English Voters Reward Tories, Anger About Aliens, Scotland Freedom Core Issues This Election

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An email ad I received today all about getting into Europe or North America to steal social services and get into schools for free.


The fractured United Kingdom just had an election and despite the polls that showed the conservatives weak, they won handily.  This comes as no surprise to me.  UKIP shook up the Tories who had to stop playing the Bilderberg internationalist game and pretend for this election to care about saving England from being swamped by legal and illegal aliens out to get free stuff.   Cut welfare, shrink the state, scrap the Human Rights Act: welcome to Cameron’s Britain cries one headline.  The Labour Party was destroyed by the exit of nearly all the Scottish voters, an action I predicted last year due to the Scots voting against independence due to a bunch of promises with zero chance of being actually honored.

So, UKIP supporters rushed to the Tories hoping the Tories would stop the flood of aliens and Scots fled Labour and voted for the party that is all about freeing Scotland.  I have pointed out in the past that there are two major forces at work under the rule of the Bilderberg internationalists who created the European Union, NATO and the United Nations.  All these entities serve the very rich and powerful who meet regularly in utter secrecy screened by armed military guards who let no one anywhere close to where these creepy people meet.


These people have latched onto the wonderful idea of taxing the air we breathe, telling us that CO2 is a poison rather than vital part of what the earth needs to sustain life.  Taxing and controlling nearly everything touched by CO2 enables the rulers to dictate many terms to people including freezing them to death.  NATO has charmed itself into an international aggression force aimed at destroying many nations especially Russia and in the future, China.


Cameron, the head of the Tories, is a total Bilderberg gangster.  He is one of them.  He is making promises to voters that he has zero intention of honoring.  Hillary Clinton is a huge Bilderberg gangster.  She recently declared her policy for aliens will be even more ‘liberal’ than Obama’s policies which are already unpopular enough to enrage a lot of voters to vote against the Democrats in the last election.


A Bush is running in the GOP and he, too, is a Bilderberg and pro-replacing citizens with aliens, too.  Indeed, the reason why this is strongly held by the Bilderberg gang is, aliens are not citizens!  They have NO POWER.  They also have incentive to not be patriotic but to be alienated within whatever places they move.  The US allowed a huge amount of immigration when it was ‘open territory’ but there was a huge proviso: the children had to learn English, they had to go to public schools that taught patriotic history and they had to swear fealty to the US and not be dual citizens, all things being destroyed by the Bilderberg gang.


This is why school reforms make things worse and worse and worse.  This is why studies show obvious deterioration: FAILING: Most 8th Graders Score Low on US History, Civics:

Screen shot 2015-05-09 at 7.33.48 AM


Asian students are…studious and thus, manage to eke out something resembling success despite the despicable condition of teaching in all our schools due to years of ‘reforms’ that made things worse and worse.  White students manage to do slightly worse but Hispanic students barely scrape by while black students are near total failure.


Many, many reforms are designed to make Hispanic and black students ‘smarter’.  All sorts of programs are designed to reward black students if they put in even moderate levels of intellectual success.  They get showered with scholarships to the best schools only…

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They are the immigrants that are the target of the ad at the top of this story.  As US students fade back and are burdened with huge student loans that cripple them for life due to the weight of the costs of university or college, foreign students breeze in and collect the goodies for themselves.  They don’t go, for the most part, to our lower schools that are so incapable of preparing students for university study.


We are now writhing with pain as the Common Core reform wrecks whatever is left.  Examine the schools these winners of scholarships went to: they were not schools devoted to worrying about social engineering.  Note also, no Chinese won scholarships to all eight Ivy League schools.  They are penalized for being Asian in California and have to score 320 SAT points above a black student to even gain access to the top public universities in California!


Success in lower grades is PUNISHED in the US.  Any ethnic group that manages to get something good out of our tortured school system is then kicked in the teeth when they graduate from high school.  White kids are used to being treated this way, the Chinese parents are very angry about this and increasingly explosively angry.  White parents feel enough public guilt to do nothing in public but in the polling booths, they are voting against liberals now.


Previously, GOP attacks on the civil liberties of women caused these voters to migrate to the DNC.  But if white and Asian women voters see their children punished for working hard in school, when they have to pay school taxes while not able to use public schools anymore due to the chaos, deterioration of standards, constant meddling ‘reforms’ that come from DC or rich people  who happen to be Bilderberg gangsters…no, this won’t last forever.  Any political party that stops all of this will thrive so long as it supports basic civil rights including rights of blacks to buy homes, have jobs, go to school like white people.


If the black community strives to emulate the Asian community, it, too, will thrive. Any and all reforms that make things more and more lopsided and which are cripple self-generating efforts will see social failure which black children will find nearly impossible to escape.  Back to England which is being swamped by foreigners seeking free stuff: Anti-hunt campaigners ‘to work with Tory MPs’ to stop Cameron lifting ban.


Prince Charles, the environmentalist, used to hunt foxes and didn’t like the ban.  This issue still haunts the upper classes.  It defines what is ‘noble’ since peasants were forbidden from hunting and had to allow hunters to run rampant over their properties which is why the horses were trained to jump hedges and fences in the first place!


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14 responses to “English Voters Reward Tories, Anger About Aliens, Scotland Freedom Core Issues This Election

  1. melponeme_k

    “Prince Charles, the environmentalist, used to hunt foxes and didn’t like the ban. This issue still haunts the upper classes. It defines what is ‘noble’ since peasants were forbidden from hunting and had to allow hunters to run rampant over their properties which is why the horses were trained to jump hedges and fences in the first place!”

    Only inbred degenerates, who think their blood is magical, could hunt sweet faced creatures, kill them and then rub their blood all over their faces.

    Unfortunately, as to the rest, I have a feeling we minorities are going to get a real, very bloody reason to know why we are labeled as such. It won’t stop at illegal aliens, not in any country trying to stem their flow.

  2. Petruchio

    “Previously, GOP attacks on the civil liberties of women caused these voters to migrate to the DNC.” This quote touches on the truly frustrating part of the whole issue. WHEN will voters realize that BOTH Parties don’t give a damn about them? How much longer will the “vote the Repugs out, vote the Dems in. Get frustrated with the Dems and then vote the Repugs in and vote the Dems out” model fool the voters? What will it take? But there could be some good news. A recent study has shown that, for the first time since the subject has been studied, MORE people identify themselves as “Independent” politically rather than Repug or Democrat. This could be a good sign.

  3. Henry

    As “Red” Emma Goldman said:

    “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

  4. Sunger

    *not related*

    Hey Elaine- get a look at this Russian gov video on Info Clearing House-

    The Russians are getting fighting mad. It is not good policy to make Russians fighting mad unnecessarily because no one has figured out an effective way to make them un-mad.

    These are folks who, in the path of Hitler’s victorious advance, shut down and dissassembled large parts of their industrial sector and transported it west across the Ural Mts. Working under conditions of outside cold of -30F or lower, these guys worked round the clock to reassemble the arms plants in the Urals and have them manned and operational.

    Soon these plants were turning out 10,000s of T-34 tanks and Stormovik fighters and other armaments which would eventually reduce Germany to a smoldering mass of twisted steel and brutalized population.

    Definitely NOT FUN when they are upset.

    Hear that Barack? And you bought-and-paid-for congress creatures?

  5. This is what I shoved on my facebook page about the election.

    I have been thinking again.

    Yes the Election result was a disappointment to put it mildly. Yes the Conservatives have a majority. But it is only a slim one, 332 seats. In 1992 John Major had a bigger majority, 336 seats. It is one thing to have a thumping great majority and quite another a slim one.

    History tells us that David Cameron will be as much of a prisoner to his backbenchers as John Major.

    If anything there are more Euro sceptics than in 1992. As I recall John Major called them Bastards.

    Now they can and will hold David Cameron to ransom. As can any other clique of deranged lunatics of which there are plenty in the Conservative party.

    Rather than worry about what they might do I think it is a better idea to see what they actually do. Then worry about it when we have the correct information and know what we really do have to worry about.


    So the Conservatives left an open goal. What did Labour do? Yep They scored all right. Not one but a score of own goals! Legal Aid, The disabled, Government borrowing and Debt, Corporate benefits, Tax shortfalls, Government law breaking and the failure of the government to enforce the law.. The list goes on and on.

    Never once daring to be distinctive. Always treading in fear of the Daily Mail Nazi’s headlines. All along they allowed the conservatives to dictate the agenda and their own policies.

    The Job of the opposition is to oppose the government in parliament. Not prop it up.

    Perhaps Labour will now have their own night of the long knives and clear out the Blairite trash. The one that should have happened in 2010


    The Labour party has some unpleasant lessons to learn. It has disconnected with the white working class who either voted Conservative or UKIP mostly UKIP.

    1. Immigration matters this is not racist it is the feeling of being swamped.
    2. Have a clear concise vision that your leader passionately believes in.
    3. Engage with the electorate not the money men. That means get the hell out of the ‘Westminster village’ and into your consistences.
    4. What sounds like a good idea in Islington is electoral suicide in the rest of the country.
    5. Do not impose a leader on the Scottish Labour party from London. Let the Scottish MPs chose there own.

  6. Christian W

    @ Suusi

    I talked about this quite a bit over at the Guardian while I was there. Labour lost because they are not a real party anymore (not that there are any in UK politics anymore either). Your points are correct, Labour needs to represent the working and middle class again against the agenda of the elites. That means, as you point out, to get rid of the Blairite trash among other things (e.g. the Israeli Lobby (good luck with that one)), and start fresh.

    But the UK parties are far too heavily under the cosh of the UK establishment for anything like that to happen. Labour is a travesty of what it should be, and the elites want it that way, hence New Neoliberal Labour. The UK is in the same boat as the US. No strong, independent leader is allowed to wreck the plans of the elites. The next generation of Labour leaders have already been thoroughly vetted to make sure no such independent leader threatens to emerge.

    The reason Labour’s leaders are afraid of the Daily ‘Heil’ is that the UK media is the first watchdog. If they start to attack you you either fall in line so they stop, or the attacks will get increasingly worse until they are horrendous. If that fails the elites, including the MI5, will start to use more sinister means.

    The day Labour is prepared to take that on it will become a real party again.

  7. DeVaul

    The queen and her prime minister have held their fingers to the wind and know which way it is blowing, so now they must protect themselves regardless of the political consequences:


    No war crime tribunals for either the queen or her underlings. This is how an ex-empire protects itself from a confederation.

  8. emsnews

    How do the elites rule?

    Via the media! Surprise! The internet troubled them briefly but then they decided to heavily edit comments at their sites which once upon a time were very, very open.

    Now, it doesn’t exist or it is very heavily and secretly censored with selected crews commenting constantly,the same individuals who are…guess who?

    Part of the publishing organization. One of the biggest elements of the Bilderberg gang are the publishers. They spin the news to fit the agenda.

  9. Christian W

    This is true. When I check the Bilderberger participant lists I see the top names of the Swedish and Finnish publishing houses and media conglomerates, and Finland, with Norway, are supposed to enjoy the best “free speech” in the world. Most Finns, as far as I can tell, really believe this is true as well…

  10. emsnews

    Yes, one of my readers, JT, got really angry with me whenever I reported the truth about Russia and NATO. He accused me of being naive! Of all things.

    I have played international hardball politics for YEARS. At the very top! The Bilderberg gang hates my guts. My father often chided me for exposing them. He was punished by them when he was dying of old age.

    They are also meddling in Black Magic.

  11. John

    Of course they’re meddling in Black Magic. They’re psychopathic.

  12. emsnews

    Very deep black magic. The Big Time Black Magic. The creature they are talking to happens to be the Entity that would love to launch WWIII.

  13. emsnews

    To be more thorough here: every April 15th at midnight, they worship Geronimo and now bin Laden’s skulls. They ask these Skulls to let them into the Devil That Is Death.

    HOOOBOY…the Skulls are delighted with this. Our tax day was chosen by a Skull and Bones President to occur on April 15th, by the way.

    The Skulls want revenge. DUH. Asking them for help is insane because these Entities are laughing themselves silly in the Underworld, as each generation of elites pray to them.

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