrification revival in Baltimore was due to it being near Washington, DC.

    The DC suburbs are some of the wealthiest and expensive in the US outside of Manhattan and Malibu.

  3. Coldtype

    Elaine the “War on Drugs” is and always has been a scam. It’s the principle reason that the US currently houses 25% of the world’s incarcerated people though it comprises only 5% of the world’s population. The US imprisons more of its citizens than China, a nation with five times its population. Most of this can be attributed to the drug “war” that took off in the 1980″s and incarcerates most for non-violent drug offenses. Moreover, it is disingenuous in the extreme for you to imply that much of the drug war does not disproportionately target African-Americans as can be seen plainly in the sentencing discrepancies between possession of crack cocaine and those involving cocaine in powder form.

    The other issue missing in your analysis is the massive increase in privatized prisons which are deeply intertwined with the drug war. Furthermore, the drug war targets substances which cause a mere fraction of the deaths and injuries that result from alcohol and tobacco use in the US. 75,000 Americans per year die from alcohol related incidents alone yet the clown juice remains perfectly legal. The drug war is a device of social control having little to do with the health and safety of the public. If our health and welfare were of primary concern to our rulers we would have had a true national health service in this country decades ago. No, the drug war has been a devastating tool with which to target and further marginalize a population deemed superfluous to the economy. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

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