China Goes To Moscow To Celebrate WWII Victory

Go to the 35.17 mark which shows the Chinese, Brazilian and Indian troops in the Moscow parade.  This parade was totally boycotted by the NATO countries all of whom greatly benefited from Russia doing much more than 50% of the fighting against Hitler.  If the USSR lost that war, there is no way that the US would have been able to land at Normandy.  The fighting troops facing the US counterattack were heavily decimated by moving everything to the Eastern Front in a futile attempt at stopping the relentless onslaught which battered the Nazis.


Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 8.20.30 AM


So there were no EU leaders there but there were lots of other world leaders which the US and EU media didn’t mention much.  The unity of the BRICS was strengthened after the last year’s attempt at crushing Russia’s economy.  As I predicted, the Saudis would be much worse off after the attempt at collapsing world oil markets to destroy Gasprom and Russia.  Also, as I predicted, China would embrace and protect Russia in the banking sector, too.  The crisis is over for Russia while battles rage not only on several of Saudi Arabia’s borders, but also internally.


Many executions there to stop uprisings which the US and EU ignore while pointing out how nasty Russia is, just like the US and EU ignore war crimes by Kiev’s coup leaders.  The data from the Malaysian jet that was shot down remains totally concealed.  Both black boxes were found and both remain in the dark because it is obvious who shot down the jet: Kiev fighter planes hoping to shoot down Putin’s plane which was flying at the same time.


No demands that the data be released from any western media giants.  Just like no one running our media is demanding an uncensored 9/11 report, everything important is kept hidden from us. No Strings Attached: Russia, China Forge Ties Yet No Military Alliance / Sputnik International reports as both Putin and Xi seek to reassure NATO.  But NATO made it very clear they are preparing for WIII.


So today there is this statement:  ​’Ditch Cold War mentality’: China hits back at US DoD report — RT News


Beijing has voiced “strong opposition” to a US Department of Defense (DoD) report which accused China’s military of being a threat and lacking transparency. It also urged the US to abandon its Cold War mentality and stop jeopardizing bilateral relations.


The US report, published on Friday, criticized the actions of China’s military in the disputed South China Sea – particularly the rapid construction of artificial islands in the strategic waters.
“By hyping up ‘China’s military threat and the lack of transparency in military strength,’ the report questions China’s normal defense building and strategic intention, and makes inappropriate remarks on China’s justified actions of safeguarding territorial sovereignty and security interests in the South China Sea,” the statement reads.


Accusing the US report of being in “defiance of the facts,” the statement added that China is entitled to national defense building, which is for the “sole purpose of safeguarding national independence, sovereignty, and national integrity.”


Japan started this by refusing to negotiate the status of various disputed islands which both North and South Korea also dispute with Japan.  Japan then went on to deny most WWII crimes and pretend Japan was innocently saving Asia, not enslaving and looting Asia.  All the victims of Japanese war crimes have been united in demanding apologies and Japan has refused this with US blessings.


The US green lighted the Japanese seizure of disputed islands and continues to back this warning anyone who does likewise will be attacked.  China immensely hates this invasion of Chinese living space just like Russia has its ocean territory demands which have to be negotiated.


Instead, NATO has decided it is the Foreign Legion which has the right to invade Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America or wherever.  It is not a defense league to protect Europe.  Indeed, NATO knocked off Gaddafi when he stupidly disarmed hoping to be embraced by NATO and now Europe is under a massive onslaught of people sailing from Libya to infiltrate into Europe and access social services there.


Libyan military shells Turkish cargo ship, crew member killed as chaos grows there. Libya MP says Turkish ship hit as headed for Islamist port because Turkey is a NATO member and a big part of the ‘protect ISIS’ CIA, Saudi gang.


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44 responses to “China Goes To Moscow To Celebrate WWII Victory

  1. CK

    And it looks like Greece will be invited into the BRICS.
    Stabbing the EU in its famously soft underbelly.

  2. DeVaul

    Can someone please explain to me why Vladimir Putin would bother to meet with Kerry, who does not even represent the United States, but rather a cabal of rich oligarchs and European aristocrats, all of whom have a strange connection to Israel — a tiny, insignificant piece of shit state that is costing us a fortune, when our newest “ally” in Kiev has just declared open war (again)?

    What would be the purpose of such a meeting? Signed documents mean nothing to us or to Europeans unless they are business contracts. Treaties mean nothing, so why meet with US diplomats? (At least he is not flying to DC, so maybe he can get some real work done before Kerry arrives).

    As Russia’s leader, I cannot imagine meeting with Kerry for any reason, unless it was to tell him how he and his friends will be incinerated in WW III. Most likely, I would simply let him fly in and then inform him through bureaucratic channels that I was “too busy” to see him.

    As the leader of Russia, I cannot be bothered with Syria when the US is waging a war right on my border. In fact, I would simply be reminding Kerry that there is nowhere for him and his masters to hide, that I know all of the locations of their secret bunkers, and that they will all be incinerated, and then I would send him on his way. Nothing more to discuss.

    I can understand Kerry going to Russia. It’s a chance to wine and dine, hire foreign prostitutes, pinch the butts of hotel chambermaids, pretend to be involved in “international diplomacy” like that Dominique clown, and generally goof off at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    But what is going on in Putin’s mind? Is he delusional?

    When a country is bent on world war by any means possible, it is not possible to remove every means available to them forever, so this is just a kind of Neville Chamberlain act that just makes him look stupid in the future.

    (If someone can show me that Chamberlain was stalling Hitler so that England would have the time to develop a secret weapon that would guarantee outright victory over Nazi Germany, then I would at least understand his actions prior to WW II. Apparently, that was not the case.)

  3. Petruchio

    @#2 DeVaul: The Russians have a sneering contempt for Kerry-and his supposed boss, Barack Obama. Remember the meeting Obama had with the Russians and after the Obama speech, NO ONE would even shake Obama’s hand? Very telling, imho. I think Lvrov’s meeting with Kerry is to get information on what the enemy is up to. What they are thinking,etc. Plus, I don’t think the Russians had a choice; telling Kerry to f#ck off and stay home might have been tempting to do, but not wise at this point. The US of A’s ruling elite are doing a “heckuva job” self-destructing on their own without ANY help from Russia. Most everyone on the world stage knows that the US Empire is collapsing. It’s only a matter of time.

  4. emsnews

    Kerry is going to RUSSIA. Not spoken privately with Putin since 2003.


    He is going to Putin to basically try to get the US out of the Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria traps.

  5. Christian W

    Russia is playing the good guy to the US bad guy. Where the US threatens Russia shows respect. Where the US use force Russia uses diplomacy. Where the US breaks the law Russia follows the law. Where the US comes with war Russia comes with trade. Where the US destroys Russia supports etc. China follows the same strategy.

    The current Russian rulers, Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu etc know the value of the moral high ground. The Russians learnt that lesson well from the Soviet times.

  6. Seraphim

    @Kerry is going to RUSSIA

    I am inclined to agree with Elaine,

    Kerry: Poroshenko Should ‘Think Twice’ Before Using Force in Donbass
    News | 13.05.2015 | 01:08

    Sputnik – On Monday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowed to retake Donetsk Airport by whatever means necessary, despite the fact that doing so would directly violate the Minsk deal to move heavy weapons away from the demarcation line….
    When confronted with Poroshenko’s plans during Tuesday’s news conference, US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed that any such action would violate the peace talks and would get no endorsement from Washington.
    This fell in line with a general consensus agreed upon during the talks. Both the United States and Russia agreed that upholding the Minsk agreement is the only sure way to peace in the Ukraine.
    “What is important is to make sure that both sides are moving forward in implementing the Minsk accord in its full measure,” Kerry said, adding that he had urged President Poroshenko to honor the ceasefire…
    Both nations [Russia, USA] also agreed on the significant threat posed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group, and recognized the role of Syria’s destabilization in the group’s emergence. Both sides recognized that bringing a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict is crucial.”

    HAHAHA! I concur: HAHAHA!

  7. As usual, Elaine you are on the money.

    So, V V Putin was on Red Square ( with Premier Xi) Sat 09 May, The Angel Merkel was in Moscow on Sun 10 May and Heinz Kerry to see V V Putin on Tue 12 May. It does not seem that V V Putin is acting from a position of weakness.

    I f you watched the Vice News version of the parade –
    I not sure you would want to cry or laugh.

  8. Sunger

    Newsflash! Newsflash!

    Russia is not actually Russia any more. The country has entered into a symbiotic state relationship with China in which the two nations will be increasingly intertwined on energy, finance, military, transportation, pipelinistan, etc. Sort of a Super State.

    And while the USA further depletes it’s bankrupt treasury in the quest to do battle with all the minor Mujahedeen in the ME, the Chinese and Russians are busy making huge energy deals, building pipelines, extensive rail facilities, military cooperation, etc.

    Most USAers have not heard of the new Chinese Silk Roads. But they will very soon.

    And most USAers do not know that Russia/China is now several generations ahead of the USA in missile technology. Soon Eurasia will be be defended by the new SA500 air interception missile system which will be able to knock out US ICBMs, cruise missiles, and submarine launched nuclear strike missiles.

    Oh, did I mention the new Russky nuclear submarine? One of these can knock out 96- ninety six- separate targets with nuclear warheads.
    As well as a brand new Eurasian Swift system so the BRICs will be totally independent of western financial system in the near future.

    Looks like the USA is cooked if we don’t get some world class leaders to sort all of this out. Unfortunately the major US political parties are a bunch of ignoramuses. Mostly GOP but plenty of crappy Dems as well.

  9. Jim R

    No, it was farmer’s market day at the Kremlin. Kerry went to share potatoes with Lavrov and Putin.

  10. emsnews

    Mr. Potatohead.

    Reminds me of a Blackadder episode about Queen Elizabeth and Drake. Blackadder holds up a potato and says, ‘With THIS (Drake) gets palaces and horses and gold!’ Only no one knows what to do with the new fangled ‘potatoes’.

  11. DeVaul

    I think everyone missed my point.

    We cannot all claim that the US is looking for an excuse to start WW III AND at the same time claim that the US is trying to extricate itself from wars that it started and can end at any time strictly on its own.

    That is contradictory. It doesn’t wash.

    Poroshenko is our man. If he starts a new war, he does so at our command. Remember what happens to dictators who disobey us (Iraq).

    Russia cannot end any of these wars because they are OUR wars, nor can it end the “Islamic State” since it is a US/Israeli/Saudi creation, nor can China “dump” the dollar since that would be interpreted as an “act of war” by US warmongers. Again, none of the comments above explain why Putin or his foreign minister would meet with Kerry at this moment in time.

    Chamberlain was very popular before WW II, but after WW II, he could barely show his face anywhere, and even today the word “appeasement” is hard to separate from his name. Putin had best be careful how long he attends to US demands and how many worthless treaties he signs.

    He may just find himself sitting in a room with two US diplomats while his orderly hands him a note informing him that NATO forces have just overrun Kaliningrad. Shutting off the gas at that point is meaningless, just as Stalin realized that halting grain shipments to Germany as German tanks passed the trains towards Moscow was also “irrelevant”.

  12. Christian W

    The US speaks with a forked tongue as always. Say one thing, do another. The Russians know this very well. But it is interesting to observe the dynamics here. Russia is very much pulling in the same direction, they have few internal conflicts and the mood in the nation is one of determination, positive outlook, great unity and a clear goal of the future.

    Contrast that with the US that is split every which way, that spins around so much not even Americans know what to think, every political, racial and class group hates the other groups yet behind it all is an evil deep state mind pulling strings and manipulating everyone to achieve it’s objects.

    I have zero belief in that the US is coming to it’s senses and trying to disentangle itself from it’s own foreign policy goals. I will believe that when I see it, when action proves it. Rather these are just more maneuvers to position the US to achieve it’s foreign policy goals, in other words they are trying to wrong foot the Russians before the next push.

    The US does not do backing down, it does defeat before the next attack.

  13. Sunger

    USA is NOT the boss of the world anymore.

    USAers need to put their religious and Hollywood escapism aside and accept the new geopolitical realities.

    Did anybody notice that many of the current US Pharma Ads are using cartoon characters and touchy-feely animals to sell prescription drugs- apparently a lot of folks are responding to this approach. Not a good sign.

  14. DeVaul

    “The US does not do backing down, it does defeat before the next attack.”

    Now, this makes sense.

    The problem I see for Russia is that no matter what its foreign policy goals are and no matter how unified it is, this means nothing when dealing with an empire that has delusions of grandeur. Hitler believed that his Third Reich would last a THOUSAND years, and there was no one who could change his mind on that point. He also BELIEVED in the right of Germany to rule the entire world, and no one or no thing could stand in its way.

    There is a huge difference between Realpolitik and “Belief”. Our government does not operate on the principles of Realpolitik, but on the principles of “Belief” alone.

  15. Sunger

    Interesting note of the Ruskies-

    In November 1941, Hitler’s forces were actually in sight of the suburbs of Moscow. Unfortunately, the Rasputitsa, the Russian rainy season, had left the German Army up to their axles in mud to the east of Moscow.

    Unfortunately, again, General Winter arrived on the battlefield and dropped temps to -40F which equals -40C at this point. The German mobile forces- tanks, artillery, transports, supplies, etc were frozen into the mud and unable to move. The great German engineering was unable to cope with such intense cold because machine tolerances were too tight and would immobilize the weapon when temps dropped. Of course, the lack of proper lubricants sealed the deal. Stuck. Frostbite casualties were a significant source of loss of fighting men.

    At this time,Stalin unleashed his reserve Siberian forces which charged forward led by the great T-34 tank- a weapon with loose tolerances, properly lubricated, and with wide treads which ran right on top of the snow. The Germans were so badly mauled that the mighty Nazi armies were on the edge of a major rout by Soviet forces.

    The only reason the Nazis survived was because HItler ordered, screamed, cajoled and threatened his officers with dismissal. All forces were to freeze in place a fight strictly to the front, ignoring flanking attempts.

    Only the fanaticism of Hitler saved the Germans from the biggest yet defeat of the war.

    Lesson- When Russians are threatened, they come together, put aside their internal gripes, and face the invader with a steel fist.

  16. Christian W

    One interesting sidenote to the above.

    If Finland had simply accepted Stalin’s demands in 1939 and given the Soviet Union part of Karelia and other concessions, there would not have been a Winter War in 1939-40. That war highlighted a lot of short comings and problems for the Red Army and thought them critical lessons they were able to put to good use against the Germans the following winter.

    One of the most important lessons was how ill equipped the Red Army was for winter warfare! Sunger’s comment highlights how effective the Russians were at fighting in winter, but that was largely due to lessons learnt on the battlefields in Finland.

    In January and February of 1940 the Russians lost entire divisons to the cold, to poor preparation for the campaign and poor leadership and tactics. One Ukrainian divison lost 16,000 men to the cold and Finnish counter attacks. The division was surrounded, immobilized and crushed. Most men simply froze to death. Only 700 men made it out alive.

    The Russians were quick to draw the necessary lessons and fix them. They issued new, much warmer, winter clothing for the Red Army and improved the organization of the units and they improved the command. Crucially they had time to do it for the next winter ie the winter of 1940-41. Ten months after the defeats in Finland the Red Army thrived on winter warfare.

    One improvement the Russians made is they adopted the type of fur hat (which became world famous as the Russian ushanka), that the Finns had issued to their officers during the Winter War. 🙂

    The Germans had not yet drawn the necessary lessons the Russians had made the previous winter in Finland. This made all the difference. The Germans never got any further than the outskirts of Moscow, in fact the argument can be made that after the failure of Operation Barbarossa the Germans had lost the war. After that the German forces were slowly ground to death.

  17. Jim R

    I vaguely recall that Blackadder. It seems Drake also had some leaves. Yes, leaves. You put them in this holder, and set fire to them, and inhale the smoke.

    400 years later, it still sounds like a stupid idea 🙂

  18. Seraphim

    @I think everyone missed my point.

    What’s your point? That US still call all the shots and believe that it can do that indefinitely and with impunity?

    What happened at Sochi should have been quite significant, judging by amount of bile and bullshit spewed by the pundits of the American Enterprise Institute


    “Kerry’s pointless diplomacy in Russia, by Leon Aron

    Even the Editor had to publish a disclaimer:
    “Leon Aron is a resident scholar and the director of Russian studies at the American Enterprise Institute. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.”

    The truth is that in Ukraine Russia holds all the strong cards.
    “Even Game Theory Confirms It: Only Russia Can Win in Ukraine, by Alexander Mercouris

    “Leonid Bershidsky elegantly summarises a paper that applies game theory to the Ukrainian conflict.
    Briefly, the paper says that Russia can destabilise Ukraine indefinitely, creating a “frozen conflict” there, and that the West cannot prevent it from doing so.
    The West can in theory respond by: (1) military escalation; (2) sanctions; and (3) returning to business as usual with Russia.
    The authors of the paper, and Bershidsky himself, appear to think the most likely outcome in the short term is (2) (sanctions), but with a measure of (3) (returning to business as usual), and with (3) prevailing over the long term. Option (1) (military escalation) is not ultimately viable.
    Bershidsky — rightly, in our opinion — sums up Kerry’s visit to Moscow in that way: “Kerry has come to Russia so the sides can agree to disagree on Ukraine and move on to other issues such as Syria and Iran, where constructive interaction is still possible.”

    It was reported also that “Nuland F**k Europe” was inaccessible to the press and was looking very gloomy.

  19. aashild

    This situation is becoming increasingly dangerous as the US now wants to send warships and fighter jets to the South China Sea in order to poke the dragon in the eyes.

    China rightfully urged the US to abandon its cold war mentality, but the US elites refuses to heed this advise.

    If the US elites were smart they would focus more of their attention to problems at home, rather than being constantly engaged in warmongering thousands of miles away from home. This does nothing good for America, and it doesn’t make the world ‘safer’ or more ‘secure’.

  20. emsnews

    As our policies decimate major US cities and as the remaining population there riots and burns down what little remains, we plot WWIII and hope to turn much of Russia and China into Detroit.

  21. kenogami

    Christian W wrote:
    “If Finland had simply accepted Stalin’s demands in 1939 and given the Soviet Union part of Karelia and other concessions, there would not have been a Winter War in 1939-40. That war highlighted a lot of short comings and problems for the Red Army and thought them critical lessons they were able to put to good use against the Germans the following winter.”

    This had another extremely important effect. Hitler followed carefully the ongoing of that war and came to the conclusion: if a small country like Finland with 3 millions people could stop the Soviet army, then the latter were weaklings and degenerates and the German army would devastate them like a knife through butter. This may be when he decided to conquer the Soviet Union.

  22. kenogami

    aashild wrires:
    “If the US elites were smart they would focus more of their attention to problems at home, rather than being constantly engaged in warmongering thousands of miles away from home.”

    They are smart but psychopaths and do not think like us. They are not interested in solving problems at home because their criminality and frauds-corruption has made these problems impossible to solve. That is why they want to start world war 3 to redirect the anger from the people in their home bases.

  23. DeVaul


    You definitely missed my point, so I didn’t bother to read far into your comment, which went off on a wild tangent.

    I guess I will have to explain. I am not contesting the ability of Russia or China to defend themselves against an American attack, as everyone falsely assumed here. There is some serious lack of comprehension here.

    I am asking why Putin would waste his time meeting with Kerry, and he did meet with him because there is a photo of them about to shake hands and then there is the photo of the “potato heads” skit that Kerry put on… so they definitely met. That cannot be disputed.

    From Putin’s perspective, what is the purpose of attending such a meeting when he knows that America, a dying empire, does not plan to go down quietly, but will make an all out attempt to subdue the world before giving up?

    Is that really too hard a queston to comprehend?

    Surely Christian W can understand my question. Right?

  24. Christian W

    Yes. Putin meets with Kerry and Nudelman and the rest of the lunatics because he wants to show the saner people in the EU (and the US) that HE is open to dialogue, real dialogue between sane people treating each other as equals. Putin is defending a principle, knowing full well that the criminally insane, the psychopaths, the sociopaths, the narcissists, the idiots and the lunatics come and go, but principles remain. Eventually, one beautiful day, a sane grown up American will shake his hand. Until that day he will keep meeting the insane Americans to make the point that he is NOT like them.

    If Putin shuts down dialogue, it will be that much harder for him and Lavrov to reach the soft spots in the EU and other places that chafe under the US misrule. Putin knows that the hard cases are hopeless, but he is not talking to them, he knows perfectly well he might as well be talking to potatoes when he speaks to the neocons and US elites, his real target are the intelligent people that still have influence in the US and other nations.

    If we use the Yin/Yang metaphor – the US is focusing exclusively on Yang (Power) but by doing so excessively they are in fact growing in Yin (Weakness). The same principle is at work politically and diplomatically. The more the US force other people to do their bidding, the more resentment against them grows and the more brittle their alliances grow. The more brittle the alliances grow, the more force the US uses. This creates a loop where the US uses more and more force while growing weaker and weaker (and crazier and crazier).

    So Putin is focusing on sidestepping the US power moves and feeding the growing opposition that undermines the US power push. This forces the US to attack even harder. It is this dynamic that is so dangerous. Ultimately Putin cannot stop the madness in the West, it is up to us in the West to do it. That is why Putin meets with the madmen, while talking to the people who live in the real world. He needs time, not war.

    Putin wants to create a new international environment and in that environment real diplomacy is crucial.

  25. Christian W

    To specify a bit. Putin knows full well that the US/EU elites have created an insulated bubble for themselves where they rule unopposed, bypassing democracy and all other mechanisms that put a bind on them.

    When doing so the elites pushed a lot of sane people out of the systems, or the sane people have middling and lower positions or are not directly involved in the real decision making at the top level.

    What Putin is doing is talking to the people who, like he himself was as an unknown intelligence colonel, are in a position to come in and change the system blind siding the elites. He hopes to undermine the elites in their bubble to create openings for such people, ie people who are not beholden to the US/EU/Zionist elites, to emerge, especially in the EU. This of course will be opposed by the elites/Zionists. But sooner or later cracks will open in the bubble as the split between real and unreal (elite manipulated reality) grows. To prevent that from happening the elites will increase their stranglehold on the US/EU but, as we see in Greece and elsewhere, this again grows the strength of the opposition.

  26. Christian W

    Now the problem for the real opposition is that it cannot make it’s voice heard within the bubble system created by the elites. Everything within the bubble system (ie normal politics) is fully controlled by the elites. If an opposing voice tries to make his/her voice heard within the bubble, it is easy for the elites to smother that voice using the media bull horn and/or intelligence dirty tricks.

    The real change will only happen when those protective mechanisms become erratic or too obvious so genuine challenges cannot be prevented. This is why the elites hate the global aspect of the internet (they love it too because it is the perfect control system) but there is too much counter information out there still, despite increasingly stricter Western censorship (using Google and filters and viruses etc).

  27. DeVaul

    Thanks for answering my question, Christian.

    It really irks me that people will pretend a person asked an entirely different question, and then answer that instead of simply admitting they don’t know the answer to the original question. (There is no crime in that, by the way.)

    I read one theory was that Chambelain knew that war was inevitable, but was trying to buy time for England to rearm before the war started. However, it was “appeasement” that became attached to his name like a second layer of skin, and he did not live long enough to explain his reasoning in meeting with Hitler and his goons while they violated treaties.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you seemed to state that Putin, or his spies, are meeting with lower level people in the government in an effort to by-pass the insane leadership at the top. How does he do this?

    Our leadership is so paranoid that any low level person who communicates with Putin or their Russian counterparts would be fired from their jobs as soon as it became known to the top leadership. I have to assume it must be by covert means.

  28. Christian W

    For one thing Putin himself talks directly with people like Merkel who then has to talk to her chiefs of industry for example. Putin can simultaneously have other people talk to the aids of those chiefs in other settings, or give messages through media and so on.

    An example of different channels is the intelligence services where Putin, after the Russians recovered Crimea, sent a group of very, very high ranking and experienced officers to make it perfectly clear to their European counterparts what the Russian position on the Crimea was. There was at least one US officer present at the meeting as well. The Russians made it clear that they would use nukes if NATO or the US tried anything against the Crimea.

    There are hundreds of different ways to communicate these things. Putin knows that the majority of Europeans are sane people who do not want a confrontation with Russia. It is also clear that in Europe even the whisper of cooperation with Russia and China on the new Silk Road is verboten by the elites. The dialogue is simply not allowed to become too public.

    Instead we have US moronic “Dragoon Rides” with US military forces parading up and down the border to Russia to show that the Eastern European countries now are under US occupation. A lot of Europeans have a problem with that, even if the US always finds a way to use power and money hungry morons as useful idiots, ie Prime Ministers.

    Diplomacy is it’s own language with many nuances and people adept at reading and understanding the big picture from what is said, how it is said, when it is said, where it is said, in what context it is said, with what symbolic, political, diplomatic etc gestures added or absent make good diplomats who can advice their government soundly.

    That is why Putin met with Kerry and gang.

  29. Christian W

    Rather than talk about the opportunities the Silk Road offers, we are bombarded with propaganda how evil Putin is.

    The other day the leading Norwegian paper claimed Putin is evil because he is putting limits on foreign NGOs (obviously the article didn’t mention color revolutions and how the US/West fill the NGOs with spies and agents). The same issue also had a master piece where someone claimed that Assad was evil and had to go, never mind that Al Qaeda would take over and run Syria afterwards. The author claimed Al Qaeda was the lesser evil…

    That is how insane the Bilderbergers have become. Yet most Norwegians are completely oblivious. Such articles are the daily norm and background propaganda, people just take such contradictions and policy flip flops in their stride and adapt the new outlook as their own.

    Truth is they don’t care, they are too busy running around making money and drinking beer and going on vacations to notice. Putin is bad, that is all they care to know because it makes life easy.

  30. DeVaul

    Hmm… that’s too bad about the Norwegians. They seem to act like Americans, which I thought was impossible given their geographical location and history. Quite illuminating.

    The Germans were not like that, but that was a long time ago. 1984-1987. I don’t know what they are like now, or how they feel about things.

    I wonder if Putin would have allowed Merkel to attend the V-Day parade? It might not have been considerate to all the Russian veterans present since Germany started the war. I’m sure that was a tough diplomatic knot to deal with. Did Merkel get an invitation to the actual V-Day celebration?

    I wonder.

  31. Christian W

    Norway is, by far, the most “American” of the Scandinavian countries. Norway is also Christian in a (to me) surprisingly old fashioned way that reminds me of US Christianity. There are many more similarities for example the classic image of US middle class houses with perfectly moved lawns and white painted fences feels very Norwegian.

    Neat, tidy, hardworking, Christian, money oriented, aware of image, jealous of neighbors etc. Norway is by far the most ‘tightly wound’ of the Nordic countries. Sweden and Denmark are more relaxed, Finland far more so. The collective code in Norway is somehow different than it is in Sweden or Finland. I have been thinking a lot about why there is a difference and what exactly the difference is but I can’t put my finger on it.

    One interesting thing is that Norwegians can be fantastic at special projects, but then they struggle to put it all together in a larger collective sense. Infrastructure in Norway is very odd. They can have a fantastic road through a certain part of the country (not that there are many fantastic roads here), then suddenly it’s all a mess through one province, then suddenly in the next part of the country the road is good again. They are excellent at working with their own little group and bringing projects to bear fruit, but not so good at cooperating as a larger group, on the collective level. This again reminds me of the US.

    If I wanted to have a highly specialized project done perfectly, even impressively, I would not hesitate to bring in a Norwegian team. I would not bring in several Norwegian teams to cooperate on a project, they would just start infighting and the project would risk derailing and oddly failing.

    Maybe Aashild can chime in if he recognizes what I am trying to get at?

  32. DeVaul

    Wow! I did not know that about Norway. Sounds like the road system of the US as soon as you cross a state line (some roads disappear into nothing but gravel in rural areas).

    I wonder if has to do with the discovery of oil in the North Sea and the resulting prosperity that came from that? Sweden and Finland don’t have giant oil fields.

    Thanks for that info, Christian. Helps me to better understand Norway.

  33. Seraphim

    @ why Putin met with Kerry and gang.

    If Putin is a Mafia Don, then he applies the advise of Don Corleone:
    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” .
    Apparently the Don had studied his Sun Tzu.

  34. emsnews

    Grade 4 Grade 8
    Rank Nation Score Nation Score
    1. Singapore 625 Singapore 643
    2. Korea 611 Korea 607
    3. Japan 597 Japan 605
    4. Hong Kong 587 Hong Kong 588
    5. Netherlands 577 Belgium 565
    6. Czech Republic567 Czech Republic
    7. Austria 559 Slovak Republic547
    8. Slovenia 552 Switzerland 545
    9. Ireland 550 Netherlands 541
    10. Hungary 548 Slovenia 541
    11. Australia 546 Bulgaria 540
    12. United States 545 Austria 539
    13. Canada 532 France 538
    14. Israel 531 Hungary 537
    15. Latvia 525 Russian Fed.535
    16. Scotland 520 Australia 530
    17. England 513 Ireland 527
    18. Cyprus 502 Canada 527
    19. Norway 502 Belgium 526
    20. New Zealand 499 Sweden 519
    21. Greece 492 Thailand 522
    22. Thailand 490 Israel 522
    23. Portugal 475 Germany 509
    24. Iceland 474 New Zealand 508
    25. Iran 429 England 506
    26. Kuwait 400 Norway 503
    27. Denmark 502
    28. United States 500

    Interesting how the US drops like a rock from #12 in the tests to #28 when our children finish Jr. High. The fall in the high school years is towards the bottom.

    The US cannot win a world war with an ignorant population that can barely read or do math. 50% of our kids now go to ‘higher education’ and more than half of these have to take Jr. High math and English to struggle to learn basic skills Asian kids handle easily by 8th grade.

    This is lunacy, of course. There has been this proliferation of schools set up to teach adults stuff they were supposed to learn as children. This is hideously expensive and as a taxpayer paying our schools to teach other people’s children, I resent this burden which isn’t doing anyone any good.

    Might as well have our children go wild until adulthood and then teach them basic skills at their own expense…cutting out the part where we pay for free schooling which isn’t being used properly by students, their parents and the administrators of these failing schools.

  35. DeVaul

    @ Seraphim

    I interpret that to mean he wants to study them up close. I guess I can accept that, but it still seems redundant to me, if you know what I mean.

    Maybe he thinks Kerry and gang will let something “slip” inbetween exchanging potato heads. I still would have no patience for that if I was Russia’s leader.

  36. DeVaul

    @ Elaine

    Did I not just read a huge deluge of comments about how we won past wars with throngs of farmers’ sons, all of whom had about zero knowledge of math and science and barely could write a letter, never mind an essay?

    Or was that just my imagination?

  37. aashild

    Indeed Christian, i do recognize many of the traits you are describing. However i would like to add that the Norwegians are much more reserved and ‘cold’ than the Americans.

    We always seems to be so tense, serious and suspicious of each other in this country. People rarely smile, or laugh spontaneously. I suppose this is one of the reasons why we have this strong binge drinking ‘culture’ here, because that is the only time when people can truly relax, and be themselves.

    Kind of sad, is it not?

  38. DeVaul

    @ aashild

    That’s interesting that you say that because my wife, who is from Thailand, dated a Norwegian oil rig worker before me and said that he always seemed “angry” or appeared to be so, so she could not really enjoy herself around him. I thought it might have something to do with him being an offshore oil rig worker, which is a lonely job, but I am really shocked that Norwegians are more reserved than the Germans were.

    Do you think it is because of the climate? Germany was always overcast and wet. The sun only shone for maybe three weeks in May of 1985 while I was there. There was a constant drizzle all year and very little heavy snow.

    I ask because I’ve always thought of Norway as a beautiful country and I would like to live there someday, but not if everyone is too depressed to make friends or have company over or whatever.

  39. Christian W

    Norway is extremely beautiful. On Sunday May 17th Norway will celebrate it’s National Day (Constitution Day). You will see lots of happy Norwegians smiling and celebrating. A very large part will be dressed in traditional dresses and suits that are very specific to which region they come from, so there are lots of variations to highlight exactly from which province the dresses and suits are from. There is a very strong regional mentality in Norway, much more so than in other Nordic countries.

    I wouldn’t call Norwegians themselves gloomy, they are just very reserved somehow but not unfriendly at all. They are polite, curious, helpful and, once they relax a bit, they like to joke around (they can be quite funny) – but they are not open. They say themselves they are hard to get to know and reserved towards foreigners or strangers – I’ve heard this from several Norwegians. To me it is something different though, I find it much easier to really get to know and be relaxed around other European nationalities, I ‘get’ them in a way I don’t ‘get’ Norwegians. This is really strange to me as the Norwegian culture should be much closer than some of the others. But there simply is something very straight laced about Norwegians.

    They have a very strong competitive spirit. Look at the Winter Olympics. The Norwegians win all the medals in the individual skiing competitions, they driven about sports, it’s a national obsession. They build fantastic oil rigs and excel at all kinds of cutting edge deep sea engineering. In contrast their school system, welfare system and hospital system are only average, yet they have excellent hedge fund managers.

    Look at Amundsen vs Scott in the race for the South Pole – a no contest again.

    One of the most famous Special Forces operations ever was the Norwegian operation where they blew up the heavy water supply the Germans needed to attempt the atomic bomb. A small team performed admirably again with utmost precision.

  40. emsnews

    American farmer soldiers were NOT ‘illiterate’ in the Northern states.

    Public schools were started in the North before the Civil War and during all wars after that time, universal schooling was REQUIRED as well as paid by public taxes, not private like much of Europe.

    Germany copied the US and England didn’t which is why English soldiers were often illiterate and ill-fed. Whereas US soldiers were creative, independent and could tackle technological equipment situations creatively as did German soldiers.

    The Deep South, thanks to clinging to the ideology that slavery was really nifty, produced people who were illiterate and poor and this continued to be a problem for generations. Overcoming the deadly social inertia of slavery made southern white males much dumber than they would have been had they never lived in a world where slaves did much of the real work.

  41. aashild

    @ DeVaul

    I will not try to scare you away from Norway. It is a beautiful country in terms of nature, and the Norwegians can be very nice and friendly once you get to know them on a personal level . However you should not expect the same kind of friendliness and openness that you will find in many other cultures. Even when on friendly terms, they are still cautious and reserved.

    An english friend of mine who lived in Norway for a couple of years excellently described the Norwegians as cold, hesitant and reserved when you dont know them. If you do befriend one, they will become ‘warm’, but they will still be hesitant and reserved.

    There is also this strong sense of superiority and ‘we know it all’ mentality in Norway that i find detestably. Yes, Norway is very rich because of the oil, but this has more to do with luck than talent. We tend to look down on other countries because we are so rich and successful, but this is just ridiculous because other countries has so many advantages and strengths which Norway lacks.

  42. emsnews

    Good lord!

    I descended directly from Norwegians on my mother’s Norman side of the family. We sailed to France and England to take over via sword and fire and ruled there for many generations. Ended up founding the American colonies due to fighting the Kings of England and losing the fight.

    The Norse in Norway are ‘reserved’ because this is how they survive. If they were emotional and reactive, they would be Vikings. The Vikings were the raider guys who were in love with fighting, trashing places and getting drunk (sound familiar???!!!!),

    Now, Norway is quiet due to CULTURAL CHANGES. On the other hand, the Norse who went to the New World remained fighters and fought the natives here and fought each other and still fight everyone in sight and trust me, I have this quality very much in my own blood. It rises to the surface quite easily.

    I love fighting so much, I did a lot of sword and spear and archery battles all my life for 40 years until my knees gave me way too much trouble and I retired from all that but normally, I spent weekends in steel armor, engineering battles and taking great joy in fighting very hard to the point of even breaking bones.

  43. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    You keep banging on about your Norse blood, but what you are describing is actually your deeper instincts at work, these instincts have nothing to do with ethnicity but are programs for survival that all ethnicities share.

    You are an Enneagram type 8, the so called “CHALLENGER”. Yeah, that fits right? You are the T-34 tank of the Enneagram types. You are not afraid of violence, you embrace challenges head on and you fight fiercely for your independence and dignity. Your prime motivation is independence and to avoid being dominated by outside forces you cannot influence. Your “Basic Desire” is To Protect Yourself. Your “Passion” is Forcefulness. Your “Main Temptation” is to think you are Completely Self-sufficient.

    All of the above runs like a red thread throughout your life.

    When your mother abused you emotionally and physically, you embraced violence as a reaction. Since you were a child you could not take on your mother, your most important nurturing figure, directly in a fight. So instead you turned to fight something more your own size and something you could handle. Of course you did this excellently. You then identified with this process and thought of yourself as ‘strong’.

    Other people have different reactions. Another person of a different type might react to abuse by their parents by getting depressed, or avoidant etc.

    E8’s, when seriously unhealthy, become homicidal (other types become suicidal or katatonic and so on depending no type).

    There are lots and lots of E8s in prison for murder. If you lived in a ghetto, or other extremely unfavourable situation, your instinctual reactions would ensure that you fought fiercely for your survival. If you didn’t have the intelligence and/or opportunity to get out, you would make the most of your situation within the ghetto. E8s are expansive, so you would try to get control of your situation. These mechanisms are at work where ever there are human beings.

    Do you see what I am getting at? A person with your personality type in an unfavourable situation might become a drug lord or war lord and so on. Stalin was an E8. It was not “communism” as such that was homicidal. It was that deeply unhealthy individuals got in charge of a system that allowed their homicidal instincts to flourish.

    Healthy E8s in contrast are extremely ‘warm’, caring, protective, embracing and including of their loved ones and others. They are strong, solid, earthy, practical and very dependable, very much “rocks” to rely on. 🙂

    These traits are easy to see in the way you protect your family and friends and even complete strangers when the situation calls for it. You are there for them when they need it.

    E8s are at heart very, very sensitive. The “T-34” often hides/protects a heart of gold. But if that heart gets destroyed eg in childhood, you get the Stalins.

  44. Christian W

    Oh forgot to mention something.

    The “go to” emotion for E8s in Anger. I am an E9 “Peacemaker” (Balance, Harmony, no Conflicts) – that also makes sense right? As an E9 I try to control my Anger (which leads to suppression issues heh). And you are not afraid of being LOUD when the situation calls for it. 🙂

    We are both “Gut” types.

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