Black Jews Riot In Jerusalem And Jewish Group Hosts ‘Draw (Neo-Nazi) Anti-Mohammed Cartoons’ In Texas


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Bosch Fawstin: MOHAMMAD, the prize winner in the ‘make really racist/bigot anti-Muslim cartoon’ contest in Texas that ended with some angry Muslims getting killed in a shoot out.  The rich right wing Jewish lady sponsoring this contest says this proves that Muslims are evil and everyone taunting them are angels.  The stupidest thing to happen to the US since WWII was the eroding condition of relations with a billion Muslims ever since Israel was founded.  Now we are at total warfare with them and the core issues are ignored or made worse daily.


Two people killed outside Texas Prophet Muhammad art show – NY Daily News


As a precaution, authorities installed extra security for Sunday’s event, including members of a local SWAT team, metal detectors and blockades around the school.


It cost Geller’s group an added $10,000 for 40 officers to handle security, an expense she described as “the high cost of freedom,” according to the Dallas Morning News.


On Sunday, Geller was swiftly evacuated from the school building when the gunfire erupted, according to a report.


“This is a war. This is war on free speech. What are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters,” Pamela Geller wrote in a statement Sunday night.


‘Free speech’?  Well, I suppose antisemitic Nazis should be allowed to post Heil Hitler posters all over the NYC subway system!  Cartoons showing greedy Jews with big noses clutching money bags and sitting on top of the Federal Reserve should be published by US newspapers.  We should give AWARDS to anyone doing this!


I was utterly against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons because they were inflammatory and utterly racist.  Blacks here in the US become very angry if you show Obama eating a watermelon, for example.  Then we are supposed to march arm in arm yelling, ‘We are all Charlie Hebdo!’ in the name of ‘free speech’.


The other day, a prosecutor was fired because she wrote on twitter something about shooting rioters burning down cities.  ‘That’s racist!’ was the reason.  Frat rats singing a silly ditty with the word ‘nigger’ in it were tossed out of school.  We do NOT have anything remotely close to ‘free speech’.


I was amazed today to see this story in US media: Ethiopian Israelis: ‘A community crying out’ –  A video camera recorded an obvious police brutality case in Israel. Israel is nonstop police brutality towards Muslims.  In this case, it was a black Jewish man in a IDF uniform, walking his bike, only to be assaulted by two Jewish skinhead cops.  He didn’t resist arrest and yet they pushed him around and then, when they began beating him, he fought back and drove them off.


The reaction to this was not to loot stores but to go to the main religious square and a riot against the police occurred.  It was NOT a looting expedition like in Baltimore and Ferguson.  The NYT and WP and other main media ignored this story like all the other stories about Jews being racist.


Tackling the issues could take generations
After the clashes between protesters and police Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would meet with leaders in the Ethiopian community, as well as the soldier who was assaulted in the video.


Landis said that’s a positive sign, but just the start on a long road. “It’s going to require a dialogue that goes on for years and generations, as we’ve found in the United States,” he said. “There can’t just be a civil rights movement of a few years and it goes away. This is an ongoing problem and it’s very deep-seated. It’s socially ingrained.”


Jews are extremely racist.  So racist, if you are not a full Jewish woman, all your children are not ‘Jews’ unless they are ‘converted’ and even then, the ‘real Jews’ will never, ever come to your house to eat anything at all because a ‘dirty woman’ cooked it and it isn’t ‘kosher.’


The intense level of discrimination and domination inside of Jewish communities is outstandingly bad.  Even liberal Jews will practice all these actions against married family members.  None of my ex-husband’s family EVER ate any food I cooked and they were very, very liberal.  No invitations were ever accepted, not one.  For years and years.  It was insane.


And infuriating.  Jews may think it is funny to poke at Muslims and get them mad but then look at how they treat AFRICAN JEWS!  This is cruel.  While the liberal Jews who own and work for the NYT wail about racism in America, even though the NYT has multiple reporters in Israel, we never see stories about Jewish racism in Israel.  Nor stories about Jewish racism in New York City, either.


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47 responses to “Black Jews Riot In Jerusalem And Jewish Group Hosts ‘Draw (Neo-Nazi) Anti-Mohammed Cartoons’ In Texas

  1. ziff

    We don’t have derogatory drawings of jews because it reminds of the nazi horror. How about derogatory drawings of jesus? Why can’t we draw mohammed ? Muslim horrors? muslims perpetrate horror on other muslims. As have christians on christians, people on people. After the Hebdo murders Robert Crumb drew a picture of mohammeds hairy bum [ it was his friend henry mohammed down the street] . Screw f@*#king mohammed and f@%*’g jesus.

  2. e sutton

    Negro Jews? In Jerusalem?? Oy vey, someone pass the gefilte fish already!

  3. emsnews

    Crumb is Jewish.

    It is OK to make fun of Jesus. But not Jewish bankers.

  4. Fred Mrozek


    I recognize many names on this list:


  5. Jim R

    How bout drawings of Nutty Yahoo with a bad mustache giving a stiff-arm salute? Might be a fun contest..

  6. ziff

    i will kill you !! if you insult my friend Nutty Yahoo!!!

  7. ziff
    May 4, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    we can’t in short period of time – but let’s try to speedup.

  8. ziff
    May 4, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    not toooooo many arguments on our side ;-(

  9. DeVaul

    “Harn said authorities were approached by the organizers of the event months earlier and recommended the planners purchase $10,000 worth of security services for the supposed art expo.”

    This just shows that it was never intended to be an “art exhibit”. It was a political rally organized under the banner of “freedom of the arts”. As far as I know, no one has been allowed to have a cartoon contest showing Moses’ “big hairy butt” in any city in the US, nor has anyone mentioned how much security for such an event would cost the US taxpayer.

    Again, the hypocrisy astounds. We are going to go broke allowing one group of religious fanatics to denigrate another group using taxpayer funds.

  10. ziff

    I would have entered a jesus portrait , same diff.

  11. vengeur

    You have got to know there were Feds there, KNOWING this would draw terrorist types. It sound like a collaboration to me. No sane person would purposely incite such a potentially deadly situation for no reason other than to prove a point. But unfortunately we have become a society where it is perfectly OK to insult anybody or their religion for the pure hell of it. ( Oh , except minorities, if you insult them it is a hate crime.)

  12. Lou

    re, Crumb is Jewish.
    It is OK to make fun of Jesus. But not Jewish bankers.

    EMS, did you know Crumb? I enjoyed the documentary on him [saw it twice].
    And Robert Crumb made fun of mohammed, not Jesus or the banksters.

    I wonder what would happen if the ‘Mock Mohammed’ event was held in Dearborn?

    I say bring on the war now. Better now then later. Mussies are still <5% of USA population.

    Pam G is right. You may not like her. You may not like her publicity stunts but she is right. The mussies are here, [and in Mexico] plenty of terrorists among them and Obama is in on it. [diversity visas, am nasty etc, stand down on border and in ME].

  13. Lou

    ‘Muslim horrors? muslims perpetrate horror on other muslims’. Yup. Mussies bomb Mosques as well as churches.

  14. vengeur

    Yes, we now have a steaming pile of diversity. Enjoy!

  15. Floridasandy

    Clearly, two terrorists are no longer here to terrorize us and that has to be a good thing.

    Has obama commented yet?

  16. emsnews

    Religious warfare is a nightmare.

    Our own Founding Fathers worried greatly about this issue. The devastation of the Catholic/Protestant wars was ferocious in Europe. In central Europe it led to the annihilation of over a third to half the population there.

    It has been a horror from day one when religion was invented by humans!

    It is to be AVOIDED like the plague. But the EU and US have decided to integrate many religions (not just Muslims but many!) and…go to war with many of these religions overseas!


    The last thing we need is a war between insane fanatics and ALL religions are UTTERLY insane I dare say, by definition.

  17. DeVaul

    @ floridasandy

    What an EXCELLENT idea!

    We can lure terrorists out by INCITING them! What genius! Why has the government not funded this program which is obviously so brilliant?

    We could also get rid of the other terrorists too. We could have a “draw Jesus’s hairy butt” cartoon fest and then wait for the right wing militiamen to drive up and jump out of their cars screaming: “Death to heretics!” and then mow them down with Tommy guns.

    Or are you afraid one of your own relatives might be the one jumping out of the car Sandy? Is that why you don’t suggest a Jesus lampoon fest?

    How can we ever find all the terrorists if we don’t incite them? If we just leave people alone and not openly ridicule them from every direction and at every opportunity, they might not come out. Hell, they might not even contemplate an act of terrorism, or worse, they might just go about their daily activities without being angry and remain hidden FOREVER.

    That won’t work, will it? No, we have to force this whole issue to the bitter end because this is what many here and all over America want. The die is cast. The road to hell has been paved by hatemongers and anyone who dares to try and tear it up will be attacked and probably killed.

    Seig Heil!

  18. Christian W

    The 30 year war in Europe was a worse disaster than WWI, WWII and even the Black Death…

    As for Jewish racism, Jews are very quick to scream anti-Semitism and have people fired from their jobs if they don’t toe the Zionist line perfectly, yet hate mongering against Muslims is encouraged and actively set up, even using government resources including racial profiling.

    What if US government set up a racial profiling data base over all the Jews living in the US, and especially all the dual citizens?

    IDF soldiers have admitted that last year they murdered the population in Gaza indiscriminately, in some cases simply out of boredom. Women, children, family homes all were destroyed simply because they were Muslims/Untermenschen. The soldiers knew perfectly well that they people they were killing had nothing to do with the fighting.

    This is exactly the same mentality the Nazi and ultra nationalist forces have in Ukraine. This is exactly the mentality behind the drone bomb murders, which are known to kill an extraordinary amount of civilians, including women and children while the real targets killed are far and few between.

    Coincidence? Hardly.

    The terrorism by the US and it’s Israeli/ISIS/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/Azov/Right Sector/Chechen etc satraps by far outweighs any other terrorism. Even the puny terrorism like in cases above cannot be separated from US/Zioinist machinations.

  19. Floridasandy

    Devaul, I said nothing about luring anybody out. I just said that I find it good that people who wanted to kill Americans over drawings are dead. You took it to a different place altogether, although Americans should not have to be fearful over extremist Muslims terrorizing them.

    Extremism in religion is always a result of misinterpretation of religion, as God leads to peace and goodness.

  20. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Almost all people that purport to worship “God” actually worship a reflection of themselves. In the vast majority of those cases, that reflection is actually Satan. Ironically, even the Bible has warnings about this. Warnings in the Bible almost always go unheeded by “believers”.

    Out of these Satan worshipers, again the vast majority lie to themselves and others about this truth. Some, however, like the Skull and Bones Bushes for example, are well aware that they follow Satan but of course lie to the public. Others, like Anton LaVey, are upfront both internally and externally about their true convictions. In fact, LaVey claimed the moral high-ground over hypocritical Christians that claim that God leads to peace and goodness while delighting in the deaths of others, because he at least was honest about the fact that he was a son of a bitch.

  21. emsnews

    God is the dude who annihilated nearly all living things because he was PISSED OFF ABOUT SEX.

    Sheesh. A monster, I say.

  22. Christian W

    God IS peace and goodness. That means that if you believe in God (as a Christian) you would rather die than kill another human being. That is the essence of Christianity, and that is why people who kill in the name of a nation, or tribe, or religion, or any other reason, cannot truly be Christians.

    The essence of Christianity, as said by Christ himself, is to turn the other cheek to confused people who do not know what they are doing (ie people who are not peaceful and not good, ie people who are violent towards other people, even against you). That was the ultimate example of Christ himself.

    Therefore all priests who bless the US military eg, and warfare on part of the tribe, are hypocrites and non-Christians. 🙂

    Now the OT God is a very different creature to be sure. But Jesus was all about balancing that part. Of course the OT God followers didn’t like it when he did that so they had him killed…

  23. DeVaul

    “…although Americans should not have to be fearful over extremist Muslims terrorizing them.”

    This is what you meant. It was implied. I have never heard you celebrate about the killing of other religious fanatics — like the Sovereign Citizens, the White Knights, the Aryan Resistance and other groups that shoot cops right from their car or truck and then drive away.

    “Extremism in religion is always a result of misinterpretation of religion, as God leads to peace and goodness.”

    Umm… no. The Jews are always quoting directly from their own books when they want us to follow their laws, post them in our schools, place them in front of our courthouses, and force us to pray to their middle eastern death god at the beginning of each schoolday. According to them, they have not misinterpreted anything, and they use their own books to prove it.

  24. Christian W

    “…although Americans should not have to be fearful over extremist Muslims terrorizing them.”

    Now that is an interesting concept. What if we turn it around?

    “…although Muslims should not have to be fearful over extremist terrorizing them.”

    The first option is mostly theoretical. The second option is very, very real. In fact hundreds of thousands of Muslims, probably over 2 million in Iraq alone, have died as a consequence of American terrorism. Millions more have been uprooted and forced to flee.

    The Holy American victims of terror, in comparison, have been almost negligible in terms of numbers, although equally sad and tragic as each and every single Muslim victim. But of course we must count Americans as much more worthy mustn’t we. And should we count American terrorism against American victims, albeit using Muslim henchmen?

  25. Christian W

    The second option should of course read:

    “…although Muslims should not have to be fearful over extremist Americans terrorizing them.

  26. Floridasandy

    There is extreme defense of Muslim fanatics here, although it always winds up blaming Christians or US citizens. How do you explain Muslim atrocities in Africa, China, and even against each other in the Mideast.

    Still an American problems? Please.

    God is good and about peace and kindness (in his image, after all) and it is only fallible men who pervert it into something ugly.

    Christian,I don,t see your take on Muslims now in America trying to infringe upon OUR freedom. Clearly, that cannot be acceptable to you today, unless you believe only some freedom is acceptable.

  27. DeVaul

    Christian is right. The only way your bizarre arguments would make any sense whatsoever is if we withdrew all our troops from Muslim and Arab countries and never bombed them again.

    We have done more terrorist bombings in the middle east than any other country in the world. Apparently, your “peaceful” God approves of the butchering of women and children everyday abroad.

    You are an Owellian automaton, Sandy, and your weird rationales for killing people abroad should let everyone here know how the average American thinks. They don’t come to this blog, or even know it exists, so take what Sandy says as the mainstream thought patterns of our fellow countrymen.

  28. emsnews

    We created ISIS when we destroyed Saddam and Gaddafi both of whom were very ‘liberal’ and gave women tons of civil rights.

    I am furious about this. The women of these countries are in dire dire straits now, more or less SLAVES thanks to the US and it hideous ally, Saudi Arabia.

  29. Floridasandy

    DePaul, i am nobody’s automaton. I actually see evil as it occurs, and I am also surprised at supkis ( often logical) to blame Muslim oppression on America. That is fiat out nuts. The discussion was on whether America can exhibit what it pleases, whether Christian or Muslim interpretations, without someone else determining that they need to DIE for doing so.
    There may be some wrong all around with religious misinterpretation, but certainly theology as government will not work for freedom, and I am surprised at some of the cluelessness presented here on an often reasonable forum.

  30. Christian W


    There are some important points here that you need to understand.

    You see evil as it occurs (“Muslim terror”), but you do not see the hand in the sock puppet (US, Saudi/Gulf Kingdom and Israeli policies) moving the “Muslim terrorists”. You do not see context and you do not see cause and effect.

    In REALITY the ones attacking your your American freedoms are Zionists and your own leaders (what we call the US elite). Sunni “Muslim” terror and fanaticism is aided and abetted by the US at every turn. What you see as “Muslim fanatic terrorists” are more or less witting cats paws of US and Israeli policies.

    There would not have been a killing of “Muslim terrorists” in Texas had the stage not been set for the killings. Don’t you find it strange that whenever there is a “Muslim” act of terror the US authorities are hovering in the background, often with not only a finger, but a whole fist in the pie? This very much includes 9/11 btw.

    What comes first, US action that leads to an act of terror, or an act of terror followed by US action? You will find that US action comes first, the (desired) consequence is then Muslim “terror”.

    Why does the US desire “Muslim terror”. Because it gives it an alibi for US policies in the Middle East, policies that create, support and perpetuate “Muslim terror” for the ends of US political aims which are the destruction of any and all freedoms of the Muslim populations throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East, Persia and Central Asia.

    Another important point is that nobody here is defending “Muslim fanatics (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra etc) AT ALL, on the contrary we are all, to a woman/man 100% opposed to them as far as I can tell.

    I ask you, why is the US government 100% in favour of creating a Muslim theological government in Syria? Since we both agree that theological governments are bad, I take it you agree with me that the US should stop supporting Muslim fanatics in Syria and help the SECULAR Assad government restore peace and order in Syria?

    Why is the US supporting ISIS in Syria, yet when two “Muslim fanatics”, who claim to be attached to ISIS, attack “your freedom of speech” in Texas, that is bad? Don’t you see the giant contradiction here? What about the rights of the Syrian people to live in freedom from the terror of ISIS and Al Qaeda and their main sponsor, the US?

    Which of these ISIS terrorists are evil for attacking freedoms? The ones in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen etc, the ones in Texas, or all of them?

    Do you see the evil of the US supported autocratic, theological Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, another sponsor of ISIS, when it in continuous acts of pure terrorism, right now is dropping US provided cluster bombs all over Yemen? Bombs that kill children who pick them up believing they are toys? Most civilized nations have banned cluster bombs, but not Saudi Arabia and not the US.

    If your child is blown up by an American cluster bomb, is that not an act of terror against you and your freedom and your rights?

    When Jews in the US get a professor fired for having views they do not like, that is ALSO an act of terrorism against your American freedom of speech. In fact it is an extremely insidious act of aggression since it only allows Zionist approved views (such as inflammatory drawings mocking Mohammed and promoting hatred of Islam). This simple act of repression and censorship of free speech and free debate does not use bullets or bombs, but the result is even more devastating for American freedoms than simplistic acts of shootings or bombings.

    (I’ll write more about the origins of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh a bit later, in order to explain the context).

  31. DeVaul

    You do not even have logic, Sandy. All you have is blind faith — just like a Nazi Youth who refused to acknowledge the end even as Russian tanks rolled down Unter den Linden Strasse.

    If Americans were truly honest and good, and your god truly conerned about stopping Muslim oppression, then we would have invaded Saudi Arabia and Egypt, since that is where the 911 hijackers came from. Their relatives were all flown out of the country the next day.

    But what did King George do? He invaded the poorest country in the world while furiously working to find an excuse to invade another country that had NOTHING to do wth “Muslim Oppression of America” on 09/11/01.

    These are the men that you and your priests glorify: war criminals.

    I sincerely hope that you get to experience REAL oppression some day — like the kind that you dish out to Muslim and middle eastern countries on a daily basis with your god’s approval. That would at least be some form of poetic justice for all the crude, hateful, deliberately provocative, and unjust statements that you have made here all these years.

  32. emsnews

    Bin Laden’s family was very very close to the Bush clan and the CIA AND MY MOTHER AND FATHER.

    The reason why my parents stormed out of Saudi Arabia back in 1980 was due to the stoning death of a princess.

  33. Christian W

    The origins of ISIS:

    The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are ONE creature. You cannot take the US out of Israel or Saudi Arabia because both would collapse without US support. The same way you cannot take Saudi money out of the US, because the US banking system would collapse. Israel is symbiotic with the US on the political, military, economical and intelligence levels. Again remove the Israeli/Jewish influence out of the US and what would be left?

    It is in this context we need to look at the emergence of ISIS. ISIS grew out of the invasion of Iraq and subsequent US policies of destabilization of SECULAR Arab nations.

    ISIS has several different roots creating an umbrella organization of Sunni Muslim extremism.

    One root is the Sunni resistance to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003. Saddam, together with his feared intelligence service – the Mukhabarat, and some top officers, had planned for a resistance movement against the US in case of an invasion. This resistance was based in the Sunni dominated areas in Northern Iraq.

    The US quickly realized it was unable to suppress the Sunni resistance and started to cooperate with local Sunni Sheiks and tribesmen to fight the resistance and stop the IED’s blowing up US servicemen. Cooperate means they simply hired the Sheiks and paid them huge amounts of dollars to either fight the resistance, or in many cases, paid the resistance directly not to blow up US servicemen. These people were the Iraqi foundation of ISIS, the ones that took over much of Northern Iraq later. They were lead by some of Saddam’s former officers.

    The other root of ISIS is the US/Saudi sponsored Sunni death squads that plunged Iraq into civil war right after the invasion. These were elite under cover Special Forces/intelligence types with links directly to the Saudi royals.

    The third root of ISIS is the foreign element that got pulled into the conflicts in Libya, Algeria, Syria etc. Al Qaeda was still a dirty word back then and a fresh marketing face for Sunni Islamic extremist fighters was needed. The brand name ISIS was created. That is the fourth root.

    The fourth root also ties into the extensive propaganda network built up to support ISIS. This network includes imam’s in mosques and on the internet, that preach Wahhabism, the extreme Saudi Sunni cult that is behind the “Muslim terror” and stirs up emotions to entice young people to fight whomever Saudi Arabia/the US/Israel wants to fight.

    One crucial factor for ISIS is that it has an unsurpassed marketing department working for it. It has a lot of support and spread in the West, especially on social media. This marketing is obviously led by marketing experts, most likely Western experts as they are the best. The reason for the focus on social media is that ISIS wants to attract young, disgruntled men to fight it’s wars.

    ISIS is highly successful at finding new cannon fodder for it’s campaigns (the third root). The two “terrorists” killed in Texas should best be seen as such cannon fodder. They were victims of propaganda. Note that it was Wahhabi propaganda that first stirred them up, then Jewish and American hate propaganda that triggered them.

    The vast majority of ISIS fighters in Syria are French, Libyan, Algerian, Chechen, Saudi Arabian with some Pakistani and even Taliban thrown in among others.

    If there had been no ISIS/Saudi Wahhabi propaganda, no Jewish/Zionist propaganda, no American propaganda I doubt those two killed in Texas would have become “terrorists”.

    You see how it works? These people are caught in ONE loop. If the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia didn’t promote Wahhabi terrorism they would not have the fighters to fight in Syria. There really is no “Syrian” rebellion. The vast majority of the fighters fighting the Assad government in Syria are FOREIGNERS (see the third, fourth, fifth and sixth roots of ISIS).

    The fifth root of ISIS is the military training of it’s fighters in Qatar, Jordan and Turkey. US Special Forces train ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra fighters to go to war in Syria.

    The sixth root is the money ISIS makes from theft of resources, and outright military equipment provided for them by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    I could go on but you should get the picture.

  34. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ # 21

    Brutal, isn’t it? And it shall happen again. HAHAHA.

    I have adopted a religion whereby I believe that all those that worship Jesus Christ are damned to eternal torment in hell. It doesn’t matter how you live, even if you are perfectly selfless and altruistic. It may sound insane to randomly condemn people to eternal torment based on their decision of whether or not to worship a specific god; be that as it may I derive a great deal of spiritual fulfillment from this deep and sincerely held conviction.

  35. Floridasandy

    Pontiff, we will take our chances. 😊

    There is nothing wrong with being good and altruistic. If there is no heaven, at least you do no harm in this world, and somebody’s life will be better for it. I don’t pretend God talks to me, but I do talk to him and it helps me.

    DePaul, pick up a history book and try and understand that Muslims have been fighting long before America was even a country, but it is rather convenient to blame us. I don’t truly believe we let 9-11 happen to make the world see extremist Muslims as the bad guts, anymore than Jordan and their pilot, or France and Charlie Hebdo. (Too lazy to check spelling one that)

  36. Christian W


    I don’t truly believe we let 9-11 happen to make the world see extremist Muslims as the bad guts, anymore than Jordan and their pilot, or France and Charlie Hebdo. (Too lazy to check spelling one that)

    Why do you not believe that? I am honestly curious (and more than a bit flabbergasted tbh). The US has done exactly the same thing before. Many times before, and especially when the US government wants something big to happen.


    To get the American people willing to engage in WWI the US government packed the Ocean liner Lusitania full of ammunition for the British. The Germans knew this very well and protested publicly and warned everyone that they would sink the ship if it left port with the ammunition on board. The US government claimed the Germans were evil liars and sent out the ship with civilian passengers on board, knowing full well that the Germans were extremely likely to sink it.

    The Germans sank Lusitania, now a perfectly legitimate military target. The US government pretended innocence and claimed the Germans were brutal killers when in fact it was the US government that murdered it’s own citizens so it could join the war in 1917, when it was dying out from pure exhaustion on the part of Germany, France and Britain. Russia was convulsed in it’s own internal problems which sparked the revolutions and civil war. The US came out of WWI looking like a million bucks compared to the shattered nations in Europe…

    Speaking of Elaine’s relative rolling over in his grave: I wonder how much the creation of the US Fed had with WWI kicking off. With a safe haven in the US the international bankers could sit back and watch the war profits roll in.


    Again the US wanted to join WWII without being seen as the aggressor. Japan had been deeply involved in military campaigns in China and against Soviet forces since the start of the 1930’s.

    (Btw, another example of a nation using terrorism to get it’s population to fall in line behind a foreign war.

    September 18, 1931: Mukden Incident, known as the “9.18 Incident”: Japanese agents blow up part of the Japanese owned South Manchurian Railroad at Mukden in northeastern China, and label it sabotage by Chinese forces. Using the incident as a pretext, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria is launched. Within six months the occupation of Manchuria is complete.)

    When President Roosevelt declared that the US was going to cut off all supply of oil to Japan, the Japanese were trapped. Since Japan was at war this was nothing else but a dagger in the back of Japan and a declaration of war. Deeply engaged in a foreign war they would lose quickly if they lost their vital oil supplies. In desperation the Japanese came up with the plan to attack Pearl Harbor. Of course the US government was aware that the Japanese were about to attack. You don’t miss such a thing as a whole fleet setting out. FDR made sure the US Navy’s carriers were out of harms way, the Japanese attack followed, and the US government got it’s war. Up until that point the US citizens had been refusing to go to war overseas and get involved in WWII. Now the war was enthusiastically embraced.


    The Gulf of Tonkin incidents were wildly distorted narratives that were used to get congress to declare war on North Vietnam.

    See how it works? These kinds of maneouvres are essential to get the American people on board in fighting wars overseas.


    Same thing, cooked up pretexts to attack. Iraq I: First the “invasion of Kuwait”. The US gives Saddam the idea they have no problem if he deals with Kuwait by an invasion.

    Iraq II: The US lies about Saddam having connections with Al Qaeda and that Saddam is a military threat to the US through WMD’s. Complete lies but the US population AGAIN, buys the US government story hook, line and sinker.

    Do you see where this is getting yet?


    (and Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and many many more wars to follow).

    Guess what was used to get those wars going. That’s right, 9/11 using the Saudi American creation, Al Qaeda.

  37. DeVaul

    @ Christian W

    You are wasting your time arguing with Sandy. Her last paragraph does not even appear to be coherent, so why bother? She doesn’t even care if she makes sense or not. She knows I have read more history than her. She only reads one book, and we all can guess what it is.

    As far back as I can remember, she just appears here with some wild or bile-filled remark that cannot be explained or supported by any evidence in the real world. Her remarks are more like those that “come from god” and hence cannot be understood by us mere mortals, who have no chance of understanding the “mind of god”. It just IS.

    And so it follows that god is good, muslims are evil, drones are good, Saudi hijackers live in Afghanistan, americans are not christians and never kill or maim women and children on a daily basis, and muslims and “bad guys” are always plotting against the American lifestyle, which is always good.

    And there you have it. An old book from the middle east says so. Case closed. Nothing further to talk about.

    The most instructive thing you can learn from Sandy is that if someone like her posts stuff like this on a blog clinging to the very edge of the internet world, what must be going through the minds of those who never venture outside the belly of the beast? Not a pretty picture, huh?

  38. Lou

    CW, Big Gov, Federal [BIG] taxes, bigger wars.

    ….. I wonder how much the creation of the US Fed had with WWI kicking off. With a safe haven in the US the international bankers could sit back and watch the war profits roll in.

  39. DeVaul

    @ Lou

    Yes, they did. I remember an interview I read between an Australian millionaire industrialist/banker and the reporter. The millionaire had funded the Australian war effort during WW 1, but then the reporter asked him a question out of curiosity that is totally verboten today:

    Reporter: Could you have funded the government and its programs during the depression that followed the end of the war?

    Millionaire: Well… yes.

    The rich do not fund things “for others”. They only fund things for themselves. That is how they became rich in the first place, and there is no faster way to millionaire status than war and politics, which is all about exploiting the weak and powerless.

    A great movie to watch is a French movie called “Ridicule”. It shows the mentality of the French aristocracy right before the revolution, and how totally detached it was from the reality of 99% of France. It might help some people here understand the mentality of those who live inside the beltway and on Wallstreet.

  40. Christian W

    I prefer to give Sandy the benefit of the doubt. If she reads Elaine somewhere there must be a little bell telling her that all isn’t as binary and straightforward as she has been led to believe by her cultural programming.

    Speaking of cultural programming. Check this little video out:

    I must say I am… hm, not shocked, I’m beyond shocked. This level of ignorance is just inconceivable to me. I can understand that Americans aren’t too hot on geography, but not knowing a Single Damn Thing about WWII… Holy smokes.

  41. DeVaul

    @ Christian

    I am sorry to say that this level of ignorance (which I don’t know about because I am Deaf, but I can guess at it) is actually quite common in many countries. My wife, for instance, only knew about WW II because the Japanese occupied her country, but beyond that, she knew nothing.

    Recently, she asked me if I knew anything about the Burmese War between her country (Thailand) and Burma, which ended with the destruction of the old Thai capital city. My wife had to pay to go to school from kindergarter to business school, so there was no time for any subject that did not lead directly to a high paying job. History was non-existent, and I don’t think I even need to mention the absence of “social studies” in a “kingdom”.

    She could not locate her home country on a world map when she arrived in America, but she could do huge math conversion problems in her head.

  42. emsnews

    Amnesia about history means one never learns.

    Some classes of people are very very interested in history. I always assumed that everyone was anxious to learn about the past but no, most people avoid this like the plague which is why so many fall into simple traps that are set over and over again especially ‘drive to a war’ path that is well-worn.

    They imagine that thinking only about making money is what matters. Guess what?

    If you don’t know your history, you are destroyed, no matter what your ‘job’ or ‘income’ if stupid things easily seen in history, are ignored.

    I easily predicted the credit crash of 2007-2010. Simple as falling off a chair if one has any idea of how history works. Another fine example: in summer, rulers in Europe and the US imagine it is super easy to attack Russia and destroy it. History teaches very clear lessons about this and ignoring this is fatal.

    Then there is Afghanistan: writers since BEFORE the Roman Empire noticed that the people there are nearly impossible to rule. The only conquerer who came out of there in one piece has been Alexander the Great.

    Knowing this obvious history, I warned the US about attacking and occupying Afghanistan and yes, it was a total unmitigated disaster. History teaches harsh lessons and the Goddess of History laughs like a loon every time humans refuse to learn.

  43. Christian W

    Well history is crystal clear.

    If you want fascism and war you let the elites loot most of the money for themselves, starve the population and let them fight a vicious rat race over crumbs (in order to devalue empathy and compassion and promote extreme selfishness and ruthlessness), use and direct the fear and panic rising in the lower classes towards hatred of fake, manufactured enemies, foreign and domestic (“Muslims”, Russians, Blacks).

    Use propaganda to limit the discourse into a pre set and controlled narrative. Everything our nation does is by definition right and good, simply because we are doing it. Hammer home this simple, idiotic message 24/7. “We are good, they are bad”.

    Promote faith based “thinking” over critical thinking. Hide all contrary and problematic news. Hide all meaningful debate that challenges the basic narrative. “We are good, they are bad”. Hide all context and shut out and ridicule critical voices. “We are good, they are bad”. Reinforce this message again and again and again in all circumstances and on all occasions and on every possible channel.

    Everyone who challenges this propaganda meme “We are good, they are bad” automatically becomes “bad” because if you do not follow along and accept uncritically that “We are good” you are, of course, “bad”. So simple, so stupid, and so effective.

    Introduce a brutal surveillance state apparatus to enforce obedience if needed.

    Militarise the economy. Dumb the population down. Ignore internal systemic contradictions and override them with war as the cure all.

    And so on.

  44. DeVaul

    Both very good summaries. Alas, no one listens.

  45. Christian W

    The wars against Afghanistan and Russia are stupid, NOT only because you cannot defeat those nations militarily and culturally, but because waging war on them is a substitute for fixing internal contradictions that are ripping the attacking nation(s) apart.

    Even if you managed to win those wars, the internal rotting process would still be present. And then you would eventually need NEW wars to fix the same contradictions that you cannot fix now, since the root of the problem is your own unwillingness to deal with the basic contradictions in your own systems.

    So you end up with a system where war IS the system itself (ie the Global War on Terror, the nascent WW III that at present is being fought using “fourth generation hybrid warfare”), a system that will eventually, even if it is successful in the short term, out of necessity turn on itself because it simply cannot stop waging war, it always needs something else to devour. That is the real insanity here. That is the US system. That is the system the Bilderbergers and all the other elite groups are trying to push upon us.

  46. emsnews

    They really really imagine they will win WWIII.

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