Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Transformer Explosion Reminds Us How Close Nuclear Disaster Is To NYC

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Tornado, foot of snow hit S.D. as Great Plains in storm path –

We know for certain that nuclear power plants blow up.  It isn’t frequent but the consequences are dire and last generations, not brief.  Cleaning up after an event is nearly impossible which renders nuclear energy as a very dangerous solution to energy desires.  The other day I wrote about the orbital solar energy beaming down to earth based energy collection/transmission points and people pointed out the various concerns about dong this but none came even remotely near the realistic and highly destructive problems created by exploding nuclear power plants.  They are nearly unique in their ability to make huge areas evolutionary danger hot zones due to causing genetic damage to all living things.


For the most part, Fukushima has been nearly totally ignored by our news media overlords.  They wax hysterical about some slight rise in CO2 killing all living things and then turn around and push for WWIII with Russia and China using nuclear weapons as if this is perfectly fine and no worry at all.  When I was a child and my father was at the dead center place for WWIII: advising Presidents about how to run missile programs after he brought over a bunch of Nazi rocket scientists…I had this strange vivid dream.


I came over the pass between the Rincon and Mt. Lemmon mountain ranges and looked down at Tucson as it was being nuked.  Jets from the airbase were trying to fly out but flamed out and the missiles while missiles from the secret bases at Oracle Junction ascended to carry annihilation over the North Pole.  ‘A fool will rise up,’ intoned a Voice in this dream, ‘And will rule what remains’.


I then saw a man dressed as a medieval Fool covered with white dust, staggering out of the destruction and  raging fires and he asked me what to do and I had no answer.


So here we are, toying with WWIII over very infantile issues while our rulers holler day and night that some slight warming of the planet to levels still well below that of the Roman Warm period much less the period when many civilizations first formed during the Minoan Warm Period.  This magic spell of the elites is like all Great Magick: it is based on absolutely nothing and triggers terrible effects if people fall for the spell.


As the planet begins to go definitely into a cooling cycle, the rich and powerful assure us all at the top of their lungs that we are doomed to roast to death due to CO2, not nuclear war or solar activity.  When something bad happens to a nuclear power plant like Fukushima, they lie about it and then when it is obvious, they ignore it and pretend there is nothing happening.  Fukushima rarely makes the news even when horrible events happen there.


But one tornado or one tropical storm and bellowing happens in our media, howls of indignation blaming the mass of humanity for causing any of these events.  We are held responsible!  The rich control the capitals, elections, coups, invasions, false charges, they control interest rates, the value of currency, the price of oil, whether or not we get medical care or can heat our homes.  They can meddle with functional schools turning them on their head repeatedly making it worse and worse and then again: blame all of us, our children, our politics.


Herded from one side of the Titanic to the other while the elites board the life boats, people get mad at each other instead of focusing on what is wrong.  This is why ethnic hatred and racism is rising rapidly even as the elites lecture us on race relations, as they hand out concessions to various groups and then kick them into the community to go insane.


Meanwhile, the nuclear sword dangles on a thin red thread over all our heads and it has as many faces as Medusa has snakes for hair.  There are no antiwar demonstrations, the dupes who attend these events are demanding no police protection (!!!) and no more oil/gas/modern life instead.  They want no CO2, the bounty of life on earth. They want the rulers to force everyone into misery so the planet will be saved and when we point out that their leaders have CO2 footprints the size of Manhattan, the liberal left blinks collective eyes and then yells, ‘We are all going to roast to death!’


Fools staggering out of the furnace, covered with ashes!


It is warm on my mountain for the first time in nearly 3 years.  Warm enough to turn on an air conditioner, even.  But since it is snowing in the Midwest and this cold front is coming later this week, I am not fooled into thinking the entire planet is roasting to death.


But then, the sun also has kicked up its internal activity level, too.  Thus, general warming in places.  Lucky us, the hummingbirds arrived three days ago and are busy building nests. We actually have leaves on the trees which were naked and bare just last week with nary a bud or flower to be seen.  My crab apple and cherry trees are in full bloom and the bees are buzzing about merrily.  But in Canada there is still snow on the ground.  I hope they have spring, too.


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5 responses to “Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Transformer Explosion Reminds Us How Close Nuclear Disaster Is To NYC

  1. Peter C.

    Can’t vouch for the rest of Canada but the Rufus and Anna’s hummingbirds are in full force on Vancouver Island.Love watching them at the feeders.

  2. Jim R

    These power plants have a half-life, just like the unstable nuclei they use for fuel. You can’t predict exactly when a given one will explode, but they contain way more energy than they can keep bottled up. Like unstable nuclei.

    And over time, they will go. One by one. How long is their half life? Apparently quite a bit less than a century.

    But when one blows, it makes a mess that lasts for many many centuries.

    So, it’s an easy prediction that in the far future, there will be a lot of these messes around. And some of the stuff from those messes does not stay put, it gets into the web of life and gets passed from one thing to another, killing as it goes.

    How much Sr-90 can life (in general) handle? How much Cs-137? No one knows. How much can human life handle?

  3. melponeme_k

    “‘A fool will rise up,’ intoned a Voice in this dream, ‘And will rule what remains’.”

    I’ve heard that voice in a dream, one of the scariest things ever. But in comparison the dream was trivial. It was after 9/11 and I had a trip planned but was terrified about flying. One night the dream made me watch a plane crash over and over again. Each time it told me, that it wasn’t my plane. I woke up crying.

    I did take my trip and a day or two after my flight, a plane did crash. The voice was right and I hope never to hear it again. That, however, has been my only brush with the true uncanny. I get notions that turn out to be right every once in awhile but nothing outside the realm of chance. But the voice…the voice was something different.

  4. Christian W

    The talk of the voice reminds me of Boromir’s dream. 🙂

    Seek for the Sword that was broken
    In Imladris it dwells;
    There shall counsels be taken
    Stronger than Morgul spells

  5. Greg

    It is always interesting to me how people over-react with information they believe to be true but based on a total falsehood.

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