Two Global Warmist Scientists Desperately Seeking Ice Melting In Greenland Die

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Current Ice Conditions and Forecasts – Weather and Meteorology – Environment Canada showing the very slow ice melt this spring, Hudson Bay, the key area showing Ice Age conditions, is still virtually totally frozen and ice that gripped the entire west coast of Greenland has only lost its grip on the southern half of the continent.  Finally, the Great Lakes have melted thanks to a week of very warm weather but a cold front is coming and there are blizzards across the Great Plains.  Meanwhile, the liberal media is raising yet another global warming storm blaming the deaths of two rather silly ‘scientists’ who went to Greenland to study how it is ‘melting’ have died and naturally, their foolish deaths are blamed on ‘global warming’ not the extreme cold of the last two winters.


Inspirational climate researchers feared dead on Arctic expedition | Environment | The Guardian is 100% global warming all the time no matter how cold it gets.  Naturally, the editors there are howling with rage that these two guys died.


 When news came through last week that Marc and Philip were missing in the Arctic, presumed drowned during an expedition to collect data on the state of the ice, their former students started reaching out to each other. We have spent the last few days exchanging messages of grief and shock.


Marc was an experienced Polar explorer, with an unwavering commitment to tackling climate change. His expertise was in gathering ice and snow samples that could be used to validate existing data, such as that gathered by ESA’s CryoSat.


Where the hell did they DROWN????

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Greenland Ice Sheet Today | Surface Melt Data presented by NSIDC


So, in a very tiny sliver of ‘melt’, these two goofballs managed to drown?  Amazing!  The presumption that they drowned is peculiar. The fact that the warmists all gripped this explanation right off the bat shows us how ‘scientific’ they all are.  Not even slightly.  Zero proof is given for drowning.  Perhaps they were eaten by polar bears?  Polar bears are hungry due to the thick ice which means no seals.


Greenland is not melting much these days.  Neither is Antarctica.  The sun has bathed the earth with more solar radiation in the last week. shows significant levels of sun spot activity this week.

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The weeping and wailing over the news that two foolish young men managed to somehow drown in Greenland when 99.9% of the continent is frozen solid has liberals crying in their cups all across the internet:  Climate change’s tragic toll: The Arctic, two missing researchers & unsettling questions about a warming planet –


The purpose of Cornelissen and de Roo’s expedition was to measure the quality and thickness of the sea ice across 400 kilometers of this area, in order to help the WWF with its work. Much of the data they collected has yet to be recovered for analysis, said Marielle Feenstra, a spokesperson for ColdFacts. But their deaths seem to suggest that even this last stronghold in the Arctic is losing its stability…


They served a role, concurred Divoky, that not everyone can appreciate. He was touched, he told Salon, to read so many comments beneath news stories from people who remembered Cornelissen and de Roo, but dismayed to see several asking, “Well, what were they doing up there, anyway?”


“He was doing it to let people know that the Arctic was changing,” Divoky said of Cornelissen. “He was going out to try and find that out. If he had just stayed home, who else would be going out there and getting this information and bringing it back to people who would never go out on the ice?”


The utter insanity with which liberals have clutched the global warming story is killing the left across the entire planet earth.  Yes, some places where global warming is seldom mentioned, leftists can cling to some political popularity based on demands for more social services.  But in first world countries where global warmist demands that we pay a very high price for heating our homes in winter and where demands we live miserable lives in order to save polar bears is driving voters aways from liberal politicians…this lunacy is very destructive to the left.


Yes, the Pope in his immense palace and burning massive amounts of CO2 traveling and living at home, has embraced the global warming ideology but this simply reveals it as a religious fanatic issue similar to ISIS not rational science.  The Pope’s meeting of leftists left out any scientists who were more than happy to explain how reality works and that we are in grave danger of sliding rapidly into another Ice Age.


FJORDS could help solve global warming as they trap huge quantities of carbon is a typical headline pushed by global warmists.  Fjords happen to be geological landscape effects caused by gigantic glaciers during repeated Ice Ages.  All this fretting and worrying about CO2 has become astonishing since scientists know that CO2 levels rise and fall a great deal over time, but the general geological trend is towards less CO2 over time, not more.  Even with the burning of fossil fuels adding somewhat to the total, the levels are far below levels in previous earth cycles.


Climate Changes Affect Greenland First, Antarctica in 200 Years : Environment : Nature World News tells a truthful story only to slide into the usual propaganda howling about how we will all roast to death:


During the last ice age, Greenland experienced abrupt changes in mean annual temperature, each which occurred within several decades. These so-called “Dansgaard-Oeschger events” took place every few thousand years. Meanwhile, Antarctica’s climate at the time looked very different. In fact, it was the exact opposite, with the White Continent cooling when Greenland was warm, and vice versa.
In the study, a team of researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) discovered that the abrupt climate changes show up first in Greenland, with the response to the Antarctic climate delayed by about 200 years. The researchers documented 18 abrupt climate events in all during the past 68,000 years…


However, the researchers behind this latest study note that past episodes of climate change differ from what is happening today. The abrupt events of the ice age were regional in scope – and likely tied to large-scale changes in ocean circulation. Warming today is global and could be primarily driven by human carbon dioxide emissions. Even so, by better understanding the factors that are involved in past climate changes scientists may be able to apply their knowledge to the future.


Dansgaard–Oeschger events happen roughly every 1,500 years.  These are SUPER COLD events!  The article here doesn’t mention that terrifying detail.  This is deliberate.  In order to float the global warming navy, the reporters and fake scientists don’t tell people important information.  When I read this article, I knew exactly what the Dansgaard-Oeschger events were: these nearly killed off most humans!  We all evolved from the genetic bottleneck caused by severe, sudden FREEZES of these Ice Age events which happen DURING the Ice Ages!


Polar bears barely survived the sea ice habitat changes of the last Ice Age, evidence suggests | polarbearscience: yes, our buddies the polar bears nearly died during Dansgaard-Oeschger events, too.  They evolved in Ireland and Scotland where these bears were caught up in sudden glaciation events and there is a definite recent genetic bottleneck from the last Ice Age showing that they nearly perished back then.


The deaths of many of the European and North American Ice Age animals was mainly due to humans coming suddenly out of Africa where the animals there were used to humanoid hunters for a million years, but the European animals didn’t know about these dangerous ape creatures and were hunted pretty ruthlessly and when the Ice Age sheets which didn’t cover much of Siberia or Alaska dropped the ocean levels a great deal, these hunting ape creatures poured into the Americas and proceeded to hammer the larger, slower moving Ice Age animals there.  Somehow the buffalo survived and thrived as the ice sheets melted.


Record snowfall in Colorado today as global warming roasts Colorado pot smokers.


Newsweek Disgracefully Links the Mt Everest Tragedy to Rising CO2 which is insane because the avalanche was due to unusually high levels of ice and snow on the mountain’s flanks due to a very cold, snowy winter in Asia.  Normally, at the base camp level where the climbers died, has little to no snow or ice at this time of year.  But this year, the entire landscape still was buried in ice.


Now on to one of this week’s NYT headlines that reveals the stupidity of the global warmists screaming that everyone should be scared of warm, dry weather:  Los Angeles and Its Booming Creative Class Lures New Yorkers –


Chased out by rising rents, punishing winters and general malaise, New Yorkers head west to the city they once poked fun at…It started with Instagram. Or maybe it ended with Instagram. Last fall, Christina Turner, a fashion stylist in Brooklyn, was dreading another New York winter in her cramped, lightless Greenpoint, Brooklyn, apartment while gazing longingly at the succulent gardens and festive backyard dinner parties posted on social media by her friends in Los Angeles.


The grass IS greener in Hollywood: Aerial photos expose how stars like Kim, JLo and Streisand are wasting water to keep their gardens lush despite state’s worst drought in history!  HAHAHA.  The ‘succulent gardens’ are the super rich/liberal enclave clan!  And note that the global warmist howlers at the New York Times talks about how ‘gray skies’ and ‘ice’ are driving the creative types out of New York City and to this fun in the SUN state that supposedly is falling apart and everyone is roasting to death and it is the center of the universe which proves that ice has to be melting in Greenland!


NONE of these clowns are moving to Greenland.  Except for the two poor souls who thought it was melting while it was getting colder.  They are dead whereas the liberals screaming about roasting to death are nice and toasty warm in Hollywood, the absolute center of the universe.


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27 responses to “Two Global Warmist Scientists Desperately Seeking Ice Melting In Greenland Die

  1. Sunger

    These evil scientists persist in their quest to understand the earth’s climate system. Nothing seems capable of stopping them from continuing these studies and endangering the health and freedom of millions.

    Please contact your representatives and ask them to take action before theses scientists present more information about earth’s climate.

  2. emsnews

    So long as THEY DO NOT LIE.

    Sheesh. Lying is evil not to mention, anyone lying about the weather in order to support a system of ‘fixes’ that don’t work and worse, kill people…is a crime.

    The warmists lie about nearly all facts. The point of my article is, Greenland has shown barely any melting this spring at all and if these two idiots drowned, they must have had to look long and hard to find ‘melting’.

    DARWIN AWARDS to both! 🙂

  3. Sunger

    I was wondering. What about all scientists who are not climate scientists but who agree with the current understanding of climate change?

    Climate science is multi-disciplinary- meaning that it is not a narrow field of study but instead pulls in many other areas of science such as chemistry, physics, economics, history, meteorology, geology, geophysics, etc.

    So what about all the physicists, chemists, geologists, etc etc who support global warming science? Are they also involved in the lying and conspiracy behaviors? Are all scientists scam artists and liars? Are they all desperate to turn us into commies and slaves?

    Pretty big accusation there, Elaine.

    Big accusations call for big proof.

  4. Lou

    That leftist clown, Mister Brown, wants illegals to have drivers licenses [step out of the shadows] and all the rights of citizens, presumably.
    Yet where will water for 50? 100? million mexifornians come from?

    California now has 40 million people — MANY REFUSE TO CONNECT WATER SCARCITY WITH THAT FACT.
    The USA has 60? million foreign born. enoughs enough.

  5. DeVaul

    Apparently, they were looking for “sea ice”, which means they must have been offshore. This was a political stunt because it is summer there, so there is no sea ice around Greenland. Perhaps some icebergs. I notice they did not go there during the winter to look for “sea ice”.

    “…liberal media…”

    Elaine. Can I ask you to stop using this term? I noticed you started using it about a year ago. Before that, you admitted that there was no difference between “liberals” and “conservatives”, thus there can be no real difference between a “medias” controlled by a handful of people who are neither liberal nor conservative, as those terms were once understood 70 years ago. They are simply oligarchs who are trying to make money off of the latest “event”.

    Also, by misusing this word, you help America reach what the Archdruid called “Peak Meaninglessness”: a time when English words no longer have any real or discernible meaning and are just thrown about for emotional reasons only.

    To wit, commenters here accuse our president of being a “liberal” or “leftist”. The stupidity of this defies all reason. In fact, I would like to point out that this man has murdered entire families abroad, bombed dozens of countries for no particular reason, and has protected banking criminals from any and all prosecution for their crimes, among other “conservative” things.

    Yes, that is correct. He is a conservative, as that term would have been understood back in the 50’s and 60’s. Most likely he would have been referred to as a right-wing nationalist, a corporate elitist, or even an outright Nazi by the “liberals” of that time period. My, how things have changed.

    I would ask everyone here to stop using the words “liberal, leftist, conservative, rightist, etc.” as these words no longer have any meaning at all and are just emotional words that do not stand up to any hard analysis.

    Please stop destroying the English language. Thanks.

  6. JimmyJ

    The Sciam article describes the helicopter looking for these two found one sled in the water and one on wobbly sea ice with their dog sitting next to it. They were taking huge chances with very bad ice and they knew it. So hubris killed them not ursus.

  7. Christian W

    @Devaul #5

    Thank you Devaul. I have been making the same point on here for years.

    This destruction of the English language is deliberate and it is stupid to knowingly walk into that trap. This deliberate destruction of language is one of the main reasons political discussions are impossible in the US nowadays. Any attempt at rational analysis and debate becomes an exercise in futility and inanity leading nowhere. It is very much a part of the elite policy of dumbing down the population and controlling dissent.

    I told Floridsasandy recently that “liberal media” is a propaganda invention designed to hide the fascist right wing agenda (words used in their real meaning), yet Elaine falls for the same trap again and again.

    It is annoying and sad to see Elaine go on an emotional rampage against her windmills. Usually she sees things clearly, but when an emotional trigger is activated her “thinking” is not as clear. Happens to all of us, which is why it pays off to know your own triggers.

  8. Jim R

    A funny thing. Well not so funny. But there was this website:
    It’s gone now, and now redirects to their new website at

    The old department should now be under:
    , but I haven’t found it yet.

    It’s still there in the wayback machine:

    Last time I looked, the sum-total of (Arctic+Antarctic) ice was growing, and had crossed back over the ‘average’ line.. for a long time it indicated melting, but the Antractic sheet has been growing the last couple years. Apparently it doesn’t qualify as ‘research’ any longer…

  9. emsnews

    The parts of the mainstream media servicing ‘liberals’ has an agenda which ‘liberals’ embrace very heartily and one of these agendas is global warming.

    Since there is no global warming, the media AND THE DAMN LIBERALS should shut up about it but no, they go on and on and on daily telling us we are going to roast to death.

    A major blizzard is moving across the Great Plains and will hammer the Great Lakes and it will fall to freezing on my mountain by Wed. and that ain’t global warming,

    In the Washington Post which is owned by a ‘liberal’ they are screaming today that the ice is melting in ANTARCTICA where it is right now -100 below zero! This is effing insane.

    Bezos is ‘liberal’ and ‘elite’ and ‘Bilderberg’ but ‘liberal leftists’ believe the swill he is dishing out to them and this is NOT my fault. I just tell the truth.

  10. melponeme_k


    Japan arrests an 86 year old for claiming her parents social security.

    And there is more of where that comes from. As the elites squeeze peasants all over the world, the rot will continue to expand to include all classes.

  11. Christian W

    Bezos is ‘liberal’ and ‘elite’ and ‘Bilderberg’ but ‘liberal leftists’ believe the swill he is dishing out to them and this is NOT my fault. I just tell the truth.

    Words are important. By playing the fake liberal game you are just keeping the loop of disinformation going since the real liberals cannot be the same as the fake ones. Where is the place for the real thing in that universe? The problem American voters face is that there is no real, sane political debate and option for them. How can there be one if all the political action takes place in a fake political universe created by the elites where they control EVERYTHING?

    Of course the elites want fake liberals, manufactured by themselves, since the elites can control them 100%.

    If we allow people like Bezos to cloak themselves in fake liberal clothing, how are genuine liberals going to get their voice heard? This is how the elites “teflon” mechanism works. If the elites are labelled ‘liberals’ that love ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights’ they cannot wear the ‘fascist’ label that hates real human rights and freedom and democracy at the same time. This way the elites get to get away with war crimes and stealing all the money from the American people.

    Why do you think the ‘liberal left’ believe the ‘swill’ dished out to them?

    Some of them simply WANT to believe, they want to believe that the elites using the ‘liberal’ cloaking device are the real thing. It is the faith based silly “good/bad” loop programming at work.

    Others, even if they are sceptical of the elites, are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of propaganda pushed out on so many different channels and outlets. They forget, or most likely don’t realize, how complete the elite control is. The volume of proganda makes them think there must be something to the story. This is of course a logical fallacy. The elites (politicians in general) love to use logical fallacies to push their agenda.

    You have seen that both the fake conservatives and the fake liberals behave exactly the same towards people who do not share their views. Emotional reactions and the shutting down of critical thinking is the key.

    In fact these reactions have been programmed into Americans by the US media. Watch Russian TV and they have political debates that go for hours that encourage critical thinking. Most American people’s brains would probably implode after 5 minutes if they watched that. US ‘debates’ are designed to shut off critical thinking and encourage emotional reactions. Reagan and Dubya Bush were loved because they created a certain mood in their supporters, not because they were brilliant leaders.

    The fake liberals and the fake conservatives don’t care that they are fake, they have bought into a paradigm sold to them by the elites. In their eyes, of course, they are not fake since they are fighting within the frame set up and controlled by the elites. This frame is their world view that to us is reversed in the true Orwellian fashion, were up is down and left is right and war is peace and Capitalists are Marxists and Global Cooling is Global Warming.

    You can rail until the end of your days against the dummies (false liberals/conservatives) set up by the elites; as long as they are caught by their programming it will make zero difference to them or to the elites.

    The truth does not matter to them, what matters is what they believe, and often the truth is the last thing they want to believe.

    The main problem with American politics today is the fact that everybody are attacking dummies put up by the elites. It’s just a such a show of disinformation, nonsense and spin from top to bottom, just the way the elites designed it. The job has to be to get real people back in on the political arena and give the reality based people a platform. The elites destroyed the political language on purpose just to prevent that. It is very effective.


    ELAINE: Why, in the name of god, are real liberal leftists clinging to global warming and openly pushing to LIE about it????

    It is the LIES that will backlash real liberals really really badly just like lying about thugs that get into trouble with the cops will have a very bad backlash. I am a real liberal who is also a real conservative at the same time which means I try to be rational.

    I got the cops of NYC to cooperate with me over and over again, for example including reforming things so there would be more black cops (they were nearly all white when I began pushing for this).

    Liberals who think getting rid of policing means paradise are entering a fool’s paradise. Change the laws! If one doesn’t want cops enforcing various laws then CHANGE THE DAMN LAWS. How simple is that? I have run petitions to change laws in the past!

    It isn’t fun like demonstrations chanting ‘Kill the cops’.

    The left is taking on lots of hits and is sinking all over Europe and North America.

  12. Lou

    Christian W, the Media is owned [mostly] by leftist Jews, often Zionists.
    Elaine knows this. It is fact.

    ‘their foolish deaths are blamed on ‘global warming’’
    WTF? Blamed on warming? How so?

  13. Mewswithaview

    So they do have Osama Bin Ladens skull. The seals were escorted in to the room where he was held and he was summarily executed.


    ELAINE: I have the most excellent sources for my claim that the Skull and Bones has his skull.

    One of my ancestors, Henry Steele, is one of the founders of that coven. Ahem. HAHAHA.

  14. Jim R

    The Hersh tale sounds like another work of fiction, for disinformation purposes. Perhaps they thought it was time to put the “seal team” story to bed and let it be forgotten. Or perhaps they want people to argue and disagree about it.

    But my take is that this is just more noise from those who wish to bury any hint of the truth.

  15. emsnews

    The entire story of the raid issued by Obama was all lies.

    They have a VIDEO of this raid and voila: like the data from the black boxes for the Malaysia jet shot down in Ukraine, like the 9/11 report, etc=ALL SECRET.

    The truth is easy to produce and they will never, ever give it to us.

  16. Christian W

    The left is taking on lots of hits and is sinking all over Europe and North America.

    The left already sank decades ago.

    Occupy was an attempt at getting a dialogue going again, but that was brutally crushed by the police state. The elites delt with it harshly since it threatened to let the left back in on the stage in a big way.

    I answered the part about “lefties” and “liberals” pushing the global warming meme earlier. It is simply how the elites rule and make people follow in line, the “sheeple” mechanism. They simply hijack the programming of whomever they target. They turn the strength of somebody against them, they ‘flip’ them. Here is how they do it.

    If a person cares deeply about the environment and sustainability, the elites push the Global Warming agenda and, through propaganda, make it the Big Issue, the one issue allowed into the debate. By deliberately conflating the very diverse and complex issue of pollution, over fishing, destruction of habitats, GMO crops and all those critical issues into ONE big (fake) issue as the banner issue, the elites hijack and take CONTROL over the debate. The environmental person now bangs on endlessly about Global Warming rather than the fracking and deforestation that the elite love because it makes them lots of money… It is simply MARKETING to achieve a political goal. And nobody does marketing better than the elites.

    That way the elites hide their environmental crimes in plain sight, put the blame and guilt on the people with conscience and use the emotional energy of the people, such as anger, hope, concern, fear and frustration, to work FOR the elites instead of AGAINST the elites. The environmental person now works to make the elite richer by supporting the elite schemes, rather than oppose them, while completely oblivious he/she is doing it.

    It is simply BRAINWASHING again.

  17. Christian W

    The same goes for the people they get to protest against the police, the people you call “liberals” and “leftists”. The elites conflate issues and redirect the protesters anger and frustration with a host of issues against a target chosen by the elites themselves which creates, again, a win win situation for them.

    In this case they get to strengthen the police state, not weaken it, when the real issue is the build up of the police state, economic exploitation, social engineering, unemployment, ghettos etc, but the ‘flipped’ people attack a false target, make fools of themselves, allow the elites to pursue exactly the political goals they wanted to pursue from the start and now they have the perfect alibi to do so. At the same time people forget about the real issues, and the real issues are pushed even further into the background…

    Win Win Win Win Win for the elites as far as the eye can see.

    Another win win is when people (like you) then get railed up against the people the elites have already flipped to do their work for them, because they then get to flip MORE people to do their work for them…

    So when you instead of attacking the elites and their misrule, attack the people who really are victims of the elites, you help enforce the elite agenda of building up the police state rather than find civilized solutions. This way the elites have made you forget that you are ALL victims of elites polices and you help the divide and conquer and consolidation of the elite rather than the unite for a better future and take back control from the elites.

    And then you wonder why there is no representative political landscape in the US anymore… The elites found a way to dismantle it through the power of the media and brainwashing (marketing).

    So simple, and so effective…

  18. emsnews

    Somebody has to warn liberals they are going off a cliff!

    Instead, we are supposed to applaud all of this!

    Workers: liberals fail workers because liberals across the board support illegal aliens coming in and taking jobs. This is why Occupy people failed. They got no support from workers because they wanted to make the condition of workers worse, not better.

    This is due to POOR ANALYSIS. From my childhood, leftists were supposed to support aliens. Foreigners were treated like superior beings. Citizens of this nation were called names and treated like trash by the left.

    The ONLY reason the left has survived is due to the far right and middle right being totally against women’s rights. Otherwise, the left would be long dead.

    The right is too stupid to figure this out.

  19. Sunger

    Why are you trying to politicize everything you don’t understand or can’t accept? Global warming is not an issue cooked up by the “left wing”. In case you folks hadn’t noticed, the US has moved so far right that the Democratic Party would actually be a right-of-center party in most western countries.

    If you had any contact with the scientific community, you would not be stereotyping all scientists as “leftists”. Not the case.

    How can you support the US conservatives and rightwing on anything. Endless wars. Endless culture wars. Looking for more war. Primitive religion. War on contraception. War on LBGT. Banker bailouts. Endless standoff with Cuba. And absolutely NO concern for Environment. Private wealth always worshipped while making US Taxpayers pay for more and more wars. Hatred of intellectuals, Hatred of non-christians.

    And they are always pushing their phony religion to galvanise naive religious voters to support policies that hurt them.

    The conservatives talk about American freedoms all the time. But they are the ones who are constantly legislating to support all military and police state activities. They are the ones who are always trying to pass laws to restrict everyone else’s freedom.

  20. Christian W

    Somebody has to warn liberals they are going off a cliff!

    The liberals were pushed/meekly went/bought out to jump with expensive parachutes – off the cliff a long time ago.

    Workers: liberals fail workers because liberals across the board support illegal aliens coming in and taking jobs.

    So do conservatives, especially many times over conservatives! Now what? What is to be done?

    This is why Occupy people failed. They got no support from workers because they wanted to make the condition of workers worse, not better.

    Occupy, the ones I know about, wanted more, real jobs for Americans. Not the Oligarch “job creator” slave wage service sector jobs that do not make ends meet.

    I’d rather say Occupy wasn’t supported because it was the dreaded, hated, deluded and uncool “liberals” and “leftists” challenging American values. Can’t have that.

    The ONLY reason the left has survived is due to the far right and middle right being totally against women’s rights. Otherwise, the left would be long dead.

    The left is long, long dead. The left was never even allowed a genuine voice in US politics.

    Sunger: In case you folks hadn’t noticed, the US has moved so far right that the Democratic Party would actually be a right-of-center party in most western countries.

    Completely correct. I have made this point many times in the past. The Democratic Party, ie the supposed party of “liberals” and “leftists” (as opposed to liberals and leftists) is a FAR right party, deeply Brown on the political scale. The US political system is rotten, it needs fixing, and the talk of “liberals” and “leftists” is nonsense until there is a sane system.

    From my childhood, leftists were supposed to support aliens.

    These paradigms are completely irrelevant in the current context, also it is a misrepresentation of the genuine position. Liberals, leftists and even conservatives, are supposed to care about their fellow men out of humanitarian reasons, yes even ‘aliens’.

    Btw, the US is an ‘Alien’ operation out on a gigantic looting expedition. It’s a bit rich if more aliens want to join the older aliens for a share of the loot, but the old aliens resent sharing a tiny bit their of loot.

  21. Lou

    Chicago’s bonds are now lower rated than some African nations.

    ‘The right is too stupid to figure this out.’ Lefts think this thru. Elaine shovels 10? feet of snow while Barry Sotoreo does what he can to ban coal.
    Elaine has a run in with an Indian? MD while Barry brings in more wetbacks.

    But the ‘right’ is wrong in her eyes and too stupid to respect. Bwaaaaaaaaa.

  22. Lou

    ‘Liberals, leftists and even conservatives, are supposed to care about their fellow men out of humanitarian reasons, yes even ‘aliens’.’

    Black millionaires in Africa dont care about Blacks there. They leave the charity to dumb Whites. And the trillions that have been loaned, given, the lives lost [Biehl among them] has brought what? Population went from under 200M to over a billion. A billion people who have IQ average 70. and hunt albinos.

    Fast forward to today: why do we send blacks to Ivy League universities and doom them to failure? Why do we continue to ignore the fact that blacks cannot take care of themselves?

    Again, it is due to liberal ideology. It is the belief, faith, in common humanity which assumes that everyone is “equal.” Liberals (and this includes many “conservatives”) have underlying psychological reasons for believing this. In part, it’s a vision of “one world” in which everyone works together for peace and progress. Google the old “I’d like to buy the world a Coke(tm)” video for their vision of the future.

    The fact that black polities are moving away from peace and progress, and towards Big Man/Big Woman rule, urban disintegration and human rights fiascoes can not be allowed to intrude into the vision. This is so whether we are talking about post-colonial Africa or post-white Detroit-Ferguson-Baltimore.

    Liberals will reinterpret reality to satisfy their ideological delusions. Thus, the pillage of a city like Baltimore is reinterpreted as a justifiable protest by the downtrodden against oppression, poverty and that old devil, “racism.” Facts do not count. Statistics do not count. The destruction of cities do not count. What counts is maintaining the ideological delusion.

    Even when faced with their own children being cut to pieces by mobs of blacks, liberals will believe in liberalism and blacks and pc themed stuff.
    Read the Amy Biehl murder and aftermath case for example.
    Or the sexual enslavement of white children in Rotherham, England by third world MUSLIMS.s

    And liberalism goes beyond an ideology. Liberalism is a quasi-religious experience which gives a rush about “loving” humanity. The term “crystal methodism” has been used on SBPDL to describe this phenomenon.

    I know white people — otherwise level headed people — who get stars in their eyes when they talk about blacks. They really, truly, sincerely believe that if they shower them with enough love, blacks will be nice to them. This also gives them a sense of moral superiority, and allows them to put down heretics as “haters.” Social status for the true believer and all that sort of thing. As for the Amy Biehls? Well, maybe this only shows how many more children must be sacrificed on the altar of liberalism before we can have that promised land of equality.

  23. Lou

    recently some college guys were evicted and one stood on TV w some Blacks to apologize. He was recorded [off campus] using the word, nigger.

    if a white professor tweets about how he won’t spend a dime in black owned businesses, he would be fired, tenure or not, plus be excoriated on all social media as a racist.
    Interesting how only whites can be prosecuted or punished in any way for racial statements

    While this PHD [no doubt her PHD is worthless- except for an AA job]
    gets a slap on her brown wrist.
    looks like this uppidy gal even conks her hair.

  24. Lou

    Dear White people,
    Your government no longer represents you, the law, the constitution and the rule of law and order.
    – They applaud your demographic annihilation.
    – They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation – and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to blacks and browns so they can outbreed you.
    – They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.
    – They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into third world style war zones – courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.
    – They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.
    – They import million of third worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.
    – They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.
    – They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly black on white crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few white on black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).
    – They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.
    – They threaten to disarm you because blacks and browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.
    And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.
    They want you DEAD.

  25. emsnews

    I see from right wing comments here, the lessons of ‘GIVE PEOPLE THEIR RIGHTS’ is totally missed and this is why both the left and the right are falling into disaster.

    Look, black people have to have full civil and human rights. Ditto, women. The overreaction to this by the left is equally bad, persecuting white males while coddling obvious racists and rapists is equally wrong.

    Few people want to step back and look at both the left and right to see how BOTH are evil and BOTH kill millions of people over time and BOTH condone crimes against humanity due to ideology.

    Black people were denied their obvious human rights in the past in the US and undoing this has become a total mess due to liberals telling blacks they have no social responsibilities. But right wingers are racists who hate blacks for being black.

    About being ‘stupid’: IQs don’t do it, a willingness to learn is what is needed.

    Asians respect teachers and thus beat the pants off of most of the West in any education tests. Both the left and right hate teachers and learning stuff. They want ideology.

    A ‘dumb’ person and learn a lot when they want to learn something. A ‘smart’ person can be and often is impossible to teach anything.

  26. Lou

    ‘But right wingers are racists who hate blacks for being black’. I have to respectfully disagree w that statement.
    The statement shows how ‘off’ Elaine can sometimes be.
    Far as I can tell, Whites do not hate Blacks.
    Whites fear them. And rightfully so.
    Elaines sorry tales from ‘crime in NYC in the 1970s-80s’ attest to this.
    Whites have every reason to fear ‘the ferals’.

    Get over the ‘White racist thing’. It dont fly.

  27. emsnews

    Well, honest, hard working, civil black people beg to differ. Painting EVERYONE with a brush like that is racism.

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