Elaine Was Arrested For Jaywalking And Was Tossed Around In A Police Van During Riot

In 1970, I was walking down Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California when I spotted an old friend walking on the other side of the street.  I hailed him but the traffic noise was loud so he didn’t hear me so I crossed over in the middle of the block and was immediately arrested for this.  Normally one isn’t arrested.  But I was mainly due to my prominence politically in the antiwar movement.


The two cops were of two races: one was white and one was black. I put up zero resistance and cooperated with them.  But seeing this happen riled up people in the street so when I was quietly put into the cop car, someone slit the tires.


The police were pissed off at this point.  They called in more cops and more showed up.  They brought a police van like the one in the Baltimore story.  I was put in there.  The rioters fought the police and took over the police van.


They began rocking it back and forth to tip it onto its side…with me inside!  I yelled at them to stop doing this!  Finally the cops took me to jail and the DA wanted to charge me with inciting a riot only there was abundant proof I did the opposite.  Suddenly, while in jail, the DA decided it would be stupid to charge me and let me go.


I have vast experience with dealing with violent cops as well as violent rioters.  I have been in several violent riot situations where I tried to stop the riots.  Years ago, I once asked a police officer to let me use his bullhorn to stop a riot and he gave it to me.


We had very intense meetings on the radical left discussing the issue of riots.  I was 100% against rioting under ANY conditions.  ‘Every time there is a riot we lose,’ I warned.  I wanted all demonstrations to have ‘body guards’ would would take down anyone trying to start a riot by throwing rocks or smashing windows.


The result of all the black or leftist riots like the one that hit Seattle last night, is a strengthening of right wing government.  Far from creating a ‘revolution’ these stupid riots do the opposite.  I warned the Democratic Party that endorsing or excusing riots in Ferguson would mean the GOP would sweep into power was obviously ignored and the GOP then took over the Senate and the House of Representatives and will most likely win the White House, too.


The Baltimore riots will insure this future.  The left will whine about the evil Republicans but they put these ‘evil’ guys into total power.  The 1970’s riots ended up giving Reagan and his crew tremendous power.  The Democratic Party has put all its eggs into one main basket: black voters massed inside major cities which are economically dying back.


This warps the DNC badly as it panders to people who are going to alienate the majority of voters.  The DNC cannot rule without winning popular support and ignoring popular sentiment outside of the inner city cores is extremely bad for liberals who are losing the white woman vote bit by bit.


If the GOP is even slightly smart (most aren’t) they would support women’s rights.  Then they will have great power.  This means alienating the religious fanatic branch, the guys who want to ape ISIS and I suppose they will then riot and loot and alienate voters in the middle, again.


Both political parties use the ‘shock troops’ to control the middle.  Fear of the shock troops herds voters into electing and re-electing people who don’t work for them.  Congress and the Presidency is totally controlled by billionaires and internationalists. These people spend money via ‘campaign contributions’ and ‘speaking fees’ and hire their puppets when they retire from politics to work for them corrupting the new crew in DC.


This charade of ‘we work for YOU’ given to voters is destroying our nation.  Pandering to the far right and far left to keep the middle voters who want no corruption in government but honest elections, means we will never be able to reform the government.


Despite the right wing Supreme Court rulings allowing a flood of bribes into elections, Congress can override this easily by swearing off these bribes in various ways.  There is a lot of creative ways to go about this and note that no one wants to even try.  They love this new status quo where they cause mayhem by encouraging riots and disorders both on the far left and far right, and then have voters vote out of fear, not out of agreement with ways to fix our ballooning trade and government deficits which threaten to bankrupt the nation.


Instead, everyone, business people, military procurers, government employees and officials, scientists blaming CO2 for everything, politicians, rich gambling bosses, dual citizens, illegal aliens, mothers deliberately having children while on welfare to keep their benefits flowing, doctors, lawyers, etc.=everyone thinks this is a massive, wonderful looting expedition.  Industrialists no longer build industries, they ship them overseas to profit on cheap labor and Congress eliminated tariffs and barriers which protected native working conditions.


All of this looting from the lowest classes to the top of society is destroying America.  Now we are piling over a trillion dollar debt on mainly middle class but also lower class children so they can go to college for a degree that often will be worthless due to either jobs being offshored or aliens being brought in legally and illegally to replace our own children seeking jobs.


And the real issues are ignored as thugs celebrate putting cops in prison for whatever reasons, this will end VERY badly for everyone, in the suburbs and cities both.  Something very ugly is coming along and it won’t be triumphant inner city multi-arrest criminals laughing as they loot stores, it will be someone tough who goes after both the very rich and very poor simultaneously and yes, this can happen.


And it won’t be a pretty sight, either.


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32 responses to “Elaine Was Arrested For Jaywalking And Was Tossed Around In A Police Van During Riot

  1. melponeme_k

    “Something very ugly is coming along and it won’t be triumphant inner city multi-arrest criminals laughing as they loot stores, it will be someone tough who goes after both the very rich and very poor simultaneously and yes, this can happen.”


    And there will be no help from any other country because they too are experiencing a resurge in far right, militaristic political groups.

    These groups come to power with the majority support to quell any groups that are tearing apart the commonwealth. This is why minorities should fear. We aren’t many and we don’t blend in due to our skin color. And the very worst of it is…we are not spread out. We are all self segregated (Jews, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics) to the cities. Cities are so easy to sack and blockade. History shows it time and again.

    The power is truly in the farming communities. Which is why the elites were so intent on destroying independent farms to create conglomerates. But that is waning and allows the door to be open to little Hitler analogues. Europe will go back down the same road.

    I suppose the best thing we could hope for is a Putin. But I doubt we will get him.

  2. Coldtype

    “Thugs” celebrating the arrest of cops for “whatever reasons” up to and including the false arrest and homicide of a citizen. Elaine you’ve become a caricature of the rational human being that’s so central to your identity.

  3. Sunger

    When the Petrodollar and the global reserve status of the dollar is gone, the ongoing collapse will accelerate. And the marginal places in the US- the inner cities and the poverty stricken rural areas will likely fall into dire straits because the USGov benefits are going to terminate for these folks.

    And the Petrodollar is just about toast. Right now.

    Watch what happens to the Wall Street financial criminals when China adds Gold backing to the Remnimbi. The rest of the world is just waiting to cut all ties to the western financial system as soon as the new BRICs financial system is in place.

    “We don’t accept US Dollars for payment. You must pay with gold or obtain hard currency if you want to do business with us.”

  4. DeVaul

    Umm… your experience is not identical in any way to what happened to Freddy Gray, so it is misleading to your readers to imply that Freddie Gray was smashed to pieces by a mob, slit tires, aliens, or whatever when there is no such evidence of that.

    Secondly, I am glad that black police officers who stand around and do nothing while white police officers kill people in their custody are arrested and charged with murder. As police officers, it is their job to intervene and “serve and protect”, not “cover-up and look the other way” in order to keep from being fired. The result here is a good one so far, and that is why so many white people are upset.

    Also, implying that all police officers will now go back to acting like thugs or simply eating donuts means that they are all racists who will not serve unless they can beat the hell out of a black person. I don’t believe that.

    I hope others here do not believe that either.

  5. emsnews


    This goes under ‘DUH’.

  6. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ #5:

    You also were a white female with a daddy who was in a high CIA position.

    Under the Constitution of the United States of America, the police are authorized to use “reasonable force” in performing arrests. That means the minimum amount of force necessary to overcome any resistance; not beating, choking, tasing or otherwise harming accused criminals to punish them for resisting.

    Ironically, if police obeyed the law, their jobs would actually become easier. We wouldn’t need Miranda warnings, for example. And cooperation from the public and even accused criminals themselves would likely improve.


    ELAINE: If you were an antiwar hippie student female the cops hit you just as hard.

  7. CK

    Someday EMS will realize that trying to help the democratic party is similar to trying to eat soup with a fork.
    Trying to help the republican party is similar to trying to eat peas with a knife.
    Now if, as a decent chef, she removed the two wings of our National Bird of Prey, she could have some tough tendons to feed the hungry.

  8. emsnews

    Indeed, BOTH parties are utterly corrupt. NEITHER party represents the People, they BOTH work for the BILDERBERG gang and the Skull and Bones and the Zionists in Israel and Japanese imperialists who deny WWII crimes.


    These people who rule us want to fleece us and they are dumping a mountain of debt on us and driving us into WWIII to fight the people the Nazis and Japanese warlords fought: RUSSIA AND CHINA. And they plan to destroy the US doing this because we helped Russia and China defeat the damn Nazis and Jap imperialists.

    End of story.

  9. e sutton

    ELAINE: If you were an antiwar hippie student female the cops hit you just as hard.

    It is perhaps regrettable that there are some out there who were too young or perhaps not even alive during Vietnam to remember how thoroughly police cracked skulls, both men and women, who were protesting the war. Particularly heinous was Kent State. We had propaganda back then as well, and no internet to combat it with. Young hippies protesting back then were mostly white and in college, like Elaine. The cops seemed to take merciless delight in finding out if the protestors blood was as red as the blood of the good, solid, John Birch Society members. If you were in college and a protestor, the cops had an intense hatred for you, seething with class envy. Ah, the good old days!

    Today we get lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth when a negro heroin dealer gets thrown around in a paddy wagon. And it’s considered a keen idea to loot and burn down a city over it. Yeah, makes sense to me. 🙂

  10. Sunger

    The bankrupt western nations are hoping to get a war going- and balkanize the Eurasian national resource countries like Iran and Russia so they can be preyed upon by the western financial and military criminals.

    These are not wars for democracy. It’s for energy, markets, and soon WATER.

    The people get to pay the bill when our leaders run us off the financial and geopolitical cliff at 95mph.

  11. Ken

    I have two comments, which are quite dissimilar to each other.

    First, I disagree that the Democrats are bending over backwards to cater to the blacks. Just the opposite. Historically, blacks vote 95% Democratic. No matter what. So the Democrats are free to ignore them. It’s a guaranteed vote, so why pander to it. Conversely, the Republicans know that nothing they do will persuade the blacks to vote Republican, so they write off the entire race. There we have it kernel of the very sad situation. The blacks are ignored by one party and taken for granted by the other. Their “loyalty” to the Democratic party has striped them of any meaningful political power.

    Second, and unrelated to black problems, Sunger raises an interesting point. If the dollar stops being accepted worldwide as a reserve currency, logically we will not be able to trade our worthless paper for goods produced by others overseas. Could this be a blessing in disguise? Would this force America to once again begin making things for ourselves? Would this give rise to the rebirth of the middle class?

  12. emsnews

    Correct, in real terms, the Democrats exploit black voters, big time. And give very little in return.

    But blacks have no one else! The Republicans don’t want them. The Democrats have blacks in a head lock and tossed around in the back of the paddy wagon of life.

    So very sad.

  13. Ernest T. Bass

    When was the last time you were in a big city, Elaine? I’m guessing maybe the early 90’s.

  14. e sutton

    But blacks have no one else! The Republicans don’t want them. The Democrats have blacks in a head lock and tossed around in the back of the paddy wagon of life.

    So very sad.

    Nobody wants them. Their loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate behavior and mannerisms makes them anathema for anyone civilized to be around. Ask some Asians how they feel about Africa Americans (sic). Then ask some Hispanics. Then listen, ACTUALLY LISTEN, to their answers. You delusional white folk might learn a few things then, Heaven forbid!

  15. Robert

    The problems the black communities are and have facing in the last
    few decades cannot be solved even within 10 yrs.
    It will need at least 2 generations!
    The black leaders should convene together and work with the government
    to create a master plan on how to solve the problems in the next 40 yrs!
    Once the master plan has been completed, then each community leaders
    should work with the local residents to work within the guidelines of that
    master plan.

    For starters:
    1. one of the items in the plan should be the Prevention, rather than
    incarceration of black people, especially for smaller problems like
    drug possessions.

    2. find immediate solutions to discourage male figures to leave
    their families..

    3. create a mentor programs where male figures from non-black
    people to help the young black people, such as teaching them
    how to create small businesses, or non-profit activities such as
    urban farming where people can grow veggies within a city.

  16. emsnews

    It is a fiction that the black population is being thrown in prison due to USING a small amount of personal drugs.

    They have embraced the drug dealer culture complete with guns, murder, extortion and gang affiliations and this means many, many more crimes happen in this subgroup than ‘using a tad of illegal drugs’.

    The War on Drugs has made various illegal substances very, very expensive and the profit margins unbelievable which is why I have said since the days I worked in the Berkeley Free Clinic in 1969, ‘Legalize drugs and give the damn addicts their highs.’

    Addicts want to escape life and stupify themselves. They want this so badly they will destroy their children, steal from their parents and bankrupt themselves to get their fixes. If it is their desire to be dumb, at least don’t make them easily exploited.

    Way back in 1969, to my great surprise back then, 50% of my clients coming for help were white housewives who came to town to sneakily buy drugs!

    White housewives didn’t cause a crime wave. Their dealers on the other hand were very much criminals all around in every possible way.

  17. emsnews

    Mother’s little helper, Rolling Stones song from the late 1960’s about housewives going to the doctor for drugs designed to stupify them.

    By the way, the other drug back then was speed. Housewives took it to lose weight. I had a sign in the office saying ‘SPEED KILLS’.

    I would point to it and say, ‘Those yellow pills are speed.’ Mouths would fall open. The lady would cry out, ‘But these are MEDICINE.’ I would say, ‘SPEED KILLS.’

  18. Petruchio

    Elaine: c’mon now. Everyone knows that jaywalking is a “gateway” crime. First you are a jaywalker, flaunting the laws regulating pedestrian safety. God only knows where it goes after that! HaHa!!

  19. e sutton

    Okay, bitchez, here’s a golden oldie from Miss Leslie Gore. Don’t tell me what to think, mo fos!

  20. e sutton

    Well, golly, you’re not feeling right? Here, take a pill. It’s the culture I grew up in, even though it was waning even then. If one pill made you feel better, then two pills………..well, you get the idea. My sister is currently in rehab, and nobody seems to know how she managed to get there. Except our mom was of the sort that Elaine cited in that great old Rolling Stones clip. Children learn from their parents, peeps! If you’re white and still care, why not try to be role models? Or if you don’t like that, be like that black folk, and give it all ya got to perpetuate violence, stupidity, and looting. Yeah. Sounds like a great idea. Let’s try some more of that.

  21. e sutton

    Not that it matters, but went to see the Stones back in ’93 in Philly during a monsoon. None of my mates met me there, I was the only die hard fan in attendance from my “group”. The Stones played anyway, although the stadium was empty, save me and a very few hard core fans. Jagger moved like lightning, even then. I believe he’s around Elaine’s age, but I’ll let you do the math. Color me impressed.

  22. Robert

    Elaine, I stand corrected after reading your explanation.
    In Ecuador, the politicians are considering decriminalizing drug.

    I was trying to suggest that the gov should find ways to educate
    and reduce the drug-related crimes by doing prevention.
    But I think it is a difficult problem.

    The other big problem as I read in one of your blogs that Sharpton
    at the time asked his people to give you or your org hard times,
    instead of creating the true solutions, points to bigger problems
    in the black community leaderships.
    It has now been almost 50 yrs since mid-60s and it’s actually getting
    much worse by all kinds of statistics: blacks child poverty, crime rates,
    avg life expectancy among adult male blacks..
    This morning on nbc meet the press, Tom Brokaw suggested a
    commission that could study it for like 1 year and make recommendations.

  23. emsnews

    They could ask me to be part of that committee. I debated this issue with the Black Panthers in 1969 and half of them thought I was talking sense and half said they were going to kill me.

    The nastiest leftists were all white students. They spat hate at me every time I tried to explain how to help blacks cope with their difficult situation.

    I KNEW EVERY WEATHERMAN MEMBER. The chick who tried to assassinate President Ford came to me way back in 1970 begging me to teach her how to shoot guns. I refused. Later, Squeaky made big news and is life in prison thanks to her insane beliefs thinking that murder would work.

    I have been set entirely against this. Education, figuring out the obvious, picking the right fights and the right tools is key to changing things. Everyone seems to have lost these keys or rather, don’t want these keys imagining that doing stupid things often enough will fix stupid things the rich and powerful are doing.

  24. emsnews

    When Madame Mao was arrested, the Chinese diplomats came to me due to my father’s close connections with the Chinese since the Nixon visit, to have people live with me and learn about trade and capitalism.

    They did EVERYTHING I asked them to do. They let me push them around and force them to think, READ HISTORY and memorize key elements and figure out how to pull China back from total destruction to the richest country on earth.

    I explained the weaknesses of the US system and how Europe and Japan and Israel bribe our Congress to betray us. The Chinese thought that was AMAZING news.

    I demonstrated how this works. They were stunned. ‘We be bank’ was one early declaration. ‘We own Congress’ was the second revelation. I went to DC to talk to Congressmen there and the State Department explaining the Chinese plans and they all told me to go to hell.

    The Chinese won, we lost and ta-da! This was due to the Chinese being very SMART not stupid.

  25. Christian W

    Nowadays the authorities are giving drugs to kids going to school to keep them “calm”. Now how are kids going to learn anything if they are doped up? The weaning (brain washing) into the drug, welfare and mass consumption culture starts much earlier now than in the 60s.

    The US really needs adult supervision now and sane, measured long term policies aimed at solving desperate problems, as many commentators here are pointing out. How unfortunate then that (as Elaine has pointed out) the elites have stuffed the system full of rabblerousers, non entities, fake self proclaimed leaders and sock puppets at the community, media, university and political levels.

    The core policy of Bullshit Baffles Brains is in effect again. When people go to those figures and demand action and sane policies they get a stream of inane bullshit back. Fringe freaks are promoted and ensured “responsibility” and rock solid support no matter their proven lies, idiocy and/or incompetence, while sane people looking for real, sustainable, balanced solutions are marginalized and even demonized.

  26. Lou

    I have to ‘inject’ [pun] some ‘race reality’ in this. The criminals are mostly Black and Brown. From Seattle to Brazil.

    ‘White housewives didn’t cause a crime wave. Their dealers on the other hand were very much criminals all around in every possible way.’

  27. CK

    Homely men in drag, singing praises to pill popping.
    The drollery never ends.
    Decriminalizing drugs would destroy what is left of the economy and employment in the center cities. Worse, as we are seeing in those states that have decriminalized Marijuana, the diverse vibrants are replaced by boring white small business people.

  28. emsnews

    CK, the Rolling Stones song is about how HORRIBLE pill addiction from doctors can be for housewives.

  29. Mike Gibbs

    Gerry Rubin and another guy whom I don’t remember (probably because he was a “sell out” and made millions on Wall street ) became very prominent after the 1968 Democratic Convention riots. There was passion, quest for justice and a certain very tough idealism at that time. Gerry Rubin in my mind personified that. Glad you made it through those times Elaine as you very obviously have.

  30. emsnews

    By 1974 I was a home owner.

    Fighting ferociously to protect my properties changed me greatly. I was under attack by thugs and government thugs.

    When I called the mayor’s office to complain about thugs in 1973, the secretary said, ‘you won’t have that problem soon. We are going to tear down your house!’

    Ten minutes later I was at the mayor’s office yelling and pounding on his desk. We went to war.

    IT was ferocious until one night I had a nightmare that a military jet from Davis Monthan base crash into my home exterminating it and me. The next day I moved to NYC.

    Four years later a military jet slammed into my former neighborhood and would have killed me, it did kill four other unfortunate people.

    In NYC, when the mayor let my neighbors burn down my neighborhood, I was pounding on HIS desk, too. That fight was very ferocious.

  31. William

    Your experience in this latest posting has nothing to compare with what is happening to those instances in the current issues of the affected areas of riots. You are from a well connected family therefore you have more freedom to fully express your-self than most people could when you were rebelling in your youth against the system. @ Devaul made that clear in his post. I have appreciated your take on what is going on in our shared/collective experience but lately something has taken hold of the discourse of this blog that makes it odd. I have always wondered why the drug dealers were always to blame but the users from the suburbs were excused. If there is no demand there will be no supply. The white bored house-wives and all the people buying the drugs are all part of the problem.

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