Very Late In Season, Some Tornadoes Hit Midwest

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MORE tornadoes and thunderstorms headed for Great Plains after extreme weather drowns Oklahoma woman in her storm shelter and flood Nebraska


But at the news story site for Oklahoma is this story:  One Drop at a Time: Current drought worse than the Dust Bowl – KSWO, Lawton, OK- .  Even NOAA doesn’t have Oklahoma listed as ‘drought.’  Here is the March drought map, there isn’t one more recent.  The drought in Northern California and Nevada, etc. has seen lots of storms and particularly, snow, even TODAY and for tomorrow.

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This map from yesterday shows all the snow falling out West.  The Northeast has been somewhat drier than usual but this March map doesn’t show the considerable snow that fell from March through April.  Texas is downright wet and Oklahoma is pretty much wet now, too.  Floods, even.

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 8.59.50 AM

The big, big clue here is this: it is drier during colder cycles.  Not wetter.  What moisture does fall, often is ice or snow.  Nova Scotia Agriculture Decimated – Video – Ice Age Now: two long, severe, super cold winters has decimated crops in Canada.  The planting season for potatoes is 2-3 weeks later which is a disaster if the harvest season comes 2-3 weeks earlier.


During the 1984-2004 warm cycle, wineries were planted in Northern New York and into southern Canada.  It appears that only 1% of the Niagara grapes survived this last winter blasts.  The Arctic and Antarctic are both getting more and deeper ice.  Yes, a gravity satellite shows a gravity change in the South Pole but it isn’t due to it melting when it is -60ºF.  It is due to volcanic activity.  The sun is still showing activity with a number of sun spots heating things up temporarily and we have a weak el Nino happening in summer, not during winter as it should.


UN demands Australia stop mining coal which is funny because China is a huge consumer of this coal as is Japan.  The new government of England is the Tories who will probably halt the rush towards ending modern civilization there.

New bird feeding operation

Last in the news: a big bear came to my strong, steel bird feeder and completely destroyed it.  The birds were very upset about this and I rigged up a new feeding system which is very high up and the bears can’t get to, I hope.  Hungry bears are dangerous animals indeed!


Last night, the skunk and the raccoon visited but had to eat off the ground since everything else was out of reach.


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10 responses to “Very Late In Season, Some Tornadoes Hit Midwest

  1. Christian W

    So the UK has voted for a second round of Tory neo-liberalism. Utter madness and cruelty.

    To me this proves two points I have been making. Point one is scratch the surface and about a quarter/up to a third of any nations population are Nazis at heart. The UK voted to finish off the sick, the disabled, the “foreigners”, even the future of it’s own youth just for personal profit.

    When the really bad economic and political times come the Tory voters will gladly kill to feel safe and to not lose money. The really bad times haven’t come yet, but the Tories already enjoy twisting the knife in other people and watch them suffer.

    The UK voted for the ‘haves’, to have what they have and get more, much more (at least that is the reckoning of the middle class voters going Tory). They plan to be on the winning side of the continuing butchery of the UK as a democracy and modern social welfare state. AND THEY LIKE IT. They want to hog the shrinking piece of socialism all for themselves. They truly enjoy seeing the poor in distress, the sick and disabled die, the ‘foreigners’ in despair. Or they simply refuse to see the consequences of their own actions and blame the victims instead.

    Many, many distressed people have died because the system deemed them fit to work even if they had life threatening diseases like cancer, severe mental or physical disabilities and the like. People were sentenced to death, and robbed of their dignity, just so the elites didn’t have to pay a few tens of pounds a week in disability or sickness support. When the support was cut the sick couldn’t afford their medicines, or their homes, or food, or heating and they were quickly overcome. All this so the Tories could cut taxes for themselves.

    Point two is that the elites know that playing on fear and hatred (fear and hatred of the ‘others’, of ‘foreigners’, of the ‘left’, of whomever is deemed weaker) and personal greed and viciousness will win enough votes for them. The elites know exactly how to play the electorate.

    Very, very depressing and sad to observe.

    Well depressing is not the right word, because I know the condition of man (of many men and women), it’s more an empty, queasy feeling watching the delight people take in their own self important cruelty toward fellow men.

  2. emsnews

    Um, throughout the history of all living things, the struggle to survive is very powerful it is called ‘evolution’.

    Demanding that citizens of a country provide all services to the rest of humanity is insane. The British welfare system finally got working properly when the EU was created and Britain joined.

    Then Eastern Europe was added and a flood of people came pouring in seeking social services which are now collapsing. What a surprise!!!


    This is the fate of all first world nations: the rulers will let in these floods of foreigners until the Social Services are utterly annihilated. Liberals, unfortunately, enthusiastically embrace this fatal flood.

  3. Christian W

    Um, throughout the history of all living things, the struggle to survive is very powerful it is called ‘evolution’.

    Evolution is everywhere all the time, but that concept should include us human beings having ‘evolved’ our societies past the most basic instincts of greed (the obsessive hoarding resources for self preservation and status) and the killing of vulnerable people for one’s own profit.

    Demanding that citizens of a country provide all services to the rest of humanity is insane

    It’s not about providing all services for the rest of humanity, it is about providing basic services for our own citizens.

    If you want to stop the flood of economic refugees then stop looting foreign nations and overthrowing their governments, stop installing puppets and stop forcing corrupt IMF and World Bank loans on their populations. Stop propping up Oligarchs so they can suck all the money out of foreign nations and channel all the loot into Wall Street and the City (and Deutsche Bank and Societee Generale to a lesser degree). Stop destroying secular Arab nations just because they oppose the Israeli looting and ethnic cleansing operation.

    The flooding of first world nations is an Elite policy. What is really going on here is that the elites are looting the US, the UK and soon the rest of Western Europe blind. The fact of the matter is that this crisis is manufactured by the elites. This started with the Bush clan coming into power in 2001. It wouldn’t have made a difference had Gore won, but the elites prefer to have the right wing in charge since they are nastier when it comes to domestic policies.

    Claw back the $USD Trillions the elite have stashed away in their tax havens and treasure islands and caves, and the economic situation would look extremely different.

    Labour lost because they never took the real fight to the Tories. Why should anyone vote for fake liberals and fake social democrats, Bilderbergers in wigs and funny noses, owned by the elites? Gilad Atzmon just published a list showing which UK MP’s are controlled by the Zionist lobby. The list included all parties as far as I could tell, even Greens. That should give you a hint why the “liberals” are screaming Global Warming, Global Warming.

    The real fight is against the elite for the system itself. But as the UK election showed a lot of people are siding with the elites in their destruction of the system.

    The reason the UK always struggled to get a social system going was that the Tories always hated the idea. The Tories have been called the ‘Nasty Party’ for over a hundred years because of this simple fact.

    The real “liberals” and “social democrats” (ie the left) have been cut out of the system. What is left is the fake ones that do not challenge the elite and their policies of theft and the right wing that enthusiastically embrace and even fanatically love said policies.

    Also, a lot of UK voters simply believe the propaganda that it was Labour’s fault that the economy crashed in 2008. This is a complete lie. It was Dubya Bush’s policies of creating enormous economic bubbles throughout the system (housing bubble, war inflation, on top of the Japanese carry trade etc) to kick start the economic looting operations. The elites realized in 1999 they would never get the US economic system going again on a level that satisfied their greed. The UK politicians just did as they were told by the City bankers as always. But it suited the elites well to have the economic crash happen under Labour. Now they are picking the fruits of that little scam.

    It is these deliberately destructive policies we are witnessing today. The destruction of social services are deliberate and unnecessary. But it is freaky to see how much people love to put the boot in the face of other people. It is equally sad to see how powerless other people feel. The UK has an extremely warped, gerrymandered in all kinds of ways, political system to boot, very far from a genuine democracy.

    Next step is TTIP and eternal consumer debt slavery for the “Middle class” (which will look very different in the future).

    The real race now is not for reform of this corrupt system, but for the top of the middle class to earn (steal) enough money out of the system they will be the winners in the new system. The winners meaning they will have enough loot to be above the consumer debt slaves and LORD IT over the dirty unwashed plebeians. And God will they love it.

  4. emsnews

    Um, you seem to want two things at once that isn’t humanly possible.

    The flood of humanity is mainly due to lack of birth control especially in poor areas of the planet. This is a never ending flood of people unless there is some sort of mechanism (war/disease/famine) to bring the population levels down.

    The thing I hammer all the time is ALL MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES are attacking ‘socialism’ in countries run by the Bilderberg gang who are all very rich people who are all internationalists who all hate sovereignty and citizenship.

    People drift from voting for the leftist version of the ruling elites and the fascist version of the ruling elites. Getting nowhere fast.

  5. Christian W

    1. Yes, overpopulation is a problem that has to be solved. But the floods of refugees into Europe and the US have two main factors in common, violence and poverty. It is not overpopulation as such that is the root problem here.

    The wars in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine (Russia have a lot of refugees as well) and Libya are terrible disasters, created by the US/NATO and Gulf Nations (of course with Israel as the prime player in the background).

    Ghaddafi actually warned Europe about the potential flood of millions of Africans who wanted to cross into Europe, he even worked hard to stem the tide of refugees by going after the human traffickers in the port towns of Libya. When Ghaddafi was removed so were the gates opened. Coincidence? Hardly.

    Here in Norway we have lots of African refugees from wars in Somalia, Ethiopia and Burundi.

    In Latin and Central America there are hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the oligarch induced violence and poverty.

    The Eastern Europeans of course come looking for work, but that is also a result of economic mismanagement. A healthy Russia would have kept a lot of them back home working in real jobs on real wages.

    Stop the wars and allow nations to be secular and self sufficient. But Israel and the bankers and the Western Oligarchs won’t have that…

    2. I agree about the ruling elites problem, but what are we supposed to do about it? I hear liberals this and liberals that, but how do we get to the root of the problem – the policies of the elites?

  6. Christian W

    I don’t see the contradiction? Tax the elites, claw back the stolen money, cut back the military, allow foreign nations to govern themselves sanely and a lot of ills will be fixed.

    Of course then humanity faces the real problems of overpopulation, limits to growth, pollution, destruction of habitats and species etc. But at least we can make some sane choices then. If we allow the elites to force their solution on us it will be apartheid, war and destitution for the vast majority without fixing the rest of the problems, only the elites will place themselves above them for as long as they can.

  7. Ken

    At the risk of being labeled “politically incorrect” I see all of the problems as being related to and a result of well meaning policies going terribly astray. The old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions applies internationally as well as locally.

    When I was young the press was filled with stories about millions of people in the third world going hungry and dying of disease. Our of kindness (and Christian charity) the first world countries poured food and medicine into these countries. And did that alleviate the problems? No. With hunger and disease removed from the natural order of things populations soared. Now billions, not millions, are at risk of starving and dying of disease. The situation is outstripping the ability of first world countries to pour ever increasing amounts of food and medicine into these countries.

    The situation cannot continue forever. As the old saying goes, if something cannot go on forever, it won’t. In the long term, I do not see how this can avoid ending badly for everyone.

    These billions of people from the third world are now seeking to escape into the first world countries which helped their forefathers. And, they are being let in. If this results in the collapse of these first world countries, the flow of food and medicine to the third world will be cut off. Billions upon billions of third world people will die.

    The first world will be blamed for not being able to supply ever increasing amounts of food and medicine. They will also be blamed for letting their economies collapse so that ever increasing amounts of food and medicine cannot be given away.

    Frankly, this seems like an unwinnable situation. To let millions of people die of hunger and disease would be inhumane. To provide the food and medicine to prevent these problems will eventually lead to billions of people suffering. There is no good way out of our dilemma. And we did it to ourselves (and the third world) with the best of intentions.

  8. emsnews

    If we choke off most CO2, plants will die, the planet will slide back into yet another Ice Age and then a lot more people, around 90%, will probably die. The elite solution: WWIII. Fixes everything for them.

  9. Lou


    The president’s climate policies so far, have been marked by moments of inspiration followed by lethargy and a lack of will. Nature is not impressed as we approach the 10th anniversary of the Katrina climate catastrophe and the last ten years of federal inaction in the face of deteriorating permafrost, floods, droughts, melting coral reefs, and extreme weather events as the U.S. fiddles as the planet burns. The 2015 United Nations Climate Change conference is a big world stage event where governments try to finally grasp the enormity of the rapidly escalating rise of the earth and water’s temperature towards 2 degrees Celsius and beyond. But spoiler alert. Unless reversed, the conference is headed for a disaster because the ground rules of the UNCCC, unless reversed, allow each government to set its own policies, to have no mandated international inspections of emissions, and no penalties for non-compliance of goals that can’t be verified in the first place. The president recently signed a climate agreement with the Chinese government in which he pledged to cut U.S. emissions by 28 percent over the next 10 years. Many Beltway environmental groups have praised the president while not challenging the vague nature of the commitment or the inadequate goal of only a 28 percent reduction. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that while he is not clear about exactly what the president is saying he is clear he opposes it.
    So, as a social movement………..etc

  10. Elaine Supkis

    What hurricanes? They have nearly vanished at this point!

    The planet is not ‘burning’ at all. Parts of it are extraordinarily cold. Greenland, Hudson Bay and Antarctica are getting colder not warmer. -100 F in Antarctica means NO MELTING FROM WARMTH.

    Greenland’s parts that normally see melting by now are frozen still. Most of Hudson Bay is still frozen hard.

    Anyone claiming we are seeing melting should be forced to live in either Antarctica or Greenland.

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